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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, January 15, 1868, Morning, Image 1

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LeAer fr ome. med ans thfmig
th0 ruOddtat Ira Net to .eomgal. Im
Ri wS 0O CO RUAM OP a tO eA,
e TION r mlIIr a0 . aim" s.
WAmira ro, Ja. 14.-.mals.-A ps51mwa
premated _ming form a pep toldm e e ter
a veral and bua proIosm i ra s siileg poor
of weden.
The folloWng were Iotredeod:
A resolti to si tides the army.
A bill remov e dtal b utis ero v.
Pattn. of Albm
A bill amadiag as aet for as seeity of trav
elers by stem vessre.
A bi  R eduing the number of .ocr end bulg
diear reerals.
IA bill retorialg ad eesastd by the State
lately to rebolieY.
Davis'sa mendmeateto thes s providing
a tribenal to determin e0 emsttimaM qosols
was discussed until t anti-eatrastae mesre
wea resumed, walch was dimed to adoerns.
Bouse-The w e and mese eeeMee re
ported the cotton bill o meded by M e Se
onate with a reet of amoe m o.
A bill ws reported byT s apprepiati aom.
mitt"s, for the pym t of ms fonaeomtt
of msauroe, damo e to veels. w sme aor
fot leuds oeoupied for feti cts L Seut
during the war. Laid over.
The reconstruction cmlse's bill was re
sumed and dicussed. The pe rreed seom
unication from Grant, oveng t fellow
Congress, dtrel the m ib o tho di o e
In their depventm respds the st oat, it it.
provisiom to select qualified vote. I am omed
that its e.eaution in this departJ eri e n.
tely Impracticab." HAdjeasesd.
Mr. Stantsono sed a adr lthI aftero ine tas.
forming the employdr of the war oU that he
ad lagaiteo toaken posmesi of the porbedls of
ofice. Stanton drew nearly $000 from the pay
o 'icer, beoing hi salary during spemeoo.
Interonal revenue receipt to day m,000.
ope rhas ben signed to The Deparment  f
it understoed r that president ano wy re
CogniResl Stato, and It i oot deatly stated that
charges of insuoeordioneatien hangl ove Grant.
Nothingt de the i known, but the oaieg is quite
Iar he ieoaeemeon t aeNlerenr.
Jkcseoi, Jan. 14.-1sebswmP dbeoldff
The president annonoed Il andg eom rtteeso.
Mr. Hallob d btred the long:
"Wasni, The minority report or the aom-e
mittee on compeusaaion is believed to be intended
as a insult to thle convention, inasmuch as it de
clares the reonsatruction acte naconstitutional,
this convention a Illegal body and a fas; there
for be It
" Resoled, That it is ths ses of thln oe8ves.
lion that the mtaority of that crmrittee with.
draw from th body which the ceealder illegal
without eompenuation, py their on expenam
whil here, and in otinga to and golg from thin
Plaee." *
The day was consumed debaig thin resltio
and subntiutes ofered therefor.
The followings a e betouto for theo above,
was inally dopted by d9 to 33:
. "Reslred, Tht Is in the so m o f this orra
tlon that th delate from Mere allU, in as mi-.
ority report which h be bmitted, has vioated
the spirtt and obligation of s ne (gntta ooth
which he claims to have taken."
The eaoth Caselst Uooesastneoteae Ce. c
RnALErOw. Jan. 14.-Tbe reconstruction i
convention compomd of ifty tlhee whbites and
isxty-three black, met in purace of General i
Cnkt 's order, at nooa tday, 91 delelte
eontituting a quorum, being prese  J. J.
Bobetdres, of Columbia, wo  osenta leerary
charma. The dy wee ooesimod in the exam
iatlon of orodantJIa Of deleates. Permannt
organiuntion will probably be efsoted to-morrow.
Tbe choieo for perm nt pei et ls betrome
Collctor A. U. Mocke, O arleston. an d 3. F.
Whtlemore, a Mql eaoaI m nherott h roa
and orderly.
The lorn witedaol otoeeI at Orn- c
ve atte.
-ALKl, N. C., Jan. 14.--The Steo eonavetioe
met sgreeahly to J en. Cugby's orer to day in
nommn Haill; eitghty-loi delegts auswted
to their name. Tsmotrar orlgiatIo w t
fected by calling 3. W. Ktin to the ohar, d J. c
. ,Lrurw, of ioagb, to them oeretar's desk.
