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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, March 25, 1868, Morning, Image 2

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lelrtiloato ta ed from Rnselllle. Ky.,
sas that Ave iled Um sMtered the bank ti that
twa on the 20th ost., shot Mr. Owens, the uctas
Ie, dangerously wolmded the teller and then
robbed the bank of £8,000. A large crowd of
arliakeisas Wre ser the robbers.
it ~ e"taM msh of the 1eaassee State
il'atiou k4oeiioomposed of men of all
it1i aaat. from all pas of th'
w, dimnea .noeng secret societies of evee y
lind and guaranteeing the fullest protection and
freedom to all, no matter what their politics and
meuatet may be.
Surday lght. 20th last., the o e of the audit
or of Whebebaw county, Minnesota., was robbed
of the tax dpliaot stateunt sand settlemen's
for 1966 and the three preceding years. The
eonty loses about $20,000.
O nTueday artereooo twenty ive of the con
at n the West Virgia PeatOtetlary, at Mounds
e, attacked their guarms with stones, captured
seeral muskets and some ammunition, and foreed
their way out of the incloere. -Some of the citi.
rea went to the assistance of the guards and -ater
a sharp e ict drove all but four bck into the
prluae One. named Wodson L. Orews, was
kll; mMother, Abner Marks, was mortally
wemaed, and six etheb were pretty badly hurt.
Arthur Campbell, fourteen yeer old, hanged
blself l a shed in a sC hol yard in Baltimore, on
ouday week. For some transagrpeelon be was
ons dinmissed from the school, and, on being
readmted, was forbidden to play with hiseobool.
mates. He felt the digrace keenly, and told one
of the teachers that be should kill himself if the
prohibition was coninLed. No attention was paid
to hle threat, and he tulfihled it.
The Cairo papers mention the arrest of a young
mean n ed Duvall, as express clerk, for embez.
sleawt, aind tee'f ght of two othert, each form
erly Im responsible positions, but now defaulters.
The gembling houses of the place are credited
wiet te ruin of these young men, and with lead
Smaniny others far along on the road to destruo
MeAds, a enaviet recently pardoned oat of the
Teenessee Rttet prison, to which he had been
sentenoed by the ecrcuit couo of Franklin county
for rep on his qotin-law. Is raising a com
pny of negro inlita In that county, having been
commissioned captain by the State authorities.
Jpetn Hewent and his wife Jof Jeoneburg, New
fork. 9e6 e bathing a cow with kerosene ofl, to
kill lice, in their barn the other evening, when
the oil took re, and the baro, with tw o sxen, thl
cow and hay, was destroyed, and Mrns. Flewertt
was fatally burned in her endeavors to save the
rAr brutes.
At Fond do Lac, Wisconsin, a few days ago, the
streets noear the river beinea floded, Tomn Thumb 's
prsty were driven in a carriage down one of them t
y mtake, which led to the rive. The ponies,. *
on reaching the water, refused to gn any further,
snd so savqd the lives of the little folly, In spite
of tmhe driver, who whippeod furiously, ntil in
forehed of his mistake.
The Denver News, of the 7th, deca tee toitt
there Is every indlication t'at tie Indian war baa
begun again, or rather that the lcae truce has been
ended by the approach of sprte . Montana an
the northern country around fortrtmiao lde Io,
will be the scenes of murderone wartare, as wi.
also it thiLnks, the bmoky litll and Arkansas
A case of mere robbery in Mobile may t at he
regarded as nattesof special interest to nr
of our readers; but the incident is so has nily
narrated in the following, frot then Regiter, Let
we cannot refrain from printing it:
nt:/das of thP , ·rou -An ooourrence o' laut
lht. aus reported to us, brnes t, mid the trn
di;ion el amentIes of the proRession of luha, y
robbery as it wa praecoced i the golden days or
the lamented Georges. A gentleman of the city. d
returning home at a late hoar, hlad jout entered r
hisb front rgate when he was confronted by two
mena, who presented their pio tsIn at his head, artd
in a nolid tone er jinted sitence. an njtlnciti. W:th
which, bron the etact that he still lives. It will e
Ilnoferied. that he complied. They then, with gera
te force, conducted him aero-s the road to a v.
cant perece of griund, and priceedet to " co
tiough him" with as great ilelicacy as cr um
statces permitted, poI esasi g themuelves of h,
looe charnge, and divere artles of minonider
able value. He had no watch about his person, a
deficiency at which they expressed mitch regrer
co doubt sucere. having relieved hiba of waet
ever cold be decently appropriated to th eir own
use. they exhorted li.m ort ti take this hght
afluction too much to heart: it wai only whant
haipened to most men In the crone of a irfe
lme, and however e npleaUanIt i at inht be, It wras
generally Wtended with circusntar.es of sllevia.
tIn from which the truly philuso phiCal mi d c
, old readily draw comnolation. If he would b,,t
retclt on the condition of the gtreat multitude ,
who were too poor to become the iubjects of thle
atis of mitfortune, he wotid ass that his nitueti n
was really batter thea theirs. With the.s as d
other remarka lI the poite vein they b
him an reroit, lteve br.
Thu h LasnA Tenarr.-Pa rtes lteresten d in the w
rableation of the bslan treaty for the purchase
of Aleha had an informal interview wjt r nertin
mebw ts~o f osse committee on I re
lations and umers of Congress on th h, to b
induce them to h the postponement of the
matter in the Rsw tlnw May, and have the ap a
propriation dfp4 bthe 20hb of April. that
being the end of Jo W D Ixed withU'n which the
treaty Is to be thl i he rattcations were
exchanged on the SkI Jeae, and the tpulatos di
A JAC€asa.-Aa Illiterate man wnihlng.to enter c
mie n mals the agrdcaltural exhibitne , wred I
as follows to the sto etcary: "Also eater me fo" l
the bret Jukua, te mgre of gettinS the prse.'
