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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, January 17, 1868, Morning, Image 1

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I".17, 18h . - . y "
.. Rt su knM a, .i e ..earre T
oe wea wme-mtm.
O~emegee- Csms-s se as we -
Ioeem U am bss
The a ais eer sw Mu r hmd
a mst abe m l emse i . 'r.r elee
Wes mevoi , dr m t .-P d e ses t io Ire.
xI #at the w depert ast e m as tMim idar
a ds ,ome there oem,,two ys.
It is "edestly ed tahod thopresa t
sadope, r wrve m es, a 1m . sheae pro.
.mesmisses a rdePpart en as a4
eusod whpowern sad d iles, wn be rfo ed
B=s ge-The chair plesea"l eeimlalemae
-erm 3. K. basmss. eete.ry , t war, lesiselag
hea ter bl cams, ~ a a mem. we
ade thao te' 8esate d hr Is 1 mealo
meatr, but Iart a pr oviso a trt
cotet fo duty after July. Whe m pea
wastrelosd Ul mmd to eLlsemoem b.
dvera matters of mbeor Importae were dis
cassed when the dedoleasy eroati0 o for re
eoeure osem ce, ete., was a ke ea p oased
wit ase ameadments.
After as taeAetl al inpt to a eme at eas
tsutsas or the etesa te oe the srtie ad
bousee-Tohe eretary of t* sary is asked
whether . . Wells has with his co
treMt for rem os ebas a from the avan
ash river.
A bill g tlads to estead the Deba ue
The L Bome ea presde to disom the oew
recostrmatle W at fear e'elsk, whon it took
a recess to halfpea seversa.
Trohbed will arg e the p ed le easo am s be
hel ew the o Wn r oae  . a o
day apprpraLee for tthe more etelet govern
oent of the rebel Stte 5000 as fellows
First ditret. $600; sM ea d btt, 110,a
tirddrieso , 7t.000; A u dntdot, 8150,000o ;
Pope was dosed several hems with States
to dlay. Asates rprsatsd saylag that h
has so aetles of l .
There wars mother oL cablast meefg to.
e orylad legiodature hadL. two isothtoal
materiel hbllet today.
T stat l has sable advice that the
ppue of B.  sand peS. Joae have voted
eathey alesll for sutios to the United Btatss;
Srite aoeWl1 drfto were eared at the
teamy to-day.
aeutae or e"ameg desaaA -Ussesetsm Not
so Ve asa or see1mor.
Morreosur, Jam. 11.-A meetlag of leading
eitiseas of Abem has bp to ser s here for
two sye. After ealm ad peeat eeiberaase
the f llewleg tesolvtoo were m t eameiy
Resolved. That we recommead to te people
of who are opposed to the smsrtdoo
owb d al lh aotovest Itohy d tke
olaeti. ototbe b t 4and 5th of ebrr
LL, either apea the qsla of ratiostbs or re
ecto l of a a, for n adUdats for
toa sader It.
2. Resolecd, That we alse reomauaed to the
ponent tof sld proposed Coasutltta, that
form sad alatals eWalee politleal orgasi
atlr os themelres a every prties of
Lhe state we theym e o sta the pes
The 30th day of J y was re esaded to
the people of the tate as ay of fasting anad
pro hr toAlmlht God to deliver the leH of
e ae l thd whe people of ba to
Theo *ooa-st Deeemsse as. Oeaveatlsea
Multasy order-Uearead Csavmtles.
Avaemt . Jam. 1y.-Ia the convention, the to
aort of the committee a militia, made this morn
a, is very Mort. It athorises the formatwisef
volusteer eompales of revalry, artillery and I
fairy, and m skes at male persmas between the
ages or la sad I, set selapt by aw, liable to
albthi duty and ses the whole matte shall be
subject to the pramoat aubthodty at Cogreus
over It
After a do eam the atire da's se
5lo0, the coesatbo d=pted the loloweg a
section of the sew OTteh: "T shall h
as hmprieinamst for debt."
A goaral order was leed this moralag direct.
tog military oer to o operate with the civil
athorwtes to repress pu rime, bt to
take oogsaace themselves of aes where it Is
believed there will otherwise be a failure of im
partl jutice. Write of habeas corpus are to be
obeyed so fr as to prodce th body sad make a
Sretrs, bat ustody is kot to he str
A conveatio of se1thes ra roaade held here
yesterday, lamed a olmrcer so-day proposing, Mat
wheever tweny roede shall apre to tuasport
immiprants abt one oat pr ml sad two aots
per too po mile forb over me huadred
and 8tty pounds, Immlgate settlng ea the lie
of any road to be Vraspcrted, with *aeets, ree
by that roed.
No fonda were feoau n tho tt th e t ary by
the army ofcer detailed as treasurer.
DRases Jan. 10.-Dat little of tteret cc
orred todayl tothe coevatiao.
