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Elsie Ferguson
The Right Thing
at the Right Time
Net Contents 15FImd Pacing
V &
The materials of action are variable,
but the use we make of them should be
-constant. Eplctetus.
IT IS just as important for a woman
to have regard for the rules of
(rood form In the transaction of her
business affairs as in matters purely
octal. Sometimes a woman who is
Irreproachably correct in all social
conduct, and who is courtesy and
good breeding personified in her so
cial relations, is careless of rules of
courtesy and good breeding in her
business transactions. In a small
-town especially, such duplicity of con
duct is sure to lead to unpopularity.
What good is it if a woman is charm
ing to Mrs. Smith, whom she meets
In her club. If she is discourteous to
Mrs. Smith's husband, who la cashier
In her bank, or what good can it do
to be punctilious in all her dealings
with Mrs. Brown if she neglects to
-pay what she owes to Mr. Brown, who
runs the grocery store.
Remember then that when doing
any sort of , business with any sort of
person, you should begin the transae-
y y c ru Luiub
r Common Errors in English and.
How to Avoid Them
tlon with a courteous "good morning.
If you ask a favor of a tradesman or
anyone with whom you do business,
do not fall to let him know tha't you
regard it as such.
If you are not going to be able to
pay your bills on the first of the
month, do the courteous considerate
thing about it. Go to the grocer, or
butcher, or doctor, or dentist, and tell
him that you find it impossible or in
convenient to do so, and ask him for
the favor of extended credit. Do not
simply neglect payment and then pre
tend when you do pay that it is sim
ply a matter of carelessness or for
getfulness on your part.
If a tradesman is courteous enough
to remember your name in doing busi
ness and addresses you by it, do not
forget that it Is just as considerate
if you remember his name likewise.
Remember that it is just as incon
siderate to ask your grocer to make
a special trip of his delivery wagon
because you have carelessly forgotten
to give your order till afternoon, as it
is to ask a neighbor to put herself
out to do some favors for you. If the
grocer does accommodate you, then
you should express your appreciation
with just as much courtesy as though
the transaction was one of a social
sort instead of purely business.
(Copyright. )
u I-
Elsie Ferguson, often called "the
aristocrat of the screen,' had attained
the position of stardom on the stage
before she became a "movie" star.
Since she was first won over to the
films she returned to the stage but
once, and then for a brief period.
! ii rnHOT.-.l PER CENX.
I ::i.v.rtthFood lwj&ula-
1 tm6theSlPciaaMBCTwJti
TfcTmrPrrtmotin DteestaS
mother Oplant,MorphkieoJ
."5 s
f 't
it i
Special Care of Baby.
a f.f rvfril Remedy for
Constlpatioaand Diarrtoet
VMshness and i
racSimc Sijnatgree
THEHE are certain words In Eng-
X lish which are seemingly plural In
.meaning because they are plural In
form, ending in Ms. But they are
really singular in meaning, and there
fore they should take the singular
verb, not the plural, although the prop--er
" use may seem incorrect. Among
such words are "news," "politics,"
economics." One should not say, for
example, "The news concerning the
war are good"; "politics, when prop
erty conducted, are a good pursuit for
a citizen"; "economics have been
called the dismal science." In all of
these cases, use the slnguar verb.
There are, however, certain words
ending In "s" concerning which there
Is doubt. - Grammarians differ fre
quently concerning the proper verbs
to be employed with such nouns as
"headquarters" and "alms." "The
general's headquarters were (or was)
at Richmond," we may say; "the alms
given to the- poor family are (or is)
not sufficient for its maintenance."
"Means", may be either - singular or I
plural, accordingly as the means Is or
are singular or plural.
That Baby should have a bed of its own all are agreed. Yet it
Is more reasonable for an infant to sleep with grown-ups than to use
a man's medicine in an attempt to regulate the delicate organism of
that same infant. Either practice is to be shunned. If either would
be tolerated by specialists in children's diseases.
Your Physician will tell you that Baby's medicine must be
prepared with even greater care than Baby's food.
