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Constant inquiries for "Velie Six Au
tomobiles from this territory indi
cate good business ahead. Automo
bile dealers or private parties who
are anticipating- going into the au
tomobile business. here is your
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r go
Southwest News
From All Over
New Mexico
and Arizona
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WINDSOR, 18th etc Larimer. Rooms 75o
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Front. 1533 Champa St. Denver. Colo.
Mfg. and Repairing-. All orders promptly
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of Clothing
Complete department for handling
out of town cleaning and dyeing
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information gladly furnished without
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Passengers Blamed for. Rail Fatalities.
New York. Two-thirds of the one
hundred and ninety-two. fatalities that
overtook railway passengers in 1920
were wholly or partly the fault of the
passengers themselves said the safety
section of the American Railway Asso
ciation in making public accident sta
tistics for the year. Sixty-four persons
were struck or run over, twenty-eight
were killed In falls from coach steps,
eighteen by falls from moving trains,
and ten by Jumping from trains while
mentally deranged or to escape penal
In Breeding for Dairy Cows It Is Important to Have a Purebred Sire He
Represents Half the Value of the Herd From a Breeding Standpoint.
(By D. S. Burch, Bureau of Animal In
dustry, United States Department
of Agriculture.)
Purebred live stock has about 40
per cent greater earning power (apart
from its breeding or sale value) than
scrub stock.
The superiority of purebreds on a
utility basis is due principally to:
Better conformation and quality, In
creased production, more economical
production, and earlier maturity.
When purebred sires are used to Im
prove farm live stock the offspring is
fe ' '''' ' ' '
White Rock Cockerel, a Prize Winner.
Collects $26 on Trillion Dollar Debt.
San Jose, Calif. Henry B. Stewart,
who on March 1 was given judgment
for $304,840,332,912,665.47 against
George Jones by Judge J. R. Welch in
the Superior Court, has started pro
ceedings to collect. Sheriff George W.
Lyle located $26.94 deposited to the
credit of Jones in a local bank, which
he attached. After judgment repre
sents the amount due Stewart on a
promissory note for $100, executed by
Jones over twenty years ago, calling
for Interest at 10 per cent compounded
monthly until the debt was paid.
Oil Subject to Action by Congress.
Washington. Disposition of oil re
ceived by the government under leases
entered, into with private concerns in
the California and Wyoming reserves
will be subject to action by Congress,
Secretary Denby recently told the Sen
ate appropriation committee. "We do
not feel at liberty to use this without
the approval of Congress," said Mr.
Denby. He had reiterated that the ob
ject of the leases was the development
of a war emergency supply of oil.
more salable than that of non-purebred
sires and brings nearly 50 per - cent
greater returns.
The foregoing are a few results of
a recent Inquiry conducted by the
bureau of animal Industry, United
States Department of Agriculture. The
figures are based on about 25,000 head
of breeding stock owned by 525 experi
enced live-stock owners. Besides, the
same persons own 30,000 fowls on
which the poultry results are based.
All of these stockmen have for several
years an average of nine used pure
bred sires to head their herds and
Figures Are Conservative.
The figures mentioned were obtained
during the last part of 1921 in a peri
od of marked depression In the live
stock industry. Partly for that rea
son they are considered conservative
even though pointing to an unusually
nig ti . -value- or pureoreas over com
mon stock.
The purpose of obtaining this new
information was to supply an increas
ing demand for facts of greater scope
than single short-time observations.
With the development of the Federal
State campaign for "Better Sires
Better Stock" the Department has re
ceived an unusually large number of
requests asking what purebreds can
do for the man who does not aspire
to become a specialized breeder.
"What can I expect from purebred
them the proper care and opportunity
to prove their worth.
The bureau has abundant evidence
corroborating this belief. One farmer
relates that the impelling force which
prompted him to acquire purebreds
was the need for more income. He
reasoned that ownership of purebreds
was not the proverbial wealthy man's
diversion, but the poor man's necessity,
He obtained the best foundation stock
within his means and gave it good
care ; it increased his returns 100 per
The inquiry shows that for the most
part purebred animals of good type
are readily obtainable. But special
requirements or a desire for the less
common breeds generally involve some
difficulties and higher prices.
About 98 per cent of the purebred
live-stock owners reporting to the De
partment were satisfied both with the
purebreds themselves and the progeny,
except when they expressed the de
sire for still better stock. As one breed
er explained, the desire for improve
ment is necessary for progress. A
few had unfortunate experience with
purebreds of inferior quality and point
ed out the need for making selections
with great care. Practically all re
ports agreed on the principle that su
perior quality among purebreds them
selves is invariably worth a higher
Numerous sidelights on the raising
of Improved live stock under practi
cal farm conditions and through differ
ent periods, including last year's period
of depression, have been obtained from
the reports. . Following is a brief sum-
Colorado Farm Products Valued at
$280,000,000 in 1919.
