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Volume 24
Number 32
Owing to the critical situation
existing between the United States
, and Mexico, I feel called upon to
assure you, that you have no cause
for alarm and that the American
people are your friends cand that
yourselves and your families will
be fully protected and you may
be sure that you will ' have to
suffer no harm if; as (I hope you
will) you behave yourselves as
good citizens, respecting our laws.
I advise you to attend to your
usual labors, .' continuing sober
and avoiding the formation of
groups that might lead to disorder
and disputes. Do not carry arms
of any sort, for it is strictly pro
hibited by law and moreover, be
cause the authorities, through me
guarantee you full protection.
. V. G. Dickinson,
!: .'. . Sheriff.
Look Out For Your Dog
The Town Council having order
ed the Town Marshal to get rid of
all dogs not wearing the 1916 tax,
tag. '. I will pay 25 cents apiece for
' all such dogs delivered to me. Dog
owners who have dogs worth the
price of the dog tax will do well
to attach the tag at once
Bobby Burns,
Town Marshal.
Phoenix, Ariz., June "29. Two
divisions of the -Dixie National
forest lying north of the Grand
Canyon in Mohave and Coconino
counties, and amounting to 506
880 acres, have been restored to
entry by order of President Wilson
according to an executive order re
ceived at the local land office.
The order practically wipes out
the two weoteru portiors of the
Dixie National forest. The land
will be thrown open to entiy for
settlement July 12 at 9 a. m., and
for filing on thiity days later. It
is expected that the state land de
partment will file selections on a
large portion of the land thus made
available for selection.
The "mariagable age"- in most
European countries is surprisingly
low. if compared with that in the
British' I? les. '
Germany, Russia and France
are all fairly sensible. In Ger
many the man must be 18 before
he can legally marry, 4 while in
France and Russia, it is the same
with a minimum of 16 for the girl
. But other countries are far less
strict even than this. - -
In Greece the. man must have
seen at least fourteen summers, and
the woman if "woman" she can
'be called twelve.
it is the same in l ortugai, in
Spain', in Switzerland and in Hun
gary (for Roman Catholics)'
All these countries commonly
witness marriages in which little
. girls of a dozen years are led to
the alter. Protestants in Hungary
are stricter than Koinan catholics,
the age minimum being; 18 for a
uiAii and 15 for a 'woman".
As or Turkey, there is no irar-
rlage minimum- age there at all!
Any tiny tots who can toddle to
church and get through the neces
sary cremeny are allowed to oe
united for life.
Thus, it is possible to be a widow
or a widower in Cooatantinople at
jhe premature age of four or five!
San Francisco Call Post
Last Monday Superior Judge
Perkins handed down his decision
in the ouster proceedings of Mrs.
Andrew Miller vs W. D. Finney.
In this case Mrs. Miller, a former
member of the Williams school
board, was removed by the two
othei members of the board and
W. D. Finney was appointed to
fill the vacancy thus made.' Mrs.
Miller brought suit to oust Mr.
Finney from the 'board. Judge
Perkins decided that Mrs. Miller
was legally removed and Mr. Fin
ney was legally appointed.
The Southern Paufic Co., an
nounces that those of its employ
es who were members on June
17, 1916, of the National Guard
of any State its lines traverse,
and who are called out for army
service are granted leave of
absence with the understanding
that they will retain their pro
motion rights and they can re
sume their positions with the
company when the Government
relieves them from service.
' While such employes are ser
ving in the army in response to
the call of the Government, the
Company will also allow, until
September 30th of this year, to
enlisted men, whether non-com-misfijaned"
officers or privates:
1. ' To tho3e married, full pay.
2. To those unmarried, with
families dependent -upon.- them
for support, three-quarters to
full pay, according to controlling
3. To those unmarried, with,
out dependent families, half pay.
The Company will allow to
commissioned officers above and
including the grade of second
1. To those married, the dif
ference between Company and
and Government pay, when Gov
ernment pay is less.
2. . To those unmarried with
dependent families, three-quarters
full pay, but with dependent
families, three-quarters full pay.
but with Government pay added
thereto, not to exceed regular
3. To those unmarried with
out dependent families, one-half
full pay, but, with Government
pay added thereto, not to exceed
regular salary.
