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Volume 30
NO. 14.
Dr. Wesley Melick, father of
Dr. P. A. Melick, of Williams,
died at his home in Horton, Mo.,
last week Thursday and was
buried on Sunday. He survived
his wife by just thirty days and
had reached the ripe old age of
90. His wife had reached the
age of 81 when her call came
just a month before.
Dr. P. A. Melick was notified
- on Thursday of last week, that
his father was not expected to
live. He left for Missouri the
following day and did not learn
of his father's death until he
reached Horton. He reached
Horton just' - in time for the
funeral service.
Dr. Wesley Melick graduat
ed from the school of medicine
in Pennsylvania in the year
1857. During the Civil War
he served as surgeon with the
6th Kansas cavalry. After
the war he went with his wife
to Horton, Mo., where they
made their home on 320 acre
farm, while the doctor contin
ued his practice with his office
at the farm. There they .built
up a farm of a thousand acres
which they kept together until
a short time ago when Dr.
. Melick sold a part of it reducing
the farm to about 700 acres.
It was at this farm that Mr. and
Mrs." Melick spent nearly sixty
years of their lives" during
which they reared a family of
four daughters and two sonsl.
Dr. P." A. Melick - and Victor
Melick were the two sons, both
of whom "became residents of
Williams. Dr. Wesley Melick
continued in ' the prcatice ' of
medicine until- the age of 60
when his son graduated from
medical college and took his
place. Dr. P. A. Melick con
tinued his father's practice un
til his health failed. He then
came to Williams and -has been ,
a resident here since. Victor
Melick was a prominent and
highly respected citizen of Wil
liams until his death a little
over two years ago at the hand
of Simplicio Torxez who later
hung for the crime.
Of the four daughters, three
were married. One, Mrs.
Whitfield, mother of Charley
Whitfield of Williams, is de
ceased.. The other two mar
ried daughters are: Mrs. Laila
Armstrong, of Springfield, Mo.,
and Mrs. Effie Knowles of Wil
mar,; Qkla. The fourth daugh
ter remained at hom and - is
now administratrix of the es
tate. .
; Dr. Wesley Melick had ex
ceeded the three score and ten
years alloted to man,- by twen
ty years. He came to his end
in the old home with loved ones
about him with the satisfaction
of having lived his lifd to the
full, .a.. life . crowned with suc
cess. ' - . V
Justice of Peace McDougall
held court last Saturday. Two
cases were brought before him.
The first was that of J. L. Gib
son commonly known as "Joco"
Gibson pled guilty to killing a
beef without a license and was
fined $150 and given a sus
pended sentence of six months.
J. B. Williams pled guilty to
receiving stolen property and
was fined fifty dollars. In
this case Mr. Williams received
some property belonging to
Cushman, viich he took as
payment for a debt. It turn
ed out that the property was
turned over to him by a party
not legally possessing the right
to so dispose of the same.
It is with much satisfaction
that Manager Reese of THE
SULTANA is able to present
ER" next Thursday, Mar. 9th.
while it is so new and so soon
after the showing of "THE
Directed by that genius, Rex
Ingram, with Rudolph Valen
tino, Alice Terry and practical
ly the entire cast of "THE
From the wonderful novel,
"Eugenie Grandet", written by
the noted French writer, Hon
ore de Balzac, with the scenes
laid in France it is a wonderful
portrayal of which is 'The Con
quering Power' Love or wealth.
With none oi tne aepressmg
effects of the horrors of war as
depicted in Ingrams other pro
duction it is never-the-less full
of intensely dramatic situations.
Rudolph . Valentino, .whose
Latin temperament and grace
ful fascination fitted him pre
eminently for the role of Julio
is cast as the Parisian dandy,
Charles. And Alice Terry, the
exquisitely beautiful Margue
MEN has scored a sensational
triumph through her portrayal
of Eugenie.
In manv respects "Tilt, CON
QUERING POWER" was a test
of Ingram's real ability as a di
rector. When "THE FOUR
HORSEMEN", his first great
effort scored it's sensationa'
success, wonder was expressed
if he could ever equal that
work. His answer is found in
ER" for in the latter film he has
actually surpassed "THE FOUR
HORSEMEN" is the verdict of
all. the critics. He grasped all
the keen character studies of
Balzac's novel and made them
LIVE on the screen. Artisti
cally the film is magnificent
a masterpiece, a superb back
ground for- a powerful story,
impressively told. ' -
And the greatest satisfaction
expressed by Mgr. Reese, was
that by buying, this great pro
duction out-right he is enabled
A World Wonder Not
Known to One in a Thousand. '
The Burton Holmes Trave
logue .Monday night dealt .with
a great world wonder, Boro
Bodor, that not" one in a thous
and in America knew existed
before the Burton - Holmes
travelogue was 'presented. It
is a geat monument to Buddha,
situated in the island of Java
and built thousands of years
ago. 'The base measures five
hundred feet square and the
height is from 180 to 200 feet.
