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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, March 31, 1868, Morning, Image 6

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IUes, when Meulsmds lambelneas d
... is... - tar e o•
p. watch i. tha fat . .
epbenI m of w esta petis
lag so fle Wo hours; hafe a esgend pa ot
Do ChemUly obeyed.. as ad e, sad
eare aweair Ies oaS b w .eouns
ad gel s9gt sd dol Ig ya to Lr. "a
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baSket ot fren peaes u s I ittle ai urch en
SIstlasts re a a ma eu man llow iWrseopt sad
rusheee astmrs spgoes to the ilddb of at
bele, sge. wev lateeas s the wathee thee
blows m the footws wis e astr. Dews gse
every detail Ba De o In u Ak last ihe
beer of rteese soumds s es Jb tae le m
rigp. 1Montly tsefe t,, sita' two dasof
arede, avell , De As p es d himsef
man, a plem of Jay saed eroes his oonte
nssee. e rushed to the king roused his from
sleep, poke In privhe with im for a tfe mo
meats, sad thel four oeerles, who had bees held
M readises eee s e oen Me rc eu venag.
were dpeatcbed wit haste. days after the
tow of Stburg was entirely serroonded by
Prech troops sad sumomoed to surrender. It
capt sd, and rewa oe ts gate on the 30th
of Itember. 1 . Rdsoed y the three stroke
of the iek given by the fellow In the yellow s0e
tame. at ea sppelated bohe, were the ~lasl of the
enmosesf aeeu ge concertedbetween Mendeeur
de Leaveos sad the agistrate of trsberg and
e man who executed this misioa was as igno
rant of th motive as was Monseer do Chamilly
e the motive of his.
Not hi Is a seetmes of the saeet of all secret
eemmnlassdons. bet It ens only be resorted to on
eartal1 re r ecasoess. Wbhe a lesgay dispatch
is requred to be forwasied, and when bch meanes
as those given above ae oat of the qestion, some
other method most be employed. erodotus
giveas s story to the pat; It isfound, also,
wt variastos, in Anise Golli s:
"Himes, when he was ssleastogive Arlets
gers ordersi to revol could And but one safe
way, as the reds were gaseded, of making his
wishe knows which was by taking the trusieet
of his laves. avieg all see heir ci his head. and
then ptieking letters aop his ski., and wiing
l the bdr gew ages. iss aeordigly be did ;
sad as soon as the lair was gr wn he dioostohed
as mea to Miletasr g a e l ethr message
than this : 'When thou art come to Miletos, bid
Aristagors shave thy head, ed look theea.'
Now ete marks on the ead wre a eoelmad to
revolt." -
'a"e Ipes*sa aeeg at rehe assm.us Jenker
[nem ehe etsie frasse of eadey.]
TOsorrow afterosen commeee the sprn
meetleg of the Magnolin Jockey Club Aseeldo/
sadwe feel so be y g it will be one
of the most seesful and Interesting ne that
bas ever stken place. there ae three racee an
naesaced fer the fAM day, and, as will be seen by
rNoreee to the advetissmeat, the entries com.
esom of the bet horss on the turf. The
an Plate wil be run for is the frst race,
sadt wil be a most eslsitlg su d teretileg one.
We leears trom the bes seroees that a lare
number of bhedges have already been sld lad to
demand still costinuse. A number of parses
have arrived in the peat seel da for the par
pee of attending Othe ees, sad we understand
that the fair sex w be-as It should be-well
At the sale of poe laet night at the Battle
Honse saloo, Moore was te favorite in the three
and five race. Rouasse secoed favorite, bet
Jennae C. becam the favorite over Roussena be
fore the  lllna lsed. Joe. L Johastoe sold for
abohet $le pools. I the Alabama Stake.
Broedaaz was frst faverite. Pataerson second
nd Warwik third. The peels avegaged $0, U1.
ad M.
The felowing getleasme. oeneeted with the
turf, representing the diamrat assoottoes, are
bhae t aeted ewr mace: Oet. P.O. o bert, Mr.
S. L. Jaese, and Hem. We ,e ge, the OMeteirie;
John H. Small, secretary of M $askye Clb,
Cincionati; William Caeser, of the Leede As
elason, St. Iaes, and Mr. OWe, of New York.
In addition to thse, thoe re nq ethers, wrie
asme we were uasble iP lasi.
Is tho shve a t we ne etd es Me tht
Mr. Johnson. of m . the owIe of the
celebrated horse Magglas, i leset .
Wiser or a anes: trrwusac.-4 esares.
pedest ofe th St. Joseph (o.) Hernald ge e.
Illowlg account of the present ooadMloe of a
m-n whe was seep meep tOnbrightest ermageas
of thei. Jaemph bet:
Whbi travdin la New Mansoo, last fall, I
obened to be a t Las Veg a ri e rintg dleg of
eo Oted Beatee Lmlriet Cemsr o Mesa eonty.
ghslpaw a men is wheno cousteesane could
edpbe seen the maskoef a snele ueleet, and
i b one oavelt, , wien eanstleuty sober to
atlkolanlly, were the Stoestakble evideseea
of a polished gentlemas. t alas, the mUan
wens-.perda enthe hrdme tof ie expreio-
reckheow ,e level of O beste. I tek some
paa t n i a sh,r to ih i ,n lear e that
oeanbe se vitest 6 p hr is profession in
the Tealary. . .le Je agreat deal--for
mere talent weeM  li with to so saill
as mbere of ee ags a therea a iew MexiCo.
He wsther a Bt tes district attorney, (his
rstm iarn m is o earns hewever, drin the
esailsf t..h.) eat hada long i t is o .
PnIa31sjChntpape tee dsd case a the bar
ua fouod him neer h home of some greaser,
hnlhits being seooh that he could rarely be
allowed at the table of the bhotel, andhe slept in
the corrals or on the floor In some grocery. This
latter luxury waa. however, charily accorded to
him for fear of hil shocking the decency of the
habitues of the place. That man was Judge T.