.d we mome rate 1- 0 "u;alel Oi Sind
- Tshirs, out f the tale tlreasuryit the mounte
aen to bate 6 per cent. per day "for their nurses.
NA. coaetreetlo.
Tenth, Becauso by the twentieth section oe aeio
ordinance, which goes into operation watti the
Coastitution, all proceeds of the sale of contra.
baid ad captsured propertfully seized oaar captured
hy the niita eal constute ab pubbart of the fod
congress knowa aa the reeomssketloa ac, and
the CemstItdtiom aad ordinanese rejected bh the
people off wh they Stare to be paidma, thus ibmiti as ther
epluart to hI rloa, the people wim time of pealcen
resolution :
Waasby unAs wfl ure, actnd sto provide for the mores ofr.
psa cylet g overnment ofi the roperbely seized is hopawed
ey tuarhed over. Eieventh, lecame this Co
patted on the 23d ofr thver ne month, pvchwilde fcstr
callingy from $1covention to prepare a 0oastitut,000l e suor
wcthe govermentx pa of Alabamatt and for hollyding an
-ele to meet in thateir present impoverished condiejec.
Stionof sptd constitution by these persona who
were autho rised under ,,aid acts to register and
vote n; ai nd
Wm asA, idAn eletion wavoers beld forieving th at pr
they had the right to defeat the Constitutl,,n no
o'jet ion said Stae, commencing on the 4th da ofprovided
in Fhe bruaryeaid acts and continng on tl ther 8th of thatid
month, which of ongresulted i their bejeciton of saidte
i, s, puboif th ir resolution some weeks ina d
lance aI 4[se netie~On Iou t) vo~te at alid eleculou,
but to stay away trum the poles; and
WHEsti, ttion by a majority of 1,000 of the register
tered voters under saido afctsre and who were oex
prs the adsutborlod, under an. ad by the provisona o.
savotei ad elveto, to eject sad did Constitution, either by,
thereby avoiding all ote against ion of violence of dat
saord eletlo, andnd
Wasans. Ithis now chlarge majoritd by thof registeredse wo
favor there adoptionterly opposed to tthe Cratiitutoc thation thereof
is no reasonstitution; First, Becausejority deprives ay
largtered votnumber of the white males of said State ofactuly
Sted aright to vote or holo, nd offbelieved they caed
for the Constitutona. nd that at least 10,000
lit cogallyregrs the rightersateped to vote and hold offiteon l
were thenable e do so for reasons set fortchi-iug in elligence
pat er published la the Dally Globe or Matrc'h 12.
and apacity asworn to byenfranchising Ignorance and in-.
ss espacity. Third, Because it requires all pe.souu
Keer. ad others before oing to subscribe an oath thapub ic they -
cept the civil and political equality of all men, and
a. agree not to attempt to deprive any personao' per
sons, on account of race, color, or previouis con
', ditlos, of any political or civil right, privilege or
immunity enjoyed Wangton, on the ther class of eoru.ry,
1HP€; : and
a Fouasrt, BeThcause registered voters who opporesedtati n
tlo e oe peopletion of the several ctituties of the State,
Sa it ignores thorough and tes, and leavestigatihem owith
all satrters ctonnected with said electioa sad
out sy:E Theiresotaton as Fifth Because it gives
Fi to twenty-r of the freedifty-ninarge countiers in theall or
State, which are recognized an having a popnla
tion of t652 407, arid a black population of 32.1,:;10,
si sixty five of the one hundred representatives; apri
Smst givofe to the remanirs f thirty-ie iecoun 1 to vote
gafor thite adopopulation of 2s,2d Cot tution who theyblack
popul t e great bion of lll1he but ione reprcitizesens, withative
to each because it apportions representation
wim they wersae way acqus near as may be. Sixth,
hBecause by these med and wit place whom the power tx
a impose tuxes a, , all other dciul wtre power in
n,( y.i. :n o le tC i: t',e .4t :'e. w,*re oppo.  d to 0,.
N u L A', , 1: ll " - p rip ": hv t t > v'u' w i'
the hstda of those whowill be not taxpayers whw en
wLO aoet¢ n.net hqnlve inl fav,,r < ; i'q a l )'hou
wt goes into opera' or and deprives a majority or
those who will have to pay thible intaxes ofut i the
-rto vote or thee powere to grotectteme. lveagaiust,
the oppres-inu wibh whio-h tu'ry will be inevitably
5visited. r-eventh. Because it makes no provision for
adat does no t make it the duty of the Legiiuers ato
appropriate o e the money raid teby law for commne t
pi,:(l ied ,:it ir! ,Ll. > u* d enl ales -anrl I' !!1i'1 w sy
schools, equally and separately fosthe benept of
who whit. and boack chiildren in the States.
Thalt manyh f re ,Ix,n . ,. wh vc., nt, >1 it f el :1.
e ghh, Because aftoroher declaing in thwe first seeg
tion ofe the pothird andrticle the por wer of the govern-t.
meifnt. That mly of the ate freed Alaebama voted bre dividedha
Into three datint departments nam wherly they weregs
detected they excused themselves bec suse ,of igno
rancve, aexectd give the names it provides in twiho
fifth secrioin of the eleventh article that the board
-of k.lncation shall exercise full legislative power
inwere addeference toa the preducational ins whof thed
tatei and it acts , when ad pproved teby the gov
maernor or when t td re-enacted by two-thirds of the
noit live, al! well as lin tou' seslI where th y iI ,I live ;
II.oard iwn the ase of his disapprival, 1shall have thery
14arb,,i r, ll'.i Ift won, L ,.I. lre(.n and 1,.range
force and efto set of lawsextet. unless repealed by the
General Assembly. Nivnth, Because it divides temany
illegal votles were obtained ia usu(r of at plliu.
