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lapesetia te aonset.]
Jacrsow, Muss., March 24.-Wlliam M. Etelle,
a member of the State Democratic Executive
ommittee, a ptomisent lawyer and peaceable
citisen, was brutally assassinated last night near
is residence, on Capitol street. It is generally
elleved that be was mistaken for Mr. Stricklio,
he conservative delegate from Tippah eoenty to
he conventlon. Mr. Stricklin resigned his seat
the convention, bid them farewell this more.
, ad oflered one hundred dollars for the
e-in's aner which Governer Bnmphreys
to fISvto red domars. .
As tIntenal tieqe edAew smed Miles Oib
coe, from St. Lomt:, was sabeequently arrested
the crime upon strong circumstantial evi.
atense excitement prevails. rV oGas.
cmenl actam Temperarily Suc
ceeds ei . Nacdck.
Trial to Commence on Monday.
WAsatCrohI. March 24.-Gen. Buchanan is
gned to duty under his brevet rank, which
titles him to command the Fifth Military
s'riot, pending Gen. Hancock's absence.
The following is the general replication to the
eident's answer agreed upon by the board of
The Boas., having considered the answer and
is,. reply that he is guilty of high crimes and
.demesnors in manner and form as charged,
:hlng in his answer to the contrary notwith
The Hose is ready to make this good when the
ate is ready to bear.
e radicals denounce the Klea of Praeia as a
ad Ior using the word "rice" In his
pf eoagglpwoa OR the ezpatriooa
e ouse has adopted the managers' replicas
n-1ll to 36.
ate-A petition from the South ('arolina
evention was presented, asking a loan for edu
onal purpose*.
A bill repulating the presentation of bills to the
esident. Passed.
At the usual hour the impeachment trial began.
e journal was read and the replication sub
tied. Chaos said the business in order was
nosn's motion allowingthe president ten days.
Sumner submitted a subetitute that the trial
oceed. "
Edmunds moved that the Senate retire. Rum
r, Howard and others cried " No. no." Conk
g called for the yeas and says, which were had
th the following result:
Yeas-Anthony. Bayard. Buckalew. Corbett,
vie, Dixon, Doolittle, Edwards. Fo.senden,
wier, Frelinghoysen, Grimes, Henderson, Hen
Icks, Howe, Johnson. MoOrsery, Morrill of
ine, Morrill of Vermont. Morton, Norton. Pat
n of New Hampshire, Patterson of Tenn.,
nlabury, Sprague, Van Winkle, Vickers, Wiley
ays-Cameron. Cattell. Chandler. Cole, Cook
, Conneas, ragi. Drake. Ferry, Harlan, How
, Morgan, Nye, Ramsey, Boss. Sherman, Stew
. ommer. Thayer, Tipton, Trumbnll, Wilson
e Senate remained out two hours, and ordered
the trial commence on Monday next, to
ich day the court adjourned.
enate went luto executive session and ad
Huse.-Business unimportant after adoption of
replication, which Spaldlng thought was too
Rsger. lie warned the managers against being
rapped by the president's counel.
iotwell said he bad no apprehensions.
ingham costended that ademurrer on the part
the president would not be admisah:e.
fter the adoption of the repll~ta on, toe House
ceed to the Sreaate, and adjourned.
n the election cuase from Ohio the cn~nmittee
1 report is favor of Delano, radical, an1 oust
Morgan. and in the Mlissouri cae toa favor of
itzler an ous'ing Anderson.
Ilmpeechnment proceedings were very tame.
gros are still en'irely excluded froun th, gal
s. The public proceedings occupied half an
r before and ten mnluuts after th wetao h ior,
ivate sesniun, much to the dssatisfaction of the
a private session Cockllng moved an amend
nt to Johrnsnua motiob for ten days, rrd Iiut~
time t., Mooday no xt. The vote was 2- to 2t.
e Republicans wh> rvted for more time were
thony, Corbet. Ednmuids. Fea-edec, Fowler,
linthu sen, ;r :ms.. HleiJerbon. N ur on, -ber
n, hpratue, Trun.bull arid \anWiok ,.
Wh'e 1uprerre ' Ias deCi -lt that ,'Cnoit- of
vihrgs bar k hut , th l Iv.wsted in federal .ecuri
are subject to btite tax.
he veto of the bill mouaing the Supreme Conrt
s considered in cabinet to-day.
ln secret session of the Senate Johnson m'di.
d his motion, giving the president tc. dlvays, by
king the trial commence on the 21 of April.
Illiams moved that the consideration of the
plication be pstponed ontil the moanagers had
ned the case and submitted their evude'tne.
as 9. na s 42. Yeas-Anothon, Chaodlr,
trn, trimcs. l>trlan, Patterson or Tenn., aud
r. Sumner moved that the Senate proee-d
h the trial from day to day. bht withdrew the
ton. The order was finally adopted as fol
s : That the Senate commence the trial on
uday, the 30th of March, and prorcad therein
h all convenient despatcbh under the rules of
enate sitting for the trial of mpeabhruent.
Sis noticed that Wede doa't voaW.
-- nasheaS of P- aetest L rawyeke
.. i. K'--T Oe Caveul tea.
JAcSaO, March 24.--Win. M. Estelle, a prpiu
awt ayer of Mississippi. was asasinnted as
The supposed assasin is arrested.
heE LK. Ks'. have made their appedrane
in omvention two sections of the legialativo bi
ssed, being the apportionment for reprsea
W. T. Stioekuia, delegate from Tippah eonty,
signed his sert.
esea -- methr s ae ss s te--ePae at T
BaSuA, ALA. Marek .L-Jage Mose, of the
Daflas b Or t, ar w m seloa s here, re
ceived edebl nomes t-day that mlsss he de's
his juris to be drawan from the iof regismed
voters, without rerease to color, be will be
promptly removed frtem oe. His decidoon will
be made known tomorrow.
The eoert beu at Bk N w, oee l the best is
the State, was burned on ThIwadIy night last.
All couty books and records were lat. The Are
was the werk of an oenediary.
The eourt beos at Oreesbeoro was fired
Satarday night last, but no harm was dose. This
was also inceediery.
A Are broke out In the bsiness portion of Tal.
ladega this' afternoon, sad was still broning at
r.u. No particulars.