The Sentisel had dealgasted the noes in the
coaatle by egro a white. This exasper
soed both rs es among the radials, a the fol
low r oltbos was adopted by 84 to IS:
shall hereafter b llowd apoa this foor, who. i
his reports, shall treat the cave a or n of
lt members with diampect, hut that they shal
o aceo of ofense In ths respet, but exclude
from th aoer of the hall h a ro the galleries
by the preslest.
Several conservativ members propsed to
eatr a protest as follows:
As this rseolstios i a isp towards resrlotiag
th likrtlas of the pms ( keepitag lanrmatios
from the people, we prote gal s:ti passg
Ateus4 **wv** es r h e a ates am Vsompta
baLMA, Jan. 16.-Boa. P.0. .Wad he decided
that he could not comply with Gea. Pote's megro
J gerd rwltboat violatiea of his oleal oeth,
l ete y as rcosrt we soppreed by the
At an etlag the hr of Dawe counaty, Jato|
mearmr mavesa ieS at abe Sor*oe
AWWYr, 3a. .Is seesense a a broo
tias from Geesoal Meel, two easeso autwed
lnrls a ot pat of th O' IS u
The eemiss thsas as r t U Air po*
meraalsadhmeaman smm
Ge. Crauger sad Cap. Breawe have takes
oI er, si__ _ teia_ m.u , dhiie . of th
ute, of the repesae dplrs tte
The dispatch add,, th Capt. Bockwell had
tkea charge of a'Wopt iasery, the funds
having bete p revslml rem ed.
Gov. JeakU is a i M vledpvile, but is e
036 te sss atlhlweme Ia Aegast, ha alw
@5W1 .RASL'stgM.
C3AnvLro3w, Jan. 14.-be e-mevention to-day
psemed a resolution InvitiUg Geaoral CashB. (o
eror Orr sad Mayor OGallard to ets ywithinL e
A agre who was eleeted last night serast-at.
arm, was Indwod to resign, oauecount of oom
Governor Orr has bee lavited to address the
conveation to-marrow nalght.
!asas smearned Aed.se.s
Piamo.e, Jam. i.--ibee was a *dead cot
I to-day between two gravel tras on the
Alebasy Valley Railroad. One of the trains had
s cabose ear attached contatuing twenty labor
ers. The esboose was entirely demolished and
met of the mee eriouslyiaJered-thee- repoted
Navigation scil entrely sepeaed.
The Pranee.ezlom Needs - lesSe.-
Tu.her Alarmed-Freseo and Ne'asd em
the raste QmueeUae-The nemess ofe
MeszmuAst at W'seete-i pelaes Seleant.
t!ee-C.eetat lsbhmed of M.tmaltllmea
Desth-A-eas.eadsa 1Masse ao she IPee.
Loaxno, Jan. 16-Evenlag.-It is reported that
Jereher will e the French governmeot for thir.
teesn mllis of frame de on the Prasce-Mezocan
The eourN of Russia causes much alarm in
Adreees from St. Petersburg state that RuBse
duoes only the safety of Christisans i Turkey.
Lonox, Jean. 16.-The Penisa, Deasy, one of
those rescued at Msachester. a few weeks eine,
was arrested %t Waterford, Ireland. The prisoner
was started for Maneester uder a strong guard,
wlere he will be positively identifed.
Two Amerionassamed Barrett and O'Neal have
been arrested at Glasgow. Their papers show
that they belong to the American wingof Fenlas.
ST. Parsassnao. Jan. 16 -The Gasette asserts
that France and England hae urged the sultan
to make military preparations in the Medlter
Losxow. Jan. 16 --Iter South American ad
vices say that Lopez must fall back on his capital,
as the allies are pressing him closely.
The frigate Novara arrived at Trieste with the
remains of Maximilian, which were landed with
great solemnuties. The whole city was draped to
mou alsg-the flag at half mast. An Immease
procession escorted the body from the pier. The
emperor and archdkes were present. The spec
tacle was very ips . Carlotta was informed
of Maximfisa's death four days ago. The ffect
the tidings bad upon her is not reported.
Lords Bloomeld and Clarendon have gone to
Rome to request the pope to use his influence for
the suppression of Fenlaism.
Naw Toax,Jan. 16-Cable.-Prussoa has joined
France and Austria in the Bervien remonstrance.
The Patrie says France and Prussia have agreed
to co-operate in restoring Italy and Rome to the
exact status required by the beptember convren
The imperial family of Austria have gone to
Trieste to receive Maximlian's remains.
The lower chamber of the Portunges Cortes
has been dismised, and a new election of depu
ties ordered.
8omrswstr PAse, Jan. 16-12 u. -Wid W. N.
W. and stronr. ljrometer 30.60. Arrived
,ateemshla Rndsn,. to AverHil & Co.. Cortez, to
A. Moulton, and Mexico to Creery, Nickerson &
Co., schooner A. B. Campbell, Wilbur, master, in
ballast, to Thoradike & Norten.
Bailed: Steamship Austin.
Steamers Dudley Back and Ella Morse are in
Cubitt's Gap.
FocynwEsr Pss, Jan. 16. 7 r. u.-Barometer
30:60. Wind N. N. W., light.