It is a larger structure than the ; SIX HUNDRED MILLIONS
Davenport Lake is overrun
ning now. The ice when melt
ing washed down a mile of
fence on the Platten ranchl
J he rams melting tne snow
caused some damage around
the house and Mr. Platten was
kept busy digging ditches to
avoid further damage. The
highway road has done more
harm than good to this place.
Allen Lake north of here is
full, also the tanks are full
which means well for the stock.
Some stock are poor and others
in fair condition.
Wm. Williams has his broth
er visiting at his ranch. Capt.
Williams served in a Canadian
regiment as a veterinary and is
now on the Reserve. He was
in British Columbia before
coming here. The Canadian
Government were to do so much
for their men' but it seems they
have failed, and as his health
was poor, he thought he would
come to the United States and
try our Arizona climate. He
is a University graduate of Vet
inary. Any one needing his
assistance will find him at the
Williams ranch.
Dad. Fix drove in from his
winter camp for a load of hay.
He says the road are rough and
some places are almost impass
able. Mrs. Frank Bascom has re
turned from a two weeks visit
with friends in Cottonwood.
She says the scenery down there
is very beautiful.
Tommy McWilliams has been
in hard luck of late. The road
truck got out of commission,
then someone tried to steal his
runabout. And some time be
fore a man stole over $50 worth
of goods from his ranch. . We
need a policeman out this way.
Mrs. Fred Platten returned
from a three weeks visit at
Prescott. ... While there she
visited the sick men at the
Whipple Hospital. She says
the men are the happiest lot of
men tho they know their time
on earth is short. They all
love to get something home
cooked and the ladies of Pres
cott are very good to them by
taking them cake, cookies, pies,
beans, (they like the white
baked beans), and candy. The
boys buy a chicken or rabbitt
and some lady cookes it for
them. A great many make
beaded bags, trays, and all
kinds of work, mostly for sale.
A great many of the boys do
not get any compensation but
they are all industrious in some
way while in bed. The treat
ments given now are the rest
treatments and they seem to do
well gaining in weight all the
If any of the Williams ladies
would like to cheer up some of
these boys ' by cooking A some
thing nice and sending it to
them they-may send it to Mrs.
Wm. Greenwood, 223 Parks
Ave., Prescott;-Arizona arid she
will see that the boys get it
Write her" a ,day ahead" when
you will send it so she can get
it that day. - ' " ; ' - ' f ' " -
It is the least we can do for
Bishop Atwood was here la3t
o o o
The income tax man is in
town this week.
o o
We believe in Tanlac and so
will you if you try it.
Williams Drug Co.
o o o
John Kennedy was down
from Flagstaff last Friday,
o o o
Mr. L. E. White was down
from the Canyon Thursday.
C. E. Berg of Seligman was
a Williams visitor Wednesday,
o o o
McGail Carter was up from
Seligman Monday.
o b o -
You get your money's worth
when you buy Tanlac, because
it produces results.
Williams Drug Co.
o o o
Mrs. K. W. Williams left
Wednesday, for Phoenix to be
with her son, Wright who is
very ill.
o 6 o
Mrs. J. H. Mehl has been con
fined to her home this week
with a severe attack of the flu
to present it to the people- of jthose bova who are 'indoors all
r'1 ?sn m.l!f:" tr.r;the time. We cheered them
Otherwise the price would have
! u n i u i ii r i ii fi iri rr i j -v ' ....
been the same as
noted Egyptian pyramids, and
is in a state of almost perfect
preservation. Within are hun
dreds of Buddha statues. The
sides' of; the structure are ter
raced and about the terraces
are three miles of sculptured
figures giving the history of the
Buddhas and other important
events of that distant age. One
who wishes to know something
of the history of this world of
ours, will find much in these
travelogues that cannot be ob
tained from history, or modern
FOR SALE: Thoroughbred
Airedale pups $10 $15.
