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ght )tsw *rltaus 4resctrt.
Nw erlan 5ag 5afeL.
The feature e the moesme a I$tltel obes
to-day bas been a further dectine n rates of Gold
and Foreign Kachange and a heavy lspevement
at d reaction isgiiqettio5s of city nreany.
(;old opened at Ne ot this nmen a
1;F, against 1394h e sesli rate a et r.
day. At 11 A.. . hire A W Mete4atU8$,
snd at 3 r. i. it ruled at . Proies i thi mar.
Let have considerably iuotested all day, and with
a restricted yoply ad demd, earasl have
been conned to 1tie appIende aImoate, Wi:.
to, 00O Gold In the morantg at 6$. 5M00 do ,sb
e, quently at 140, $7600 d e.t ,~S, $1800 at 1493,
$lu. (~0 and $20,000 at 1391, 1900i0 an 875,000, the
lattr hy one prty. at 194I 1. $42,.000 at 13j,
a s15 000 od o cheeL k at eat. diseem, sad
sncue tr aing lot sof Bv witue the mage of
our otations, which asw rulate as fellows, via:
Gold 1394 39, AmerIcas Silver ealt at 13I4
134, aid Mexican dollars at [email protected]
Fwuaste EXCHANGE- Operations in 8terling sad
Fiance have bet restricted to-$ayand rate have
further declined In propertio to the abatenemt
in tie price of Gold. The market is staUll but
poorly supphed with oash old and the dema ,d
e. almost exclusively coained to requprenent for
the payment of duties. We sebjoli the principal
sales for the day a follows, via: £1000 ba k
bterling at 161 , £1000 de. at the mine, £I MN,
mixed do. at 151@11}, the latter for beak, £8;00
do. at 16ll1514, £10,000 bill of lid ater ln at
S 1504150RI £1200 do. at 1504, £5000 do. at 1504,
£101.00 bank at 161. 20.000. bankers' Francs at
3.734f., sad 300,0001. aommeclal do. at 83.784.
the present ruling rates are 151015 for bank
eterlis, 101.1l for oler bill,, 1509150 for
bill of ladin blls, .734$4.70f. for bank Franca,
an d 3.785(3.75f. for commercial Franos.
Dozaarac Erxonmes-The movement under the
above heading discloee continued weakness.
The offering supply has matselay lonoreased
sitbhia a day or two, owlag to large porchues of
cotton for the WIteer and Eltters mathets
while thereittasee demand has exhibited, il
anything, a decided abatement during the snme
time. We annex particulars of the actual par
chases by banks Aat bankers to day, as follows,
vz: $10,00 d $100 and $10,000 New York sight at 4 V
cent. disconot; $60,000 do. at 3.16 * cent. die
count; $15,000 and $25,000 do. at [email protected]~4 1 cent.
diacount; $64.000 at I4 emnt. discount; $10,000
sad 115,000 at I ceat. discount, ond $20,000 at
1-16 1f cent. discount. We have revised our fig.
urea, and would now quote New York bank sight
at par, and commercial sight at [email protected] I cent. di•
t ct'wtRET NorTs AND SctOnITS--The move
n ent in City Notes disclosed some new features
t.-day. During the forenoon several operations
tratnspired at a very marked advance in rates,
while towards the close of business quotations
fell off fully 749 4 cent. all round. Included in
the actual operations were $10,000 small city
i-tiues in the morning at 17 ; cent. discount, and
!12,000 do. late in id day at 22I cent. dlebount.
We dpo not pretend to furnish full particulars
of actual treansotions, however, and might add
that the offering rate this evenslg was 324d5 L -1
cent. discount all round. Should holders part with
it at the latter rates they ought to sufer, unless
the sacrifice was prompted by mecessitiee of the
home circle; but In view of the arrangements
now under way for the absorption of our surplus
city circulation, it is certainly a suicidal policy to
yield to the importualtles of speonlators-with
Irevlously suspended taxes amonating to over one
and a balf millionof do!lars to be I omediately co!
lected; with the ales of market stalls and other
contrivances to be superadded, this city, with any
approach to as honest adminlstration of its liscal
afnlire, should redeem every dollar of its accursed
slin lasters in ninety days, and have a surplus in
its treasury to meet, all aecruing exigeuLnes witi
the promptitude for wlehi it was justly applauded
in antebellum ages. Oar adviee to the widow,
tle orphan, and the other harted holders of city
currency, is hold ea for the present; there is no
dar ger of say further depreciation, and every day
.mut satisfy you of its rapid approach to its
nor mal value-par with greenbacks.
BoARD or Baosluas-At the Board of Brokers
last evening the following sales were recorded :
$10,000, $50410 and $6000 Gold at 140; $20o0)0,
$15 041, $7000, $5000, total, $47.000, at 41' t;
$85000 at 1404; $20.000 buyers option twenty days,
at 140; 26 bartes Bank of New Orleans at 28; 194
and 25 at 28*; 10 sad 25 at 29;,. 0 abares Jack,
son railroad at $4 ; 22 shares arrollton railroad
at 91 ; $14,000 small city sutes, in six lots, at 22
d scount.
srPctIAL DIsrrctas.-We are tnulebted to
the Western Union Telegraph line for copies of
the followlg private dispatches received over
that rotte to-day, via:
New York. m(aro 18-10 A. *.-Gold
opened 13'j. 11 A. x.-Gold 138. Cotton market
cull, more sellers than buyers, nomndally; mid
dinar 25c.. Mobile 24.. Orleans 254e. Sterling
14 (10g. 12 u.-Gold 13#14. Cotton-Holders ask
advance, buyers operate with caution, market
quiet, prices unchanged. Sterling steady. 3 v.
i -Gold 138$.
L rerpool, )March 18-11:15 A. w.-Cotton mar
ket firmer. Bates to-day 12,000 bales. Uplands
lui $1I04d., Orleans [email protected] 5 r. a.--Coteon
mLarket unchanged. Sates to-dsy.46,000 bales.
Lcndon, March 18--11:15 A. x.-Consols [email protected]
931. 6 201, [email protected]
.usma rdtaI ntrtilaenu.
OOSUsiw ornam. 9We a Oa, um, r
Wesea Ivem Marae 18t al.
