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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, January 24, 1868, Morning, Image 1

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WAnrmoroa, Jan. 2.-Borme--The allealr
to additieal eooa pase
t I p revideog r f o sf of is ethe aut
_mocy uso proabthio- thi WiL oo
n uo rota or sot ezosedlg atw hm,
The deth of aie, of Ohio, belag s.
aenoed, the Hose adjowed.
Senata-The reounstruetion hbi l s ues the
sooad timrs. Dooltle spoke i oppNlsol. Whe n
the hmrug boer arrived Doelile was allowed to
proeod ayes to 17 eeos.
The ot tx coferemos commttee reported
.o to he House bill. with a •maldmae
feri a osat oafen lupiet de tlafteri
Ap Semts esmemsaed.
oolittle resumed. Drjpg his - e aid:
e" Weas vu t he, q o maeelses, i
the Bom& meats, what dol bhe dims wIth La.
ouleosate their property. There wer more who
muid thmt Iem *v go to his Lav.
D Aleamilus, l that tpeeh which revialed his
gretnes a made his sameo immoral, said:
* rSeutos, make them y fellow-oiteas onl
thus dd to th power amd alory of ome.' " Mr.
Doelttle added : "In this high pleo, to the Seate
of the pre ropublio of the world-outgroth of
• ethe g-l o e-carrt we, iw tesa,
rise to the height of that great argument?'
Mr. Trumbull followeod, wheo the beate ad
jorasnd i hoor of Le. Mrr. HamiR t, of Ohio,
whose death wa announoed.
The rcoetructioe omaltte this morning
agreed to report the folowing bill:
Be if enaced, etc., That the appellate Jurisdlc
tion of the Supreme Court of the United States
shall not ext nd to any act done, or whioh shall
he done, or to any proceeding ha, or which shall
e had, nder ead by virtue of the et atiiled an
act to provide for the more efMosut government
of the rebel States, approved March 2, 187, or
of the several act. suppemental thebto. And all
such cases now pending in said court, either by a
peal or otherwsee, from any proceedia had In
the premises tn sa distrit or ekcrut eourt of the
United States, shall be diseaissed by said Supreme
Coort, aend no record of any proceeding had, or
which might be bed, under either of the district
coman r, under either of the sets, shall be re
moved to @ reviewed in any other tribunal, either
poen habees corpus, quo-warranto, or in any
ether memas whatever.
The vote on the bill in committee we under.
steed to be as follows: Yeaes-MKean. Steve.,
hcam. aya-Memosu. Brooke aed Beck, Demo.
ntas, ad Hubbard, epubliesa.
The pr _ets measge to the eto dteelares
tuhe s lkia whito from Distriot law sad erdi
oas es by ameum lo the madjemmmt o
Roa. Ielie Combs, nemisated Uated States
marshal for Kentoeky, viae Merlweathir, whose
term of eSc is about to expire.
Reelfpts of cautome for the week ending Jea.
ar, 18, $2,00O50.
Ihe Pasylaia legislature ha pased stroeg
resolatlo regarding the lmprisemsat of Amr
can is Great BIritai.
The state departmet has ooal noeteeio of the
e:ecution. betweea the United States sad the e
publie of Colomba, of a treaty for a ship cDnal
_cram the Isthmus of Darlen.
The presidet has nominated Jobs M. Joase
for marshal for Virgdini, ad H. . Lob for el
lector of customs fr Georgetown, D. C.
Rale condLaes.
the following simed geotlemas, mesbers of
the mautel Demoensue -emiee aeWs the
respective sate, have mn-otlb he eemmtde
that they will be prest at its et regular meet
leo : Joe Millhon, Vs., Wm. Atkes, B. O., We.
L. Sbarky, Miss., George S. Hooton. Ala., John
Haneock. Teas. . A. H. ChappellU. G., Judge
uarris, Tia. A. B. Greenwood, Ark., Coloeli L.
Coope, Tea.
Te president has nomiasted Andre v Sgler, of
Iadbna, register or the laad o ce at Natobiteche,
I is understood among Keatokisas here that
Mr. Gutbhrie will not now come to Washington.
The mtse5ssepp seemswsmetee Coe-w-ese.
Jicasor, Ja. .-Coawvemtlm-Mfs. Orr. from
the semmitte appeletd to acutor with Gemenr
Olm, stad that el stated verbally that
he wou tals o iek eati xcezpt that of
ftramig a Cometitutiom ad esablshing a ivil
govramest hr the Stats.
