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am rusry I rbsslous.. d saSNa ltei bl5reJfs
arw teri S ale ..ples, m s .era .,eA
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II.S rtpthm"n pr aI ssr " m. II w1I ln, dyr.
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- 4NINO. M&Y 6, 186a.
Of't'WA| TRE4T)R-'-haspease Ckh- '.Tk ('a4.,
or it Knlwtih {irliohn'land fare of"' Seal t. the
IOAIDJMMT OF ML'C/--Dratm.aa and VaretvEnt.rta .
ieir.l p.ilarlrew Ihi. .ann sf M... va Hirl'
a Jo . a , * • :r¥e- Zeiusve Dr Li--l)gp, badets, ta.
le I re , etr"
Piee supplemnt.i.
A Nc.n Y'ork paper suggests that Gen. IT n
cock would be opposed Iy the Sonthern DI)rn
ocratcy, "lbeciause he was acronlted one "f
the mos,,t brilliant officers in the Union army."
It i- -t.y treit that the Southern people ,to not
frastit ally dinind l the nomination of General
Hntco'k "i eeause he was accounted one of
the n. st I riliiant officers in the I'nion
army ; they are not so hypocritical, or so
sb+s-r tint. At the same time they will
chef rfully support the nominee of the D)tmo
cratic conention ; anld, in the case of Gen.
II.,noiIk, they conil approve his nomination
as that of a man who ls gained a reputation
in c.lv! ltLaLrar as a ch:mnipion of law, of lib
erty, and of right, far excelling any renown
that could be aecquired by the molt brilliant
militiary aictori' . Let those who desire it
vote for Gener.d hlancock h, isO hi"' \ta \. a
nucre-sfril soldier : it is enoucAh for us that h.
is an caran st chatmpiion of the principhle of
civil llberty.
The Cincinnati ('ommercial says that "about
one-half of the senators will vote to conv:ct
Jolhnson, whether they believe that he has
been guilty of any other offense than ditfer
ing with his party, or not. They are, of
course. lilpublicans, and partisans of the in
telnsit sort." The Commercial is a I''publi
can lIpaper, and ought to know the character
of its party associates. Of thesn., it thinks
that one-half, taking the Senate as a ri.pre
sentatie icody,, are simply destitute ,'l I. unor,
hlnesty and truth, for this is the meaning of
the statem-ent above referred to.
The New York House of Assembly have
passed resolutions in favor of taxing govern
ni(nt bonds, and of redeeming the 5-20's in
greenbacks. It seems that the conviction of
the non-liability of the government to pay
these bonds in gold is not confined to the
W(st; anrd the fears that the Democratic
party wu!ll suff*-r from the effects of the doe
trine in 1h:L, cbmmercial and manufacturing
States of the East, are, consequently, un
The entertainment announced for the 13th
inst. by the Metairie Jockey Club is creating
an unwonted stir in the world of fashion, and
promises to add another page to the record of
the club's brilliant social triumphs. None
but members will be privileged to subscribe,
and none but subscribing members can ex
tendl those in\itations, the demand for which
is doubtless destined to create a flutter in
many anxious hearts. Not the least interest
ing fiatnre of the, occasion '.ill 1wi th-e hurdle
race, by amateur gentlemen riders, many of
whom, emulous of the fame of young Loch
invar. are even now, no doubt, eagerly await
ing the opportunity to enter their names as
competitors. And yet we are of opinion that
there will be witnessed no snmall degree of
skill in horsemansllip, for many of our young
men in equestrian attainments may justly
boast their proficiency.
The nmatinee ent( itain~mett will also include
a variety of other opportunities for enjoyment.
Thern will I-, a band of music present, andi a
collat in- the club never offers any but an ele
gant one-will be served. And beyond all
this, the assembling together of so many
friends, all of whom find pleasure in each
other's society, cannot, w(, predict, prove other
thin one of the most enjoyable featurea of lthe
occasion. The Jockey ('hli has niYver yet
flued to sni1 its guests hione delightecd.
In his speech against the l'residelnt, MIr.
,nfiag. r Butit.nll, r-lerring to tht legail pro,
cit tliug,- ilrsing out of the attemput to remove
When, by Mr. Stanton's action, I.orerzo Thomas
was under arrrst, sad proceedings were Institautedl
which might have teried the le~sithy if the tInure
of offie aet, Mr. Cox, the Preident a spiectl
couonel, moved to have the prnceeluiigs ii
nmCed, althoiugh Thomas was at larg.- up iu n,
ownt ree n -ZanCe.
When a case was mride up whi 'ii ni ght have
tested the law, he makes baste to ge t 't ,i.
amet d.
liTis is Mr. L'olitwi(lls commentary on the'
tistinmony as piresentid. 'The te-tliuitny
bi-aring no tLi- limit is as follot :
, ,,,. V1,. i, -Ithe .,i.t elti-ie hav
g Itdrcadett Iian iiuteliuo to ii 1p)ul-up it'I e\i lle i
log aby bill for iur!ler aleear-tc e an it n- r
resi der tiniceilf in'o custody, aill atuno iir'e to ti:o
judge that hie wa ii c.-tody, and th'at pre*t5t.,
to Ite criinial court au appulicpati o fr a writ it
al.AI corluis. The c'tuun-ei on the o:her .a lin
oijecied that Gen. Thomas coul'd not put htusef
lotui entcedy, and they did not --.-ire thii i.,
.htitlh ie detained in custody. Ilhe ci 'I pu.t i,.
a-' decla ed th.-t he w-uthi nit -strn-it irea
'll untsa et i1s liberti , an' ws'l aii a t -I i I l b it -r
he itl-it ,-iit'',r s- ,i-mmni ltet 'r lial v i - "irs ..
we tl.en i-astr ed that he be di ihsr~.-d ,. .: ,,
pogi a that the ciuunsl n thl other sde wa-.'