-li Conin~lL;t i,'i, a ,<J :hron .12 iitie activt, aigODn y
milit a intodegree two classes name ly, the volunteer
ithe qetia aon tohe reserve i ttact th it it ade tie
duthey ofexpect the governor, by an ordinfice anc some ort which we.
ot epuable tished with ve o the Constitution for the
pi tomation of thare peoplell stragers a twoe, uotkeow-s
a sre~which were leass objectionable, to orks rrze
mediately 137 companies ok voiunteer militia,
Twhich are to be it red and pidd, That tie bservice,
at the same dmte abe rUcited late oi he re- and
construction couIlmIete*, and that they be dire !.ed
to ld for pout rsof the State tr easury, tif The deemon e
mendvile, to vi-.t t per centae per day for their nrses.
Tenth, Because by thetin twe truieth seof thieo of said
ordinance, whioh goes intip operation with the
Constitution,:er altol maproceeds ofe the saloe of contra
rband tod captured property seized or capturedKS,
.i iv . B. LEK K.
One of the meanest-acts performed by the
diclby the npilitiar of Ohio wiconstitute a part of the fundyer,
as tof which they areat seal ofpaid, thus inciting the :y
avolig upon the dehirasn the people in time of peacert
Iby uno wfl se"-thie is, an empirove within an em-o
pyie. As an "Empire", it the urol terrty seized is hruledn
sy an emperor, it flievnowl, of curse thist. under
e great rai l spr eal of Ohio wer a-,vt re- which wlo ser
annually from Sl5ilt'0Ot0 to $2 000,000, a sum
wi confederation of par it e tate a oriarenally formed. o
alet a eoeolcidated government impovruled rhed condir
tinu ; atid
Thad stevens. Well, they are voters believiwrng th
they had the right to se thdefeat a bill has been sotr
o' jecilonoble an this in satner of hisc ways provided
un e into t-re legi latund re oflying on their own anowd
tegood faith of l ingressi iii ltheir lweh ll, they
Semocratpolit th i the odlutious scal of radin adc
ae. nd replace ictio tt with one befitting the oleu,
but to stay awiay from the poles; and
ereignty of a itate.-( liynhbuority of registeran.
vn era ie-or thgle reaonsmeafreeuridg from ip to I
to thev adotin o aid Cones w kiluton. and dTaewed i o.
vote ia said election, aid did not go to the polo.,
thereby avoiding all occasion of violence of dit
order ; sand
Wnagas. It Is now charged by those wbeo
favor the adoption of the Constitution that thuere
is no reason to doubt that a majority of legacy
re gietered voters residing it. the State ac-tually
voted at said election, and believed they vtrei
for the Constitution, and that at least 10.100
legally registered vters attleipted to voet- ut
were unable to do so for reasons set firtu in ai
,. 6. DERWTP @ ,
pen a
and -as
r ox.
that e
said w!
gi, be
ex- Dy 0. DR BUgIT -
8 of A urosas-oroace and seleee-, S ile e. 01
by .&TrRDAT. Apal 4, 1".s as O'ekl
at aLM, atae Mereca' AsctlnneersEhehanee,
lIe arelen, by Ord, r of the .'l.nel Cty lmk, an Lneorp.r
lred sed company, and f.r Mareomt of whem is may cuno~ m the
Sof i.,wing Prnmis.ary N.tel. Drafts and Miock, wdl be
e of o. n .wss. I.DOS3Sxr. AT1URITY. AMoIrrS.
Iall -Adam B. J. (B) Fellowe M c . Mar 14, 1881 2100 S
oc A. B, i mhemelve00
9 2-A-rcher, Bt '. S
& A. B., (C Theselves Dec 1, 1861 5J000 )
ind 3-MArche, R T
ann A B., (( Themselves Dan 1,19861 5000 00 "r
4ed -Areher, RT M
S-- A B, ( Themselves Jan 16, 113 90) 00
* E)
I 5-Archer, 8. T.
or A A) B. ( Thems:ves Feb 16,1863 5000 00
S 6-Anast. 8. T.
AD P) I ) Himself Feb 1,1863 5000 00 Al
7te, 7--A..In, B. T. j Hhn If
1 (B Ak) rFeb 1. 186 500100
the 9-Rratta 8 E (A) Ach .0. Tobhbbm Nv ,O, la 731 33N
1i -. Ill-Bal our J. K. bugent A Co Mch 1, 1661 70 00
ao 11--use Pageis .
10, (l- a n FelIewes a Co Nov 2al 1, 27.0 0
" Ia,t, C. K. Hlu.ci1 Mch 23, l1.) 34.56 s
gy- I7-Carr (.In t 8. P.
L .tk 1(- r I) I Jn.. D. Imboden Feb 1. 1962 45) 37
l4-C-'rbi. 8 P. Ooor before
Irv (1 A E) R. L. Chamblli Jn 1, 1161 39635)
{op 15-Corhtm 8. P On or hefoa'
:th, ( a t,( D 8. L. Chambliss Jan 1, 1062 3889 0 TH
t C. (b L. R. Coleman Jaael, 162 4 000 00
in 17-Cunvy, A H. tays a16nder
ten (aft) ) e t* NA 4,1 3 1 1 ) 54
o ---Cr h unN.D.(B BO O els na Co Ich 3, 1W 5U (W
19--('lark, John 8 Wdl w I arrigr
ust A Allen Jn 26, 1862 1166 67
b0y 21 D, bbinr, A. 1 P.he Pa. u Al iA
Cal :.an Bit-.
for t' mon,Watherp,qa Jan 1, 113, 5000 0)
to 2--Dear)', Henri.