-mr'cer 'akes Ia Spreel-T-e0r0eLneeoe
(nah refaee-A Vo ishasb a n m nt, ·h
aWUboN ly rI - Jan atna I. eo f I
\nrnenes crowd, at the Aicn Church to-nigh
]e advocated equal political rtghta for thene
bl.a.s, equal honorsnthe g,.ovruent, and ..
tqnal burden in supporting it. The land -hould
.ar its part of the taxation, sad that the bore__~
bould not be thrown on the inborg man.
f hat the tie for confal.atlon,, heth_ right or
wromp, bee gone sod be did uo ttlnL hs audience
or. expected (t. (Cree of "No, we don't.")
lie advied S ..tbert m-e to divide ther ld.
as it must come to that at lut. The •m who
worked land would eventually be ownl of
land. lI did not bellios ny wafr 01 raea. would
ccur, iit did,it would not oome from th eblakeu.
lie argued slainat the folly of the Southrern
-eoplere iig ot of ta Union. boptag for
Iett-e;t * then thy celd no .t Igtfra
w-.hatever r cbhang might take
plaee, the 0sate woold noshng for .x years
_ud belere- wo es ouepie the ad.nmsion
be aOsUPk l t o e inr t8I
en article of the P declar
ing thbt Virgitninnh5t5. t iteUnion.
- the State in feL .asbPm _ ai
A reluts r m
the invltettc."
kfw chaug tnta the CasIum.' b E
Sith refem to dilnn5ablumm, he thouh S
rhould apply to emtredlla m Of eoa pI
1k T a fOr see on + wea e s
ismlfie lbs ll a fml m o
pwsar. ml W her sLse hme dl be be inby
d, Apwir- LrtJ ther weekor
ge Ida no tldbd be tem fronh
S. * haese w.bt hes r, - ba loob.r
s ms enste ro od ado ih ater ad ad
a Ar ATLA aA.
ALA-I Jan. 14.-Tb army taer detakd
b Beads as governor 4eserer of
Ma la e l hating fr Uledpav ite I
t th  f hem ra nuS fra1
amthoegld mb ap s and th oavmatlo
iby a adted Dember last ire
t et Nalstn fpedwnt dS7
aeuseierslhre rl- hes by thgu oe te a|
I !orataPueeor per d and
de te *aw , 1 oea w,-.
1e Lryde su  wee areuomd w"
tO. nwed l ta t oae pubh k hloe
to the iigrees, md the. give them am 1pportally
to dsuemerat amy capacity for inslf governma
br eautuon oeema medatory of Gee. Hanss k
or wan 6SdeIsltly pepesed3b 123 to 13.
b. he fslowg was p , after los of a me
Slon it is euasa ad Iexpedt to directly or to
4dUy iaterfere with the leglelaleo of the
v. be Asemibly mathbrao g th lesss of bonds
for the perps of pyg oe lbtHedes of the
Stth ipo t not y of Jer,1odl
a. Sate."
e. beblg aoeetd, the .eeolat wam et
m mated o d.
An arislc anbas wam rported w·hoc
g g neree l rilght to bold aed, and din
e p o id hhheoari le of
a. tb. M Co tlon of he United Statee ad al
unable to re nger nder the reosetrnctio aets.
e. r rm WERI
re10 o cLUMr ar , oyo.
Th.rman leeted ever Vutsladlpsha by
the seemeesse as he U. .* ea.te.
. COLUMrrn, O., Ja. 14.-Thurma n has been
a eloted to tis Calted State Senate.
4 E101 331013.
The At treal Army-mashsad ade the me..
sas ?olley-INtpaleti. a tnas r se t es.
*.-The New r esmee-Isann Trass -
at sosed readaee sioeseed.
IoNnow, Ja. 14.-Austria t preparing for a re
view of her army
f The Journal 16 St. Peteraburg denies that Eal.
land remonstrated aganlst ussia's policy inTo
4 Italy end a mlnlster to Mexrlco.
I. Vusn,. Jan. 14.-The Debt niewspapet eye
0 the treaty replaecig the Sepe ber coeveation Is
nearly coteclded betwee rance and Italy.
LeooxN, Jan 14.--The telegraphern , at Belfast,
recentl arrested for Fenian coplioatoms, hve a
been disharged.
Vcrsnarso. Jan. 14.-Up last night: Ruth, at I
9 o'clock : Armadillo. at 3.
SDown lant ight: Vilckburg at 7 o'clock; Pau i
line Carroll at 3, and the Magenta at 7 A. Y.
lver rising.
SoCTrlnsr Pats, Jan. 14 11 A. x.-Barometer
30:30. Wind southeast and light.
AI rrived: Stamehip Lodosa, Hovey, with mer
I cbandlh aamd F-ediu elm
ship L C. Herrin t p tiimeamahip Asno in tow,
Smerchandise ad pdp ner., to C. o Whitsny ke
Co. llo WARE . t
Loanox, Jan. 14-ALttr noo a.oms l920®32i.
Boude 71i.
LrxvaMoOL, Jan. 14--fternoon.--Flour 37. 6d. t
Corn 6. 3d. Lard 60. 34. t
saw Your, Jea. 14.-Money unchanged. Ster- c
Ing l9191. Geld more active, [email protected]*. Five. -
twentes of 1862, with coupoas, 109. North Car
olina dnes 61.
New You, Jan. 14.-Cotton a shade esader.
