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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, March 31, 1868, Morning, Image 2

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Fra the ,,met I
On ee a y t s o h leko at one of onI principal
Episcopal churbhes was preaohd a sermon which,
i fly` eril ped ouer par nt poliutio sitoation,
woueld have been nteresting to every one who has
aedt e , the weabehig of this commanity.
Choosing as his sabject " The purifiction oad
preservation of the world by religion," he orator
brit By noticed the various causes sad to be com
gnst to ac00out or a world's progres sinoe
the star r Belee arose. The d sion of
eduoaties, the teahlngs of philosophy, and finally
the attempt to make the governed better by im
proving the governmeat were each considered.
On the inaffciency of the latter the preacher
dwelt with much earnestne.ss, contending that it
is an efort to reform by commencing at the out
side, and, as all suhob efforts must do, had ever
filed. Olthng various examples, he described
the present aunhappy and radically corrupt condi
tioen of our own country, showing that the sahbap
pinees was the logical sequence of the correuption,
sae arguing that, as the government of Washing
ton sad Jefferson, the perest and best that weak
bgiiy has ever created, has proved Inoospable,
of I'ewa maerits, of maktiag either the rulers
or the ruled better and happier, it could be safely
d4eaned that mo success will ever attend any sub.
sequelt similar ezpeiment. The incompetency
of other causmes proved, the preacher showed that
stigion, i its effect upon individosu minds, had
ver been the res sand only "' widener of the
thoughts of men," sad closed with a servously
eloquest exbortatlee to each one within soesad of
bh voles, howsue*r costracted his sphere, to de
vote his every energy to the purfication of his own
enart sad life; and, that acoomplished, to en
reawor, with all due esd Christlike humility to
teach his brother to walkin the same path; " for
tus," said he, " ad thus eonly, will the world be
aede At to be the theater of the righty seenes
whceh the trump of the archangel shall an
Altogether the effort w a msterly one, tad
doevtef as sermons to be effective must be, to the
practical good of the oongregatios. Let us hope
eth is eleet wil net be trnsitory or limited to
these who heard it; but that, like the little leaven
dhteb leavened the whole lump, is will prove a
benefit to the enatire eememty. God knows we
eI d sh admonieos ero ugh. Thaakfal should
we be to Him tlhat He h gives us faithful watoh
msD to etead em Zion's towers, to warn us of ap
proaching danger and to point out a way of escape
tee preesnt datfeulties. It will be to our
.pelt to lites when reek men speak. **
llary o rder--Regetoaaslee o be Re
.B ut-DrAnIzn Ft 'i' MtIrrart Dtm ur.i-)
New Orleans, La., March 30, 1da. )
Otusler Mo. 1 ]
Is comwliance with Speelal Orders No. 55, cur
rent seilee, from these headquarters, regietra:iou
will be opened for revision at the following
t'ined paces the city of New Orieans. for a
period e te days, eompaeanmg on Prday, the
Fi ordt -'o. 416 St. Charles estreet.
reeeud Whrd-Corner Baronne and t. Joseph
Third Ward-City Hall, Room No. 7.
Fourth Ward-No. 213 Canal Street, corner of
Bampart street.
Ftith Ward-Corner of Orleans and Bourbon
hoxth Ward-No. 54 Gallatin street, opposite U.
S, Mist.
leventh Ward-No. 13 Frenchmen street.
Eighth Ward-C orner of Margny street and
Jiiath Ward
Tenth War4-No. 196 Prytania street.
I teventh Ward-Corner of Washington and
Malsaine streets.
Ofice heas from 7 A. x. to 12 x., and from 1
comme a of Brevet Major General R. C.
tlsessim, Aggigeat llcretary ft.r UiO 4ffa re.
We renelvoe gowlag reporta from planters,
frcm all partsled the parish I regard to the rope.
Iiome complai that ithe rattiees ase ie not so
good as dedsired, but the plant Igenerally affords
atsfactiea. Corn. potatoes sad came now mark
rows pielaly, and every thieg is growng
ueider the genial inlence lof the ire wea
mag w enjeoylag.