eita A a W. D. Carter BalanceA 2M7w 00 L
of etta (4 I) W. D. Carter .. 367 00
Bhelby, M D. J J.Ferron A Co Feb. 13, 196 4818 22
ro- 24-Fehns 1 1. Al
ed A.M.(C) { J.J Person AC. Aril 7, 1860 250 00
S 2.--Ffltus, A. K (C) J J l'rr.era a C. Feb l5h 8i6 4-') (M)
2f--FL'lfu A M ( . J Perroa a LCo .an 15, 142'Z 4.$31 4
;he -Fell.,wrI 4HAF)' Immelt' Oct I3, 1061 lI4) 0
ltd 2-FeIlura,,O B Bi aele Dualj 18 51le bk)0 (
N.---1b .h.r, titry I Wert DeC 21 Ic Oat (I)
S-o-FPter B. M Tb. Fellow Jaa 522, 19M' 1500 00
he 3--1adrmmes, D. CoI-,' Br tten .J
y. (14) a Withers Apr 23,161 5564 80
be 32-Imodea J. D.att
he B) i J. J. Person Feb 17, I62 330 47 or
3--Gih an. C. W.
he -Gidat C. W. Gilban Nov 16, 1961 1101 75
e .--Jark*m,.Heur7 tt 8f
(e d aIn ) Hayes A Fanders Dec 1,01 792 35 1
lie --I I 'aOn, (George r. Ja 11463 24:' 76 301
A.- K' me, J. C I) J.J. PerernCoJan 16, 18s2 2:1 1 la
S37-Kne. J. C andC
Pr pi a I Bhorer A Znte Jan 10, 863 2312 32 O
ze 38-Kier, T. B N. PAI
lra (B)K. ~ 0 Johnsoct 11,113 I 00 CI
' 7-Ma'tln, W. H.
d 31 RC, Hlimself Feb 19. I% 662078 BI
a, 40--M rtlI, W. H melf Apr 1963
-I al Himse!f Apr~l 67
S6-3- M-ahi, W. H. Himself Apr 19, 19 687 0
43- Martn, W. H.)
, ( .J Persmn A CoFeb 15,1862 210 13
Id 44-MallIr, P. H. (h."J J '?Fn.n J. ,
" 4-belne, B. O.4 0. . Nelason A
1 46-Ne Co. Jan 25, 1856 1000
op alr -N"ta.
2I pa1 d to S O. Nelsoe ACe Feb 25, 1856 10300 BRA
3" 47-Parkin o,, tK . F. R. Albay Jan 16, I1 41)3o 41 1
at ('-Paala.' J. W 4.
dra:tJ 8 B maself Dec 26, 19'1 1:10 00
-- - IL. a . T Kn allarte rMar I, 1,862 6514 05
i. :O--M.ynla.s, S F ,J. J. Pe.oaa A
S1'L, ( Co Dec 10, lo 227 12 SAC
I.I--RaR J R. A TI Kenaall Car.
K. F. ter A O Ma, r l 1( 1 '-24 01
to b'l-P.uth,Jnhn 9) W. h. Lever ch, Tjhu.2., 181 ,M 00
,d -Rhbb, CuL'be-g F.l' And
'ine R Fellhwee A Co Nov 15, Ia1 244926
V Himself o 500 d
5- l--Smith, W. F. 161 000
B aE) l Himrelf Dec 3, 1861 500) )
F I--Smanb, W . .Bee Jn,
S t E) I Himsef: Jin 19,162 5)0J)C0
1 -bmith. t. F 16 l
S~n E) limseif McIhL, 162, 60040 00
a' "-- kh Sln.f Dec 2l, 1'61 1030) B
, 9---luth, W F
alt a n Hmsrir Jan n29,1962 030000
60--emah, W. F. B
(4' a ) S HimefW Feb 9, 19l22 100 00
o '1--6mmosn.W.A. H Krndaln Car.
e S- l t a) I er ch 4, j1 5274 96 P
Y Himsolf Mch 1. -1 270 00
d -anl h hlbJ . `Knox &iiins. AprI , 11 300000
eL-Shelby, JJ., K.M
and nbelby. nex & Higgins April 1, 11 20.0 00
I5--Taerry / . 1C).J. J. erson AColn 22,1845 100) )
'"--l,,rrr. F B ((',J J. Petleonhto Feb ',116 3,OJLO
'.7--l'1b, . . )
e 1 I.w .h . wee £llowno Deelai,1" 161281
tIInatWtarn Dec,90 12000
S tr--lltmn,w a W.Ccmp 1 )I
[4 8 I J.J.Pb personkCo Jasun3, 1,-2 439)) t b
' ak-- r k ar. . T.ml.
R.I I 3(' J J. )Peon AC. tch 10. 16 B't1) ,) Imp
7 (-Wri~bt. & r
- (:e- s. C) A[,a . 'r,,aou .b Ca Drc . L, 1"61 1) kt I t
-W a ,It' 6 , II la.,ll dlia ,3,1'2 0 ltU
I- ,-'arraer. A'eXr.J aby ,
L'a·t) ) IWaa merneer Jan 12. l'uil t3 1
- Rae 1 "t J ( s'.a a'o t1h Aac. 1'a.e 3)so BIT..
;r--uOr I. rla., 1. 0,", ,',,''.' d ".,,4 Near ,8 'l
JurL iAB. i'l. P OFE. I'a iAnl r I
Ut, , i. I L ala ia r. I I. P apt
r b OD ICraLY-No. 12 l
P, r u' t $15,1 J 1 5 5s l
9 d-eLaee Bh.od W. n, .rO a 'd (l'[)n *a.n : s a
Art' I 1-';. "' s,
b)i)I.Oa 'l e - a
AOla rW .aRI?'ylaa D ary oeo . P TIA.
lT(tra-., ht ( : 1. B a ,k T -'-o "v - - en |ll
1 a- ! anl oa1rU "atlatr ,r.. ..
f'· tbaas--Cuah in U. c. lTreas.ire aoes.
((. ' N ',,,a'lr p ,ca ,, altr rt inerest.
AlecOetne--Oce ad BaniUlle etrat.
