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""V7"OU certainly want to
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would like to have better bakings.
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AaAorkies. As
see the it Is
F. E. Wells,
Subscription rate
Per year . $2.50
Single copy 10
Published every Friday in the
year at Williams, Coconino
County, Arizona.
Entered at the Post Office at
Williams, Arizona, as second
class mail matter.
It received highest Awards,
World's Pure Food Exposition, Chi
czgo Paris Exposition, Paris,
Franoa positive proof of its super
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3 Doors East I A. f'IDOVC
Grand Canyon Hotel At IVHvD I O
Williams, Arizona
Our news columns today tell
of two prominent citizens of
Flagstaff who started from that
city last - Saturday afternoon
for Grand Canyon via the new
Maine road, and after encoun
tering impassable mud fifteen
miles from the Canyon, were
compelled to spend the night
without food or bedding on the
broad expanse of Coconino s
wide domain.
It' will be recalled that last
spring when discussion of the
proposed road from the Old
Trails Highway at Maine to
Grand Canyon was under
headway, the News pointed out
numerous reasons why the
board of supervisors should hes
itate to construct this road, and
among which was the fact that
at best it would never prove
more than a "dry weather"
thoroughfare. We had consult
ed practically every old-timer
in western Coconino upon the
subject, and without exception
the verdict was that such a
road was impractical from the
standpoint of making it a per
manent all-thS-year road; that
the rams m the north come m
July and August, just at the
time when travel over the pro
posed road would be greatest,
and that after any hard sum
mer rain the road would oe
impassable ; that the first com
munity in Coconino to become
snow-bound in winter is that of
Spring Valley, and the last to
emerge from hibernation late
in the spring is the same local
ity, . through which this road
passes, and in order to reach
which the traveler must attain
an elevation of over 7000 feet
near the old Baumgartner
ranch. These conditions, as
we pointed out at that time,
preclude the possibility of the
road ever amounting to more
than a six months road, and
that in view of these facts the
Williams-Grand Canyon road
would have to be maintained
The experience of the two
Flagstaff gentlemen last week
was by no means an unusual
one with travelers over the new
road. There is not a service
station at either Grand Canyon
or Williams but that can tell
of innumerable other instances
of a similar nature gleaned
from mouths of indignant tour
ists. As a matter of fact a
Cadilac touring car met with
the same fate experienced .by
the Flagstaff gentlemen on the
same day at almost the same
It is hardly necessary to
state that the two Flagstaff
gentlemen returned to Flagstaff
over the abandoned Wil
liams-Grand Canyon route.
sag a.
Car Owners want more rubber on the tread where the wear is
hardest; more gum between cord plies to perfect a resilient and
powerful carcass. And they want a scientifically constructed Non
Skid tread with all angles and, contacts to resist skidding and give
sure traction. Firestone Cord Tires have met these demands of
the car 'owners.
Read Letters Below
Records from 29,000 to 57,000 Miles .
Cord Tires built the Firestone
way could not fail to produce
mileage. Every day, from all over
the country, comes the word that
10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 miles are
frequent and consistent records.
Sept. 10, 1921
Firestone Tire ft Rubber Co.,
Jacksonville Branch,
Jacksonville. Florida.'
Gentlemen :
I submit herewith tho history of a 33x4 Fire
stone Cord tire. This tire has run 57,000 miles.
I have retreaded it seven times. The average
mileage to each retread
ing was about 7.000. 1
think you will agree this
is a remarkable record.
It is especially unusual
as I know the owner to -be
a severe driver. How
ever, he gives his tires
proper inflation. The tire
in question is not yet
out of service and has
every indication of being
sufficiently strong for an
other retread. 1 am
mailing photographs un- '
der separate cover.
C. U. Penney,
Plant City, Fla.
13 J?
In this fabric tire as in our cord tires
only Firestone resources and experi
ence can provide this quality at this
Now and then they are empha
sized by unusual instances such
as quoted below. Performances
like these demonstrate the ulti
mate possibilities of Firestone
Cords under careful driving.
, Sept. 2. 1921
The Harvey E. Mack Co..
