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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, January 09, 1868, Morning, Image 1

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oeegesryes rhe as white alease, sand hr eme e slaot ae last
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hehpteea, ad Ilthe Dare as fChreess of Le. seaep
tube s mes eno hetie, mrsar, o as e w tt a i d te ro 1
e IoIasaata h bos dsa e i. l Ih seOLE o bo e the lr,
a wallter oe"soa atUtI usga, Mer a se basge Isa iet, and
te, prse oats i a eubtiRg rI .Ae tothe Ur tra ol
beg las .d is.FMaa . ame a rr a en thresisu of doae RI
sadasmte oellf penls, 6a40"me NDeas sat atir, to ni
Whi hae boa the v stas o "f qb e k .t d ahe ehase Id l
heavoPy aetou ahrndI. o tiehaerea tha they to
as deewd, sad that th "psis." has, by the of paes- f
armW usrbegte baassled up e thsystm be bomb sit is law
mmmsI wed has so 3M1AMI *AlTE NARL&GL Al
Ie dlosepsed of the CuaINAb OUGAnIS, whether re hlag san
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Frastlsa. mmd AmalytlealbeLDB SEleL DEPlctr, pe
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wa'eWeat eens.
WasPmeow. Jan. 8-A medal valued a
e eath hed dlars, was td o the
S a a cm te frau a -I ULeoloo
1 ýe la s Ie dometer. Me tho
ohbveuse id Yan excellent Ilkea.e ao th preos- I
det, with date of is birth sad iaagrota I
a td eno the revermo th followIng In I
sra.: * 9thl corm amd sealt hdeaid I
the s o a b se j anloagamla.nty 1
e reseed the sLleu sad o etaI s
I The preseeatmatla address wainsm i o
' The dresint was tans bI l . 1h ;
I to ste u at 1 I
.o th , *v
o ar io oles O isplsd. Is oslnseios he
an thoa uel *• 4 ta* O. sM.ot, last
w d ad • co itee erete. hae I
Sm ent thee tok each member of tha
the ways and aesas oemmitatee her decied
to a t aew whisky meter committe, and
sealn na aaeti= of ta present essamittne.
rBewarspent part of the day in e ese
Court lds wi l adversely to the oastits.
t of ofreooca o o es acts,i a case da iyt b
omm for New Orlesas.
The ways and meas coammittee will report ad
veruely to the SeInate cotten taseseadeas, and I
will demand a committee of confereace.
A committee Ofet cisus, of New York ad a
Connectict, preseateA the president a ane made
from the uarter oak. 3
Thomas N. Stilwell has been nominated mintter 1
to Vasenels.
Internal revenue receipts to-day, $340,000.
House-The committee on foreign affairs re.
ported s resolutlon rqneutileg the president to
intercede with Queen Vitoria for PiFather oMaa
hon's release. The report maietains the inno.
ceuce of McNabos. They refuse to couple other E
names with the resolution, as the case was homo
genous. I
'Th resolution was discussed broadly, both par
ties maintaining that American views regarding
alienation and naturalisation mast be enforced by
arms if necessary. t
McCullum held that a sation that would not
strive to protect those who swear allegiance
tot shld be bleted out. He also held that the I
mulags of Englkh courts regarding expatriation I
were moses.
Pending the diseases , the meraag hor ex. (
pred, and the resolution weat over.
The Senate amendmeat to the cotton tax bill
wasu referred to the emmittee on ways and
ass E
The MIour election eat esme up, ooospying i
sveral hours, wha Van Heu was dpclared ea
titled toas sa.
Senate.-After receiving unslportsnt memo
rila, amendmate to th bankrupst t were ntro
dnced, and indefaitely postpon. I
The baneas omm e were iastraoted to In
quire it to expediency oft asllg a penalty a
when govermIt be disburse moey without
au sathority. C
er.a " Cea e a the resolution aimed at thes e
whom the sneomrejeIed an sdes fr jesens .
b ht who were s ads seat speol missions
to doo body knew what, and were paid from the I
public funds.
The jolit resoltion to cover into the treaury b
the proceeds of captured cotton and other prop. i
erty, remainin in the hands of the trasurer, was fI
resumed and elaborately disacussed. The ross (I
amount was $1.000,000, of which $24,000,000 re- I
main in the hands of the treasurer as special 1
agent, and $10,000,000 have ben paid to owners Ii
and for expenses.
The actie of the treasurer in disbursiong the 7
$10,000,000 was seriously questioned. Matter b
Resolution Instruoting the judiciary committee It
to report a bill to vacate the present Illegal and y
onsaotorised governments In the Southern States
and to ppvide, provisional governments until b
receMt . Id ever. b
The president was called on for leformatioa as
to whether the bill abosehng " white" isathe i
Distriet laws and ordiaees was considered as b
law by the executive. n
Aftr executive session the Senate adjourned. .