Baler 3000 bales-middlInge 16$. Floor more
active-prices unchanged. Wheat dull and heavy. a
Southern whtoe corn $1 250$1 35-other rale c
Snchanged. Mern pork drooping-old 6$1 10,
new $22 10. Lard [email protected] Groceries r
quiet and steady. Turpentine 5o4c. Rosin
Steady. Freighte irmer. Cotton by tail, 5-160 a
Naw Yoax, Jan. 14.-Governmenta eteady;
520O'u of '6, 10I ; of '64, 107; of '66, 108) ; of a
'617,107; 140 , lola; T*310's, 10o5. ob-tresa.
rny baance, 696.000,000.
ItilVa, Jan. 13.--Eohange on Londo [email protected] ,
12j) prCemium; oa atre, d tT ; ouni Ultedo
tate, sbort rht 2,, lon 2631 discount.
Gold, saort [email protected]* mriml, long premium
MOnIL, JaB. 4.--otton cIOd quit and
easier. diddling 16Jo. Sales ki00 bales. RIe- y
ceipta 1207 baler. Exports 6140 balee
CsIIaLKaero , Jan. 14 -Cottn market sative- a
prices advanced go. ISales 1100 bales. Receipta 'ti
530 hale--•iddlinge 1616*o. d
Arc.lur, Jan. 14.-Cottoan market opened sa
tive but cloaed heavy. Bale 1050 balIee. R
celpta 607 ibalee-mddioluga je.
A Tnr t Eriroa Disoaru.-The editor of the
Brenham Baneor myn:
We would cheerfully help, if we could, to i- t
mortalise the man who condaote" the lin
Martha from yVgua.annatl .~aq- m.Q.w..
•'---the ba- in his old tob, and considerilng p
trip, It we very cbeap riding. Weowodr did
the n, while oll~q he fear bits, fel as 
bad as h looked. If a the act carried with It
own panoleant
ateamer Don, rpottrtefrm Vera Cru. tal the
2th of Novebrt yellow fever, of the mt ma.
lignant t, broke out. Twenty-three meawee
naedend eetare d.d e lauded the .l a
- ,o-ecs th - o t fbeechesof tbo b-t a
o adr t ~ Oinc jot"ut of the stom d
hn eaterin .h and p thm elled , th ,ratS's
efor two heura. t tt te te thnoa.ter
Srooi. and1,0 degeo i th. --a an *
e, cterne srno me aeso ylow fev I r.
d; Inarecent letter ( -eMdcCIe hAnd, Ola.~
lug of amault8 upon him "n _ - au-,rfOfG
,peeaofiJualc, but oftener his pia . hve
tro LLco duct towa rd me." and ad-. that,
,Gem. oG-, heltdi n, prudene. l·met·eeI
be mvore -.or'-,. for no uubtc man of modern
rltimes rnroenb 0 nra and lemeIs. _
tsmei .o.w o . .. of repr If thevel wre ose
ealcaracter, Grat well nd vrum w--Il
CurAm r 31cEN Pnim-e h _Y. asl
cl------'othing he .
t, set lees than the ce. t in
em e * dm at the ow rcat.
*3i n.. at bbYItIu1g emta
acr tissadrr
ear er, ofth p , oree el , a
best.. ,. -,, three smoks b of cml, ler
kg side. tee were three me int bt, whe,
me. whe aleld, put ins ete ands
al Cela Merphy was err sd, harge b
Ches. FMiemm s with s ng l on th
t. sIeemabeet ial , fet ef Oel astreet.
Oeer Killer, of the Seenmd District peoie. has
d a braelet, which te owner n claim
the grn jury In avaee of ssamaioess
eo th prles sa other p  stittions, which
n- asally ulses the term of he a rea sees
were yesteeda at the Fit Distret loek , ad
S Itr that h atteutim hd baeealled to -es
iths a a  show b the
f thelmmeter aM C. a, corner Beviile
L and Chartres strets. was as follows: At 6 A. n.
. 60 degrees; at 12 . 67; st a r. n. ; at P. . 8.
SMiasoem Fsrzvrmm.-Quff- es Ledge No.
~ t.-Am th nuamroum fstive occasiees,
in e m, i to seear dart the remainder
M of thesoa, vs leek fdrward to asm t with m
.plaeeMsa pa thm toe the drer-ball to be
aM aMtasHee n es te evnim gof the u9th
Uamds. may who e infaatal both s me
u .sad M isgln everm aesen that the
i t entrtalamiet agreeabe sa complete
at aon, sare ad reth ht sealer it. Bat
is addits to ther p ti sus y attedat n
k s as tere will be a eareoy wih,
a to , willn psses evema reter beauty ad
bptim of tlwe ed rM the edao
will preede the room oeroles, and will
Scommace at 8 o'eleek r. . Th little ones,
tth, a tM orphan ohildren o deeased mon
dpe a!nere the epf cereof the fster
bhe . The cearmeny of their Masolo baptism
will solemn and beautifuli the etrem, ad It
e i seldom hats public opprtuity ofis
so is ieLsred. Masiemc Hal should, audl dob
lees wil boe id to itsi falles spealty a this le
of Te BADICAL N AOarIntG CoNvmTmo.-At an
anl adjoured meeting hed last night, the radical
. State ticket was completed, with the followting
chanles asd addatious nominations: P.E. Damas,
(colored) having withdraws a ecandidate for
lleoteast governor, Oscar J. Duan, (colored)
assistat alderman, was nominated In his stead.