D. h beaton.
In his private life, the subject of thn sketch is
no bet-er. He has a claim in a beautiful valley
s on the Morn river, just above La Junta, on which
he has erected a miserable abode, where he
dwells aQith his MeioaA Areer amcie in a style
ar worse thas the mot mherable ative. A man
who was ready to pay tribute to bi talents with
thousands of dllars, If be coMld find him usofi
ciently sober to attend to his builness, in speak
lug ot him, denominated him the "most milersble
greaser Is the valley." He said he had visited
him a short time previous to obtain hit advice ito
en Important suit arising from ao old Spanish
pemt, sad found hib in b hot without a chair,
table, book, of even a bedtead, and a larder, to
all app n , a poorly sopplied.
Sockh ish usfortut wrtck of the men who
has filled neverota of the mess portant oces nto
the territory of New Mextee.
.---- ..
Tan DcoL.LIm SYLL--The aboeinable cns.
tom of expoeng so much of the female pe ,eon,
now so prevalent hin fashionable society, is being
severel ridilculed by a portion of the press. It
amidht puszle even an imaginoatre writer to con
centrle in a few worde more sneering bhut gtrieverd
bitternes than that expressed, many years ag.
during a temporary reign of the disease now
prevalent, b certanlo buseanId who was accosted
with aqetl whle looklg on at a daonee to
whlcb a verydeoltswlfe as firing: " What
very handsome and magl tly formed lady is
that yonder, in the greeni a ?d a " asked one
of the other guests, ano acquslasce of the hue
besd but a stranger to his family. "" ht ? Oh,
that is my wite; or, at leaes, I ltheugh It wa uno
totodsy. But. by the Prophet! I lacllobed
to tbhtk, by the way rse dresses tough.
that she is Usthe wife of every gentlemua in the
After a seasoa of ri. dny weather, contito
leg for some time, khu olared off owrm ad
genial; and othe foretd ftelds re feast loPIg
themselv in their vernal drus. Plasters are
corr.--tlarvsonhl ur. Ne
The weather for the a week has been very
wemrSuk eemgsd the ss bre I t sue
gisulagle t t eis tlW+sldlm We bus
.e m ha men to t he
I .. ... ..... tit. Nat
_ w. iet ..us L AaL amo.
. . eme Ms. ae. OS Eýu.
lme 3,a8l. IW+ s ais Poe. , I.V . 1d 4 sI W.
ave P . N d1 ýW , s
t . l1 ai hK t 1 $ilM 9. amr ]Ghe. o ll., L
. o... o. r Dar s r l. e. 701 B. Jee; . iar,
at Mw, lu - luNsi; P. . Z. Um- e. aide m. di.
.iW.lt dl. l -. P. "#. Mirsw.O. WUGo, d e.;
P. N M~'r W e ir t th a , of le 1s.
Jhd0L.. .. 4 M Lter later Hem., 1 1e. a14 PG.
D. D. .. a. n e eS a IW G.D. IA WeMae, Ie.
4me P. nd S m -EZ--P. d . Nut. r Barge Nueage
aaed No. W . G. Mma Ha.1ll, P. Mb; 1. . WB.
aW.Wase a3l;. P1.
.I .enmed ippeob.--. @. Mamter J. G. D0 isp. o Ne.
8;?. 0. ;. raham. etr 6; P. !. . U .d IslmeL
D.l, .-.-PI. .. Mter Tehoma iW. ildd aM N 6;
Wet, a Me . wL
F.i.d,-P. Q Maser A. Waheu Hma., of Ne. 16; P.
a. M.er Lward P.bbmr, oeft 14; P. a. I D . Tower,
of IL 3.
. 1ombl. -P. P. LW. MaeDemedt, of N. 15; P.6. Prank
mb, o* N. a; P. .. BeLere Dirmeyer, of N4L M.
As.mmmei.m.to the V a. w. Grama staer or arred
S-merity butld be bSweeded t the ee et the Gend 88
aibay, eer We CtOsemet Miatel lereeas Oempmey, a.'
- et Gamp amb'ad Commendal P1u
JOSIAB FOLGIN, armed Semmwy.
Emberdumae ledgs...
Mmee every Friday eveotag, I. Lodge ,oom Ne. 1. over the
Osqmat asl lSuree Company. O '.,m-J U-. Lak
wee.d . .; 0. A. Dame, V.. . M. DaPa, 0o.,eroy.
WA eklTOW LODtm W0. L.
Nweebt eveoy Ihrdepeeg. Marigny Balldings, Third
.,ietria. mOee-Pter imer, . I. Jo. L M. Oewe
.; Wa. WIlae, Sebre.
.Meets every MOnday evengat Ledge Room No. .. UFak
-emp aseet, ever the Chumbr of tsommero. Orn.-Wm.
Irids., o 1.; WP. MeOgie V. 0.; Bsyegn o Mf , 0o0.
r . CISCNT LOD 0 50. S.
eols evmry Thund evelIg, W Lodge Room Nr S, over
the Momem Reel ldleab e Uompeay, ern"er of wamp md
Ntre et0reto. Oems--.Gl. ,.Oahl, G. Gt.; Ja. aQII
"e. V.a.; neroy Dmr. Someriry.
JSlIeO D 1000 NO. .
eab evryqTriday .vntug, tLo Jereoaom Hall, koer o
age. mdPhILp sman Pourth Diptrict. O.ers--J
a. Needo.ph, . a.;, . . oldi g., DV 0; A. LSeremay,
o Ibu urOIm& LODFll NO. S.
-ob eveary TuWdagy snueg in Lodge Room eoemr of
Gkembema. etreo eMrd Lahtege Atle. . Om0ore-?.
ahl. W... l.e . a.; Wain. Pffeobrut.
omb esnry MTamday voming in Lodge Room No. 1, Nowr
ths Oramee, MStoel asnCamne fompany. Oamre-W. 0.
eVq, N.B.; U. PelediV.O ;5. Daek ,ems.ooeriaq
Naeetevory Wednoeday emeleg ao ledge Reem No. , Ne.
