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Had Your Iron Today?
The Delicious Bread
f Energy and Iron
SERVE raisin bread twice weekly on yout
table for three reasons:
1. Flavor; 2. Energy; 3. Iron
You remember how good a generously filled,
full-fruited raisin bread can be. Your grocer;
or baker can supply a loaf like this.
Insist if he hasn't one he can get it for you.
Full-fruited bread is full of luscious seeded
Sun-Maid raisins rich in energizing nutri
tnent in practically predigested form.
Raisins also furnish fatigue-resisting iron
for the blood.
Serve plain raisin bread at dinner or as a
(tasty fruited breakfast toast with coffee.
Make delicious bread pudding with left-,
tover slices. No need to waste a crumb of;
raisin bread.
Begin this week the habit of raisin bread
twice weekly in your home, for raisin bread is
both good and good for you.
Blue Package
Naval Testing Ground.
The long-felt need of the Navy de
partment for a place -where new In
ventions that "looked good" might be
tried out Is being met with an experi
mental research laboratory, down the
Potomac river, seven miles - from the
Washington navy yard, on the grounds
of the Bellevue magazine, which Is ex
pected to be In operation this sum
mer. The new plant which is primarily
for research purposes and particularly
as a development laboratory, will
probably devote a great deal of at
tention to radio work.
It is not worth while to let our Im
perfections disturb us always.
You can secure complete informa
tion about this new and lucrative
business by reading regularly
Radio Merchandising
The Semi-Monthly Magazine
of the Hadio Industry
It is replete with exactly the infor
mation that the dealer, and pros
pective dealer, requires. One dollar
will bring it to you for four months
Three dollars a year.
Radio Publishing Corporation
Dept. 26, 342 Madison Ave,NewYork City
You'll Like vV-
ExceliX) 'AJC?
f SuspenderS jhif r!
I Tear's wear guar- i 1 555! N
anteed. ' No robber. ft I
a PAoipAorBron ' 3 J HLa5-V '
m Spring sire the J f . -jHTfrcO-J
a stretch. Comfortable. : 3 1 f 111 Vfff I
mlulwlun'tami.HQa "I vHLV W SOjTMt
av1" B0ee;76B2r" 1 "
.Na-War Street m r J
auyti" Co.. oa
SeeJeJ Raisins
Make delicious bread, pies, puddings,
cakes, etc Ask your grocer for them. Send
for free book of tested recipes.
Sun-Maid Raisin Growers
Membership 13J000
Dept. N-20-9, Fresno, Calif.
New Building Material.
At Marrero, La., there has been
erected a factory for making build
lng material from sngar cane bagasse,
the equipment of the mill Is very
much like that In a paper factory. The
bagasse is chipped, - cooked and
washed, and then sent to -beaters,
where It Is worked up until the fibers
are of the proper length. A special
machine converts the pulp into board
and this is dried fo four hours,
emerging as a finished product, quite
dry and hard. It Is known, as celotex,
and can be worked just like wood, and
Is solid and homogeneous. Scientific
Free for Our Readers.
We have made arrangements where
by every housewife who reads this
paper can obtain a copy of "Reliable
Kecipes" absolutely free of charge by
simply writing the Home Economics
Department of the Calumet Baking
Powder Co., 4100-23 Fillmore Street,
Chicago, III.
"Reliable Keclpes" contains 76 pagea
of recipes and other Information ap
preciated by every housewife. It is
Illustrated in colors and will prove
quite neiprui in preparing the daily
We "have also made arrangements
with the Calumet Baking Powder Co.
whereby, their Home Economics De
partment will cheerfully answer all
questions pertaining to cooking,
kitchen equipment, etc. There is ab
solutely no charge for this service.
Write the Home Economics Depart
ment of the Calumet Baking Powder
Co., 4100-28 Fillmore St., Chicago, I1L,
today for a copy of "Reliable Recipes."
Real Sport.
Knicker Fond of camping?
8ubbubs Yes, it's a relief to see
so many bugs and flies I don't have
to kill.
The more undesirable a reputation
the harder It is to lose.