Arrived: Steamship Trade Wind, Morrell, with
merchandise and passengers.
Bailed: Ship Mosart sad brig 8. Kennedy.
LorisvLLz, Jan. 16.-Departed: Great Reoub
lie and Richmond, for New Orleans. River falling
with seven feet nine Inches in the canal. Weather
clear. Thermometer 31.
Viczsnao, Jan. 16.--Pased up: Welcome at
10 A. u., Dexter at 1 r. u. Passed down: Lee at
8 P. X., Gov. Allen at r. i. River rising.
BALTYOUa Jan. 16.-Arrived, steamer Cubs,
from New Orleans, via Havana.
Balance in the sub-treasury $102,000,000.
Arrived, steamer Mercedita, from New Or
lBcwuown, Jan. 16.-In the convention the sub
jelt of suffrage was debated all day, being
bnroght p by a resolution of Mr. Underwood
for sufrage for all male citiens of ap. Ad
The lltte treasurer has paid out 8400,000 since
January 1st, 1868.
Matrass, Jan. 16.-The publihers of the
Ledger have been arrested by order of Judge
Bunter, of the criminal court, for oommenting on
his ocial acts.
LrvUProoL, JTa. 16-Noon.--ootto steady.
Bales 11,000 bales.
Lon  , Janu. 16-lEvslg.-Coeols 921; bonds
Increase of bullion in the Beak of Englnd
PAns, Jan. 16.-Rea advaneraig.
LkvxrpooL, Jan. It-Eveualng.-Cotton loleed
arm; uplands in port 7., to arnve Fd., Orleans
21d. Sales to-day 1.o00 bales. Cor 45s. Lard
Os.d.. Turpentin deotlsed. 25. M4. Other ar
ticles unchanged.
AvAxA, Jan. 15.--Stertlng excbhn 1 pre
aua ---New cetrial ear r s. ormy
Nr Yoa. Jan 1.-Gold 1400140*. Sassing
109[email protected] 5-20's of '62 coopons 1094. Fleor
dull and drooping. What dull and heavy.
Cor and as quiet. New mes pork 821 87.
Ird tedy. otto quet-mdllng uplands
Maw Yuo, Ja. 1l."-Cette markert a sado
6mer; sse 3700 *l apSad. I1o. Flour
rtvy- Sante 8 [email protected] . Southern dell aad
doopls at P 75815. Wheat frar. buyrs.
Corn-mixed Western old 81 8; new 81 25@1 30;
white Boothern $1 2501 SO; yellow 81 18. Othe
traine quiet. Mess pork old 821; new 821 871.
Lard 123i1. Rice firm; Carolina 100110.
Sgar easier. Molease s86)o. lT.ipetis 631
64c. Rostin 83$7. Tallow 111c .Prsl t
rm; cotton by sail 11.32*7-1; by steam .
Nw Youa, Jan. 16.-Gold quiet at 1sf; e
citemeat mbelding. Governmens steaey. rth
Naw Ysea, Jan. l1.-Goveemet elosed
stedy. PIve-tweatle of 18t, with eepo s,
109j; of '4. ljt; of '65, 106; of '7, 061.
Tea ,~la 100. geven-Wirl., 10s1.
Money oilad ey. Cell loae ns . Pri5 e
dlsoe.a . etg d nd heavy. Prime
oan m' t st.~i aesSl b, rw.
Basouu . Jen. I.-Cotesr e see Im;
Seod i leSi w eis.s b e
13 mriS sore, 1 bates.
-_-' atg . l lee fr thel- w
wal 3b4te T a batee. Wa.
W Ar Id lew-P 150
w 4 ee8sW-hr W heet
elmr )Ilae 18*.W * -'I
a cdlear asides ii 1 1 s Ms pea
is [email protected]SI 50.
'. CluIcIAWt, Jan. I6.-Flour 4p; fatly Site
_ 1125. Wheat hMd ,iy t i W1S* so6. Oats
held at 6Qc e, Cor-a; Vl i at 80085.
SWhisky ureastedsnft no e. Prvions dell.
or0 Dmes he t boeat Uetel.ldsar
g.:.; eer dde lle. Lard firm at Ila t1}.
r- oe twet Ms ITe. ki ,h1,sm at *t
Csaaalisr, Tsp. Id-Cone ia pod damand
prices unchanged; mateks 6 bales; ulfflige 16}
p1C6. Receipt. for the *week 710 bale.. ix
bals, to the entiost TI7 bate., sad coýstwise
3718 bales. Steek on heand 15.66 bale.
S r. Lois, Jan. 18.-ToTbacco eMamisalig U
shanged. wlunr quiet. wueat-Red and whit.
wintert $2 450"20. Corn easier at 500fe.
Oat dll at 700972e. Proevisiss asseal. Lrd
. 113. Weather cold.
A wae . Jan. 14.-Cetao market sove and
S rbm . SBle. 840 bales. Receipts 1036. Mid
14 15. Sales of the wek 5041; receints
[Osmnemaedi l
IATIeOA. NMaeeAnT IpAlgfT.