N Camp street. over the Chamber 01 Commerce. Omeero
Wein. 1. A.;adne N. .; Wa.. C. Andsem. V. .; g eal Hel.
HOWARD nOD1 o NO. 1&
emb every fThuroday evening a ldge R.eem . , ver
res mo the Mlaeal Intmeeo Comp y. O"a fampea
iradea, M. .,; J. N. Morris, aV. .. ayry FDr. Seaoary.
urb every Wdnedsdy oevenag in lodge Room Nw. 1,
odr the Cresomt Maeld l ommermei Oompaly. Oaaere-J
P. Tedd, U. l.; John . Gwing, V. .L Wa. . Sylvoentr,
moees evey Menday eveoning i Lodge Room o. 1. o fv- ' e
Oertm Mated IMouraae Comhageay. O iore-. L Boe1
1. 1.; W. H. Wright. V. G.; J. l rk, Bsemtary.
est eveay Pordy evening, tn Lodge Reem Ne. , over
the Home Matual Inaurance Company, rorner of CVmp and
Ntehms -GeL;. Olare-. Oke R. Keep. N. .; Jeha B
Ori, V. .; A. Wallee Hater, oeerretry.
esesveewyTuedsayevenlg, in he MaRomy a 1ding.o ,
Wmhrd Diare. O.aose.-Jo;he Bepr, U. 0.; 0 as . Adea,
V. B.; 1ed. NellinOd leerersy.
Mab nveryl Wmeay eveIang. g Poler Star moa e t.
ade st.t, Oare-A. Demea, . 0.; A. Moynlr., V.
ab Uomo.& Weaik, ieuobsay.
ot.L eve TWedday enag. in Ledge Rem Neo o , No.
o Cemp tee, a. o Me chemaseer ofo empor. OLanr
W. L od , X. a .; J. T. Moenrak. V. .; Ches. Sser,
IrDU, DEL cA LOD nG N o a
bs every thMeadeeni In laloer arom e. Sm . Le, S
e .a1. O. W e.-J. r i owl. .; J. Ia ... .; a. ilter,
Noome ever Frday eveing, l their new He all. Algme
Olem.-John umN.lee. N. 0 ; B.oreo C. Dare., V. 0.;
thin. P. Shebere Ia.rosery.1
eMAIIAl LODE Il0. 1.
Nem owyfTtesiday evmlog, No - Teheapiteelm bob',
beomba aeksem e atr Piltp treo. Faorth oldbitrs.
Olid -Cha 0. One- o. G.; . agme, S. O.; A. Adsmer
MNb eory Wedmeday weitng In Pesoe HSll, Jeraree
oty. Osme-Jmes Wright, 1. G.; A. 0. Brewe, V..;
. sIea, leris.ery.
Third DWsia. O;ome--l. . etWing, U. G.; h. haIdt,
TY. B.; A. Noah, Secretory.
IeSm every Thareday eveing, ta Room No ., No. Caxmp
tnret, over the UChamber of Commrc Ooere-Heoary
Ceara, .is .; Freak 8mith, V. I. ; F. H. Drake, Srtary.
Mli eve Monday evnalg, in RBam Noa, eeo the
Home Mutual Lsureio Company. r.rner of Camp end
Netches etrerto jiicer-J. R. Walker, N. G.; H. G. Ejris
V. I.; lr S. Bel, Sctrotary.
Meo eveary Trd evnr In rtifc Hul, Jemon
City. Ocrere-Gleorre Weiss, N. 3.; F. Lidenhemer, V. G.;
Chbrt. bCopp, Socrt ry.
MoIth Ldge No. 21. ast hbrovprt.
t Ladry Lede No N., a, OpotounaL
tute Lodge a. if, at Chsaon,
Eacetilor Lodge No .6, at Ththoeadi.
Ne rIhoit Ledge oa . a i New Iberie
Preloe ledge sN. 7, sweshbtigtoo.
COIabane Lodge No 45 at Minden.
JOSIAH FOUGEE, Grand Secretary.
Mmt every Irst and third tturdny, tI Lodge ]oom o 3,
ever the 11 me Mutl.. laurance I' Upaoy, corner Iompa nd
B.tcher .treets. t>hcerr-A. MNoureon, D. M.; Chia G.
l, .. . M.; a.ry Hekell, Secretary and Trasurer.
Mmls amimtnoually on the faurth Wedeasday In January
end July. Ofcers for 1268-J. T.Winemore, of No.3, 1 W
Grand Patriarch; A. W. Ma oowell, of No. 3, M. I Ornnd
glgh Prba; ameA. F loral. of Nea I t. W. 4rand 0. Ward
em; W. . C Won, f No 1, R. W. Grand Scribe; B. DSilva,
of N 1, It W. Orand ,Treaser: Gea W. Noter,
of e. t, RU W. 0. Jutor W .ardan; A. Walace
Hunter, of M. I, R. W. Grend Bopromeoaur;
Gleorgo Nungressr, of No. 7, W. G. Mrhall; Frank Pister, of
No 7, W. Grand Nitinbor; M. Frankford, of No. S. W. t.
Graod Saithnei: HMnry Jone, of No, 4, Die No. 3, Deputy
Detrict Grand P.triarck
Sruxe Coamrr nrs.-&-odetiiade ond RBw.-Jetko
um Potter, of No. 1, Wa, Bloomnfeld, Jr, of No. 3 A. Mas
re, "et lel &
Sate Iar Iae Orde -J. O Denl1 of N l, LutherHmse
of a6 L . Timma., ot No 6.
t~mm eo.U.MN.Rdsah.,f dlo. 7, John B. Heno, of No. '.
e* 0. Kaes, Rof No.a
Omadum aid p-.Le.--Woward Millsmoeakd, ofNl ,
Ndwedl Pilhry. ofo . 3H RF tMarerk., ofNo. &
Smbeedmmate meemepmeatg.
beo an the Fl~rt maa Third Soturdeof eeetk ie, t.n
aodge Roum e. I, mr We Crowem Muam t Inuoemmeom a.
pymT. some-i . De iva, C.P.; A. Somoe, H.?.;
Thoaei H. Joee, eelmb.