Iaieee6r the crope are adv asing more
rapidly Bth s la this vcinity. That portion
of the yes is a better state of oaltivato
than thu upper em ,the lands being owued is
eatIller quaatie em l tivated priacll by
the proproetOs wit the aid of but little
la.or. Dew se w a he m es are being aillS
this eseses to that serelSt of Ike pr.
Wej peltesrs, aw eg, that the bayse is
very hIa we her shah
we wlsI her euevasses.,
ragme p.Spn 4qu joreer t heolding
asse*pllek this work
sad saCle bade from overdo .
j·bdsa m~ir .
t appears, have become alarmed mon the sub
ject of the e lwsy monopoly between t'
da s a r n tw wbteara uses: ade
bilt abrotWl, ples5iUtI esps'M"e71y &e
Oestat al abte U. t ime5 brm eeo ooa
temn is as.tooek maEged ad the e.ur
'is aldrm d ads espdemba in a set of resoln
tiea resatly ad'ped by the New Teak
Chamber of Coaemere, and which arm,
aeaon other dcarations, that the gueral
prosperity of the commerial community of
New York an best be promoted by retaining
under separate and indepeqdent managements
the various divergent railways which have
their eastern termini in that city. The con
centration of control over the Nrie and the
Central in the hands of the two railway meg
sates abbve mentioned is shown, by com
parative schedules of prices, to have
operated to the decided advantage of
Baltimore as a competitor for Western
trade with New York. It is even asserted
that goods can be ahipped from both Boston
and New York via Baltimore to the West,
more cheaply than$hey can be forwarded to
the same destination by the more direct lines
leading from New York. Overland freights
between New York to St. Louis, for example,
are from 114 to 262 cents per hundred pounds;
whereas, between Baltimore and St. Louis
they are from 90 to 190 cents per hundred
pounds. And the New York Shipping L st
says, upon the authority of a reputable Balti
more house, that " the rates from Baltimore
to St. Louis are fifty-five cents for fourth, $1
for third. $1 25 for second, and $1 60 for first
class goods; a discrimination against New
York, including the rates hence to Baltimore.
of from 13 to 43 cents per hundred pounds
more than sufficient to neutralize any a l
vantage that may exist here on the score of
cheapness of goods."
It is evident that the case of New York
commerce in respect to Western freights
must become much worse than it is in the
event of the triumph of either Drew or Van
derbilt in the impending controversy, for
then there would be a virtual consolidation
of the Erie and the Central under a single
control, and the monopoly which is now
qualified would be made absolute. And there
is little question that this consolidation will
eventually be effected. Mr. Drew, backed by
a reputed private wealth of fifteen millions of
dollars, seeks it in one direction, and Mr.
Vanderbilt, backed by a reputed private
wealth of seventy millions of dollars, seeks it
in another direction. By the light of these
figures, the New York and New Jersey legis
latures are investigating the respective claims
of the two railway organizations to take the
lead in the contemplated consolidation and
monopoly; and the New York papers very
reasonably conclude that the result of the in
vestigation will turn upon this simple prob.
lem: as seventy millions, personified in Van
derbilt, are to fifteen millions, personified in
Drew, so are the chances of the Central to the
chances of the Erie for the disputed mastery.
The New York Evening Post thinks it is
time that the people should insist upon
active measures for protecting private inter
ests from being crushed to the dust by the
gigantic and remorseless power of the threat.
ened railway consolidation. According to
the Post, " there is one very simple way of
doing this. There should be between this
city and Chicago a freight railroad with four
tracks; the ownership of the tracks should
be separate from that of the rolling stock;
sunder certain uniform regulations, any one
should be allowed to use engines and cars on
these tracks. In a word, the people at large
should be permitted to use with the largest
liberty the highways which modern science
has substituted for the old common roads."
