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Williams news. [microfilm reel] (Williams, Ariz.) 1891-19??, September 23, 1921, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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What Would You Do
If You Had $1,000 in "Cold Cash"?
No doubt you have said to yourself
many times "If I only had a thousand
dollars I could do so-and-so. Are you any
nearer to that goal today than you were
Why not begin now to accumulate that
thousand dollars by starting a savings ac
count at the Arizona Central Bank? Don't
wait until you have a certain sum in
hand you may open an account here as
low as $1.00.
We pay 5 per cent interest on savings
- Compounded twice a year
The Arizona Central Bank
Resources over $5,000,000
Red Cross at Work to Save
Lives and Conserve Health
Remember that Dial has a line of
where all can wear a new hat. i
Also a line of
Ladies' and Children's Clothing
When you see the quality you won't re
sist the price. In fact DIAL'S
merchandise has
QUALITY as well as PRICE
Mildred Settle has returned NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION
to Prescott where she is attend- Department of the Interior, U.
mg bt. Joseph's Academy. t S. Land Office, at Phoenix,
s;.t;n Arona, August 27, 1921
London, Sept. 19j Official
investigation at Condiemns, In
dia shows the situation more '
serious than at first believed.
Military forces sent to the
troubled district on the , Mala
bar coast have been' experienc
ing difficulty pwing to the re
bels and the nature of the coun
try. Two thousand rebels are
said to be massed in the Panda
lur hills, northeast of Calicut
where action is imminent, ac
cording to dispatches.
The Assessment and Tax Roll
of the County of Coconino for
the year 1921 is now in my pos
session for the collection of the
taxes levied.
One half of the taxes on all ,
personal property secured by '
real property and one half of
the taxes on all real nronertv
will be due and payable on the j
first Monday in September and :
will be delinquent on the first NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION
Monday in November next i
thereafter at 5 o'clock P. M. '
and unless paid prior thereto
NOTICE is hereby given that
David P. Rupe, of Parks, Ari
zona, who, on September 3,
1918, made Homestead Entry,
No. 040403, for NNWii,
Ni2 Si2 NWii, Ni SV2-
syNwiA, wy2 NwyNE,
Section 26, Township 21-N.,
Range 4-E., Gi&S.R.B.& Mer
idian, has filed notice of intent
ion to make Three Year Proof,
to establish claim to the land a
bove described, before Tom L.
Rees, Clerk of the Superior
; Court, at Flagstaff, Arizona, on
,the 3rd day of October, 1921.
Claimant names as witnesses :
Charles Young Campbell, of
Williams, Arizona, John Ben
jamin Williams, Jefferson Dav
is Tannehill, Oliver Gardiner,
all 3 of Parks, Arizona.
Sept. 2 to Sept. 30, 1921. .
The Red Cross believes that
there is work to be done here
at- home as well as abroad in
combating misery, sickness and
disease. As evidence of this be
lief thirty-five Health Centers
have been established in the
Pacific Division in the last two
years to aid in the nation-wide
fight to reduce unnecessary
fdckness, according to the state
ment of Miss Olive A. Rauch,
Division Representative.
In addition to these centers
many other Chapters are con
tributing some form of health
service to their communities,
such as a dental clinic, a loan
closet, or the transportation or
salary pf a Public Health Nurse
-Efforts are being made by
means of plays and games as
well as through formal class
work to enlist the interests of
our child population in their
own well-being, in order that
they will apply voluntarily the
laws of hygiene that will insure
their growing into citizens of
A-l physical fitness.
The growth clinic is one of
the many devices for building
up the nation's health. Here
children are weighed and meas
ured, arid their development
and habits discussed with an
expert. By this simple meth
od abnormalities are detected
early, and normal children are
aided in becoming superior
By careful, consistent work
of this sort the infant deaths in
a group of 269 cities in this
country have been brought
down from 130 for every 1000
live births to 87 in a few .years.
It is possible to save many more
babies than this, both in city
and country, if only arrange
ments can be made to get the
right information to the right
people at the right time. '
Miss Rauch points out that
every Red Cross membership
in the comingiRoll Call will be
a stamp of approval on this
wide-spread effort to save life
and conserve health.
Tanlac is a .splendid tonic and
system purifier, now selling at
the rate of almost Ten Million
bottles a year. Williams Drug
Company. adv.
crack nor break.
good feature that when you cook
potatoes or any other food that
may have a little dirt on it, the
dirt will leave the food and settle
on the sides or the bottom of the
kettle. Why it should do this is
a problem that has never been solv
ed, but it does.
THIRD. ALUMINUM always looks
good no matter where it may be
on the stove, in the closet, or on the
table and it makes a kitchen
so attractive and sanitary ! No one
knows the real value of ALUMN
NUM WARE until they use it. Once
used nothing else will satisfy.
tle offers one of the best and easiest
ways to clean silverware. This
may sound rather doubtful, but it
is true. For instructions step in
and ask us. We will be glad to
furnish the information required so
that you can clean your silverware
without any labor attached to it
what so ever.
Now that we are giving a 20 per -ce'nt
discount on all ALUMINUM
WARE this week, there is no reas
on why you should not get started
and furnish 'your kitchen with the
beautiful "Life Time" Aluminum
thereto as a penalty, and inter
est from the time of the delin
quency at the rate of ten per
cent per annum until paid.
lhe remaining one-half of
Department of the Interior, U.
, S. Land Office at Phoenix,
Arizona, September 3, 1921.