Oi. . . Niaos-cor one, I was truly pleased
to learn from the solom.s of the E oaur that
laniitery skips ed bea takesn with a view to
organise a party in this State under the above
Inme, i whiob it is proposed to embrace aI who
are opposed to radical rule, which includesat least
nlneteea-tweantethe of the bona fide white ale
ltiseas. The aecessity for schk an orgealniiea
at bl time is s apparent, that I was sarpried
that there is opposition to it, mainly on aseonut of
te name proposed. This lq the more surprising,
when it is known that many of the ge6tlemes who
Inaugurated this movement, were formerly violent
opposers of the Democratic party-when only a
diflerence of opinion in reference to governmental
r policy divided the American people into politoial
parties. But now, when they see thecountry In
danger, and republican government about to be
subverted, they readlgesatrie all their past and
long-cherished prejudice. and predileotioso, And
unite with the pery upon the sncoes of which
they have every reason to believe, at this time,
depends the preesrvation and perpetuation of the
government of our fathers, and the restoration of
peace happiness and prosperity to the nation.
Phis is tre patriotism, and should command the
Srespect, confideace and eso e eeonoo t of every
man who has at ea thert good of his country.
It is urged by some that onmeervative, or some
other name of equally general slgniflesaoe, would
have answered as well, if not better, than "N-a.
tlonal Demooratic," particulerly as tae organizt.
tion is only to be temporary i i it character,
decigned to subserve local purposes. This is a
mistake, so far as it relates to to the will and wishes
of the mass of the people. These are anomalous
times, and they will not be content with mere
generalities. They have become tired and dis
guested with temporizing expedients, that seenre
nothing reliable and lasting, even when noceessful.
C'onservatis means nothing definite-Is is a sort
of " betwixt and between" point-a ved to oo
ceal ulterior purposes, to be revealed afer soe
cess is attained. The people desire something
more than ths-something that will afford them
an earnest for the future. .bey seek a standard
arounad which they can rally and do battle against
radicalism with some certainty of sooeess.
Bence it is that the people of the oath-of
Louoisna-desire to unite with the great national
Democracy of the North and aid, to the extent of
their power, Is achieving a national, and not a
local or sectional triumph, over the faction that
seeks the overthrow of republican goverameat
and the destruction of civil and religious liberty.
The fact should be borne in mind that an at
tempt was made In the so-called loyal States to
organize all shades and grades of opposition to
radicalism Into a conservative party. What was
the result? Signal fllure; it scarcely amoeened
to a respectable opposi. Instead of weaken
leg the tfneation it was designed to tterly defeat,
it seemed to atrengthen it. Why? Simply be
csase coaervatl was too ladediite to command
the respect, ooalldeace and nupport of the poLe.S
utb we. I wheuthe eli kasoer Dome.
cracy rallied in Its might and power, sad easn to
the bresee its time-tried banner which had so often
led to victory? Why, radicalism was routed,
" horse, foot and dragoon." in a majority of the
States where it had gained almost overwhelming
triumphs, and even driven from some of its strong
holds. This was owing to the simple fact that the
people knew for what they were contending
when battling under the ample folds of the banner
of national Democracy.
This, then, is the party with whblch the people
of Louisiana-of the !bouth-are invited to unite
and co-operate in the pending struggle, with a!l
the ultrates united noader the name of radical
ism, which is to determine the fate of this nation
for weal or for woe. That all who wish to see
the government restored to something near what
it was in the earlier days of the republic, and
peace and happinees once more smile upon the
land, will accept the.nvitation, regardless of past
political prejudices and preferences, there cea be
no question. Never before was such an issue sub
mitted to the American people to be decided by
peaceful means. In comparison, all other con
siderations sink into insignifcance. But if the
people are true to themselves, victory will cer
tainly crown their efforts. w.
Provrision.-The bill introduced into the House eo
the 13th by Governor Boutwell, relating to aban
doned lands, provides for the relief of the suffer
ing in the South to a considerable extent. It de
clares forfeited to the general government all
abandoned lands in the ooth, and says neither
the President nor anybody else shall restore them
to their former owners, and authorise their sale
by the commissioner of the freedmen's bureau in
ten scre lots to worthy freedmen, on three years'
time, the title to remain with the United Sintes
antil full payment is made. It then goes on to
provide that the commiesioner may extend aid In
the way of prevision and graia to farmers ad
planters this yeaur if certaein term specified in the
bll are complied with. Payment to be made oat
of proceeds of crops next winter.
The Herald's Ssntigo specal, of January 6th,
via Bavena 12th, sayse t xhe es here are inmap
portable. Hones owners are abandoninog their
estates, and small farmer are giving up the cOld
vation of the soil. Governmenat educational **
tablishments are closing their doors, their pro
femora refusing to oontione at their poets without
psament of their saluries. Most of the oloers in
the Custom House have been removed. The city
government is 140,.000 in arrears to the gas com
peany for bgbhtng the streets. The police are In.
effective, and the frequency of burglary and rob
bery is unparalleled.
rSALE OF FcarrC,.--To-day, at 11 o'clock,
Mr. A. F. Picton will sel at his auction mar, 167
Poydree street, a general assortment of houe
bold furnitre, ail of the first quality, a list of
which will be found among the new advertise
ments on the ffth pgp.