Sure Relief
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
25$ and 754 Packages. Everywhere
Harry Stelnholdt, under arrest In
racoma, Wash., Thursday, is charged
with having purchased a Bible and a
rosary with a bogus check. The com
plaining witness, the proprietor of a
hop, told the police he accepted the
check without question because of the
nature of the purchase.
Sheriff George White of Santa
Cruz county was killed and Manuel
Martinez and Placldo Silvas, convicted
murderers, escaped when an automo
bile in which the prisoners were being
taken to the state penitentiary at
Florence, Ariz., overturned on the No-
gales-Tucson highway near Continen
tal, eighteen miles south of Tucson.
A lone bandit held up the Commer
cial State Bank of Florence, Neb., near
Omaha, locked the cashier in the vault
and escaped with about $1,500 in cash.
Cashier R. A. Johnson and one cus
tomer were the only persons in the
bank when the bandit entered. John
son freed himself with a screwdriver.
This is the second time the bank has
been robbed this year.
The effect of Illicit liquor upon coun
try dances was discussed at the ses
sion of the Joint convention of Pacific
Northwest sheriffs and police officers
and the Idaho State Association at
Coeur D'Alene, Ida., and resolutions
later were passed advocating strict
regulation of the rural dances and leg
islation giving county sheriffs author
ity to grant and cancel licenses for
public dances.
'For gallant service," Harry D.
Stewart, agent for the American Rail
way Express Company, has been pre
sented in Los Angeles with a check
for $1,000, an engraved gold watch and
a letter of appreciation from George
C. Taylor, president of the company.
Stewart, who resides in Los Angeles,
killed one bandit and drove off eight
more during an. attempted holdup of
a train near Tucson, Ariz., several
weeks ago.
United Mine Workers' representa
tives after considering the coal strike
arbitration plan presented by Presi
dent Harding summoned the general
policy committee of the union to Wash
ington to pass -finally upon the pro
Clerks employed in postoffices
throughout the United States will, dur
ing the remainder of the summer sea
son, be permitted to enjoy a half holi
day each Saturday, providing the work
asslsgned to them has been completed
by noon on that day, under an order
Issued by First Assistant Postmaster
General Bartlett.
The Republican agricultural-tariff
bloc got another setback In the Sen
ate, losing 33 to 24, its fight to make
dutiable imported vegetable oils, used
In the manufacture of uonedlble pro
ducts. The Senate then, without a roll
call, approved rates of 3 cents a pound
on cottonseed oil and soya bean oil.
and 4 cents a pound on coconut oil and
peanut oil, where such oils enter into
the manufacture of edible commodi
ties. While optimism as to the outcome
of the railroad strike was reflected at
the White House, there was farther
evidence that the administration In
tends to keep a firm grasp on the sit
uation and that every force at the
command of the government will be
utilized to insure maintenance of
necessary interstate transportation.
Complaint has been filed with the
Department of Justice In Washington
in behalf of producers and shippers of
the Pacific coast against the alleged
activities of the Southern Pacific rail
way In endeavoring to "create senti
ment and action against the decision
of the Supreme Court ordering disso
lution of the partnership of that road
with the Central Pacific."
The Court of Appeals has denied the
application of Charles W. Morse, his
three sons and eight others jointly in
dicted for conspiracy to defraud the
government in connection with war
contracts, for a special appeal from
the decision of the District Supreme
Court overruling demurrers filed
against the Indictment. The Court of
Appeals held that no emergency ex
isted for granting a special appeal in
the case.
Urging Congress to enact new legis
lation to destroy an alleged Standard
Oil monopoly in the gasoline trade, the
federal trade commission charged the
corporation with "perpetuating the
very monopolistic control which the
United States Supreme Court sought
to terminate."
James H. Wilkerson, a Chicago at
torney, has been nominated by Presi
dent Harding to be United States dis
trict judge for the northern district of
Illinois. He suceeds Judge K. M. Lan
flls, who resigned to become high com
missioner of baseball.
"I believe it is necessary to give
Germany a respite rn the payment of
reparations . to enable her to restore
her finances," Premier Lloyd George
announced In the House of Commons.
It Is impossible for Great Britain to
remit the reparations payment due
her from Germany in favor of France,
even to settle the Indemnity problem,
Premier Lloyd George told the House
of Commons.