Why not use with the largest liberty the
great highway which nature offers as an
unfailing resource against overshadowing
monopolies of land trausportation? We
mean the Mississippi river and its ocean
a continuation. This is the direction in which
SWestern producers are now seeking a remedy
for oplpressive freight charges to the sea
board. New York, as St. Louis is now doing,
should, in the interest of her own commerce,
appeal to water transportation as the only
sure guarantee against the agqression of
Soverland freight monoplolies. In this con
Snection, the St. Louis Republican very perti.
Snently observes:
By all oddr, the safest and rnrest way for New
York to oPvercome the combiationss against her
traPsportatin,, interests is to julu with the peoie
of the Misasseippi valley mn the popular move
Smet, now in tie full tide of Raircemrtl exoerl
rnitat, Ol transport rig iii minser se prd *u':tionhs if
that valle) by river tugs and ucean propeller.-.
Suppose New Orleans should eone nop under :llte
recuperative influences of the morvement, she
wsold only prove in the end a more act.ve an l a
strosger lactor for New York. Thern is ni r,,m
for >ealnrs apprehension ab ut an eve it ot th it
hind. The M i-ilr: rio r ii un a g'r'l a'e
and so Is the ,nty of Nw York: and, whle 'ihe
one is arn.pl. 'apacilis to met the reql rcements
ot busines Lot orlllrnr:atc!n for all ruime to
conie, certi.!y the other sti.li d hi tiyonl the
Sfear whi:h a half doterrn or less railroad monopo
lits are willing to excite.
Two ROYAL FAutiss.-There are two families
in Europe which, if they ever disappear from tihe
serenre, are constantly respeariue, wtiich tre l
ways ready to pIlay all kilas ut parts, aind vari.ve.
It Iot alige In the ruic- a w lh which tiey t ki'
therir place in the wr d, ire not aidii hUnr Ill ri
Sreadineess wtth which they rere all oup ,rturlltits
overed to tt eml. There Ia always a cib)hlrg or a
B iourbon, rthrdy fur whaltever La1ippe:i t, be up
permost. The Coburg princip~.ly i als in mnr.
riase, and wisely keep a L'rte-tanrt Ibrani i. a
Coatlhoic branch, andposblly a (;reak birancl. a -
e, rdiug to the occasion that mnay 1 ime, an. tl,)
d f.ith o1 the Leiress they epolause. \Wlhn they are
married, they are most excellent paeolie in thr:r
high statino--jst, temperate, noneat, eminent·lv
respectable, aod thoroughly penetrated with mul
d ern ideas. The late kinc of tin Belgians was.
perhaps, the only cntinerit:l sovereign who ever
slowed coieistently that he unrderstud the pos?.
lio of a conrititntlonal monarch. I lie Bourbons
are not, perhaps, eqal to the Coburgs, or at any
rate they are not so suited to the tines in which
tey now find themselves. But they are, even in
their eompsalatvely fallen state, a family of great
energy, great giftsa. and a sort of fasaulty for al
ways turning up. They differ, however, from the
Chboras in this respect, that they hare no tixed
type in them of character, conduct and opinions.
They are not without a versatilty whioh, ia its
kway, Is really remarkable.
PEPARING THre vx IaIWs o FO br'rTTOw.-Tbe
president's coasel lve decided to summon Mr.
SStanto as a witnees, aad ask him to soow his
Scommieuasion nader President Johason for holding
his office. They will also ask him if he did not,
as a lawyer, udvie the president that the civ I
eaee act did not apply to members of the cabi
set holding eommintsions Islsed by Mr. IAnoola.
i ThyL tead to piese senators oa the stad who,
Uesp s the ame opianon tn the debate on the
The altatim of the ~redempterlt fathers at
gt. Joseph' , O dek. r i ets Jiy, are aeeded
wth ihOh me isal uscoems. A great many oo
v eres, old sa ydl, to the Roman Catholic faith,
have beesa r l ate the church sad nader
Ione tihe ceremeos of Ilastrection sa baptim.
To mor ow uas we leaorn. the arcbbishop of the
dk e we tbe here to adylatetr the rights of
coaflrms'e to those who may be apreped to re
came them.--[Bslon olege Lasette, 2iie.
-smk rase wellki t . .