A Baby's stomach when in good health is too often disarranged
by improper food. Could you for a moment, then, think of giving
to your ailing child anything but a medicine especially prepared
for Infants and Children ? Don't be deceived.
Make a mental note of this: -It is important, Mothers, that
you should remember that to function well, the digestive organs of
your Baby must receive special cares. No Baby is so abnormal that
the desired results may be had from the use of medicines primarily
prepared for grown-ups.
Bears the Signature of
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
The rainfall around the Caspian sea
Is only 10 inches a year.
IKEY was a young duck, that his
mother had a great deal of trouble
with, because he ran away every time
be found a chance, and as Madam
Duck had many ducklings besides her
son to look after, Ikey found many
"Some day you will meet Mr. Fox,"
said his mother, "and then It will be
too late to be a good duckling, for Mr.
Fox carries off all runaway ducklings."
"But I am not afraid of Mr. Fox."
said brave Ikey. "1 am going to grow
up to be a big, brave duck, like Grand
pa Drake, so I cannot be afraid of
"Grandpa Drake would not like to
meet Mr. Fox," said Madam Duck,
"for Mr. Fox carries off to his cave
in the woods big and small ducks."
Ikey Duck did not answer, but wad
dled along after his sisters and his
mother until they were hunting In
puddle for things they liked, and Ikey
saw another chance to run away.
Down to the duck pond he waddled
and away he swam to a part of the
pond where he had never before been.
How little Teddy Bear happened to
be sitting under a bush by the pond
was never known, but there he was,
and Ikey Duck, swimming along, saw
his shining eyes and open mouth.
"Ah, Mr. Fox!" said Ikey Duck to
himself, "I will show that fellow, he
can't scare me."
- Bight up close to the bank went
brave Ikey and began to quack at
Teddy Bear, and. of course, Teddy did
not move.
"He is afraid of me," said Ikey, "I
wish mother could see me now. I am
sure she would think I am quite able
to take care of myself."
And then brave Ikey opened his
bill, snapped at little Teddy Bear, and.
tugging at one foot, pulled him into
the water. Away he went, with Teddy
still held by his foot, skimming over
the water.
Madam Duck and her children were
at the side of the pond when Ikey
swam up by the barnyard.
What have you found I" asked his
mother, her eyes wide open with sur
prise, while the little ducklings ran up
the bank In alarm.
"It Is Mr. Fox," said Ikey, letting go
of Teddy Bear's foot. "He is afraid
of me, mother. I tol you I was not
airaia or mm, and, you see, I am
Madam Duck did not know at first
just what to do or say, and she stepped
back to take a good look at a safe
"It isn't Mr. Fox I am sure of that,"
she said, "but what It is I do not know.
I will get Mr. Dog. He is very wise
and knows about everything."
"That is a toy," said Mr. Dog. when
he saw Teddy Bear. "It belongs to
My beau he is particular.
About the way I'm dressed.
So Maggie uses Faultless Starch,
So I can look way best. '
i r - see bub in
Nothing Left.
Ralph How about that 1,000,000
will case?
Gerald Oh, they settled that to the
satisfaction of the lawyers on both
sides. - -
"Ah ! Anybody else get anything 7"
Liondon Answers.
What's in a Name?"
Facts about your name; its history; meaning; whence it was
derived; significance; your lucky day and lucky jewel.
ELIZABETH is a holy name and
has a devious origin. It likewise
has as many derivatives, contractions
and diminutives as Mary.
Going back to early biblical times
we find that the wife of Aaron pos
sessed a name popular at that time, In
that It contained a dedication to the
Deity. This name was Kliscbeba.
meaning God hath sworn. In the
Latin this was called Elizabeth. The
mother of John the Baptist bore this
name and' her first historical name
sake was the Muscovite Princess
El si vet ta. the daughter of Jarosalv,
and the object of the romantic love
of the famous poet and sea king, Har
aJd, Hardarda of Norway ; through her
the name became popular in Denmark,
whence It crept into Germany.
One of the first Elizabeths in France
wan Elizabeth Halnault who mar
ried Philippe Auguste and in Hungary.