Wtsuaonnro Jan. 8.-The celebration of the 6i
battle of New Orlesns to-night is probably more a
enthuiastle than any heretofore. Some 500 guests
were seated, and as many more refused admit- cl
tance. The key note seems to be Gueral Jack. at
son, a Southern seldier, backed by a Southern b
army. Letters were read from Franklin Pierce,
John Qulney Adams, and prominent Demoorats
from all sections.
WAMnnmorvo, Jan. .-The Ohio State convens.
tion has assembled. ''be favorite candidates are t
Pendletoa for prealdent and Tanman for senator. It
Lounow, Jan. 8.-Newly all the great joursal
of this cit have editorIal commente on theo mreo
lotions ecently adopted bythe Houseof Com-.
mone upon tl qestion of eltiseehlp. The set- n
tlement of Brltish elaims ad theo acaepteo of vi
the AmerIan view, u expressed by Presd et
Johnson In 1 anal mnuam ge to Congress, are
urged with atngalar unanimity. am
Naw Your, Jse. 8.-The paws in Beecher's us
church reated for 26,000. The hghhest sgle ar
pew rented for 8~5. .
The total losses by re in this ocity last year
amounted to 5,500,000. 5
llAularao., PA., Jan. 8-The nine Republion ni
bolters stand Ira. dl
Cun Asls TON, Jan. 8.-0ntrages by negroes on P
the line of the .oBot drolina railro I are re- m
ported daily, and the audition of sffre is grow- Rt
SrWeT. Yenteray a gang of bilok Union h
Lasere nred on the mall arr, thrty mUse hi
from this city, but he escaped by the fleetees of hi
b orew. wse
RIcuxoID. Jan. 8.-The reenstrueties eoovo- i
tion speat most of the day 1 fit-eel-minute a
sleeches on the second secation of the bill of rilghts T
nmakoig allegiance to the United States parameant a
to the State. en
IaDIaNPOLIn, Joa. 8.-The Demoratio State s
coavention nodinated Thomas A. Hendricks for
governor, ad declared in favor 8? Poadlton for
CaoLrars, Owio, Jan. 8.--The Democvatc ad
State convention passed resolatuos Istruting ge
the Ohio delergation to the national coareaton to el
vete for Peuditon. l
Jt-soir, Nov. 8.--eman et ergalatin of Or
the Mielspl reeoutretitea aonveatle was
elected to . B. B. glkete, t Lowedes
county, for ptId t redoI 3 votes; J. W. l Its
Watson, of Maraha, opposing eedMIte 33. T.
P. Sayrus was elected secretary. Alr the od a s Jo
elected are whites.
Cnczrxavr, Nova 8.-Crlttendeu & .. CO
propMto arnadon Rotael, have tl: H
The Unted Btateadstllnot attorney has Sled
a suit agahlm Grate., Kepe r & Co. for 8185.000
for deiquent whi~y tt a.
Cnaoioo, Jan. 8.-BBlnghm, Btoe & Co.. pork
dealm, ad Uoosek, Naet. Oe, wheat apeeula- bh
tors, have faied. 5U
AThATA. Ja. 8.--The riseelmItI Coun
Se reassembed t lhis alseuraatton ad.
Jourmeet; 110 mseka t o 1 d ted,
aPrretaeauf welcome to Gamel iemde was
in s a~ N
es 1p
hea"1 a ss M - A es teld
eh.m balw
 88m to by ' bnYs
ma dm seb h wedeM mI ..
wetaer rm e ~at Jeethstraft MW/ hver
Gioeram Pat.Y aud J d to. ha toin usto
Auserds, ma. .-Thoe unoels anppeiaod by
a. ml*as measareaive 31.5e *savemale have
mtotes BofWom ta o t he i w u reemist o
good fat" with .m the requiesea of
i u oe wt and have wmestly reted for
the a t01 8w to Iats tatlems
, to isAs Wal. The 966= r at e the
_ _saaet by the pmeplem 8.. ee
Ssaik legdie to eet mi enl eand eaoree.
meed of thMael m e bel, sad appeals to P k.
- Ipop ore sors N er e forr el proeseon.
add cesor seppeitIu to gro espre aey; siad
tote  N orthe toe e thesir rescue
a salts with the th patriotio oSrt to re
teve and perptus aaS ntiittltetal o omedt.
The ddee signed by xOsw. J Sea.s
1. ..ad aed . gem.s.
New Yonx 3oJ. 8.-Arrived: tea sai BuS
tnoe ude Cbr BrometsplawaO.