A usoltism we adopted, to set the repro t of
oh majoelty of the eommitteo o memerial to
Congress, to the president of the United Ststes
Senate and the speaker of the Bouse. [This re
port was teegrapd yestirday.]
The report from the committee on general pro
os, was adoped a fellows:
arltcse I. The General Assemby of the State
of Misaiseippi shall never smem, or have aey
power to sesume or pay, ay debt o obligadti
coetroaced or incurred in aid of the rebellion.
Second-The General Assembly of the State of
lssissippishall heave no power to make compem.
stem for emaecipated slaves.
hlarl-4m General Acmbly of the State of
ieslbeippi bhall have no power to claim fom the
United States copan I la ves, mmsl
pated or lUberated toy umeanr.
The tao erdisoce, reported by the eace eom
mtes, we then takea ip ad adepted by sec
iogs. The at sectlo tImpasas s epeil tax of
two dollars and ifty oets per 1000. ape the
-roie receipts from sales of merehas fur the
ear 1868.
We eath I Saseua Uo.esareewstem om.
Csu-seesa, Jea. l-The eesvemtiem to-day
had under esidersatem reotlom refer a g te
the dltrlet diglvsa of the State to eistbllth a
peal sode; to reform the hool Lws, ud rser
atisng sopreme and Inferior eCo'm.
Some opostlion wasu mafeoted aganst the
.oeted nmauires of reief, but a viat majority
of the member, favor them. The questlom will
probablE be dejdced tom c aoory
I ,. me-Tlho eoeoa B oe d
SadoptmSrism rateo :) e of
p.ner.-, emdr oeeuatieo three e ts. The
uroee wre bitter arpast the hdoldoers mad
farmer wealthy ms. One said i his speeoh that
e waould make them sell lad if it eould be se
cured is no other way. No rnet nrached.
Negroes grwilag more excited.
--mm* *eae to Weeb see-WPmhedar Toes
a-es - Uweenseowetseasoaru ssem - -er
w xown-, Ian. 22.--Gut wI leave ha Wash
.tas n-morrow. 8eolid gives am eatet -
is the Peebk y traeeo to-algM.
Stem eegof the trte of h Ireat dy
f.d to-d . G ane rat rsd te ewi1ng
tes Zthe tem of this heard, ues*
d est zlv o e ead the g em
i reeat be mrld, h eeoalermityl the
k their judeat esahi be 1mU 5
rotgfbja the itb s.m i 0
i Weead deptesthe those
b.e Ug ibe**
ma earees ,r «s Ie- s
Gemes ut reirads to W. les thi
end ýr.,i wa medi by the dgo-v
dtreao arm wd retuedo to PM tylen hin
ýlelº euws care y ti gtolv.
Oete mid Ih ntua b d S ]ps.t
ei my ese imbJed as ee4keer--r eel
** werasse .
Pases, Jan. SS.---18 t!e- edy eae s o
aiwaneed by the itea eae were relived an
* at thatssweo tO Arhea to prb the
The e eseesearme m eme.es.
uTALLAs r, Jan. .-The eonve lem met at
im u0 e dt o tae dtor 1J . N D bulreasno
Impaoance wbs thesatd, lbwthe res beles v eAnd
speat bh aimeonm f peinio of thea ra
l hoerru ~t secret mses. l d
TMepese4 esmpeem .5 - Peiess ea
Pr mpthes of Pwakee apetsm'.-Impervsd
ALL s s Jpea-nrt hmeas ent asee me
Temsem--Taxasaem o n eatg.
PaR , i. . 23.- ijrn ported t. o mday, good
authority, that a eds hs t re bidden the
publication of Prince apoleon's pam e
of P-ma.e.. Thea.ppearamee of thin werk bas
ee looked forward to with gret terest, d,
conqaently there ainme popalar disappoit.