The Wartse. Reveluttee.
BAvAWl, March 24.-Haytten advice, say the
Cacos were defeated on the 7th, and their army
destroyed. A general amoesty has been pro
clrimed. Posiness Prostrated. A silver dollar is
worth 31 paper dollars.
lmeutes and Seadlstse PAteas d ta Parle
The A beerapenosr Peas Semsosete-Jape.
Ioanow, Mlarbch .-An Imperial nukse has
beesn amed. eompletlag the aboorptios of Poland.
Japen dviees reprpeat that eoutry again
q t, the tycoea' rebellion having bea asp
lThMkin of Presh eoiepetlie palilamestt said
that the epatriation treaty would kalt more
closely nations allied by trade and race.
Loniou, March 24-Evening.-meuates are re
ported to have oceurred at Bordeaux. ad sedi
tions placards have made their appearance at
Paris, Lyoes, Marsfllfes sad Bennes. The re
firmlng of the Jardia Mobile is the assigned oause
of these disturbances.
L.OrVitILLar, March 24.-River.faling, with 14
feet water in the canal by the mark.
Vicxtnroe, March 24.-Uplast night: Butler at
9 r. M., Pauline Carroll at 10 r. M., Alice l)Den at
11 P. x. lDown: Indiana at 10 r. n., Mollie Able
at 7 Aa., Magenta at 6 r. x.
lRiver rising.
PotrTwxsv Pss, March 24-11 A. x.-Wind
Arrived--hip Mf. C. Day, Chase matter, Lou.
don, to Levell Bally; stearnmship St. Mary,
lourne master, Indianola, merchandise aad pas.
selgers to C. A. Whitney & Co.; ship I. Boynton,
Hlyler master, Bavre, in ballast to master; brig
hbr Robert Peel, Connor master, from Sagu,
cargo merchandise to S. rroiaerru.
balled--Bhooners Anna Lyon and Cata
8orewnsr PamS. March 24. r p. x.-Wind 8. W.,
light. Arrived: Steamship Bierlvtle, Baker. master,
trm New York via Havana. merchadlise and
psseeagers, to Jag. Connolly & Co.; steamship
Liberty' Bain. master, from Baltlmore, merchan
dise and pas-engers, to Witherspoon & Halsey;
stean.ehip Oriental, from Boesoa via Havana,
merchandise and l aseengers, to Creevy, Nicker
a n & Co. Sailed: Steamship Reindeer.
SAVlAMZAN, March 24.-The largest and meest
entbusiastic meeting ever held in Savannah as
renbled in Jackson square this afterneun. the ob
ject being to oreanize an opposition to the Brad.
t y-Hr pkins party and to consider the interests of
the city. Tte meeting was called to order by P.
W. Sims. Jobn Stoddart was nominated presi
dent, and twenty-rve vice-presidents were named
from among the most irfiuenttal citisens of da
vannah. Ecoquent speeches were made by United
States Attorney H. S. Fitch. Gol. John 8ereven.
ties. . . Jackot , S. Y. Levy. Dr. Arnold and
others. Besulutios were adpted and a corn
mittee appodted to select tle candidates for
ni * eolees. The t harmony eup
unsr ity prevailed. Between voe sad sx theo
sand persons were present, a large number f
them colored.
BoroN. March 23.-Arrived: Concordia, from
New Orleans.
Naw 'oen. March 24.-The Episeopal clergy
and laity of this city h-id a large meeting to de
vee relief cr their southern bretaren.
Bishop Potter addressed the meeting, and a
committee was appointed to recommend action.
Iticiicuon, March 23.-The convention to-day
adopted the article on the judiciary. The judges
are chosen by the legislature and the attorney gen
eral by the people. The other State attorneys are
Henry Myer was shot in an affray on Broad
street this morning at dawn and mortally wounded.
Vincent Bargamin, a well known merchant, was
*rrested, charged with the shooting, and bailed to
't iLsniovox. March 23.-The radicals claim
that the Constitution will be ratified, but the con
servatives have speakers canvassing every county
in the Btate, and feel confident of success. Con
servative committees are also canvassing every
captain's district and registering voters.
The advantage appears in favor of tbe conserv
atives. from the fact that considerable apathy ex
sts among the nearoes, bet nearly every white
vte will be polled. Quite a sensation was cre
ated yesterday by the appearance of a number of
scysterons notices posted in prominent places and
supposed to emanate from theKu Klux Klan.
It ic not believed, however, that any formal or
gsan ation of thi society has bemn affected here.
RclcOauon, March 24-Conventian.-Disfrao
cliasment was again up, and an amerdment to
dtvfranchise all who voted for avowed sece.sirn
candidates to the seceding convention, was in
de'iiitely postponed. The irou-clad oath tor all
Sflice holders wuas adopted-40 to 3i.
-T. Lorn', March 24 -Curs James, alia SBa
m~ntha i'ictor, tlanut iree and in Chicago for
a.-gring 5ut* against all ports of persons on
frivolous mattera, bh been committed to jail as a
common scold.
it,. LIre. Starch 24.-Weather cloudy. Heavy
rain this morning.
I.o'.rit, March 2- Noon.--seccnrities nn
l.IvE.I'OOL., arch 24 -Noon.-Cotton operns
cliet: atmin atal sales to1oUn bales.
I :iu tooL, 3lrch 21 -.fiernoon -Cotton on
l < ", .. MSarch 24- iternoon.--ConsJl 9.i ;2
I '.,,, March 24.-Evening.-Securities on
L r'.rO L, Marchl 2t.- Ev:eirg. -Ctton luiet,
onrr.hnged. Sa -s 1U,0J b~ates. Macoester ad
vices uifvorahle.
NLw Yog. M.Trch 24.--Cotton quietsnd steedy.
8ales 1400 bales; nriddlling opiauds 24.. Flour
dill; b~outhern $9 25c14 25. Wheat steaJy.
C ·t firer; whi:e ., nhr $1 20ril 25. yel or
t 293l 30. POrk 'iva , T2l L :d llrol, 1 5
I7c. I;rocerier irm. t;hd lnsj tterliog 199..
lFiuve-twenties of ":2 coupons, 10..
