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Williams news. [microfilm reel] (Williams, Ariz.) 1891-19??, October 14, 1921, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Florsheim builds good
shoes that have style. No shoe
as good can give you so much
style and also give you comfort.
Florsheim knows how to give
you both. Try a pair and
you'll know how comfortable
good 'looking shoes can be.
Ten and Twelve Dollars
W C Rittenhouse
- 1 m
Is I nin
iRetjulred 6 Men to Move Phone
In the House of Commons in
England recently a complaint
"was made that the following
procedure was taken to remove
a certain private telephone.
3tf an arrived in a motorcycle
and disconnected the instru
ment. Several days later five
men in a truck came and lifted
the phone into the machine,
leaving- a quarter of a mile of
telephone wire as derelict.
The above was intentionally
cited in the House as an in
stance of the waste and ineffi
ciency of the methods used by
the British' telephone officials.
The service is operated under a
strictly government monopoly
as a sub-department of the Post
Office. Apparently consider-,
able dissatisfaction is prevalent
regarding the quality and ade
quacy of the service.
Your Groceryman is in a sense, your
Hired Man
Are you getting , the Service and Satis
faction that is your just due?
If not try the little store where the
price is the thing-Plus Courteous Service
3 Doors East - I' Al-KIPRVQ
Grand Canyon Hotel AT. lYIIVP I O
Williams, Arizona
F. E. Wells,
Subscription rate
Per year $2.50
Single copy 10
Published every Friday in the
year at Williams, Coconino
County, Arizona.
Entered at the Post Office at
Williams,' Arizona, as scnd
class mail matter.
Supporting 200,000 Children
The Near East Relief associa
tion is caring for 200,000 Ar
menian children. This care in
cludes supplying shelter, food,
clothing and schooling. Here
is one of America's biggest
charities and it will go down in
history as one of the greatest
humanitarian movements of
the age. No other nation of
people on earth has to its credit
an act of such unselfish and
Christian administering to a
needy foreign people.
Brisbane On Railroad Wages
Arthur Brisbane in his daily
column in the Los Angeles Ex
aminer, often utters truths that
should be read by every Ameri
can, iteaa wnat ne says on cut
ting the wages of railroad . em
ployees, m the Examiner, Wed
nesday, October 12 : .
vtioover is reported m iavor
of a heavy ctft in the pay of
railroad employees. It is very
easy to suggest cutting other
men's pay, to solve the difficult
ies of your own class.
"What the American plan
should be is shown in the an
nouncement that Henry Ford
set a new record in wages for
'lumberjacks," men getting
timber out of his forest hold
ings. The men will work thru
the winter for Henry Ford get
ting $4 a day and their board.
He could hire them for half of
that. - .
Every dollar that Ford pays
out to lumberjacks or other
workers goes, into circulation,
helps the country. Every dol-
ar that is cut off the wages of
railroad men accumulates in
Wall Street, does not help any
body, worries the wives of good
workers, cuts down the comfort
and - well-being of their child
" Taken from sermons preach
ed at, the revival services now
being conducted at the Metho
dist church and published , by
request of "some of those who
have heard them.
The only people who count
with God, are those who can be
counted on.
God Almighty does not white
wash, He washes white.
The new birth is not confor
mation, nor reformation, it is
You cannot raise the stand
ard of religion any higher in
the public, than you live it in
Paint a pest-house, and it
will be a pest-house still ; white
wash a rascal, and he will be a
rascal still.
The trouble with this age, is
trying to socialize Christianity,
instead of Christianizing society.
You that talk about hypo
crites in the church have no
kick coming. It is only one of
your gang that got in by mis
The most successful preacher
against the church, and Chris
tianity, is the inconsistent life
of the church member.
The roar of commerce, the
click of the telegraph, the whis
tle of the engine and the whirl
of . society have well nigh
drowned the voice of God.
The above reminds us of Hen
ry Ford's railroad. This road,
several hundred miles in length
had been , a losing investment.
Ford took it over and, after
paying good wages. to all -employees,
made such large divi
dends that he decided to cut
rates. . He asked the railroad
cofnmission -for permission to
do this, but was denied the
privilege. At the same time
other roads -were asking - for
an increase in rates. From this
it appears that if a man like
Ford were put in charge of all
the railroads, it would soon be
possible to order a cut in freight
and passenger rates without re
ducing wages. . ,
IF YOUR House Burns, who stands the loss?