G. M. Wlckleo was nomminated for saditor, and
of T. W. Conwaj for superintendent of education.
Lrcto r IT Tea FIIuaxms' CRAIPRAsL As.
soctarox.-The sanual elections of this associ.
tio were completed at a adjourned meeting held
on Monday night, when the following officers wre
chosen: Sexton-'John Quinn. Physicias--First
b Distriot, Dr. Beard; Becoad Distriot, *Dr. E. De
Blaso; 'hird Distriot, Dr. G. Devroo; Pourth Dis
trict, 'Dr. E. Prion. Druggits--First District,
oe 'Dr. Carster. and Dr. F. Formento; Second Dis
trict, V. Bernard; Third District, *Dr. Seaman;
Fourt frltrict, *Dr. E. Poelma. *Be elected.
BOAtD Or ALanaxam .-At the meeting of this
board held last evenig., a message was received
from the mayor reminding the cooacll that the
charter of the Water Works Company expires
next April, and recommending that steps be takes
º- to secure to the city a supply of water, through
its own agencies, Instead of allowlng a matter so
re. Important to the public to be nader the manage
ment of a prrvate corporation. The mesage was
referred to the finance committee.
n A resolutlon to sell the iron building at the head
of aOsal street, now being altered and adapted
for a market house; the Dryades Market, until an
Sarrangement shall have been effected with the
is claimants of that property; sad the Claiborne
Market, unti removed for the passae of the
st, Chatanooga Railroad-the sales to be for eleven
re months from the date of adjudication by the con
troller. Referred to the committee on streets and
A reoisie requirin the ohlmen of the eom
mitte em i s etsr nd Iadins and nane to be
at their oces dadly from 11 A. . to 1 r. x., was
at indefinitely postponed.
A resolution from the Assistant Board author
a- izing the controller to employ two clerks, at $100
per mouth each, to sign licenses, for the year
D168, was laid on the table, the charter requiring
the controller to sig licenses htmself.
A resoluion from the Assistant Board sapro
pristlng $40 to Judge Alexander Walker, for his
services I obtaining from the government at
os Washington a return of the tax upon city oar
rency, was coacurred in, after having been so
r- eamended as to reduce the approprialon to $2000,
payable when the amoont to be refnded by the
SUnited teshall have been pa into the tres
ury of the city.
A resolution from the lower beard sathoreslng
the mayor to enter into contract with Meers. R. J.
Ker & Co., for the conatraction of the Jolls street
railroad, as adJudicated by the controller, was
concurred in.
I* A petition from the proprietrs of billiard
l. eoon, ccmplalnlng of t;lIoem imposed upon
them as oppressive, to view of the heavy expenses
they are at, and the great reduction of their re
. ceipte, in these dull times, was referred to the
s fance committee.
r A resolution to build two bridges aeroes the
C'alborne canal, one at Jackson street sad the
r" other at Third street, passed both readings.
* A resolution to purchase ten thousand barrels
/* of oyster shells from John Muasena, at twenty-six
r cents a barrel, to lay on Julia and Calliope streets,
. beyond Rampart, as hr as the line of the Jackson
Srailroad depot, passed both readings.
a A resolution authorizsing the oonnection of the
Sfire alarm telegraph in the c wiy wIth an lar box
st the Fafr Grounds, provided the counection be
not at the expense of the city, was passued, with
no amendment striking out th proviso, and the
Sextensieon shall be paid for by the city.
The committee on streets ad landings reported
i on petiteoa from severaln parties for perarrtsion to
d ereet steam aegines, ad the resolutions In refer
L ene thereto reported by the oommitee were
d reu tion to nsell the stalls between the
Svegetable ad meat markets, in the Becond Die
triot, for one year, came up on a second reading, a
.and upon a motion to adopt, the vote wasu a tie
Sttree to three. Alderman Graham is the chair.,
decided the resolution lost. He then took the
' floor, and on his motion the vote was reconsidered,.
Sin order that the resolution may be voted upon
again at the next meeting.
The board then adjourned to Tuesday, the 28th i
e Inst.
Mr. Schneider, appointed by Oeneral Hanooek
to fll1 thle varsucly occaioned by the resignation
of Mr. Grkiff. was not prerent during the sitting.
g present: Mesers. Gauche, Dunn, Bampeon, The
Ssan. Sterry, Straight and Perkins.
d The minutes of the last meeting were red aad
S 1he following interesting communication from
the mayor wasu received:
a "City alal, Jan. 14, ld68.
" To tE Po~eorsble bthe Bord of Assisut Aldermen:
"GCrt'reea--I desire agals to call your atten.
