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A PIPE of VELVET burns
those bridges that we are
always try in' to cross befo' we
get to 'em.
"Prescott, Arizona, June 22.
With - bands playing, banners
waving, horses bucking, Prescott
during the 1916 Frontier Days,
July 4-5-6-7, will be the Mecca of
hundreds of Arizonans and sum
mer tourists. Already every' plan
is perfected looking to the proper
entertainment aud comfort of each
and every guest who will be in the
Mile High city. Several of the
leading hotels have been remodeled
and put in first class shape during
the past few months, and this in
sures ample accommodations for
those making reservations early.
; The gala Frontier Days outfits
will be in evidence everywhere and
today, Prescott is again resuming
Ihe costumes of the days of '49.
Cowboys continue, to drift in from
every section of the Globe and all
are confident of victory in, the
yJgreatest of all contests Vords
f Championship Uroncho. p.u.siing
Contest. V - -v "' '
Excursion trains will be run from
all points commencing on the first
of July,, and besides these" many
specials will operafe. " Hundreds
of auto tourists have" already book
Vj accommodation3 and a - large
tract of land in West Preecott is
being reserved. lor all auto' tourists.
With six big Wnvniions1a'nti three
special excursions, Prescott will
have the largest crowd ever gather
ed within her. gates.
i A recruiting officer will be in
Williams next Tuesday, June 27,
for the purpose of securing en
listments for the army.
The latest reports are that war
is on in Mexico. American sol
diers have been ambushed and
slain by the soldiers of the de
facto government. They gave a
good account of themselves and
maintained the trad'tions of the
American fighting forces wher
ever in action and finally routed
the attacking forces with a
heavy slaughter. But war is on
and soldiers are needed to sup
ply the "American army with
the troop3 necessary to term in-
The pastor of the Methodist
church has returned and was in
his pulpit last Sunday. The com
i ing Sabbath is the first of the last
three months that he has for this
year. What ever we hope to do
as people during tnis year we
must ao Ht once. Ihe mission
Conference will meet at Prescott
ou the 27th of September. The
pastor is therefore very anxious to
have every department of the
church up to tho standard before
leaving for Piescott. The people
have steo'd by us loyally and have
been very kind to us in all things
for which we are very thankful.
Let us mate the rest of the year
a great time. On next Sabbath
the pastor will speak on the follow
ing subjects: "Infidelity or Chris
tianity, which will win?" for the
morning. The Sunday evening
service will be in charge of the
Lady Maccabees. ' Rev. Hoffpauir
will deliver an "Address to the
Lady Maccabees" and the remain
der of the service will be appropri
ate for the occasion.
There will be a splendid Sun
day School "service at 9:45 that
you will enjoy. Send the children. .
Come your self. A splendid time
at the Ep worth League. You will
find a welcome at the Home-like
church this summer.
Methodist Pastor.
ate hostilities
Young men
the border.
at an early date,
are ' needed on
. Williams uaa bellows are in
stalling' inside toilets . for their
hall. This will add very . much
to the comfort of-- those using
the hall. ;, - "':'
Mrs. Bobby Burns received
word from hter husband this after
rioon that he is no better. She
will-l leave 'this evenings for Los
In History of Northern Arizona will be
held at Flagstaff -Week Beginning July
20. All your Friends will Be There.
World's Best Entertainers
' - ' DHIIIIIIIP li!!i!llllil!l!Of
LPj- J3
A pair of Fall Glides drawn
from the new shoes just
received dark tan or black.
e want you to see
the new Florsheim shoes now displayed
in cur windows new shapes and
new patterns the season's best styles.
Priced at $5 and $6 the price that gives'
you quality and satisfaction.
This is the store fdr the man who cares.
' your feet
The National Lumber Manufac
turing Association has instituted a
scheme which, if successful, will
add very much to the comfort and
welfare of the rural teachers. The
proposition is to build homes for
rursl teachers in the belief that if
teachers are provided with proper
homes, the country districts will be'
able to secure better teachers and
avoid the constant changes by
which the schools are. always in a
torn up condition.
" The governVent has' been inter-
ested in the association's scheme as
also has . the Rockefeller Founda
tion which has given $25,000 to
foster the work, with, more money
to come. :.
:-; The first result of the co-operation
between the lumbermen of the
country and the government itself,
is in the issue of a brochure entitled.
