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Volume 24
Number 31
At a public Dieting of Williams;
citizens held i the city hall last
Monday night steps were taken to
organize a . Home Guard. The
Supervisors of Coconino County
have offered to furnish equipment
for such an orgaaization.
A result of the meeting was a
committee of three, T. F. Maddoek,
Geo. McDougall and Chas. Button,
on organization. This committee
will select those really fit for Home
Guard membership, provide officers
and etart the drilling so necessary
for the efficient coordination of
guard members.'
A committee often was also pro-
' vided for, five to be Americans and
five tu be Mexicans, whose duty
will be .to establish and maintain a
friendly feeling between the Amer
icans and Mexican of Williams.
It was realized by all present at the
meeting that the interests of both
American and Mexican in Williams
- are identical. It is in the interest
of all that law shall be respected
And that order shall obtain. The
only danger' to be feared is that
:Some irresponsible person, either
American or Mexican, shall thru
some rash act precipitate h clash."
r This clash might be between Amerr
icaos as .the result of ' factional
spirit or it might be be twee ji Amerr
. icans and Mexicans as the result of
. raee prejudice, out . whatever the
cause, it was felt by the' meeting
that there should be & seirii-mili-tary
organization to take care of it
in the interest of law and order
and the general good. , ' ' "I
, the ommiltee of conciliation are
- T. Maddoek, Bobb TJurns;" R.
A.-Sickerson, F. M. Gold and Geo.
McDouglL The Mexican mem
bers will be Jesus Quijada and four
others to be selected by him.
'I Vk --i aatlnn1 nllnllvnOrl cn 1. 1 it.f. t
to call of Marshall Bobby Burns.
Sunday, July 2.
10 A. M. Sunday School
11 A- M. Holy Communion
It is planned cn the following
Sunday, July 9, to have both a
morning and an evening service.
You are hereby notified by the
Williams Town Council that an
annual street tax of two dollars
hereby levied on each and every
able bodied male inhabitant not
exempt by the laws of the State
of Arizona, ., over the age of
twenty one years and under the
age of fifty year3 residing' with
in the corporate limits of the
town of Williams, according to
ordinance No. 83 of said town.
Your street taxis now due and
payable at the office of the town
clerk or to Bobby Burns town
tax collector.
Jerry Lee
Town Clerk
June 15-29
Meeting of Wool Growers
The annual meeting of The
Arizona wool growers Associa
tion for the election of officers,
executive committee, and for
fore it,', will be held in the
urt housV at ' Flagstaff, Ariz-
p, at 8 SO ' o'clock A. M. on
ednesday, July the fifth, 1916.
It is earnestly urged that all
bmbers be present, as well
all sheep men in the State
are irterested, ' or contem-
te joining the association.
H. J. Gray President
L. F. Verkamp, Secretary
Lieutenant Chas. R, Price, U.
S. A. was in Williams three days
this week recruiting for the
benefit of the Arizona National
Guard.: Arizonas's regiment
lacks several hundred of being
full, on a war , basis. The regi
ment contains ten companies of
150 to the company, when full.
At the present time the strength
of tbe regiment is only about 1,
100. Lieut. Price is filling it by
recruits gathered from different
parts of the states. Five recruits
were obtained in Williams.
Mr, F. P. Savage was up from
Winslow Sunday to visit his family.
Mrs. McDonald Robinson gave a
10 o'clock breakfast last Saturday
in honor of Miss Bush of Indian
apolis who was her guest for a day.
Miss Minnie Drennan is spend
ing the summer with Miss, Pauline
Jones at the. Hamilton Ranch.
Garland Prairie.
.Miss Margaret Dermont returned
Sunday morning from Grand Can
yon where, she bad been visiting
for a few days.
Dr. Miller and E. J. Nordyke
drove in from Los Angeles . Sunday
night These gentlemen have been
touring California by auto.
F. M. Gold drove a party out to
the 'Sitgrejiyes Sunday to view the
forest fire ragng on the back of
the mountains. The fire was
tusking progress .and taking all
before it.'-.: ' . , '
' ,
A Pleasure Trip To Canyon .
Several autos . loaded with Wil
liams people made the trip to
Grand Canyon., last Sunday, on
pleasure bent. Drivers were Dr.