YOU had better see JERRIE LEE and get
Arbuckle's fortune may suf
fice to get a . fairly colorless
coat of whitewash from .the
courts, but he will remain the
same immoral and spineless
ball of fat, within. The great
American people. have long de
manded wholesomenesfsi and
cleanliness in the films and they'
are now demanding decent liv
ing on the part of movie actors
as well. The clubwomen of
Southern California have plac
ed a ban on Arbuckle films and
those in whch other members of
the ill fated Labor Day party
in San Francisco appear. Their '
action meets with endorsement
by the great mass of American
people. The higher courts
the American public has no
whitewash for the black coat
of "Fatty."
Garland Prairie is one of the
favored sections of Coconino
county this year. The claim is
generally made by farmers in
that section that this year's
harvest will equal that of two
season's ago. That means a
truly "bumper" crop. Such har
vests will bring agriculture to
the front and make it one of
the chief industries of the -county.
Every Four Corners has its
Home Town Week now-a-days,
-but all the boys and girls who
have wandered from the Town
ship Center cannot get back to
enjoy the loved surroundings.
But all can subscribe to the old
home town paper and thus keep
well in touch with the little spot
they once called home.
What joy to run over the
school promotions and find that
the tots of a few years ago are
moving higher and higher in
scholastic circles and eventual
ly blossom forth as the "sweet
girl graduates,"" or J"the clean
strong boys discarding knick
ers, t '
Just watch that hardened old
city cidges open up his home
paper it is the first thing that
he picks out of his bunch of
mail and what can he find
there to interest him? Angus
McGugan's horse died yester
day; Peter McGregor will run
for the county clerkship ; Hor
ace Jell hopes to win the secre
taryship of the Hilltown agri
cultural society; Lydia Munger
has opened a millinery store in
one side of the printing office:
Mrs. Brown lost her hand satch
el in the butchery; Dr. Dorland
is attending Clara Brown who is
down with a severe cold ; Mrs.
Plater broke her ankle and is in
the county hospital.
Yet though he smiles at the
oldtime styles and expressions
ne enjoys it all over and over
again, for it takes his mind back
home where his wonderful boy-
nooa aays nappy aays were
spent. Chandler Arizonan.
Department of the Interior, U.
S. Land Office, at Phoenix,
Arizona, September 17, 1921.
NOTICE is hereby given that
Oliver Gardner, of Parks, Ari
zona, who, on August 7, 1916,
made Homestead Entry, No.
030833, for WJfcWNW4
Sec. 23, EEiNEi,4, SWir
SEJ4NEi,4, Si2NWi4 SE34
NE14, SVaSWiiNEM.. SyNi
SWy4NEit, nv&n'wsw?
NEH, Si2SW14NW14NE14,
SVaSEiiNENWai, Ei2SEi4;
NW14 Sec. 22, Township 21-N.,
Range 4-E., G. and S. R. B. and
Meridian, has filed notice of in
tention to make Five Year
Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before
perior Court, at Flagstaff, Ari
zona,, on the 26th day of Octo
ber,, 1921. .
Claimant names as witnesses :
David P. Rupe; Jefferson . D.
Tannehill, Mrs. Jessie Shelley,
Jolm Dj Williams, all of Parks,
Sept. 23 to Oct. 21, 1921.
"Sftetter tAan a
etter from lome"
That is what all Williams
people who have moved
to other towns write back
to the News
You can not find a better
gift to send to a friend
who is interested in Wil
liams Fifty-two Copies
Department of the Interior, U.
S. Land Office at Phoenix,
..Arizona, September 10, 1921
NOTICE is hereby given
that John W. Markham, of Ash
Fork, Arizona, who, on August
6, 1915, made Homestead En
try, No. 028016, for SE; Sec-
The Sign
of a Service
At First-class Garages
and other Dealers
tion 28, Township 24-N Range.
3-W., G. and S. R. B. and Mer
idian, has filed notice of intent-"
ion to make Five Year Proof,
to establish claim to the; land
above described, before the Re
gister and Receiver, -U. S. Land
Office. atPhoenix, Arizona, on
the 20th day of October, 1921.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Grover C. Suggs, of Phoenix, (
Arizona, Clarence A. Reid, of
Selogman, Arizona, Cole Camp
bell, Roy Wolfe, both of Ash.
Fork, Arizona.
' Register. "
Sept. 16, 191 to Oct. .14, 1921
"Best m Town
Baked in our own bakery and from the
best of materials. ;
"Home Made' Bread Fresh Daily, wlrite,
rye and graham.
DELICIOUS PASTRIES, a full line, includ
ing pies, cakes, buns, rolls etc.
A full line sold at lowest prices.
For all t! e leading magazines and daily ;
Most Miles for the Least Money
30x3 Non Skid $13:95
30x3 Non Skid 10.95
Quality Grocer

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