LYsl.a JWnetain
?rke ] ais like eao l ashe.
brewlauts r kaCe t LL
Chilea L r si ad haat tie e whirky rg.
Mouevit$ her * *.ssher ruted aiers
ms. Jid esee's partns at BnoueT poplar.
Hayes fa N as a poppulselsof wR
iwat tsi lope th eiboeas two waye.
Ieoaotessmega s by st ts the head.
The New Yerk agis ooapeamrs air 1 a
sales aglint the mste pablisesr .
bye, of the Laded Royal Opera, Values hi
esaery nad papertise at $135I0,0.
It rnmemos that Lott is to marry a eag
genleman of Balstmoe.
Oarl Formes has begun his career a. awutor at
The rage for blende hair hasnot yet sabled i
The Prince of Wale and his wife are making
the rounds of the London theaters.
There are 32 000 lawyers in the United 80ate.,
whose anaual earsting amoant to 64.000,00.
Theodore Parker ased to write day and lnght
with his feet in can. of hot water.
Joe Howard otwrites all New York Bohe
Ex-Lieut. Gov. Childs, of Massachasetts, is.
lowa is threatened with a plague of gram
The Missonor horse thieves are organized and
fortified near Fort Lyon.
The value of tk edulse of the Methoditsa of
this country is estimated at 4tt,000,00.
Paris is fasting on eggs in two hundred and
twenty seven Jifferent ways.
One thousand persons are lost annually who are
never heard from afterwards.
An Endiobmrgh gentlemua, recently deceased,
thought himself 20,000 years old.
I be Napoleon veteran, lately deceased at De
troit, carried fourteen scars.
"Mack" thminks enator Morton a man of great
inteeectual power.
Baigbam Young has 600,000 three year old mul
berry tees for sale.
Disraeli will advise the queen to confer a peer
age on Baron Rothsachild.
Temple Bar, London, is no longer safe, and is
to be pulled down.
There is a blue horse on exhibition at the Crys
tal Palace, London.
Napoleon has been sending medals to the
Austrian volunteers who served him in Mexico.
The Brooklyn ladies are breaking out in the
face with court-plaster.
Princess Christian went to the hospital to visit
a sick servant.
A. T. Stewart is said to have abandoned
An old hermit in Michigan was recently found
frozen to death in his hut.
A grand niece of Arnold is said to be a clerk in
a department at Washington.
Ole Bull's fiddle stick is tipped with a diamond
on each end.
(.rant is said to be sorry that he bottled up
Butler, and is trying to conciliate old cockeye.
Bayard Taylor believes in wine. All the Greeks
drink, but they are temperate.
Tyng, Jr., denounces the proceedings against
him, and appeals to the Christian churches.
R ilaso is said to head the list of Republican
candidates for the vice presidency.
Gen. McClellan is to get a slice from the estate
of the late Lord Clyde.
VLctolia is continuing the Raphael collection
commenced by Albert.
Nine Parisian actresses are worth $200.000 each,
acquired unprofessionally.
The House proposes to pay for Alaska after the
president is ousted.
The New York Tribune is much annoyed by
pretended correspondents all over the country.
Tennessee Congressmen are afraid of the
K. K. K.
Peto owes one railroad the heroic sum of $33,
It is rumored that Bulwer has a new play in
Kelley is said to concede the election of English
in Connecticut.
" Sergeant " Bates is only a corporal. The
rods. are giving him a bad character.
Robert Browning is writing a poem twice as
long as the Iliad.
The late Mrs. George Combe was an aunt of
Mrs. Fanny Kemble.
Mr. Lawrence Barrett has been playing Bene
dick in Ban Fraleisco.
The bears of California are said to be fond of
The pope blessed King Louis, by telegraph,
while that monarch was in artfculo mortis.
Salm-Salm is in Brussels, charged with the last
messages of Maximihan to Carlotta.
The World sys the reason why Thad. Stevens
doen't die is because he wears a wig.
Father Ryan, who wrote Confederate verse du
ring the war, I. vow writing Fenian verse.
A water indicator has been invented to be
placed on board of ships. It indicates the depth
of water the ship is in.
