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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, January 22, 1868, Morning, Image 1

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wse- Pr eesm s sem g- all s mar Wh.
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aPeeses ba a~semianae @wm.
Aeseuseemse eAse as sse vm esa
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,Po.,a cM . 1nae "k," Abe. daeeA pa.."
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Carit tee-VFrs em. Wees Yhesta.,
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WAmeores. Ja. U.-h- a eaeaymjh ~w
".oli tMe promat "aasa his It per.
Saps, I Ightams s m des / eha or peale
aeoammi o the e/th Y. tess the esm.eguee
-be who held fest e a p.I p'ull whs a st
wla Wra" wI, M .0*. sl to
Bolr-Aftar ew Ab tm effort to amead
mupporte/dif! I Serselp, nt
manet.e t o. ,- a .
The .set7 of wvrt dkeW to o*. tOr
T rer olamse the UOn , the deod
Caed ets th at had .m. ate drg
t iold b-s ette to be
imanud.  upes I adverse.
*I a eat e llo prlmmeN." repomte ' I
harod Compa to ellM apd uated hdaige.
ver she Pas -Wmae ia . o reae. .ad
pe*eose hM wihb ameelmems allowlmgr
The semdeet M the eeoas asa bela, seeMe
to asgre, s new asinttse as the part of the
. Isb.ek, Msweheudadi sek, were ap.
'e.-To eAtb Jy b o ea. so
?mee ofrr toe Gu s lal we pr. .
t.ss, ,k Us ee n.er tlakras h otf, e,, 
* auus taat Egol ats.
me thee ea emegh lepotl Teases to ail thee of.
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dolt rasee.tly pu --e, wm seqbiey ato war of
to cdalesraes sIueoshlre pm. was keeper of
thAmiermoevlllelJ pria atea eso .w many
sass twaMi a~l~d, 1st I sWtrtlo aid othe r
webbtebelisd to1a sleag0 ot olvtseed war dr
of Aemiamis aeshattlbb ws
ynedease lbsb aests aer wees
..ated Ms as" ad obi. douo thber sebaee
sadl *toe oe thm te ean. o thearf d a y
sad iaw. Ordere b,e pa ed.
Tho all riea Oror Fates was poes.
cThe ee of s.aher. m. wes disoed sadi
weip d ith S eupe g th it be voted
. o isd iatl hease,
earg oN tle bet mar on tr MU ch.
The cemme.epf 1st Vrtas o st
Viratel-Th eer u aeeemen
d ..e thi diile.e l
peosral propomse to coatest the meeasy at the
Sbpst replaties the matler aeletag wooIe
SThee we a fa0h eeabaIt m4tig today, see-pt
lteouel r"ess eeielp teda"y,  ,000.
edisralb themes aid Oevlea.reos.meod the
coatlsance of the ftedmis a berema is Te
Th Beasot Jediiry eemimtas will eseider.
to-mlrows, NoeLe bl --ha geg sthoe akere
Cost. It hubaoetoodtb em Tlttese sadihre
i Aewr ofaid lear emld S the bhi.
, ss a1sc . r opposed avmsslg
A tAs has hieadshlse the wteat retalr
aos Smeat eesmeeea the rasse-.
To WL n .wl Ns .1MeIy R b· r a.S
eete tt A**ed-al . .eiseek s..
OsA vLvoE Ja. 11.-1The eesnvalve lsats
sthes esllesa woasea 4 aM eestee
eatrSd.o p roeal thes.0lSOa rom aw. ote
A tie~.~wle ab te -i.
does asi 1. Jorwea wseretary.
They eave bet ceserec, ao wi prebanlo
aulle on oie st om.ai
pesed awetlaS the re le of the httle.r
meat of th e of the warb the arhbimast
of arms, on be bois of the arao of the
a o war, iL re e ItlO of civol rihts sead
eleelo . littfe U st o all bfore law;
Ltk Ist aieet of all to reeatrast the o
State of Teas wader the rneastmrction lse of I
io eriag 51 hamedlass polItical or.