CoT ,-er it to it, and supliisti-lg that w,.i.ld bi.i
ahbout l'i -ommlttmtnt, nld thrit wH sh ,. i,! tb.,i
have an oppirtunity of git-t::g hal.a-. i'o-i,i.
TIt 4 y ilia ou tijeti'liii however, t it h; :iso a~ ,
ctsarge a.,t aiccidiugly the c'hi-f jsrtice d, dls
charge 1--ii.
Of any ether person than a radii'al im
reacher. a person would re br urlriced at sa
tilagitious a misrewlrt*rntation if the facts.
From Mr. Boutwell, however, a- f'rml Bhuller,
mnothing else could be exIectetd than a f.dsiti
ataion of the record.
"The AmerIcan House, Boston, has recently com
pleied the addition of forty family rooms io iutr..
com tlising parlor, bed-room, bath-room, etc., a.l
_-rnic tied mn the most elegant style. The Ameri
can, un der the skil!ful mansKement of Mr. Lewis
Rcee, ha long been known as one of the best ho.
tel. in the country, and the excellence and liber.
slty of its m rsCements have gained for It a wide
a.! justly m.arted popularity. Travelers and
toristes who have occasion to visit Boston will I
Ma the house e'ttlrely reltted and refraished I
wth every lurury, comfort aid convenience.
WIlt e Iost comple . passenger elevator ever
,oastraeted, as excellet't caff. Ipacions billiard
ails, saf the iet centra' location in the city for
business or p re, it will more than maiantain I
the popular hvwr whieb it bu ,'o long enjoyed. d
Mia Carie Ausi sad Mr. Ch e. AustIa, the
ighm Zoseve drill aris, at the Academy to 51
Ben Wade's preers
troubles, in Soutºh ,aption for saticipated
between the ' Carolina and other tates,
what ni .,lacks and whites, is precisely
sho- ,gbt be expected to come from his
,. He is one of those radical statesmen
"ho take instinctively to direct and simple
measures of violence, and whose policy, if
tvrg ascendant, would revive every antiquated
uarbarism which advancing civilization, in
better times than these, had successively ex
ploded. Thus, under radical statesmanship,
the world is certain to move, and just as cer
tain to move backward. The heroic treat
ment of the houth wvith unlimited doses of
bayonets and bullet, of military contribu.
tiins and forays, as the only remedy for pos
sille dis,(Lder, political and social, at the
< Ii,tl. iJs (sl,.tly plagiarized by Mr. Wade
fr 10: the It:ict.'t o'f the medical quack whose
I (c:!'y was: to ,.iri- "tits." Unless there
a-rA. rTe i to begin with, this quack was at sea,
,id the patient was likely to go to wreck.
Ile. thL r, ture, aimed to bring about fits at
oL.ce as tie only sound basis for subsequent
'I srations. Mr. Wade, and other politicians
of like stamp, hld that, in the presence of a
I p'.tih d and tranpquil South, their occupation
would be gone. They are resolved to use
nlistary coercion tor their party pulrposes,
and if an occasion for it do not spontaneously
o ccur, they are resolved to tuake one. There
is no honest and sensible man in the South
alo is not more anxious than they are to pre
serve peace between thhblack and white pop
ulation of that section; aye, and to preserve
it, if need he, by the interposition of
the federal military. They want a standing
army in the South for no other purpose thin
to prevent the woundls of war front healiing
there, and thus to secure an indispeniable
condition of radical ascenudanc at Was.hig
ton. But can Mr. Wade disguise from the
Northern people the hollowness of such a
device for entirely relieving them of the cost
of maintaining an army of repression and ir
ritation in the South, as that which he has
proposed ? "If these Southern rebels don't
behave themselves they tmust be made to pay
the expenses of keeping peace within their
limits. Such, sir, will lbe our policy." So he
is represented to have spoken ; and when his
interlocutor spoke of the difficulty of raising
the required taxes in a country impoverished
by war, Mr. Wade " suggested that the
Sonthern lands would yield ample revenue for
the purpose." It is positively insulting to
the Northern people to teil them th it they
can be relieved, or in any wise benefited, by
ii posing a system of ruinous exactions upon
the Southern people. They can hardly be
ignorant that the revival of material pros
perity in the South would be worth hundreds
of millions to their tax-payers, their bond
holders, their merchants, their farmers and
manufacturers. .\11 those negroes in the
South who have intelligence enough to know
that their freedom means a right to parti|i
pate in the good things of Southern pros
perity. and the necessity of sharing in the
evil things of Southern impoverishment and
degradation, must perceive that the policy of
Mr. Wade is hostile to every interest of him
self and his race.