New ~ '\Y,<, M it h 24 --Money actve,. cocing
tight C('all 7. 4 .'J after t -u.hi 137j. uol-el
at l J. (;Gveroiu.r t lorEbr bti d atedy Jt the
cl.se. Stirks as tve and s'rosg. liala're inaut)
.re,-sury $1i1,lt5I,00i 2-' 2la of "6 ti t iof "t
1 ';A: of '6o I07i ; of 'GT1 ; 10-40's 11o4; 7 30"s
1(3 .
i.-a tLAn. March 24.-Cotton-Nothing doing.
hItdliz ss nrminr.!y at 2440. Receipts t5.0 rales.
tcuiatLlruTrs, Iarch 24.-Cottoo quiet and un
ehrnged. Sales 220 bales. Middlings 25c. Re
ceipts 952 bales.
LuIoir LI.X. March 24.-Tobacco--sles 201
bhhds.: ls [email protected]; medium leaf S817 25; selec
tions [email protected] Flour--superfinae $ [email protected] 75; fancy
$12 5(RSl1J heat $2 [email protected] 50. Om In bohla
56rc170. Corn, shelled. in bnlk, 7;4,i0c. Cot'on
22jj224c. Lard 16@1ic. Meus pork $25.
econ--sbolders llc.; clear aidles 16.. Balk
S weste--houlders 10i.; qlear sides [email protected]~e.
Wibky naominal.
Sr. Lorsr, March 24.-Tobacco firm; uneheaged.
e Fler dull-upernem, $7 5008 75. Wheat dull
WigSr, $2 000 870. Corn heavy and weak, 8a5
1 fe. Osts, [email protected] Barley very firm. $2 [email protected]
s1 86. Rye, 8l 70.1 75. Pork, 814 75025.
Baeo dml--honlders, I1jo.; rib sides, lA.;
leakr ies 1he. Bulk aboolders, 10o. Sweet
pikled Lb, l4c. Lerd Arm. lie.
Cnsciitat, March 24.--PFlr dal ad drooping.
Corn qis, he. Oats dull,7toe. 9ye, $1 75.
Barley, 85 WY irreiul.. N
Sshoulders, 13 .; eleat es, 1e.
Mroe..u, Weu Us , as s;q,
S Auvart , Imr IL -.. M a--riket
l peeenal. mhma ahl aeiele. ee
Cacl !ntuiteua.
PmTrosroaIL Bartnri .-A sprigbtly young
widow friend of ours was betngýjkingly ban
tered recently abous some pretended frivolity.
As she is a oenstant attendant at the srmons of
a celebrated Catholic preaober who is somewhat
severe on women, a lady friend asked her If she
did not beed the warnings of the pastor. , Oh.
no," said she, "he ironically alludes to young
ladles and married women, but so far he has never
said a word against young widows."
The temperature, yesterday, as shwn by the
thermometer st C. Dahamel s, corner Biearille
and Chartres streets, was as follows: At 6 A.
u., C3 degrees; at 12 ., 71; at 3 P. x., 74; at
6 F. a., 76.
Miss Alice Kingberry set out last evening, via
the Jackson Railroad, for St. Louis. where she
plays an engagement at DeBar's Opera House.
ARRIVAL or Gul. Riyot.oes--The new com- 1
manding general of the Filth Military District
yesterday assumed personal !ouimand thereof,
having reached here. via the Opelousas Railroad.
on the previous evening. Gen. Buchanan, colonel
let Isfantry, and commanding the district of
Louisina, has received intelligence of his having
been assigned to duty under his brevet rank. by
which he virtually outranks Gen. Reynolds. Bat.
pending the arrival of an official order to that
effect, the latittr will remain to command pro
hbly for three or four days, perhaps a week, to
o me.
f. W. f.--The fneugaration ceremonies of
Etna conclave No. 15, Order cf S. W. M., took
place last evening at Ferfectrn Hlall, on rlat
past street, near Dumaine. The following offiers
were inatalled:
Chief, Wm. E. Fitzgerald; chancellor, All. 1
Meilleur; provost, A. L. E.Iava; inspector gen
eral, L. G. Copes, Jr.; herald, John D. Scott;
scribe, L. A. Richards; treasurer, A. Hardell;
prelate, F. 8haubert; financial secretary, G. A.
teilleur; warden, G. A. Reinecke; outside senti
lel, F. Hieman.
The following ode was delivered on the ocda
sion by Mr. A. . ]:-lava:
When Greece was at the zenith of her fame
In arts and arms, an all approachlees na,-e,
Old Etna's ti:es and legiosn had renown
And glory, brighter than its flamine crown;
And Vulcan in ita caverns deep and vast
Its molton ore in many a structure vast;
The din of Bsnmners mighty Oyclops swung,
Forging the bolts of michty Jove unotrung;
1Le) in there subterranean nsudes
('onstructtng the eff. Igent arms of , ode;
Let not day sc:ece the fo.d tale dispel
That many a lard. Hlnmeric, ýnng so well.
Alas! so perished each old belief
In itrn, by fact mire modh rn. bronght to grief.
I'lty 'tin its tires no longer glow
that moderns scarce a thought on it bestow.
No longer does its fiery hail project
No more Italian skies its fires reflect:;
' et, with its ancient classic glory linked,
Ec ree can the poet deem its lame exrinct.
But pass we this: the Ena tConclave here
Takes up the ancient name, once the theme of fear.
The Etna Concleve's hearts, as galwing bright
As was the old Volcano in its nght
The Seven Wise Men -O ! may they have renown
L he the old mount. through ages handed down,
but bow, contrasting with its fearful fame,
is that our little circle hopes to olaim.
No dia bfsrnai-no terrific sound
May bree intrude to mar the joys around,
but may each heart, warmed to its brllitance, glow,
And .at with lava, but delight, o'erflow.
Tq each and alt fond greeting I extend,
.lejoicmng as a brother-rejoeicing as a friend.
M1y all. through life. a prosperous journey steer-
Nor shoal nor tempest nmar their bright career.
L ng may our Order with high glory crowned.
Loved, honored, stand a beacon-light rernown'd.
At the conclusion of the exercises at the hall
t!e company adjourned to the restaurant of Max
Nihon). corner it Ilempart streer and Bayou
lIoad, where a handsome repast had been spo-ed.