PT einsk. eo mad~evdof
bea.t fothfat cmplhssetwth
oblgatiee em he Sy Uiteltd Stiims are.
meat, sad ns the decardales o~ra tea
emaheas. o e t tesesher.
Iutrdtloe relol-i i ewtok le Iver, h-- e
Oeleeto of. Aehiresath, 1 Pamdelph. emoIg~t
e wpLfor the mels ot the
* w a Itr referred.
oatn vs may o waa he may
t1o dealre vast o the a". ez th ro e of
hdi psl who nve sided or abetted
the beasi of the roe08.true~et ses.
at, e prehat te o tae , adn ase spok le
to rete o va ued SI el n
the toheto.;s ool ddt ioatl1 re
tmrmm teo ihby r tahe. e h. M ae as
Coplee wr com tao be o mt1 tothe phedto
dent, t Th arealIs te Us.age, sad the spea ke
ventatoed evei meoning and adjoarNed
[ri md nos x mees n". s
iThe henm otor vae 1ee
Ram.o sp8 . Ja..e.- . Grant eal aI
ried this afternoon, ad are eplg with Paes
Iaste rlltk p, Oreat'. m .lm
. Am othea trsatees of the Peabedy ead, who
have rinted, are ez Gov. Fish and Samuel Weh
more. of New York; Wi. A. Gahem of North
Carola; Jeb. H. Ciardd . Se Mpso.; Geo. W.
Riggs, of Washngton, sad We. ¢C. Ritave of air
Ignla. eov. ANens. of oeath Caroa, arr to.
mnow ie time for the meeut of.the trnteas'
Amogs other reolatiem, thi moon, was ono
for dtheeMlebisa ofe-mb aeft e, an d et all
State d oity oIeers rom goVaoa down to
pollemou. Lid over.
Th eighth seetion of the b of rightsr war
dopted after the defst or an amendmet deola
hakereLL bpst to 80.
L e mrtert to the bill of rights oered yesa
urdy, deularI Virginia a eoeqal member of
the geaera governmeat. nd eatitled to all the
benefit and sabject to all the burdes of other
States, vs laid oa the ta to be prLated.
icanmlu., Jaa. SL--The eeetie speit the
ay In debating san adopting nootLiai of the bill
A moateente f ,tarbtes an  olored wrs
eppolated to wait oa OG. Gre and livtie ilm to
viil the covoation. Oone OervatveC dofelnod
servlg on tbh committee, beeaee a colond
member was an . This moaoeneement was rn
ceived with hise by the neglroe in the gallery.
The nimbr was nees, ben another can.
servative appointed, who agreed to serve.
The treetes of the Psub dy IdoCetional Food
met to-day, ad reeeived e. report of A. V.
an, general ven show that be b visited
Tmeasae. e a.M e Oarobma0metb roe.
~la I and had been warmly weo
emed by  Ilewho readily etered ateo hL
r e refe sI i ren, s manl shuool.
Abeet nd sub to meurew.
Seel Ornmt s a preet at the ime ted.
Jacsex, arn., Ja. 1l.-Th following were
Ay ordlina e to law a the lo thto se
Ahi a bease of corrietl for sevenle offread
era to proide a tb. memnta and al taing
of tme ima whreo eo to be t.augt the mine
and vharlon mehantole tree. The IntItato
to be ader the cmieeila   e I lspeIctio of
the, sape.r..e.dea* pabileo istranMee.
Reberoto, T mat ar isge aouesi hereto
ceivedithses no egrol i thea lpery.
fae impt, albm bead, rt sa other
eThve speeind o agee t revo . or
Tuhib teeT ofthe egm tea, the gun tan and
the poll to are oppread l e to the apee white
and reemean.
Breolotion, That after the rationtie of the
Camltutlooa ro p eropt eoapdbt wr apparel
The pc lorder-s ordiaaea to proride for
takesu Gnp byseetosa a athe esetion was re
ferred to the : Uce om t ee.