" . G. Light; Mesa Ariz. ;
The Bureau of Public Roads
of the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture estimate
the total expenditure for con
struction and maintenance of
roads in the country in 1921 to
be $600,000,000. The sources
of this fund are approximately
as follows: Motor-vehicle reve
nue, 19 per , cent ; State road
bonds, 7 per cent; local road
bonds, 33 per cent; State taxes
and appropriations, 12 per cent
Federal aid, 14 per cent; coun
ty, township, and district taxes
ancL assessments," 14 per cent;
and miscellaneous 1 per cent.
cheer them now ?
M. P.
One day last week Wesley
Elliott, a hobo, in attempting
to get off a freight car caught
his foot in a ventilator at the
top of the car and fell with the
foot still caught in the ventilat
or, ihe foot was wrenched
badly but proved not to be
f actured as was thought at first.
Dr. Jeffries, county physician
for Williams, treated the foot
and then sent the. young man
to the county hospital at Flagstaff.
o o o
Mrs. John Klock has been
nursing Mrs. Hock, who is re
covering nicely.
o o o .
Miss Johnnie Story, who
has been spending a short va
cation in Phoenix, returned to
Williams Tuesday.
o o o
Mr. Chesebro has been con
fined to his home this week with
a severe attack of the flu.
..." C. -, o . o o'.. .
The big reputation of Tanlac
has been made by doing what
other medicnes failed to do.
Williams Drug Co.
o o o
Miss Helen Stark returned
Sunday from Los Angeles
where she has been visiting for
a few weeks.
o o o
Miss Clara Wheeler, of the
Faculty of the Flagstaff Normal
was a Williams visitor last Sat
The Epworth League of the
Methodist Church entertained
last Saturday with a most en
joyable party.
o o o
Mrs. McMullen, wife of the
president of the Flagstaff Nor
mal, was in Williams last Sat
urday to attend a meeting of
the Women's Club.
o . o o .
.: There is not a. single portion
of the body that is not benefited
by the. helpful action of Tanlac.
, Williams Drug Co.
.- ' . , Adv.
O O. O
Mr. Santhu, who has been very
ill with the flu, will leave next
week for Caif ornia to regain
n t m-a a v A"t '
The Williams High Schoo
debating team is preparing for
their next debate which will be
with Snowflake. This debate
will probably be held at Snow-
flake. The winning team will
next meet the winner of the de
bate between Winslow and
Prescott. The winners of this
last contest will be declared
champions of Norhern Arizona
and will go to Tucson to com
pete for the state champion-
The children of the school
have been in exceptionally good
health this week despite the
epidemic of Flu about town this
week. This has been an ex
ceptionally good week for at
Mrs. Mehl has been severely
ill with Flu all this week and
has been unable to meet her
pupils. She expects to return
to her school work next Mon
0.0 o
TheNorthern Arizona Basket
Ball Tournament will be held
at Flagstaff March 10 and 11
The Williams teams will par
ticipate and are hopeful of suc
.0 o o ....
The Domestic Science demon
strator from the University gave
a very interesting and instruc
tive talk before the High School
on Thursday-.
o o k o
Miss Cain was absent from
school a day and. a half this
week, as the result of an attack
or pink eye.
o - o
Fourteen pupils have now en
tered for the declamatory con
test. The date of the contest has
not yet been set.
The-seniors are getting busy
picking out a class play.'
The regular morning service
will be held at St. John's Epis
copal Chapel next Sunday! Mar.
5th. at 11 o'clock. A cordial
welcome to all. Archdeacon
Jenkins will preach. ',':!";...'.'
his usual vigor.
0 0 b
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Connor of
Flagstaff spent last Sunday in
Williams as the guests of Mrs.
Connor's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John Juhl.
o 0 0
Mr. Rousseau will arrive in
Williams next Tuesday for a
visit with his wife and daugh
ter. Mr. Rousseau has a po
sition in McGaffy, N. Mex.
o o o . . . . .
' Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Gil
son will entertain the Thimble
Bee hext) Wednesday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Hudson..
o o o .
FOR SALE: Hallet and Davis
piano, mahogany . case, cost
$550 used 3 years, in excellent 1
condition, $225. Phone 35. rj
o o o 3
Mrs. E. W. Foster, who was
called to Los Angeles to nurse
her niece and husband, is ex
pected back anytime. Her
patients who were very sick
with the. flu are now. on the
. j road to . corn.pl ete, recovery c
t-..-.i '. v -,.-
Mr. Ed Spellmire and Mr. H.
M. Iverson left Thursday for
Phoenix with a car which they
are taking tp Mr. Will Babbitt.