T.easta were proposed and re-ponded to by Messrs.
L'nAtry, baanbola, Rees and Fitzgerald. aid it was
nct until a late lern that the guests rose frome
the table. Then torming in line, and preceded by
s brae be they marched to the residence of
Past (rad Caloigne, aon Clalborne street.
where a serenade wagtiven. and responded to by
P ofeesor Dimitry. The newspaper offices were
then serenaded. and it was not until past midnight
that the pleasrt company diepersed.
IiOLBEAR COLL:.;e.-Quite a large andience
eaa assembled in the lecture room of l)olbear
Commercial College. corner of Camp and Coin.
]mon streets, last evening, to witness the exercises
incidental tv the graduation of a monthly class,
"consisting of the tollowing named young gentle
Fred. B. Nunn, Louisiana; T. Harrison, Ala
basea; J. J. Green. Mississippi : J. C. Wailacs,
Arkansas ; A. Bicand. Louitlana ; N. Il. T.,yd,
Mississippi; J. T. Oliver, Louisiana: G. W. Terry,
Arkansas ; J. M. Bethany, Texas ; T. Alexander,
The diplomas were awarded and desrees con
ferred by Professor Dulbear. nreseeant of the
college, and the exercises concluded wits an able
address by Hon. Wm. M. burwell.
FHat:r Pxrac'TtC.-A few days ago two indi
viduals, of gentlemanly appearance and excellent
address, applied at one of the numerous places on
Customhouse street, where a tin s:gn swingingin
from the balcony plainly indicates that in.the ta:
terior there were furnished rooms to rent, and
alter being shown through the house, expressed
their desire to rent the ground floor of the build
Ing, which was furnished in the best and richest
at) le that the city aflords. The price asked by the
landlady was ateenty-five dollars per month for
two rooms, a parlor and bedroom, which the two
chums foned very elegant and suitable in every
respect. They, however, thought that richer win
dow curtains and a few ornaments on the mantel
pieces and in other portions of the apartments
wi uld be desirable. In order to obtain them they
utfl, red the landlady to pay her monthly one hun
dr d lollers aistead of evrenty-tihe. t, which pro
p.-lton ol.e reacily consented, and very unsus
pvctiogly. t i,. The gentlemen then ordered be
ro, n: ti, io held in readinesRa for the asouceedirg
aonday even.ng. O)n the day named they toik
p vie-'io.n of their new lodgings. The servant
was rung for and sent with the money. nice new
greenbacks, to purchase a bottle or five dollar
h:andy, cigars, and other accessories for the ce;e
bration of the event. lhe serva,t when ahh re
turned received a liberal piur hoire. Mi.ame
Sis called in an] addirese,! hy ine of the par
tirs, ai ho. puling out of his p ,cket a plitho-ic
piiket-book, h inded her a one hundred diilarl4ral
tender note, tt ing Ithat it had altays b-en tih -r
co-tI m ot pt, ol a, n it,. e sy w! .re tey
wae ne t ko n.. if ; l,. . vuhate' pre
vi inel) enter i'.'d tle .h1 ,,i, of a iii' i Is to
thter clide!ce. Tlhe bhisauCy and cigars were
di:ly discnused by oor courle, but n'til what thMe.
ai d whether !hey ever at a;I tha itiht abandin-d
t i n 'ves ito Ihe aveihe' ciettlltll a ti of :1:
, -ic - [ier -i) L av - [ ,io tI.e ri.t-re- e -
II not ,.t ktwn. Bt the a in wts q:iti it, the
L~nillj liur .ad toat yet been h-eu to g- ii')e .)
S, L. -e. ".., --rvrt - wi ae 'v w as ti
ur"l ti rhe 1 - rr I w. 'k. aitr w:iinZ l
e'etrv o' !,-ck., ti- re 1Trte I R'i-pa O '. ? ..
t(Ie.iior . ventured t,, Ip u p .,e d ,,r ,f the brd
rr' m, a:rd perped in. 1.! whit wasq her sir
prl l i 'T. e beJet'a , s-!u, - chairs. tilltte.
wash-ltad, curtains, or:aments, In fact e ery
p:ece c tirnitire was gone, aend the new I.diers
ai'h them, to parts nknoan. The distresa t
the I id'ady may well be iui[i cn, hb' hro
astonihmtent was not comleie. While relating
her ni;sirtnre to a friend she produced the one
hundred dollar note given to her fir the rent of
the rooms. At first glance it was pronounced
counterfelt. No complaint has ever been male
to the polce. who have therefore been constantly
rgnorant of the affair.
TBn (;as Wt.LLa.--In oonnectio with the re
aont discoveries of naural gas, new and strange
features are constantly preseating themselves.
For iastance, at No. 172 Gravier street, a second
pipe has been sunk to a depth of forty feet, and
then drawn out one-half the distance. leaking
twesty feet of pipe in the ground. To this a
suto~o pomp is ailixed, witb a wide month at the
top. From this, muddy water is pumped freely.
but the inlnular feature of the thiag is this, that
if a person hold above the month of the pramp a
lighted piece of paper, and with the other hand
work the pump handle, alternste Aows of water
and Pa eeape with the rise ad fall of the
pistea, theIttw Igiting ins a ttl flame unapon the
gurlh g srbae of the formr, and reminding
kamar. .--l he m .e Ir. Funk W. hey
Smew.er, tl ~ ef .ll et & smew , wa
Sm atered b a su - u dura,~ sht, - my
eabeskeuteltes gets. Mr. meg er uYums at
- -- iniei.. . . . . _i
No. 119 Constanae street Among the artilia I
stolen were two salts of clothee, about forty dol- a
lars in money, a gold sleeve button. and six sdiver I
goblets which had been presented to Mr. Se- I
mcor, his wife and children, by diferent frsds.
The meanest part of the robbery, however, was a
the breaking open and steIang of the noatets of I
two little toy ,, savings banks," wherein the f
children were accustomed to deposit their little
presents of money from their pareats and rela- I
tives, but whheb, however, owing to a recent I
deposit, did not contain more than tea dollars. I
We aineerely treat the burglar may be arrested I
and brought to justice. I
Fanoorne ArFrAx.-John Kennedy was ar
reigned before Recorder Neville yesterday mor.
og, on the chrge made by Michael Watkins, of
'booting at him with a loaded r, volver, on the
22d inet., on Dryades street, with the intentiol of
murdering him. The ase was fixed for this more
ing. and Kennedy required to give bonds In $t15 1
to answer for his appearance.