A ordmnance tomnlm&e
bhe printers fo the Joural. th ofa organ
ofb ceovenmtee, aeo a stukbe, eamd by the
ame-paymeat of deas.
The Iaeseeas eee n eevmaweae.
Tarf U samn, IdA., Jan. SL-Deeates to the
eemav o meetat the eapitl yteI dy. Barely
a ee d premeemt
tempr oiers eran arll es reos. A per.
imaot orRasin, Th wat s fleoted tb eleotion
e(/ salel iehad., white, of ina . s rese
oDlS,  WmW1b6, ed(tr of the Ptouldms ,
Anert wu sam te * aSs t seretary and
Taes of t sabrdiante eoes asre negro.es
bo far the eneentlon appers to be eatirely in
the hands fa eztaemies.
e1e toe Dci.
Thea m Iter uaoe Juaore-.Pat eeamserea
Sthe AwNesat f Ta a oa-Ws elea see o eb he.
asteewsntses of ab Ameoseafs duesse.-Ee
e. she iass ama we Ia an vl- s 6.
m-I a o eawhael s I ea-Daly was
Allow onls Prenob nases-r aes.
oxaoz, Jas. 1.-., TraJa is 2ll ate err to.
Tea lolltowl nr e ealare of the rmat of Oeo.
Pacsees Trsin hoeW beoa reoewd be Qeamea
Daang tee tramnlt a te leverhisentalaed
tae baa toe sd bs u y the bL ole froem
the steamer to wel thebagg of Trai s
sor et Themes e. ureo. of New ori, also a
PoIogr, was eebjted to a rbaoer os earla -
Itcabyhaostoho f ioer.. Nothiog of an
eotlte sord a iMtes chasrm being foend In
Sthe fa the ehsr, they were e naereoty od
matted to go aore. A the ateppedfro he
adeer to the whast tr nLwee arretm and tahes
before a fst-e. Se ulaminaa atsting
nothing alainst te pit. mes to warrant
detention they wre deargud. oon after their
arrival at the eota, tho eer uoeere, .e* e
ope oow amtenon of the sond namlation Mr.
Drn was dischargebd. T. sathottle, how
r, dtnied Mr. Train, and he was enot s oe
satil Neaday. the t oh. In the meathmtheaose
is eating eaea"s ozeleast, ad the
tion of th arrs.
Train telepapheto Aussire an follows:
rave Jaes bea retel d, a th latervntion of
Mr. Aa a d e~o.igtesef at ase . itia
that Italy aelm J. i n from a othee
stmm.nu. Psesed degas 01fvoBi.
Ileeawyn.a. Jan. 21-Rlver falling sltWly; 5
etollnte . Pbae in esb. O aeneaa
a T~1lm Ae: Y r.,. ., : .
and UrospsIin g-m.?ie, S.ll
p 30. S30.
md Odaeas
-. ,,, '
otes; se e , t-eemsw .
S". sew .c :
HAVANA. Jam. 21.-The '1.1s.1 heay We that
uneor iBaell DeaeI ied is the msnemraa e
Castle for New York, i smeeim with ba
for naas AMate eats his- agte ast the
I- re Jateritm e rhedle Aire A.1e .
* . -'uan 1 -Jlltwas-O els, 12;
t e. deemeese e el. lk.
t e lt lOe iSta g ia
with anpans las e1.-ve0J; e 1 181: 8o
Jasoa, Jam. 2M-:.1,(a-ao at iollT.
ower;Ies toda 30t ; l 17o.
lr but r e ter
$. , i Wems atei.d WhIt sie. Meo
pt aer7; wlr$3 PerI. Other prov$1 Soe
Ladom ast. ele m. 1Pl PStl.e of
17Ic Freights rm.
eai n. Ja. 21.Tri, . n le 30u se of 182id.
prith AIm with a dv e1071; o1 186. ,6e ;: ol
6 e0; lea, sht to irnedular n m.;
oDatm eIIthe mb-treasury $10; 0ahm..
fJaw Yoe, Ja. S -5. Oat doll a. Ao1,
lower slder today 0 al sides, mdl. dagd, 1o.
