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THi; WIAMS NEWS ......
Plant a dollar in our Bank in his
name, give him a Savings Pass
Book, and teach him to "make that
dollar grow.'
The Arizona Central Bank
Resources over $5,000,000
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: -5ubcriiioii may be new or renewaL All renewal subscriptions will be extended for one
Tear from present date of expiration - - - . -
Of the Ownership, Manage
ment, Circulation, etc, Re
quired by the Act of Congress
of August 24, 1912,
Of the Williams News publish
ed weekly at Williams, Ariz.,
for Oct. 1, 1921.
; State of Arizona L.
hxss.y ..
County of Coconino J V
Before me, a Notary Public
in and for the State and county
aforesaid, personally appeared
f y. E. Wells, who, being-duly
.sworn according to law, depds
. es and says that he is the pub
lisher of The Williams Npws
and that the following is, to the
best of his knowledge and be
' lief, a true statement of the
4 ownership, management (and
if a daily , paper, the circula
) tion), ' etc., of the aforesaid
publication for the date shown
' in the above caption, required
by the Act of August 24, 1912,
embodied in section 443, Postal
; Laws and Regulations, printed
, on the reverse of this form, to
-wit :
1. That the name and ad
dress of the publisher, editor,
managing editor, and business
manager is : F. E. Wells, Wil
liams, Arizona.
2. That the owner is, F. E.
Wells,, Williams,
3. That the known bond
holders, mortgagees, and other
security holders owning or
liolding 1 per cent or more . of
total amount ' of bonds, mbrt-
- ares. or other securities are r
Maria Frances
liams, Arizona.
4. That the two paragraphs
next above, giving the names of
the owners, stockholders, and
security holders, if any, contain
not only the list of stockholders
ana security holders as they ap
pear upon the books of the com
pany but also, in cases where
the stockholder or security
holder appears upon-thebooks
of the company as trustee or in
any other fiduciary relation,
the name of the person or cor
poration for whom such trustee
is acting, is given ; also that the
said-two DaraeTaDhs contain
statements . embracing affiant's
I full knowledge and belief as to
I 4-V. , J. i j.
uic tumsiaiices ana conai
tions under which stockholders
and security holders who do not
appear upon the books, of the
company as trustees, hold stock
arid securities' in a capacity oth
er than that of a bona fide own
er; and. this affiant has no reas
on to believe that any other per
son,' association, or corporation
has any interest direct or indi
rect in the said stock, bonds, or
other securities than as so. stat
ed by him.
Sworn to and subscribed be
fore me this 3rd day of Oct.,
Notary Public
expires 2-23,-
My " commission
A large crowd attended the
meeting called at Spring Valley
last Saturday to discuss the
merits of consolidating all the
country schools between Wil
liams and Bellemont. The most
feasible plan proposed was to
build a large central school in
the vicinity of Dennis Tank, at
the junction of the new Canyon
Road with the Highway. The
children from Garland Prairie,
Government Prairie, Spring
Valley," Pittman Valley and
Bellemont could be hauled to
and from the proposed school
in large trucks. For the child-'
ren ot ted JL.aKe valley, it
would be a shorter haul, and
also a better road, to take them
to Williams. About ahalf a
dozen trucks would have to be
purchased. In addition to the
new school buildings, which
have to be constructed, and the
present school buildings aban
doned, the roads would have to
be worked in many places, all
of which would burden the
County with new additional fi
nancial obligations, which
would have to be paid out of its
already overdrained treasury.
While the consolidated school
would have some advantages
over the present school system,
some of the people thought the
plan should be postponed, due
to the low ebb of finance in Co
conino county at the present
time. When it is put into effect
there" necessarily will have to
be additional revenues, to meet
the increased expenses of con
ducting the schools, which will
probably be met by levying
more taxes, provided the plan
is adopted.
On Tuesday, the 4th, Ranger
S Arthur Gibson espied a tine
1 1 large buck at the foot of Ken
1 1 drick Mountain. The buck had
the largest antlers Arthur ever
saw. He loped his horse ' in
high all the way to Spring Val
ley Ranger Station and told
Ranger John Cook that the
buck he saw was a 25 pointer.
John at once cranked his car,
and the boys grabbed their
rifles and were off, breaking all
speed records in getting to the
spot They saw two bucks and
a doe, ' all grazing peacefully
under the shelter of the pines.