Col. Marray, Lspector of e stems at Pam,
#!0 s.kissuer PThs wea a"s hip from
St. Nass to Aspiwal, 4132 alles, ila stasen
days ad asm homu .
oton.w.Urs, Ja. 8.-River riinh hat, with
twelve feet water on the falls. Weather cloddy.
Thermometer .ro
Vcwesomo, Ja. 8.-Passed up: Silver Spray
at 9 P. I., d the hodge at 6 A. . Passed
down: Shermes at l A. .
BOerT er Pass. Ja.. 8,11 A. - .-Wlnd eouthe
Baed: dStmMpeMereedt sai Reoindeer, anad
schoce0r Anaa Lyes..
Sourawosr Pass. Jas. 8-6 . . I.-Barometer
30:40. Wind narthwet,. strong. BlIed: Ship
Abbotsford and steamship bt. Thomas.
Lrivaroes Jan. 8-r. .-Cottee doll. decliaed
id. Midd splands 7ld.; middlang Orleans iyd.
ales 8000 e Breadstufa quiet.
Loxnox, Jan. 8, r. x.-Consols 92109241.
Bonds 7j07II.
Lowox,, Nov. 8.-Coesols 92. Bonds 711.
Peals, Nov. 8.-Renate declining. 4
LIVERPOOL, Jan. 8.-Cottoa closed heavy; sales
to-day 8000 bales; uplanads in port 7ld., to arrive
7jd.; Orlesas7ljd Othr market. onchanged.
uNew Yoan, Jan. 8.-Flour dull and declining.
Wheat dull and unchanged. Corn dull and a
shade lower.
Oats firm. Pork $21. Lard steady. 120134o.
Cotton dull; middling uplands 16016j4o.
Stocks active. Money and sterling unchanged. I
Gold 136j ~36). 5.20s of 1862, Coupons 1'4).
New Yoar, Jan. 8.-Cotton dull and lower.
Sales 1900 bales. Flour dull; State $911 15;
Southern $10 50015. Wheat drooping. Corn,
Western mixed SI 39. Oats uschea ed. Mmu
pork dull. T Frpentine 52j. Rosia 82 9007. Tal.
low 1(e lljc. Freights steady.
Nw Yoar, Nov. 8.-Money closed easy at 6
cent. kxcbange weaker at 94. Gold declined to
1361. Stocks buoyant and excited. Governments
sc2ve; 6 0s. of 186d with coupons 1081; Ten.
amssee Ga. 611.
Br. Lonss, Jan. 8 -Tobacco, nothing dolsg.
Cotton easier, 1210. ft piddlng. Flour quiet,
extra 1 50. Wheat slH, 500$20 70. orn
atS, 80990c. Oats frm ad hiher, 740730.
Proviide entirely notalaal. Weather ear.
Tbermometer 16.
Lot-evILLe, Jan. 8.-Tobacco sactve. sales 9,
bbds.; louse 4 6006 50.; common to medium leaf
$7016 26. Floor 87 75012 75 surpesde saod
family. Wheat 82 3502 45. Core, ear, 75380c.
Oats G4069s. Badom, shouldera 9go.; clear sides
12c.; bulk shonlder 8;c.; clear aides Iljc. Lard
. Mess pork $21. Whisky nominal, [email protected]
In, bond. Cotton 14014 e.
CuAslesTror, Jan. 8.-Cotton Ic. lower. 8ales
700 bales. Middlings 15115)c. Receipts 730 a
AroArra, Jan. 8.--Cottu market dull and
lower. ales 444 bales. Reeelpts 597 batles.
Middlings 14c.
bAVANNaH. Jan. 8.-Cotton dull and depressed.
Middlings 144c. Sales 692 bales. Receipts 2000
CsNcnNrTr, Ja. 8.-Flour firmer; family
$11 211560. Wheat held at 002 65. Oats
held firmly at 7TOc. Cotton dull at [email protected] for
middlIna. Whiskyb and tobseeo uchbaned. Hogs
firmer t 1608 25. Mes pork $20 5011. Lrd '
frmer at [email protected])o. Blk meats and bacon nomi
asily unchanged.
Measil, Jan. 9.-Cotton closed quiet with de
eliing tendency. Bales 1500 bales. Stock on
ale light. Middlinge 14I144o. Receipts 3156
balke; exports 2142 baems.
TYE Orsta.-Tbere was a brilliant audience,
composed mostly of the pret:iest faces of New
Orleans, last night at the Opera Hores, to witness
the performance of "Faust" which I rendered
in a truly remarkable style, Le it said to the credit
of the managers of that 8rst-clasa ietitutioa.