A'I-RDAF. r Fe~llIt3 IS,*,. at 13 o'elock
4, At IRI~y...ae t 2.'t5 Aueraaoun Ex~caaa, FUR
Rt c -I rtrree. etrawn ('aun; ind Oet(aamhbal, e rd, lay nar
an" cI an e.der ram the lire . Johb 5. Tohme Judge of the
e,-ar,ODaa.a t ,a~u.t of Nro 'rteuna, date, Maeh Ii. L9.
wilrt, ppublc atotlm, the fellooltag eeeaed ree 0u
A LjtI OF (tRlUtND In the .eetd'Dlntrict of thie ely.,
In af lra,·re anuded b) Oannhemeee Cels, (lelbrand Chrl
lar. Ial., strnsan. merartag. in Anoieen name1 . $twey- A n
foI sart friar nm Cnruahonwatrea t tyoreehtod and ire
ee I•nu.a.r lacihe nmpr lona cI de beteeItelnac.
T a h hald m glte opt emaeymlei a tbe -edne7ratte
Ioae. na 32 t ateeme tlee retred froem theae
fir amd t, lia lo Ia fot ade th e side, "etorn,
uw-Texena r ad Coca. od toe eLeam an a eo oftll
1 ·o f i . . .m d , kh . I N atm
rPsAma LOINS DS Og @ a 3 a1A / T,
T l0e 7. . -i { .i.n .
N Fmeateds. wWa bees.W b1d
sad lbes oepsi p laee. Udih lthsamd
y .ama the blase Ie . Lap md 4b e Tyeeasr, ..
teem eNs ae b aw mu b oZ hf i 6 "a botb
l oto seed y aseWe m s Ledso Sem d berag
etchat per rect. blrh
be ore NI. Sen.se, s, ueblIe. at ereebe.er t expents
ablmen., aam'asd m. ie Oa .tee
Y 4. i F1Ew ' n! r
Awrroossma-Oe Na O Reial iesi.
e l701 Z Mmerk 18. Ih, 1840, a t s
o u'lonck. s.. as the a, eC uOm @r @ e' Menrs.
Snai. kineAors. lO. . e. se., hetwas
krolet aud Cowers .trees. will te sbeI by p·'Icmeseloa by
virtue of an order fro the Emerable e A. yI
Jadgof 8the cond DisLonc loat of New Orlaen dated I
.rh 6,Id8- - a
A lot of Mies Furutture cooositg of Oak Ltaadf-g and
otter Deso., Obblr Coste tabeos, Loug Ir. lEnig. s
Cocoa Mtite. Water Cooler. ise.
A Io an .pkesdld Psoensl aasmander afte.
Tsmos-CeobIs to MIted taue ITrasury Notes. b
mBT o. M. PE NIrT,
AucTomso-OSee No. M Blmre street. at
MONDAY. April 1t 136, me lo'eltek hA
., at tho Lke End of the Potchartrala Railroad and
at the Restsarant of LI Bodro, deeasemd, b virtae of asn
order frm the Honosable John W. Thme, Jadge the
Seansd Detrlct Court of New Orime, daed Februar 1, D
188f, by public ectea, ill be old- D
BOUDRO ILAKEl HOU'SE, consistinlg in pasIo the follow
la articlel : 3
SILe, PLATED WARE, RABIA LINEN at ao iadsl, at
quantity f ASa CUTLERY, Fr\T STANDS, TYAs E eat
The .pledild Appatoas for the Manfathture o' Gas and
the Gas Fixture and Chandellere l the prem·i
Several thrsseud bettle WINES OP THE CHOICEST
BRAND, such a- be
And a choce lot of
Aid alse a large quantity of PROVIIIONS, FANCY CGRO
1 Tres-Pash In U. I. Treasury Nelm. Iar
Arcsrooze-O4ee 9i Sledle street.
,¶OrrbA. Jlprll 1, 1366, aS 1 ls k
R· "r .b ra san ad (Oeatoue a etr. by
tuhle suoetm, b. virtue of on ne It, the Hoolalse1 the
heo ,,od Jud01..l D ,riot Court or the tlata of Lo~utlna sot
tIga In the r'raldolf i. Ne Rroo' (1)00r, Dorat ±4. 181) ,be
1,ll,,witg oleac. bed real etato will be sn-d
TPN oQlAHS OF 4RWPD, with t0O blildlniP hnd
lmplromontao heetn. sltatted Is Vomrtle In th. Prloh if
(t Bee ard. 0n00 deosltaed by the Sot 143, 144, 145 114 1lt
She brid rqua are boroded a oflows, vIb :
SQL'AHE Nn. 1I4 tO bontoed by Prosper, St Avide, Le
pli-'e snd Tour;.e.o'- Otrot. FL,
IQI ARe tNo 144 is bouuded by Prosper. S. Avide, uff n
so.d IU,,ItrfeOrt st ret.
gI.AR,. No. 143 i, bonnd.d by Prosper, St.8 Av.de and
Sl ,s otreeto, ldl Pnri Avna.
RDUA No 1411 l boundd by Prosper, .L Avide. L.a- T
QUIARIS ho. 131 is booanded by St. Avid. .L John the
e:lpriA E oL ap n p rt erd.
bQoL'AK to 3lIll bo-sdid by e0 Aide, St. John t:i.e .