Elizabeth, or Erzsebt, as she Is called
there, won saintly honors which
brought her name great prominence In
Elizabeth W. God ville, whose moth
er was Hacequette of Luxemburg, was
the first English Elizabeth on record.
Elizabeth of York is another famous
English woman of that name, sup
posed to be the object of the political
courtship of Henry of Richmond, but
the most famous of all the English
Elizabeths was of course the famous
queen whose personality and achieve
ments are immortal In the world's his
tory. Elizabeth's tallsmanlc gem is the
diamond, which Is said to give Its
wearer strength, lndomltabillty and
freedom from all danger since, accord
lug to an old legend, the diamond ab
sorbs all poisons into Itself, thus pro
tecting the one who wears It as an
amulet. Tuesday is Elizabeth's lucky
day and 3 her lucky number, the
lily, signifying Innocence, Is her flower.
Daily Thought.
The things which must be must
bo for the best. Owen Meredith.
the master's children." And with tha
Mr. Dog picked up Teddy and trotteu
off to the house.
"He is not afraid of Mr. Fox, either,"
said brave Ikey, "Mr. Dog and I are
very brave fellows."
"I suppose he will have to learn by
experience who Mr. Fox really Is,"
quacked poor Madam Duck, shaking
her head as Ikey waddled up the bank
to tell all the farmyard animals that
he had caught Mr. Fox, for, in spite
of what Mr. Dog. or his mother had
said Ikey declared he had caught Mr
Shave With Cutlcura Soap
And double your razor efficiency as
well as promote skin purity, skin com
fort 'and skin health, rio mug, no
slimy Soap, no germs, no waste, no
Irritation even when - shaved twice
dally. One soap for all uses shaving
bathing and shampooing. Advertisement
Y. W. C. A. in Constantinople.
In the presence of a large number
of distinguished guests both In polltl
cal and educational circles, a new
service center was opened recently In
SKimboul, the old city of Constanti
nople, by the Y. W. C. A. Speeches
were made in both English and Turk
ish. The house and garden obtained
for the center are both attractive and
well adapted to their new use, as well
as conveniently situated. Another
meeting and recreation place which
the Y. W. C. A. has provided for Con
stantlnople girls is a spacious garden
on the beautiful sea of Marmora. It
tas been rented from a wealthy pasha
to serve as a summer camp.
By John Kendrick Bangs.
JF I'VE! a Sneer, a Jeer, a Scott,
I call in Mr. PHT-IT-OFF,
But when to Cheer I'd turn my
I send for Mr. DO-IT-NOW,
And these two Agents serve me
Far better than any pen can tell.
For PTJT-IT-OFF ne'er does Today
What overnight he can delay,
While DO-IT-NOW goes to the
As straight aa may be, and with
Whereby Today I have my Cheer,
And to Tomorrow leave the Sneer.
Steady Young Feller.
"They tell me that your boy. Josh,
has grown to be a middlin' wild young
feller since he come back from trav
eling around with them marines," said
Farmer Brown to his neighbor.
"Wa-l-l," drawled the father, "he
ain't exactly what I'd call wild. He's
been goln' to the movies a coupla
times a week, smoked cigarettes,
drinks a right smart lot of lemon
sody, and has started to collect pic
tures of them show actresses. But
I reckon the boy ain't bad he's Just
sowln' his wild oats." The Leatherneck.
Quite Imaginary.
Professor Give me an example of
an Imaginary spheroid.
Student A rooster's egg, sir.
At All Events, the Object of His Affec
tions Perfectly Agreed With
Her Fiance.
For several minutes the young man
did not speak. His heart was too
full. It was enough for him to know
that this glorious creature loved him ;
that she had promised to share his
With a new -and delightful sense of
ownership he feasted his eyes once
more upon her beauty, and as he real
ized that henceforth it would be his
privilege to provide for her welfare
and happiness, he could have almost
wept with Joy.
His good fortune seemed incredible.
Finally he whispered tenderly :
"How did It ever happen, darling.
that such a bright, shining angel as
yourself fell In love with a dull, stu
pid fellow like me?"