D)amianl, LambelO Fauschettl, Van HuoIeo and t
Lechevalier rang and acted more beautifully than
ever on thi noccasion.
Tahu BnrA PLow.-Mesrs. Owen Brothers are
the sgents for the celebrated Fowler steam p'ow,
now o xhtbitoa atthe Fr Gronads. We ad d
vise all visitors to the fair, who are interested in 4
auealtchura purits, to take a look at this plow.
hey wll s wwhat a labormaving maohae it in,
and can learn all the partlculars as to price and
terms by applying to mwsn Brotherm, 37 Uulon N
A Paris letter writer tells this story of theman- .
acr in which Albert Edward consumes his caken
and ale:
Letort is the name of the Parisian money broker
who recently extricated the Prince of Wales from i
a very unpleasant scrape. The prince was lncog
mito in Paris, ad had bought of a Jewler there 01
diamondo ad brsoelets worth 50,000f., whihob he ti
presented to a good-looking member of the demi
monde. He then went to the Oerole des Etran- I
gers, played at baccarat. and loot every franc he '
hsd with him. Next morning the jeweler came to *
blhm md wasted ian ney. As ith prian told
him he had not got a franc, sad that he would qi
send him his money from Londos, the Jeweler o
waxed wroth, and threatened to se the prince n
and seli th jewelry In the hands of the lorette. n
Tee prlace was at a loss how to secure the maoney, f
as h was it Paris contrary to his mother's wishes,
and he was overjoyed at Is offer whib the above
named brpker made to advance the 50,000. re
A Naw bnuD rous..Mr. D. M. Easworth has
establsbed & neo w aore at 113 Graler street, and '
advises all who may desire to purohmse fresh and
genuine Leadreth's seed, to eal and see for them. P
selves. Those who buy to sell again, can have tr
what is left over exchaed nr the new corop.
Oras eswd of the best qult on head.
The Boothern Sentiel at Opeloumashae a d
t ame to "Oplouas Journal." It is a well ,
tedhd sad exelet papr. We nlears f the n
Joural that pett b eo bees et toOne. Baa
cock, te St Laadry, aulk hIm to mend a ocm.
The Wsblesm eeomrpdent of the Clncin- F
mal Commerlal sit that if Ges. sBickls had cd
et besn eme e aisl aa " ntoelligest cotre- tl
bnad" woud have been eleted United 5taem be
.seastoemr trees .t Ce . ra
The Opees Curer s that a vyes eau e.
tsmes, the see ofPr. All, at. Lantry m
L b, was sLot and da weeaudo h bis
's howes by some ue rsaea p, sad for
some sm rew eam, as way a very quinet
 .g e . ISt le qemd a  mbsin fw
·Ylr(LYI 651I1
c8~ ~ ~~' -IUY~~~tpp LJ
" fSlan **Ieeet @, X aa ter2 a s
Ie. i'es b Gi.e d ree U a£ a l ear s; Ze t
tahis oat' Sed; t r. a, r
"-,o br 6pe b nre .d ;a et as ,do
p e i ea db aht m wo t1eMhasSerdo
ao her aeldmnse, on Wegg we, beweaen
bAandrmaed end Latre ibot e'ealer -s
ropeod layho. herMwevelh o s l ed wasy rseed
m aer eon sreet t te o due adi of d
e. .a oo a) l eo'otf r wa m ,
Aj~le, w " s-e l" bo e' tsS o, e
Atenlof pctoabe at hiee, Pak tree wiasl a a(
oe w ith the'a ptyf woa has not slarredari. g
h the dandwo ee te for s hs bees.Te D r
rleabs Assoo tol:l5 is mor o t a er I
t eps F S ve a a -ti ed a a do ladyn of vw
t. en soed treers oi r tiso, edated ay t he
t of breeakig 6o.phen • kw t k,ob meesud W aemne
sdepbob~ eooenr o lonlr.f w eei 1 -
ua s o ab orde ahterb
etarmied pon shall b pat forth with the whole
power of tih orsasatonl to uphold . d
yeoabrs or JAtnu .-The dy'wso ver l de
osrved by te mreat po*t on of the ce- a
a meat wha the stores wre op, at t a hope, wef
Sthundred sad to mes. for that o hr ese, t her a
closed, and the w tdonl owr was dyl r from the
thar, ther see hamed to be very little dpiltyo to d
cp of New pprletie thduievese of the dmoay w las
gone with e party who has ot been arsreted. d
, Tan mmDrAT I a D an Lam.-Tus-Ths Dral -
men's AssociatoLe is anotfid to moot to-morrow
y evesig. at I .'.l..k to ta. lnto esesderatllai I
clock, the advanced rmounte of by bronzpte Neby tune, anty
Coim rma, the we-known. ThJewelotio of soa t
rge , will be runti for body oth head engines on
jest moat have awelghtyeffctand the aea ry t
steps have hoes takes to secure a full meeting
the associatlio, In order that whatever may e
determisda ned pon sxthall be pt frccordith with the of thole
power of the orgmslatlos to uphold It. -
mnaed o te n o Ja ra.-The toa was very little o
obsered by thlfe mercailntile prtaktion of the or- of
r unnty. All the store were open, ia hope, we a
p suppose, of catching an extra penny, so wsloome h
i those bard times. The Custom serng the o
courts, hnks and city and State oecee, were
losed and te nations flag wlas flyng from the
Smoe prioe dl buildige; bat furtad er the "
t el th tere t semeto be little dsposremen. tion to
Scelebrate thed 1 wfifty-third annivers art of the ont for
of N ew Orleans. The dleeese of the dayorner ofwas
created by an overcast sky and spasmodic sprink- t
ng., wIth a hken nor'wsstee bloweg, mating t
overcoats and roolen glove s s qute comfortable
st Albow ma ue sompaz -The magnificent Ii
clocka srmounted by a bronze Neptunble, and
pon rth ve hundred d ollars, o hre lod tor. C. H.