Cor~ox-We hlave to report a very stiff
a, d firm market to-day. Offerlags were at no
tiuie better than moderate, and the demand has
leen of an active and general character orom the
-Ietiug to the close of business. lbhe total sa.es
fuo;td up 4300 bales, and the ruliusg figures tiu a
tiLllig wele very steady at yesterday' closia.~
ralta, sLich we repeat as follows, viz: Orduutrv,
20,,22.3.; Good Ordinary, 22jrl23'c.; Low Mid.
nI i'v. 2.3jl~24i4c.; Middling, 24 23c.; and strict
Ii ,i hog, nininSl. The receip.s a tt port I Pt tius
I.r tLi. week show a decrease of 31.;. bal-,
whilct those at other ports are consideraiJy
M.r,h Il......i.... t:-1, March 7.............. ,6:4
It.. ...' .. 3. M.,.u ............ 
oo"roio erArsMUNY.
ic-kon aS heaSa.1.t 1 , ................. "is;ms
ttscted lat- veteYr ................... r,.,
tn raed toua s .......S..e s....... ........* - 74
The exports this evening include t11 bales for
Philadelphia and 2804 bales for Liverpool.
rt O ii MOL. t Mr.i~E.--Therwre were no receipts
ito osa, Shd ,petlatoni were ountuined to a jobb .,
trd.-. the market is quiet and steady al priced
at tim M,.la--re ,**,rliicr atl;ij it. Fa 1:a
tor eboiled, and Sgar is selling ast the tullodoug
q' atlons :
C,.ara... 1 IJ),e. " Prun........le-- .
Oa  ....1 4- .. ,,o*.... :.La?
od Fair... l-- ** White r 16 17a.
I-oerhTeII) StIiAR AND MOL&nsC--Tui receipts
(f T1 rrin lugapus and Mula-ea are coming In
vr-V Ireec. Ht d qhile an ac.aie trade it d ,nr ,u
I-oasr at 2l'[email protected]*. for Noe. 12 ant 13. 13,tl4c.
c No. .14, and 15:*Gdc. for No. 1.; and in 1,
lat.',i, st , @j;.o . bi gallon.
a Flotr---There was considerable activity in the
natrket to-day, and prices ruled firm, with an up
ward tendency in the lower grades, wrtich arn
scarce and in reqnaest. There was an active local
demand, ad sales were2296 bbll. as tollows : 40lI
bbls. double extra and 200 bbls. choice on private
t.rms: 50 bblis. common at $-i 5o; Ii) do. at
$.t c7: 491 and 150 fine at $ 25; 100 sumertlne a'
till 12; 50 do. at 810 26; 60 double extra at
$10 7 : 62 and 75 low treble extra at $I - -: 1 0
ai:d 17o trlte extra at $12 100 do. st $I: 3 0
-a' at $14 12P) ; 6Odo. at $14 75;uad 2d cince
at $1- ~t bbl.
( ona--'The supply on the ladindlg sLearly ex
hansted, and wih a eont!loed active dion d
Lold rarc etirm in their views. The inquiry is
puocipally fri the trade and for shipment to
ta-uth t arolua and Georgia, but ittle hbeing taken
at Iresett figures for shipment to Jorthern or
to etqu poita. -rales to-day ale c ,ined to i48)
acksi. of wLuch 2.u., diO and 1143 sects at $1
Oar'- rte supply on the landing is exhronted,
sLd pices, wiLh a fair demand, rY . tir.ner.
F LIts are 900 ~nita. (if which 5-10 ,r ,t-e fromr
st-re at ;Go., and 1tO ad 300 aks rou ti le
lt-. lg at 7To ~ bhbhel.
1I .--1 he market is quiet and firm st pvic·ios
pr, e.. Saltes are 150 secks at $1 70 g i  11 4.
HA - lihe market continu ite a i ntt iL t' I-,
int d in tr -ale were 6.0 hiles, as tuoll-ri:
I l l,, 0 i rv'er at $19 50, and 2o. aaLl i;~
C t,(ie at 82, W- ton.
i ,1K-i- It eare is a better feellong in the market
tE dsy. -il' :ers atre tlirai in itair vtew - .1
3-rices disclose a atdfenang tendency. 551c, -iu
bbl.., of which 100 bbls., i o, at $25, and 150
bbll. frm the lliaq t 7j bbl. Holders
are now ,drk 0 ,b 4 l dea am ae ret.
taig t 2at4) Io.
Baco--TLhe pd I ia moderate, bhuiTa
full for the diesad, wbi L retrioted. The
market is unsettled gd ptlees re Iter. Rol.
era are refusitge to leoepetul morning's rates.
Sales were 10 te9mt ius arat bema at lRAc.,
and 24 easlks e le l fm the lending, at
144e. ~ . Sb. hcl me new held a ile., and
L so--k iL oatsoosene ·mettle Te
supply is moderate, but the demasd is tIt .
Tales day are 23 kegs, In two lets. at lie.
It. Ilerces are held at 151i., ana kegs at l1g.
mEIoTs-T-Ther is ry IIlIle cotton offering
coastwise and but little toonage. We quite: By
steam to Liverpool 13-16ijd. for eatton, 144. for
oorn,60a. tobecco. Liverpool by sail. 9-14d.(- for
eotton, 14t15d. for corn and al. Sd. for tobaeoo.
To New York by steamer lo. for cotton,20~t.
for coa, 900. for four. New York by sail, o. for
cotton, 20c. for corn, and 80c. for Soer. To Boe
ton by steam 1c. for cotton. S0o. for oors and
90a. for flor. Boston by saill, lo. for ooftoo, 13
diOc. for corn, and 85c. for four. To Bremen by
ssil I 6-le. gold for cotton and SOs. for tobaooo.
To Harre by ail [email protected] for cotton. Glasgow by
sail Itjid. for earn.
I.TvzarooL CorroW hAurr.-We extract as
f olows from the Mereury of the 26th nit.:
Our cotton market to-day has in some re
spects almost seemed disposed to resume the up
ward course which sace Friday last had appeared
to bhe efectuallyinterrupted. The depend on the
spot has been quiet, but not so quieta yeaterday,
and the sales have been to the moderate extent
of 10,000 bales, of which spinners have taken 70 K).