CHARGE OF Pasurar.--This serious charge has
been brought against Jos. Rodrignea by Michael
Gabriel, who declares that Rodriguez has swora
in the First Jusetice's Court, in the ease of Gabriel I
vs. Rodrtgues, that he Rodriguez had at a certain
period anterior to the suit, given one dollar is
charity to Gablriel, that the statement was fal I
aid that Rodrigues well knew at the time that the
statement he was making was ftae and that be
made it in order to cause judgment to be rendered
in his, the said Bodrigues's, asy. Bodrtglln
appeared before Recorder Nevillt, yesterday
mtening, who fixed the case for the let of Apit.
Fiat.-The kitchen of the realdeueo of Vb."
Mirchel, corner of At. Thonmas sad Melpoamee
streets, aceidentally caught ire yesterday morn. I
lag about balf past 2 o'clock, but was extingaished I
before much damage was done. The fre orlgina I
ted near the roof, which was destroyed.
Acctr.'r.-About six o'clock yeaterday morn
ing officers Henry Clark and Alexander
, lark, of the river police, mounting upper boat I
No. 2, found a coal barge drifting in the river, op- I
pItcte the Carel street ferry landing, and at- I
tempted to secure it, but did not succeed in their I
tltnntous eundeavors until they came in front of
('laimette battle fie!d. HRving reached iisaplace
they succeeded in making the barge fiat to the I
sa ire with a h;rrnw'd line, but the lioe. parted
nodd enly. pitcing officer Henry Clark overboard
rto tile river, bruising his face atll body palin
inily, yet ict dangerously. Luookily he found I
sirergi'. en ,o;rh to swim arbore. He was sent to I
L,~ hi me, and has since been unable to do daty. I
Bams- -I he E.ranairna i, Cuntuniaed.-The ex
anlnstion into t! e charce of perjury preferred
egsin-t his excellency G;overnor lake, by uoe
, cryv DeI)ni. a fre.ldman, was reamed in the
S-tnate Chamber, at the Mehobanic' Institate,
yesterday rnruing, before U. 8. Commissioner
r-hannon. The testimony taken was as follows:
John .Le-r, ,,More,-e staorn-Was at Camp
Bisrland in Isi;l and 1Nt3; saw 1Gov. Baker there
giving rnetrncecs about the fertilcationa; Gov.
It:,Ler said the work nmust be well done; the fort
was ( n btl elbdes of the bayou ; there were lear
cannon In the fort; Gor. Baker gave his ordes to
ihe head man: had no time t-i pay attention mesh
to how the head man looked. [The witness here
h.;sa contreated with Col. Sulahowski, failed to
rceog-,l e tht heatletan as having been the
"I., m:an :n :l- snton.]
James H'Lingshend, colored, swirn-Governor
Bfaker bad a ehlIp-ard on the bayou; the Confed
erate gunboat Hart was being repaired there
when the Yarkees came up; some of Governor
Baker's men worked on the Hart, sad some on the
gunboat Ctton; saw Crov. Baker in the ship-yard
when the Hart was there, looking around; he
pave no orders at all.
A;fred hi,/ts, colored, sworn-Was aboard of
the gunboats Hart and tLotton: the live oak was
sunk in the bayou to keep the Yankees from oom
Ing up: saw Gov. Baker on the Cotton giving or
dirr; the governor told Capt. Fuller he conldput
the blockade where he thought best; witaess
hbavd him say it.
The prosecution, after asktng for an attachment
arairst Mr. White to compel him to bring into
court the files of the Attakapas Register, closod
their testimony.
(ol. V. ulaotoski rtoor-Wga engaged It
c,.arge of for'ttfcatioas on the Teohe in 1861 and
'I3. Was cbiuf engineer of the ditret. receiving
o' ern from (cenoral laylor alone. Had a earte
Si, !,ce Ifrom G;eneral Taylor. Witness had no
ord, rt from G;overnr aker. Had once a con
, I'ctron with i;overnor faker. A committee was
1: t li, ,ted to abrist wine-s in the way of money
r , rattr-rils. Know:ng Judge Baker before the
r at. witnest was anxious to have him on the com
n:ittee. Judge :aker gave hie reasons and de
rclred. ()ne of the committee, Mr. Parkinson,
said Judge Baker was a Union man and he would
not ro. Judge Baker used to come around the
works and fortiifcations, looking after, as
Ie supposed, his negroes and the property
whict, the gveruntent had impressed, be
'ouning to tm. Heard people fre
qutenty say that Judge Baker was a Union
u: an: never heard him a-cused of being a Con
federate. oas iaturalized a citisonof the United
i-,aeP in 15Rf: took the oath to the Confederacy
it 1Il; received li commis-sion from Mr. Jeffer.
,so Davis. and ordered to report t, Gen. Magru.
der with hil regiment ; went on the Teche in Sep
t, niber, 1-62, and left in January, 186i3; was sta
tu ned at ('amp Bisland all the time; Gov. Baker
cslled upon him at that place to get him to
re lease LiI host, the Archer, which Gov. Baker
had sold, and which witness had impressed; wit
nees is a registered voter of the city of New Or
leans : it would have been a farce for any civilian
to L.ave given orders about the obstructions and
tortificatiort,; Gen. Mouton would not have
a'tm onpted to do It: was not present wh-n the
ot-"iructions were placed in the Atchafalaya in
Th!e connseel for the prcerecntion stated that he
wi ti-, at tle I riper t ::o, move to rei--t ( C)hlnel
Sluikowiek!istestiniuliy itn hle grond that by hav
nig tken an oath ti, eupport the Cinfederat
a, iornn er?, he ha: vio!atred hi- ,ath if naturali.
za' ,n. I I , :@atsn'iy thnl proceded.