N me eaSemda Pneam sPamerp a meW mus, in
Leen Rom Ns t, mm -. e Cro.u eiurnet m o
oupoegr. Orlo -,.Wber, e. P. . H.; . L kre,
uPe.I aar.;t W.a S W ob
Meoe Wet mo- b 'nd m lb aidepet a a ad
,sl n . 4 . Ub....Is sIdat neajmet.
LMUp. 00m , Ths WIlim. 40m - . I hdl,0. r.;
eo A -- the ani mi e W m b rmf i.
eMe a'd ab di ii(ne-ltYI bienaeas Densbe
OUel -. .Ama ,. 6 .; .uak r ,s1, L .i eQie
ets. Smt
sel oan o et he e.sd Ia . 3 .s0 m e' 'd
4..e o Jsen A , Jir - Ohld w. . he I.
m, msph W Trs leas Jeb Q~ms. mt
e1U1ntAL uuta~d OOgMETt.
eoNNA me amead we tsarl s aesa th eip
iama. - Osess- . W. ReDms fPedet; sJa ledhl
iam to gam Rmeslausery, laed s i of r asetahm
AmmI meeeng, ltes Saturday in JIamary. OMere tfrSh
-I R. Samba. Praddems; e. W. Reper. T1 r Tire Pw t; (
P. PlerSe, Meged Vies pem-dets; labhes Rms.  wty;
A. WaBiase eae.r, trawnuer.
W aes arml hedr in eme month, as O1e of the Gamd
Smetiep. lksatim diet Monday tas fo Ma Semtese
no arona 18-A-Prride -E- . ME Raha
lasos. amusmnte-J. 0. Danlap; A. Wallese Hate.
G. L ; Lagine P. Bragbe
5a5 aElmie-Oeerse Dtreyer; 0. W. neo.
JBsig pam-&-dIL ElBaeh, X. W..(L .; latSr
Rmmes Gowee Neagmer.
1i. Milipeuah, Bernead Cabm, &. I. Res, Gartner
Smith, Heary Hauall.
JOMAR POlOL. oeSmery, 1
Virgtinan oes, Eighth strae, Lylchbarg, Vrglk.
-Adv smegrted ta -ueeýý pbibtde i the
Unttd Seee. m Pasbi ' b rs' s
We have coreoedil es of al the D.ily. TrI-VWik u.
Tip as bsl led ea bee athoo by the peb
lshers of uumerm Journais of standing d repasateo
throughout the b.s. llera bs, e ad e c eeoeqaenty Par
iiensm adv"slm ar ered that they will flad It to
theat lasrest to estret through tintagency for the Southemt
Stat. eperlal. It wll reive them from eltra upe,
and insur the pabiesllot of their advertssm o e the
most w' rers terms.
Petronago from broad repetfully soHcited.
All eeammieI.ease addhweed as above wil edeive pomp
We beg leave to call the attention of advertisers to the sa
ol, ed favorable notine of thin agcy, and up, what auther
ity we sa t:
ADsemmma Aemor.--ve ta pise o o thar
Mr 5ontc, V. hneroa, for many you mamena o that
sterIn anespspWe the .yncrhbrg rglnlen, end also Advu.
lm ing a e t Is lvs ll sI ha s resna hed hi e old buute s .eW
We hay. bad nLemo elatoa with him f0 a nmber ew
beas amnd Layetle' wond him prompt. enegetc nd re
b e cher ally rteuoer thim to all es e ls .
le b the service of r ad·vertising se hey in e'"l..
hie (Ala.) Adaartcrr sad Boioter, list. ID,
Axmnrmsia-We havee reeived the baunms eerd et on
by Mr. oslalr i. errvoe. or the "tenerel AdverMising
Agestno" Virg, iae (.a yehbsg, gVs.. 1 afrds
snob laeesre to bale this eppority of aying, that bhw.
taI bed fler erg pe d mere stisusia inteores witr hbam
we have alwys fod him ampt, €raeti. end In Over
srstherehi g reltoy . Wte erdlaly eommnd him to sit
p1rtt01 who seepraguie s b  orwiess w orme witela the
sphere of his bulna.- ltkhmond Wngl . lo. I6, UM
Mr. lrsm P. Bwoes. of Lytbbar. at the Lytgrlnsn
Ofme, is Otierewl Almen fta _eesiinge aen forwarding dwe.
tm'metn teo ny pta of the United tate Be dtr Ias
crmneemd with b.e Vtrtinlre since tS0 end from pes-eol
trasnectlese with him we fte ts tint s tJoIs prmemp s ead
coer e e htobiei trseaeth s eesna who toy. ad
vertlaiQg to d, wil e IMr. I'be mee faithfuled r to
liable A L-- [U vlo (Vs.) Rise, Now. , Nov. 18 1t
wmra Lr en wens, V-V.o aes thet r. Br . P.
Intton bee agLtn vlebibad hie Advert-sIg Agency at
aynchbarg, V+ D ohe · r doeliegrs with hie,
lentleas me 0.elwel s d him prompt and relale Prom
ouar ow eperc, o ae ml tesd that all ords trated
tohe oewe w rellt be Nmpl etsh.dep .s o
[Agut·a (IG.. Chroicle and ntlnel Nev. 17, l
Ar. nmrs A Iowe --Robert P. button, of Lynhbatra.
Vs. Oseneral Iewspcter ran buStne e arnt. will rcleive od
ertlswmle nd trseea other t.e.efor theM esdig le
ediMrd byert bo at. Beoene, E bis ged ta beorne.