Mr. Spellmire. will visit his fam
ily who have been in Phoenix
for the past couple of weeks.
o o
FOR SALE: One Ford Tour
ing car good running order.
good rubber. This year's
license and . taxes paid. A
real bargain. See
Robt. Burns,
o o o
Mrs. Madden of Grand Can
yon who was the guest of Mrs.
E. V. Ray Tuesday and Wednes
day, returned to the Canyon
Thursday. While here she had
dental work dene.
O O ,xO
Mrs. H. M. Stark returned
Tuesday night from Clarkdale
where she has been nursing
Mrs. Smith Stark who . was very-
ill with the flu. Mrs. Smith
Stark. Has recovered nicely.
; tMrsvsAlbert Lebschvhas been
' severely ill this week. Unless
.she improves; soon-..Mir. Lebsch
expects to send "hereto Phoenix
in the hope that the lower alti
tude and warm climate will
prove beneficial. :- :, : - . -
. Mrs, A.. R.. Montgomery, who
has been in Washington for
several weeks taking care, of
her mother is expected home
soon. . Her mother fell and
injured herself severely but is
recovering rapidly.
Miss Marie Miller is steadily
improving in health. She ia
now able to be up and about the
house a good part of the time.
At her present rate of improve
ment, she will be her old robust
and jolly self again before
many weeks.
o 0 0
Dr. James B.Williams. Vet
erinary Surgeon, Captain with
the Canadian and Britsh army
during the world war,1 who has
occii seivite in r ranee iU,y,
Egypt, Mesopotamia and India,
arrived in Williams Feb. 21,
and is living with his brother
Billie Williams and is going to
practice is the vicinity.
Report of ' Meeting, held Feb
ruary 25th, at Residence of
Mrs. Harold Greene.
Regular meeting of Music
Department. The club Iiad as.
its guest of honor, Mf?. L. B.
McMullen, President oi the N
Arizona Federation of Wom
en's Clubs. The program was
given as outlined in the year
book, after whjch Mrs. McMul
len addressed the club, about
twenty of whom were present.
After her speech which was
interesting and inspiring, urg
ing the club to uphold the prin
ciples of toleration, a business
meeting was held with Mrs,
Bly, presiding chairman, pro
A rising vote of thanks was
tendered the members of the?
club who entertained the State
President, Mrs. Flanigan, on
Wednesday with luncheon and .
The motion was made and
carried that committee be ap
pointed to see to the writing
and printing of announcement
cards, stating the candidacy of
Mrs. T. H. Cureton for State
President; (she having been al-r
ready formally endorsed by the
club in confirmation of the en
dorsement she. received at the
October Federation at Flag
Mrs. Wells was appointed
Motion was made and carried
that these cards-be presented
to every delegate attending the
Kingman meeting in April, also
that they be sent to every club
in the State: ' " '
Mrs. McMullen was request
ed to carry the message of Mrs.
Cureton's endorsement as the
Federation candidate, to the
other Club presidents in the
Motion was made and carried
to have the local secretary
write letters to every .club sec
retary in the State Federation,
urging the election of Mrs.
Cureton, at the Kingman meet
Meeting ad.iourned, after
which tea and sandwiches were
In response to the- many in
quiries received in the past, I
wish to .announce that I have
resumed teaching and will ac
cept a limited number of piano-
I am also organizing a class
Beginner's Composition,
which is free to my pupils -a.
nominial sum per week will be
charged to others. Parents
with children of marked musi
cal ability-will be especially in
terested. Class starts March
11th and" will meet Saturday
mornings at 10:00 o'clock at
my home.
Mrs. Harold Greene.
Telephone 30.
How the Odd Fellows Pull Off
Rabbit Feeds in Muncie.
Muncie, Irid., Feb. 20.
Members of Energy Lodge, In
dependent Order of Odd Fel
lows, received invitations.
couched in mysterious terms, to
a "rabbit feed" in the lodge hall
The members figured out to
their own satisfaction the reas
on for the mystery. It is now
unlawful to kill rabbits, there
fore, 185 members appeared in
the hall on time. Many came
without their evening meal at
home. After all had assem
bled, a member of the commit
tee brought into the hall a tame
rabbit in a cage and proceeded
to give the rabbit a liberal
"feed" of lettuce, cabbage and
corn. Restaurants did a big
business a short time afterward.
Baby Chicks: Barred and white
Rocks, R. I. Reds, Buff Ornintr-
fbns,Anconas, Black JVIinorcasy
Buff White and Brown Leg
horns. Order for the season
rush will soon be on.
eabrght, Calif omia.

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