1''·. : , i', qr, .1 .en i '· o" --lte--1ai at C'n
tirviie, ru-ar Flranklio: t)ok an a:,ive part
Siu,Let Pferetion untd Lbe h:a to st-,i,: knew who
;,.." t! 00 r tien t nen b~fore the r,'i-'i ,if terror
e i, I:Cu c : knew G(,velr /riakr : aw himin fru
Cifut' v In 1-- : fri ni trch, 12, no to .tpril,
I': II , ini n man dared ti expresohis opinion:
his unl.cle and fahor-in-'awr to k the oath to the
t I ca ) . 0 ordr to avoij a lonz ant pertlo-is
i-':n iy on ftot to SirevPirt w ith a gnard: in
S!irt-t -!a-ce. ,vmernor Baker wat the most
-:itn -t t.ii n ran In the ciountry: be used ex
! r,: ,, Y k ei-h neltt er nt us w lrl hl Iave dired to
r , v,s t r I,;h; .': 'v. Rtku r eona'llui'- mu
· o w I al~i i 'in lin ir e l to re :a i the
n: hr • , i +, i di- -nl iae i-io --l -r, v t e ie
t' 1 r th- , t , ' - ,.f , ourn.< ry i .r
,v it - ai d " N; "1' g- w lhe all r:gh:t rt r
--wu v-, tt , I v. arot er :oe up and rid
i me ti- n man asked n rn what he wa going to
d',: he cci he did not care to advice, but he was
v,-,.,e the iiht of vI i-. He dil viti , anl
a 'i -Il iwan ut shot tive; wcto wituess heard
:1t t:+ v ilker w at -,erged aubh nerjiry le -att
.1 ,! ,.+ viote a v -arc atr. t t:.' to i,,n.
-I:. here r.ad the writtten teemunt at the
r, .,t ,, 0,,,:n1 .] " tit -.- is in favou cf th-
• , +,y- r'l't j'! tt laa  ff ,i r .-,r t '.nii is a s n
')..r r (t iNaiil.ta I:olUllihuan party; as stollI
. r s; ,'- r t C'oi ' r,- .i. upo ioel to'he prai
I.t It: w ithriie ever ti,,k an -7nitht to sl!uplort the
Ct'te tot :,'y : he was ineraeo'red fr it.
'Jle oxi.ninatl n vwa tco continued to Thurs
diy morn ug. at 9i o'clock.
.Io) ii, Ai AI.iEauRN -At the renlar meet!nc
oIf 1!1i- boad aclast eivenmg a mesuage was read
Cr,0m tie taayir, ap:proc .tg l iiij,,tt siugga ted
iy coal nirc-':ants in a niemorial traurmittea to
fl.e iboard, which prject is to chanae the lanIing
for rical LIa'se frmn iti pr-ont location, at Poey
farre street, ti the space be'ween Race and Robin
ltri(ett Ri-ferred to the committee on streets
and landits.
l Idermnan Kellogg was appointed to fll a
vacancy in the oommittee on streets and land
A petition from Paul Waterman & fo.. coia
plaining that a petition from them to the Council
for the privilege of establihing loating baths in
the river, at the levee, presented in June last, had
linoe laid in the hands of commitees In the Lower
Board, without being reported upon, wus referred
to the comulittee on streeta sad Iading, with a
- request" to report on the subjeet
A mePaerali from Felix M. Daunoy, praying the
pamag of n orndtneano compelng the us by
city railroad comprnes of ma inverms of Is,
which he tims, wall preventth ltese of If er
limb ! attached to th whesi of theleaa wa
referred to the committeeu on drts aea
A emdlaUe emwerlyg Mr. L Uerm a e
ami nt  e srsyr, evi~ve  k Jdgma
i helr of teb Sir b he mty dram besietal
to the lintrstsr the coarpsa s to rlie wma
refered to the fimee eoom.
A rresoltion fkomthbe Boogaulbenr
the lstor to lipa eoaotret a ifeatbd
1to W s es ein a e i e a ..
ins au r OWaearrt " a
IreLh e wva to a l a welset for ri
StUlt by,= rI
eeeore h guom a mr.. rtr
ITrlhe srdran eVV" that w ap0 dt a. o
thee heea aae the vote wby hok it was
pud hl board was aot a the tshrter m
ralre la each a cae, cam , sad the sbjlst
was laid over e the neat meeting.
.n amendment to the o aa for the sals of
the stalls in the pabliqmarkets, providing that the d
sale should be made by Mesmrs0. E. Girardey &b
Co., instead of the controller, upon the same a
terms as to commlssioes as the battnre property
was sold, was submitted by Aldermea Woolley p
but no action was taken upon it. c
This matter pending, the board adjourned, a
Boenx or Ass.ratr ALDrx-EN.-The regular
weekly sessiona of this board wat held last even
ing. President HBpp in the chair, and the fol
towing members present : Messrs. Dunn, Flood, 3
htuviset, ballivan. Scott, Joubert, Straight, Per.
ubs, Davies. Thesan, Sampeontand 8terry.
The mayor's communication returning unsgned p
the eluottee athorsitag the eismnaoe of "ett). t
eas f tdebtedaee," so riotw the ordinaoee
tbi. aM toeafen t_ adof the L"
armt sy tht e e w e ich l  sint.t
Iar i to thl e former realottlee. wae received
ahd ;OM haepread upon I to atow a
The nayeratso returned, wto his itate. d
a resololoa sathbtsing the entfrdyor to boid a
bridge aereas the New Canal, t Pelicty street, a
for the reason that i contract with Daniel Mblk I
gas, to il6 snoeh a bi lge, has a'ready bean e
made by as cty. Received and ordered to be
sprad upoa the minutes. o
The followig resolution was also eommseales tl
by the aye, with theteneamm adetlo that it be s
adopted tI soasegastil that city mosey hbei
ceased to eirculates curreacy, and that the iAo' s
ment Is opportune to withdrw it from the marti I
Resolr ed, That from and after the pasge I
this ordinance, the city teasarer be, and Mbet
hereby prohbitted from isening or payiog out say I
lýre city notes of any denomination whatever. e
2. That the treasurer be, and he is hereby an- 1
thorimed to issue certificates of Indebtedaeas,
bearin g eight per cent. interest per annam, pay t
able one yeardter date In United Statese rrseuy, I
and recelvable, bat' principal and interest, after
msat ity, for sany debts due the city ,f New Orleas.
