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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, April 19, 1868, Morning, Image 5

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gr e~ pmabertpsmtoa, tm seadme., il; Ih..r mrt. s8;
gaWtiy, SL laie espies, 1 , esce
M a l Wuant Osaago is pelbebsi vY r Isiside..
isbecriptIa $5 per amma, tavertabml7 i adems
lEW OPERA HOt'4E-Ben.t of Mmne Ramndie sand (`re
50j. ur'l uanw .: .n + .nt e i net. .Les .N1,, l ui lenuns "
M L.o)y u {ht. L'Atrl in, '
AALEMY OF MU ClIC-Drramtie and Variety Rntrtal
me.tt--"'Grnd Dhes oir Alin.k or Riact Pawn Pf
Amersa '--ngs, ballet., burlesquss., etc.
TIVOCLI ('R'I(.E--mPe.s ew r;ummis  Menagerie and
(Circu Mrtinrcet rr dyr
VA5I,.TIE TrHEAThR-P'r'' +ir Rberte'l Illimina:ed
Tatlerin,-Muie hiy M " ., '" ino
S Mre ,NT fTr M l -I( M-'.. 40 and 42 %t. Charle
.treet,.-W nderftl rnitl, and nstur.l eno rnettlm.
The infimllus carpet-lha)gers excelled thenm
sches in infamy yesterdlay. Frauls have
Leretofore Ibe n p. rpetrate I at elections; andl
att.mpts upon the purity of the ballot-bOx
have not been unfamiliar in our past political
history; but those who have resorted to these
expedients have, usually, preserved some
show of decent respect for publia opinion.
lBut the carpet-l: ,ers dill not try to hidl
their rascality be-neath even a thin veil of
concealment. They org nizted in the face of
the public, and .partially consuiummated a
gigantic scleme of swindlin~, lby which they
hoped to snfl'oeate the v.il1 i,f the le' d voters
of this city. ,o audacious, itdl,'ent and
flagrant a conspirace to carry an election by
open and urilltshiug fraud was never before
seen in this country, and we trust th..t it may
nevtr be seen aiiin. The law of ('ongress
permitting non-residents to vote on a resi
denice of ten days, was designed to plac, an
engine of fraud in the hin.ds of the "'trooly
loll scalawags, and the patrioti,' creatures
matde lull n-, of this invaluable privilege.
They imported hundreds of negroes from the
surrounding parishL s, totk themu to the ofti o
of one Giflord, a justice of the peace, who
issued to thetm aftidavits of ten days' resi
dence, and armed with these precious docu
ments, crowds of ignorant ragged plautation
negroes were nmrched to the polls of the
First )District ly the. sl.afieless carpet-I.ig'
gers, who had organized this villainy, and
forced to vote the Wartuoth-r.ulic id ticket.
Such a sight was i sad conmni utary on the
times on which we are fallen, and on the
character of the persons who have the inso
l.nec to :spire to rule the poplle of L nni.,iaa.
In spite of this t;agr.ant outriage, it is pretty
certain the D]emecratic city ti'ket has been
Fuccessful. Neverth, l.ess we trust that polre
m(.Mans s; be adopted to p.niah the persons
who have ueen guilty of this crss outrage.
Mr. Commissioner Shauniin yesterday tried
to help the carpet-baggers to carly the city
by issuing warrants for the arrest of commnis
sioners of election who had tried to cheek
the bare-faced and. shameless frauds prpeo
trated by negroes, under the guidance of
their vagrant and mendicant tmasttrs. (ion.
Buchanan immediately ordered the release of
the' arrested commissioners, and thus the
scheme failed.
METAIRIE h.At EIs --Ji r 'r ,. - There will be
two more races at the Metairie to day-the first,
a special stake for two year olds bred in Ala
bama, twenty-five dol!ars entrance fee, the chlt.
adding $250; and the second, nmle heats, purse
and stake of $300. For eachi of these there are
three entries, the races being under the rules of
the Metairie Jockey Club. In view of the spurt
which is promised, a lively time ant a large
attendance may reasonably he anticipated.
The productions of literary and musical talent
.st always bring enjoyment to a refined nand:
.t when to this mental pleasure is added the
knowledge that such productions are presented
not with a view to benefit those whose accom
plishments please us, but solely for the good of
others, the heart becomes interested in the suc
cess of those who thus devote their talents to the
une of others. A notable example of this comrn
bination of mental and moral excellences will be
the entertainment to be given on Friday evening
next, by the Orleans Literary and Debating -o
ciety, for the benefit of tihe Seventh street
Orphans' fome. This is a charitable institution
about whose excellence there can be no questio,
and is certainly worthy of every dollar that can
be bestowed upon it. But, aside from the object
of the entertainment, its intrinsic excellence, as
will be seen by a glance at the programme in
another column, will ampily warrant the small
expenditure (one dollar) necessary to enj-iy it.
Reserved seats can be ohtained at No. s2 Baronne
street, from Mr. Ph. Werlein. Our acknowledg
ments are due to the committee of arrangetre-rts
for complimentary tickets. If possible, we shab
be present.
A (;our RSLt.--We learn that Mr. Cha. T.
Na'h sold, yesterday, .15 tales of damaged cot.
ton, at a price averragig I11 50 per bale. Cot
ton men will understand the excellence of th,
transaction, made, an it was, in the face of a de
presed market. That those who are about to,
diliipe of damnaged cotton ati)r.l,'lrat, Mr. NSth's
nierits as an auitione'r ,an ti read!ly seen oy
a relerence t(o our aldv.-r' wi:ig c-nlelii.,.
Gooti SL.- E rhu A NvW - va. -A. li,'tr il
the Atlanutc Monthly for Feibriary gives utter
ance to ite folhowing sound and mianly views :
" Complaint is made that tile Suthera people
lave recently elected military men to most of
their local State offices. We di oprselvesa wrong
in lraking this comptaint. I folund it true almost
everywhere in Gengrcia arid tlto Ct':-;lirtla that iin,
,best lltii-ins of to-day re tl.,. C'ot ederste ildiers
ei )enerdasy. Of cour.e, in mnany llldivhluall ea'
tti.y are bitter anit malgnunt, hit in i-'neral rti
good if the Itni,i. no les thiln tie lhi pe' of tile
t llth, lies In the i, harilng of the men Wr~,o wi:e
pt Vatecs aI (il tiers in the armIes of l.ee and
Johnston. It nimay nut be piearsut to us to rec ,
nre the fact: but I am conuident that we slall
make sire progress towards securiog domestic
trnnlui ity and the general welfare .Just in Ipropor
tion as we sact lion it. I count it an olnenn of
god when I find u'at one who bohre himself gal
lantly as a soldier has received prefermnent. CWe
cannot aftird to quarrel on this ground: for
thi i gh their courage was for our wounding, their
valor was the valor of Americans.