Thirteenth Harmon Place, ,
Gentlemen :
It occurs to ma that yon might be interested
in the mileage that I obtained from the set of
Firestone Cord tires on my Dodge coupe. The
first tire went over 29.-
uve miles. iae second
tire rolled up a mileage
of between 34,000 and
3S.000. These were both
rear tires and had been
cut considerably by
chains. The two front
tires have gone better
than 33,000 miles and are
still in good condition. I
.expect to get at least
40,000 miles from each of
them. I need scarcely
say that the Firestone
Cord will be my tiro
choice for the future.
; Archie H. Beard. .
322 LaSalle Bid;-Minneapolis.
X BmftTL sas-sabkeffl aammwwMffl
is a feature of other centers.
Tom L. Rees, Clerk of the Su-
Information and literature j perior Court, at Flagstaff, Ari
may ue secuieu ivm any ui
IF YOUR House Burns, who stands the loss?
YOU had better see iJERRIF! I.FTF! And rjt
Thirty-five Red Cross Health
Centers in the Pacific Division
are now contributing their
quota to the nation-wide effort
to raise the standard of vitality
of the American people. In ad
dition to these, are such other
Health Centers as that of Ala
meda County Berkeley. Chico
and Sari Luis Opispo,in Cali
fornia, to which the Red Cross
has contributed service either
through its Senior or Junior Or
ganization. Several others,
whichare now being equipped,
win open in the near future.
Scientific supervision of child
ren s development is the- most
popular activity in these cen
ters. The effort in this work is
to help normal children to be
come superior children by
checking, " at their beginning
those defects which retard
growth. Another popular un
dertaking o the same kind is
the dental clinic. The Santa
Rosa Health Center conducts a
psychiatric clinic twice a
month.' Free treatment for in
fected eyes was arranged for
1 ll. A
uy anoiner center to combat a
local epidemic. Prenatal work
the Health Centers telling how
to keep well yourself and how
to keep your family well.
Classes and health study
clubs are fostered, and occas
ionally recreational features
are added both for grown-ups
and youngsters, depending " on
the local needNfor such work.
This constructive and bene
ficial program has gone for
ward with rapid strides thru
out the United States under the
stimulus of the Red Cross,
showing the nation's belief that
there is patriotic work to be
done in peace as well as war
times. -
Miss Rauch, Division Repre
sentative, emphasizes the fact
that every Red Cross member-
ship in the coming Roll Call will '
mean a vote for a healthier na- i
tion. !
zona, on the 26th dav of Octo
ber, 1921.
Claimant names as witnesses :
David P. Rupe, Jefferson D.
t Tannehill, Mrs. Jessie Shelley,
! John D. Williams, all of Parks,
' Arizona.
Sept. 23 to Oct. 21, 1921.
Pest in Town
They Dip Oil Up In
. Buckets In Bolivia
Wash., Sept. 30. They dip
oil up in buckets when they
need it in some parts of Bolivia,
Trades Commissioner W. L.
Shurz Asserts in a department
of commerce hand book on that
country given out today. The
surface accumulation of oil due
to natural seepage, the book
declares, is most evident in the
country west of the Santa Cruz-
Yacuiaba trail.
Baked in our own bakery and from
best of materials.
"Home Made" Bread Fresh Daily, wliite,
rye and graham.
DELICIOUS PASTRIES, a full line, includ
ing pies, cakes, buns, rolls etc.
A full line sold at lowest prices.
For all t e leading magazines and
daily f
Department of the Interior, U.
S. Land Office, at Phoenix,
Arizona, September 17, 1921.
NOTICE is hereby given that
Oliver Gardner, of Parks, Ari
zona, who, on August 7, 1916,
made Homestead Entry, No.
030833, for .W.VWNWti
Sec. 23, EiEiNEiASWii
SE14NE14,, SV9NW14 SE14
NEi4, SI0SW14NE14, SV4Ni
S 14SE 14 NE N W 14 , El2SE14-
im W14 Sec. 22, Township 21-N.,
Range 4-E., G. and S. R. B. and
Meridian, has filed notice of in
tention to make Five Year
Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before
Most Miles for the Least Money
30x3 Non Skid $13.95
30x3 Non Skid 10.95
Quality Grocer

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