There is intrinsic prolability in the account of
the remarks by which Mr. Wade is said to have
foreshadowed his reconstruction programme
in case ctf his accession to the acting presi
dency. The indecency with which, being a
senator, he openly looks forward to the occur
rence of this event, and the arrogant tone in
which lie lays down in advance a policy for
his administration on the Southern qluestion,
are scarcely oadeliluted to hasten his advent
to the position which he so contileutly cx
picts to occupy. There are mninny reasons
why such a manifestation on his part should
make against the fulfillment of this expecta
tion. The vulgar and revolting prurien.y
which he has displayed for early induction
into the presidential office, ii not the least
among the causes of regret felt by numbers
of I:epublicans, who \Nere once in favor of
imipeachment, that this.purely party prosecu
tion was ever comlmence d. The c'labs of lbe
publicans referred to would at this moment
sork andl vote aguin-t the conviction of the
I'reslent, were it nt forthe belief, with
shich the more reckle.s of the impeachers
have cunningly inspirel them, that, though
inhieachnent mni:. have been a blunder, the
tnulure to push the measure to comlnlition in
the removal of Johnsln and the installment of
a successor, will be the ruin of the Iepuili
cin party.
Thb re is, to 1t sure, a futil clf-contradicition
in this view. No vi'or ot ex,-1,'tion can cir,.
error of .-ic',1ti ,n: ii l to tak,- coinis.l
d, sl,-,rati-,n ii ,ri r t, aiv rt thli cu- - lu n
cts <i to.lpri,:dni,-. is siiiply to court prIh
tion. I; casne. it may te ricsh to steer int,
the rap)los of Niara, it dles not follow that
the trlue w·cc of sap1 ·' from te consequlent
Svll is to shoo()t the fal i. Yet a politicHal
Ilh:uii sinhlar t,) snu'h a I. up i-u what perhaips
ti --thi.lls ii to,- .lIibtliauIi s.enators nxi-v
cuntlnl tate .i- an act of party necessitt. .\t
iall (\ets, if they rate for the conviction of
the I'resident, the Iltiu.lllig of their thus vo
ting cannot I'tu mi.taiken. It will nltan that
ihc Il, pub n l,,rty, ,-pdiring of liopitlar
-,pott 1a ao, I Ibrounh r,-i *: lr chnul 1. of
it- CI ,t th. f t 'i : a \ tlel t dittatur-l p first,
1 fa t;rtut ,-tt r-! aifterwart. It
will t.; -in t..t the 1 htlot-,-xe- are to I.
ecuii d, thatt ,' 'ts 'f pt'linttal o11r neits
ii tU, he caii l l'-i. Ju-t -,. tar ,s s-ub ir,
ct ings niaŽ S ni v rqiiusite to k-ep ii usurp.
ing faction in poh er.
T" Ml isi'-ti l. IrL Il'.iROoi'-A Wi-er
Valley, liss., special of the 2d to the Memp.is
Avalanche says:
Four hundred delegates. representing fiity eight
thousand shares of ile Mississipp Central Hnail
road, ciunvend here to-day. ;Gecerals Beaure
gard. Furrest. Waltuill. Feaherston, tamar, A.
I. We,.t. Colonel tuamu Tate and seve:al large
N.rthern esiptaislio' an I other nutbles wesre
'ressent. The nmeeting met at 11 A. s..Judge
Hwry. of Oxford presiding: It . Hart. of Jak
s. n. teen.. secretary. After several hiour, if de
lhbteratun and dlaiscusion, a mniu ti) lesse the
rosad for Pixteen )years, upon condition that it be
Lept in guood runnlng order during that tnime, atrdl
a me three milihons of the road'. lod-btedne, the
paid by the less-ee, was aIniet unannui,usl, rv
ferred to the present board of ldirector, for fln
actIon, with Instructons to makt. the best term,
pomoble for the good if the road. fThe meeting
a s exceedingly harmonious, and the opposirtion
Eva Bret at the Academy of Mouic tosiight.
The best way to ecnomia e these hard times,
Is to boy a Grove'r & Dlker sewing mabine, and
do your owe workt,
Bay oear fis si r ~?c k1 at Bo usset' hardware
store, No. 17 Old Letv'e street, opposite Custom
The impeachers begin to tfer that they
may nit succeed ma thei little conspiracy f
ter .al, and the voracious carpet-begge, who
throng the Washington hotels is expectation
of an invitation to Wade's banquet, are, con
sequently, on the verge of despair. Btrong
suspicions of honesty are entertained against
some of the Republican senators. It is more
than hinted that some of these reensant poli
ticians have more regard for their personal
reputation than for the supposed interests of
the Republican party. In this extremity some
expedient is rendered necessary to offset the
defection of the recalcitrant radicals; and
' hat expedient can be better than that of
bringing in two new senators, who are not
afflicted with honor, conscience, or intelli
g(ncr? Such a device would be strictly con
gruous with the policy puisued, hitherto, so
persistently by the Republican radicals. The
tight to vote, on their theories means, as t,
pets.ns, the right and duty of voting the Re
put lican ticket; hence negroes must be en
itanehistd and whites di-franchised. The
tigl.t to sit in Congress means the right and
duty of sending iepiLbhecans to N ashington;
hence D emocrats must be excluded wherever
a pretext can bhe found. The right to vote in
the electoral college, means the right and
dut) of voting for Gen. Grant, the heir appa
lent to the Ibpublican nomination for the
presidency; hence the Southern States must
I,e excluded until they are so reconstructed as
to make their votes reasonably sure in N,,
vember next. The right to vote on the trial
of the PIresident means the right and duty to
vote for conviction; but, unfortunately, there
is no way in which the Democrats and recu
sant Republicans can be forced to fultill this
duty. If enough of them could be expelleld
to make sure of a two-thirds vote for convio
1ta1n, expulsion would go on until
the Senate should be purged of the
last remnant of efficient honesty. rhis
agency is, however, exhausted. Nevertho
ess there is another method equally sa
c( ptable to the ingenious and practical minis
of the impeachers. It is easy enough to ad
mit new senators for the occasion. Two of
these snpliosititious creations of a fictitious
legislature have just been elected in ,Lrknsas,
and are now asking admission to the Senate,
where they may take their seats beside the
"noblest compeers" of the expected Foster
Blodgett. Greely, who is never so thoroughly
conscie ntious as when he is frantically urging
son.e rascally expedient, insists on the adop
tion of this plan. The President must b,
cony icted--honestly if necessary, but dis
l: neatly if possible. Whether or not the
Senate will take this view of the case remains
to be seen; but there is little reason that re
spect for public opinion, or for law and jus
tice would restrain the radical majority from
the adoption of a plan which has the hilh
reconmnendation of intrinsic and unparal
Itle d wickednes.s.