SZlmmerman, the well-known jeweler of Canao l P
street, ow avers to the iremen'bow Chritablely As
lcautios, will be rn for by the hand engires aon
STuesday next, accordig to the desire of the
foreme of the compaesrr, te following as- I
Seodore whad ested, with fifty feet of hoser Je;
allyd by ten men, to sthooting bet and dantager one sly
Shalf mile take an cti amed tJoh roWelsh fwith feet of
Sto kll, in New Ltieve. Companies aterg to er
ppoy from e eects rao the wll pobably nd. the P
most s therefore renthe fair, and creIulte a
great dealsh interest heodorg the firemenso. red by
e 5,6,ry ourkeand wi t pin artintheoonte.for
the div rreted t No. arodeletstreet, a
on Monday, for Pstealing . a Albowx beloneorg
r. . Levi, wakeeps arraigned before the recorerof
" Gravier and Front Loeveestalts, has been arrested ti
last Albow made a complaint that Augus Cook,
d readed to prison n deficer of thfure pol, black mail shing
u10po bhas, co ansideration of his appearlloe ond to
3d of Peb eary. .
cSa m Thompson and Ge. MCahns , ag the pols
abond dismissed t from the repoice to rcive.
Coock nowor avoer thao t AlbWorkhouse fswore falely In T
f mittedlto b i the sum of $1509. -
I Sacorand James ACrrsrr o KLL.--Jd,ona A. w
he samodore was atitutirreted, for x monday, by Officer J.
LalJobly chrged ith shooting and dangtolerously
I wounding a man named John Welsh with latest k
prto ill, on No Leveso, trwent Wel h ish daPron
ouW.ly ll. Arm the effectlls o the to und. The 9- hi
cuthed was therefore remaded to awaingt the result
of Welsh's Injur, enteodore ds also charged by
Jamesry MDonalurke witd, cha steling cwith teing
Dponet, at No. 127 't. Jep.-. J, Crandelto whom
the ih andividual arrst, valed at fNo. 5rt.5 Crondelet street, r
on Monday, for stealing a cash box belonging to m
Mr. d. Levi, McDnas rrldaigned before the recorder TI
and remanded to prison n default of futo answerin forhi
11000 bail, to answer orhis appearance on the lb24th
3d of February. at
am ThGriompson, while under arrest forCn, dankenrous w
n the picious chDistricters, lo-up, requirtoled to give
dred dollar U. to te Worhouste for ninety dayrs w
he act was fonad his pedrn. Grd, went to to
thremanded to nstitution fo rguarx moidthas. I
Job. cDonald by e, acoed of having stolnday, pro- Act
og Anatant Surgeon J. O. Taylor. United 8tates
W. . rmitge will hve ty a nswt J er on the Brr th d
ahe charge of falsely representig himsel Pkea a.,
poand rlice from dty Al, 500. t rge
arry BallardUnited has entered an davit against my.
James concDoldieut. L. A. Abbottm with avstealingry. s re
lielved fom dutyand pwth ompany G of a gold chain, frolm the b
person of Haywood SLew, while the latter was
in, in this ciy, and will cnvreport in thpersroom of withf
out deriahy, to hbcndi regimental comm20toandser at Au-fr
hi, Texarnce on t 2th Int.