A Berlin letter contains the tollii~lng: "' To me
the crown prince is the most anreeshle of all.
Hlt is about five feet ten, has broad shouiders and
a fine manly figure. He is fair, and wearn a
mustache and a long, silky beard. Tne exores
pion of his manly face is as pleasant as can be.
for it is natural and extremely kind. The ladies
are of course in ecstaies about him. and every.
body loves him, with the exception of the highest
aristocracy, to whose taste he is not soficiently
dignified. He cherishes his dear little crownpria
cess, Queen Victorta's daughter, aod is so vulgar
and citlzen-like as to be fond of being surrounded
by his little ones. There is a pretty photograph
cut representing this happy family. He has one
of his children in his arms. and he looks as di.
gustingly contented as any shopkeeper. The no
bli'y do nut expect anything good of him, and
are much afraid that he may consider the Consti*
trtion of the country not as a bad joke, but as a
solemn pledge. As this tendency s attributable
in a great part to the influence of Victoria's clever
little daughter, you can hear the aristooracyspeak
of her with ashrngs of the ahoaniders and a sarcasu
tUc twitch of the mouth."
The election yesterday passed off quietly:
so quietly, indeed, that a stranger would not
have supposed that the white population of
this great city were looking on at the boldest,
most flagrant attempt to vitiate the purity of
the ballot-box that ever was perpetrated in
this country. At the time of writing we have
no means of judging of the result of the vot
ing in this city, though we hope that, in spite
of the enormous frauds perpetrated by the
vagrant and mendicant carpet-baggers, the
IDemocratic ticket has been generally sue
cesful We prnsume that above 30,000 votes
have bLn polled but t-ven this is a more es
timate-and we believe that there is a decided
majority against the Black Crook Constitu
From the country our returns, of course,
are as yet very meager; but we are not with
out hope that our friends throughout the
State have ext rted theiisi.lv-s to some effect.
---t- ----4+ -
The carpet-baggers worked yesterday with
a /ral worthy of a better cause, in the duplt
cation, tripheation, and quadruplication of
certificates and aflidavits. To refer in detail
to a tenth part of what they did or attempted
in this way would exhaust our reading columns.
One or two " specimen bricks," of which we
have bad occular proof, will suffice to ex
Lilit the nature and quality of their work.
" 1)r. Jack" is the narue of an ancient, an,.
alpparently, an innocent darky from the coun
try. He wass an item among a large invoice of
such chattelS inmported by carpet-bag express
tor .imlh x, duplex, :nltipl, x voting lpur
l,.osl s. Dr. Jack can t write. Dr. Jack made
his mark, as dtirecttl. bef,'re Justice of the
1', ice (;gliurl, in the clharact ,r of afllint under
oath to the tfact that he had lost his registra
tion certificate and lixed at No. lot l'hllipi
street. Lls was on the 17th. It
somehow happened that l)r. Jack
failed to 'ote on that day, as it
was iltended he should. Nevertheless, he
ntis again taken h littrte k istic G 'ifford and
subscrietd his mark, as directed, at the bot
tom of another atl;dal it; and this time he wu t
imade to s.iear that he lived at Na.. 211; Dry
ades street. Ile then proceedt. to vote i c
cordlin to instruction- instruction given in
ignorance that he had not already voted on
hi, first aflidaJuit. Vlence itcame albiut that
ancieLt and innocent, or innocent-looking,
Dr. Jack presented both papers to the coal
ni.siort.r ahlog with his hallot. When a-k.d
what he meant by two affidavits swearing to
tw o residences, the old manl answreid that he
" hadn't done nothing Lut what the g,'.um an
told him to do'"
2he carpet baggers--facetious fellows'
are -ery foul of ascribing a Ilibernian pedi
gree to spurious voters of genuine Afri an
descent. O'Neil and Meltride figured numue
rously on fraudulent plapers yesterday an,1
the day before. We saw the original of a
certificate held by a true 't'Neil, who fiundl,
when Ires( nting it, that a fac simile of it hiad
previously been l.rescnted and voted on. IIe
was astonished ; so vas the commissioner.
lie voted; but that did not remedy the
At Bath, Me , by Rev. S. Dike. lth In st, at reide-trr of
the tlr, e's n oither, 'apt .I. F. P. DOTLE. of the New York
pres, to NEL.LIE OGRTRIUDE, e:cer daughter ii t :e lute
Thou. Sai llltn.
At CIhrlst (nt rlch, on T7nes"ay, the 14th in-tant, by tie
Rev Doctor L a(ik, El 1/.i t L, e ldet da,:t.aer of .lJ i
Watt .-'q., of ti.i, 'ity, to JOYSIALt. i, t Datlel Wteeltr,
Eri . Mobile.
Ot Wednelday Plvet ins, April 15th, l°54, at St Pant's
C lurci. ly the Res. Sr Adam.i,. .Ml,A I). TTLDhN, tI
lirs R FANNIE R ID. ioth of it'~. cty No cards.
rPT Lotisllre, rew York and Bali,,re papers pie,
At the Firat Frest yterian Clturch, on Wednesday, the 15th
April, Insc, be the Rei ir. B. M. P'iimer, Mr. H. IH
W'OtiDARD, of Isl.n- la. Texna, and 1-1n FANNIE
E. I'( OL!, d'.:hbtr of wT m I, I',,'"e P.;. rtht t ty.
S-'Iexai et (h arle) in, Sout:h itin., i,ta opers please
On Fr'iar. IJth instant. t I o'elncik r ., W. M SEt;MPi+
aired t eH r, a r ai.t ni 1 tlrtmnla, and ol,r tbe last tea si'ris
ar- .der t oi t hls city
w ra- ,rumispafiers please copy.
t Friday. It)0h int' . at tt ; v., Tr MER KELLY. a
nale ' Fi'len errey, pari.. it iWind,ap, county Kiltean ,
Ireland. aed 4' yearne
Ir ' i..t it, IT at half past 4 r'.   terdity, from fraetnre of
thu"i ,,. 'i,,itdb atic,. HOWAlKiO MAltrN RoEtlRS,
aged I )rear and 9 lollthalL sti ofi W .m i. K,ane, Eiq
(n Tuesdiy, ]ith inltanlt, at hf.ptltu t 3 a lo'.k A . .