I.UITL. DORRIT. By Charles Di-ken,. New York:
I. Appleton & t o., Is;s. Krull & Dickey, 10;
('anal street. New Orleans.
This is the latest issue from the press of Apple
ton & Co. of their cheap, neat and uniform edition
of Dickens's works.
in:At. By Julia Kavanagb, author of " Nathelle."
"Adele." etc., etc. Illustrated by Gaston Fav.
New York: D. Appleton A Co., lG;. Krull &
lackey, 106 Canal street. New Orleans.
This is a novel constructed with the author's
eminent skill and graphicness in regard to interest
of plct, animation of incident, and distinctness
and s'rergtn of character, and yet it belongs to a
quiet and domestic, rather than tb the sensational
order of novels.
NiT Wi- v llBrT Too Wert.. A novel. By the
sunthor of "('ometh Up as a Flower." New
,.rk: 1). Appl~ ton & Co. I-;. Krull &
lickey, 10; ('nnal street. New Orleans.
Like the author's preceding wolk, this book
pousestes many strong aid ealient points. Its
descriptions, especially those which relate to
I hyical beauty, may sometimes be too sensa,,is
and warm, and too sculpture·que and bold. But,
whatever its faults, that of being a dull and tame
pioduction is not among them.
The Cosetitallnlol Conveltlom of Teas
Os der ('buaglng the Date of Meenlag.
IlEAgl.UAiiTfRS FII Ti.1I.ITeRY DItora'T, )
New Orleans, La., May 5, lsCy.
SpeOiaF Oiders No. 97
1. The constttitutional c,nvention of Texas wil
assnmb'e on he Ist instead of the 15th of Junie.
b o. as heretolore direc'ed, in epec-il grdera No.
7s. eurreut serles. from thcte head.uati¢trs.
:y ci n.nma.ind of Brevet 31sj. Gen. I. C. Ilihhanan.
Il1US. tt Nit. LU,
Malnr 2 thi Infantr. y, revet tlrilsdri, O.rI i IU. . A,
Lftoip SATH Fh 1"tL I lBAaNK.
:J Lint . ?1I7 l. nt. y o. l-t i-i Uu , U S A .
A i(:n Ar -i'( ,er sdlltllit (ii neral.
lr i] *Ii  Ah\ii i;o! i .l tiiLT I .RA. FAIRK A sO.'cIA
Ti,'.- The stckh 'tders of this as-o<iat i nrt
yesierday and ur aI li nusly elected tle fhowjiiz
, ard of drectors lor the en-nine year: 1. N.
Marks, t'. 1t. ~.hlc,,mnb. W. B. :.s hnnil , A. W.
Merriam. i;. A. Bresmi,. J ,bn Peemberno. . ;F.
Knight. A. Power, N. E. ias ey. I. A >icer, i'..1.
Ieed, J. lIavidson IE M . Ilt.ha. T. W. hildek
Wilitamson Smith, G. W. -izr. V. M('u l,.h. A.
W. II. swrth, LI. Fulger, James Ja.kon, Edward
Bart nett.
ir g wtir' r la-t Iistru tin, s ~f U . W. Arian ,
ale ', il jlU et Su il.e at tte S,. Ni holas, I te.
CiLcIUnat', by swaeltwing lidanOum:
I i (cT"i, loro, April 21, 1.
To the C'er,.aer of c'lrtelnnuts.
. i ma~ rerider a \id:ct as collows: Weary ,f
rl.t Iattilt i t :Ite, di'.u-'ed w.th the pa-t, :·
I l[ae, w. q tie p at : i . withi it hote fr t:I
f sthre, ea:.e. ii w' F, the eorriws and ,sill's'thi , as
t, I the j y iof iil', whitter Iv Iistiniy o
'i ii Ft d, ir a ). Fate tsuts the catdle o0lt ari I
Tl. Mi El . . a , i 1''A . "s M, ii.--Whe'.a
the aseses, oI lI'Arcv M, ',eoe, had long brue a
in rnal hatred I r hi., and frequently threatiie 1
:, 'ake his iilie. II li ,.,nal appearance is pre
[i,' estig. Thtere is authir g bruital cwardlh. ,ir
cruel i hir, looks. One wouid hardly expe:t thit
te w,.uld nomnot such a dted, a'thoigh he has
shAtii ciit terve t, do so. lie is of n idle hight,
w l. I.'it'ed antl e,, u ar, r,'.er .ool ',oking
ind i h a fa r cimplexin auid ight blue evas.
HIe stands up in tim court-room perlectly cool, and
se, ningly reginrdlces o the riiie with which he
a cI arge!. aiid the vengeance f an indignant d ,
mili n ii hie is proved guity. lie is very crefaul
to show conspicuously a green neck tie ,hich he
constantly wears.