5 tion to the fset tbhat the charter of the Oommer
t cial Bank of New Orleans explres in April next,
k snd to thse necessity for immediate 4sie, i or
5 der to curry out the provisons of the said
" It i provided i the aid bcharter trhat sat the
expliration of thirty-five years it shall be lawful
for the city to purce fromite Commercial Beak
dthe waterwerks constructed by igid bak. and
bt the sid beak shall not refuse to arthe
' orb aforeseld, with all the righnts ad ue bge I
t g thereto, on certal terms as pro.
In J add aarter.
expernce has shows the get disadvan
_oL having the water works uder the exel.
oS r aprivate eorpatio. The char
* ,c tl lmb i teed, ad theI
to sa, xepnd r1 ereds of the d
I in"a'apn timoalcercio e ul s f
dii t to wi wwetr hs .o b a
om -sr .I-,_, ,he
and ofthepf" n refs9 irn th p Me I
.I m saito- tm !, taeet....th =
I d ng the week. hem ba him 4
into A~LYLY pehhbft miud
-A tUmaeei geeA" . " d l3wed
the Perth Disletr s t .eal. Bsderred to
I the beene a o isla
Im A e u am dLr bon esr m, athi a
rednotism of tines en wages., wti g at they
Iever pea mor th forty dollar pw wagon I
I rmismyen. Iefemte the Iam es -
eeoam estis was reelfved frmt Mr.J. J.
S Plaehrd, euserel for L. BDder, eem iasmg
  that the mosat of his contect for te
Insae Asyluam with wood, ba o be f a.
* aid todate. Referred to aJoitsel of the
t counoi.
A peola iber Mess,. emosag DeBonis,
008108te "prisilep of fist i·hispaaeism.
oganaor g te c n and scourag o wool, at No.
8 Spain bstreet. eferred to the eomiueeo
improvemat sad bad
a reioties. aatho sia Deais Croease ad
I others to build a threesory hoes m s crtals
I. lot of pound belonging tos o y, was adopted.
I. A resunrsun was adopted S ato hare thee
. mayor to loas the prembes at the earner of Ma
y sgand Old Ieve streets, asd as the lIaas
SAsylum, for one year, at 100 per moth, payable
S A re tion was also adopted antorslag the
h treurer to pay Mr. Louas b the amoest due
firar 1setet the lfo. . a oafga
.~ s. the porterm of i asais d The _ Districts
pol stations, weeas adopted ader a sspeasior
of the rules.
A resolution was adopted to adopt the reported
t badget of probable reeept eand expeadtere of
n thecity, for the year ls.
A rmolution anthor_Sal the secretary of the
SBoard of Asitant Aldermen to advertise I the
cfical journal the petitions of property owners,
asking for the sLeti of First street.
S A resoltion, authoriszng the city surveyor to
make the neceary repairs to the nuisal ee
Swharves, weas adopted on the second reading.
A resolutio, by Mr. StBro, asthersi~ the
controller to adveratl for five as, in thoe Mela
it journal, the sale of contracnot for cleaning the sinkr
of the city. Adopted.
A resolution, requesting the chairmen of the
naonee committees to sign the pay rolls of Ia.
boren in the street commissionaer' department,
which have been before them for two or three
a weeks, was adopted on a second reading, and
sent to the upper board for concurrence.
I Mr. Dunn offered a resolution to instruct the
i, city attorney to examine the United States reve
r nue laws to ascertain whether there I any anthor
) ty for requiring the banks of New Orleans to pay
ten per cent. monthly on city and 8ate money
I now paid out by them, It being understood that
the banks bhad refused to receive such money in
consequence of a notice of the United States col
lector to pay anch per oeet. Adopted, and re
ferred to the city attorney.
Mr. Dann now moved a reconsideration of the
motion requiring the chairmen of the finace com
mittees to silgn the pay-rolls of the street commis
stoner's department, which was agreed upon.
Mr. Dunn rose again, andald that he had stated
at the hat meeting that he would move a recon
sideration of the wharf ordinance; he now de.
sired to know whether the adoption of the ordi
nanee would In any manner interfere with any
I privileges which the'comncil might wish to soeuer.
I a. there was a petition before the ooaenl of per
I ties wishing to establish loating bathe in the Mis.
t sissippi river, which were calculated to be of
I great benefit to the public health, as a means of
k cleanliness.
Mr. Perkins, who presents the new wharf ordi.
namce, stated that be did not think that the lease
I of the wharves would affect the privileges of the
petitioners, as the city could not be understood as
I selling to other parties the right of leasing snch
I privileges, which, on the contrary, will be re
served by the pity. The motion to reconsider
was lost. I
A resolution wa offered by Mr. Duan, that the
Board of Aldermam meet this board in joint es.
siap oa the 28th, at 8 o'clock, to level the differ.
ences existing between the joint finance commit
tee and the city controller.
Mr. Straight modestly made some pointed re
marks upon the eubject, and coneladed that the
motion of Mr. Dunn was the proper course to
pursue in tle matter.
The board adjourned, after transacting some
Lubinresl of minor importance, until Thursday
next, at half-past 6 o'clock . x.