Hald certiftsteato be countersigned by the eon
troller and traver, mad to he numbered sad reis t
tered Is a initable book kept for that putpase m
the controller's otee: the same to be used In'
payment for all the: ltebMttsee of the city (etoxpt t
the interest on the M tlelidled debt and railroad
bonds) until such as tae city is relieved from
its preshot fnatsl i1"frraeants. s
3. That city e~  ereas hereafter
contracting with the req'be required, as a I
condition precedent idkq employment. ad
to the entering iate of soeeheottacts, to agre to I
secelve snob certificates of tadebtedness . $7 I
meut of their claims against the city.
4. That parties holdm tcity aoetre* have the
right to invest the same Ia such eertilleitqs "
5. That it shallbe the duty of the cltytelesrer
to notify the public through his weekly report to
tie council, of the amount on hand in tVat
btatee currency which can be appilied tehle Is
enaptlon of soch certicates, sad thatt he Irs
to pay the ame, beginning with No. 1, sa
clidig as many a the fund so reporWtilli I
cover, taking them in the order in which they I
were Issued, and from and after snh notulealon
the interest on said certitlcates shall cease..
6. That all blank sheets of city curreancy on
bard and not streed be destroyed et the next I
turning of city money, the same to be reported I
ac-ording to law. 1
T. That the city treasurer, controller and I
Ensunce committee, are hreby lattru mt d to de
stroy all city notes paid ihto the city treasury I
from any source whatever, from ttme to time, I
whenever the amount may have accumulated is
lffcient quantity, and report the same t tthe
Common Council.
S. That all erdinasces and parts of ordiances I
In cstflot with the fbregoing be and the same
are hereby repeeted.
The eommanication was received aid made t he
s ectl order of the day for etaturday next.
'Ihe treasurer's report shows that the receipts
of his office dering 'he two weeks ending on the
21st of March were "ti.10' 12; the expenditures,
- 335 r!4; and the balance on hand, $150,715 91.
H. fe,*ed to the tinanc:e committee.
A lengthy communication was received from 1
'he sane chicer, in which be states that he has
rjotived an order from the Sixth District Court
,rdertrig him to desist from collecting licenses th
hW office, and to turn over to the asuistatt city
attorney ail not puld up to the let of March,
I-,8H; that Judge Helstand, assistant city attor
ney, claims that he is entitled to the additional
ten per cent. paid the treasurer's offtie on the
licenses already collected, a!though, he states,
thl law is positive that the assistant city attorney
hball receive it only after judgment sad colleo
ti,n. The treasurer refers the board to page 50,
Leovy's Digest, and concludes by giving as his
opinion that the money belongs to the city, aad
that a suopeasive appeal to the Supreme Court
cn be takes from the judgment rendered on
Monday in the Sixth District Court. The comma
n cation was referred to the city attorney.
A resolution from the upper board, authorlslng
the mnsor to contract with Judge H. D. Ogden to
deifend two suits in which the cityis involved, one
at $500 and the other at $250, was conoerred in.
The following petition, were received:
Fri.m B. Lacoste. 212 Poydras street, asking for I
a redlocion (,f I cerse on coffeehouse and billiard
table to the prices now levied by the city. Re
A petition from the farmer of the Magazine
'treet nmarket askctr that the filh stlll- which are
in tie certerot said market be removed to its ex
turme Lorth end. RIefered.
A proipition from He.ry and Mayer Stern
iv, ht lii t-n yeare' experreoce in Bavaria, and
l, at they are l yal, niaturalrzed n rtizeus,) asking
;ir the ci.tract o1 duily removing the dead alt
Inale ot the city. Iil clrots cveered or box oarts,
lit yord the cty limnits, where they propose to
,etahlt-h a hie rinist asd eline manuactory. They
t'r et (e for the pniV!ice to allow a bonu of $500
pe r annum to t:e city and to conform to law and
th-e ,o, ce regulation. Referred to committee on
;mprovement and buildlongs.
A petintion from the same parties asking for the
pr-nitsi n to erect a steam engine for mtkain
,one dust at the aorner of Industry and Frenoh
mter, sitr. te. in the fhird listnri-r. Riterred to
thu committee on imprvert eats anrd buloi',gs.
A petition from Mr. Uisuny. inventor or a rab
jr . r do:) rTiei!'or tt be attachlued to railroad
SInrL ir,-rvent ts. O ile, etc., was referred to
the iity sirrveyor.
A pe' in 'rmtn '.-. h--rm. J. MI:Ctlloch, asking
f,,r ti r can rllit,l of lls ttb ild a derl'lty -itreet
,lnntaioi;er. Ite:errced to toe nuan:e corn
A petition from prooerty holders in the egh
borhood ef Howard itreet, from the New Beam
- Felicit, IU, ., aking for the replacing of the
1 -.lk ro~aod Lu: Iy tl.-,·relvew, at thbmr own ex
;,I ise, on the said itreet, which was appropriated
ly the city during the wvr -r ti the purpose of re,
o ,ring iridgis, etc. laferred to com m.nte on
ltreets and itaLIs:.le
A con n:n r:!:.-; from the conr.troller informug
'- t.ord Ithe I-u b d: li,, 'ted the contract
for huildlnr the new lFirst l)Itrict Police itttion
;o laric 'niicaun. for $G;.ha0. and the contract
to clean the sinL: of the city for the present year,
t $14,0. to ,1. (',, rd. RIferred.
A pttiron front rei rents in the Poorth District.
.ti. i,, l'e of Wab·hnrgton and CIaihorne streets.
askir.a that bridges be bult in that nelghborhood.
From the finance committee: A resolution to
pay Judge Alexander Walker $000 for legal sr
vces rendered to the city, was odered. After
sone dlscussion Mr. Davies moved to postpone the
mtter one wiek. Lst ,by a tie vote. Mr. Sauvri
net then movned to amend by makling the allow
ar-ce $5-i0. Lost. The resolution was faly
adopted by seven yeas to six nays.
A r-soluion to jay $600 to Miles Taylor for sle
gal services. The matter was poetpoed eOn
A resolution from the police and health' am
mittee, atbhorizing the appropriation st more a
bhan $25 per mouth to estabtih a poieemlenoo in
the nearighborhood of the he Breton Market, and 1
that thse oe oae of thetleket ofleseef the Pair
Gronnds, obered by the sioiitiu, be ereopted
a tempor stationl. Adopted.