A.NThIIOn 1 I(Li.I E - A Washingtoulettersay.:
Antliwy Trlliope occupied with Mr. Thornton a
froit neat in the diplomatic gallery on Saturday,
and was the objectat which half the opera glasses
in the eenate were Jevelled. He sat doubled up
like a figure four, leasing his great nushy gray
beard on his arms, which rested un the railing in
frctit. He is a strange looking person. His beasl
Is eb-a ed like a minnie ball, with the point round.
ed down a little, or hlike the half lof a lemon cut
traaswetrely in two. It is small. almost sharp at
bhe top, and bald, mereaing m size until it reaches
hs neck. The growth of his hair and whiak<as
may nive his head more the appearance I have 1
tdescribed tLan it deservea. Hi face is red,
" ruddy '" i the onglish word.) and his nose
shoeas an nimiatakeable brandy blossom. Hisu
cotplezion and general bearing are moch like
Iiicken'e., a·d he Las a decided cockney air. H t
rtsesa like a geelgass, uad sot hke a fop, but
he squeezes his smaJl, well shaeed hand into a
very small pair of colra-elored kids. e "wearsn
a case." as all iogli.Imea do. He meeod very
m-cb interested in Mr. Groenbed' speech. C
The sea'sn is bawlrd il Tessanuee.
It is denied that Dissy was drnk.
3has upt Mr. Charles Buff for Qaliferlp
eSdbody eeeated & white doe to the
princaea of Wales when she landed in Ireland.
The La Grange Brignol troope are to be ia
Nashville next week.
Scandal now accuses Disraeli of fightag the
The New York Mall wants a Dickes gapUery,
as well as Milton, Shakpeare and Soots gapile
Gen. Buchanan has changed the day assigned
for thue meeting of the Texas conatitutional oon
seatlon from the 15th to the let of Jane.
Fred. Douglass has been elected to deliver the
next annual address before the student of the In
dana State University.
There is some hesitancy about the appointment
of WIkes as one of the judges In the presiden
tial race, as Wilkes has entered Grant.
The reason why faces are never seen in the win
'we  f Inane ae)luss is, that the heads of the
patients are turned.- [EFx.
A late Boston paper states that there are yet
snow drifts five feet deep on the stage road from
bhelburne falls to the town of Adams, in North
western Massach usetts.
Admiral Semmes will deliver his lecture on the
( rutse of the Alabama," in the senate cha:nmer
at Mechanics' Institute, Dryades street, next i'ri
day evening. See advertisement elsewhere.
In response to an appeal from Bishop Potter,
several of Jhe first ladies of New York city will
sing in an amateur concert in behalf of the suf
fering at the South.
Car;oe Pierce, Esq., of Boston, has given a
$20,000 organ, one of the best in the country, to
the Metropolitan Methodist Church, in Washing
ton, D. C.
It Is suggebted that, if the Fenians intend to
hkil eff the royal family of Englaid, they will
have an endless task, at the present rate of nm
A precocius boy of seventeen summers has
eet n writing in Mrs. Stauton'a Revolutiuon against
the custom, somewhat prevalent among females,
ot wearing corsets.
A member of the British House of Comm is
recently walked to his seat with a wreath of red
tape on his brow. It was more expressive, and
pos.ibly appropriate, than laurel.
A little more than a month ago, a noted pundit
of Mobile lkened a vegetable in the 8cuthern
market to John Brown's soul-it was a March
A new visiting card has been introduced. It is
oval, with the border cut into twelve points, bear
the numerals from 1 to 12, to represent the hours
of the day. The visitor turns down the point in
dicati:g the time of the call.
An ldiana paper proposes that hereafter, in.
stead of saying " Let us sing the Doxology," the
uinister shall say, " Lit us put on overcoats, al
just tutm, lip on gloves, seize our hate and be dis
Thirty conductors have been discharged within
a few days by the Third Avenue Railroad Com
parry, New York, on account of a discrepancy
between their count of the number of passengers
and the enumeration made by detectives employed
fhr the purpese.
A new bonnet is offtred for sale in Paris for
three cents. It is crmposed of thin pliable strips
of wood, reticuled like a net. The interstices are
tilled with very narrow ribbon. Of course the
trimmnngs are an extra expense, and at the op
tl n of the weartr.
J. Brown, messenger of the Merchants' Union
Exl'ress Company, was robbed by unknown
parties on the.tHudson railroad train, on the lit,
of $2f000 in gold and $7;0io in currency. The
thieves surprised and bound him at a point about
fifty miles from New York city, and he was found
insensible on the car on its arrival there.
-uomebody has actually stolen from a foundry in
France a life-size statue In bronze of the emperor.
I' I h aps the thief desired it for his private oratory.
perhaps for the purposes to which Quilp devoted
the figure head which bore a fatal likeness to Kit,
perhaps he only wished to beat Butler.
The Memphis Avalanche, of the 3d, devotes
over ni.e columns to an account of ruemorial cere
sioties in honor of the Conftederate dead in Elm
,wo d Cemetery. on the previous day. It gives
tle names of nearly nine hundred Confederates
resting in that place, orations by Col. L. C.
Haynes and Coi. Moses White, and a poem by F.
Y. lIRckett, read by Col. Yerger.
A Scotch paper describes the present state of
the farm at ('raigenputtak, where Mr. t artyle
lived fRm l17 to 1-,3. and where he wrote the
beat of his essays. lie still owns the place, a!
though he has only visited it twice since ne west up
to loudon to live. Hlis tenant admires him great
ly, aod shows letters fion him written abhut the
management of the tarat and in the language of
ordimary people.