RICHA Rti, si'd tre ear tad ten i i,,th-, li ingli t chd a ,f
./ll ssical
Benefit of the Seventh Street Orphans' Home,
JIRDAY. 2f ci I%5sT.. AT 7 1-51 . I ,
tUl er the AIa , ,,e* of the
EENORITA FIIOMFNO. I'to wonderful li!init and
I'atatr, ai , Mr "'' LTN,, a- A , . u . ,i
t.ee, engau'ed. Mi, ii. iMrs,. W. iand M r.is METEFY
and PBRh OST Lave kludly) tI.senlted t asllat.
Frog. amme.
1. Fantisie Sur Motf- de li Faurlste par Doiler, execute
: ~ iai Drlnett triii Li rede Lir iele-r: l., n. tro,n Iy iis
4 a t a I,, - e5 v,: ,t , i n' r Mtrl* ,n B,.U a t r
A tait. - Lti : i,, -,y , i . i.:i, of' U. L. *nIl '.
D Ter, ir holo Arse fr t: Za :ip--suig by Mr
7. .rantl Marehe Retlin'lI Apothese par O,,ttsc! lk,
eleri te tlr le lallo par MI.. Sl'lr:le, a.
, (,rattion-is-Wa r loustsn
It lla-; Dulet--MYlr W" suI Mr Mature
i1i. e *miri ut ieei'ial-'" iwkwe' k -Peter Hart
11 -. - I .'-- - i ,I- t.5 -it'-'i' - ,ir Si-. t i
(lolce IS'laskies.
Pure Rye and Wheat Whiskies.
Dinhuble D '.l'd O'd1 Re WHISKY.
Siuperlor old RSe WllKY
En. Buil Mrtg e!- , aWl:KY, \
ex aup. Miongi. elaWHIi,','. X.
Ei. Sup. MoNnotahela WHlIritH , XX Y.
Ex Bop. Manganeli WlHItIKT. XXXI.
Chb're Old Virgniia Mounatain AY
Old Nectar WhiB Y.
Pars Old Malted Rye WHISKY.
Paure (:d Wheut WItISKT.
Old Cabinet WlIISKY.
Impertal Cabtnet WHIBSKYI.
Eit.t ard Ten Years' Old P'are RYE.
The uhebeuier' are scentt for the ahbove men:ieed WHIS.
IiSS, and ofer the seo to the tradeon laber sermas.
A stork alwayrs n bhad at car depot.
8. WOLFF & CO.,
17 Tcloup'ntauh street
IEtU Idaeo0lac Rork.
Mcrs. KETLL * DICKET have jest relvsed BIOTHIE
ACCEPTED bCOtCH KITE, of which theb re toe sole
Agents in this City.
t EW ORLEANU, A1r 1I. Ia.
Rev. J. C. Carpenter, 740 Meagsaie oene:
Rev Fir--We, the underuigned, otilsmo of New Orleans,
haring observed for reveral year pet your arduoas and
i t rnevolent Iltor s a good B.aru'tan i to his e immuity, ald
admtliogyour pioos disregard of party. set or creed in the
discharge of your charitable mtniotrstloss, and wel knowing
that )ear material cntriboutons have .,en far beyo.d the
o'dilary bounds, do sire ta give f.r y or benefit a PUBLIC
CONChERt, on such evening syou may be pleased to deilg
ieg oned respectfully.
i t oios A. ,'ama, Teomu Slro.
t'hr'e riger , Jobh. remborthn,
Hery fi 11, Jr , Slmterl Slitnt,
elt P Pilt. A lBrother
S A. W to woorth, The.lu sdtaerant,
J L U rner, iseo'ge'). Oaroer.
I MS.rkL. "G ,Ke, W itysoon,
E ,1 He.rt Mer,
r T' Pntrkp., J. I Hirse'mn,
Sbrt Prtkn, alterson.
Wil S'eaurt, W H. Vonter,
i L. ..n. n, Mar-hall J. Smaith,
tJ 3l rt. rr1cc'. ; aweet,
1I' wh Met hIekey, Pastr ' Irwin,
W I t rev., P . ?'wloty,
.. huih K t o I Ed'ward Br,eott,
foun.tnu Itlat .rg. J Q A. feil ws,
( trlooP l htlsmore, DI,.d Stewart
L A ]Bridge, attue;: M Tddd,
W HM.T m' t, TA n
SF W e'e dernier,
Fredr t Hir,, Gieorge' I.rk,
A. A " nu r, kdar llcr
C' H ol.hcotat F A. Tyler,
B Strle tius. A reru,
b.sn) Hn< ers.nn, n'ti"gse W. I Re,
A W Cotloer. (l-,,rge M Beoman,
S N. le. . A 1all,
iLt. II ti'e. .lo-n Yorunt, eJr.
Tlomme Maisrray, i 1 Plit..,,
P k Mt m t.s,. J .Y N o'Wel, M. D.,
t M Me: t n ,ery. 1. 'orhtes,
Iwwn Th.,r.p., n. C. W. New*,n,
W": ; n)rn - n :tl. Jameo. M d ,
F<: ,r der . Zutorbier. r Jo"-ph .l a nt.
A W %t ltt. AW iyatt,
W IIoipia *
" Val t r tHe, sorr , J .a ,le l ArmaqtrOng,
J 4 urtt \l\alu., lh, ta. H rty,
(t 4 brno. , 1le l:h Hraun,
I'lh V.0",, I~n, L H iiol,
Th, ni.a i a-m, Wt ek rharth,
AM 1... bek, ~E HIe r...
f T. D Hern, Jame, II. i'isgllld,
A R Lo. TI t me fral..