But the desire to sell ha not been at all demnn
strative, and prices are no lower. The feature"
that would seem to Indicate a renewed effort to
restore activity is the movement in ontton'to
asrive.' Rather a big buetsiness has been done-in
American descriptions in this posetion, sad prices
are Id. to jd. better than yesterday, while East
India cotton for arrival has also been rather
dearer. These symptomsof returning excitement
are regarded with some amazement, at least by
disinterested parties, who have looked upon the
recent movement in cotton as quite dead, and up
on those who supported it by their operation, as
having made a very palpable mistake.
Many weeks were reasonably enough ex
pected to elepe before the enormous
operatitms recently entered anto, not to
go further back, by splnners and others, could be
digested. Nor can any very tangible cause be
assigned for the present tendency to resumption
of active buying. It would be the height of
temerity to go upon the probability of a rupture
between this country and the United States; yet
such a contingency Is not absent from the speco.
lative view. The news per cable to day of taee
tesolution for the impeachmentof President John
son baring passed the House of Representatives,
has not escaped the attention of holders. B.
eides, the possibility of a fresh revolution in the
United States, should the impeachment of the
president be persdvered with, it is contended
that the wider the political divisions in that o .u.
try become, the greater will the effort be on the
part of the party that has most to lose by defeat,
to pick a quarrel with England as a means of
niting all parties in one common cause. The
difficulties of the Irish question, as hbaring upon
American politics, and the resignation announced
this afternoon of Lord Derby, have also been
cited by alarmists as additional reasons for the
apprehension indicated. It would, however, be
rash in the extreme to speculate upon the possi
bility of an event happening which most men feel
It almost beyond their powers of conception to
realise. We cannot afford to make any great
mistake in our cotton trade this year, and specu
lation is to be deprecated, that if it fail would: in
all probability, fail ruinously.
oeeise arme.
Crr or Juarrues. March 19 198I.
Arrived yeste:day-366 Texas Beeves. Sold
2?, Texas lteeves. 22 Rors and 3 Miltch Cows.
strck on sale--329 Texas Beeves, 353 Hogs and
24 Milch Cows. We quote:
r esmesa Mes, eee. S ..............-se... i
western ae. S in........-
teem nests, to by t q ................ 9l m
Tsx ttie, d quality, head ...............4. tYd ) S
Texa esCt . SI qiy, W hsed ..........t.....5 . 0 s it
t0. p n eor .. ...................r....... - 12
Sih S q : ..nt ...................
Sheep, tt a l w........d............ a i n
itoha owr, eoderIt i u oo........ ....... ,e of tl
WeR thierd quiwy p bead...t.cd ............ r I T
tilt Cows, chk d b re. c.......... 0-0vroU
wsre ow, lea5rde 3u b e.............5 o0f b en
raise oel with  vs .......i............. ..- ~ i
elr a. V bead ............................ 1 els iS
ow bead ................................... ra
Iartme dnt yI I atn .
tisma,  o uanes O. io OCa p 5f
Thurtdy Morties. Marck 19. Vi4. ,
We are at a los for words with which to c.w
vey to our readers ount of town an idea of the
weather which we experienced ye.terday. T'he
day opened cloudy and rather cold-overcoats
were Lot regarded out of place by persons whbo
were osipelied to visit the levee befure sunrise.
I he sky was overcast by light gray clouds, and a
strong bretze from the west prevailed. Several
showers of rain fell during the day, and at this
wr.tiog it is siill cloudy, and as re do not profess
to he weather wise, will not attempt to say what
kind of weather the night will bring forth.
There we a fair amount of business transacted
upon the lower lancing, and our local packets got
oft with good trips.
The river in front of the city is still rising.
Accounts from Red and Ouachita rivers report
tb se streams rising rapidly. The telegraph an
nouncse the unwelcome fact that the upper rit re
are riclng rapidly. Our pianters had better take
time by the forelnck and make some effort to re
ls(t the threatened flood.
CAUTION TO liTEdMiOATMEN.-- An individual
wt)o sins himself H. lpktins. ha been vit'on
rugo some of our local packets lately. We were
sltiwn a sighp draft yesterday, drawn by him ot s
well known grocery house of thIs city, with
wh:ch hie anid his passae to this port on a Re4
liover packet. The draft was presened by the
saget of the boat and the firm refused to hoter it,
Itrtiug tltat the party in question wa an imoposte r
sa i hd draln drafts before on their house, wito
which he was in no way connected.
(on,tderable lterest wae ma' Ifeeted and quite
a ruerl collected on the landing yemterdf7 erve
rt.g to v.f iti.ear the darure treof lthe plker,.
1Ii. h e llaiit little S'letna took tire leati. antl WS
f~ , ;: o sle tr:ly aflerwarde by the aouut WI1
wglntr. bhe bad haroly. however. turned her
I row up stream when tIe F'rahk I'aroid atarted
,n. and all eyes were xerd opou them; wathers
were brtr lt out ad ictvl made of e their titie
(itt it -iht,"- tr, as Iwa:y t.r:ii it,o around the
sa ppirg."
Afie theirt departure ts lve looked dll: the
o i) ekxelit.l.t wrhlth ce noticed Was the kiL:l i.
of a tat Ly about two score of freedmen. We
wlt tliat tb-y oould he induced toieu-r Ol,-n
I, re rlto ertl Iyment wth the same vim with
at on they pnrened this swlitary rat.
i ie art vaiOn)eeterdsy were few in number.
'IT. great itwrt Aie, Captain W. in HorrLson.
Cvi:', i 11t iatn Cireip, t, a Ilie trip, part of
W-t:rh were - b hat totitle .
Ir:e' ioi*ej. i -r. t'aRttrlt Je,, blorgan, Arrivel
f'' n. aitt''in wit't, It. bales cotion.
The W. A. Csllwel, Cat. W'foriiJl'rni, brought
in N("; tales cotton from arkansas rter.
Ti e departures were as follotwe:
ile Fla.k 'arga.d. Captain Tobin, for Ooach
'a rivr, writh a fte trip.
Il e farn oue Wild Wagoner, Captain Lodlin,
left on tmLe f, rNatchez, with a fine freight land
cabin rtwndid wlth pp-tsengeri.