Ilere is a suggestive item from the Boston Trayn
, ier : The ptersanous whli, at the opening of the
"t. James, appr, printed somue silver ici.wers,
,i,,, r the i1,a probably that they were hair-piroi,
, s rejpect llly rm aq ested to return the -snre. as
:ivy were it'enldet Sit[l ly for the ornamtintatirlo
ul dhiits, aid nuot as gs ito the guests." Two
c-f tl.e o.t;il, r takcn havo been already returned
thriugh the mall.
'ihe Lrndon Tinimes, wh!:i b always does its best
to interpret tl-e avtrace sentitnu-nt and couingi
urp,-irces of the Enerl- ieople, pronounces s-,oe
.enteners whtih will ie read as the M1-,i ,, -
'A., -/, , o f the Irsl: t'hurch. I: declarns
hatl to' churich is an iiiin. Thtit it is a fsi-
',il , -ely htellt It its lla,. -,y lI, -rure- and ban
d.ag s. I it th.e Irish !at.! interes: t in one aidl,
Ind the Eiigihch ih-trn i hti-re.iton the other, are
ti.e atw " dog-bshores" that stl.l keep it on its nr
rtow ad rotten basis.
A r.ew tenir in I.ondlon is fifty three years oll,
alit! l:I ho-s frI i-theC-('lui, del. lres that no livitg
trnor et thilrty tive Casi el 5l his vocali eflorts.
lhit it -lensa to that j ,urnal that tLe rejuvenutel
tenors uun~s are in much better cindition than
hls iver. Ide has sunken edes, swollen eyelils
Std a cadaverous comnpieXion, whi -b, the crtit -
Ien:vrely adns, ts the cluomlexion ti, whi -h we al
.., e i \ ' rnc. -n ie--t rt uitr i'i attenla-ce on
dot- '- ri ,-, 'rtl n Lte thi- absence on asay .f
,.r ,i iari ,,u. tn .o. ishiaon, at lialmioral, last
do-in. Le akcild ,rie ol or attendlauts on a
Main:iy nuorntng:" \\ ty were you not at the
lilrk asterda):" ll annswered: "Please your
Unjjre y, tel.r mrning was wet." "Oh, ie!" said
tve q ien, " who could have expected a Scotch- i
tiin to plead that excuse It was not too wet
for nm e."
L he Bioton Traveller says: "A gentleman
who for several ,ears had resided in the suburbs
ol this city. hadu~iceeded in gathering quite a
coleciinu ot ancint coine. About a year ago he
muosed into town, and placing his treasure in a
bhx, deposited them in a closet. Not long since
he had occasmon to go to his coin box. and very
much to his surprise found it empty. Upon ap
ipealit; to Lis wife for an explanationhe learned
that sle :not knowing their value had been cul
tivatieg her taste for music by bestowing thets
liberaly upon organ grinders." (
Jennte June writes of a Yew York boarding
lmu.e where the boarders are ranged from the
'ilper toward the lower end of the table, accord.
lng to tLe doors they occupy, and the food gradou
ated accordingly. At the lower end of the table
the tough meat and oundesirable parts of poultry
are served, without gravy, the salad or canned T
vegetables omitted, and butter, oftstimee so
strong. as to be quite uoneatable. The castor is
the boundary, and the strong batter never goes
beyond that dividing line.
The Illinois papers do not speak Ladly of Sen
.tor Yates a coanfeession of drunkennesa. The
Chicago Tribune (Republlcan) chargesthathe has s
otUhe wmonu ad debaing habits which he ought
to reform, aid adds that it would be in better
tale to rntrl once without issaing a proelm
ties,tL to IM onalglly issuing prooiallooos
4 a  se fremai,. The Chicago Ibs* (Dem
ntrat) is also very bitter upon Mr. Yates and his
e habits sad his pledges. The temmperane people,
too. continue to be desatiafled; and the senator
Is will evidently have to keep his promises a good
while before he wins back the good opinion of the
State he represents.
Beooicanlt wee down for a reply to the toae of
7. "The Drama" at the theatrical fund dinner in
le London. He was sick. but sent tea guineas and
a letter in which he said: "I should feel like
ad G:adstone if he were asked to return thanks for
on- the Irish Church. I am the sacrilegious Icono
clast-tan arch-destroyer of sacred, traditional,
he and vested opinlons. I am one who believes in
In the living drama and the drama of the future; and
I no more desire to wse the defenct dramatilst oc
at couying the stage than I wish to see my grand
n father rise out of his respected tomb and reclaim
my inheritance."
in We quote from a New York letter: " On the
fashiunable Fifth avenue will soon be erected a
ret new Epiecopal house of worship, to be called
)m 'The Church of the Heavenly Rest.' It is really
th- a memorial to the two deceased children of the
Rev. Mlr. Howland, rector of the Church of the
he Hily Apostles, on Ninth avenue. This gentleman
tr is that anomaly, a wealthy clergyman. lie
ri bought the expensive locality on Fifth avenue
himself, and contributes thirty thousand dollars
er, mre toward the building. A friend of his gives
rll another twenty thousand; and with an additional
u. ten thousand given by other partied, the work
starts on a sound basis."
to First appearance of Billy Cavanagh. the un
rivalled comic singer, to-night at the Academy.
The finest assortment of sewing machines can
to be foutnd at the office of Grover . Baker's, 1x2
i Canal street.
At bhal'paot lo'clock P. a. Nay 5, KkTE ISIDORU.
a .-aget (hld of t . J. h1baun.t and Anlie roil, aged ;
Iet The friends of the family are isiatd to aUsad he fnearal,
's, w Ih wwh take places t i eh it r a. WEDNESRDAY (T.