The slogan of the Boy Scouts
is, "Do A Good Turn Daily".
Last Saturday all of the scouts
who were able to report for
duty, joined in together to do- a
big good turn, as the main feat
ure of the day's program. They
motored out oh the Coleman
Lake road and with saw and ax,
removed four fallen trees that
obstructed the Coleman lake
road. The drive to Coleman
lake is one of the most scenic
about Williams, and the work
done by the scouts will te ap
preciated by all who travel this
road whether for business or for
Next Saturday the scouts will
spend a few hours in the morn
ing packing away their camping
equipment in good shape, so that
it will be ready for immediate
use any time they choose to try
another camping trip. After
this, they will 'take a hike to
some point yet to be chosen.
Pictures frames made to order
at Plummer's Cash Store. : :."
Miss Louise Robinson is spending
a few day 8 in Prescott visiting
For quick reliable transfer ser
vice by auto truck see or phone W.
J. Parker. Phone No. 43. 6-15-tf,
Mr. T. A. Stahl, Santa Fe agent
at the Canyon came down yester
day morning and returned on the
noon train. . "
Nellie McDaniels, of Williams,
grabbed the prize in the cowboy
race at Flag, Tuesday. She was
an easy winner. - '
Governor Hunt , spent Sunday
afternoon in illiams. F. M.
Gold drove him to Flagstaff Sun
day evening.
Try a Lover's Djelight, or a Bill
Williams Special, at Lebsch's '
Newt Arnold who sold his ranch
interests to Bly Brothers last week
has gone with his family to Los
Angeles for a two months stay. ;
Mrs. S. T. Elliott of Kingman,
who has been visiting ' with Mrs.
Amundsen for a week returned to
her home yesterday morning.
phone 58.
milk and cream, Tele
Albert Lebsch. tf.
There is still plenty of seeds at
the News office for free distribu
tion. The rains' will soon start and
you would better have some in .. the
ground. ,
;Miss Edna Buggeln and' her
two friends Miss Shaffer and Miss
O'Neil spent the week end at the
The trip was made by
The Fourth was never so well
observfd as in Williams this year.
Business was practically all sus
pended and a great many Williams
people went to Flag for the day.
Babbitt- Poison did the generous
thing by their employes the
Fourth. They gave them the day
and provided them "a way to
attend the Flagstaff celebra'ion.
- Jo Dunphy who drives the
small truck for Babbitt-Poisons
was badly hurt at the B.-P.
garage Saturday morning by the
rim of an automobile tire which
was blown off. He was taken
to the hospital arid later to his
home where he is doing well.
Mr. Russel Wooden of Stock
ton, Kansas, who . has been in
Williams for the past two months,
left yesterday for his , Kansas
home. ' Mr. Wooden made many
friends while in Williams who
will regret his going. .
" Last Thursday . Marshal Bobby
Burns arrested a suspicious look
ing negro who was not able to give
a very clear account of himself and
locked him up in ihe city jail.
Later the negro was arraigned be
fore Police Judge McConkey on
the charge of vagrancy. ' He was
adjudged guilty an4 given a' fine of
$10. or ten days on the streets at
hard work. ,
Bly Brothers of Williams have
bought out the holdings of the
Taylor Sheep Co., consisting of
water locations, range right, tanks,
rolling stock and pack outfits and
about 4.000 head of sheep. The
deal was consummated the latter
part of last week. . '
Last wetk Wednesday Jacobo
Ayoto was arrested and jailed by
the Town Marshal for distuib
ing the peace of his wife and the
Luna family wita whom she was
staying. Thursday evening Judge
McConkey gave him a hearing
and ordered him to keep away from
his wife uhde
I Property ST
Mr. John Baumgartner of
Spring 'Valley was transacting
business in Williams Wednesday.
Did you notice the flag that the
Grand Canyon Drug Store had
hung across the street the Fourth?
It js probably the largest flag in
town being 7x14.