Washington. Products of the farms
of the country had a gross value of
$21,425,623,614 in 1919, the census bu
reau announces. That was an increase
of 152.2 per cent, or $12,931,393,307,
over 1909 when their gross value was
Iowa led all states in gross value of
farm products with a total of $1,447,
938,473. Texas was second state with
$1,369,471,705. Illinois was third with
The gross value of crops produced
aggregated $14,755,364,894. Texas led
In production of crops with a total
value of $1,071,542,103. Iowa was sec
ond with $890,391,299, and Illinois
third with $864,737,833.
Colorado's gross value of farm pro
ducts was given as $280,295,337 live
stock products, $26,921,222, and ani
mals slaughtered, $70,600,000.
Wyoming's gross, $68,153,818 ; live
stock products $14,004,109 ; animals
slaughtered, $23,700,000.
Colorado's crop value was placed at
$181,065,239; forest products, $563,476,
and nursery and green house products,
-"'V : . I
' T t ' s ,
Soviet Will Cease Use of Gold.
Moscow. The soviet government
has decided to refrain from using the
gold ruble as a calculating unit. The
difference in exchange between paper
and gold has been increasing so rapid
ly that fears were expressed in finan
cial circles that the whole existing
wage and payment system might be
shattered. Onep lan under considera
tion is that of a decree determining a
goods index as the calculating unit.
This Index would determine the wages
and the value of the goods.
A Purebred Sow,
sires, or from both purebred sires and
dams, as a utility proposition?" That
is essentially what scores of thought
ful people want to know.
Superiority of Purebreds.
The superiority, based on utility, of
purebred over common stock is evident
from the following figures :
Superior Earning
Class Per cent.
Dairy Cattle 47.8
Poultry . 40.7
Swine 38.3
Sheep "... 37.8
Horses 37.2
Beef Cattle 36.8
Goats :...3S.8
Average for all classes (weighted) .....40.4
The relatively high percentages rep
resenting the earning power of well
bred dairy cattle and poultry over
scrubs are explained doubtless by the
greater facilities for keeping produc
tion records of these classes of live
stock, thereby contributing to their
A Profitable Investment.
The average reported increase In
financial returns from live-stock oper
ations, traceable to the use of pure
bred sires, was 48.0 per cent. This
result includes the returns from both
the sale of breeding stock and of ani
mals and products for market. The
data appear to -show exclusively that
well-bred animals are good property
not simply for the experienced breed
er bat for every farmer willing to give
Character, Soundness and Good con
mary of the study to be dealt with
more fully in a circular which the De
partment Is preparing for publication.
1. Based on utility alone (entirely
apart from breeding or sales value)
purebred live stock has an earning
power from a third to one-half greater
than scrub stock. The average su
periority of purebreds over scrubs for
all classes of farm animals is about
40 per cent.
. 2. Of the principal points in which
purebreds excel other stock,' the most
prominent are : Superiority and uni
formity in conformation and type,
greater sale value, greater and more
economical production, and earlier ma
3. Surplus purebreds are readily sal
able at satisfactory prices in a ma
jority of cases ; but sales and prices
depend largely on the quality of stock
as shown by breeding and production
records, also on the business ability
of the breeder. - ..
4. With rare exceptions, purebred
sire users are satisfied with the qual
ity of the offspring obtained, except
that the desire Is created in many
cases to further improve the quality.
5. The progeny of purebred sires
has practically a 50 per cent greater
sale value than the progeny of non
purebreds. 6. Purebred sires of good quality
are readily obtainable In the experi
ence of three-fourths of the breeders
reporting. The principal difficulties
are: Paying the price and finding the
desirable type, but there Is practically
unanimous agreement that the results
justify the cost.
7. The average Increase In financial
returns, from live-stock raising, trace
able to the use of purebred sires is
48 per cent.
8. Each breeder of purebred live
stock influences, on an average, about
nine other persons to raise superior
9. Of the chief influences which
cause farmers to become breeders of
purebred live stock, the three foremost
are: Reading agricultural periodicals
and bulletins, general observation, and
county agents.
10. The principal methods by which
breeders expect to continue to Improve
their stock are : Use of superior sires,
careful selection and mating, md use
of superior females.
(WesUrn Newspaper Union New Bertie.)
Santa Fe will have a teachers' insti
tute in June. So Prof. J. D. Silva,
principal of the school at Clenega,
stated recently, stating that a suffi
cient number of teachers had been
signed up.
"The Colorado and Gila rivers must
be dammed by holding back In reser
voirs their destructive strength," he
asserted. These floods and their force
can be utilized for power and land
The Tucson High School baseball
team captured the high school cham
pionship at Tucson by defeating the
Gila Academy nine, 2 to 1, in the third
and deciding game of the University
Week tournament staged at Tucson.