The eik Il rcworth, CVptcin Irwina, for Lotuis
lie ICe V 1,,1 did nit leave for St. Lin
nipi te qfre last. is we announred in our isue of
yi eterlay. -he lIr t ably ,t i('i slot night.
Tie :taii ight, Captain l'tte, fur Jeblerson, with
a fair trip.
7ote A ioh. Captain Radovich, for the lower coast,
hail an average trip.
Tire J. C. Blackford, for Washington, left at
II e favorite Annie Wagley, Captain Lonallier,
left fir Washington with a good trip.
Ihe J. B. (roesbcck, for Cincinnati, with a
tolerrl le fa:r freight.
Ite it-. packet i. IL. HAnge No. 2. Cap!a;n P.
C. Mntptmery. with a fair freight and a large
onber of pasOengers.
Ibes mal failed be)od Vicksburg last night, in
e nsequence of which we are r ithout our Western
Mr. Cthrle Culbersona, of the Brt Able, ha
our thanke for late papyers.
'iabe Victory. nuder the command of tshe ever
popular Captain W.B. Clarke, leaves at l . a. to
dry for Camden, Arkaunsa.
Dy reference to her advertisement it will be
ceen that the favoilte Goy. Allen will extend her
tripe to Memphis. She leaves this evdlug at 5
N'ews items were a scarce on the levee yseter
,lay a "hen teetb." There was not even a rumor
From the Viek~plrg Herald, 17th inst:
"The weather was cloudy and sultry, with an
isccsional siight sower of rain. Bushine wun
t'suliie Carroel from St. iuL. M ,llie Felloia
Irom Shrevoport, Dora from Clmds, Frolic,
Ireas and Lots. No. 2 foom Jefesmon. Alle Deo
krm Chlase , T. D. EIl from Mlkub, Nin
8tmmeses Lmatoeawse, sad A. . Brova from
LOww set, ar~ewee at is pet. 1ewly all of
m wm be ond a the whef at morn -
tos L-tY.Ls.-The ia p gar packet
John :or 'BqQI J (i.. MOsbot
.'ea Ca1u1a. 4he rtul Oachi palt
la wap Capt. E. J. Briater, lavnes asM te
at o'eleck this evernlg. Msers. P. A. or
sad W .C. Johnson are her atteat leres .
Pos MYa ms.-The fevorie passeger peeket
Gov. Allen, under command of the people's fa
rorito, Capt. W. . Richardson. hve.s for the
above and all intsrmedlate leadings at 5 o'clock
tins evening. She needs.o preta fronss to give
her a prowmnent place it the flections of the
geral pobhc. Her name alone ought to amure
oomplete success. Her ocer are all well and
hvenbly knoew to our merdcants. me con
sects at Vlcksburg with Yauoo, Tallahatchie and
inalower lers, and at Npoleon with Arkansas
river packes, glving through bills of lading on
the ahbov streams. She takes the place of the
Gen. Qoutman, but remalns under command of her
origi well known and popular ocers: W. B.
Rlcbardon, captain ; J. T. Hall, ed. L. haw and
Henry Andry, clerks.
Fos Caxrrsa, Asm., Poerrivr.y.-Th flste fast
paeenger packet Victory, Capt. W. B. Clarke,
leaves as above at 5 r. v. to-day, takting freight
and passengers for all landlngs on the Ouschits
river and its tributaries. Shippers desirous of
sending their goods through Into good order and
with dispatch. and purseners ceeking a fine boat
with whole-souled sociable officers, will ind it to
tbeir interest end pleasure to call on Gen. H. B.
Davidson, her attentive clerk. 8* leavepromptly
at 5 o'clock.
We respectf'ly caln the attention of the public to our well.
asertumd stock of
VUKNISdtlla GOO00i
Which we are offering at greatly reduoed prices. M1O CASE.
City ad Country Buyers w, aid do well to  -ll rad euamine
our stock and PAICEM before mthkln their pecb..es.
8RhPARD, AsBuTT & (CO,
A5 Camp street.
phnluons-One-Tt ird 'heaper, and bHlrs no Long a
('Coal 11-o had timelt or imloke Attending the Cs" o It.
It only requires a ow burner to t'o old Lamp. Its illau last.
ing pewe sWper cent. above .a, Oil; brns steadir than
Srand equao it in Lesty, olea lineoa and safery. The An
eto Oil recerved the on y dipl.,ios aw.rdrd to illmonlrtin
te as attd late * t, Leuis Fair, and fltrt ',remiums at the
Clevenaed Fai. I. A. WRNKTZiL,
No Royal street, orner tein,
bole Ageut for L .~rtaa
Agents wanted.
The above Stove uses fifty per eent lees fuel, and bakes bet
ter bread than any other store now in .se. This faet woe
fLirly demonstrated and lucrst' tab',y priory at thle Vechanu
ies' and Agncultural Fair of New Orleans, IWA, and the St
Louis Fair of 181-7.
lver, one of these Ftov guaranted sad delivered any
where within the city free of c area
Also, coastantly on hand a large ard complete ausortmeut
of HEATING AND CtOOKINdG uToViJY of the moil Im
proved Patterns. Literal aLdvantaes offe*ed to the trads
II. HAt.i.h t. Agent,
a 14 Trclho.pl'.oulae street.
Ordes left at box No. W Mechani "' and Dealers' EKxhange,
No. lti St. Clarler street. or at the bew Orlean Pos ltece,
wcil reeive prompt attertion.
Tirintul O... EIghth street, Lynhburig, YlrgSiea
Advsrti sements er-ted In all eewspapers pul:lthed in the
CUnited ttes, at Publilber' Lwest Itrrtes.
We have errrereod list of all the Dhi)i. 1 ri-Weekly. Sete
We kly and Weekly Newsr.apers pubolrrd i Maryh and Vor
Nisr, North Colia.ltr reutu r aroviua, iergla: Fi-,.rd. Al.
Me Lnrtms, Miestsopplp TeTroensd Tonneose, in .dal
tioe to those of the Northern and Weet, m Statee fr-m whise
parties desireao of dverttslang to nay partncalar localities
ca make elir own selecti ,.