We felly adelle the s tov acite wad we ol from them
'Maylaed Feorme, end eacbanle.' Hlving frequent eom.
s untleaano with Yr. SBtw, wJe have tiway fornd elm
 prompt,  rorss d retisb a We wold r-omMed ha
Agny to Wor bMrenre t f the Prese in Ten neeo.r
[Srt.tolTsn. News, Nov. 1,5)1.
Anvninsomme Aenwe-. -We tutle enssietiso ofvr mo.
rhantLr d ths, s to the erdt ir e Robert P BAtlon, oes.
el Adwtlug Agency, Virgitn uie. Lyeblr, YV.
net the war we knew Mr. oitton welt as a agent, end
tlwayr fo|ed him reliable, prompt ead corto, ad we
haveonodoubtShethe Is eqalty eo saw, The fat that ho.
the S&eehueM Aovm of that well flowetad pelear aJer
the Lyn chbur Virginia D to dmes gIabenb of his bla
ne habits, ea ei  lthe sswO adal that muibis
Dhim te such Dear dm ma(y nda Ae e t dek tin Ly
e Now Orleans, December 3
Mr. Robert P. Button, of Lynchbng, Va, is hereby ather.
Ised to sat il Agent to r l dre a beriptls nd is
mats fSo the Jow rlmen Orse.
J. 0. IXON
We m pll tod t we d, ther t b a nr m ced
seat as by Mr. Dobet P. lotton, ef the Virginian aines,
Lynchurg. V lrgfila. th he he reumed the besins of his
Gener Advertisdng Aency. 8v yeers previous so the
war, and ze tie str.ggle wehsd mreh inasiotm lader.
eource with o r, Butte We aew.ys fend him prompt, eein.
tar and trey relie. and we M et ord laty coamend
him to eal who meay desire his sevice Anay bualiness -
ad te.-(? beg aYe.) Itnpee, New. V, lw.
Gynum 0r pes Dpases o W aure Twnwreornnsnto i
Atiensa G. Mae ci ISI.
hr. Robert P. imota is hoel eb thol eed to rIelve ad
Ouuona or iyu o a-M A oveev AD. Butnow n
Loelhd hur Vsr, t duty esi,,rMd te el apelL ant for te
paopec toeIvg anu Cqiptio. and herlsnbg at our regale.
e ard ra. AlUl erelte d by him In conformity with
Ly bucrg. Ve., m etherd tO cePtrea lor edvertleemeute
q taintuce with Mr. Buttoned we tae meuh tpt buro I
.he may moo~de y bucicog ebeterer to him.
Kd.1c Briatol News.
--A lrnAuEANO o LB ILLS. !4AIIf.
bll.~ ed So Ubeuthl Ist anote.
pis who priotce the elegaOnt French lgie"e, It revrew
the motttry, lhe NOn Ortnad amrttcn ptese, the interest sa
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thelltry.d urletiril pr.o-lutloDr ot the doe, aud mon
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playo teadwnr g meeter Is eech page, tbhe it maces the
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In st Irtl a roblem nticearo dlcroed eVlblolb bja
reabm, I. a th'e i't)MMININo OP ti)N WIT'I BAr K
peat meitel veis.
VIe r ?olWi tmportant doamee bee bose eclved teo
Iertani, a cruetry rctrtiircd to prosese the trtrie.
to the Lew heourme, who teotite in the folowirant (be .to t
vtweoof the Syre Of lbrk., iedjeeL Gewe ef Vtee Bce.
leom Ltel reiwe4 a artst of' dltbrmt p oteof hi, PURE
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thee disgoode is eddel oite5 ito agreabe Savm, to main
more reoily abearked tatn ay otbe, brregloe medicne
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tiMi ra taobleb IRn. 1KIeleeb I is baid
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WI.55nl · -o·~noncd t niuLsItreiu
th ord I i rm oaoYsDi·r.OCemiV1Arr~
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-,L W. 1. YaaJ . Q .¥te k
-u-b U r O""e "sI*' 1
koehm lar.Osegm i m 8ew.' M -
V.;J.Eai0 J.V.; Oo$Iw
SLOUIEA0R& m1~ . &L"
LoWITM .0DeaH ·Q L
Dm.mmsLW.; W.J.l . Erl imA. So6ad
uasvaPm, ir s sm.a . 3,4
)le-Mas IL 0.., V. N.; gr POdmk AIdJ. I
IJ. W.: . A... Ceae, ai A emmer.
Mos- 00m , etaeem. a m Ism *Elba.. mres, W3
rle.a. o m oes-JmO Pa--l,, V. M Jaem 1 . I.
/.; Anthemy Png. J. WV.; O. . Pm, I emniq.
M.e. BEmpa Sso. Set wesa N mid SliPspiel
low Omum. omm...-a. mrh W. .;; P. . uAbk" WV,
I.L Dumie.. J. W.; A. Dm6i. stAseM1.
asImun Iea ODG . 0
eesa as Pelr See.l all, eaema E.imt d ElMn msetS
law Oreiin OemI.G. a.T. GememaW. .L; M. 6mltb.L
OpeIee., St. Leadry Parish b Oiem-Jame Ay. R W.
I.; Charlase MaNr., . W.; lumge PawlJ. W.; Jomseph
)b. ]edas, Sea ry,
WEsTNs rITAn LODGE o0 q. xs
Mears, Oahta Pearisk,a Oem--Jam.?. ael ae
P. m.; P. mlells.. V.; 0. . mmber~,. W.I JlhA
sdwe, Seamgety.
. ALAtI' LODGE. no. .
bJackae. East FeliAlM Pariah, La. Omes-thei
Iaard, W. .; WV. 0. Ibtlyn , L W.; A. L Siams,
r. W.; 0 C. Klbllnger, eemme.