Melick,, Mrs. Melick. Fred An
drew, Mr. Dr. , Miller and F. E.
Mr. Charlie Willis accompanied
by Mrs. Willis, Mr. and Mrs.
Monaghan and Mrs. Kennerdell
motored out to the neighborhood of
Kendrick Mountains Sunday. They
drove thru Spring Valley on the
way and report fanners fields in
the Valley green and flourishing.
I The Kendrick Peak forest firus
were smouldering but apparently
pretty well burned out.
Sunday was a very interesting
day- at the church last Sunday.
The pastor is rapidly regaining
his health and is again in the
full swing of his work.
It will be the first Sunday in
July on the next sabbath. The
Sunday School has a special pro
gramme and there will be a
special effort made to make all
the day the very best. The
Pastor will speak on: "In the
j House of the Potter, with ' un-
maulded clay", at the morning
hour; at the evening hour he
will speak of -'The hand-writing
on the wall". There will be
splendid music at all of these
The Ep worth League .will be
gin at 7:30 and will close at 7:55
for the summer months. A short
spicy service will ' be held each
evening before i he hout of wor
ship. We want you to find a hearty
welcome to all these services.
All strangers will be especially
welcome. Come among us and
we will endeavor to help you.
Methodist Pastor.
For Rent: Small cottage. $5. a
month. Inquire at the News.
Pictures frames made to order
at Plummer's Cash Store.
J. M. Holub went to Flagstaff
last Tuesday on business.
Mr. Dick Connor has recently
become the owner of a new
Try a Lover's Delight, or a Bill
Williams Special, at Lebsch's '.
Phoenix milk and cream. Tele
phone 58. Albert Lebsch. tf.
For quick reliable transfer ser
vice by auto truck see or phone W.
J. Parker. Phone No. 43. 6-15-tf.
Miss Myrtle Jubl of Babbitt-Pol-sons
has been promoted to the
position of Bill Clerk.
Duffy Brothers have put oh a
new auto delivery truck. They
chose the "Vim."
Miss Bush of Indianapolis spent
a few. days last week at the home
of McDonald Robinson. ..
Will Dr. Jeffries join the Home
Guard after the cold douche his
military ambition received at
home? ' '
Miss Alice Ort, daughter of Mr.
C. W. Ort of the Postal . Telegraph
Co. , has accepted the position of
Cashier at Babbitt-Poisons.
A sheep deal 'of -considerable
magnitude is on between Williams
parties, but the News has been un
Hble to get the details so far.
Levi Montgomery came in
from Los Angeles . on No. 22,
Wednesday. He has been at
tending the Los Angeles Poly
technic for the past year.
Elbert Robiusou has returned
from the military school at Los
Angeles which he has attended for
the past year.
Mr. Jacob Buss from north of
Mclellan was in V illiams Monday
attending to some matters of
business. .c ' ;:
An attractive looking pergola
has been erected in front of the
office of the Forest Service.
Covered with vines it will add
to the 'pleasure and comfort of
those occupying the office.
J. F. Daggs & Sons loaded out
1,600 head of lambs for the
Kansas City market Monday."
The shipment was accompanied
by J. -X. Daggs who- will visit
Boston in the interest of wool
sales before he returns.
Marshal Bobby Burns returned
last Sunday from Los Angelts
where he went to consult a special
ist in regard to his health. While
not fully recovered, Marshal Burns
is feeling better and has resumed
the duties of his office. ''...
The trial in Judfce Twitty's court
of the Mexican, Francisco Her
dado for assaulting bis .fellow
Mexican, Manuel Velasquez, vfas
decided in the defendant's favor.
The jury was out only a short time
when they returned a verdict of
not guilty.
Enjoy Three Days Encampment
The Boy Scouts enjoyed a three
days encampment beginning last
Friday. They damped at their
old camping ground' on Gus Pol
son's old homestead,Kust west
of the Ranger". Station'.'; -Their
new. boat was 'launched on the
old "government" tank on Mr.
Poison's place, and was the
source of a great deal of pleasure
for the boys. Another encamp
ment is planned for the latter
part of July. The boys will con
tinue their Saturday hikes in the
, meantime.
The development of Coconino
county is very limited as yet but
the assessor finds a good deal in
values as show n by the following
statement. The next ten years
will show an enormous increase.