The is  , s eelmted ara.y, but one aethorised by the peb
lisbh.r of ameroans journale of standing and reptation
thIeabhout the othern Stotesa and ca. eoussqueaty eOer
t peri-oo tdunoMsato
xtrtno.ierverierr err soenred that they will ind itt
tl.rel interest to contr et throualr t leag-:,c f,r t'le S .uhser
btteseerpeanlly. It will re-ve th,- from extra expmes.
aud 0sure the p blication of their advert ssmeslU apes the
m sit farvritle trml.
Patr, toac from abroad respectfotly solicited.
All romrmun.icrtions aldn sued das arve wil rereire pruomr
We og 'eave to call the attet~tlos of a.lrti.ero tb the sub
otl, ed favorable notices of this agency, and up n what esetoan
ity we act :
ADnrrtsltIe AeIsae.-We e take pleasure statg that
Mr hOsian e. Mtorro. fr many ye.ros mrau nrer of tn.t
sterling newspaper t.ie ryorcburg ironrian. rnd also Adver
stiL Agenat ior everir p*a er-. .as revr-u.l sti,r wed huatu .s
We hOe ntad busneso relations wtwh lm lfor a nyoulhr ol
eear, land have aliwa, r rdound hm pr-rnpt eneeteo- and re
iable. We cheer ully rrc.mmrrnn h .rou to at prouns reqauu
ing the services of an advertising a octy in r trgal.a-YMo
ble iAla.) Advertiser aisl Kite er., Ao. IS, 1t66
AorvartSorlo.-We have recolted the bust^ese cardri st oa
by Mr. Bosseir . Bcrrr. eI the "'fueral Adver:!sin
Agencry,' Vrrinaula Uoce Lyuchh- r, Va It truotrio o
urlot pleasure to have this oppronnilSy of aorying, that bar
In, a for a tngpariodd mucn rs ,l.uen In!er lr.* wtri h m
we have aiw-yr flrndt him prompt. oprctrc.r. and ever
oune thor.oughly reliible. We c..rdislly co.IUme .d him to al
parties who may require such servres so a e ,;otin iathe
sphere of ti btuaeme.--rchuraod WeLg. Moo. 6, tai.
ML Rowntr P. Bulrll. of Lyschborc. at the Virannlas
Oiqr1. is ,crle.eral Agent for rerevvinr rad frw . na4 a dvier
tisemeets to any prtof the UItllhed ates liet hr b-e
enrterted will the Virguliliotlolce 1I7, and from pers-ol
trsaor ctioi s wilth l:nl we ocr te-t'') tr, hlo prm~err isas aec
erven resr In burlr re tranora-t r,Uo. I'erton whor ,ov ed
vertirig ',, do. w.ll ho Mr. I to ben m.orrit fth!l eund re
liable Aget- LMavrille (Va.) Regioter, Nuo. 24. I1l6
Psrsmas oI LTwefatmc., v -We nrotoce thit Mr. R. P
SBrtton has anselra estiabhed hi A lvertlri.g AgUcrry nt
Lrlrt.hourg, o Dlrllooy the wro we hid (It -artr- w-th too
gntrlremanr. We twa found bnhim prrompt uand rerolbe rom
oru. owr exterserrr. e, we are i . d :.rt iall ordero ertratedl
ie r.i e well I. e prsplty or esroir t,,
L)AgoroaIn. UT)hrsrlare and Seotlt.el, ieO. 17, LRa
A)warw,leo Acsc'N -Robrt P BIutto., of Lynchhorr
Va, (Geoerrl olewcsla;er ren HEo.Iess A.oet. w. r ceIre ao
verti-emrenlt and trar-nttt Ot? -r I-lo roe fr ton -e n-dir g o'
crv~ eIn tht h ctl,,t, ef Virg rio ,n lt· the r;i.eril oAean
oI the Loon hbhorgV rgii-an.a i Id -od obl ua-.iucrd ddaiiy
elot.od - yl I r0lo W .t dor,,, Eh-.0 To"rr ooe ,,.'y c.n here
i ped upon -{Mryiad Mo ar erharic, troot. tlra
We hilly .oodorse the ebowve ,Ote, w:ich we eo ufrnot tht
eMorro d "tWrl,- ar d o el". ., r uio s trnne.,ow- cot
tr o mltl.uo , woO .n ' . '.,o we o se.,,, r-.-. anrrl.d Cro
A ge t)cy to oar bre trt -rIn ' he l 're-r in T ',ord--* e.
LHIIasT· ean N.ews Nov. 1, lR
ADlrts-rrNG Acto'T.-We trslo e,' tet..h!o f oar-r oe
chante sard tl.els Lc, the rs d of Mr R-,hert' H:tto,,n ti-r
eral aovertislf Agecy, r JtrrlLian Itlt Lyctrhburg, V
lrfore tLe war we hler tr. Rutoo wrlo i r- ., agernr oad
lwsay re r i, h'oa rrnrle, hrm-,-t ado - --',r.trer- .d wo
le orl. oloutot that he is ral r'o now 0W fTc fet iltt 0e
t', Oir-,oare. Ayelt ut thio well anowl nLd oplrer Iarn.
Le Lyol,'bh.or \ ,rgin-al. is aumcterot guarntt or has ho l
l.-ts LI to nuo;i a ,' "'ne r, cOtl m ri Od.tnt : tolir lratU r IL
Southw.1 rouoro . C ake k-I a- -, roe..
hmr to .ch our ouur olr mo Irdolo m o ,*-,i rrl Aelrr n Lna.
Orr-vc or roe D0,0 0 coo Wewsoyv rsw eacn.r
heworloae L).'[ - ·,r ". I (
SMr. RoPert P utton. or Lyntohliror Vr , b-:"l,v aOthor
taod to t a Ar rtrat t, rl,-msve ,oiho'rllloo. s etrd ttoer.lu
mata for thie L ew Orlee Urmeeneot.
er W . S uroo
We as ptoed tn Iera. e do . m w the bneonma erd
se*.tos by hIr it:l tert l' Huio. of th lao noitrt
Llnr-ht:rr-. 1'r - itlat he hns rre'oi to hebr a, orf hi
rrr lanl rr-i .r ih* tr.In -r..' i sh ' , mv.oll · 'o r
c.lrse subh ar Rut.u °esw y · n , ml: ·l p ulmpt. (.,,
to.- rs;nOl entire y re'Oer aild we nust c'rIt-:y cnra p en
him o eil who masy dory re r i wrrcc Aly brino-s on
ttrruott to hit oarre. ne IrsI tntpolrol,l.e pr r-pt ys ItrI
I ed r4---Perobhorg oVi) ixtota, Nov. io. 1.57.