Je qGriinrtermilster's undepartment will for dranlenh e
tred dollrta U.on from thes city to t. Loas M. for
rmhe widow and two aldre of the aIte Major '
John A. Thompsoed by (eu. 7th Cavalry.on ondy ct
lxageptos to the crdegJ. from theds head.
qarmyr, regarding the dutydatJaost qoeBrrakst h
mechand ill proceed tot radely, muito ls or men ofLa a
mad re thliee ufrom dty higemta, preseat themCaslve
Tme following coir aespondeneill repor in pesd on, th- e'
reoslt delof the reient municipal election in Me .
"MtirS, Jan. 2, 18Tea8.
The qartiden iatre deprtnt Joson, llrnatoh, D.CC :
tr"Mempottin redeemed. thi city to e.Leted myo., for
ehe, oer and quiet pldrevail. Fre e white jor to
"WJohn . Thompoa.tox, D. C., Jea. 3,1868.
Jxeptioe mst tri the c. r M fa rom the p eop ad ha
qnout ben dieli the. Te day ton qnot distant
weof rennernit wm be redae as h. r ood
for enlisotmeot.."
81"ICAL MSA O Tne 5"H t I  .-dA
WTiington peceia of thnde eth to the Coel tme
crl messit ge of e rece th anipal elction ton mof
phi: faein t whh wil
bre eat to oagsnrew tJmedoatey. A n.mber of sl
rndeso m i redeemed. . oftwl el etd mayr. b
Pof ,ordr smi delietpr ril. Free r hite suE
lrae ei atd. ave betn vte me h
e'lWproud, D. C., Jan. 3,1868.
Tat tesl ases (Irssw: ef
outice mut triumph, y faiUh as th we po les
seN.- I
son e s -s e . mo ann
s m w t lf w Ih,, a .a h itan, to e
to reel the aIt n -n s The a wn sir u ,
m .su. sgm t.a is tak weSt. Whirsver
fst .e wmi. had erea , w
e m u a sm emeley pios. t
Spesll uhag a ams ti s
f d o S -- Wee . The
whm hered hI yeas. . w Se
ml beee a i eaOO /kSw
tlethal, OfYea Hal., rTr i n', as
a dmirae pi s, salt iU the ate,
r ther iMrs tesl s isy ith the
pe elal. laes ov " pves luls e
mtoe a isnlhbheo r pd, awe, a la tohe dardse
o marde a a laa fsee edrpeas ir i.n
.Ilatm d nt ar gt,b utlto wh thei .
of roses ant d mLuaeS id we x persuelesd
the e oIItV5 as it * rtesag a per.
Sfhamey istore. d r s Mor. ae ato bamed Ia
the and p thg of shrubbey and towers,  e
dr setn t fro the ieart a aof hOetie riua
Sm barto ele . swell as i the doifferent
pltant sMa s ndeari t te l ,p tho e hi.
tims ad labor for week., may moatha, to making
i ,1m a he i.bt, ths woho sounld "ed
iihave ot sent, sad wit the sceptIa io the
plaits setribeted by Mr. Mos himself (many of
which are very rare sa bstifl). the i
arced a specie to be focal I the easr
tory. made at ca eahaken bast, chair
iof all aort acme of iron others of ak sal
allbgatorakin Lettem, were feeses'
of green up a grow ne t f the s rooesas th
wmewsr gro soru the edgs o ti m fstalh,
Iad the mas the ereviges of the mildtere
Lrock, al t ther gi the plse a very palesst
aid at effect. There are some beautifl
Sred sad w eamlies and a IsaudLnt growth
of Chinese baas growing l one of the reosrr.
At the eatraa are everal taqtefl odas tfow
toes where excellent liquous cakes arekept.
The Bhaue plait is also to he foed hem-a plait
lately Imported Into the South which may, one aof
these day, ussrp the placeo tclls inthe abrics
of America and lBrope. The Remie plante o th
patle are floom the plnattio of Dr. Kaspp,
in St. bernard parish, sa Mr. Moos tells astaL
three whLich he planted I as safresquated por
tion of the Fair Gronds in November, 1866, have
grow so rapldly a to be able to farnish, a this
moment, from three theusai tor be thousand
shoots for planting.
The steam plows were not in operatian yester
day; but we visited Phifer's core, cotton and
potatoe plow ad cultivator, which took the gold I
medal at the late state fair in Utlca, .Y, . a
the merits of which Mr. A. B. Colton, the SotLh.
era ag t. wasat a good deal o palis to explla tb
a. This plow iJs t~Jdras wIth lix shares, aid is
draw. by two La.me. The drive mats hhaetI
or walks, sad the whole coane is remarkabl
light sad conpect. The shares can e d hlad be I
to oee, or ea be plasd neer together o wie
apart at wm. They se alo he lowered ertad
so s ' low t ay depth, from 1 to lashes.