Senater Dooittle has given notice that he rboauld
move to amend Mr. Morton's proposition to invali
date the provilional governmesae f the Soethern
tates by a proviion that ll person votlng must
be possndof one of thers three quolifcartone:
First, most have served in the army one year or
more; asceed, muest have suftient educatiso to
read the Coustitution of the United State. aad
subscribe his name; third, must be poesesed of
freehold property to the amount of $280.
Near Prederielhebrg, Wshilaston county, I
dimna, a earve has been diseovmered, only one
apartment of which, twenty re by a hendred
ead Afty feet, has bees explered It is Uoned
with theI ual ryatlisatlo. At the foot of the
well or shaft la g to the cave, the sheletona of
a man wlfoInd. ething is oewn a ti when
or how k oet there.
CLoonman *n pmanuamo Goons Bauow
Coer.-aGeaetse A Barkr, 44 .Charles stret.
are now eilg ed r lkrge ead uearefully sleoted
stock of othiagel Srhing goods a piee
lees than cost. Insnes, a e easelmre sait
ear now be beught fer 01 that ermel coet
SM-and aD ether g ee - redseAd i plee i
the sa prop Be 1 ef geis which
they have f esel, with pitoes. mi, wilt be
feead i toe-dlye's peaper, nd we eol e ateison
d the woelsle ate to a w eU nem by
remln. Th~ r iser esmlq b gatn
lea -m Wewamme Pn a - 1being
iheLwhe - **e - peLe re
L.a.as d leaeentU. Ii frel ed l eiatlp.
Chin. . ek w , ser thel in .atn ,dei
an4d s oees as adwqethmema
dl. obwi g a nas VIVO.
tm desioa roui e with more e, ,spe9 
disor a10lt, the Tuths ow h mhbin e or
dt United l rtate M l i meler, m
x-of wkt the whiteesern. ie wsus not deteced
s ilhe set. btr hsm deess. ewe his, disoevered
that he rll ed pe s e ai ety ie a b
mermwmt ýt s. Diemd b lbs
the and Chrtree street was as f Ate A.K.,
*. 48 degrees; t 12 u., 53; at N, fi6; at 6
rd r. ,58.
Mr. James MK n was rehed yessday ss
.d M 010 i citymsesy. The momsw wee
- package , the outide breslpocket olhs ,o
in sand was stolen between the corner of (lanat ad
St. (,rles trets and Sw oee of Mr. Bilel, on
Graier street, near Camp.
Tim Gunas Tes L a.n harsammArrL. Oe
cZT.r-Tbe concert lest noain at the Nationa
TheaterI for the be bef the BeT8sr i
S Widows and Orphls' Asylum, was wn at
a tended. M'le eme e oeadeeted conmert and
nales of Young Kaiser wee foee as yeang,
be ad brought raound api se. The scene of
a many and bemnntyl ladies on the stage
was uprively esateg, sad the wholeaglri
Spasd off sccessfully. This reporter woeldeg
of Soctrn STnrN Lonos, I.O.0. P.-The ear.
g, tesath aasmversry of eoltetesra Ledge No.
w 40, I.O.0. .., was celebratel last evening at
t Masonle Hall bya grend fany dress, misk ad
Sre hball, which wAS liberally attended and
al duly ajenjoyed. There were some beautiful w
al men and brave men, and brightly the lights
In shoe o'er a festive compy. r. Gaimey shnwed
Sus the attention requisite to ganinthe neceesary
id informatlon, and we enjoy as meh
!i ton could, -a enjojw e e to thie l ) by
-k al partiipants. When next they meet may wre
0, not be an odd feller !
i Tax Baua ImvasreAnow Coamrmr.-This
committee held another musti last evening.
i n Mr. Jobert in the chair, sad Mers. Bterry,
r Btraight, Mary and Gauche were present.
A omerleLonuae from the committees an
streets and landings and ennce of the eounaoi
Id iving a lit of the ce rtM es approved in favor
Sof Frank Marques, as contractor.
W. C. minsella sworn-Is assistant deputy
street commiseioner of the ninth ward, and has
been since June last; has collected contributlons
Sfrom men employed under him for the beneft of
the executive central committee of the radical
party; in August and September he colleeted
25 cents from each man and 50 seats from each
,e foreman; there was a "flying gang" of men
worki~ g In hi ward; the shell rods were in a
rt miserable condition in the ninth ward; gave
orders to Mr. Marques to repair the Louisa street
road; Marques complied with a feir in part, the
rest be neglected; knows Barney Lafley, who
Sused to work in the street comms er's de t.
d ment; he told witness that he was discharged be
case he did not receive negroes in his ang;
D'Hiemergiaue told him that he must have i
whites and six blacks; knows Louls Butler, who
had a cart In witnes's ward in November last; a
colored man drove the cart; his name was Aleck.