FlInasu 's CHARITABLE AssocIATIox on CAR
noLLor.-The following Is the list of obcers of
this association, elected on Monday last, to serve
during the ensuing year: President. R. L. Pres
ton; vice president, Albert Arbe; secretary, T. L.
Preston; treasurer, H. Tebbe; chief of the fire
department, F. Fischer.
The following is also the board of delegates:
Carnolton Fire Company No. l-Geo. Heuchert, A.
H. M. Petersen, Geo. Beese, P. Brown, Sr., H.
Jareesn. Star Book and Ladder Company No. 1
H. Henchert. U. Everens, P. Bucher, J. G. Den
beimer, L. Pesold. Independent Fire Company
No. 2-P. Mitchell. R. B. Stubbs, J. C. Kolman,
F. Prechter, J. M. rooks.
Board of commissioners-A. H. M. Petersen,.C.
E. Boyer, Conrad Heuchert.
Tan IJcmus ox BILLIARD TAsLe.--W hear
that a general complaint exists among the pro.
prietora of biliard aloous agaiat wht they con
sider an exessive tenax o their profsslion. The
license on each billiard table is sevety.five doe
ars, or equal to fifteen per cent. of the original
cost of the table, takia five hundred dollars as
the average cost of each. Billiard playing is a
most innocent pastime, and in many cases, no t
doubt, Las the effect of turning many a young
man away from vicious habits. The council might a
therefore, with much propriety, consider the con- 1
plaint. of the billiard a'oon owners, and reduce
bhe license, if, according to the assertion, it is not t
proportionate with that on othe profeions
AORI BractA.Ar rN Ta O Povn Drevarc.
The residence of Mr. Wafus, on Cheetnut street,
near Firstitreet. was entered on Monday evening,
between four and six o'clock. and robbed of an
evercoat which was bhanging on the walL The
burglar escaped. t
Fainer DrerarcT Cornv--Judge IHote-JTan. 14. n
Jeferson Lewis, a nIro, was tried for the murder I
of Eliza Blonde, a colored woman, in a house of ,
protitution on Pienville street, inovember lasit,I t
arnd was convicted, the jury, in the exercise of the t
antkority vested in them by law, relieving him
feom capital punishment, a verdict under which
he mnstbe sentenced to the penitentiary for life. a
In Impaneling the jary the attoey general put t
this question, in various forms, to the jerors as
they were called up: "A black man is now oa
trial. Have yon any prejuldices uas to raoe or ,
color that ill prevent yen from trying this cae
impartially ?" I
Charles Stewart, convicted of obtaining pro
perly by fale pretenses frolm Bettie lairilton,
Against John White, for shooting with intent to
murder, anad
A gaint Richard Joyee and Joe Pal, for know
ingly secelving stolen property.
The district attorney entered nsoPe rosequi in
the case of Angust Buering, secound of asault
with intent to kill.
'imothy Daly was tried on a charge of asalt
ard battery, and wsa found uilty. a
A charge of burglary and lerceny agaiest E.
Wilis gloo was dismissed, on motion of the di- e
b ict attorney. c
lE.oRaoR NIVILL'8 Coruv.-Chas. Allen anad
oeorge Washington, both colored, arrested by
specirl ,fder Pecora on the charge of steanigt a
bo:t of white flannel from a store at the corner of
('ansi and laronne streets, were sent to the Firsnt
Diesrict Court after a preliminary examinales~
before the recorder.
Ellen Crors. colored, was arraigned n the '
charge of steainalg a gold watch valnod at 1iT0,
the property of J. E. Carre. se fized for the 1
11th, and at pearnc., with bade at 506.
Caroline Pusabeth, charged by Mary Titn, with
isreesy, was seat to the Workhoue for ninety
obn Thevrm, aeeued of steaeing a pair of
shoes, waaeat to the Prish Prson for thirty
Meltle KeDy, a lewd ad aeademed wornas,
wau Ied . h
Rucean Oaavusn 's CoFe-.Gerge Pay
U. llentes sad Joh Dwr seaemsed of brek
_ag ipta the dwelliag.hor e belisinto W. L
Laurey, at the eanemr of Toloa -ne Ramp
.treetsge the 4th inst., ad t srefree the p
kes of the h ad the gas lIter. ldW- t
aty, were arr e r f examlmatsm thiema b
tla, eee thattheyhad taes the preo a
porty, the ease was m eat flore the M Daist
Ourt for tral.
JSan Lsga ami as e d a od havb n
i.e from the redem ee Lof a~lr,- re I
PCji n Pukt, ea to th M ,sta damei swesed
rt Cms. Faamoes , was arrsed thestm
bo A. A. beaNs. Sn, b h4s Sitsm he
pooket cf C lluyS , wi bs was ad
a o the best, ad the I br IBhlI e
sy fur enmmiaMes.
s D.,L eash bee bees aresd to eu a
t. ee of h avng leshe from m t e Jde
Us teo pr of W. Mte anry.