Cnase r ,eJa.y t is. --lelatr Ous-e. Whent
shaned. Prot 3 sa der. id 1 i 1,3.mly at
or7 60. Whet14 37; ewr1 a ; winter $rovsi
82 . Corn enieer, 8gh a9 . O rt dll e le.
sail 7 oml a d.d m7r; cge2. bly.
lWeather seadb- les d . vso tw tls of
1a62, with coupods, ath reprO 3l of "teiiip
Menls . permee. t. 1.- - 00 baera, mi
der, 61 t1 " bAmoleris a h," a oma at theea
qqetetissr Reipts ~233 bales.
LOwhiaLh, L J. 21-, bo sye, r 6e3 hos.;
headred to at I ra 's Thel. New
prie, rad with amw advtaas. A rades; lags, e
e e6 5; ief, Right to slehdam. $7 60016 75;
5 62.thart t ue Pl ST of la wifor or erds lp ad
.r Wt 2302a35. Oata. 678. Corn,
4600s. Baa.- r. Ferrltd '. Tg ar . Mer e, 12;
bulk aholder.e wre clmore aes, I. Lard, p
Mepoa pokf 20 7021. Cotton, 1ap. TWh disky
rouhout, the per21. -Florma unc and wted.ri Wheayt
doll-red hornhiher, imetion b8387c. OBron Hill
changed. Pierce as ll, Lran hd lle ator
Sdeli. Lo, Ja. 21.-Flour rest will appear lu
amo 60. Wheand t held o-mrmorrow; winhter ora.
$2 ad. Corn asier, 89e1c. Oat. dul. 674071o.
Provisaona nominally unchanged. Lard 12®124o.
Wather clodystc.-dalituas of the Academyso.
Tsrnrna.-The ninth epTesentatst of" flip
n Winkere le" at obwitnese last evening byin the
dr audience, though oto ir claimants for popula or
twhere thatey have previo oany ben the reent of
fappsatg p orilemasee. adlrstion. Toet
ppBill mer iano, ther ofEt hi ope rti, ad Diek
Park, s the "fAmerican COousa" a char, both i
of whichave, n agor, e played fir ever oe
oadred nightrsat bLaer l w'siad hear . Ne
Yore, ad witlwhich, at sssesgt interval, bel
thas eterBlack and the Ctrional paes wi thi mty and
tatbeer, "Robert ludie ble," will be alarge todr
row. Crz'lle. uert, whorest's g Leowr tirelyo
callntagathr Nat nlof * a nrutam as
reoveread tro ere more tanh the disin p
pev ofid b In the sremarkable mane The diosthe
ghed tadame Prn ewas fregquein tlht of Ipplabede,
hrougt thot the performance, and wath mat oerill
ramated in his imperonation by Barton ill aste
Edgar, Mr. Pierce "as etd 6aed ,"s Lfll e as or
dtil. This evening. Mr. orreat will ppear as
Lemon, and to-morrow sight aas Meamora.
Acinax? or Mcstc.-Habitnds of the Academy
ere pleased at oberving lasth t evening in the
dre circl tee dolar t fir claimantllsor populd ear
efavor, Me Sallieto a fdth ball on Mrt, ho re
announced to appear this evening. Webeapeak
for thema cordial welcome baektothestage
where they have o ofen bitsn te recipients of
applasae sad objects af admiration. Togehe
wit a them wil reappear those to favorit,
Billy p a thdle Ethoiopian artit, anld Dickre
Parker, the famous bdropp isg and eomedian, both
of whom have, in lormcted oppoit, delighted hrle
B .'t sakh se s to be head opes and r 9 A.
"cadei's poiro b t he wit d anmalr. a
Ire m abll arnd, inoludla
tho.e O's c d T Convetio," with many
Oew bit., debate c and d sta. aded
ro. 17h, says: Go.bert, rho has ddreseow eotirely
recovered from her receot indipsimton ast.
