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tentorial IAb'ry
NO- 45.
Volume 29
The Woman's Club of Wil
liams held the opening meeting
of the year 1921-22 at the Par
ish House on Saturday after
noon, October 1. Business was
9 transacted and delegates were
chosen to attend the Northern
Arizona Federation at Flag-
staff on October 14-15. Three
new members, Miss Duncan.
Miss Jaggard and Miss Hoffner
were received into membership.
After the business was trans
actd, Mrs. Montgomery illus
trated the Evolution of Dress
" with living models. From 1776
down to today, a bewlidering
array of beauty and charm!
Williams can be proud of her
, many beautiful women who in
graceful bearing and personal
ity would enthuse the brush of
a painter. '
There were several real old
lace shoulder draperies, of rare
beauty, a Paisely shawl, quaint
tight fitting bodices of a day
gone by, with still quainter bon
nets and modern creations
which, owed their daring color
ing and inherent dignity to old
Spain. It was an afternoon of
unalloyed enjoyment for the be
holder. The Woman's Club can boast
of artists in almost every line of
endeavor. The designer . of
wearing apparel and the cook
took honors at this meeting for
the afternoon ended with deli
cious refreshments prepared by
a master hand.
William Ladies Present
Phoenix Flowers
Mrs. Cela (Harry) Sellman
and Mrs. Marshall of Williams,
were honored by the Phoenix
Chamber of Commerce by be
ing asked to present their greet
ings to the World Press dele-,
gates who spent Sunday at the
Canyon. The delegates arrived
on a special train and are on
their way to Honolulu to at
tend the Press Congress of the
World meeting at that place.
Mrs. Sellman and Mrs. Marshal
went up to the Canyon Sunday
and -returned on the delegates
special train, Monday. ... Below
appears a copy of the telegram
sent to Mrs. Sellman by the
Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
Phoenix, Ariz., Oct. 1, 1921
Mrs. Celia Sellman
Care El Tovar Hotel, G. C. Az.
Please convey to the delegates
to the Press Congress of the
World visiting the Grand Can
yon our great regret that they
could not visit the Salt River
Valley and .as we cannot meet
them we are asking you to hand
out a few Phoenix roses as a
sample of the things we grow
and would like to have them
enjoy. Ask them to come and
see us on the way back from
their congress.
Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
W. W. Lawhon, Pres. Harry
Welch, Secy.
Raymond ' Rupe, of Maine,
accompanied by two friends,
Frank Lasater, of Fowler, Kans
and Vern Walters, of Glendaje.
were hunting on the north slope
of the Sitgreaves, Monday. It
was near sunset when Frank
came upon a large lion asleep
on a high; ridge. He fired at
the animal and badly crippled
it but it got away in the gather
ing dusk.
The following morning
Frank and Vem returned to
take up the trail. They tracked
the beast by the trail of blood
which it left until they came to
a rocky cliff. The boys were a
short distance apart when Vern
ran upon the wounded cat hid
ing under a rock. He was with
in a few feet of the wounded
beast before he saw it. He
pulled up and fired just as the
cat made for him. The ball
struck the animal just below
the eye, passed through the
head and buried itself in the
neck, but did not stop the ani
mal's advance. Another shot
from the 30-30 struck him in 1
the back and stopped him in
Work has been started on
the building of a fine big mon
ument and sign at the junction
of the Canyon road with the
Highway, north of Maine. The
sign will be a whopper in size,
so that it is thought that even
the blind cannot get by without
seeing it. It will be set upon a
pyramidal concrete base, six
feet in diameter, and will cost
in the neighborhood of One
Thousand Dollars. The Board
of Supervisors evidently believe
in signs, but it may be that they
are afraid that some of the
tourists might sneak by and get
to .Williams ; hence the sign.
Ernest Scholz of Garland
Prairie was arrested last week
upon the charge of cruelty to
animals. It is said that he shot
his milk cow in the udder dur
ing a fit of anger. The charge
was preferred against him by
his sister-in-law, Miss Council
man. In addition. Mrs. Scholz
and the children left him, due
to alleged hardships, which
goes to prove out the old max
im, that troubles never come
S. W. Menarey had to close
down his sawmill last week, ac
count of having to serve on the
jury, which delayed several
people in getting their timber
sawed, as well as the threshing-,
as Menarey promised to let his
40 H. P. Case Tractor furnish
the power to run the thresher.
Two threshing outfits are
working overtime in Garland
Prairie to get the oats and
wheat threshed before the
storms set in.