Pent at tJis uaspectd deciporta of the eod
miral Farragut, themain at Tonso during the
publiation of Prince ,pol.on s Pmoo hlet on
res t of th e " o d Dom
Maanees, Jan. 23.--The bi for fur ishr ha
beproved obreeh loading cr to the arm hasd,
pessedtl the Cer ad is new a la iow.
eoaen. Joe. hi pe-The bill Ipoa o the eta
Tn mUoimed Sa lrt casee has bn adoptefd dby
mirnl Fa ut, rema n in at Toulonubring the
both Hoem of the Parlime
aI, Jm . 23.-eral Ltmre b sad funi Tehi m
Man nesevy-P. era r Set wu m n oeot foraes
bnvy-Tweuts Aaflefre-At Assempt e a
proed breechm Pate Iee to the aof rmyhs
pated the fa eo elee a an d s ee se d l ea
nmtes Sn Me oree.*
Han s, Jes. r .-Ompt c ea Ge. Lerdopted bhas
deteimined to prevent the orgeaeation or dep.
ture feen Ca of epedInrees to Tedutan, Ia con
both eque of wh l the followers f Sa
Detar o F e rdt d o o rs d e intho
are much deprdssi..
Porle Ds was, aeordl tolaest aises, at
Vera Crs, where be wss ndshes v isid.-g
ing some etort to purchase steamers for the
Meics navyd t. A project was oa foot for thep
tbuildng of twenty-four frigates , one to e for
nished by eae of ch the of the repbior . u r
The treaty of allsce between Mexico, Perde
Chill sad Bolivia a neaorl oelded. at
An attept at revotion at Morell was fruhras.
trted by the prompt action o the governmentd
A petition had bees soet to the exican Com
re askiome g fort to prechase thet for thein
cotton ad geral protectows of natlofal pro
nihed by each Stfate of the repsbldc.
thety ofllnce bet ico,
Co tretempassed resolutions pert ttinlr Lrdo
entd bj the adt Son Becar el to rem lle the
The ministries of the nterior and treasury are
still vaeant.
The Internal condition of Mexico is represented
e:ver0w re en he r ss ed ý lsiht
bget robbed. rl
At San Lais Petoe the soldiers were robbing
the people.
The ndits defeated the troops set against
them at Cuernavaca.
The revoliuten at Acapulco was usocesoesful,
few adherents found, and they compelled o fly.
LomyrsvrLw, Jas. !3.--lver fallinag lowly; I
fet 3 inches in the anal by the mark. Westher
clear; thermometer A6.
Poevmrsr Pans, Jan. 2-11 a. m.-Barometer
3_:0. Wind north, light.
Arrived: Schooner Mel, File, master, with
fruit, to Joseph Pace.
Balled-steamshIp Cintaon.
Po,ewrwe Pi-d, 3.14 As v.; mi.-Datmel.r
3 M60; wind northeat, ik Arried, steamship
(JUi Cty, Stewat, asss, fom New Yourtk, with
etrohandhe ad eel so G. A. Peelak A
Co.: bark eedale, Csrrow, Sastor, arm B's,
with cffee to Rodacsasbi & Frmugheldl; bark
Patiib to moster frees Utvrpool, earo to Job
Robl.eem. 8Sal'estamahipsTez sadLberty,
an dsi Johan Parn.
NPa Yea, Ian. 23-lee In ttharbor s in.
cresaing in qosntity and thicnep, so mach so
that maigation at times is slmust sespended.
Weocuann. Iiran .n J 3.-A cnveantion of
the n .asfirur Of Neasiwad
here at so0c ee , saa was erganaIed by
eesin byOr mtes. prget,
Lexaex, Jeanary 23-Esea,-Qeusels 92j.
Bondes i2.
Pesma. Jan. 2-0sorte havy; r leqer.
InsrooLJs. 23-NOoa.wU e arket is
aebve l p hlaelee dvamsese 16.; aks ps
timited at 15,6W bales; upit)d TE$ l. Or.
Lvmboo sa. S2--Aftefrem- Perut T.;
seme Slm d; abs.s
me.n e mar. Irafl .seeNsI a m 1 flit',
wee earss ia M t
The evni f, at A so Osel
Js .. W 1u 9A
sas., adopitig fh Lesbans the
*se i e new ltu 0 uMat anmadese, as
peased by Coesss, was red se ail ovw.
oDs or O Us PZ.
Turn OvumL--thL ahwit he pre.
seated at she ope fe i es, ser as eetd Mmis
the h coentin a aiss A1 edpamo
omoerston. le by bse will he par lad
bsed, by the M e the p of
MeT, ob eis. M w l gpa. The bese m
eiaed by L"a 1dl4. e" s ba ete
by learag a tht i wasrtee e i fPrs ever efar
hendred cousecutve nights, sad wia withMawa
r te st only to give some rest to the
rich d r scenes, and the o posseses
that riiefty or ebch te opee of the
" Grad Dheus of Gerohtcn" Is so Joly oei
After the performance, at 114 o'clock, the frst
of the series of the ba's de I'opera, condeetsd en
ite pln of the bale de I''ra of Parq, T is i opea
withthhe qadrtle of "La Belle Hbae," laced
by the artists aof the opera, is fell eeatome.
