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Volume 29
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1921 i
NO. 47.
James A. Scott whose an
nouncement as a candidate for
the office of School Trustee of
Williams School District No. 2,
appears in" this issue of the
News, is a native - of Norfolk,
Virginia, but for for seventeen
years prior to his coming to
Williams - he Avas a resident of
New Mexico, being in govern
ment employ. For the past
fifteen years he has been con
nected with the Forest Service
and for the past year and a half
has been stationed in Williams
as Supervisor ' of the Tusayan
National Forest. He is a man
of education and of high moral
character, affable, agreeable
and successful in his association
with men. ''''.
Mr. Scott takes an impartial
part in all things for the good
of the town in which he lives.
He isa man of family with three
children in our public school,
and possesses a lively and intel
ligent interest in all school, and.
civic matters. Mr. Scott's sup
porters anticipate for him 'a
strong vote from the citizens of
the town, at the school election
Oct. 29. He will make an ef
ficient member of the Board of
Trustees, if elected.
Cat Hosiery
priced from
pair. ,
Allen A Black
at Rittenhouse's
25c. to 50c. the
Just in, hunting knives, -call
and look them over. Parlor
Barber Shop. ; ''-
The members of ; Williams
Review, who ar& the local re
presentatives of the Woman's
Benefit Association, announce
the news that their founder and
leader, Miss Bina M. West, has
been prominently and persists
ently presented to President
Harding as the one woman in
the United States fitted by spec
ial training and experience for
a seat on the Advisory Confer
ence Committee for Limited
Armament. . ,
Miss West wis approached
on this subject by her friends
:in the National Fraternal Con
gress of America which con
vened at the Hotel Sherman,
Chicago, Illinois, the first week
in September. The delegates
to this Congress represent over
nine million fraternalists and
they stand back of the appoint
ment. The local members" are very
proud of the recognition that
has been given Miss West's
abilities in the enthusiastic
mention of her name all over
the country, and during the
past few days Commander
Clara Burns and her entire
corps of officers and members
have been busy getting in touch
with Senators Ashurst and
Cameron. and Congressman
Carl Hayden reguesting their
endorsement. "
Lookout Oh You Rabbit!! -
j At the I, O. O. F. meeting
Wednesday night final arrange
ments were made for the Annu
al Rabbit Hunt. The time is
-6 :3(X A. M. Nov. 6th, The Place
. 30 miles north on the Grand
Canyon Road. Prizes to the
amount of $16.00 are at stake.
No one but an Odd Fellow can
compete for the prize, so . you
fellows who are of the opinion
that you can shoot had better
get out behind the barn and
practice up a bit, for we know
one or two men who wear the
Links who are thinking they
have a finger on the prize right
now. Let's go for a big time
at this hunt, and then for a big
Feed at the Hall on the follow
ing Wednesday night. Oh Boy !
Our Noble Grand and his
Right Support are going out for
Turkey and Deer the first of
next week and ye Scribe feels
his mouth watering for that "big
; Turkey and leg. Let's all hope
-they have the best of luck.
The Link Scribe
li--. --
f, , - y ,C j
The revival being conducted
in the Methodist Church by Dr.
C. R. Haudenschield is now in
its second week and interest is
steadily growing. On Sunday,
the Sundav school was better
attended than for some time.
For the morning and evening
services there were good con
gregations and only a few less
for the afternoon service.-
On Monday night there was
a splendid crowd. The booster
choir composed of about forty
children sang and gave some
of their yells which were appre
ciated by all. .
Tuesday evening was lodge
night and the church was well
filled, a large number of lodge
men and women coming in a
body. Miss Aphra Anderson
sang "He Leadeth Me" and Dr.
Haudenschield preached on the
theme, "Does It Pay ? "
Although those most inter
ested in the meetings are great
ly encouraged, there are many
in the city who are missing the
chance of a lifetime by staying
away, h Don't miss any more
than you have to. You cannot
afford to miss either, the even
ing services nor the afternoon
bible lectures at 2 :30 each af
ternoon. The services for Sun
day are as follows :
10 : a. jti. Sunday School classes
for all. ages,
lira. m. The Enthroned Christ
3 :30 p. m. The Atonement or
the power of the Blood.
7 :30 p. m. The Red Light.
The public , is invited to all
theje services.
L Pastor
Potatoes the Bis Crop
County Agent F. A. Chisholm
when asked what he considered
the best farm crop for Coconino
county, replied, "potatoes, be
yond a doubt." He is confident
that the right sort of marketing-
-including grading the po
tatoes and marking . the" sacks
with the name of the grower
will give the county a reputa
tion that will make its potatoes
always in demand at a good
price. The farmers are getting
$2.50 this year, withut difficul
ty. There is no other crop that
will pay half as well this sea
son, as potatoes. The work cf
L. W. Cureton in going to Phoe
nix to find a market for the po
tatoes, has opened the way to
finding a market in other years.
A large quantity of clothing
stolen by Rofugio Flores still
remains unclaimed at the of
fice of the Justice of the Peace.