Ilapptot. Tournef,,rt aUd Lllacoe nrlaet. Tl,
hQL'ARo o- 1±, lobsode+tby et. Avide. StL J hn the bro
1l4A I!. N,, 1341 b ,ntled by p t Av<e, PtL John the h
Sorpto t oad luo, u orotret. aid Forl. oaenu-e.
t'QLA1E n-Is lIats th-optrd li 0r Artd ,Prpitrm nd A,
NQL ARE . 14Os I. bonoidd ty Proloper, 8.l:dele Da m- o
Il).r it le,,.,.c., l, t t.0 ,,,Lonu o 5 nis.le bv J. Pilli,.
o:lr'.Oer. d1o'tl, ^|, i15 1'7 .od dpos.ilod .; theldico ,
'lh!lro i.s ir,.,"s ,tc a-.y putelt
i , A ]. H.erornu. Notory Public, ot pit'olo.or 00
.e'e R
SR(CESNICN OF V. .1. ,AY7nA D-LNo. 511. cot,
I i * T ! IPRIET,
Oie and Falteooms 6 belartllestret
T SD-., , Asit. 1, ' . 3Ie", '.l 1 e' tok
sorest. brlues Cal aol 1:0.1 mbyte. sIt-rct. rlil Mo ald
at utlt t ,tOcton. by vnrtIto f an ord , trol t.e oll.r-
+le John W Thoto.. Jdg of the ler-,nd Itlortno IS
:oort of eow Oslau, doted March 19. I, toe fllowl do- c ml
' LL O GROUND, dIeoioted by the 1No. 7 ,
9 1. ad M in ylo qurae h unded o llienviale, BE. oa
P-orlk Coot aid eosadotle 'tret
Luoi Nos. . 7, I p ord Il moeusnoach II foes froot n
Beotvdl'e ou.It. by tL.O fee9t dep.th, Ist No. II furang. the Euo
0-roer tof Benolll aiod St PAtrieb Soseers. litrle
lool Pos d d N monero oath 27 fLo cbces frontn on u 1.
It PsoriSr e le by liN feet 1.o deptl
WTcoue-o ash In U. 8. Trrasury notl .m.
Act of stle. with UnIted SItt Initeretd levene stern ther
ottoebd betore Notary Puleb. trbhe oxlpm ofteTI
i,,trbero. whe will be re;oiried to omenu the p)meut or I Fort
i.e tuae toe the euet veer (Itt'4)
IBT CAI, T. x. sW, __
AUCcTIoUz-Oce Nsaoalc Hall A natlon Marlt,
CeI·r L Charle ad Perdlde otredso
 N,A]IE YIAT lDm4 S u l It. 'ms 11
Chirtea Nrddo Uatret. will he sewld
slo-- ,n pe 6iteed, Mr Wilshtad Ples,
_Teau-4,., bI U. S teesr aee
COTToN, CorroN oones, oe0
mr cru*.AY. Tw.
Avenman0b. Leha a, l
I u .I.ID MUW» TI O0313 01 1
snamce sLoe same IAM aoisr o.
snlowae.a l sll e laprlm r.lim.
wrOomes oIr A. . oem.
aT "krnmes a sess as '0
a s t WOr C O3OW  ! a a the FAn featp
and i~ea at latei noer
lIa u e. tty. Tesala le Ge1. theesa.er f" TaWbuno L
sue an d two yaD, Ia mso. eOwid b ýml Opn. do d
prirtegs, and baI sga he d6 enae ,
D31dA1eD, WIFE o JOINs NaKAs N. 7el
Sto.ipt "eMor t" thble Erabe tlhe iaomi TaetAw.
ese -off I ed thde, m34ar Uh, 'M. Ie lcwt.eg
ip33?atoFlur C teetO rA. Wat DIe
tres of sdllr_ a iswa bE MbIN a/(Dt bTlooedI
by ('momesRAohoo P. mm ,a a Dd eqD ee I Or
ta x6 fist tr at wIP y ra, d ah ndoa o y sd
etre.e beotwoes awa Qtolmbe tldag 0. vo4 t
beW Tpeaaa-laoh tld eawan mo the bolas.. at ..e.543 o f
pl so ad rtshem mth with elrbi per crabIh t. aer.t.
from ain oaith pard, with wMupieteand mdstre.,et l Se a g
trafsmtrred. The Wbeek s omhea to e .wass eredt of (b.
eapoese of the Purchaser, lmctlg U. IL latl ,omaO o
_I'r -MT. 00UrS. o S OGDEN, WID )W or
rN. OG.DN, NU .~ I T Xr . VS. N. 00
BnY. C sWANL U. IVOUT .., a
 .. atthe arabesr ae LtLw8, Royl
Aucramaar-o--o1 S 4chauge Alney. uaa
street.bo . Co& hd O hea n , by 5 Ir
tuaef ia eordr hoa tho Heoaahblo the SNamed D oartbt o..t 'n.
ofr Ew Lnreanc, dated larch Bh I thn Plwlag 4 tl
I. A CERTAIN LOT OF GROUND, toplhsr with all the d't
bhidlgp aad l a pra.metS tber gal. steai the d hat ath
lBejlasat md hal. tlrt. and LsatI by the so. S a act
a pla drawa b ol o lb. t aemlea. l e Jaaa. 1847; the the
. d4 mr amrbg 4 fehet aeh ftrout otI Te opioea
stroee, 1S loot is oepth a. the live emlpralng It from lot N. i
4 100.elt on the I t. nelrah g from No. 2I. thenoe
rTasal n ahe. paira ll l wish Thoeplselao atest .2 feet o
enJlmia st M.. me 4 feet 6 TachMoa to rare line raing
A. sald Ejaria steet, as wale Ithasaftrat 2 i7 toot, CH
A vorloamfmom id e
2a TWO CINT TN L'r)T OF GROUeD. with all the
bofavlap md twpeomrente sltu.d r nThr. tin the SIuburb
elin.r oI the mpw ap oeced by ?e. .ueasra. Now Lte,
ste joml ma enS ost Ma. mD demsgated by the Ncn. t
;td ' oa a pla irawe by ii. Ne bhons. The e-ad Lo' No trot
o bdetobea pltloel MionU: am Lot NR. 4 measrs. 2 A
keg fet ss T heqdle et, by L17 /.m.o dopat betwee. tIa5
paralll Ire.. r rA
S latg-.rWidoy te ea tle bhleme a. aciit ordto f Int
ae, and two yearn a csared by mortgage and .a- U
am rowl dataaeutieays P Iat Tes buiolre to bae arei t
and the polico tareauf.ord. og Ip
Ao. n , wirth Unite d a Lt t l Internal mrevs ne sts t o rm
earei atpIr. Id b r cthe, otap e pubIc, ath tlloh b- fo
norldnr LO JON l 0i 3 1 hi SBAe Gtn.r and S r as
nr imY bCosp Ilad 1eu Shad i . U eir O. l wo
•o mi·. 43~t loa1, sb teubl K0 1a Aoh lesse asf l
S M , d aorl. e pl a.tre .reo! o d e Ieas , I
b.e  thue ts erdr . a b be I eatn .lme oo . re .d a r irt
Coa Of Now OrIgins. dated atrch 16, 1868, the follwlag e bt
Sprorr, as-t pbli t o eal ell )s roel- .  e te
FPI CERTAINO OT F OP b 0 'ND lathe Fourth ,)Ise thr
Howard nd I hllip ebe. dsgatd iy lbs (toe 11 13. T
24 :ad 21, ne a plan ase by J. A. Depoateir arobiteot, o ir.