a O(on examir.ed--Witaes had twelve men u
der his supervision, in one gang; the other men
4 were under the immediate control of D'Homergue;
this latter was the " lying gang; " the foreman
was Berniard, he thinks, but is not certain; that
gang was employed in ditching sad gradlong d
fo erent streets, wheerr necesary. The foreman
of the other gang was Ason; besides the gang
urder Harts, there wo one under Reed, sad he
thinks another under Berringen. There might
have been four gangs, including the ying gang ;
the foremen were, he thinks, Bermere, Anson,
Ilartrsad Reed. Reed'smen were paving; they
numbered six or more; oaa'tel eeotly. Hrts's
or Berringe's were also pavingg gradingb;
does not know ow many thre were in the gang.
a Reed's gang were paving; be had six or more
I, men. Anson had at one time ten and at another
twelve in hisgang. Knows two men by the name
of illiams; one isa steamboat men and the others
policeman. Does notknow Mr. Sullivan; knows a
a man named Sullivan. Neither the Willlimas"
nor the Sullivan witnoes refers to had anything
to do with the street commissoners' department.
Does not know Joseph Smithor Hanuan by name;
might know them if he saw them. Does not know
J. l1are by name. Witness had about four round
stoned paved streets in his ward. There is only
one shell road in witness's ward; there are three
squares of gutters and five squares of shell road.
SNever has bad a cart n his or any other person's
Sname n the employ of the corporation; received
t pay once for October, be believes, for a cart, by
authority from the owner, who is John Kaisella,
witnesm's father.
St Dr. P'erry sworn-Bays he is, and heas been, a
practicing physician and health officer of
the Second Detrict since the first of July.
7 The streets, as far as the cleanliness was
Sconeened were very bad. Witnes reads extract
e from his journal favorable to the good condition
r- of the streets of the Second District daring three
months of epidemio. The etracts are offered is
evidence. Is demonstrator of anatomy in the
If medical college. Witness does not know St.
Philip nor Main streets; does not live in the
t- Second District; is more familiar with the First
Distrtct. Knows the street upon which Mr. Puen
tes lives, (Main street.) Never reported the All
l tng of these streets with offal to the board of
r health. The excuse given to witness for throwing
the offal on Broad street was that the offal boats
0 were not in readiness to receive them. Had a
Sdesk in the street commisioner's office.
Qeuestin by Judge C(ollena-While in that oee
ahave you not, in the presence of Mr. Boony aond
o others, said that Mr. D'Hlomergue could not pay
the expenses that he was inacurring upon his
salary of $150.
S Ansrer--Witns said that he knew that Mr.
SD'Ilonergue was spending more money than his
sler3; that be was paying debts to the amount
of $700; sald.this in the courme of conversem
JosePh De FZentes seorn-I-s employed in the
r house of A. F. Jones, otton brorer. Has reslied
on Main, between eledo and Ded for the last
foar years. Own, property in that egborhood
Ba H pplied to Mr. D'Hemergne to haeimpa
t able strt leading to witnes's home repaired,
5 and the request was complied with. The street
I on which wtnesll lives was a perfect swamp, and
it has been filled with olal durig D'Homergus's
administration. Other Iocalities in the neighbor
hood have also been iled during Mr. D'Homer
guo's admiaistration. Thea loolities were per
feet quagmire. Witesrs never gve any money
or gratoity to Mr. D'Bomergue, who never aked
Shim for saything. Wltness ays it would have
cost 81000 to the city to x t. Aa eet Casl
street an d Broad street roads are in pleadid con
Jodg Walker now rm to aeasuse to the
ommaoe tha imea t testimeny, inber e
I the prsentolen, could be derived trom tree
witnesses, whom they would present befoeo the
c ommittee. Acceded to by the committee.
M r. &apleon sworr -s-la a sldeman; is a hat
merchaut. Be seeon the streets l gtd nd bed
conditioe. Visited Frenchmen street on or about
Sthe 27th Deember. The shell road wus la u au
I t oandition, aad whlh should not he put before
Sthis committe as shell rad. Is a general way
the other shei roads which hbe visted were mnh
better then the one slladeod to above.
iO-p eramiwd-It was the first tlme that he
ted Frecwhm streest; drove about thre or
Sfour equeres; visited it mince.
I Thu defense now called for the names of the
the witneosses for the proseeutine, which were
nsmed s folleows: Reorder YVoe rd, Mr. Stokes
ad Mr. Amos McCNloolk.
Conseld r sh preonsseute sked tha the
defse furnish a It of their witemes.
The committee aew djoeased al h-ght, at
half-pat 5 o'olek.
Mirnre or m earm . OBeams an Oawen
Eoose K nenS.--A meeting Of the resil e
sad ceeen kuo eeps, t ar the a
of the iersead lienes tea pesd he,
seve w ore t we paraes
amled peto apeeein" hsn, a to tI
that in bm to e asseem s k ho i , n rif
kn ,., a
pr asemrisin wee iaemusd to ahe
se the ciy is withe lseal t ,r theok .