L. hrdeelavIsle,. 03oem--W. W. Lebak W. N.; E G.
le-ing, I. W.; J-b W. BeaSY J. W.; . D. EmmdeSd
loins-',. PR(GNI7 LODGE NO..31
_atchitecee, L. O6m-J. I Seekls W. 3.; W.
rack, & W.; Gee. S Egleastm, J. W.; W0. Paa, lame.
-te.a on Rampart areet. beawoe Mamt gad fL FPp
trmeto, Now Orl.e.a O6mem-. alera, W. 1.; .;
Lahn, & W.; . Ituman, J. W.; a. OCemrui, Slmmey.
Greenwood, Cadde Perish, La. Oieern- J. E. Ford, W.
.; J. V. Riggi, I. W.; I I. EBmakh J. W.; J. A.
IcRady, Secretary.
Meets am It. Led.asm CdObamen as, Noa w Owr tm
)me-a- Phl. asmeld. . L; Cale. Keressig. L W.;
i. . loeam, J. W.; Jom ee ePlm, oemnera..
Baton Rmages. L OSrom-- A. Pike, V. .; W.H.
trout , S. W.; J. C. ogm'. J. W.; iJ.letru.em, ae.
Miudsn, La Oae c-.. W. Brro, W. M.: H. ERtef,PL
.; J. J. Carte, J. W.; W.B.I Paine, meosaery.
osLIrvE rsoe iom.
Chitton, Eai FelUdoam PeuM . L. Oe6--. W. M.u
ly, w. M.; J. P. Mnlahamn. a W.; G. . Pckwoe4 J. W.;
L J. Pullem, Seoroeep.
-armnrvil, I OI crm-W. C. Smith V. W. ; T. B.
rompkns, 8 W.; W. A. MIPlrtm, .J. .; 'ams O.
w, IDenes"my.
Se- ep, I. Oeam-4- G. Pmae.., W. M.; An. W.
B(ismn, S. W.; D. 0. Mg., J. W.; A. . Lumsse, eemm
Maneld, Delote Parish, I. Omeea.-Uolliue WVill.m.,
W. M.; Jatekan Dogas, A W. . P. J. Willm, 3J. W.; J.
a. tla.kean, eeetary.
S orADIU LODGE 3o0o. O.
PInaket at No . P0e I.as Oe.r-A. L. um Ecer
W. M ..; . emaa Towhidge, 8. W.; W. . Pmarker. W.;
Ld Latrttb,. Belomsry.
r MOUai 0? W31B3 T LODGE 3O. l.
Meets in Grea.D de HaIl. N.w 'Risea. Ofoia-ames
Davis, V. N.r; P. Me Jdlgi, . W ; C. . WVltemoro, J. W.;
Hilel Mark., Secretary.
Memi at the Bible Hose 16 Camp mtrec., ow Grbm .
Decera-T. W. Deladuiamr. W. 3 iw. V. . Deiass. S.
W.; W. H. Mesa, J. W.; Jase Pre.maa, ma.emeo .
TU30510 WDOD NO. a0
Taml Lamdlsa, L. Oe-er-. . aoe,W. L.; J. H.
BHge.se, LW.; .. P. Dway J. W.; HBy. H. Do, Sam.au.
Grand Lodge Ball, New Orlema. Oiare-. H. taok
W. M.; Jok.- . Wadlk, L W.; L M. ISh, J. W.; I. A
Denat-, aeorary.
Orad Ledg Hall, Now oVem Oasmon-Eaes Marie.
W. M.;J. H Degrang,8. W., J. Mamemsy, J. W.;
A. Mlay, SBcretary.
rmad Ledge Hd., Now OOdem Om.ers-H. P. Buckley.
W. M.; a 3. aem. L WV.; IL HlWbeths, J. W.;
Wm. L Todd, eemiay.
hread ledge HWa, Ne Orleaem. Oseemr-Iaem. Lr, W.
1.; r. Brma. IW.; Oer Zaruay,J. W.; ILA. lgaa,
Ormd Leodge e, 0. O. AmesJ. A. Douglas W.
-.; Drd ery, a W.; ;aFeld Mea, r. W.; Ohs. 1. Ti.
uadr, 8emety.
Fort Smep, Bakin PaCb, Ia. Ooesm-. BEok, W.
-.; 6 BEmrbe . W.; Latokr,J. W.
Bible Hamge, I COmp are, I3.1O. O .er. . .PLem.
ng, W. H.; Jma. W Ingeld, a. W.; WVa. Teabrink, J.
V.; w.!. Deewlns, 8eernta.
Grand LadLe Hall, 3. O. m-h. Qoest, W. 3.;
L Kalmr, 5.W.; J. T. Pe,1row, J. W.; C. F. WUllame,
Martoe, Union Parish. I. OZrs--b. . Tboma, W.
W.; V.. Por. .; Ja. Oaeehaw, . V.; 0. 3 Jo.
atom, mm-4,,,O.
Legas~p~or La. OS6eraJoeha I. Col, w. M.; J. 1 .3 .
dai, ILW.; F. b lcke, J. W.; J. L RLich, e.eraey.
OLIva LoDGE nO. U.
Alxandrial La. Ofcmr-Jllu Lmeb, W. ;: Jes
Welt., V.; Eo0e Iaeetlh, J. W.; J. e. rrenlt, Br.
PlmaInmt Hl, Deoeteo Pariah, La. Oaeme-ohn . W
otUer, W. 3.; J. V. LeS W.; J1 am . aLdding, J. W.;
N J. Dmia.S eamm,
l -,WAYsem, s sE so.4r.
,m.a R. 0,,, L tI h 0,m,,. V.31; Np.
SRentrea. & V Tasel . A. ea~I V.; Jeb lL
Rogcr, becretary.
Many. Sabi(ne Porih, [a Oora-Ja. R. PharMts. WM ;
J. H. Tnes.,8. W.; WVa. T. Alfeed,J. W.; . J. Horts.
Co;llngrbur~, Boalar Paribh, La Om -er.-J. 0. Lamp.
hngpht, W. M.; J. A. IHrem 5 W.; W . Adgaer. . W.;
8. P. MeCnlloungh, Seretary.
hibodnax. La OSears--. L Mod, . 3 It. B. .,
ga, 8. w.; Drvid YMoore, J. V.; I. . Aabrt, Bcretary.