W i L +tr ier o lu hn,
AL AtI l t. Mn.,,, Gerua,
r p i tebOhitney, Ife' ,n nl l, o,
Jo-rph Wtt S tt a -ht.
A mi Aulsu D i ae e r:t.,ir
ruDl t -, r an
.ltnA telett n, Mnt (' ,
Wt H Wltt.oer. J Ht>r,
Jame A I)ouglas, Dennlia 'ronan,
7T F Ir*aote, hamuel E M.ure,
A 11 l-,.t. -,n, J t Du, latp,
J DDn1t.e',n, Wm M hraunt
J1,fl"u *~ s*i. F,, ith *Ir,..
(ioore L. K· us. IIH. H elrnttel
A W. Aer LJdl DatltJd M J,
A. W. etortl.
Pew On' etc, April II tit'
To Mhre, Tht.mar A. Aamt, ;, tnarles Briggs, Henry H..l
Jr , Wn S. Pike, A. W. Boswortl, fhotmas ti o, John
Pertubetot, Samuel Smith A. Brot'er, Theoras And.-r
l srn aenu ther':
ierutleurnsen--Your It'er f t0 os date, tenderlnu to :ve a
('i .tlt. t etas rte-.Ive! tilis etrc..': T ll , rxpre - l if y. Ir
reot r.( lpr,,trt ted by yol,u own ki.td fterhla %, at di -o who,,,'e
ut.etro t "1y te, 'lid nit take me uth-rwtec thanu by Ir
I.lae ,to Q'(o l t r pres th ill , ;tlqoli t!i' at-Luon awoken.
, tn) he-a+ t, ,,e I neLao h tupty to 'av, it 1. tl.y apo lrej ted
b) me.
Tour refrrence t .t'y poast polblr ltab..rv ret tl1 many t lep'e
patat'u a0 well as lierte,g re tnlasreeTc,' In lh .,f tlhm I
r. (:ult d dI a s a.,e f dutilly, the pserlorlianceof w i0 h
w n- t o pre'. ,r .r. . t  A.1 . r wo a , : 1,,7*n o.i' - y pro.est
rersaroit. tL cnourri.uslrl of try.,n to benutt lay feLh.w
G ratlfr;l:'!" cpt:ng ytour kin I rnronosal, gne','n-s. and
rempectvlis ruettlrtun WE ,INF.SlA EIteNI.Gt, Ma ,
t as t.tai,,s met , I Atm. .'entlemen.
M,,"t re-pectfully yonrt , etc.,
'atsitors to lite City
-IN1 N1FEil Or
k 1Wi1 ate at I.t t2 Iper rent.. have tihe neot.rst.. t in
A*.er .. t, -e., t !.m.tl. ano .e a e I pltear el L.. their pt
Se.re, boar e tler mt.t.e) retunded, at
(;:re>t .ri-p.,riHirt- corner 'anrl and Rl tya! itre"t
TRY IX SP'LNFnli, ,1IIRTlS FiR P ft$
I'rtSkI. I Rlegilded I
631 MAtALINE f-TbET, Near Corner of F t
vsery, detcr;pton Iof Pltn e: I itrns'nntrl F'RAMPiS
i :.,er I ' rLe l':t.rev I ;'t.tled, P i atul; e red ... l
I to. r. {at up u n llt .rt .t the Ittty t
He-e. ht.r--t,'Y m., ite ,treet
Poet .:-e Aidorev-. llx I-'1.  w ttlrl tn,. Ta.
Tulanle 1ltldtlen»,
31 and 33... AMIP STRIEET....31 and 31.
Depo' f r Fen, F.' i'l.nabl!e CLOTHIING anil FI'RNIS'I.
INtl ;"ODS, at Wlh.leales nd Retall. Great larrety a:nd
Exzteui.e StI. k at LOW D )Wi PRICHtS.
'I and .3 t'an, -t'. e',
Ctarpet W 'areiouse,
' .... ...........CIARTES TREET.................,.,'g
A. IIOUtISIEAU 040.. Importer, Offer al low pw'cs
4 ARPETING--Englsh and Amerliman, o all indl; h Intr
'urulture and eoamel OIL CLorfImi; MAT'IrNr--lI r'l!
' biNa, L..' pl<cr (' o'o; WINDOW SHADIS; To' e a,':,
Flaro ('rirse Crumb h'leths--Drovget Lines. sad Felt' Cnur
-alus--Lae. kRpa. Worstetd. Daurk. tC+; F orn;e horr
stw--L'rver and (netten. 'trP.. Cerniemn. SaFs, PIu., te
$10,00)0 Iterrarnt.
SiTOLEN from the ('ANAL BANK, Tills DXY. ap."k
sta o n rl ip ltr t'.e ,ttlertt fxpress :o.tmpanuy. addremtsed
V \1I, IAtl i ' O''.s New tlrk th, rit' nhit 'Frln
TIOI >A ND lA .5' ,l) t)tiLLAIs in Legti Tll":er Nt'st
of One Lhtotlld $SIvo l)lt]rr each,. All If Let.tereC,
a'd dcted lith Mt ct. "-' it nn :obr.d a l l. ·w.
-3 n.s. J l "n . '7 n. . 3'>c ..,
:'513 .t 15a 11 21l23'n. . 3YJ:4.'l.
...*Tn.s. ,~il5n e. ICI 2 ll5n iI. 3 n s.
,4i7 ]II.' I:" n f. 2 i3 7 n. . AIli t'
,' lull n ..1 I n. L. 4191.
'27 ]14 I in s. r :b .a. 4 t;1.
7 1211" . . 1n 15 i 11 .1 '. 41 r n
7. do l,'dn. l. 21" e t t. 37-. a. 4tsna.
Sc IpuHcliC are crti ,n;rred arz.tr.t trao " fr the ·tmr , tn.d
to thLe abuve reard Ls tFered tfr rto r, t..v-ry ft t:, mrney.
'en l,'lr tr. "',rn 24, 1",. ''..' :c
(T 'lothlr, iat Ietail, I'Vry Lola .