Teachers'. Cottages," Hby R. S.
Kellogg of Chicago, secretary of
the National Lumber Manufactur
ers Association, in co-operation
with the United States Bureau of
Education. This brochure is being
sent to every county superintend
ent of schools in America.
Arizona will be one of the first
states where the plan to build
homes for rural teachers will be
carried into effect, and a thoro in
vestigation of the conditions in th.it
state preceeded the announcement
of the social service plans of the
lumber manufacturers. '
Mr. Kellogg, author in part of
the brochurej urges that the-.teach-
ers' cottages, or as he calls them
teacherages, should be models of
sanitation, artistic, tho inexpensive,
and so constructed that they may
be not only homes, but real social
centers for the rural neighborhoods.
There's no need of forcing your
feet on your mind. You can gain
freedon through the use of FOOT
SORE POWDER. It will prevent
all foot troubles if applied in time
and will afford relief if used after
the suffering begins.
There is a world of footy comfort
in one 25c package.
Grand Canyon Drug Co.
Beginning with tonite the Sultana
will have on the screen a series of
entertainments which are high-
class, indeed. Tonite the adven
tures of "Brigadier Gerald" will be
presented. The student of history
will be. interested in France's
famous private in , the Napoleonic
wars, p;;f. , -j . -r
Friday, night "The Corner" will
tell of the punishment of the man
who tried to. corner the , food of , a
nation and in doing so brought
misery and suffering upon millions
of people and death to himself. . ;
-"Fruits of Desire " which,, wii, be.
presented , Sa turd a y night i s a story:
of human .ambition. ... Men's hope
and Women's honor are trampled
under foot by Mark Truitt, the
Steel King. ,
Sunday night the screen will pic
ture the human drama, Lydia
Gilmore" with Pauline Frederick
tie. Star. '
Monday night the thrilling story"
is told in "The price of Malice" of
an attempt on the part of an official
in the English diplomatic office to
discredit his subordinate thru pure
Tuesday night the screen will
tell the story of -'The Golden
Chance" Which came to a poor
seamstress. Hers are the experi
ences of a Cinderella.
W.ednesday night the Triangle
play of "Fatty and Mabel Adrift"
will be put on the screen. The
title of this play is enough to
insure an evening of enjoyment.
are recognized as a part of the
opposition which the Russians are
In the far east the Turks claim
successes, but the successes are
mainly in preventing the advance
of theRussian and English foices
operating in Asiatic Turkey.
There has been no considerable
activity on the sea since' the enr
gagement of the German and Eng.".
lish fleets. . -:
Send the News to . yor frie nds
and save writing a letter!' v s '
Williams Water and
... -. . ,. . ... -- -' : .'..... - ;(fc!
llectric Company
' - ' :' ; v;m- 1 -'j Pi-
Passenger Pigeon Not Extinct
The passenger pigeon . which 50
years ago was th most numerous
game bird on the continent, ' is not
extinct as has. been supposed. . The
destruction of these birds for com
mercial purposes was enormous.
yet to some unknown agency must
be attributed the sudden disappear
ance of the enormous flock which
made their annual passage from
their summer quarters in the far
north to their winter home in the
Quite recently sportsmen have
noticed a few of these birds in the
Santa Fe Canyon of New Mexico.
The birds are well protected by
law and it is hoped that thru such
protection and - the protection
which game protective associations
vill give them these birds may
multiply and again become numerous.
At the present time the belliger
anls of Europe are deadlocked on
every line but that east in Europe.
Here the Russians are pushing
their offensive rapidly and with
great success The last report
credits them with 170.000 prisoners
in a few weeks. The Austrian
province, Bukowina, has been pen
etrated and its capital, Czerowitz,
has been captured. The amount
of booty in war munitions and
provisions is reported to be very
large. .
One purpose of the Russian
drive is to lighten the pressure on
other fronts and the object would j
seem to- be partly accomplished, j
German forces until quite recently j
engaged in the Verdun offensive,
Saginaw (SL Manistee
Lumber Co.
Monthly Product 3,500,000 Feet
Best Equipped Mill and Box Factory
in the Southwest
Arizona Soft Pine Lumber, Timber, Box Shooks,
Lath, Mouldings, Cut jjoor Stock and Siding

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