William Coleman of Garland
Prairie hauled his old faithful
Lizzie to town last Tuesday to
be doctored up. While the
Fords do good service, often
times like the one-hoss shay,
they seem to go all to smash at
once, as. m this instance, when
Mr. Coleman had to use horse
power. to getTier into Williams
to be overhauled. -
On Friday, September 30th,
a cut estimated at 500 to 100
head of sheep arrived at the
Lyons Place, on the east side of
Garland Prairie, without a
herder. Bankhead and Hend
erson are now dipping their
sheep at their ranch at Nevin.
It is thought that the sheep in
question got wind that they
were to be dipped and tried to
make their get-away, in the
hopes of evading the bath. .
On Monday, the 2nd, there
were 121 head of sheep short
in a band of Yaeger and Bly
that were leaving the Forest.
Evidently these 121 head liked
the Forest arid objected to leav
ing. The most promising suggest
ion that has come to light yet
for the consolidation of the
country schools is to have a
larjre central school, say in the
vicinity of the junction of the
new Canyon road with the
Highway, north of Maine. The
children from Spring Valley,
Pittman Valley, Government
and Garland Prairies and Belle
mont could all attend, by being
carried back and forth in cars.
Due to being on the Highway,
travel would be open the entire
school season. If the County
has the necessary com to erect
the buildings, it may be a very
good move.
Mrs. F. O. Poison, president
of the Woman's Relief Corps of
Williams wishes to announce
that the meeting which; should
have been held today, has been
postponed to November 4. This
postponement was made due to
the illness of some members
and the absence of others from
Very important business is
to come before the November
meeting and the President
urges members to bear this in
mind and to make a special ef
fort to be present.
his tracks just before he reach
ed the boy.
The cat was a male and
measured seven feet from tip
to tip. It is probable that its
mate is still in the neighborhood.
That Mr. C. R. Sullivant, can
didate for the office of School
Trustee of the Williams schools,
is a sincere believer in educat
ion is damonstrated in his own
life. After finishing his school
ing, he took a correspondence
course in engineering. After
completing that, he bought ad
ditional books with which to
continue his studies. Not con
tent with this he took up yet
another correspondence course
which he is now working on.
Mr. Sullivant is a very com
petent engineer. He is employ
ed by the Saginaw and Manis
tee Lumber Company, at the
saw mill. If elected, he will
take a deep interest in the work
of the Williams school.
County Agent Back
County Farm Agent Chis
holm, who recently went by
horseback to Fredonia and oth
er points north of the Canyon,
returned the first of the week,
and spent Thursday in the vi
cinity of Williams. He is en
deavoring to get a line on the
number of potatoes that will be
marketed from this section this
year, and to aid in connecting
the farmers with the market.
One trip across the Canyon
each year, is quite enough, ac
cording to Mr. Chisholm. He
crossed the Canyon on the sus
pension bridge recently erected
by the Government. This struc
ture offers thrills enough for
most anyone, in his opinion. He
walked across leading his horse
and, as he expressed it, they
bridge swayed and rocked per
petually and rose to meet his
foot at every step. County Su
pervisor Campbell accompani
ed Mr. Chisholm and he declar
ed that once across the bridge
would do him for a lifetime.
Two days "were -required to
reach the North Rim. From
that point the party was driven
by auto to Fredonia. A good
road now leads from Utah to
the North Rim, and there is a
station with accommodations
for visitors at the head of the
trail on the North side. Mr.
Chisholm stated that the view
from the north side excells that
from the south, if such a thing
is possible. There, from an el
evation higher by 100 feet, Bill
Williams and the San Francis
cos appear to be connected by
a continuous chain of moun
tains. The crops across the Canyon
are excellent. It is a wonder
ful country, according to Mr.
Chisholm and for the most part
still awaits development.
The first month of school of
the term . 1921-22 closed last
Friday. The school is running
smoothly and excellent work is
being done in all grades. The
enrollment for the. first month
reached 372 as compared with
345 for the lirst month last year
Of this number 210 are girls
and 162 boys. The white race
predominates with 193 as a
gainst 179 of Mexican descent.
Prof. Brit?, athletic director,
is training two basketball teams
one a girls' team and one a
boys' team. The girls practice
two nights, Monday and Wed
nesday, from seven to eight,
and the boys on Tuesdays and
Thursdays from seven to eight.
John Nellis and Mrs. Rob
erts are reported to have been
quietly wed last week. So very
quiet were the nuptials that e
ven close friends were all in the
dark for several days afterward
Mr. Nellis is an old resident
of Williams. He is a carpenter
by trade and has built many
houses in A'sh Fork, Glendale
and other towns as well as in
Mrs. Roberts is a niece of
Henry Ritter. She spent the
summer in Williams. She was
very, much taken with the clim
ate here, and now it develops
that she was even more taken
with one of our citizens. Con
gratulations and best wishes.