SPRING and SrMMER SUTITS $: 5 512. l, $1 ;tn !; l
8U MNER LINEN SITS ...... . . , . $- and EdI
fIlLt K ALI'A"A B 5'V ' ad FRIR 4k
BIL\t K \!i; iNts Ilf','
1 Itll M Al.lII.T.l.n VENT,;
-' RNl"!!!Ni; S I'S
('(M)'' 'N at: PL',4NTATION I'LOT!IING
At Prices to Mult theoe Mrd Times.
Nr. 1 Marsiaesstreet ''rnor riorttl
Turner's Drter Store
Ott3 Maglzlne lStreet.
JAMF S TURNER. f rnerly Apotheary ('lHar:r tl Hpi
tal. and late:y l It'.. firm o Turner A Wailsi,. R-y1 streek
t*yg t, annurunce to the medlcal prtfesslon aul tte pultic that
he hla ,peued o sborve, where he wa l lie bhr persouai
attention to thS Prescritinpti and Compoundntg Departmenrts.
and s',ltetos a cr.nttntnnte of the liberal patrinage which ba
8I been extended . thim in other locationa
Dep.t o9 Turtrr'r etandard Routhern PreparatlonL.
Prsrrpt'tle put cp st al hour,, day and ntht.
Carpet and Ott-cloth N'arelse sle.
EiT.CIIN &" CO.,
No. 8 Carnsdelet Street.
OF r fr sala at LOW PRIG ES: i
-I Ie ret Nr-uolr and Tapestry Carpet.: Thrloply anol
Itll'5,t tatcsry ('aspa:o Finemr (lt ' cr1t, al wlthbs.
Tsot, l a Id Itts; 'antom sattlig 4 S t 6 14. wato. ecrcit
de end 'aty. ( ''oe1 Msatlog. claim and francy. W .dw Shades
in eser) yrrinty Damsa Sri and Lace CortttLs, MIta.
Tabls Ceroro, Lpholwory (eeds
Old Rye nhiskxles.
While, as may be gathered from our many Circ 1e of late
tears. we have entertained but one opliioa of the great and
:ri.wtig cuInt ptino n of FINE: Old Rye Whlskes. and
their conrsequent greater scarcity and higher price, we are
otr e nore cot:ptl:ed to, acknowlot go that " we have not mesu
tar ett nt.h " At the date of our ast ('lrclar, January 27th
it would have een thorght, at.d indeed, perhaps was thought
bhtl. t r tlrtl et;ng prtia of the trade, stht such extre r
dlnrtty qrtatt,ns as we then ga:e for New and ('11 FINE
Rre H bt.kles could not well Pe sustained. While wehereto
., re have repeately chr,,t ic.id tatenlilve n.ovemeta e and
hPvy ai vdnces, we have now toe rep -t hearter enragemeant
tnp etier. actoo paLeid D) an ut .ttri ,. a tvaoice in prices
It at but two )5ears ag. , the sprintg of ltd, that the trade
per e vt, the first liinmerlng of what was o astore for them.
Ittll.ers 'f Fne Whtaies., att that time. were vainly en
a-strIltig to ieli at the moot temptit.g price. It was the
-er . , te )oear to' make their co..tracts. Not a year had
pa tt itn f t history of the trade, except the anlmalous ,neo
,' ta6. it pI ich this tcnt. m t, c *otracting in the spring
wan not nd!,oted to. N'w P'ure Rye, beat qualtty, could have
hean b hu,,t:, i the spot, and for long future deliery, as l-w
ce fiaty cents par ga lfun, in ho:d, while best half rye was
, -'pred on rimie eohdttlons at forty rents in bond. Eveo
W I 'skie of irN moilthse Ag, scares as they were, wver held
at ut about torn ee is more As eary a Iannuary 2) Itki; we
gta t,. the trade puibl.ey our tien, settled convireion or the
r tl-n.g < ,cn t ot REALLY OLD) FINK RYE Wils
KILS. We ait , e sarte tl;ue, matde the emphatic assertion
that tlet k wasr totally i.nau'ftiet to meet the grooving
den.ttd. Yet etit wa tile wanton apathy or perversoenes of
tle trade tl at petlaps not one dealer is a th'tuand took ao
vrnt.tl of such brilallt upprtunltea. t boutl Auglt,
1'; 'le trade, ore after the otLhr, began to open thalr eyos.
phl' that time ti t.his seticimin, both on qluestions of
st art, ly nld .n rt a.ct. denl, od, ! is b een ebthling away
It :ee, ti ' wlo dutltedt roste, and who poitponed their
.ae'.ar) , outracts tor lower ptr es or letter trade, or for
i,,n ethl g we do t klnw whcat, are now atuongst the most
T..t oe aAi are payt twot'fo'd. anlevel three-fold as
nll,,> for tlaitlr new ult p'le as they coulahl have done two
r ;lt. ,anurttr 27: tie excitement then recorded, caue I
1 ,rt ,y tre retent law proibll:ttin remavsl of Whi.ky
-1 rued w arrto utise ex nt tupon pay meat of tax, there ,y
i t'.h i_ ri:ah.taý ' tr,tg it. the i nter.or to a few dtctio rs of
,tti arpnt, wen . ti tls t!.heir narnllcuses near ther di.
, . or itre It!at. It in au.e d strict hea ftrther u
Iro.r,, i tnanlt.i, 1i.e i t Iltensl. ed. , odery of hotuded tine
it !.Lk Is a recttoiti, tieraeboard c tce have had notcruo'eIn
Se ; , I t. v It ,ti case. laatge I t hacve
I tn ,t i.t ir withtirawu from ltarklt-the onuter devotirng
;t er gare i: e t the iuaklg of new tcontrats, and to the
Sn up ,, heh '~rcnttn s ,,,oired, tth t efeting sailens.