DAT) May 6, fvos the resideace of th parents. on Foer:'i
street, between bt. Charles and Cauondelet.
d Yesterday, at 3 r e ., LONCE ANDRE SBUTHB, aged
-I The frlend, and relativesof the famtlie, of nrthe., Po'lock.
Clial slli and nary are Invited, with lt farther notice, It.
ait at etd his funeral, whith wll itake plas. T*) DAT, at 5
o'clock F. a . from the residence of A. Chiapells, Rsq., No
rn sti Filanadastseet
iA 'rar Books,
ir IA ES A. ItESl [AM '.
in- ..............CAMP 5TIBET............. 92
D(iRA. I) Miss Julia Kava-asn.
S,1 .IT \VleLLY BUT TOo) WELL, by the author ot
"e'.nm.e. tp a- a 'lwer.'"
be LITLE LtoRIft. A hpliton'eabap edition.
't ti litt' AN WORLLD. -y Fr.lum
. DAAIT. $I S.), t'ittAER. 1 S 50, SPENCER $t o50
d- TA ",l 51 50 Thea2.. edl ion orf it:t)rr aad DItCK .-t
the larget collection of Books io New Ortesa. e&,,k.
Son. ,) mail, py.twle Ic tr z l'rchaset ever ass at it ln
yty mittury. Buks at N th-rn Prices. Call at
i JAMES A. GRl;-HAH't,
St No. 92 Camp ostrt.
re LlUt n Itea's
ri m and sitr tlh IEi'OND DkV OR MAY, a rsdaetI m
or of Toli.ty Fite PIer ('et will uiade i 'n aoll ktudc nad .iz
of Pi.hotonraph ta11k, t my etable-hmont. A. heretofore, I
ph pron-e to rel II , the be)aty snd fin .h of rctares. tere
re cotptc Yews f the City alo reduced to Thfr IJdlare Per
I Phostngrpher, 13: Poydre street, near Camn,.
an E. L. E. Bonnet,
rn 'G0 ; C I Tlt-;e STREET,
lie Has ljust received his pring styles in
L And I. prepared to offer Inducements to eity and country
in Carpet WIarerouse,
r. Is... .. ........ ARREI TREET...............H..nod s
y A. --OUSSEAU - 00. Im e. pote offer a o wo - .a.
tCARPETlI--aCoainsh a.d Asra. ae all kinds-; aor,
d funornitue ad enmel OIL CLOrTUS; kATINt-. roils
ihnC In u p5ic Co ; WIDOW MLHADETedT a d
Piano Cover; "rumbOlot-Dr-Deaxes. UeýPt ot .
talns-Leo. s ese td, wsu a, ; Punate )ors.
tlag-LInea sad Coton. trled; ornos, eads, te, eMs.
e- C tlral House, .ulageolda, Is , .s
es Termse:
. er r ................. ............o 2)O
Per eok .. ..... . . 15 )
P te N , cl ..... • .. .. . ................... 6t1
1. t dren ate Serwarts Hal Prwte.
N, vnrlatin int mt to e abulse t eams.
lie . Card.
p Havinc been anroved mary tienon latey7 Iy inltqires Os to
t- at ith-r I amn the tham M. T,,dd latey elected enator from
ithe pari.,t otJtfferon. I dul IAt dls ,o mo.e _ and fri-ndo t_,
.tnte 'h-t. altlhiut I ihave betnr elnges. ton blsinsos In thi
if ., ftr thie lt twenty tear, I have never ben s andids e
lor ay. s hl,|h ofict whateser anld hd I daired oflic, I oeat
' .,') i ,I inot hae tt'tepted it fr'l.:, tie radlcatl Repub
tlen party of bthis State.
, Waffnllke It ret.tl
it Treasurer's8 Olllce
New* Orleans. April tI, ISOs.
N •t * i. hereby ivren that th* In erst "`oruptn. ine M Iv
t, I\o n tieis LoeeB Bntostt , Ined y iaut!ltorlty lf at o ti:e
let -.t .o re N, 2i', i't t r, tm r . ti ltI . 7, wiImbepai ,.,
tal a te t it ..tr0 to I.u-t tons N.tiorl Bank of N-.
tot rel ti-. YI.e ct , l 1c , thn itjhe op t t t , - I' . art'. 5t
t nate Treasurer.
Andtl ,r
P. .'tctachs,
I ti, rosumend businao at
tmlorter and Dealer In Drugs mad Meditelaes I
Dioil lPl"itH al.,i PERStLt+ ' E MER'IIANDIItE.
bPAN. tif WINI.5, nnd FRI'ITt.
Atid i tKKiS ,+ l ittteh and it tet
r J, & iue ,epp,
16................Broe e treet ....... ......13
t nher Csa. Street
Prertrve your Decajing Te-tii if ponamb-.if not have theon
S extra< tert withtu t pain. arl rep t ted y toae lest aralsict ll, n,.
SPhotogra phs
eCoples or Plstree
nods by ma blo.e and durln the wr. er.n ie hod by appl
nou Lt nlyOtid Sutod It I 4 ANAL hTEEEo. wer I too
r.1 it dttd d S dshoab be i'am to see my old fnatenc
Carpet and OI-clotA IPDarteluse.
No. 8 Careadelea Streel.