There wil e foer seuo belle give s a the Opra
House dde le. seuace. The suhserlptoa price
Is lfteeolr for the series, whkgW the
foud at tbe Oe Moaseo . The epeheuo of the
opera will s the mae for the bd ls.
Achnoa r ous rs.-These was sn usalIeat
fairer sex. po Clianetope, altholgh they hadt
been codlislly weleomed em their Sbe appearaaoe
on the presioes oev ealWa wm a reeaved with
eiplanus of very b es de teped by the home,
id their udnieto fur Laild he compIm dent.d
The ieegmotsa mheo " of fllhiaty aed.
Bagler wore, Ia orr s pcelsa, the g ea of the
aboeIr tig the M sa ir se to a toudi
Mace. They adppear anrs tb h evelg, as do else
thbe other memt er of the eampay, ih - ollo
-,rfou thcOpeaHdes. The te fe
Scr. Caauas .--r. Posewa appearames us
Metaoe lasot eveatg at the a. Charulee, we
th ocese a very large d lliet sm
blage, flling narly every eot ia that seas
theater. Th ter l s the molto melght eat
of e y in co r. Forlest' repertoire, and might
an the est hIoue he pt wdews aums recvedmwit
edlyseu esretiol es liea tre. d yt, us la
Joak Code, the tragedian elothes the eqmhem
Barton B illeas ailer ad Mrs. Pentl as Oceana
This eveying Bhakupearm's gret i vagedy "Mao
ieth" it an oneeed for preseantlm. I as the
haund of Mr. Forret, who a aeomsemas tha
leading character, we may leek for a unes l
attractive entertaimhent.
O.'lrc.-The leeghae fre of "The SoulY
tor'a Bargain or the v e amoeg the Sbatuary,"
inluding eddal eand a Is the est was
repeated a eveals tohe most eboatof
the aumes pur of thedw tamposewe stm - s
ded thepe Th e trag dact Io oal t g,
pleasant memor of lS seu, w a oh edro
supong by (det, Johley 1Themsem sl Baen ,
was em eve body's lIps. The Dsemr'ea ise,
trytsn .i agls. go bia i amemeed fFre
this eveniSg.
VbAasrrs.--The who esw Mr.sJeaee la "A
Regaulr hi," dar.ig mai last winter'e sea
ment, will eagerly embrace the o -of
meitg that smue pnfi epeah4-th
evening. Uanles its . o ."bee
e Plrae Intla." there L.   k Mr.
OfJe ee -'s-LT he of l ethe r f o a"eScr
,e treYB gee on or ve n. M* Sa teor,
t -nlght eagsAh d Breas i" Thea w i si.
Clasamnt Cm r Mosfs.-These Iln s pea r a
waso oC bdi s lip Tordlu osre-thme ptleoarm
mekr _ at the Creenat City
ctaeum. h I w i hleh d oppoeeiteth S. Charloe
Botel, Sand is alwayso to be foea opes after A.
-. The ottish queen, the armless woder, the
Bohesmias gls bolewr, saw the wild sh
aormg the attrsettnbs.
A Ifw GCamuAs -Tbe eMer of the Warres
bars St, daid, alluding to some of the empeorllri
eets of the grsamar ued by his otom porary,
the editor of the Wsrrenbmrg Journal, givs the
followg as his cogaion of the verb to do:"
Preseat terse- not used.
i .uonrr dod taet- tIt. lsl
M Barr whihoa I. east 11 o bod
lie dome it.
We was dobe It.
You S is done it.
They mm doee It.
I goen dee it
e 1goe done It
We us goes dese It.
Yeu uo gone done it.
They me gOs dome it.
Yoea de o goe dese It.
He doae e gu dm 3.
We ia doee ges deas it,
You are detegeme dome ft.
lbeynM me liemed .
Yesgwime doem .
He swLmue dee iL
We ens gwlN don it.
You W gweno d es it.
key aus gee doe It.
e4 l et.
We ust seMed eu3.