The work of clearing the ground for
the new First National Bank building
in Albuquerque has been started and
actual construction will be started
soon. When completed the new build
ing will cost over half a million dol
The summer conference of the Prot
estant Episcopal missionary district ol"
New Mexico and West Texas will be
held in Las Vegas July 5-15. Decision
to hold the conference there was wade
at the convocation, held In Las Vegas
last February.
Manganese shipments from the Bos
ton Hill district near Silver City have
been heavy recently, most of the ore
going to the plants of the Colorado
Fuel & Iron Company at Pueblo, Colo.
A large force of men is now employed
it the mines.
A prairie fire, which started in one
of the canons of Roy, N. M., burned
over several sections recently, and
came near destroying the homes of sev
eral ranchers. The fact that there was
little wind probably saved the homes
of many of the ranchers.
Thousands of little trout will be
placed in the streams of Colfax coun
ty this spring by the sportsmen of Ra
ton, N. M. A shipment of 10,000 was
placed in the streams in the Cimarron
country. All were from the hatcnery
on the Pecos and arrived In good con
At the request of the mothers of the
city, the Hot Springs, N. M., council
has passed a curfew ordinance and In
the future all the kiddles must be off
the streets by 9 o'clock In the evening.
Several of the mothers have offered to
act as night marshal of the town to
see that this Is enforced.
A new western . empire with an as
semblage of Industries that will aston
ish the world will result from harness
ing of the Colorado river, Colonel Wil
liam A. Glassford declared at a dinner
in Phoenix of the National Reclama
tion Association. He is chairman of
the association's committee on organ
The progress of Arizona can be
traced with accuracy by the develop
ment of her road building, Governor
Thos. E. Campbell told delegates to the
United States Good Roads Association
in an address of welcome which fea
tured the opening program of the na
tional convention recently held in
Phoenix. t
Selection of Greenville, S. C, as the
1923 convention city of the United
States Good Roads and the'Bankhead
National Highway Associations; re
election of all national officers of the
liankhead Asoclation, and adoption of
a report recommending extension of
the Bankhead system to Mexico City
were features of the closing session of
the two good roads organizations an
nual joint meeting at Phoenix.
Plats have been filed in Lordsburg,
N. M, for the new town of Vlrden, lo
cated in some of the best farming coun
try of the upper Gila river country.
There are already several houses on
the new site and streets have been laid
out running east, west, north and
south. A tree planting campaign will
be 'started soon.
Nogales recently entertained one of
the largest crowds of out-of-town vis
itors in its history. Fully 2,000 people
visited from Phoenix, Tucson and oth
er points, attracted by a bull fight, held
n Plaza Reforma in Nogales, Sonora,
in honor of delegates to the United
States Good Roads and I.ankhead Na
tional Highway Associations' conven
tions, concluded at Phoenix.
Hugh Kennedy, 17, of Mayfield,
Okla., died while en route to a Pres
cott hospital from Ash Fork, as a re
sult of gunshot wounds and injuries
sustained In a fall from an east bound
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe freight
train near Seligman, Ariz. Kennedy,
who partially recovered consciousness
before his -death, told officers that lie
had been thrown from the train after
laving been shot twice by an unknown
raveling companion.
From $8.50 to $3.50 a ton on cotton
seed from Las Cruces to El Paso Is the
eduction announced by W. R. Brown,
general freight agent of the Santa F6
Railway Company at El Paso, in a let
ter to Robert P. Porter, head of the
orter Lumber Company at Las
Articles of Incorporation for the
Copper Queen Extension Mining Coin
pnny of Bisbee have been approved by
the Slate Corporation Commission. The
new company was incorporated with a
capital stock of $1,500,000, divided in
to share of the par value .of $1 each. .
Huntington Citizen Could Neither
Sleep Nor Eat With Any Sat
isfaction Before He
Got Tan lac
"Before taking Tanlac I had not
ieen a well day In six years," said
W. R. Peoples, 328 22nd St., Hunting
ton, W. Va.
"It seemed like I had lost my health
for good. I could neither sleep nor
eat with satisfaction. I was badly
run down, nervous, had no appetite
and had to force down every mouthful
I ate. Even then my food soured. I
would fill up with gas until I had In
tense pains in my stomach and chest.
Headache almost drove me mad, rheu
matism In my arms, shoulder and hips
kept me in pain all the time, and I
had to force myself to work.
"Tanlac went right after my troubles.
On four bottles I gained ten pounds
and the rheumatism and stomach
trouble soon left me. My wife has
given a statement about the good Tan
lac did her, and I am glad to add my
endorsement of this wonderful medi
cine." Tanlac Is sold by all good druggists.
Evil One Declared to Have Assisted
Monk to Perform Work, for
a Fearful Price.