the 18h No re . mer, IS deposited in the riwte of y. [Alda Phil
nolar blo lat b Moob I n, i e and IS measure sh d. 120
8 one and i7 la.. trot on Fralteat by 13tr t ed I -
adl 4l m Inl n.ea bet ween ro" ll. l aer s ead lp4 t .De ' a fton
·sdh~pti- ----rr f-- rona
each other Lote pIa. ad , alore edjtonin id, ether
measrure Borb 29 baet 8 Iobes a 4 7 Tiam truot .o Mewai b
noreet, by Io 6 feaSes 6 a 143 ld It Iaoa deep tetwese pe..all tls
1ra ur..-osb .o the Smat  0, wIth 8 per ent lutorer IAat
tot per saum yr, a the 1«15 Neaber 1856 antil the day of IST4I
. toh pioa e asi iae the paysient of a rtgageae
Iota like tso of 67A. , atJ 15 , Nola'ornat l186, aed pay
able n two year str d. ad barg per oan ltres l
paid ia twelve imntith from datest sale, toe pareso.. to
Isajb tar said boboaoeabaad sub g".'d and i.e.l.t rie.
'are ofl' before AIcJ. eR eAtry publ at the arox
rorae. oIidag a gtampe.
Wath tcud Bu Lnle Boreas. Hlsaat bail a ltoaoa. P's ..
wart - ules, FroeI lloh O... hI. Eama IlsWkaiLQ t Nsh
-te. dea., at eeo'e., goat
ea !1, e lw r MolUS ao ull, l
'I nr--Cll,e sad O (u8.1I. s eeee. at I*
wrEDNESDAY TUap  ..rr la8db 11s a6 A. lt
li ' Mom baV m ome. wE sl.- C.o.,
.ies-Tp aa p. go Waelslr, ., W ota.
-, Thraol re Wlm a t 5. re ahry Rotd W. 3To
'S. rNa.1 erooea.. od l e. ul. .
rcM, se 'I tilntrllrt MWat .re'iet.'ole I
It re jll l't -1t . . Vrell',lPaoMtr a s . F .' rat
• t mo+'.el te. r h a ' loe ' , |llo .
eec, wot obaa b/ t mere ot ye aro eugegol ihr tan he +th J. e
ietrttlon ; a hci nodr mrasgaweet art hiea Iut soh e, well
re mrkete ta i o o t thern all tin.
.. dl, r reqolrd e Ithet rr'otrlre of trie forth
Ifliret.ltoltt; tsd ehe eotye rowob o Ine 6,dbe Ire
- aet b ottooboo ho.. l tohe
rlln rea ortad. that It lowrae han deh Jnot
to~'*r. If w ltote n laborlotq a eia, V a.ae yrd faet, U
"alrC Imlllllln '--"q.in. Rd lur LlL.ml
eaS-o MAE lobl*=r
mim !1 UI3IA A t 'r. 1. . 3ct0
S.as S r oa rr da s. Ieo. .
Ss emu. M tea >reiras' gad
, t.k d elf ef tvr e.$
T ... I ad • ew € am faet.
1 w. AT +tt,
Wem. abmlS hrb r the Pur1-1 o
OI1CLA BByuoUva30D L 1.NdWOru-o
, gesale r n f w Arbaese -If 84312
Bye.e's0 K em wrt o Fir-fi
S w Orloana in tne above e nd es I wa
Dbsrle*d tdye atty consestbg *f eAgricn teo 'lIm
I II  n .u .
°M. iis la tOhe aul.as,
ST s- a h o or t , day t AEIRT,
malod ileeSeod tad sers whiutof tew
. e n, ewre1 el, In the aoive musd eie
Na o st .  tt e  e ru tah e a. t ea nldie r l_
P< t0l aph s 11 ate oot •he ntary
Malxth.A D iDstrr e ar o f 1 O Mle h od2 1
SUMte T.thelle dayM ol IOf.e w lt ao th i f . ol o
l o athltll I e ihr lt thm an 
dedm Ila th ilerses e ( . e Uo PI Ist lDiel
(e s Ar bondes, hii the nhetnsree d
tanl tree lest .b. ho e M sI rwa y
the uaM o etar,wh 18ch6 Ow of atrsct In li
turtedem, stn; frame sett, tar·
wU.sas e l the rtpo w, sit.
mbI4S 2 s4 f rlif a the P reh or Orlefnts
Co.rt of Cew Orl oN-w- rto. 1~,0e .