We were show ve ittering letters from pier.
ter hi Texas, Lo and Mislsippi, some of
whom sa me mn with two hese eam de mere
worek b plbr imprvemet tme is bams
and six mules or horesa with the ordinary plow.
The price is onlV $87, incuding freight from Co
tentioa of platers. It alse hba a contrivance
which ews grai ad phosphate mare diretly
after the furrows ae trned. I
We also noticed a soapboiler, near the oo.
tagonal building, in full operatlon, which is aid
to make excellent ap ater only Aftem masteI
boiling. Whilt lookingaboot to ntemise anytlsg
of interest, we remarked three policemou ad
vancing from the police headquarters towards a
certain pint, and gueslng from their arvage
looks that something unoommoe was brewlg, wa
followed in their wake. A poor old drunken a
roysterer was reelinlng nader a oak, whoe
maudlin bluasphemy It was painful to listen to. *
They seized hun, raaed him tohi feet. sad forced
him along rapidly to headquartera. Already
there were three white women and one black one,
all druak, in limbo withio, sad wh the old Sileus ua
was thrust in, there was heard from outside smch
waliog, sad tumbllng, ad erier of dhieress, that t
we make oa doubt the bacohant were pummel. 6
log the old devil. unmercifully for his iavolostary
Ltrasile of their privacy. The chief of police
ought to e that separate quarter should be pro. c
vided for male sad female ooendere at the Fair ti
Grounds. As soon as the old man was caged a
dispatch was transmitted totown for Black MuariaL.
and at the time of this writing the ive prisosers
are doubtless sleeping off their debauch In the !
Second or Third Distrt lock-up.
A leathern-lunged rdrer. whose voice ressded n
beyood the pallngs of the Fair Grounds. and who d
wold make a rare orator for the radical p.arty
if lod talking, fluency and impudence are all that L
party require of their speakera, at this momrot
attracted the listless visitor over to "Yosung o
Iiley's" eravas tent. This stentor was evidently
from Cockaigne, origlnall, and his words were
somewbhat as follows: "alk In 'er. ladles and
gentlemen; 'ere is the greatest voaoder of the
baege. IL!de 'ere you may see young Riley with
twenty-flve fall grows sarp·et a-twltis' areond
his meck and liwbe, he not ecrla' von straw. b
'Ere' von of the smallest in the lot, (hbolding out '
a ,s·x foot chicken snake.) a reg'lsr ra.le snk,,
with his angs lin prime horder, wsh I wall pt
'is 'eed in my mouth ad fer a o da ,r
be ia so t ame and sensbls," e en h h
salted the actiga to the ward, e d th e *t
reptile's head mb his enaToas mouth. The
snake made one convu*lriv wriggle as If la the
asm of dough, aid traigtened out psparead ~
Ifeles. I either was poned it surely was the P
sakee, for. durin the litthle while we staid, it
looked as lmp sad flcold as a strand of worsteud.
Whilst efforts were makin to resusitate the
ebken sake, another be-eater emerged from 1
ander the crnvas and cried aloud : "I'm gonlg
to do what wae never done beforoe-l'm gwlee to
enter A cage full of wild and savagle tigers, which d
eaball other men up. Pay your quartesad come
in to em me et into e tihe r's cage." And with E
a ruafiaTswaggerbe ruese wltam. Nobytro
lowaed, whe out be came directly reptlog the
seame words. "Will nobody come Well, ha o
'il eaiter the tiger's agee, anylhow." Bt he "
didn't. For he nutted o the sawdest, netar the d
oFenin, aot of i cold north wind, and tilatly
l his pipe.
The race by bhnd of a mll roued between Alve
fire eglinhes, to-wit: Hope H and La·dder No.