Orinca or vse DArLy con WrerTv lryx r.r.arwa
Arlanra.,n. Marirct at. iaoj
Mr. Robedrt P. Rottor Is heroy nou hriaed to rcoore ad
vertieoenteM sd sub-crlptltoo Io t o Doa.y eoodglecer aL
rerioptforaIl monie re Driswo f r HIrAa
Proprietor et Irelllgmr
Ovu " or- eta DaIL. AnVrralosol anD RsnotI 1
Mobile. Almota Nlac it t L. I
ToW nor mayP (lonic t --lMr -rinO P. ottes, o0
Lyrbbnrhg Vi , 'n dulr anr h, rozed to act o Arecs for our
pap.er. rca. ticr tuirb-.'r itl-r n e adno- ortl ia ' or regalcye
card rate All t-',ret- made by himo in e rnnrmfory rth
th.te roues whi be re'ted nod ,a 'Io',I o,, r-.'l atbo
Wame. W. 0. OLAKK a CO., ProprIs
VTaooris Or-rcu. I
Ablagdon. . ' Janay L. 1lt E
t T waea yes Crocaau.--th. It.trt P. Bortto, at
L[nyorikur. VL. l sath,,lisd o Eon'tcct Iror adrrti iutne
s d re-ive oc:bo'.erptin to tho Abmugdom Virgniamid ta
re·oww yuc.ti I, r uom5s
Wose h aI.i reor-el p-nes of pesonl sd bunoms as
qeirtarlorce oth Mr rBuot, sed we te ch-1 pleunr in
rreOmirdto L.ra s et1i eL. we tr-y the '-....roe o. these
wo nay motlCd ao 1tercs havtrer to him.
001 oca Attiris Tash
DaiomO.. Twm.. Ansa 1trt. M
Robert P Beltin. Ecq of the Lytr.oihrg Vtr. inle MO
is athermasd to reotre dl raorn e the Inr~nl News.
fiditor -toltel s ewn
A D a. (tJ.t sBPI7 HUW .-
5 10.5 D. A s..,. ,ate o m. Adams A ne: J. cocarmwsN
N • Sl*UNS STiBt T, 5W O It ANI
ý>masse 'IC 3eneasur. 1
A mar. CorSai, ad Swpeed Core
wI PlrAcYl 1% arneICAI nR is e . rWeaeg
rsead, llt in a em of lInesalts Ptaeas, eRam se se a
prwel ecas I ieese ta ts artydbor hb .e, hem the mam.
mere tlsm two ar thoee Pills
1, ether hr of Wearalgla or lwrees samn eser si
to yield to this
Even ti the arvoreet easeestibrounte 1ailfdi eatgls.
ral serveas deranenpem te-ot mayns smu d ie- ag
t'e entire system, its nse br few days, or few weeksa
the altmost, always affrd the meet stehishing relief, and
very rarely fails to predae a eomplele sad pIrammt anr.
't contains no draes or other materalsl ta the slghteet de
grea hruriaus, even to the most dellate system, and can
always be usd with
It has tead beena I eoteat as by many o
who give it their unalmoae s ad eagqelltd approvar
Seat by mail on receipt of price and postage.
One ep rage $1 00. Potags., enta.
Ita pikagesa, b$6 0 Postage, 2? eats.
Tweve paFkre, $9 00. Portage, 49 eoat.
It is said by a'l wholesale and retail dealers to drag niad
medloiaes throaghtut the Unted States asd by
TUblER A CO., Role Proprietors,
12U Tremont Street, Boston, MUss.
EXTIr A ...................................CIAL.
Dr. iwe UsedOe l Wefgs a emmm.
By removal of atmosphert preare. head mad 1 a 0
geteis are tas ty relieved, whik restores . a
larg el sm of desees. It masses vigerous reatlem ef blood
late and threogh a paert operated apsa, a searse of wile
seaehea. rlvigrases and salarues, permaaemtly, smll. weak
,rgam, by restorsg he eqillhrnm of asare's blosl-fod to
them; by wht it to a reliable remedy fee Pesah sRd or
Sbhrsake Parts. Impeteney er Weak Betal Power, Sperms
ternbes or Semnal Drangement; DiaMse fre bll Abase
Painful sad Ieiotinenesof UritseJularged PreetreteObhet.
ante Glals Yartoele. ertald forms of Stricture, oe whtel
."her mase rarely .an R andreds have been treaed wm
MIS Medlesl pathi
Eradicate Oeastitutioal Syphills, Shia DIseses. iamre
tIhmmatism and Mecary from the system, whel mnedlela
ales Iail to Menh; bat used toaether effset wonderhtl ar
Privoat. tses. Casrved speedlly.
Memedies prepared and faamished ter aM 1em of disea
cats and ekrosie of either sea.
Omen hours from 8 A. a. tO I r a. Oesmualeam bes.
Treatmeat eah TChages moderate. trictly ooaldeattal
A. T. BOWE,I D , il Barosne street,
Wear faal. New Oreans
FACIT t-ý1-Mar R. Eleer L Bolleou We. SM
Poyers str.ee. MYanfactarwl r of the al.akoff ltters::
venrt .men-- tear. elinllll th patent that was grantee
yoa hby the U. S (ivrernment for msnsfrtutiun the Maleki
Bitters, and fouod in the iigrrdleato employed a oampouoo
wrell enlolaten tn ecte rand es, In goad ord r the dlgerttve
orgen I havre prescr.bed aid Bitters several timos, and In
every instance I bad occasion to aucerrua their beaeicall
effct. I remais. gartlrmsn. rev r..spetltlly, year meat
oeedlestwveant. a. MERt'IER, M. D. i1 Idl street.
I have lxamined the patet yur hold for the mlnttalroeol
MMlnkoi Bittern. ad fld netb'ag in the It gredirtlt therrof
erlcal·-td to act lrjur only apon the hams. system, unale.
tare I 'enordearte quantities. Indeed, it iU s.thlu be to
eordalI aromotce bitter. . A. SMITH, M. O.