"Goodness knows," she murmured
absently; "I must have a screw loose
A Celebrity Arrives.
"Great excitement In the local
"What's happened?"
"A beautiful woman has just shot a
married man who wasnt married to
her. The city editor has Issued orders
to get all her photographs available.
from her babyhood to the one taken
yesterday, and two men have been sent
to arrange for exclusive publication of
her diary. He has also called up a
friend who is In the motion-picture
business who Is on the lookout for new j
stars." Birmingham Age-Herald.
A Courteous Formality.
"I have sent word to my constitu
ents that I will welcome advice at
any time," remarked Senator . Sor
ghum. "But you'll get so much you can't
remember it."
"All I am saying is that I will giro
it a polite welcome. I'm not promis
ing to stay awake and listen."
Our Own Garden- Hints.
Robert wants to know how to tell
whether or not the little green shoots
that appear in his garden are weeds.
Yank them out, Robert; If they come
up again they are weeds. Boston
Flavor is
sealed in by faastirg
Ups and Downs.
Two men, strangers to each other,
sat side by side in a suburban train.
Finally, one turned to the other and
became confidential.
T," he said impressively, "am a
starter of elevators in a city sky
scraper. When I signal them to go
up, they go up. And your line Is ?
"I." said the other, "am an under
taker. When I signal them to go
down, they go down." The American
Legion Weekly.
Quickly Relieved by
Blackberry Balsam
nusnaiai siacKDerry twuun nas eeea
the sorest snd quickest remedy (or Diar
rhoea. Dysentery. Cholera, Infantum sat
Cholera. Morbus (or T years. While It ta
Quick and positive In Its action. It Is harm
less and does not constipate. It checks the
trouble and puts the-stomach and bowels ta
their natural, regular condition. 0( the mil
lion a of bottles sold, no case has been re
ported where a cure was not effeoted whoa
directions were followed.
Every home should have a bottle or more
on hand ready (or sudden attacks.
and l.e. $1.0 bottle holds S Msaee
60c slse. Sold everywhere.
how Itg5tari ed
TpHIS phrase, which Is now general-
m. ly used to express cowardice or
"chlcken-heartedness" on the part of
him to whom It Is applied, originated
In the days when gamecock fighting
was a fashionable sport and the cocks
were carefully bred. A gamecock of
pure blood had universally dark plum
age; but the cross-strains, .which were
not fighters, literally "showed the white
feaher" white feathers appearing in
their plumage.
No hot coolcind
No trouble to serve
For TbreakJPast or lunch., no
toocL is ojxite so convenient
or satisfying as
Served, from the package,
with, cream or milk full oP
splendid, body-huildind nutri
tion. Its flavor and crispii ess
charm the taste a splendid
summer food.
There's a. Reason? tor Grape-Nuts
Sold, lay grocers
s jljj
IVostcrn Canada
Land of Prosperity
offers to home seekers opportunities that can
not be secured elsewhere. The thousands' of
tanners irom cne united atatea who have
accepted Canada's generous offer to settle on
FREE homesteads or buy farm land in her
provinces nave oeen well repaid or Dountttul
crops. There is still available oa easy terms
Ftrtllt Land at SI5 to $30 an Acre
land similar to that which through many
years has yielded from 20 to 45 bushels
of wheat to the acre oats, barley and
flax also ta great abundance, while raising
worth more than the whole cost of their land.
With such success comas nrosnerit'. inde.
pendence, good homes and all the comforts snd
conveniences which make life worth liring.
Farm Cardans, Poultry. Dalrylnrr
are sources of income second onhr ts snrain
ehjwuik mo amcK raminv- 1 1 I ! imm
climate, good neighbors, churches and,
Schools, nod markers, radmsd taeOititm.
rural telephone, etc
For certificate entitling yoa to re.
nana railway rates. Illustrated litera
ture, marja. deacrintian Af farm AnnnM.
-I1.. -v:"f5acnewan.
Bee BviMKea
W. N. U.. DENVER. NO. 33-1921.

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