! Mr. Frank Reed, . formerly of
Stockton,. Kansas, started yester
day for n Colorado Springs. 'He
will drive thru with his car,
camping on the .way, and his .in
tention ' .is to: . spend several
months in camp near the Springs.
- '.' . . . ...
Mr. Davenport of the Postal
telegraph office returned the last of
the wee: rom the White Moun
tains where he had been fishing
for two weeks. He reports a fine
time wth good results with rod
an 1 line, '
; . Babbitt-Poison are constructing
a rest room for women at the back
end of their hardware department.
I hey intend that this rest room
shall be complete in all of its ap
pointmenfs that their out-of town
ady customers may be rested and
Marshal Bobby Burns is not
worried by the Federal - Courtly build racers but they got there
oraera. ine ua is on in w imams
and the man who tries to pry it
loose takes several chances of
landing in the Town jail and
paying a fine. Bobby is on the
job. .. .
Stock Ranch At ABargain
.A good stock ranch known as
the Hadstate Ranch 2 miles west
of Williams; 2 running, spring's
near house and good size tank
1 This ranch will -be sold at a
bargain. Inquire of S. O. Miller,
Williams, Ariz?! 6 29, 7 6
W. E. Jones, an Arizona trap
per, filled up with Fourth of
July booze and landed in the
Town calaboose. Judge Sine
had pity on a man whose life sis
mostly spent in the wilds far
from civilization and its booze
temptations and turned" Jones
loose on promise of future good
Marshal Bobby Burns arrested
a Swede. Tuesday evening who
was carrying two bottles of
whiskey and a good sized "jag".
The Swede spent the night in
jail and was released on a $10
bond to appear for trial Wednes
day morning at 10 o'clock. He
did not appear and his bond was
declared forfeited.
' Jesse L. Boyce, candidate for
the democratic nomination for
the State Auditor was in Wil
liams Monday. Mr. Boyce is a
Williams man and doubtless his
old.f riends will do all . they can
to help, him to -the nomination
he seeks. ' -' '- - ."
. . . . - '- ., .......
Theft or Vandalism
A, K-. Hawkins' ef Smoot Lake
was the victim of theft or vandal
ism one day last week, he does
not know which. Some miscreant
tore up a front and a hind wheel
of his wagon and took the spokeH
of the wheels. The other wheels
were untouched..
Ranch for Sale
Pine Crest Model Dairy ranch
is hereby off ered for sale. This
ranch situated just west of Wil
liams has all modern improve
ments and it will be sold with or
without stock. Inquire of S. 0.
Miller, Williams, Ariz. 7 6 13
For Sale: 12 Rhode Island lay
ing hen, to 2 years old. $1
each. Also fries, 50 cents each.
R. C. Shilkett. - :
aoinet career Shop.
The Williams automobile parade
into Flagstaff the Fourth was met
by the Flag band and escorted thru
the town. ' The parade was a fine
one consisting of about 20 autos'.
The Studebaker automobile which
Flag people raffled off the Fourth
was won by L. S. Williams of our
Bill town. He invested in one
$1 00 ticket and. had about one
chance 5n: 2,000. '
The fast time on the track at
Flag., was made by. Smith of
Williams. Until his wheel went
flat he was covering the ground
at the rate of 43 seconds per half
mile lap. After the puncture
he was hard to catch and it took
13 laps for the winner to pass
It may be a coincidence vbut
they do say that the only cars
in the Flagstaff auto race which
escaped tire trouble had Fire
Stone tires.
And isn't it to smile? The
winners of the auto race at
Flag., the Fourth were little old
Fords. Henry is not supposed
just the same.
Except for a little hard luck
Williams would have won the auio
race at: Flag : the Fourth. The
Smith: . car was in the lead and
proved that it could be held when
a puncture was experienced in
the fourth lap.- After the puncture
lead "was heldfor 13 laps. The
handicap imposed by the acci
dent - was . too great, however.
Conditions rgrew worse and the
race ' had to be abandoned.
c The winners of the Auto races
at Flag.; the Fourth were Wal
house of Flag ,- who drove' No;: .!
and Mack, also of Flag., who
drove No. 5. . No. 1 made the
distance at the rate of 44 seconds
per. half mile lap and No, .5 made
the distance at the rate of 45
seconds per half mile lap.