The Prince of Wales and iAve hundred men
chao-d a deer twei.t,-two miles, wien the poor
a·irual brougtt up in a coil bin.
The old fashioned Fre:ch hoops, or panniers,
are coming in spato. They make a woman as
bri ad as ahe is long. Eugenie is responaible.
The public diinking fountaiDs Of London are
clobS d on bunday, and the people are driven to
their beer.
England boasts that armed, in tse space of thirty
houts she could colect 5lUh,Ult horses, and 80,000
navies to throw op fortifications.
Dickens will give his last readings in New York,
St'.e third week in April, and, on April 22, sail for
Vi hen Louis of Bavaria was born, the grena.
d atn o hs tii ar!r s girnent ahaved offtt:eirmous
tacrboes to stud the pillo" oh has cradJe.
In Worcester, at DDti;en's rredinags. front seata
wre resertad for dcti persons, who proved
quite numerous.
Agass:z sass the time will come when every
manr who haia water on his ground will raise fish
for his own table as he now raises fruit.
The Imnperial Review remoostrates with you
married women for dancing in the presence
wall-flower. who are single.
There is a talk of hurrying in one or two recon
strutcted Btates to seure the conviction of the
An Italian opera manager Is reported to have
settled a very damaging afair between himself
and a young lady for $2500.
Cocncil Bluffs secures the passenger and freight
transfers and depot buildings of the Union Pacido
In nine cases out of ten, says "Mack," a mea i
a statesman because he is a senator; in one case
out of ten he i a senator because he is a states
The Oxford University RElit, who deelinaed a
Schallenge from Harvard. were recently beaten in
a scrub race by a "scratch" edght selected from
the vario colleges.
When Carlyle was told of Disrael's promotion,
be said: "On the whole. Mr. Disraeli as the At
test msa for the place beause he is the hoesetest.
He ti a scoundrel, it in true, but he never pre.
tended to be anythal aelm."
Thin is a " HeraM persual ":
J. . W.-Theak th for thy treamhery, thy
legak, thy viedteveaes, Aeteable o thy
oura w rilwad oe her, ut el to be
fooled. . shablt not do it agai. but hat
I thy reveage. Do you enjey t? I kew where
hou speat th afuernoo. i have writ. yes.
OI -\ r· ..t.. . as " si
1 O. a ar i»
RYAme LseS.Owes a1s - . . ,,
oll 'n.ys s rho:'0I .,,r. t.. rL
Est of!3 wb*** - lb",'
$0. AOtrW OU WEOK . £1trR £M;1'.
2- .T e L T. UWTmr.
Ay6 stomr, ' laseled 1m ,1851 6001 00
tic ietlam. be esr ftrlso o' .Sy Sek as so, -L ,
3A bd E) mo I0, d T I, Im
tB. LAn &. CS m bsOl Da L1861 m 600. 00
ldo U . J. _) LoFi. S OCe., fa 1t 3I o0
I- tB, .A , R olme or 1 Iisa 21o0 00
-An B., to e nde 1r I
18-£ *,aIy (C O s o h I 80 00
.,L DeLJ T S,188 68100
d--AredoE , D3rt T ** r
LA Bc., tlTbO YS . tIn I a na r
B W. 3. 1 ( nl l eal ars d e 141861 -10 45
9I--.~Sittoe 5f. t() AbS.L Iebble 8ev AG. 185 733
--ImorJ.U 14. lBuoe DA tPee Meob 1. 1861 &7100
S --C ivk, . K. HlmJ s .edf $ 14 6 A 066 8S
3-.tta.. H - m ol o ,
1 (B - Es ) . eD.Eu e On 4 S7
I4-L-orhtI 8 P. OuorttB
(BA h) !( rr. Co abll Jan 1.8e 17803
1ICsl, a L . CbOSIO ,eb 1. Iss 360
16-ConklO. S D. I . O
7 (BAny. . IA !a. . .