M" qp,
a Ii+ dw .-, ',
at me delea :?4i
No. IST Ja set~ba h e l U
EMI d a lM gpo
-enJi , en. ,al:, wu, ofs . 03,l
P.eml i peldaeyan eeti , t$1.
elmo,  ter a
Twa am AT KAnoae HAj.-A gIa he'
tiatien wlh we ele N imy thea
cent " stead at the eass beheld at aie
Hall ter lb. benae of theDI M rt ,
church of Grctna, na ebrw s ro t.
gratlateg this youn lady sad her af
upon the taste and sill with whih lth "ha
been gotten p. I n polet aof st
ote ak rr sotMacyl ýoMe artleks, k1 nn
ther mostr we, tre inhe a
bootV a cans se ne a staetn y te eanortment
of cul, fruitJ,b o IJad meltl ael wic
·to the fren lndds ot e bt nre
th oe allow a ts de at elmtidinin
t, w* here lad baa e atad ar, ý
Ba r cr e a Mr t e abtr e t. a rayete re
t l. olw rlwdr wbLa Mar
Sto tb·haei know o stW
that nomethlaags . h wItN Ple t'hea, ho#,
to tae a peeep behst liealme's to tw
Do'ns and bemen a e i a
kind a ttreloaso and he Bab t i
ants cup of dlelota iaSe. Apraga
oer eiit 4beth bstuaeadhe I~d the er
enqu al merit, which by themselve are wU e
New Ode e. TeMo Mtame ee neak a , r
Amemawatr: Me kn'e kmrnw.--ka !ie]
Buse's hkolay, a idt, will bhe eaebr ntd hp
St lad ew ,w-.,with tese
.. ,,,*_ '6 "" . . "  - "
..ho,  Oeles ,as wea" trt a st
osto.BMawTM ea s j n asd oh te -he.
a_, eyaar aire' t " t i.me Maea 1,
the maeor .1 Lott r ra Cois,
.hloh w iartvelathg id as y - ebso*'e
rcoeh', and eommence eots
Oarltle ad foher  Ye e rooms
PThio toe lea se with r, a ean b s te hee
oerth and tteew t, end ,melnia e en Uer
bcr. oh. n R.ale brelilr o mtt IpNew
Pblsay, .-m G he0 at. . m ea
Me Paona ams, aeein letan maI, Maria
"ook,- ho.ie bmenmean nd la abd
Fomedentd a . ha . aha leDtu ani
Fan l of stlea; uptblhhsblatlpsme
Joleph ea lc Oba, tie s Genet
-excellent buo b, heewnhetrig oity.
Tee erer w ies a. eusq,,ry ed ah
gao he e s t . omdl-swiw
ge e, e Oeeaed's 'lam .".. --"
Mr. i the brother of the gre
-lJ. t. W i Mape sat md 8t. Chan"
simet.-aThe eanso eke"e oM seaier, ef ie.s
No Orlare Mtoh odend oty
waktr. b ,e atediswee e ns I orge
ooper;,y t Terag Oee 1aO. klht;
lootorn J G. emmion;heb asd reee
.ok, w hose buome eMoJlar
mttire. T. W. Dothiot. J oti. A
indel, .rthcrs lthmne , cobm mttIas, see
oatthoE, A. 0. Kn't, Vaat S loot; rduen
,t .. comtt, ewo char N . lerm
bnarc.Jon, k. ( maosnv cmmttee Nw
toenihar  J mmoh, ,n DioE K. hieh
HEltcna tCno . riou street.," rudd
shrp hedo oo the commeinn m*E, weetr ,a
nsa the e on
couldrbayrbe lomadrpe asR way wlend Se
h-.er_' tenitto oe • nt, oombiwttbe itsl
ao te. ml upiegit, mbusii f wood riw r*te8
anovee tnsene flre hhnj, a-t ad rmluqdt
.ugI liltplank en da tb e mvl edw twe Trod"
ntople Itih a creeou n d it re e
Nelscuw teomp kd wee
-n€ohisodeltei frd watinehowo on od
eooe ial bsmg wnn coe
etalrda. dtNnIE m itareei
by an bgvti dme Inh ue t mE Iamflsj
Nt Mttate "ý/i
la del
know whel IhipstimeaN
f~or h Ie i le Mw
nukbe Mt wbb amw
spook tl k4Sud .W.
reano NN nLrn' Coise f -3.. 3mbM i
utmis W·s. h.M eig. F;iv& hifs,
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