Montleello, Carroll Parisbh. I~. Ofmfcar- I. Lot, w.
M. : W. C. Andam. II. V.; ,os I Che.thum. J. W.:
JamcemW. Drnab eaerm. Beey.
ODaceilaCity, ·Cuon Pariah, La Ocficr-V. A. Purt,
W. N.; M. U. Pearc,. W.; Jeha . Pre. I. W1.;
Bad. Ford, Bmmetary.
Bllev~. keeL r Parih, La., Olamo-Jerob . BSuider, WV.
.; WVI. HP. Scalamd. . W.; Joha & Orime, J. W.; T.
IT. HaLrEA LDGE 10.31
Gree.mbr., L Omers-Ame Kst, W. x.; J. J,
'Thompson, WV ; 0, cGebhee, J. W.; lmml N. Parker,
T-oeapiteale tmeS. betwme Phiip md FiM emiemi, ow
Orntes. Oearme-Ws, Weber. V. N. ; . 0. oh -a-s.
SW.; Va. Woelper.. . ; a. W. me. 5me .
raklhma, Vashlapra Parleb, a.k Oemr-.James
3. burrs, W. .; J. Iramd lW.;&l.PWWddIW.;
VW. Dix, Semretae.
Brond ledge Had Me, Owtemm O6mm-WaVs. 0. him,
U. 3.; C. . ImamtrsM W.;a T.. C.rqJ. w.; AIr
Wama, lso memp.
Stiam l m ., La Gmo. P q , V.
3.; Jm. V.0Cbied. S3.; 4. W.Debakhes . VW.: Thm. 0
jmV.3.;w s .n ... !
W.,Ii . i-L IL
vomas aspes 1k m
• i .__ ap-i _9. . _ .
.AIL " I 1 .T .="L5 w.
. ...o , .. L .m.n,
at. w. .; a 4 1
.r I.saa e w.Ow.To a.nl.
L ae s eM , .4 t dollar. L W.- AL I
afa -S. .ar.s a
W--. N ;A. J t, , 3
I. -. a t '. . . -w . w.4 w. . . m
-. 1"W MO~r u a
s.d1M, opbu WP* lM Ou-J. ,. wiMhh-. M,
_Lalel Iemn.Si pelsi, U ill . L24,0**- Wk ,
A. L; V. e. IIsnuosw.W.: A.s.Mi.; r. I.
w Wr nt.oh snsr. o. _
Le, . L ine, . L w.1 " . 3I. S - 4L W .; A -. J '.
Kd.ei.e, s mEt l ulId. Sr A . Lh da T.mea-L J.
u. la W. weJ., A. Boa. a W.; m J. 1l.; 5n. .
"re.; A. J. Naye aas.
hUSAEL iTnes 33 SA 1
Swaym.. WlalII. -lo, i t*. OM.u-w. a
-.W.s. W. ; W. .3L s. , 3L .;, J.. N. Ad,5s.
W.; J.3 . hdad bm valaq.
R -at, Eilam p. .
pbgd 131. Marn hW a.." I^ " mm-4. F.
-_.W. U. 0. W. . Sw,. R;J, a ,W.V.M.
a. W. K.. b .. ."
DA o TM IW.H 1 
vtlasaamul l ramw,. a .o. 3ia Vain
s. .; il  a41Mt, W.; . Jr .g , Es. L .A
aes3, 3aO m I.. a A UM M w. . I. .
I. . LAw.r.M Cw 3. II . a ad. Wt
- Asom1e 00ur M05 t01.. 1'2.
ase ROisMpseArods.1a Oies 10. AiD30
". 1c; .. L b la w s.;, a . 36.o 1 , RI. L VW.
WMr; A.a.CL a 0 ws I .ILL
cMilk.s B .6 3Am 0a0. a.
a.me,. os, Lare I. OM i-A.la!. WI.
W. x F. Dr. b I W.n $, ;. ; . Im . hIm . W.; I IJ.
1O0UA L000 D0. 14 3
M,,a.n Calm P.1IB, 5l. GOmmL- L.b . Um
Hees, Yrs bhas ratek. LA OIIs-Demon B dOw
W. M.; Jam. r.sl, W.;A . El, J. V.; AW.
0.1 0WaaAl. esPariahl . . dc41s. .-Ja sro,
w. .; as.t N r, L .; A. W. Ps , J. V.; Gem w.
DTOsm, asse ea s
0.mvs. Cheat. ra l h L.eadeLa.sse V. Ned*
W. .; JaOrauwd 4. Ht . B.; Dal. U. La is.
Irat sNor MBa, esme ampens s ·11ees .Y=*** See
moMs 1o a IMo Lo -,
Vam sa en. Lasuar rs . p .. Ue . a . SV.,
W. .;. .wim L w.; J. J.. eaL I.; Wa . a.
O.smset Chase. 1.at . reh*. a. O.ea-L A.
L 6.ordw, W. M.; J,,ea16.w V.; ant. L. 4 L w *
Sark imea Bseasuy.
AwA0000 4D.!'.. . W.
x.; A. brow, L w.; . LJ . . aw.; Js. 3.
Rocky maom, lam-e 3d, te. a 0Sa -4. a Aae.
W. ; A.L8. . eas. L w.; A. J. t a& L tr Jr.
wawin, maerdme.
DAxt.t0ILO wnm mIL
W ..; .P. s s, L W .; W. t. i 3m ,. . at L
Netmaes, Ueeey.
J. P. CO., L W.; J. L Dikhm JV. w.; J1*. A.e= 0
3m--,. cmslme., O.. oe3m.m. 0. W V.