Dr. Sun Tat-Sen, deposed president
of South China, sailed into Canton
harbor aboard the gunboat Wlngfung,
escorted by two . cruisers and one de
stroyer, after bombarding the Macao
forts, two miles below the city. Sun
declared he would not again bombard
the city proper.
The Japanese government Is consid
ering an offer for the purchase of the
island of Sakhalien from Russia, ac
cording to the Xorozu, a Toklo ver
nacular newspaper. The Island of Sak
halien, approximately 400 miles In
length, lies off the coast of the mari
time province of Siberia, Immediately
north of Japan.
The publicity department of the
Irish irregnlar army has announced
that Eamon de Valera is at field gen
eral headquarters, serving .on the staff
of the director of operations. It is be
lieved headquarters has been trans
ferred from Mallow to Limerick. The
provisional government reaffirms its
determination to suppress the revolt.
Chen Chiung-Ming's troops have
broken the drive of Sun Tat Sen's
forces in the vicinity of Shlukwan, In
flicting considerable losses. Chen
Ohlung-Ming, who controls the railway
between Canton and ShiUkwan has
sent 14,000 troops northward from Can
ton. Reserves around ShiUkwan ap
pear to have lessened Sun's chances of
recapturing Canton.
The reparations commission in Paris
notified the German government In re
ply to the demand for a moratorium
for reparations payments that it would
give a definite answer only when it
has In hand the full report of the com
mittee on guarantees which went to
Berlin a short time ago to supervise
reforms to which the German govern
ment gave its assent.
Formal and official announcement
that Great Britain will pay her debt of
$400,000.000 to the United States,
was made in the House of Commons
by Sir Robert Home, chancellor of the
British exchequer. "Our debt to the
United States is a solemn obligation
and it will be met, said Sir Robert.
It is expected this announcement -wall
put an end to discussions of "debt can
Three persons killed, at least two
others so badly injured that their re
covery is doubtful and property dam
age that may reach $3,000,000 was the
toll of storms and a tornado tlmt
swept parts of South Dakota and Ne
braska recently.
Millions of dollars are to be spent
for building during the ensuing year by
the Benevolent and Protective Order
of Elks, according to the report or re
tiring Grand Exalted Killer William
Wallace Mountain, presented at Atlan
tic City. The assets of subordinate
lodges now amount to S5S,09934, and
the elaborate building program for the
year shows that there are to be erect
ed in various parts of the country thir
ty-one new homes.
Grand Jury action to fix responsi
bility for the recent coal mine warfare
near Herri n, HI., will begin as soon as
the community has had a chance to
'cool down, Attorney General K J.
Brundage of Illinois declared in Chi
cago upon his return from a personal
trip of investigation In Williamson
county. Brundage said that "It looks
as though the mine owners were in
discreet in their display of armed
strength. He declared that the mine
guards were accustomed to torronxe
the community.
Governor Hard wick of Atlanta, Ga
has declared that unless the Ku Klux
Klan discards its masks and removes
all secrecy about its membership that
he will ask the Legislature to "take
strong steps to make the wearing of
TnBfca a crime" in Georgia.
Slight danger of a serious epidemic
of black rust exists in the spring- wheat
states of Minnesota and North Dako
ta, unless weather conditions from now
until harvest are unfavorable, accord
ing to Donald G. Fletcher, federal
plant disease expert, who recently
ended a crop Inspection trip across the
two states. Little damage has teen
done thus far by rust, Mr. Fletcher
said his observations revealed.
Edward G. - Workman, of Water-
town. New York, evidently missed
the war, so he brought - it to
his porch, in the form of a 155-millimeter
shell, "a dud" salvaged from the
artillery range at Pine Plains. Either
the heat of the sun or the blow from a
child's croquet mallet exploded the
shell, killing eight children and wreck
ing the concrete house in which Work
man's family and that of William L.
Salisbury lived.
George Hurlburt, 9 years old, was
sentenced to four years in the McCune
home for boys at Kansas City. Uo,
and Sherman Hanna to three months
In connection with the killing of Pete
Carramusa, 0 years old. The Carra
musa boy was struck by a bullet from
George Hurlburt's rifle. George said
the shooting was accidental.
Champion Jack Dempsey and Harry.