; e 1 1 TUd a lwe m tire Ile
a lRe b d lao orl the M a s Diric t c tt
wm pto nd by /Me itle it e· .ilho Iwill , pa
so Ta maesh a the epeo t. s. AVERY ,
sMadd Is 4 Saert of hwee Palt ofd 1rlees1
BE 2.r4VR Vi Pl 84rri £.yf rGu2 M S
thres Di., eet reoB r of D le Od W s*-re. l tit,15
dAse t 2 daay D oAf, Ap e n . s 13 .alectk s, the o ;lowl
TWdc i rI LOTr O GgrOUND, sgad _I n ,
Dt a UtU ic i a w ity dn p n drtf e ro 1U
al thltre1edb aue beoale Fh ste D P u bt .t oe artiy,
Toa tLhs ced . 1 o hes a lo uhe.r ta ,--Nso.s fxh,, wn
flnbe e r iTm an oIbre o leaisrrc, I wn poeedlail
selnty-oe itrmesnet linthes and four tla ath irear
iroe sspa 8 ot for s betwea O a .s , nd ' e, whu.
Its. di'Oi th freod D rlet tof 2;hlbe Dy. o TlED a ts p
act passed a P L·korte a notay ab d inths it
the Itse day of Rprb ll, at 1I .o te aR , the fRoI1t
hal IG. a Mt · ol O •ROUND..tLnatte In t_.
tIaist Iathebd e st.
m e thaa- sh on thla spo e stOt. hI AY,
. ketg 7 e aid yv e. en e PIt. of o rlead
Isoll d tV . elth e l w ..rit tho noar
bia to smadp e d 11 mudiet He ae ontr4b e the h dft
tIso Co od NowI , itth. I e n y roe eWnItt. e, e ndet sl
willty feet en a lipmb trh eectn ithr a roiwoe an.
Atu eot w Ateloot s olR rytoy al seet en hen t'o s arm
i bd end s o o b tt.re fee th tire of tahisocity, ,.
'lt s Dr e s ROU aoD tuoa r t -llao 1 b. 
Is e dTimdin I m (hef eti scty knw b ae Rhe .mo Props.
cquare bML derob bpud by str o a L rl Idol. s
tuh e let da o by te r . m bo 1two ot si .
on th p AltW es tltls, te chm e , r meiaur t isenti
LaTh om cb * el. t
_ em i d pa ralel 4 t et re wit nalte and s eat, mh -.
- 1. . tj.re I o M bl r is say wi s .r aluIDg
S -eM.A uh, o the tspoot.
_- m- C. W. A.rRY,
m.iI Ta.l1 tLhr5 f o fthe Poa1lh if l)rliao.
Cl2L PItI083Xt Tr6CR. IIo PlltaN T A?1OMl
l Ls plee tutL o.l at tahe Meros, arsrshe o n'l
acs I'gr I tlres, z teay. ur l aser pet ubd 1t i m
treo i e. hi beete In thleh D -rod-st of thActy. olyt.r
le d b lded p lted pe .il e:
lOtN. b lat i L0 TF eAOUrD t dated nd
.lts t Distor o l ityn th e sar q r et b cty
en the 39 het t .in tIaled lae s.deerpy tod frontrla, atwee
-uree thTeuLm ho the ili Delt roin stre t. 4 bfat.
S ,P he mware th2efeo h h sn tt on theabove aly,
ih s ISt9 JsC 'TE of the Pa.drl of surt.ot
bi b cmDmet yis t ofc Me.w OEOrlea n the 7.th1 d
Bof oY ,10a a r urental ots f $2o8l1 faiar al
flew p(lm e, hi thoeo tý.J nt Itt edy ap.e , I w ,n a, ei ,
a We Roal treet, e wama ta,,n Mttd oetoam oh4 ,
FIRE Dt. , eth CourD lteict of lil Alty. - o 1 I79. t I"
t (0me hs d ty of yth, 14o. rlle t he ul. tD rtlows
of ewOl le tin th bo ertid e tI wll p10n aa
frt l otr1 s psti thiscti on, t she eoruurelo' anduod i by les
f· 'lol t, C al stre bten Cadalre l eee, nd , lgma ,mhed eDe
o eree"i the isutr to ilst of 2. c a dnu 21 feert de
ilthe d Aul.I. rt 12 l
T'rt hr, Iwn t ther buildi-gs m d lsnwrmentetherlen.J
"U 'umeCS onr th sp t. , -.o . I w,, "
hIda /proptyIs, Psubjtt lame prtoro. Ith .  h itds
+ I  l--4"ob U · .de r~. Tre* Ilt.y V.: A w ,.
_3.511 1 P--rb Vt. #1.t' otANlE I'RAMO '.
Bapt~st rOm eg Julteu nsete n end Mie.Nlrom .
e ueTo shet +,In]d rr otl t.l8'?IYRD&T I
lob d eof.AprIl , 12 at12 o'l .t fio howlin g l t yley
Ucrtsssee, h at It r nIon tl lel ont'o b a nd W .
tm.n lon he u lv d Lwesoh Lp , ndor n a) p('irlhm 4
Sha-lortn do ll. r . .uoretLt noo- ' oooMq .)
latea l * LT is vy •h , b ngtat pan -it sold io
+pot.'tt It(h sqeaI aa . ulr k to J nsuate l tt plht treet so
h tu t Tre em matY Ito Andthsaol to. 1i.pIeooe,1I
L . hetotu mltet d l thIs ity. a.sS Dlbtsuoeul thoy t'lol', I nlt
trpemene aodg erses s teat. ), dbel.roisna" 'me i il'
83TI ae a-C on theb spot. '
i.at 84 030. PV . APrTM ,T.
JI 3pl~l WILD 5S net kilO N <bS. O I WulriT
-+ Itnt Ib· M .1 l A
(lItf o e l -' orutle.
mi e't r rlui t, shoeI i
-Traaa-~ o 51. uIt Veasse oten ulS.
ilf-'o " .-Spt a 1 1 'lisi i A . li t . ot lty.II t
SI.I---U .~HL tCaTEYANOoetnhn
Orleeme. ~ Pnl~S

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