, It was a generous Fourth of
July crowd at Flag., Tuesday,
About $300 was raised ' for
Peaches, the driver of No. 4
which met with the accident in
the auto race. It was realized
that he would have won the race
except tor the accident, it was
also felt that his quick action to
avoid killing another by risking
his own life to make it, should
have recognition.
Risks Own Life To Save Another
A' -Very serious accident was
barely avtrte'd on the race track
at Flagstaff the Fourth. When
Peaches of Flag, who drove No.
4 had "nearly completed the race,
well in the lead, he was obliged
to turn from the track quickly to
avoid running into a man who
was crossing the tack. The
short turn tipped the car over,
but-Peaches fortunately was able
to jump clear of the car and was
not seriously injured. Had he
not made the quick turn he
would, probably have caused a
The monthly evening service,
in addition to that in the morn
ing, will be : held next Sunday,
Those who can come more con
veniently in the evening are
urged not to miss this service.
Sunday, July 9
10 A- M. Sunday School
11 A. M. Morning Prayer and
P. M. Evening Prayer andi
Sermon. I
The following report of the ball
game between Williams and Flag
staff played la3t Sunday has reach
ed the News office from Flag. This,
evidently was an interesting game
and full of sport. The score shows
that the batters had it all their
own way. Williams wo, but the
Williams boys will not do much
bragging over their victory- :
The Flag. Report ;
Before a large crowd the home
team went down to defeat in a
slugging fiwat'test featured by long
distance hits.
The condition . of the grounds
along with high wind made good
ball impossible and errors ' were
plentiful on each side..
team's attack witn five hits and.
Wooden of Williams led the
visitors with five hits. y
Tanny Wolfe of Williams, made
the feature catch of the day wher
he took a line drive from the bat
of Peck while on a dead run.
WilHama 1 79 1 O 9 A Q ft K-
Flagstaff 001244160
Batteries -
Williams Carlson and Proctor.
Flagstaff H. Campbell, Shem
inway, Hesser and Williams.
Umpires Murray and Rickel.
George A. Olney In Williams.
' Mr. George A. Olney, candidate
for. the democratic nomination; -for
governor, was in Williams laRt
week and the News bad the pleas
ure of meeting him. Mr. Olney is
state in the interest of his candida
cy and judging by pi ess notices is
being well received. The platform
on whih Mr. Olnpv is Tnakinfr his
" j o -
rfp rpflris vprv wpll nnj if tb
principles laid down in the - plat
form should be faithfully applied
to the affairs1 of the 6tate. better
ment would result. - ,
The News will labor for the elec
tion of a democrat to the office ' Of
governor and, if George A. Ulney
c. K 1 1 Via tinmlliofol VitT 1 Vl O flpinrw
crats of Arizona, the News shall be
for him, believing that bis election
vill be for the best interests of the
people or Arizona.
... ' - -
Mr. Carl f alK ana Miss wzzie
Reed, both of Williams, were
joined in the holy bonds of mat
rimony at 7 A. M. yesterday in
the Catholic church in Flagstaff,
anw 1 -mm' T 1
Father Vabre omciating. me
young people will live in the first
house south of the Williams
opera house. ., .
Joe Johnson of Phoenix,
for the past year has been
ing for Mr. Pete Berry
CvrtiA T75rt.r T T - j-i 1 Vina rt n
VJiailU TW .www.
.... . -r . i-fc '
The preliminary trial of.
and William Pey was held on
July 1st. They were bound
over on bonds until the. next
term of the Superior Court. ... , v
Mr. arid Mrs. L. H. Ball,4;
Lizzie Jones and Lois Jones were'
recent visitors from Winslow; -
Th following Phopniv 'nponlf
visited the Canyon last week.
Fred Irwin, W. D. Wilson arid
Marion Mathews and family.
Mrs. B. A. Cameron and three
sons returned home after spend
ing the winter in Los Angeles.
Work on the new school hous e
has been stopped awaiting more
of '

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