(dra.) O * C I, 181 1.05 e
I0-Co.b ma,.D.(18 .lmeateen A pc 3, 164 60100
A l) )• ^l en Jan 6, 1882 116667
l-- ebbim. . sy ('olemsa. I ptWt
(a) CoWl.nr A H Ja 1,1965. 857 00
3-D (A 6 H W. . Carter ]er* dma. 4u 7 0I
2Z-Dlupr. eenl-( . .
etta (A C I5) W . i C n t 18 218 00
-C lbT .L D.( J JO.elnon o Feb. 1S, 1861 10000
M t) ) l Wl0
4--Felt.. H L H
A. - i (C) J.J an Cn ar T. 1836 1160 8
5--). Its,A. M (C) J J Lermae Co Feb 15. 61 () 0O
27-Fellnwea.( itl ) I)ed Oct 15 1861 649 M
9O--Fstert 8. M Th.-. a uhew Jas L 1lM9. 600 00
Sl--mdeisr , m i l'. 0
e--  J. J. Pern ob , 186) 80.C1o
37---O I. W. C W
.(dblf`, 10. J.F m CoW NFo 1.183 151
4-F ae'ltko,. Her . . ..
(B cad B) 1 Bipm illitt n Dec 1, 1 l86 792 35
A() I J. J. Poemat. Ja uI. 182 9000 76
96-[tie AJ. (C) J.J .Pwer . Co J 14183 29 6J8
S37oKi.I J. J. a d
Newma rB) ( C Octll, 181,83 c 186 00
Eom.tBAB)Hl ...fr P0uh 18861 60007
4)-n-BFotr W. H. 1 flo o . JAm 19,1867 8610 GO
2 a-Itmmot, f R., II}46
42- - E( b,-- r R . n " j H mar f Aprt 19,186 68770 0
(-TO)m WH J.J parsernio0e7b UI 184 S2)
44- IMIITr, P.H. (Br J. Poerose Fob 7. 1IB6 Wu t0
6--eMbodamn . D. 1. 17 1ISI,38 4
(B el K w) 0 CIbo Jea 8I, 1861 10000 81
- Irt, I. O.
1na. Iwd t,. 80 o. Al eW ACe •ob 61. 1866 100 00
47--Vrk tnn, J 8.. R. PArlbsa J 16, 1886 407 41
--P nlton1 J. W.
Wid ) I . Himsellf Dee 26, 181 1300 00
491-Piec r. . B 1
6 ( ) 4 H KPedaoll(A1u rm lor 1, 1 3 0 4 05
60--,oldo, P IJ. J. PCo
- 8 a. T e s Derc 0 1861 J6 s2
1--RoW J. BI A H A tdtll Cr
W.R A1. J aTr JM Ior 14 61(1 81
62-R tk. Jobn (B) W. . verte. Oc 3. 101 6 36 
66--emlr, W. F.
(-t ) oI.r Dec 3,1861 .0 00c
[-M1&a) Himhalf Ar 19,199 610r GO
I57--a itb, -W. o 1
(nA E) YHmLJ Po r 12. e i86 z003 00
40-..ln , 51º. . 0
( A r) 1 Ol JlDoen 9, 1861 6000 d
3'14m4. paknid, .1862 5000 000
Inly 1 1 2) )
Pa--Td on a t oun Io I .t1 C
(11 A ohn) t t h 4a o 1861 1 46341
Em9-Pk * . .) )
i t-.o(0), S T J n. Mes d !d e o f186 t3 42
6 I-BJ() 3. AJ1xo Keniltcb C tere. t
W. K(C) J.J. pero.C 8terur 11 13 0
55--W hry.ob Jo (e IWJ.3.d. Lno bt Dos $ . 51 10 10
Ba53--Wihbe e th.
(51e.BC r0 oeo jC. ACo D13 ,1861 44 926
5-Iith,. J. I9e s I l los
(taN) flim omlf JnIS93 6ln t 1cG
"--R rs J J. (B) FetFoe b • to Io 1 8 . 3J 4 1H
7-O leldH .our eh dtl , 1W 8 Or 1 01
S6leth r O anF N 9 .. 2 II
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