Your Malakel HItters, whlt a have eseamisd de not
crltain ary agredierte inJur.os to bearth, and may he recom
me ded to these who aetle wean of a go d teas
Yours i. 'IIHUPPFRY, Y. D.
ALtL'Y 1 . .................ALIT LSIUM.
Dr. Conrad Ilamse. Deatbae.
£16............ST. CHARLES STREET............IU
The Almlniam set of TERTH, the newest Invention of the
are to be had scconmpli.rhl to Itn moet etersive perfection,
aIt th·letablhment, as the ah,,ve-uamedi : root. Noblud n
thre wvrd It, re "o.nipad oti. Nbether gold nor silver i
equal to its value, for it is of a weight.
Let progress have a fair chaaee.
Altmainem, 418 mad A10 St. etllwles.
MI ' DICAL.............. ........... M D..I..  C L.
Dr. J. W ITE bha bad the advantage s ad experleas
which large ees, North ad boath, afford I a s tensive
prcticer a al l forms of d ense more thea thirty years. This
roperlence e*ables him instantly to paerelve the remedlies
dieteid-for either sex and all ages and eondithlos.
Private Dine.es soch as FEMALE AILMENTS, ORWI
RIP A, In the mst aggravated forms, are speedil eared mad
every veatloe ..f taint and disorder radioeted from the entre
s stem: the skin Is reutored to let satve besty and the etiaM
orranwn to Its normal be Ik.
Peroes denirtu Dr. J. Wolie's advie and edles will
el' st the csener oef Chrls sadula std' i ests, athere
ar overal Dr. Whlte In the oiy.
Chemstsa o H. . H. I.Pri mee Napetl
o aw.e Cod Ltvew Ol.
Tloil syrulp ir riLOpyeC r at.t the oetent eeQeU s glo e
ihI iver Oll.to( olct it Ia iluahely opeelul It coMr it
snr e the Cherlt, soifua, Iympha'le dlinrder. Igree nslob.
tent. mRsosiar stony aild loso o€ ppellttt It reaneatesthe
eltlLtutl.a by pofrtlyin te bod,mad Is. a wrord. he e eS
iror'rol ieporoo oe to, ne I, veror 'otrit-ne the stloalc'
tori,, olr, ilid !o un itri.errd wiJ the i.e.r1at effigccy t
rono ohildoeoerolcrt ti 'uuors or .lrtroction of the erbau
et L It ei very *eateenos lathe disease of the skhi
Ne Mese (lameumpeLm.
AiIMAI.'LT' neTl Ur oft i TrIuA riIATE OF LIMP
Tri reornornirl-ee e sevrlig rrmelr) Ii r t 'lold e.
,tihe b ,le.-. ..t the nrg. promptly remove~s r! the ir
* rrodptuos Th  The eni I r rol.ved the nalh eeats
Ca More Pererty of tIhe Blood ad PamO
Drai LLt iS PtbUl'ii.PAT O INOt.
Vthiooew 'er. a.=- rr ,lr i cot. rt tle r.raen.ete e th
blond sad bouna and Iron tio a liruld slate It airfer~srtrow
Sithrl,, Itrr-l ti. ,ror lir In rirtid, relorToen oad 5mke
e It sperdi y rur.. m: r.r,+ i piral' int t oeetoeb. dllrc.ir
thlr I diIr )| ther ,lrut..ll. . Ma t l olrte of Psrs mree
sord tlre r'¢r) llate or Irt. nt lu nOllM t i d|ro notttit.r
......... .,..........r~rlntOI·. orrorh. s.era. drb:,.'
atrio'wrp e r' hl ,.1
Itr, th orny preIneDrasl whirn noew  ae e UpetIse.
adel e be horm by the mbst della sea
Iery me IEe.adaL bea -ad emrataItO
ea·aetallnierv i vosdby
A vrgetnhoe , t.,'e. Oead troom tlme immemerIalII BRar
nd aentirelr isoffosiv~r
esAtser Tham Cpalba.
MAULT8 GOAl 0 i-E0 A.hT iiit) £YLTICTJY O
U&lur* 10 t''iltTA LIM
Wtere mi other pro psmaos Lae aild,· these oesprue.o4
l urwaysri effrl~ a:r The. loarr ridsld ai·ntrsordiasrr
-mrr el rvrrvroeo-t r rn l , urimh, l t private dIeea
Si. nd. od are rlriod ,rrrntly saneror to Il httb teh ,w
m,. al ra.rodl and ,'rplha and cnhebe Yb aetiea bI
cod Is reror' t it ryanlee is m.or ehr, rae
eaeralp eti Pars st *IIMAiCLT t tOD.'5
Chemlate ta H. L H. Prn -e NI dlee
OthBeost to H. ft.H . Prtace IapIleYon tS reU Raiie , Paris,
ThIs rirpauiua tee ice great advaataae of oemtablcla ties
eori'ierlsl rtslto Icorrw Iam lbi medioal orild i)r oeroot'
da.iroyt, and areeabis teat. thie Syr tekse It p4mrt
se stw the meet delleW etooace
It In par eielerro the GrfIOINOUS TORWIO wtrt
,tonid he admieUaed em ledise of delm s·leeiotoa ts
rolird pneroa beehuad a aalayng theameo(e hrty, ue
,. ','~drrsofa wta eoneltittstrl; ed Ia p~rtlal vy e
,oyed in tmreet etrt ( elerI b em ANisam, Pale Ofl
unof. iestrc. ilimee s I merreba Debhilt
arbsu MTElrI Ynr. Lr. IE I, 1 iN Orad trlee. Ie
L· e ondmdee 1 the &la tl a o te ct -Tr
trluse Lartuatseexerteee tea e bmot eala IaIaease eos
he deraignimnrt o5 digretina. either by their perasler mti If
toter, through tletr erobtnatloa ithL tlb sdaotte Lx eutr
vler. ampplolf ts Ltl trid. wleb alt Rn eld I m o ea
ether PhstiuIe admie to be m so tie prtpled d!