Values Found By Assessor
Livestock on ranches $2,485,198.
Land in cultivation 130,925.
Improvements on land
, in cultivation
Grazing land
Improvements on graz-
' ing land 54,283.
Horses? mules and Asses 253,956.
Cattle- ' - 2,361,330.
Sheep ;., 3,999,838.
Town lots, banks and
stores ' .2,000,000.
Railroads ' 8,073,770.
Other public service
corporations 167,346.
All other property 2,000,000.
Since the middle of last week
forest fires have been raging on
and about Kendrick Peak and in
the Sitgreaves Mountains. At
the present writing, Tuesday P.
M., (they are practically out.
These fires are tbe worst the
Forest Service has had to deal
with, v Fire-figb ting lias been
continuous.', for nearly a whole
week with all the fighting forces
that could be mustered. The
areas burned over are, approxim
ately, 1,200 acres for the Sit
greaves " and 1,700 acres for
Kendrick' Peak.- ";
Not . much ' saw timber- was
burned by-? these .fires," but a
great many- young trees were
killed. This young- timber .was
thick and protected the mount
ain slopes very effectually from
denudation. With the trees gone
the slopes are exposed to wash
and.the consequence will be that
the slopes will not be productive
of anything of use but, on the
contrary, will hasten the water
fall down the canyons and tend
to increase the destruction of
floods. ' . '
Forest fires are caused by
human carelessness one does
not like to think ever by design.
These fires which have just rav
aged the Sitgreaves and Kend
rick Peak, should be a warning
to everyone who by any chance
might be responsible for a for
est fire to be very careful in the
Town Pasture Expensive
All stock owners are hereby
notified that the ordinance cover
ing the running at large of stock
in the Town of Williams will , be
strictly enforced. The penalties
described will make pasturing
of stock in Williams expensive.
Stock owners, please take notice.
Bobby Burns,
Town . Marshal.
. Mr. W. E. Smith of Pitman
Valley was in Williams Tuesday on
btfsiness. Mr. Smith reports pota
toes on his farm looking very well
and oats, too, are coming along
Two More Delightful Concerts
:' The Barnes Band gave two more
of its delightful concerts, the first
of the .' week. , One' was given on
Sunday afternoon from six to seven
o'clock, and the other, on Monday
luring the Some hours. The one
given Monday was given for the
special benefit of the recuiting
officer. Lieutenant Price - who was
in Williams on that da'. The
band has been especially busy for
ih last few weeks, preparing for
! the Flagstaff celebration at. which
it has been engaged to play.
' Williams people especially Wil
liams tax payers will be rejoic
ed to learn that the proposed add
ition to the school building will
require neither bonds nor special
There is. fortunately, a fund on
hand of $2,000 which 'is available
for the new school building. A
little later money will come from
the Forest Service, derived from
timber sales. The Williams State
Bank will furnish all necessary
f'inds for the short period before
the Forest Service money is avail
able. The school board has been in
something of a quandary just what
to do to secure more school room,
but they have now decided to add
to the present building and not
buy another building as has been
It is the inter tion of the school
board to have the addition ready
for occupancy by the beginning of
the new school year.
The Surgical Dressing Com-
' mittee will not meet on Tuesday,
July 4th,: but will meet one week
from that day at the Gate-way
. Mr. H. M. Whiting of Williams,
visited the Canyon Sunday.
Miss Mayme Rowe who has just
finished high school in Oakdale,
California, has returned to visit her
father S. Rowe,-a pioneer of this
country.. During her stay Miss
Rowe will be at" the Grand View
hotel. : . - '
Colonel Lockridge, Chief Justice
Francis, Shorty the Guide, and
Bob Fix, the cow punch, have re
turned fiom a goat riding expedi-'j
tion to Flagstaff. .Having ridden
that frisky animal successfully
they emerged full grown Elks
by what magic the uniniated dare
not ask. .They bring back tales,
on the other fellow of course, which
augur well for a jolly fourth of
July at Flagstaff, which is to be
celebrated undtr the auspices of
the E'ks Lodge.
' C. Handcock in the Stutz "Scout
Car" stopped at Grand Canyon
last week on the trip from Los
Angeles to Phoenix.