Wills, through their managers, have
signed a contract in New York City to
box for the world's heavyweight cham
pionship at a time and place to be
named later.
Southwest News
From All Over
New Mexico S
and Arizona
The new highway from Tularosa to
Mescalero will soon be completed and
will be one of the finest in that part
of New Mexico. A large force of men
Is now rushing the road to comple
The cabbage crop in the Mesilla val
ley, near Mexico, will amount to more
than 100 cars. Prices range from $20
to $35, the average being around $27.50
a ton. The Copenhagen market vari
ety is the one favored in that district.
The Springer, N. M., post of the
American Legion is not making plans
for a big two days' fair to be held at
Springer the first of September. The
program will consist of a big exhibit
of cattle and horses and all kinds of
farm products, as well as a big list of
sporting events.
Miss Bethlne Stephens, 16 years old,
shot out both her eyes at her home in
Demlng when she attempted to commit
suicide. Three shots are said to have
been fired, two of them taking effect
In the face, one of her eyes being
blown out and the optic nerve of the
other shot off.
Friends in Nogales, Ariz., are appre
hensive of the fate of H. Gordon Glore,
Nogales contractor, and a party aboard
his fishing schooner which, according
to word received In Nogales from Ca-
borca, Sonora, sank in a storm on the
night of July 4, near St, George's bay,
off the coast of Sonora,
Thirty business houses were flooded,
several Mexican dwellings floated
away and three bridges washed out by
a flood wmcn swept tnrougn tne Dor-
der cities of Nogales, Ariz., and No
gales, Sonora, recently. The flood wa
ters came down an arroyo which leads
into the two cities from the northern
part of Sonora.
Floyd O. Fitch and his wife, Sarah,
were sentenced to thirty days each in
the county jail by Justice Henry J.
Sullivan of Phoenix on charges of as
sault after their adopted daughters,
Ophelia and Nadine Fitch, 13 and 8
respectively, had bared their backs
and shown bruises and welts which
the children said were inflicted by
the foster parents.
Two sets of brothers battled on the
open range near Steeplerock, N. M.,
forty miles east of Clifton, Ariz. One
was killed and another wounded. A
feud over cattle and horses is said to
have precipitated the fight. Bat Brad-
berry, who, with his brother, Mart
Bradberry, is said to have battled
Johnny Fulcher, who was slain, and
Sidney Fulcher, who was wounded, al
though the extent of his injury is not
The contract for the new road in the
Mimbres valley from Santa Rita to
San Lorenzo, has been let to Peterson,
Shirley and Grunther of Omaha, the
cost to be over $115,000. The distance
Is about 9 miles and the building of
the new road will open up one of the
finest farming sections of the valley to
which the markets have been shut off
for several years. The work will be
started at once and the new road will
be completed by early fall.
Approximately $300,000 in outstand
ing state warrants, which the state of
Arizona heretofore has been unable to
pay, win now De paia upon presenta
tion at the treasurer's office, it was
announced in Phoenix by State Treas
urer Earhart. The payment of these
warrants, some of which are of long
standing, he said, is made possible un
der the provisions of the financial
code which went into effect on July 1
Earhart urged holders of all state war
rants to present them for payment at
The total assessed valuation of the
property of the twenty-eight railroad
companies operating in Arizona for
1922 taxation purposes, according to a
statement Issued by the State Tax
Commission is $100,395,656.50, or $766,-
203.10 less than the total assessed val
uation of the same property in 1921,
which was $101,161,859.60.
Adelbert Holladay, 30, of Miami, and
Daisy, his 10-year-old daughter,
drowned in Roosevelt lake, near Globe.
Daisy, while bathing, went beyond her
depth and her father, hearing her crxes
for help, swam out in an attempt to
rescue her. Both perished in spite of
the efforts of Donald Brown, also of
Miami, to save them. Both bodies were
At the recent special election held
In Cimarron, N. M., the $75,000 school
bonds carried by a vote of almost 3 to
1. The bonds will be sold soon and
the construction of the building will
be started at once. It will be connect
ed with the remodeled present build
ing, will have nine class rooms, a com
bined gymnasium and auditorium, do
mestic science and manual training
rooms, library and superintendent's of
fice. U. S. Senator Holm O. Bursum wired
Las Cruces, N. M., from Washington,
D. C, that his bill creating an all-year
national park at the Mescalero Indian
reservation and the Elephant Butte
lake and dam was reported upon fav
orably by the Senate committee on In
dian affairs.