Thatd by thbe remarkable mannerd by i which she
ma "eealathe " lately, will Ti the role of
dtrae, Madame ProThat edtoin a that of Lable,
Picot that of Robert, Van Boflen that of Br
*rams.ad Diced that of ltnitubaull. Os BaLer.
daery, 0 bo oeved for ethis pupoe. fth. Tiat the
time be re e from thThe l gan d blell of eries
of four will tae, and that the Opera Homsed. Sth.
urday after k lperformace. Tshe ambriptlos
dprta is eteer doU ar fe fo r hls, d atie
hle the emeanriber to a lfth ball n ardi raud
it. Ibe paelsaee to be, and abultoed o rh e
plea as t he rat owea of Paris.
Carwsmrv CuY Stedu.b-Thre is no pleasater
uThe b ws lted opposite the St C withrl
Tal d le o alehe SaL agesy uOere 9 A.,
i. tbdms Mesegth I arIta woader, the
Sahemr im gls bwr d th wid aMras are
aong Blthe at sagelom
Oo ei. Oa's t Ica vO l to uv ,CI6Inr
Co- ow.- special froa hsrleso, dated
the 17th, say.: Gm. On addressed the courtoo
That auffeag be reatricted b ra porty or 1
forall; that a sttarr. vatbac sUaa Se uo
hel iqinm w CLL- L11,
Pwddd be e ;~6" ~ -~~i~ rQ.
I~L Yr
Wa ~dl~rls uIaha(K'Jt ~
v-" "* I< - n P . i l
o. . he t Lmaa ebeIn a - .-'- r
•. P,er e
The Cllistops, seosmad Pa roerl of ti IX
Aecodem Diste~reetsoa e tIf fro St. Lome, l'
oa ,va ther tesee, eo ,
Distad bem wrtm
e'was sabw s a w as IsMe b hbe I,
bae or ol!hasistl
bu a .eer, ang ye g. ieer 3t0
olT, Clstit, n iol r d ate of th
to a joint be weo 30 Tgy, to gelht eg
reqey uired by .cty car4 am ,trmoat. oLear
eordi t oR nudgr we , o Ne 1
toe rhwt lr. sti s oos he eor be ee
*ee.dd Distrite. age ground atat t . tide of
his election be rw tot 30 rofe grte, teor
rM otrda the bites os ote asaper apealaton ei
irasbtrCoat Th uastru Mts. a s Ltlo !
eot it, bn the owsr iat nye Dild It te it of
hsncertIon, edd a I e w i ed r was I
preeaemd o ipp re hom twas premtde
olution, last sight, tov`iag it bse oPaMssed . I
to ha joieen drswn. ud, t lter ford
Sar to Reorder G ael. o asghbor,
An EUvasraiso Poeua. -The palse , nome
to pr, ait f tte o e mt r wre rpiss
that ever bomiosted Nwo Oe e with bet s
are.A few er age be prowsld Ms 11.
Pesaut, cigar er on .alew street, an
ordern wfrtwo bom e fo tob aco, prpatng tobe
signed by Mesars. Toby & Co., grocers, 132
Graviar treet. Thereo was sen othi e rasep o
about It, and the order wee sot filled. t was at
oncbe ponsuaed a forgery whely of mderas e
presented to the prtes by whom Itwas preteded
to have been drawn. Subseqeeutlyr ester for
goods wa presented to our opposite neigfhbor,
Icac W. URsenning & Co. wosh was also a
orgery,nd A. Q. end written be e ba ndrit ag as
that purporting to havere come from Toby
SCndlod. Whatever oter forg r e Mr.tym y
have omm. ted Is not ye hewn, beApollee
are on his track, and he would do lto mae
irmsel scalrce & New Orl e .
Tax Barr Querio.-Port P. of the t. .
Charleob s Dto d Isi tevent with ctlo.
men ho cret for tem, pwtesof treae i ith
reqeted in the ciiy. I
Isaac N. Marth as president, oses lresood
and At. Q. enett ar vice prsidents, and Jbn 3. .