One of the most famous copies of
the Scriptures In existence Is the one
which bears the curious title, "The
Devil's Bible." It Is an exquisite piece
of workmanship, inscribed on 300
asses' skins, and was taken to Stock
holm at the conclusion of the Thirty
Tears war.
According to tradition this Bible
was the work of a poor monk who
was condemned to death for some
defection, but was told that the sen
tence would be commuted If he would
copy out on asses skins the entire
Bible in a single night. He agreed
to try to do it but, finding the task
too great, made a compact with the
devil to exchange his soul for the
required transcript. The. devil kept
his part of the bargain, and the work
was finished on time. The monk's
life was spared by his marveling
Judges, but tradition is silent as to
how he kept his end of the agreement.
Strength, Health, Vigor
You May Have Them All.
Complete body building- coune for all thoa
lacking these Qualities ; do you want to re
gain them? Write today for leaflet; I be
lieve I can help you.
24S3 So. 18th St. . OMAHA, NEB.
Betuttr to Grmr nd Faded Haul
c ana vi.uu&t lTu?glsUL
THgeox Chem. Wke. Patchogue.IT.T.
HINDERCORNS Ramorej Coras, Cal
louses, ete., stops all pain, ensures comfort to th
feet, makes walking; eav. lAc by mail or at Drair-g-lsts.
fiiseoz Chemical Works, Patchoue, M. T.
Her Time Taken Up Now.
Brother, a year younger than Ethel,
had fallen down and she had helped
him up and brushed his clothes In a
motherly fashion when along came
aunty and radiantly announced, "How
would you like a new baby sister?"
Ethel glared at her indignantly and
then hotly flashed, "Say, aunty, don't
you think I have enough on my bands
now with brother without taking care
of any extras?"
A REWARD OF $5,000.00
Would be a small amount to pay
for saving a man's life. If you could
save your life for a dollar bill would
you hesitate to spend it? You risk
your life everytime you drive your
car in the rain because you can't see
through your windshield. A dollar
bill sent to the Baltimore See-Thru
Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland.
will ensure you having a clear wind
shield for the next three years, as
their preparation is guaranteed to
keep your glass as clear as a sum
mers day. .Nothing like it on the
market. One application will last as
long as a rain storm even if it lasts
a month. It is absolutely guaranteed
to give satisfaction or Tnoney refund
ed, bend for it today and be pre
pared for the next rain storm. Ad
Lost Them Since.
Bobble How did ye hurt yer hand?
Been flghtin'?
Eddie Tep. Those were awful
sharp teeth Sammy Jones used to
have. Life.
Daily Thought.
Truly there is a tide In the affairs
of men; but there is no Gulf stream
setting forever In one direction.
Increases In Fact.
Wifey "Marriage soon ceases to
be a matter of billing and cooing.
Hubhy "Oh, the billing part continues
all right.
Letting Him In.
'Well, well, young gentlemen ! ex
claimed the affable old person. "I'd
give a great deal to be able to join
in your sport.
"Stick around, grandpop," said one
sturdy youngster. "If we knock this
bail through somebody's window we'll
let you go for it. Birmingham Age-Herald.
Shave With Cutlcura Soap
And double your razor efficiency as
well as promote skin purity, skin com
fort and skin health. No mug, no
slimy soap, no germs, no waste, no Irri
tation even when shaved twice dally.
One soap for all uses shaving bathing;
and shampooing. Advertisement.
Next Day, All Right.
She (during spat) It's a story for
you to say I grabbed you up quick.
You know very well that when you
proposed I didn't say "yes" until the
next day.
He That's right, you ' didn't. I
proposed at 11 :59 p. m. and you ac
cepted me at 12 :01 the next morning.
Boston Transcript.
Blushes are also only skin deep.
should be made
artistic, sanitary
and livable.
These -walls should be Alabastined in the latest,
up-to-the-minute nature color tints. Each room should
reflect your own individuality and the treatment
throughout be a complete perfect harmony in colors.
The walls of the old home, whether mansion or cottage, can be
made just as attractive, just as sanitary, through the intelligent use of
Instead of kalsomine or wallpaper
It is absolutely necessary if you expect Alabastine results that
you ask for and secure jilabastine.
Avoid kalsomines under various names and insist on the package
with the cross and circle printed in red. That is the only way to be
cure you are getting the genuine Alabastine.
Alabastine is easy to mix and apply, lasting in its results, and
absolutely sanitary.
Alabastine is a dry powder, put up in five-pound packages, white and beau
tiful tints, ready to mix and use by the addition of cold water, and with full direc
tions on each package. Every package of genuine
Alabastin has cross and circle printed in red.
Better write us for hand-made color de
signs and special suggestions. Give us your decor
ative problems and let us help you work them out.
Alabastine Company
1655 GrandvUle Ave. Grand Rapids. Micb
.n. ii 1

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