Tentative plans for the entertain
ment of the delegates to the American
Legion convention to be held in Doug
las, Sept. 18, 19 and 20, were made at
a meetinpr between the state com
mander, Duane Bird, and officials of
the post in Douglas.
Gains 14 Pounds Taking Tanlac and
Is Restored to Finest Health.
"Tanlac has restored my health and
built me up fourteen pounds in
weight," said H. W. Morrison, 4768
Thrush Ave., St. Louis, Mo., agent ftr
the National Life Insurance Co.
"Two years ago my stomach wenj
wrong and I could not eat anything;
without suffering agony afterwards
from heart palpitation and shortness
of breath. Some nights I was in so
much misery my wife had to get up
and try to get me some relief. My
health got to be so poor I had to stay
in bed for weeks at a time.
"What Tanlac has done for me Is
nothing short of wonderful. I now
eat anything I want, sleep fine, an
am working full time every day ; lis
fact, I'm in splendid health. I can't
praise Tanlac too highly."
Tanlac Is sold by all good druggist.
Recruit's Answer Offers an Explana
tion of Why Some Army Drill
masters Go Insane.
The sergeant major was reaching
the end of his patience in his examina
tion of the recruit's squad.
"For the last time," he yelled, going
almost purple in the face, "I ask you
the simple question: 'What is a forti
Qcation?' "
Shoulders dropped and with faces
void of intelligence as a vacuum of air,
the recruits stood fast as a man. No
one answered.
Rushing up to the most intelligent-
looking man, the irate N. C. O. bawled :
'Tell me, my man, what is a fortifica
The answer came like a cork out
of a bottle :
"Two twentifications, sir!" London
About the Cook.
"Has your cook been with you
long?" "With us?" She has been
against us since the start." London
One of the joys of going way for
the summer is coming back for the
Two Months Could Not Turn in Bed.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound Finally Restored Health
Seattle. Washington. "I had drair-
fpng pains first and could not stand on
imy feet, then I had
chills and fever and
such pains in my
right side and a hard
lump there. I could
not turn myself in
bed and could not
sleep. I was this way
for over two months,
trying everything;
any one told me, un
til my sister brought
me a bottle of Lydia
EL Pinkham's Vege-
table Compound. I took it regularly un
til all the hard pains had left me and I
was able to be up and to do my work
aerain. The hard lumn left mv side and
I feel splendid in all ways. I know of
many women it has helped," Mrs. G.
Richardson, 4640 Orcas St, Seattle,
This is another case where Lydia E
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
brought results after yingeverything
any one told me had failed.
If you are suffering from pain, lier
vousness and are always tired; if you
are low spirited and good for nothing,
take Lvdia E. Pinkham's Ve ire table
Compound. You may not only relieve
the present distress, but prevent the
development of more serious trouble.
If you are troubled -with pains or
aches; feel tired; have headache,
indigestion, insomnia; painful pas
sage of urine, you will find relief in
The world's standard remedy for kidney.
liver, bladder and uric add troubles and
National Remedy of Holland since 169&
Three sizes, all druggists.
Look for the nuno Gold Medal on eiy box
and accept no imitation
Cuticura Soap
Without Mug
Cutieurm Soap is the fmTorite foramf ety raior ahmyin g.
To restore grray or
faded Imir to orlff
inl color, dou't uao
& dye It'.s dinger
ous Get a bottle of
Q-Baa Hair Color Restorer ?afe as water
apply it add watch results. At alt good drugviata.
75c, or direct from HESS iG-ELLIS, Cfcrmrtf, Meswhia, Tasv
offered for your town. Wonderful possibilities
to make easy money in spare time selling
tipwIv Invented noDular priced corselette.
Vniversaltv adopted by all women. Sells at
slRht- Write for particulars. KAY SALES
- ' -
CO.. Room ir;a Broauway, rr. 1UKK.
W. N. U.. DENVER, NO. 29-1922.

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