Creway sad G . . re ns as seeretss. e
Some remarks were made by J. ll a
landlord,. ater whom se were nade by Mr.
Munson, lr. W. B. Mount, GenerIl Jet tumsp
Wan, rlis, Wsddee, pthe m lne o be oa Olrof l
Commerce, Mr. Squires and r.t l symoeeo the
firm of ommestlty a moure or . e s e t dem
iteches of to hesev gatemen who fored Mr.
Slocomab war to show tihat be comaerciaeome n
toey, around seeiuIy pesptrsess darSg the is
last ou two we n, d te e s their bofk, d
nder the redift system, while the IaadIre b
their cash system, had reuIed ad hador a
probe I their pckets. It was earneroy r p
tlatNi The present oft of ests ie corn
s oaen be-l olrwtey boe tit pale dowa
sibae te use of r en how 1sr l thIaei or te o
termts mob t ua relt will e. i
A committee of ive. comistieg of Mes. A. a
D. Grie. George r. Masoa, Geore W. anker, It
Moses Greenwood and Ir. J. We ,was p h
pointed to draft resolutions, ad they reorted tohe n
ollowing. which were oeslae, ely dopted: el
Wa PaEst, We, the tmerob as New of dse,
orbeing flly aware of e geral paralysis of
trd ford commerce . e tha ot i eoeene the f
whole conmunity are more or es. asisees, deem o
it our duty to ouelIves ed fIliow iwaem to ei t
all the means ou power r to give anbts ae to
those around us, at and niti moe measure as d."
in our opinioa will blea Is check he anrease of b
othrerM aaIea d a  e en of relief a
we popwe t" hple the owmeas of prpetý to
reduce t heir bper ceast..s IY besed leeay
macbe restomed ad trade revived. Thesldoe,
rea oed, Thatd a opy of lete proeedina 'of
thise meeting be orwarded to the apleI oe
ra of property Ia this y, ad tha their w o
oas etsmlytvieted to Mob Lavideal tb
pýo s t oetresi of sa InasrTll del wh
crpere wih this movement e posd to an h
Hall, the prspelr of the betel, lfor his corusy
n e humg be of be room gr tetsely lor be ti
steAu oso, 1-leet, s Jo , h a. nogroi
heid L the First District Court yesrday,
Judge ove presidlg, for be mrder of his wire
Lhtao h It a L ae e o W pccu ld , !. Iso. -
ei Perdio 61,1, et.h noalan of bel hI
flore . Ref.rrd to n omtt I
Nothing in rthe eviden m proved uayuapopi. o
mess borte$s them,5 exept be reaon iven by
hiI Ifor hiin hor. Imoe ae lt . te he, -
ed Ilmner told aoe olornd nelho t etr "h
beaor ch e hi wie ad ofe to be "ro rte d. t
Ie remained oa his doortepo, wthb ea rowd
bt to lose, ntila liean cam I -.
-- Ihs 5~ her beae she )ha beea a
•I*,t sentenc aidrhc a be
rweely es o i u wa e t
deljk) ~N·Yi
ralbi~l4 .L~u U
U· 1L ·y~ --~-~;
Ll a
E_ ._ s . L
t m
the hdIgsý
dees  arel *. 'Cost "
wll t , rlt2.mtkil otP i l to l
Proi te Imat.o ea
en vt a- mmo.bssag, sals e
* cet to eMasel Ne tca hitn r o.ng
darm . woaus e.tun .mt b O ~oo
An, reslolee etho. a tL. i . r th e
, coutret to m s t ie em e o e s s t ahr a es
mar oo f at a bleo Jo atem r dov e ss o -  o 8
coa ct som rsass o r t
sDidtrtaemA. J. MJebllobi Is B r Mol f s.
somtd i'immetes estrseeds saisadl mrd
bar av lw s. l, r eo
s .rve wad bb easteD. D Adplad undo-rrat.
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