NOTICE is hereby given that
Nora McFarland, of Parks, Ar
izona, who. on Mav 7. 1918
the taxes on all personal prop- made Homestead Entry No.
erty secured by real property, "039552, for SW14.SE14SE14
and one half of the taxes on all NE14, SVSWiSEiiNEi,,
real property will be due and ' SEiSESWNEii,; Wi
payable on and after the first El, NEVi SE14, W12 NE14,
Monday in March next and will , SE14., Wi, SE14SE14, Ei
De delinquent on the first Mon- NW1A SE1A, E VSSW1ASEVV.
Mr. James D. Rupe, of Maine
was a Williams visitor the end
last week. He drove in a span
of spirited young mules, and
states that, except for the help
of a friend he does not believe
he would have been able to
find a hitching, post in town.
He said that he had concluded
that farmers were not wanted
in Williams because no hitching
posts were provided. He de
clares that this is the first town
he ever visited where no place
had been provided for the far
mers to tie their teams, and
hopes that someone will get
busy and put up some posts or
else notify the farmers to stay
N0XALLS- Small Bats
White Lily, 50c. Peerless, 30c. Eureka, $1.25
Empire, $1.75. Elite $2.00
To Fit any Figure
Kabo Live Model Corsets
Kabo Live Model Brassieres
Le Revo Comfort Top Corsets
Negligee Belts for morning and sports wear.
They can be worn by all figures, and are in
tended to supplant the corset on all occasions
for which they are suitable.
This Week's Special A flo Two YKn
White House Coffee, ner lb" HJbr lbs. I UUi
' a.
Two Cans Tomatoes for 25c.
For Rent Sine cottage,
quire phone 14.
See DR. BAKER. Arizona's
foremost Optometrist about
your eyes and glasses. At
Grand Canyon Hotel Mondav
September 26.
New corsets on sale at the Rac
ket Store. Adv.
day in May next, thereafter at
5 o'clock P. M. unless paid prior
thereto, four per cent will be
added thereto as penalty, and
interest from the time of the de
linquency at the rate of ten per
cent per annum until paid.
All taxes may be paid at the
time the first installment,
nerein provided,
SWiSWSE Sec. 33, T.22
N., R.4-E., W i2 W 12 lot 1,
(9.94A.), lot 2 (39.77A.) Sec.
4, T.21-N., R.4-E., G. and
5. R. B. and M., has filed notice
of intention to make Three
Year Proof, to establish claim
to the land above described,
before Tom L. Rees, Clerk of
is due and , the Superior Court, at Flagstaff,
Arizona, on the 18th day of
Taxes may be paid at the : October, 1921.
Court House, Treasurers Office
between the hours of 9 o'clock
Claimant names as witnesses :
Robert Kennedy, Roy J. Gard-
A. M. and 5 o'clock P. M. on all ner.George Fisher, Ernest Dyer,
week days excepting, holidays. ! all of Parks, Arizona.
County Treasurer & Ex Officio
' Tax Collector
Sept. 16 to Oct. 14, 1921. ?
Department of the Interior, U.
S. Land Office at Phoenix,
Arizona, September IO, 192i
NOTICE is herebv riven
that John W. Markham, of Ash j
r ork, Arizona, who, on August
6, 1915, made Homestead En
try, No. 028016, for SE14, Sec
tion 28, Township 24-N., Range
3-W., G. and S. R. B. and Mer
idian, has filed notice of intent
ion to make Five Year Proof,
to establish claim to the land
above described, before the Re
gister and Receiver, U. S. Land
Office, at Phoenix, Arizona, on
the 20th day of October, 1921.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Grover C. Suggs, of Phoenix,
Arizona, Clarence A. Reid, of
Selogman, Arizona, Cole Camp
bell, Roy Wolfe, both of Ash
Fork, Arizona.
Sept. 16, 1921 to Oct. 14, 1921
TO W. M. Kelley, his heirs
and assigns:
You are hereby ' notified that
during the year 1920, the un
dersigned have expended more
than $100.00 in labor aid im
provements upon the Henry
Ford Mining Claim, in the
Francis Mining District, County
of Coconino, State of Arzona,
in which Mining Location you
claim an undivided one fourth
interest, as shown by the notice
of location thereof at Page 253
of Book 7 Mining Location Rec
ord of said County,
The said labor was perform
ed as and for the Annual repre
sentation of said claim for the
said year of 1920 as required
by the laws of the United States
concerning annual labor upon
Mining Claims, and the same
was the amount required to
hold said claim for the said
year. You are further notified
that unless within Ninty days
after the personal service of
this notice upon you, or within
ninty days after the publication
thereof, you contribute your
portion of such expenditure as
a co-owner, to-wit: the sum of
$25.00 your interest in the Mine
will be forfeited to the under
signed co-owners who have
made such expenditure, and
will become their property in
the manner provided by law.
Dated September 9, 1921.
L. F. Kennedy,
W. H. Lockridge.
Transfer Baggage and Storage,
Williams, Arizona
Sm at 2our Service
Phone 32 or 70
The above notice is published
for the purpose to clear title,
where a Bill of Sale was given
by W. M. Kelley to L. F. Ken
nedy, for the interest mentioned
in this publication.
Coconino Copper Mining
L. F. Kennedy, Secretary.
Sept. 9, to Dec. 2, 1921.
Regular Dollar Outfit
For 35c.
Get Yours while they last
New Fall and Winter Millinery '
at the lowest prices.
The Racket Store, j
Geo. W. Mathews, Prop.
Grand Canyon Drug Co.
PHONE 43 ;y

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