Ih 'u, :ern~' lot in bo d t i.,: or are heed from $1 41 to
"l ;L act, rd r I , quailt'tyt or et teat i n of r tand. Five t,
I :toeer ,eat. a g el tn ter mith, for each older month, is de
ai. .,d and obiltated For sprnig and summer make of
t", 2 tc tto2 ;"', i Iid, it oriiv' to brnand and aie, is
t,,, ut ,ne ra or pri'e'. A t , the i:,e Whlskies of aId,
,. al! ~t, i10 cI,~or.t prate dem,.,,l -, te.tIr, and whi-h mlst
,ou Ie re r ..to ", rie. teyth.,, tsame irmanec. RB,.
trer d- hrinr 2 2-,5 to $3 75, ito h,.:li , ec' rding to a e aid
1r e" (rtie at i,' 1. I), ; to heated roms a tbra, I
Lg! ly tprrc .,'re , is he ' at it A) in hand. Fine Rye 'F lo,
ktes, 11. (t which ,rigiially go little was li.tilled, are but
sel:, m offered ln the market. Con tinsg of but 'ea retm.
Tart., irn m t c~es, :ley are rehqurled by dealers for their
t ser at d r:e al'e trae. It is t' tro ore emerw hit dmeult te
a.cetsat inte- Frion $4 0li to $5 iJ in bond, however.
,'cort t ig to s c, whettl.er of the fall or spring manufacture,
.~a r... 't,< . it. ill 1) ito rinaldereot a fair apiro matron.
o e I.: IKt~lE WHItoKIE in bond hove hlne mar
e, '.- i rt. d in va: le, thne , der tree i'ur Kyes hrve
ret;ct, ;:.creared attentou. The etoatk of 0hit., vit. that
t,,:,e n t.r,,~r to 1-1,, c, -lest s , 'st , i tf bu' remnut ts , sad
"et' partod Il!,, being very alshab's and n; ssery to, p.r
teeL aop tt the tt.etL, no tli:, as to pie rceost t. As
, re aI $ a 1 f i, i ·L- bu 1a P4t withln the last few days,
r r'% , eatl te tr old. A few ros ati, evenIn bo
II n , t1 . ý  -t . ext at, et atk mftwotut:ree
t .u bana, , Le Riy, of l it years oli and ipwra,t
r ,, 1t \EtiEt'ott lby any prominest ,,u"neo I
t... ,i's,, 1%, w, even tih, Inta, tie Botrbou Whi kies, it iI
extr, .v s,:.,t t , more th.e , x orit eight thousandl bar
r in i Ite , ,l of: f tLoen age , exist In oar wheole ceortry
rtetl , I " r FV J , t ,e n It , , r
ta 1 e II t " trade tt ants te almost abesoluate ex
t ti, ito of thi' a sir of Wch lk.es
4 , .~, r iten tI late been asked the of I qlestion, `"'tan
, . l. ,r:es t otn'tle ' aid if so, htow bangi " Pr es
.t Atli) Useh, as t abtroet stagger amy one w,,
t " i, t pt ,:,,y io . kt t Olto tie iuebtlon. We hare ourselves,
at ?n.-, .natt.lt:'d considrty befotre antwer., the es- t
; . aw," hvaralwyicone in the rIrma'ite. Ye , the
::. r d mer we • itsk into aIe matter. snd we have ntdiel
it s.n.' .t ter) "asct, we feel toe better assnred 'the
enuo t i t, t . Lt ,,r C 11 it be 'r a !logli t o ti , cne.
W'e ,!, r t mean to say that the atvaane in r'tle, or that
t.,e extrutrditatr Irott:ts in honldinr sMk will be av geat as
te:e o, re let, it thie ad'ance be oalti hf as mTch, or a
t o: as I:uct, there whould ttll be enogh tto content aay
rturno i deali or incnaticr FINH rLSH RiYd WRlKley
i,y t,.kAT AI. l.,as Lee utlirptng, for some years, Fne
Ert: cy t tatk , now Carty uectimplsahet It rTlu:rut
aort4 :7't no" t*, ac'nvirt'e t.e trade thatr tlhe fee td
t, k. ' : rH ·,.0k:e maau ,.tnral priurto l·'; i. vI r . a.
: ' : n t In *, 1. that all te hoerses in; the ilta co:h:fl.,,
Lar i el fi re ohf ~a. kh tot'k ba any ilne hbie ,, ::rst
Sase nmew. asd heavy o iitm,,i to e,,n,!,lt t its bu-siur-e pro, or
; shr.l bare nl.e. They are aware thalt drim al o I ,5
u, *, ir!y part of I tA the dis:PtLers -f FINE RYg Wt[n
madt b ' indred o,: barrels, wlen they shol d Iave nadel
r...*l They are als' iware. ea S, t '' ,.ity ant hlt:,
pr e . ,r tock, t'it ,i: 1- :t and 1-7 W!hiskies, the c ,
.el, ,t t a cbtrttertye-,et e . I that It is t,,e btt'crnit
tr ,', r r . r tru :hr we to atl k, F ue )re Whb: les
..ae ,.di lienoai tticme. r. Iuthi rn demand, Tonl I
i,·, "'' ' ¥1n ac: h'rlt tr:ee S.t'ae the cElte of tlhe
war i.:. hi t t,. ''t~t'e greate1r ,piPa on,
w , t 1 ' , I 'e these 1 art. t, o t .er ·al
Ia' ' t th at t h ee s e~ t i pS, I- , 1at
; i .... a hil r 'v ie sior tin .I, is far bhOe, wha t ,rag t te o
, ir e I t5 o ..i d as tio 40 rerliites .tisfactlltea to
hc tite the' c, :-' t tn ,,f P.te Od Rye Whi kles tt
p, . i, . por t, tihe War I),rt.pg the
a'ii i i , ii hs, ;.tW t [ t osttltiers turuedtlter
",r Whitky. wh h , itat ker at.i
, er rurt.-. 1!,e pr.tui l.:, o ra, it. io Wlatkyy now, even
,,: r . 'tlre-e " ]ar, iiartirty up to lc eocnmp
t *oei . Te re, . gr,, nge fe WL.k'pire lewa
e it, tt': f |Pert i nia. M rhlaroa.