Little Buick Six A 1 shape for
sale or trade. Paul Pinkard.
o o
Mrs. Sam Hill, of Prescott,
is the guest of Mrs. Fred Plat
ten. o o o
Farmers in Pittman valley
are- busy with harvest and all
the crops look fine.
o o o
Tanlac is made of roots,
herbs and 'barks and contains
no minerals or opiates.
Williams Drug Co. adv.
o o
Claude Matz left Wednesday
on No. 22 for Winslow. He is
firing between Winslow arid
Seligman. "
o o o
Fred Platten has one of the
finest crops of oats out on the
old Reneke ranch that is to be
found anywhere in the country.
o o o
For Rent Sine cottage, In
quire phone 14.
o o o
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Snider re
turned Tuesday on No. 9 from
a vacation spent in Kansas City,
o o o
Mrs. C. M. Owens and
daughter, Mrs. Bert Brown,
left for Cajif. Monday on No. 9.
O O i O v
People who have been help
ed by Tanlac are always anx
ious and willing to tell others
about it. Williams Drug Co.
- adv.
o o o
Mrs. Charles Willis, of Wins
low. spent the week end here
as the guest of Helen Stark.
3 o o o
Mr. and Mrs. George Kim
ball are visitors at Grand Can
yon this week. .
o o o.
' J. H. Kelley, returned Tues
day evening - from Phoenix
where he spent several days on
business. , . ,
o o o
Mr. Leslie Kennedy of
Grand Canyon, stopped over
between trains Monday on his
way to Kansas City for a . . six
weeks vacation.
o o
Charles Hicks has accepted
a position at Kennedy's store.
He was here four yearsago so
will be remembered by many,
o o o
You can't have good health
with a disordered stomach.
Correct your stomach disorders
with Tanlac and you will keep
well and strong. Williams Drug
Co. adv.
o o o
Mr. Hubert Lauzon.of Grand
Canyon, stopped in Williams,
Thursday, while on his way to
Flagstaff to make final proof
on his homestead at Grand
Canyon. ,
o o o
$2.50 REWARD
For the return of a boy's new
Mackinaw coat taken from the
school grounds Monday at noon
Return to News Office and re
ceive reward. No questions
asked. .
o o
Noted Horsemen Here
Mr. Billings and son, famous
horsemen of New York and
Kentucky, arrived in Williams
the first of the week for a hunt
ing trip. In company with Am- j
brose Means, they set out for
the Grand Canyon. They
crossed to the north side and
will spend some time hunting
and camping in that wild reg
ion. o o o
School Election
The school election for Wil
liams School District No. 2, will
be held at the school house on
October 29. The polls will be
open from 10 A. M. One mem
ber to the Board of Trustees is
to be elected.
o o o
Mr. Chas. Chestnut has pur
chased the cattle and ranch at
Smoot Lake, belonging to A. K.
Hawkins. Mr. Hawkins is one
of the oldest settlers in this part
of the state and has been in the
cattle business with headquar
ters at Smoot Lake for some 20
years. , .
Honor Roll for perfect at
tendance of the third grade pu
pils in the Williams Public
School, for the month ending
Sept. 30, 1921.
Vera Smith
Margaret; Drennan
Mary Sullivant
Margurita Leviria
Lena Bustamenta
Abbie Hinds
Gladys Glascock
Carl Cureton
Evarts Wells
Leslie Perkins
George Shoultas
Antonio Barreras v
Robert Pouquette
Lyle (Red) McLean .was in
from Grand Canyon Tuesday,
returning Wednesday morning,
o o O '
Mrs. Pouquette who was call
ed to San Francisco recently on
account of the serious illnes
and death of her father, under
went an operation for appendi
citis today at that place.
o o o
Senator and Mrs. Charles
Larson are in town this week.
o o
Methodist Episcopal -Church
W. I. Lowe, pastor
Sunday School 10 A. M.
There will be no church ser
vices at 11 a. m. or 7:30 p. m.
as Rev. Lowe left Monday to
attend the Methodist Confer
ence at San Bernardino, Cal.
He hopes to return in time
for the opening of the revival
services,; next Tuesday, Oct. 11.
For sale Heating stove in
good condition. Call News Of
fice. ..' .
Mrs. George
who left for San
11CX liai ulA4vr,
California, on September 22 to
benefit her health, is reported
to be .jnuch. improved. She
was accompanied by Mrs. For
est Rounseville i and little
daughter Evelyn, who are still
with their mother and grand
mother. Mrs. Cunningham had
been suffering from poor health
for several months and was
warned by her' physician that
she stood little chance of recov
ery at this high altitude.