1eii4 or the informatl-. of thOse wo may he wsthews
meia advoce. It may be es hterethatlhe m ptsem of l
arddipstpo n errt t Ld sale Ia the erabeed e
re . estrtb. gaenra henhr widbm teWhassem
omd bowelst ro tf c"4eesDT. seUc d. 0t0 lt. IbesLe
W0tS ead at soup ethaR s
0r31r C~IArM ~ C-
WITO1 N r At7ZES, uT
* MAW.
AL544. ýa - -
- vs WW40 tTEss s Wl
11111 llfl11 lobed.!
now s nmina
- Id *.w~ VlMUa s
We "W"10 a a..
"'$ cam W
a. 101T. Ss1, O~taw . oy.Ia
Ibº ~wSw Mak 1r olluu r
1080011NOM. 0 0=M rs ' i oar a
U. I'~* . Dl"m s I
( "'A W. a.. a niw.
vý W s wars a M. vuboea
Sat WgOgla
£ gmiI S~m~mi ER
I P O us Or.
AISI a "'An'
U. SS Jo . urn SeMn. Ss wo.
S.is luteS l. ametad tm1eaaO., .h
3eSS. SW. tt d e dalwt Sw
aim omuid~ *sis Es,5 to - i
svSI W L a Maseea s l.
uN Yr w1.r p wmwI
aiim " BO POPsi C, =Z 11.05W
wee UeS. vsn oar.." Ma.
wow dusten. La
A anti. u51 cr:i & LVTST
w.. To n Uv..d me..or ..a,
N0 w OOl..,Nwe La
IL aOS.. IdWo. rpeel.9TO·
v.M. 11..kr sa w..t o....L.1.
/1. S PATUO. Ye /TRIMS.31W 0 5.54.1.
job t~U us No&w .Isao.t m.e.a4ý
IJAt i A. KERN. lSaw Srlmm. P. D. Aeem
Ytaksberp )
a.. 93 Oscmdel Uetwea
Mewno Osla.e, L
-AND~ D·atLL· 11
ISS, UseS, CORDIALS RTsCa. 0nu.,
No. S3 Cont3i strret. a5Wr of Clay,
aa thedr Lwdtrro
Nkrae.aI. an Del .Swu
espIectfuy a t t tree ptbl, c Br ofa hlay, r s
Nsi Mor thoers
Bsweu Cuap sad is. Chalel Itrsrta ad have ')aI
calved by Rats rrivals from horope a omplete clock of
And that having sade contracts wth the bpt di..llen to
the West, they wig keep constoolly on hand Zhe ehoi.sstar
tiele of
TeherGoosl beainehoi I evebr repat, they hask rem ed
of the pobils ptre· Np, ad inviiis n b·.pCloo fr buyer
WELL A1 BRO., o. 170 Gravier str,
we C imp s , en C e Bd t ta. sOdbare meet r
PA. E -aslsR *01) LiQI' 'lid,
-Abe. Dealer 1
il th e abl .I Oar s se Igar sd leepietloe ftro b...
WClLA N'). I t II· ISOGer.,sre
in Ball pPDLchlll 'e,
A.FO 3'UIRNA. (W1iNS4iIOSB a.s.
hm 5?ropeviee ofII ('ur be Fll .udrsa
-Ala.. Deale Ii- mucsm c
aiemiaa n~~tee Duk Sigs, aidrh Mels stm-e, ,
~·aiws hard.sIrgelttco Bo'ts Wtrl sooga Ita
M~smi terte Stshre.withw te o h raeo
hers trm, eeatth bso marketT rote.UR ~.
go~uz EESN tate of Shrophre Aisieo L 0..
F. L~rI CRll.N~f~ai r
WShome*oUee' mrad omelehe Mew
·P pIIIU·123~ghosts. Mlr
Swin Neehari. L
YIb We. ii'I steel Sllewl ~A)eIiae.. '~C
6.OSSr cm. ·~D. iowa legoiw ellai.. Wme-a
e'.-uNPotce .i·rL~~·re.~rL. rr
B LUo' 1K a
-ADS SeLees IS
FnNr #1115 L0i1iIER, 'IIIA~R5, InYC
S. 31 fekeeLtet MIres' Mew uoisssl. I~oolsime
(jNMP *. PARRIK' ER( *. ( OIOIS.. pl
tI. S. GOODE·Il N L dJtN~blt('1 C1 SLLE?~
Bee 5fi3i hI~i' Odc, tn~t. ViNRIPS.I
Mese trr lUmaer;t C..'. adlesI Srup si Sres Sad.
Ish.-The lodled Syerspof Hove. SaItot of Mia. iO·Lutme
A e. Chemises to H . I. hi oie Is~petes at Pais to
stwe pa iuetieri eeeedaoo to Cod Lver Oil, ead the
deus,~Jw rn I irse Cpdetaisoes~l disaeTepht
wti~sJ· n tm grtei totareet she emlyd tIhu
menrrseld, b Poofr Eltt~esh, ser~ced from thchsmiss.
~k.~en11web ll esLI th etter stireo tdeWer
Tiomes,' oei.-mtoe the bla .eeiss Deiss.I r
eIeclstey md isosle etees bet lath .tarotedhyiesl idr
es~d of wrtslaiehiass eu-~-~~lml to th tidies ismataid i
iduidi TW ·aeY
eisa Lu ~ imL 5w· Wee.. ..lr a
Qllr -rnI u Immurm
fo teasEAshe
rr·~lVimia; utit to is
le ~ as Ilb - r· rr"'~I
JOHNd EISN * vs.urck
SONS 3103 Jr. Ro Deeee WU.MA S.- ~ FAN. I
3*3.uI 3YD ShmIIe· · ·
30.a 3ma 0103 STI
Maw Sesam
w.e lma Vmi
- ~-- ~ -""m CIY·s
arI cybutr f 11 .+>Amle r.+.
J"pz w. sew a Co.
- AR"3A £33 LW GsA3 SYRUHS,
- si. sb UeuWhmh w.d.m
abbLmd Iae. 1WW bd s.&m r 00110
ý.uiný t0..' o- ULbgL a AAVA,.
lARCH. TmN, as ..., .aims - hed.
Urn~ lY Utib aUer
Pu b. Sb+ - aria tae e Mri
sai., .a Old.[ Iaa.s, Oas.
oft owes HIUU NUU . U rOaH . ORL
Sam. Reps " iA
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