Mer=i. JO asU I #tE S 13
Algim, rml A . . 3mag .rc . 4.; f. 13
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Georuta temtm.V; RJ. Sa.l S. V.;3 . O.bag,
lawi Ompr Seautp.
NLraam. airnt Omape Famish, la-03mss-J. 3m.
soc W .; o. L *nb LOYaW.LhObL, IJ. W.;V . 3
W ..: F . Mrne, s W.; U .D mm, . V.; 5. V.
Add..., smar .
Mayrsm W.M;.3. t lhlpmL V.; V Dua embL V.;
J.. Jo.sm.ieagatmep.
V. .; J. 3341mi, 3 W.; .VW. w. J.Va Li sara,
amm Awve al at , ui Na. 0 a 3. lab.
Q0oWN3sA sL4a 3a zsa
(rila.4i, mIdwei Par1b, ILa OU.r.,-O, 4 Nmeabt.
M .: RD ki.dgsr, 3 W.;am.; S. ur,5. V.; 3
Lab. Charts.. N Atebitemhe P.1Ib . Ia. a
Wn'me fl m :...3.U gtV.;3. Ws3Q. m J. V.;
N.J. Rosttee, Saccetary.
orand Lai Hal. law dhim. Oasem-3. 1 1r.e.
West. Seam-ta, .
JW,3w*Lb. NO. 13.rLes O1cer
MHro ara I ea lam
Haynsantfl, cama 1.6rrLa. O. oer-aV. Ki ck
pearc W. ; m, . .. V ., J. 3, laM, 5. .W ;
Jaw M. O~mu.-ImdI P. Isimat, V. 3.; E ,
R asedwE4 S. V.; V. mldam, 5. V.; Ch 16b..r, Jr.,
03tn ab-sG 3.. Ra
A.gWa . Pag, EAssad 06m-a
asLlke, e Lo eei uses a ws. .
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g nL gb, . tr m 3 n V .
ses U
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l, J. 1; . at /ul l. Wps.?.
as r I. l.Im G.weml oN-... e . a .
Im. a . w. ae3ns LV., m wOdnm ,.
len std . l gm U, ·. i n a1uk t4 - I eLa..
S0. 3I . . 6i. Uml.
ow. lr. B5. w.. sa i*t* . O.y
H. d. a ., IL G a imsolir i .. Iu .L
L.i* Nw, V. . Dnie, am.y s0. Am %=
i. I. safis, V. MlIi EmaI l, Se. o
sb Is.ue, U. aBe swB 5.. m a'.
w Se. bm V bei PA l sw. O OuaualL.
a. . , a s cama; P. Dam*l. 1 . Oteam; .
RaIs, UDL am n,,,0mm1, amw O .. a.W
ei - Gsiamemi..st a.
a a. , hlsumm l 0m  e s, Med I llDra re
J.. .i..a. I I.ba Ls. O oR r MU r
._0s Dmas, mi. aad3 eawm'. 1we Odi&
is 1a. e G. swt e..E I..m% ..a.
3p at a . S.., o.e...s.
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a.. C sma @ama, a isd 1ImI, awam
t4o Z.w , umbs, , 6 .1m OWaemt O m e "
ad s7 a3.n .r L, s.. ..
r. JlamC.. r, Urod a .. OmBta News x. ga.
DV. lW tam, tra Aim ., 3m 0,ima
JI 3 LUY. L aB lu S Il.l, ii.
W. P. Us @l Hlt. f. Gwual i
L a a.+ 4 mlag 0r P. 0 IT.
a~aJDy. . b .StiB. BA. uP a Sew Cai
,lmas S0 les , 0mB D.gst, N.. Orig
JDa. C 1D ., al. 6bfe A'm Rad.m i., Nr
JDm LmMle Ni, b-i l O i.'
A. IC Mara, .A OGra4 Mow l ,w Odom
Di. fis 1 m. a+, ami &iLna. , llmM so
Dr. JaLmCl. L0 m. IN a.i ChE·Lr· .s
SOM. P. 0, 1. d a.mm ellW er. IM ob.as,
sam I. asm al Gsi, u 5 Thn, IoM, M
Job m. Mnau, ad. mw. nMw~ Om
6 : ,, Sr Jla. ,
By. L wmw Ima h b-m i ser, d 0mm
rtr. ... , a .3 b ow- Or .
Joan. alm aim a s, emp m, It" , Odo
A n' A. ow m.r a , E-md dled S 0 1r,.m
am.mL D. nt 4 e mAa a.ngleeqa 1m mocs
w. 0. 3 Iar ibes, , amb-a m -ageb9 an
a. . a3w Y, Otama s4T atoB -
o. a 'm. I aI r O .i OVO, 3.w oI' ..
mul am i. M, 3. d Ju, Es u -am
itme. .. 3. . a.s arimi Asiat 1.. r-eo e
sr. r m. pnsi, 1. I is a0mBi - la.
A l3g M5 ? S d Wsre 1.w1 Swn. _- -
Hamts ll. im. i, Nmmm diam
SJ sea. aJD CsONC 3. ,rr a s.
3 am. 3. coii 3. 1., b-i ass. en Oeup
N. a Owmme: a. St GB Mash,, N b Gal
Jti . Jima, 36r m esmo0g *m IbSaOn
M WOm. u. B. r h apla an Odnl,
3. Wadisse4 L S me a. Sw W ., Pwe Odin
ir. . Ia..a m NoM Wa..ee'tores
a. James B byng O sab awb msnaier.
a* Ewes"ph dbga ama ons capt w as ab esgi
s 0n OCOXTI. WOO? askan 'I WNIA. o.
ches Bem lm Upwd agem4w us
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s cowoow, v a.Iqa .
eI a Twbasia C, Oroage gad Alsaodula, sobt
Jo ls D. es, a tn ensel ma se sm o Ni pai
4. Memm a .O8w Ef weme, lee Owug
·ap P. S OOThOOsWmow. va,
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Wes. P b e loth, S C Ithq Oaaori ag
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