S a . H, , K -ty DIrt ct the war tbt, Outtet serc
*r ',n : Lt~·H i t o to t u e un, a ' the tnl ,tan ,
a Iat ,. .eat, !. 1a : Ictk fr .i 'a.Iecdnrabtle w
, , veo, clwt tr, wee |r,'ent r eol.en I e
e , r t-n, pu b ez , c,llon ,i acfe.tthat npw
,,lg d.t: Ile. It l ,cou:l uat aite ttie oder *a k, as sich
b: e k  . ab,,t Lve pasa sed way, blefre tt.at now skitlng
,,1 tt 't or lre svent i lt ,tatinpenry, tLhe Wli.ky
now tnak mg wotld thn be Id Whit.y, psoesing, of curse
L . L erhertced viue by itt Imp ntement uf oo. twm oerthabe
.. "·' +- < · i i rtat y more t, at we :, ht E't , we
i e,, ti tt }'rI-( d b e , i n . in 'y ,
cc a: it. ta a i -oS Itttnc ii i,
a, , to 1 e , ce , y l, Ir. vI' ',t not .rt5
i ti n, e 'Ic ec .l 't irt rS 0 it ., w
cs','. ,w the . '" rts t, trade ,f late hte beeon rrsk,. tI
p!cP rt e·r *Ps*:tl prtperttck in advnte e thte t.o;t.,
or: w rx: inn an kItwtisaigin tilo 4, me are eemptlre t
r tk cl ol the t:,s,trlty if or , dert a,. nreexp -
r l i': .a' , are  aIlcretly t onin:nO their iperatii c to
tot:. ,t a; ::wrd ,rlaty. mai y btve Len, an i are sti I, to;,
[tr teno mc awvy by iuetio ef the bsll tr, al by t..
!itter f itnibL'y itw priceso Many o the wrvtilo e01l .
:. 'ar Wa- are iLt imittlrins, frea uonsly bletg n -
sla b.'ht u eM% s'itt Wti'ar, withdrawn fIm warohouno
,- tio t a ,t u aor rctltecat1tn, placed in aew charrel bar'
r e'e, nrantked w;it came f(titilts brand a:, then
set tla-tlar tae Even here tbs proesl 1s nit relscted
to, as: !;tskise are regalarly made, and are perfectly
tral,:;t. t! - are ptrrai!y m:ade lin the same prinlpt'e as
the pr r. an (tft. Wh'eby, the lstitlersr thtnktsg their task
ticent p.-t .ti beense they may uns counder groin and a
pgrater prcprtiuon of Rye To manso~fcure ras Whalky,
tro d -t:Ier t ust L·e great eare anc hare Imong eperienee.
Tt.e water iused in the mah must have eertari prorpernte,
tbat of a monta 'uous regon heion t'e beat. It fact, It has
hu net ctme wmini our province no ever taste a KetLL fine
W, sty maonufaured on ruatori tI.rn. Fiae Whblkie
even at a mt.i!l tUg!er cost pay the beet to hold. They can
be realty dls;oeed of. Satiafction ensues to both soller ad
thyer. I! I ade Whlkles caae, sonmer or later, diaacntent
with tbe bsyer and lose of trade wiLth the sller.
721 and 22) So.th Front street, Phildelphs.
Dieatllery aid Flnor Mills, Massburg W. V s
8. WOLFF & CO., AosU~,
17 T'coplhulttret, Now Orleans.
The .EtrMa
Incresse of Assets during 1;7 ..................$3,11t976 49
Tetal Ase sJanuary 1....................... 7,53<61 S35
Policies issued in ?7 ......... ............. ... 15,202 I
Amount lnsuredn l 7................... . ........ 4471.2 0) 4
Receipts for tIc6 ............................. 5.129,447 34
Dividend for 1I47, 60 per cent.
Whatsoever, in Europe or America.
Its Premium Receipts at the present time are nearly
-AND AR- t
Particular attention is ,aied to the tact that while Its besa
ne is Incruea, t.nprecedentedly, its ratioof oxpense is
cumparatl, ey ua1Lk
Ec,,on my of Manasement, Care ae the Selection of Risks,
t'ron. ti es In the Pay:,ent of Deaith Claims, and decurity in
tee Ireatrienut , its Immense Trust Findl, are rigidly ad
1 Bred to, and !.ave ever characteled this Company.
'The .T\NA i sue, all the favorite kinds of Policies at the
must tatorable tates.
Toe .ETNA Issued last year more Endowment Insuarance
than aLy other Company.
The .TNA is as Liberal in Permits to Travel in all parts of
the ,r'l, as a sont.d discretion will warrant. and ismuch
on,re lberai than any other prominent Company.
The .fYTNA issues Policies on the All-Cash 'lan, and also on
the Hatlt-bote Plan. It does not In.nre on C(redit, but by the
lailt Noe 'ltn in enables the Insured to obtain at once(or by
pa) it g All Cash to obtain at the end of two years) double the
avo.nt of insurance that a strictly All-Cash Compansy will
git .
Tl.e diidends of the .ETNA will Dooble a Life P.h'icy in
tr year, .r at otlce ,,n the tHa.fN,te ltan ) I !req-lires
twenty thlree yearo to d, the same In a sitrictly All Cah Cim
pany, by annuol additions to the policy.
The .ITNA S Ratio of Expenses or cost of New Boliness,
i t le- a th in Lt . any uthelr Compauny uhatsoerer, sadi les
than to thirdc of the average.
The 'TNA S T: .mense Bt.ines,, being mostly No: S Bovi.
t.e.., "er the In.Osed !ceLrt :tidvanl.tag in havin f. old an:id
conoe..e:.t;i) dei.tyed r.sk.o
Ti.e .VTN1S Ratio Per Cent. increase on Premium Re.
reel l 's reater " tn that ,,f arny othl.er ( omlpaly h.atsoever.
it.d ,i.,re than ttice the aserage.
Tice .:TNA S Rate of Loel r is Ih per cent. eas than
Th. .TNA ,ceel at year mire Poliiess than e,:her if
f t I C::t pan.ei, nu neari oue-tento. uof al.L
T! e .TNA i no more Policies in Force than either fthlirty
eight C, mpanioe, and morethan one loarteenth of sin
The Y TNA'S Rati, .f Assets to Liabillties is larger than
t+.,. " trtter of twenttnne (:mpanitr, and mre than tbshe
average of all.
: e gone-al atirace of tl.ese comparisons place tie tErBA
Sle i all Lire Compats are onod beyend Ineatlts, being
flondetd o tthe unc.angig law of mrortallty. alI arenote iatly
proitable t. the :nvred. thie .l.TNA ot'ers advoantageM that
esont be nurpamued, and probably camnnoteveu beequatlled.