Those who have had clothing
stolen from their residences
should call at the office of Jus
tice McDougall at once and
look this lot over. All identifi
ed clothing will be returned at
' County Attorney.
The Williams Woman's Club
has engaged Jerome Uhl, fam
ous baritone of the Chi
cago Opera Company to
give a song recital Monday eve
ning, Oct. 24 at the Methodist
Church at 8:45. Mr. Uhl is a
familiar figure on the concert
stage in New York. His voice
is one of lovely quality and wide
range and his interpretive skill
is of high order.
Furthermore, his extensive
repertoire enables him to ar
range recital programs which
are of unvarying interest and
replete with novelty. He has
appeared in recital before most
of the important musical organ
Recitativ Andante, from
Loch Lomond
The Praise of Islay
My Dearie O
How Lang and Dreary
Aria from "Lakme" . Delibes
Les Berceaux Faure'
'A Toi L Bemberg
Apres un Reve -. . Faure
Danny Deever - Damrosch
Little Mother of Mine Burleigh
By the Waters of Minnetonka Lieurance
' : VI .
At Parting ffrs
Remembrance baiter
VII. '
Toreador, from "Carmen" Bizet
(Subject to change)
About twenty two of Miss
Mayme Alcorn's friends assem
bled at the home of her sister,
Mrs. Fletcher Bly, Thursday
evening during Miss Alcorn's
absence at the Methodist
Church. They busied tnem
selves with setting clangorous
alarm clocks; timed to go on
within five minutes of each oth
er. Each clock guarded a dainty
gift for the bride-elect hidden
in some nook or corner.
Miss Alcorn was taken com
pletely by surprise which deep
ened into consternation for a
moment when the alarms start
ed buzzing. Amid gales of
laughter she searched earnestly
until each disturber of the
peace was routed and the mes
sage revealed. Dainty refresh
ments ended a most delightful
evening. ?
J. M. Busby's Minstrel Com
pany is coming to Williams,
Wednesday, October 26th.
This company has a good
program and has won much
praise wherever it has shown
They carry their own big tent
and give their exhibitions un
der canvas. Their aim is to
give the latest and best in min
strel entertainment. The price
of Admission is 35c for child
ren "and 75c. for adults, includ
ing war tax.
Buff Orpington Pullets
36 fine large ten months old
thoroughbred Buff Orpington
pullets and hens for sale. From
$3 settings of eggs. Fine layers
and the finest of meat for eat
ing. Write Box 567 or call at
the News Office for further information.
izations in America.
Williams is very fortunate to
be able to hear such a gifted
Dr. Haudenschield, who is
holding a revival at the Meth
odist church, has most kindly
co-operated with the Woman's
Club and will hold his services
Monday evening at 7:15 in or
der to have them over in time
for the recital. Dr. Hauden
schield has been a member of
the Apollo Club of Chicago and
a graduate in music. He is very
much interested in recitals of
real merit such as this one will
The program follows : ' "
"Thais" Massenet
is' the Night
J Park
Is it not enough to startle any
staid husband and father of a
thriving family to wake up
some day and find that his wife
is his sister? Small wonder
that C. H. Hinds was surprised
when he received a telegram
giving him information which
proved beyond a doubt that his
wife is also his sister. No tears
are necessary, however, for this
-I - -kit ti: 1
' is not a trageay in mr. nmus
case. It is like this : K. T. Hinds
father of Carl Hinds and well
known in Williams, recently
married Mrs. Heaton, mother
of Mrs. Carl Hinds. And there
you have it. Carl is now a bro
ther of his wife by marriage.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Hinds ar
rived in Williams Wednesday
and will make their home in
Red Lake Valley on Mr. E. T.
Hinds' homestead.
Mr. Harold Greene made a
business trip to Flagstaff : on
Monday..- -'
For Sale 1 piano, 2 violins, 2
drums. A few town lots.
'. o o' O
For sale Heating stove in
good ' condition. Call News Of
fice. Fresh shipment of candies
received this week. Parlor
Barber Shop.
The price of wheat has drop
ped to near two cents in. the
market but a sack. of 100 lbs. is
still good for a year's subscrip
tion to the News. The editor
has a few hens to help pay the
grocery bill, and wheat is the
best feed for these. Why not
throw in a sack of wheat the
next time you come to town, i
and trade it for a year s sub
scription to the News?
Mrs. G. W. Mathews motor
ed to Flagstaff and back last
Kodak films, we have a full
line. Parlor Barber Shop,
o o
The Williams delegation to
the Northern Arizona Federa
tion- of Woman's Clubs could
not say enough in praise of the
royal hospitality of the Flag
staff ladies.
o 0 0
Tanlac now has the largest
sale of any medicine in the
world. There is a reason. Wil
liams Drug Co. ' adv.
Mrs. Robinette, of William's,
was ejected Treasurer of the
Northern Arizona Federation
of Woman's Clubs at their
meeting in Flagstaff last Fri
day. : .
A Wonderful line of new fresh
candy just received and more
coming prices 20cta pound up.