A roJtio from the m comeittee, to estab
Itsh a damptng pFonad in the aeighborbod of the
Jackson Railroad Depot, fe mi aee of the Fis nt
aid Fourth Distries. AepLed
A resoleatio from the a committe, that the
streest mmmieeeI aoily tovums of slaughter
haoss an bwem* aete, heewees Tehoupeleds
ad PFalene to remove the same alte
thirty day In a h of whsk theeme e hye
moved at theexpense ci la owne. Aist
Mr. vaoliv thed a resolaton athorin
that the mast et thlite le the d e
dmabm at tO teer e the s te mu
ste sa,, baq e a boud fer a"mer
TO. ýV o a"m wonr a moaarad drab
h Mr. ttKeeet d
osb., e eaW etmpet m aesarats, et the
-a s I -.*aS.we wortd tea thosatd o
@a 1 ofbejtss riLum of Mr. Jet
mitesA is towfo, e Ire4 anS the ut
gestl of Mr. 3a, whe remarkeL that the
poto lo(a e eaher over old oqee
r ea sr the committee s i
The board- ea adear , d Sitl Sa -rda l Mat
aiC c*leta f
S-DI4wari s albsa
gr i a enusypd reemda o Tb~sI
od tlw t ,fro
ea.et semah
s waeh, as* et
to o-, Agg.tM
As the ee qt. ý "e theau
als..,d bee
asmm mod'fl '
es a papil bm . J alas
s-pepaor of -Ma a . adn
brea of b e iiihb
Wer thaeeb. m
ahe tae sati el U ered
breachru oossaeto, teand rl atel *Ir
his dauehter's bssaeter
er Opel ie ft sl , posieed
e dam o are t r e e
Mr. A. ietas m weem Its
o thewm ed
d wT aet ld . a >t
se0e8s t is s.O .o ay. - wrbthI k
breach of m Uirwfl magi u i
rase oar aIdirNevl by
raton ofh tbhe e ear
he sen ai, th! healoth.ae Jarbtist e wb
b asIs 4 Ws tha I
ioe e r. A, iti f thor b.Oe, o ntb
school waN e whine MilrJdsmeely, sad he wan -s
minded that if the girl'. eelesos shald be ae
cause oef mortmeat!oa, to either himself r her, he
w as the oes ait n himself, in oonoealig free
the aepeutr d, teashers that her bleed wao
mixed. The boalb s de for the uspled dt
of the moath w setne trto Aleeam. Jamb.o
and was accepted by him. The ebab teee slA
Sre was imporoed by Recorder eville, y
oornlg on an ofender. The law violate if
by any seoem asanre, .taw, or asa matbhr.eI
any kind whlcmay be offensive to th e i,
injurioaeto the health. The party who pai *e
hie. Ip. was n. Turner, colored, livIng at is.
36h2 Magare eet. Mrs. . Tener was also o
reign o tbe afidavit of A. Chalomet. wh alms
makes the former cbarge, of areetealag i0s
fire to her residence. Thi ease was fixed for tbe
24th ilstaat, ead Mrs. Treer admitted ap bad i
the a of $ib0, to answer for her appearemne.
Twenty-fve dollars, no talting amoesat wa
One Imposed es Ponmpey House for keeplng a .
order house em SL Thoses street.
W Blobardes was fied $20 for fortews
driving sad cruelty to hirs hoie. A deserved
Joseph Brown, aeelsed of malleioasly eaterlag
the premies of Mr. Joe. Reynolds and breaklg
in warble monal ents. was fined $10.
W. Davis was sent to the Workhouse for sixty
days, sad Tho.. Waltou for ninety dayst the
former aty pilfer. and the latterr fek passrla
couterfelt coia n (nickelm t)
The First District Court has been Intrueted
with the trNal of John Jackson. charged vish
bur larionely entering the house Mr. ti. . Lye.,
oe lave tret and p teaae a e Eo t of tre,
and of Mary Ann Beadle, sharged with hee*.
ily receired sevel articles of jewelry from Mr.
John I. lsnlitontr.
latrick Meahan, charged with comomittla p*er
jtry by wearrle that he po beessed a ertala pro
a opeder before this court, was also seat r
tre osp n AevnMt.'m Corrr.-Uoder a searb k
warrant, tesed by Ret tcorder ostoin el, some Vl
able jewelry, meveral pieces of silverware. end m
mantity of wlen goods, alhged to have bee.r
strlen ret n the residence of Mr. Krts, nave twel
~tonnd in the ose of oAmea baneoth, oorner ofl
eAugust reletye, reorensetel b oted police to
he a iireputabe person, hacon ben arrrted wihe a
pony it hie poeseion, r apposed to have beeso
atots t
prirn C Aim su nrrwoor tto e la.
fo mnation of contry buyers now in.the sitj sa
tncae yet Iltending to come to lay in their sprote
cnifrletg, wholesale dealer in cbothing aod far-t
s1hing goods, corn ter of tagaae and Canalt
streets, is just I receipter of a large au well
selected tock, bought sine, the great falling of
Sbusineoss nf the mfactole of the North. Havtng
Ipurchased for cah, Mr. Downil propoes to give
the trade the be of b reded prices at
tdvaetase to b -yers.
ohm. T. Nash sells to-day, on the love, foot of
Cot street, at 11 o'clock A. In., 0 bals cotto. e
At 11 o'clock A. mu. at heeroom, corner of St.
£harles as PerdMdo eenets. fuarmare, ste.
Commedee, Ouno, du b .e war of 1812,
commanded Iar a o l leobe time be fleet e
lAke Oari b bhe *etremely good for
tuone evl i tu bareerodd teo excheage a heam
tile shot p amo r.ere were agre
many uo olmeble amaltso aMe be oem...
dore for im, as they b ll he was rather
asziouee momls ashM the me .
Indvmly e e arler be wrn hes plaseld hf
charge or a av yard, ean mee
rvoagetmr, with
Ltg up to Man e hrtho hem hat
abudsedb wie lrnab eai m to elae
freoe Me bell t he wee h
o aew. wfb bhe **ted out, "a E the baset.
Coru if wn th I toib te ar roeerle.

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