L L. St. JohD, who is making
the trans continental trip from Los
Angeles to New York in a Chev
rolet automobile, viewed the won
ders of the Canyon on the 20th.
Last Friday, the Mason's Home
Band, a groupe of lads from the
Texas Masonic Home for orphaned
children visited Grand Canyon.
In another place in this issue of
the News appears the' announce
ment of the anuual distribution of
fish to individuals by the Bureau
of Fisheries. This means Arizon
ans as well as others. Now there
are a great many tanks in Arizona,
large and small, and everyone
capable of supporting fish should
be. stocked. ; In construction of
tanks this thot should be in mind.
How : may the volume of stored
water be such that it wjjll provide
1 a lasting home for fish. If necess
!ary, go to a little more expense
Those tvho have already, ponds
which may be used for propagat
ing and growing fish, should take
advantage of this
stock them.
opportunity to
Hams, are alive and are going to
take a lively interest in the forth
coming campaign was amply;
attested at the Gate-way Club
room last Saturday evening;
I 1 A 1 jl f 1
wnen a numoer 01 xne ianniui.
both ladies and gentlemen, met
for the purpose of organizing a
WoQjdrow Wilson Club. It was
announced in the News .last
week that a club would be organ
ized, and after the picture show
the meeting was called to order
and F. M. Gold was : elected
chairman and Smith Beck secre
tary. In stating' the object of
the organization . emphasis was
laid upon the fact that the clul
was not to be in any sense a.
partizan or' anization, but as in
dicated by its name strictly a:
Woodrow . Wilson Club. The
constitution as later adopted, in
denning the eligibility of mem
bers, states that anyone who is
a. citizen of Coconino county and
announces their determinatipn
to vote for Wilson, regardless of
other political affiliation, is en
titled to become a member.'' '
A n.Z4-4- l.'l..!..'
ana- oy-iaws consisting-: ot
iviessrs uarnes, ranter ana wii-
t? i 1 i ITT I
uttms was men appuinieu. vv nutr
the " committee ' were out , the
meeting was adressed by, Hon.
George Olney, of Phoenix, , cari-'
didate for Democratic nomina
tion for Governor. While Mr;,
Olney, as he, himself, admits, is.
in no sense . an orator, still by
his quiet, forceful " and gentle
manly manner he made , many
friends while here. " The" com-"
mittee having, announced its
readiness to report, the constitu
tion and by-laws were theri read-
and adopted. ' '
Nomination . for the various
offices created by the .constitu-
. 1 1 - -1, . .i - - ' t
tion were men canea i or,, ana
the following officers were elec
ed; W. M. Hughes, . president;
W. O. Church, first vice, presi
dent; Mrs. R. C. Wente. ; second
vice president; Edward Conway,"
third vice president; Mrs.' Steven
Quinn, fourth vice, president;
J. M. Holub, fifth vice president;
Mrs. Ethel Peet Nordyke,
sixth vice nresident: . . John R.
Sweeney, secretary and : treasur
er. , .; . '. : ', ; . ',
Committee consisting of Mr s
George Barnes, Mrs.- Jean; Dye,
Mrs. W. M. Hughes,- W- S. Par
ker, George Barnes and. ; L. : S.
Williams was appointed to solicit
members. Fifty three members,
a number of whom were re
publicans, were enrolled. ;
DtocK Kancn m a Bargain ...
" A I A 1- L I .' . "
u rrnnn u r ri ir vu nrrt u niiui n uu
the Hadstate Ranch 2 miles' West
of Williams; 2 running springs
near house .and good size tank.
i This ranch will, be, sold at a
bargain. Inquire of S. O. Miller,
Trespasser Ejected
Miss Maud Barry returned. ioi
her homestead ; last week after a
two days stay at the Canyon , to-.
find one of Mr. Sam Moore's horses
in her cistern. While in search of
animal, had gone thru the top -of
iuc v lain ii o.iit.1 iBjtric dijc friimiuru
! 1 i . 1:1 ' ' .1 l' . . .
. rgcia UJCUb B lLI UUUCl.
which had heen hung near ; the
water. A ladder was offered her.
but she refuped to risk her precious,
neck on such a thing At last with
a block and tackle, she was ejected.
A I ter a dazed look around she took
to the road and left with a huge
! cloud of dust behind.

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