Mathews Racket Store
? Women's Allen A Black Cat
Hosiery at Rittenhouse's in
silks priced from ,$1 to $2. In
Cotton and Lisle 25c. to 85c.
o o o -
Miss Lonergan, School Nurse
is conducting a class in practi
cal, nursing .for any one inter
ested, on Tuesday afternoons,
at 4:15 in the gym; of the
Public School.
o o o
Judge and Mrs. T. H. Jef
fries, of Atlanta Georgia, ar
rived in Williams Sunday to
spend a month visiting their
relatives, , Senator and Mrs.
Charles Larson, and Dr. and
Mrs. C. D. Jeffries and son. . V -o
0 0 '
Tanlac has made life worth
living for millions of people
who had almost given up hope.
It will do the same for you.
Williams Drug Co. - adv.
0 0. o
Just Received from New York
the most beautiful line of child
ren's hats. Prices reasonably
low. Mathews' Racket Store
Babv Chicks: Barred and white
Rocks. R. I. Reds. Buff Orping
tons, Anconas, Black. Minorcas,
Buff ; White and Brown Leg
horns. Order tfor.the season;
will soon close?. . '
Seabright, California
0,0 O
For School Trustee
I hereby announce that I am
a candidate for the office of
School Trustee of Williams
School District No. 2. I will
appreciate your support at the
polls October 29.
Industrial Week
PHOENIX,' Oct. 1 8. Pre
liminary plans are well advan
ced toward the holding of In
dustrial Week, November 7 to
12, and everything points to a
brilliant success, and one which
will put Arizona 'on the map as
a commonwealth which is fast
becoming a self-sustaining en
tity, one capable of supporting
its own industrial activities.
For School Trustee j
I hereby announce that I am
a candidate for" the office of
school trustee of Williams
School District No. 2, subject to
the will of the school electors
at the election October 29,
A reliable man wants to rent
or lease a farm of 30 to 40
acres for next year or longer.
Will pay for use of any imple
ments or furniture. Has 'team
and feed and seed. Notify XX
care Williams News.
Team For Sale 9 years, 2600
pounds, cheap or what have
you to trade? A GREVEN, li2
miles west of Maine on state
C. R. Sullivant candidate for
the office of School Tr' jtee of
Williams School District No. 2"
is prepared in every way tc
make an efficient officer, if"
elected. He has three children
in the Williams school and an
other not yet of school age, and
for this reason feels a keen in
terest in the welfare of the Wil
liams school. He has been a
resident of Williams for many
years and has always worked
for the betterment of the town
which is his home. If elected
he will not be content with
performing his duties as his of
fice will require, but will look
to the bulding up and further
strengthening of the school.
- The Federation of Northern
Arizona Woman's Clubs was
held at Flagstaff (last Fridays
and Saturday. A most enthus
iastic delegation of Williams
ladies went up. They were
Mesdames Robinette, Cureton,.
Jones. Montgomery, Barbour,
Kirwan, Buggeln, and the Mes
dames Rittenhouse, Lee and
Grleene. who appeared on the
program for the Friday even- 1
ing musicale and reception giv
en by the Flagstaff Club at Ash
urst Auditorium, and Saturday
at the Federation program at
Elks Hall. The Flagstaff ladies
had prepared a splendid . pro
gram Friday evening which wa3
enjoyed , to the utmost by the
capacity crowd . present. The
Williams musicians proved
themselves genuine artists and -held
the'audiencex spellbound
with their eloquence and inter
pretive ability. Mrs. T. H. Cur
eton gave a most interesting:
talk on "Conservation" at the
Saturday afternoon meeting.
Mrs. Cureton was unamimously
endorsed by the Northern Ari
zona Federation as their nomi
nee for President of the State
Federation. ,'
Williams delegates are most
enthusiastic in their praise of
Flagstaff's cordiality and hospi
tality.;. ; .. i. ;
1 On Oct. 26, Reed Miller and
Nevada Van der Veer, two of
the best concert singers in the
United States, will give a con
cert in Flagstaff. They are ap
pearing under the auspices of
the Normal School and have
been guaranteed $500. This is
a rare opportunity for Northern
Arizona to hear two of the fin
est concert artists in America.
The price of the tickets will
be : reserved seats, $2 and
$1.50;, general v admission,
adults,. $1; children, 50c.
"Tanlac made me feel young
er." "It put me back on the
nayroll." "I can eat .whatever
I want now." "I no longer suf
fer from Indigestion." "I gain
ed weight rapidly." These and
many more expressions are now
heard daily as people . tell of
their experience with Tanlac,
Williams Drug Co. adv.
Extension Director Here
W. M. Cook, extension direc
tor of Arizona during the last
two weeks. He spent two days
the first of the week, with coun
ty agent Chisholm. Mr. Chis
holm drove with him into the
country about- Williams on
Monday. . .The other day was.
spent among the farmers about
Flagstaff. Mr. Cook is quite,
well impressed with the farm
ing progress in this county ancT
forsees a great future for farm
ers in this county once they suc
ceed in putting into practice
the methods best adapted to
this particular region.

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