3. Columble No. 5, Mecha No. , Irtad Prrry cl
(steaum enaline)RNo. 12, Perveerunco No. 13, ad N
Orless No. 21, was postpooed atal naet Suday, i
on aceount of the havy and slippery oditius of M
the track. A the compeaes, we are told, ex- s5
capt 12 U 21i, voted for the anepomet. mi
A the'sviltati of Mr. Sad6 e y. of the firm at
of Javey Demahy, outhern Pabr am Storve
Compuay, we renared to their puiaoloe com
pertment aod partook of some very aae edibles, ol
piptag hot from ce of their stoes, aed cooked
in geisae soier style. Thes itlemm have O
very variet o petrolum wrmg ml ookin
stove, amd ther comupreat i rsly out
Th Club Home of th Pair Asoel atlee met n
l ed our attmenle . We we itreLeed e
to ,ao llslteld, the uhise m *fIes t ao- as
peritedU , by wh we worm ievited undr its cI
hcapltahle roof. Uler the major's atellent pe
sireedon, te multWiolom esesatials of the b p
els are aried eat qetly, g pr mpty ets* as
gIstly. Tihe bllin is a commodie aid plea
Uat iO, and, ehe I as to arehbl- a
teeture, kle; aS la sume toho-a ca th
sammr retret. The Clhb BHe wR ne be
ledbal when te Isir elsli; ha wr h kept
mee oto at a ge L fri ;g h eIr di
egien th tLnee a aotm S e irt h S Led s 5
wMONI nnag atd
WIt sew6 -e'i
the e ee slel
ualesr, n ua , @ b
~ . t e. omah dr pea'sia eeal e
.ea e. w aMLs nnn Mi 
oa thre "aw i r ueef ~ ý t4e o
worm ard pe assnd as
rwhiek d als is iWs  ~t e
:ricsa the sas art is h fo 1s ei
frees In now. Ma , f· gao , .. -
broiered iet .ta erby e sa s f ts wi,. it
betheb thmst etnu ec t i uerees u-e
woule _ r eedeal d ris dll , ree als m.
save ,to e anem ddeec er
water.h bl) ea • rntomwewe
then tr ae tirýls of themea W.
vChew. a trfag h e owrayesume te hin wed
lrlmet rnear sa iwe ees em
sue hdiobsy wI, u met e
wobarate e 1the to" set u cr e or asin .,
3. h eed. ykor t r.4 l fseotr eeb s
otrlm o a at e oe a i
l ,orib ta asr ete s as dpv e
cr es i et p ed in 
The drs. 8 e. eedy is di t s:fr
othere olte y oe habi . tow
carly smtrlt e r me eenbe eW
c nurln, Ithueo le emlI y m a l s Ie e e
abr fl o M go  ,ik
At the heal of theae i bwy ether g to the mro
cad weore 61 this e reagoel uid are mAm
a. ,a r a ,,r, et ,,- ol, u,, ek
(cnmee wa 1 M ueW
lver a me s ofs o e ad is aA
ezposkus b ony
sll), Rofis a eeid r h o lle.
pTheya rom ris Yesp seelesu
gfeod, ta as e su d Iees. The he
, plee aLte g Jel s. too s e
he m w by Ie b d elr at o f th l6wa
lit. w'tt'Ho. D r.r a:
gouped aip. Fr s i
As weaos Oe toet M h U wm e week-.
in a p) isa a slp as whale the eaer
ogbete i or e pstMss oe (n a sme
few of them qate poor en unworthy of Mes
?lace tapm ; tersuh would ea pt
our, W reem,.a ,..a..) . cssa. lae :
th rleseI of h imgis (oe cowl san d.
soe b m e te dote Iew ee he r f'ds ire- e
e1eamt 0 ng am we l es u ex c uttag
UnPN , k oefa wat mn r M prrarIe a mmL e
coatrlbuete e to theeo -b----- w tim it
Lontrilbetko r having eesred t ub ew
Pea W l re t, r.tle e em the ets " was
a oa et nlw a L s by~ t o rew d of s e et s
tore, oroairy bgdel rm a sea s s
portrait. fearb eg a pelt 6a is. on a
A large member H t maebra  theNa
Jockey Club aea et a eem e moe
coonrs, Mld mot rse G l er r
the life to e at l s rseg d. . he a p le
a whlorelet a ret supe the teis atw
and Weumth ert e Hac s.
pr.. tlrt athe. nisee Peen ate ty .
mnehi, Jame, 'egw.a m -ld ' m i.
dtarp rie eRo i e a me iUb ** n,
Madodeille, Pie . a . wn Oae ,
avilebenPe, l.n a b ekre lee ae ms
lJud aiew r HoelKr e.t/m t' _
noth 1mtg bele, w a aealas d with m ls 6
arie ty o Ie all I is h P e 18* ag other.
tmrlotin, or osre rm poe mapeaus eA
Nbarier dlplay, ag eatrlety
Mrrbesses. . Ie. m A, omeeea l of h
the seteofpoleee Ce. a Iehad s.h
Our merde eeld a eel eser fbderf
n ylength-th aif g echea .erw Yrk a *b
Co se, aslma use es W.gle of Sedima
Co.ers m4 th r, weB s eepl e d e elue as geilern
dwre olet arns, n ea t J eees ( Pnu
e hem t e mi en l o a tr
iallrfie* o Mily she auet gath age.m
sad agiea, 61r Mew sO em
Bobjete ae r e a e el e st
Ibbe tLee we mlsi rthe preeeel -
Iremaha ups Ibis ilereastlng ebe paer
cud age gie ereete. T-iamisemmied

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