The .OTNA has, among its members, large smbersn of
those most promlentsit every department of trade and in the
prolession, both in the United BSite and in she Oanads.
The .OTNA calls upon every Policy Holderto neehi speCtal
efforts to secure a Pallcy in the Company for hia frieads-
tins premoti.,a te mutanladvau tageof al. Persros deLring
to act as Agentsr for the ETNA wil address the Home Ofmo.,
at tlartford, Conn., or apply ti sny enerel Agent of the
Compaty in any prominent cityor towL
General Agent for Lonistlan. No. 3 Caordel etstree.
BUCK A WENDORF, German Agents.
EOORGE8 MUSTOIr, French LAgent
ALF. B. STEWARD, Special Agent
Dns L. , Crs s.J.JL.
W. u. irc s., and IMedical Examnir.
1M4a. ILoosm.
Jurrason. Tux", April 2, If
Meesre Jao W. Norris A Ca, New Orleans:
Gents-Your, of the list nit to hand sad cotentes noted.
We cheerflly comply with your reqest, and at the
time congratulate the makers. Meser. Diebold, Behmsa A
Co.. of as we believe) your Unequaled Cafes. The ,e pr-_
chased of you lart spring was Ia the second story of oar
riek building at teo tme of its burning, and. afte it ha4
withetood the hottest Are of the night, fell Into thcellar.
where it remained for three days before suffielently eoe to
open. With very ittle labor, we sucoeeded in getting it i(
an upright posltion, and judge of our sarpris. when the loeek
answered to the keys. and were opeoed with scarcely say
more ddiculty than bfore it was burned. The writer ha4
left papers for the purnoee of testing its virtue, and am
pleased to say were preserved without a blemlahb. We, there
fore, cannot too highly recommend yar Bales to the public.
Yours truly.
(rigned) J. W. A J. R. RCSELL t CO..
Receivirg, F rwa ding and C(ommissio Merchause, and
Dealers in Agricultural Implements, Jefferson, Telts
Above referred to, have rereived the IOLD MEDAL
each year hem the Mechaecil' aid Agrlcultourl Ftl Ass.
ciation of LoulsUtai. and are used and ludorsed by many of
our principal Merchants
JOHN W. NORRTS & CO.. Agents,
97 y'ANAL and 17 ('RRmt)MAN STREET
Read ThAs Certlficate.
Mesars. BARNETT A LION, Manufacturers of "ORE
Guyqs-The anderiged having used the
During the past two years, take pleasure In testlfying to they
Meepectfully, etc.W.OOER
Capt L V. C01PE.
Hon. A. W. WALKEI.
To all Interested
The F1 Coireggatlosal r(itnrlta) Socieaty anneune to
the pnb:ic that ervlees wilt b hb;d in the Church corner of
St. ( harle and Julia streets. EVhRV SUNDAY, at 11 A. ,.
'ad 7 r. , the following ('Clrrgymin offlslatine'
The Rev. HitNY I BADIi. l, ('amsrirdie, Mss.
The Truters cordially invite ai into, eat'd t ti e progrees
of liberal Christlanty to lois them intheLo efforte to pait.
tain the Church
By err ef the Beard of Trustee.
New Orleans. December 1 187, if
I'. . lodgson,
OMce No. 21 Conmmm lereml lace.
Having taken a Commismlon, is prepared to make Sales at
or Country: ali,. OUT-DOOR PALE of every description,
and would respectfully solicit of MEMBERS OF Teti
ASSIGNEES, and others, 8'~ CESW:ON and 8TNDIO
OF MERi;HANDItEt and PRODUCE. in Store, Ware.
bouae, Prere, on bhlpboard, or in Bend; BALES OF
Account of Underwriters, or whom it may tConcern, PORT
etc., etc., etc.
In nddltion to his own experience of the last nine' yeaes,
with Col. J. B. WALTO , In the same busoeue, he possesse
the advantegeof having the aeselttance and ex ilence of
Meeers. OREEN A ELDER, (in the some ofice) eo long and
favorably known as REAL ESTATE AGENTS, thus en.
ailing hlnl to guarantee entire satisfactlon to those who may
employ his services as Appraiser, or in making Sales, and
trusts he may be favornl with a share of public patrenaga
Pholograp ls
Copie of PletCre
Made by me befoLe and during the war, can be had by apply
Inc at miy Old hi tnd IlI i ANAL iTKEReT, where I rs
now Ihe tlid daiy, ard shall be glad to see my old friu~nd
and the huliie gener~i ly.
Orderr for Fine Jewelry, MHdeds and Presentaton Platd
l'rmi, tily and Cure'ul p ExecutL
Wathles repaired, adjuasted and regulated by the very besh
Wirnmen, ast
94 and 9 I'anul street.
Idrhl Prenaeiumn PAotographa.
The FTRT PREMIUYM, ( Dlplomr) hue agailn ber
awutrie tow W. WAMISIRN 11.i CaUnul street. New Or.
leba. or the Heat P'IIOTOiGRA|htS exuiltod ast the dLouis
inl u i-lee Fa.ir i,,r ln ;
fUrorser A& Raker's
-,K V N(; 1 A('CIIINES.
S.3- lhe Iorg( and frhln, tl.nrtment entt Murhliln i
E. L. E. Ilouanct,
It4 ,i0t recriCved his lprllg tylet in
"]h IIJLIl  Y GrOOna,
And ic peprle to noffer inducements tol city and ountry
RIportast to Lmwcere.
Beld mad begun on the 281th Jemnary, 1815, ti the city of Sew
Oreiua.Ne iswye'r ULbrary eemplte wlthout thIe veuluhI
Respeettully ealle the attsatie of Membeg e the bbo 1
S5vabove oramnoem.nt.
The Ftrst Premstuns.
S*oese Alee, Ne. BS8 Rampeol struee.
Oder, lor Cgr of the sesat Havnas Les Tebsome fIllel
with dispatch and itriot nltietlou.
Mgil Clgrn uar p y thee of Havesa at earpri(tagl
low priep.
Mr. Aice t k theloat Pmem an ate lrdulat e
15 Lampor srSt, baew Canal.

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