5, ',l- 's .
e .sarrtmumrs a&.r
m" C eavesile met 11 .
s a rises.
" d oas s or 9a, aA r.
. The followlmg artice of Coesthstios, uder the
title of dlieiry. were adopted, vis:
4 Ant. 4'. The Supreme Court, excep eases
>f hereinafter p sovided, lav sse b idts
tin ony, whioh jurisdiotioB etMad to a
cases when the matter dplmpteshall exeeed Ove
" hundred dollars, sad to all oases aYwhich the o.
, stitutiouality or leall y eof say tax, tell or
mpost or say kind or asture whte
o ever, or any ine, fffehttre or pe.
e thereo, sad i suee eases the appeal habl be
l direct from the co Is which oem e ee iginatd
a to the Supreme Court; sad i eieal eases, es
qua sest of law only wheevr the p oraieat
" of death, or mprsomet at had laber, or a fie
. exceeding three hundred euas ir s lapese
I, Art. 75. Tbhe prn s Court shaldl e eempesed
e of one chief jstice sad fouar saso ate estices,
p a majority of whorm shall oaitate a wr .
The chief justice shall n ve a salary d seve
e th ousnd Sve hudred dollars, sad esmb Mte
. assoolate ustices salary of serea e t smyd del.
r- larn saanal, Ma e trtly es rdh ow
warrants. tahechilee sasu lati
Sjuasdeee shell be apetby the e oseusr, with
a the advice and consent of th Gao, fur thel
a term of eight years. They shall Beoloame f
. the United tates, sal have pratseed law r the
space of five year. the last three ereof a tohe
Btate next preceding their appolatmead. The
Scourt shall appolt its ows clerha; they my  
move them at pleasure. The presen Supreme
Court judges shall remals In ohbe mes the ex.
pird term of their respective com issnsm.
S After which the convention adjoursid to Wed
nesday, the 16th lnst., at 11 A. M.
Sr. CHARLmB.-The power sad Intealt of Mr.
Forrest's action could not ad a r dipla th
last evening In the character of" Virgiln .' His
f audience watched him with breathless interest,
from the beginoing to the end of the perform
ance, and each word, as it came from his ps, had
a power, a meaning, which carrid the listener Is
" sensibly back tohe days whe n Rom was in her
Sit was carried on with it to the ad, uoonse
of the renlities surroanding bi, l knowag
r that before him was beg e of te
tragic paes Ia the history e thelsealer. e d Ct
Sof old. Mr. Barto Hil, as Icwus weas a pr
SBomas, a tender slter. ls LUllie, as friu ,
gave some specimens of very gr efl eloc
Sand pleasing acting. Mr. Pietro. as D1satv',
and Mr. Garon as Apius Caudiu were also
worthy of ee ep o
a petr ns dil opressee
bhissilliewll pla laaslgo sad
Vsasrrurs.-Another excellent audience sew
Mr. Jefferso last eveoing isn be escd tper
sonation of the good-natured Rip Vas Winkle.
The reading scene Is the first ast, the mountals
top in the second and the recoaltiona the
third. are the striking points La the perfbrmasae,
and any one of them is well worth a viit to t
Variet es. The play lI to be repeated thin evealag.
AcaEsY or lOei .-The oe farce of
the Haunted Bouse by Rymane. bl o aad
Carter, is the last asaatlon at this a t place
of entertainment. In addition thereto, e ma
see the dancing of Wiles Lah sad Kate wood,
hear the vocalisations of Stewart ad a St
Clair, laugh at the Ethiopins coalearitseof Daled
bhst sad Hengler, aei i oder at the daring
acrobatle feats of nioco. Other sad oamsing
noveltes are in preparatios.
Lnises' Coxcsar.-To-morrow evening there is
to be give at the National Theater, under the
direction of M'le O. Romey. a musical eatertaWIn
meat for the beaefit of the asylum recently estab
lished by Father Targ for th widows ad
orphans of Southern solers. Appealig Ma thi
object does directly to th hearts of so mea
the community. It certainly ought to receive the
attention which it deservesH.Tekets for the en
tertainment may be purchased at any of the mL
sic stores.
oCrscL'T C ITY TrsMrw.-The anmerous vi i.
tors entering this favorite pla of amsement onea
St. Charles street, are a soeclent indieation to
strangers of its whereabouts. There are some
very rare curiosities ofbred for the spetios of
guests. and none come away distIfd. The
museum is always opes from 9 A. a. ahnil mid
PRor. LEsa, OrrsoCAw.-The eye Is one of th
moat necessary, as It in the most delicate of human
orga e. uo one, therefore, should eatn re to n
terfere with it, unless It is his ownee, or b have
the skill which enables him to Jode ly how to
treat the eye of another. Now ito i as esy to
style a ra en optiuina, se it is to ell nethe a
doctor; baut to be really a optiua he muat us
derstnd o the sc ce of optics and have the prac
tical skill neede4teapply thisle dsoiotifikowledge
to to relelof thos who hve decareer o ar
Therre a some men to whom s haowlege
and each skill me moregtreadily, after etad ad
trainaing, than to others. tech men are th opti
eian to the emperor of Frnoee Prof. eooaminr
Leja, ad his brother, Prof. H. Lej, of this oity.