They approached the deer sil
ently to a spot, from" which they
could take good aim, and make
sure killings, and opened fire
They shot in all 23 times, when
they used up all the ammuni
tion they had. . During- the time
the deer grazed on peacefully,
unawares of the murderous de
signs of the hunters. Rang-er
Gibson served two years in the
U. S. Army, and Rang-er Cook
is at present a member of the
National Guard, which, of
course, shows that the boys are
excellent shots, and either were
shooting blank cartdidges or
had a very - bad case of buck
fever. .
Miss Edith England is spend
ing the summer with her sister,
Mrs. Tom Moss, of Red Lake
Valley. Miss Edith filed upon
and proved up on a homestead
claim in Colorado, 75 miles
from a railroad. She says she
couldn't find any land at . that
! time open for entry any farther
from civilization. Miss England
possesses all the good attributes
cf a true western girl, including
menty oi grit; yes, ana sne is
comely and pietty, too.
Mrs. Lena Sleeth, the teacher
at Pittman Valley, is taking a
week's vacation, and has gone
hunting in Sycamore Canyon
with Mr. and Mrs. William Am
nions of Chalender. Mrs. Sleeth
expects to bag some kind of
game a deer, bear or rhinoc
eros. We are hoping she wont
be so cruel and ruthless as to
exterminate all the game.
A few years ago R. H. Ken
nerdell filed upon 140 acres of
land south of Chalender. He
built his house east of his land,
close by a spring of water, ex
pecting that this land too would
soon be listed, so he could file
upon it, and thus have a 160
acre tract. However, contrary
to his expectations, the land has
never been listed, as the title of
the tract in question is in the
Railroad Company, according
to the records of the Forest
bervice. Consequently, ' Mr.
Kennerdell is now moving his
house about 15 chains west, so
that it will be upon the land
embraced in his homestead entry.
Reduction on Stoves
Here is your opportunity to get a range or a heater
at a greatly reduced price.
No 680 Range. former price $125.00 now $93.75
20 per cent Reduction on the Following
No. Name Old Price
4816 Trixie $32.00
130 Royal Oak 40.00
150 Royal Oak 45.00
170 Royal Oak 55.00
190 Royal Oak 60.00
311 Pet Oak 17.75
313 Pet Oak 20.00
315 Pet Oak 23.00
317 Pet Oak 27.00
1315 R0N Hot B. 40.00-
1316 R0N Hot B 45.00
No. Name Old Price
16 Empire $28.00
18 Empire fy 30.00
20 Empire ' . 35.00
22 Empire 38.00
22 Box Stove- 18.00
26 Box Stove 20.00
28 Box Stove 22.00
32 Box Stove 26.00
36 Box Stove 31.50
made of heavy denim QQn
Special this Week OOUi
Oxford and Green Heather QVI 7 t
Special priced this week V ? 1
MEN'S RIDING TROUSERS, good khaki material,
Price $3.00
Price $5.75
Men's Khaki Caps, $1.25
LADIES' TY-ON FROCKS, made of Jap Crepe, very
smart, an ideal garment for street wear.
27 in at 20c a yd. SPECIAL
TO W. M. Kelley, his heirs
and assigns:
You are hereby notified that
during the year 1920, the un
dersigned have expended more
than $100.00 in labor and im
provements upon the Henry
Ford Mining Claim, m the
Francis Mining District, County
of Coconino,' State of Arzona,
in which Mining Location you
claim an undivided one fourth
interest, as shown by the notice
of location thereof at Page 253
of Book 7 Mining Location Rec
ord of said County,
The said labor was perform
ed as and for the Annual repre
sentation of said claim for the
said year of 1920 as required
by the laws of the United States
concerning annual labor upon
Mining Claims, and the same
was the amount required to
hold said claim for the said
year. You are further notified
that unless within Ninty days
after the personal service of
this notice upon you, or within
ninty days after the publication
thereof, you contribute your
portion of such expenditure as
a co-owner, to-wit : the sum of
$25.00 your interest in the Mine
will be forfeited to the under
signed co-owners who., have
made such expenditure, and
will become their property in
the manner provided by law.
Dated September 9, 1921.'
H. H.Pitkin,
... L. F. Kennedy,
W. H. Lockridge.
Transfer Baggage and Storage
Williams, Arizona
S Jtm at 2our
Phone 32 or 70
Novelties and
DETROIT, Oct. 7. William
Howard Taft, chief justice of
the United States supreme
Court, today . was re-elected
president of the Unitarian gen
eral conference;'
The above notice is published
for the purpose to clear title,
where a Bill of Sale was given
by W. M. Kelley to L. F. Ken
nedy, for the interest mentioned
in this publication.
Coconino Copper Mining
L. F. Kennedy, Secretary.
Sept. 9, to Dec. 2, 1921. .
Get Your Supply
Grand Canyon Drug Co.

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