I er mthu nte epsslm y st ,
Mrggj wssee a nle hs aeiwse
int s law, these - psease. l a in
vi., nadir iher th VemgaelMe of 1ies thq
t m., mamame.l be e
I govamuel t as a - w.
r the a.
a et aleoa d .
Si afor .lR
h * USee4seda se e cesgefat
et t Y a I d 1
1so tee o repoabe rsujsee uuen
they wored wic h other th te
would earry thir se d mdo
was ene y, Iw ae meas to mooed oel
aonly be hab M. .|J
sahd Pete t eso wole sec, e ahs . eeams
m ree ela i a m i aeew lip
was anaster w re the me.  _t d e eli
As pu her Mran. Leas er. the Hemce, a
aked gto reduce t lam eas, wibm is mew esat ,
or0-th rate of e1 year. As ameaded, the
o nel is asked to raes the ta to $10, which
was eth rate before the war. This change was
made at the Inatance of Mr. John Heavy, who
spoke of the Injustlee of the license ssteme In
taxing a horse auch as his own, where he took Is
three or fear dollars a day th rsa , an
a bone where three or four dre dollars a
der were taken in.
. Jaob Young, who said be ad bee the
coeboa bsines twenty yeaaid spoke.
For fearten years he has m b oss uaa Ire.
iand oleehbose at the orner James
end Te p sntreets. For his owa part
he was w to pay every jest tax, but he
wanted every y eks to be n as well as
hinlf. the square where be w awards of
twenty people sold liquor, but ams o them p
license, and the coneequence was that the
sell chaer and sell more thea he did. -B ac
we as Mr. Heavy, wasted a e lo of
I ceases. It was uajeut that a hoees rreeing
but for or ve dollar a day bshel e taxed as
highas a house receiviang handreds a deay.
After the colletlie o fuds to pay the eurrent
ospeaee of the movement, the meeting adjoured,
with the expec atios of Iforalg a permanea or
ganiation when next assembled.
Bosnar.-About 11 o'clock yesterday more
tog the house of Mr. Keannedy, No. 188 Third
street was entered by some person unknown,who,
climbim the fene of a vaeant let adj g he
premisee, emtered sM beme 9'ýea em of
wi ondws ad bre opes asn memoi whhs ae,
sad abstracted the following articles, which he
carried away with him, via: one lady' mg l ope
faced watch, marked with the Initiala "C. E."
one gol sad se m r fob beha, two .sd
crusese, a ,reedis. a gall psmclscae, a Iez of
gold. No elue to the perpetrator has been are
rived at.
Currrwo AArain. - As altercation occurrc i
about 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, at the cor
ner of Canal and RoTyal streets, between Nicholas
Garbaran and Jack Laureme. In which the former
was dangerously eat b Laurence. The woumied
man was taken to his residence, No. 48 Malu
Axo~mra BURGLAR SBor.-For several utght,
the grocery store of Mr. John McQualde, on the
corner of B,. andrew and Edward streets, has
been entered, sand rocerles stolen, ia what the
proprietor was eun e to dbover. This morn
ing, however, about two o'clock. Mr. McQuaide
hearing a noie in his store, roae from his bed, sad
arming himself with a revolver, proceeded
to inquitre Into the aonse. Meterlg his
store be became convinced that it con
tatned an Intruder, and Immediately fd at
random in the dark. The robber managed to get
out through an iron grated window, the bars of
which, however, were not closely set, sad through
which he lad entered, and f eally fill n theyard.
were he was picked up and It was meralned
that he was very daagereosl wended, the ball
aving entered his R He new es n a a r i
cal condition In the Cbarlt H·d l. The samo
of the r.egro was Andrew
PAYNG ras Pcaru.o SoooL Trscmaes-The
pay rolls of the public school. call for fifty two
thousand dollars, of which ne half only is for
the salaries of the tecers,to balance being for
articles tfur shed to he sebeole durg the month.
to pay the street commlsBaloners' deprtment on
Monday. The balace willbe pid t some f tre
PearMAer W On8onztr, ow ow i. s Drxocir•cA .
CENiTRAL OoemITTrs.-The Demooratio Sate e
Central Oommittee has permanently orgased by I
electing the followinl o ers: M. B. Brady, Beq.,
presIdent; CoL James Mann nd oGabriel d Per
rict, Eaq; vice presidents; Col. Wa. Bmallwood, I
secretary, and , Blomon, eq., tresenrer. The
snb comnitteee Wll be amaeed by the chair at I
a men of the eomuLitte*, whob is h to heo 1
this evening, In Parlor P, St. (harles Hotel.
susplcloas appearance had oaued Corporal 8wan
and smaother ooer to watch them, were seeN Wed.
neday nighbt attempting to enter the residenee of
Mr. McKelvey, corner of Enterpe sad Colisemn
streets. The oencers poouced upon them anud
succeeded i arresting a notorious chareete, who
gve his name a. Wi. Ford, but is m rnew rc
ntzed  oe Charley Stewart. The two other
thievee mnagell to escape, after knocklag down
the ofcer whe was with Corporal Swna. Stewart
w seat tohe the Wrkhoes for six moaths by e.
corder Nevme,  the police are on the trak of
the others.