They have carefully stadied th principles of
optiecs, aad they are men of practics skill; but
far more than this, they have an litaotive knowl
edge of the needs of the eye they serve, which
enarbes them to forsh glasses whiroh boeld
tI.,)he .th.le the nrelew avetfenltre tI
av ng ad these many yars the at en f othe
skill of Prof. II. Leje, a aad ving hsard t
animsao mly farorable verdiot ach frien of
ours an have also had the ue of his glasas, ad
their grateful actkowledgments to bim for the
Ureervtioo of ther sight t, when that of others
as been fearfully impaired byfhe mlspractice
of charlatans, we deem It oar duty to say to all
who are disposed to act by or davice, sad to e
advIsed by our experlence, that Prof. k. Lois is
the only optiian to whosr care i Wseot g their
eye lMasses they can with conldene sad saly
eommit themselves. The  ntrmn he anes
were made under bli wn Ioaedate supervisio,
and caasot of course be aed b aotherl. That
which will especlly attrnet gnl attetion in
the delicacy ad be ityo o th arukmaah of
a glasses ad their frams; but we ho r more
the rare still, leag practie sad intalive judgt
went which eoase even his dlstnsh brother,
who Is opticisa to the coart of Fres, u yedto
our Leja, whose hart isa thruh Loden
I s, e palm as the Vsest ying prStsl ep
Prof. LIla an he comlted at thet.L Chsphls
Hotel, which has bee fur very mny peurs bin
place f reidane.-[N . PeOqm ue.
Great uwreserved seleof Iefrltre, this day.
at Iej e'eeuk, at e, MU Pey ar se eb
Mesars. Gardner, Smith, Teisr & Co., si~pe
in part eelat ds-besrds, r purse
sets, peboe fatwa , a fr t e seesen o
whom masy enern.
TWo ravs anaus at nnas PVs.-We i
he found in ther o Thes gs
are weB- owsan se esa i nlsaM ml thyae
had aw ared4 teesA aain at 'te Pa
or elS y salted end edsi fail. The bIss
Ether end Nr. Jess ui rn an ae the
le s busi lathe dp.
1I t «me 1ýý1
t.he uM fa
1 wIe weuldl e
. thhemeat Mte
a" &mi woeek
e thetithueba *
eA smeme et
of owb a oe
the e
t*i e mo md'
r metos Of otheb herlme i
At 12 o'ebek tw bheEastbm
etnd bUth boards of mm
I mte aM b- it n.
sr emme I theegeeM
lbe"lrespbed ms
tteder an Mlewmb
One od f the m oit ,agroin leiltM e
ond so most i b1, atoo w
ti ever kaows la w ummi,
the Cbio eand iMoo
of which t ey w re d ats.
It appears theard seefterm - f.
th preýmwe, m aD eA Iv
rtih at temiehba e
power to euss , St obw.eS S
the e Purpese of ee SOiNea
o i to tet h e i i m ae -
to deprem the aa theny b
weret west "abt" mp eoumlo hmo
tio case dhown INa.b a D
orttmeeeats, ad theiru a
or . " a have bo aso ah's"
wr t otq aispl tw
assaetion of al wellmsesahesn. was Sheet
to Wall stret, ed whe ems get d he in he
the ads o the Pali baeeoiW heb Ib w
7the Utook Erebg lmerthppn
tor h se ttheara atle meeawe
aet b j
boombt `h eilya dmOtea, tses h
vthe s it srala hes rns : "o
Oe e.eis at ueb3Les th e mbm
of tho f raweemembmat. Su
whereupone the latter heed pond a L
ewpdlbg Labme Co. feoal do& BAD
4he claws . henn e thne m ýe e Kf wt elbein e
wood a *C. W net be teM sume, is ibswe
known. end the efmve lWas os eadrse
sad "foelbi o ee"b the ebamm, b$14bo
Ohe of Its pot emt feare skis teees .
per ac usno is very lL Eeey Yverte
dr 1e sotmote', "Ia a9)ernuamee
state T the YEhe a, sees s l
the heatr best e ot t tgrebYg emI
Tadbiee dell tw, sdblbueeLereLme
vlepmeto whih we r bet e
hr hr. UmfertaehLy theare Lee e ag
ravaged om of the ap r hew neeTrE
teter takin sway hem e e apweb
per atm of Judf ge rea a he i e r the
so e her treme wore meem emeloyrs as
!laeae r lull h bet Mee eleme oM
ilela wriver as to th mosth elb
wedm sIge et heme e t Mhe s mtr
tie patbg eamres, hr W entat 5 m
tffiejlstem of abr. Lab me supe sOes
mor eleby the uairnpreoedmeta pela
fI eed spasthemend ass ambdM er
clim rate or as isamagis eas
tethe, e a sr wi k h a segee le i l a

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