To All Nurses of Arizona:
The Third Annual Convent
ion of the Arizona State Nurses
Association will be held in luc
son, October 20th and 21st,
Do you realize that within
eighteen months our associat
ion was completely organized?
The State organized in Decem
ber, 1919; then four District
Associations organized and
came in, followed by the two
Alumnae Associations ; of St.
Mary's Hospital, Tucson, and
St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix.
Last but not least we drew up
nnd nut through the Nurses
State Registration BilL
If we can do this kind
of !
work, scattered as we are over
this big State of Arizona, what
couldn't we do at one big joint
COME and lets get acquaint
ed. ,
Make reservations through
Mrs. James Glover, 548 E. 8th
St., Tucson.
Katheryn McKay Sec. A.S.N.A.
304 N. Church St., Tucson, Az.
K. of P. Domes
The K. P's. who missed the
chicken feed last Monday night
certainly missed a good
thing." Charley Button has
promised on his knightly honor
to furnish us with a venison
feed for next Monday night,
October 10th. The very best
yet ! Don't miss it !
A client wants to borrow
$300 for three years on Ranch
property. Another Client wants
to borrow $200 on town proper
ty, interest 10 per cent per an
num. Other clients have houses
and lots to sell. One client has
desirable building site to ex
change for a small house and
lot. Call or write. Silvernail
Bob Gleason was in from Pit
man Valley, Monday.
The woods have been full of
hunters since the deer season
opened on the first of October,
and a number of fine buck have
been killed. It is to bo hoped
that all of the bucks worj horns?
It appears that a much larger
number of hunters were ouit
during the first few days of the
open season this year, than on
any former year. In addition
to the local huntsmen, many
drove in from Phoenix and oth
er parts of the state.
The first buck reported was
killed by Dr. P. A. Melick. This
is not much of a surprise f or
there is a common saying that
"Doc always gets his."
One of the parties that got
wet and got glimpses and had
a very fine time, but did , not
get anything for the pot, was
that composed of C. B. Williams
Albert Lebsch and W. H. Alli
son. The greatest excitement
of their hunt was experienced
on the first night, Friday nighty
when Mr. Allison lost his way
and failed to appear at camp
Messrs Williams and Lebsch:
built a big fire on the highest
mountain around, and fired off
about fifty shots in an effort to
direct him to the camp. At
about ten o'clock he dragged
in soaked to the skin and hun
grier than a bear. This party
got several glimpses of turkeys .
but did not get a shot at them
nor did they find any deer.
Another party consisting of
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Shaul and
Mr. and Mrs. Whitfield was
more successful. Both of the
women bagged a deer and so
did Mr. Shaul. - -
Andy Smith and N. K. Hall
both succeeded in bringing:
down their season's buck.
Mr. G. H. Spellmire, accom
panied by his old time friend,
Mr.' Murphy,, from Indianapol
is, accompanied another party
of huntsmen. Audrey Spell
mire was a member of this
party also. Up to Thursday
night, when copy was closed
lor the paper, no wordi had!
been received from this party
It is anticipated that they will
bring in their share of game.
Pat Moran, of Babbitt Bros-
in Flagstaff , . and Charles H
Heisser, postmaster of the same
town, attempted a flying trip
to Grand Canyon over their
pet hobby the - Maine Grand
Canyon highway. The gentle
rain of last Friday and Satur
day had done its work on the
road and these gentlemen, af
ter countless difficulties, ' gave
up in despair when about fif
teen miles out from Grand Can
yon. It was enough to make
them despair for their machine
was restincr snusrlv in a bed of
mud- nominally a road bed-
Profanity and planks proved
equally inefficient and the two
gentlemen finally did the best
they could to make themselves
comfortable for the night.
They had neither blankets nor
food and the night, was eold
They spent a miserable night
to put it mildly.
Had these gentlemen had the
good judgement to take the
Williams-Grand Canyon roadU
thev would have reached the
Canyon on schedule wrthoat
hardship or mishap. They did
take, the Williams road the fol
lowing day and came tfcretrgfr
in short time. As they stopped
in Williams, they had nothing
good to say for the Maine
Grand Canyon highway.
If an auto party shotrrd
break down on the Williams--Grand
Canyon road and find
themselves in a plight similar
to that of these two Flagstaff
gentlemen, they would need
but to flag a train on the rail
way nearby, and ride to towns
to spend a comfortable night
Yet the county is puttingf ap
n expensive sign at the junction
of the Maine Road with the.
Williams-Flagstaff highway,
for fear that some tourist might:
fail to follow in the path of
Messrs Moran and Heisser:

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