AssarULT wra1 Thrirr TO KL..--JohU Wesslob
he emed the arrs of Joe Andrew Theooe, i
whoea he tee w ith hv , ea the ma 11t b nta,
umalted and shot sad wounded him with areovor,
the ball strikllg him l the aforeead. Ho there
fore charges Theodere with asdrault with test to
kill. The accused hees bohe armet da will be d
tried as the 17th Inhtamt.
Rnse. wmvn Orcn.-Aotitg Iest. Pred.
Has.ter, of the Fourth District, reports that Oor- i
poral tkerret mad Ofor Fitaglbbons, while at.
tempting to arrest one Donohue. Is bheeha'
cofeehose, is the Fourth Dieoretio, were re.
stated by the fleeds of Deeonoe, who made his
escape. One of the perties, named Cormns, has
eem arrested, ad afrdavits agaenst othershave
bees made. Tht's right. dem e thie vies eel h
sesudsis eat of ta. *Ity by earns mesas.
Bseas NxvH.L's Oower.--s-sc kmth asm 5
mrrsfgmd bfore this eut ou a ch e et ma
O'Csmmor, sad miucted is the nern of tee dors.
Thoemes Jeme we ml to the ParM Pagm for p
thelareeny of x loaves of bread; a•i It e for
Victor N to ewrine athe rnameoe.
J. W. Ulseb , den sd, was sea to he a
lererd he ia -I-w . a te, a ml a.
thene, feo e -l e fe se J phae eus ge
t ess, Chel r , th tlo
ebe o tolatlt agr Mr nte
- Gnao n 's Queqr.- I Mr. * E s.
ire the nmu eekdeo eni
aaa L, , n in , n ,
~oJ. gf
-.ma ts aas MB  oramtwa
I an ee of J uea Levis, sow asUpa
wahases, seferotew t•.
- w m Ama HWals esmlb oW
Adelism kern L Geneeaate was Nl4 Ian a
for aemfpnst.
Twn OrmmA-The wi, mether ise sadso
am thttome a.aa e esmaetls oae .e .
ubeert mb Nammhet, vbbvmdelh
-Asrd"ujss, J- L heV" uma~
lr e, aInto- etra Wa
ofeat s *ltw i
_ _r a O w n e d x o
a "Lad wLas w'uels " aboe i thoe
act oomed.e iOs 1 ,hm he
uermtheiis pein wa5sI
asot eme. aigby MrElsees t m ee
11 s e pdh hha wasaamnse
ekeS baf v f Shne p tla y vw i hee " so
_p--ted ts ove ~.
esat uerýt ths tyoesr t . ee
there .o -rme-en why eM meow easu snd
aebelr, as tih wer adireable -l
voret cBernseepe y oheg . Th uee h
amrese y, s an we leook er a oveo esI e.
.eeAmc r o neay.--oe who Dluo s
sor tse oowlheo, aYse t, oa de g O. se 1.
.he thepoem, p.,'emsoI,,mesmp " seriW
eps ok made behd ld
With dar. eolm or the ir  te,
n addite io the, e eou m lt e
rsort a e Gae l seeke" is leohe layed tim
V,. Chak4s · l OkMs p epm f &.,
ldargeemi. bat y eveni by rretedse w r e a
o bthe lkHis veaso T ly r Ei
L--. I ]0r. 1ºee t.w
feat-tsr e ldstohne h e p aret a fim.
tes he theeB behwea wia
d b.ehe e o t st o dee s o teeed M etae.
-g,, lo u ae e Clae, f 1 e s o esgme
.hir0. oe0as all basem iabo beuarteda
rTrh ~ ew up ees ted a oit, is
.ter ase.. te o lmJ
-an tr t by Mr tn o elad s s 1 ,1
s as_ ae Hets asn milo Noew e Oem
ta ored a.rs M to s re d t n dairt_
•Bares  asM , w arement of Ps t -
akv rials oarig someeC ~I S, ib*e
p.end lsadnwe look for a b e b ..
roe t lof e th weer ss gn e eum
e• alo pr ado Meheme the e-o, Iet"
-ltdes ena eUde pe M le r wiots, ak m UeM
losithefov. Te oOlges of the
r addition to t~baZ arie ihs ·Msb. Me
drous of N'lua rwa l am widMi r ?a.
sep o~et. O tlw , or mof hel ea 3s
Saun seaa persa e all t ithe ebaers i
variabl prce powpo.und id , the -
!ay c _ Orr!oee s5m . Phurbmaaeis pai at
esomt ri ashads is seated sd ao
as. the ms e as t om ers aImkes la d se, t a,
Bra r laish the syistm wo eo t d th w
tu 1 o P. ci
Fort OL i WW ~ior -or-~i
o, the ti ses daad he ass. o
morupele. wfthaN eer05ne
ýt te muaelp tae i ti l raeambt
Paia far sthor bo i s oe a1 laW s
.um meat

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