Offer fo salm. aa LOW PRliE(t:
\levet Brussela and Ta.estry Csarpe: Threaply and
T Tn )e tl (.l.,tLil Cantua 11attm°, 4 t, I. a a , i ISe, I.i.,v..'
and nitty.. oeMha l s n ale. tnt. nod toit. 5° it,, Wltolo
In every virrhty: DamaN Rots and Lo.e COnrIamo. MaI.
Iab T (atrosy. I pb',,o ely iiot.dm .
Jag. B. TAeompapson,
geatl aide of P.t 1 strIeet., Jew doors eas of reoadwey.
W'alk lu
In the amd ouesn t City.
The say, .tr cad witty, ,T
".n. sad e va lu Tye l'd Alw ays ise t .
.Or lrteaote"t --s ntar .she
So "Walk tin and leave your measures."
O'or tatsonre. primd by ad anowno to al
Are talitbfl workwoemur ensuinlg,
Always reedy at every aiL
Good At and mate, g'.od s.ye lenuring,
lFo roady 'reo,55ck irenasure.
With el lam ancl otus quite edsrlag
So 'Walk Ln and oave your meurs."
All blads of glood etoretal
For sbirs muting ta there to be found,
By femai. band. etrseal,l
. f it and of w,.rk meet sond
Six matrchoes h irtis r Nine Do lare,
in s box. pribet setusrre!
With we I sewn Swam,. buttons and cllar.
to "Wak in at 4 leave your ma .su '
$10,000 Reward.
ase made up for the Setbler xapress Compaay, addressed
M. MORIAN'S POlNS, New York, contauining rIrr
THOUtIAND (Stit.tlO) DOLLARS In Legal Tender Note.
of One Theoasd d 161001) Dolltrs each. All of loster Ie
and dated 10th March, 1116. and numbered a follows:
2775 n. L 890 131 1na 1 57l. n. a. S Lan.s
M119 .. 8191 142.1t6 a. 11959 10. 3747u .
3815 8P0S 15211 2di23 n. a. S917 n .,
3SLti7. 6. lI 106€. 16543 2M15 aa W i9n.
4047 107211 16731 a. 23487 a.., 4d7 fen..
4667 10tl9a. L. 1647 a 1R,2213 a. 406JS.t%
0277 11403 11S0 0. 30463 n. s. 4A831n.a
6363 n. 1019 U aL 19131 l3J79 n... 4618nq..
6727 19147 n.. L 19196 64511 aL . 419 n.
7296 I3611 a. L 331,36 . 37 nU. a Mslu S
The publc ar eautloned against trading for the same, aun
the above r.wand b offered for the reeovery of the moay.
New Orleans, March 16, O1bler.
Firlt Preasiume PhoeL.raphr,
(D I P LO M A.)
The PIRST PREMIUM, (a Diploma) buas agal be"
awarded to W. W. WASHBURN. 113 Canal street, New Or
leans, for the best PHOTOOMAI'll exh biltd at the Loal
Irn a bhute Fair for Ii
ZEtm serassasns's
Orders for Fine Jwelry, Medals and Presentation Plate
Promptly ad Canrefuly Executed.
Watche repared, adjusted and regulated by the very boed
Workmam, at
94 and 96 ('anal stret
TO all Interested
-Ua tIn
The Fi$s Oaglepglaeaal stearutJ t - 5el a II
the public that etiese wili be held In h r C orh u ar
8iLU. thisad ; Juleasnae eta E Y NNDAT, at 11 U t
ad 7 r. a., the follouwn Cleryman o efhictlu
The Rev. D bKY P. t ADEIRS o(f tmbridge, Ma
The True cordially nUvite eli Iated in tbe am
of ihberal (Chitianitly to elai tsham ih.e b i.n C
tam the Church
By ar e Dewd (Trrsterea
New Orlean. Der benr ,, 1l7 et
Groesr A Baker'a
-AT T"s
T eThe Largest and e;net Assortment of Maehl es In the
thu b. aules R.nme Ii anal snr-, e ew Oen, La.
Te Fprst Preyere.
HBehad begun o thel 8nJeanasry 17, Ia the sl I es1
JaMe Al . GRERl HAA%
[email protected] fo AND 1rTATIOrMae
Brepeetfall salts tata stlox of Msarbea Of id Ea be
aic shaoe a euoun e'sest.
The First Premsus.
Ordrfor igarls of the lnent Haanwa Leat Tobheo fIIled
writh dlspnKch ard strict sttnUtlin.
Oula ('t4m i lsurpased by line 01 Hav8anaM cuPreIlUg
,ow prlee.
Mr Aict toot tb FIrls Promn a the bs Loutle state
air is Nosrrmser 19e; at t, liotta &t.st riaelr aIa
DMreaser l11_7 and at thes I*, t.te Palr of l s Mew
OLasn c i o esn pee oea ·bat of eo lsetl,
lo Rimsesiart treen, below (aadl.
reet OIa.. A.olSe.
Oa sdFid New arlen.. No. U, Ig.
will besedas feliewe:
lr far eloblie, Mstgoatry, Atlanta Au sa O.
ln~bac Ga,, siue dally at I,. aL
Oeae 1all fo, lIt Poet O-ass I(an aptIbe rdruyt laye
Dana, eloess Moudaya at. bdays., an endays.tThere.a,
lburlsor OaiM s ta c . r a . i. esOeT Tuleda aed ntardasy
via the view.
Mails for Loart eet esnewE at d. S. ve ery a eday anl
MWell for aCovine lto al t 8 a. t., every Medelari
Malr lt Algerlose daly a h r 1.
ayla for tal kea Om LO· eoaa rol d o ti cl rme 1l, a
Mh Dlirfo l ,onuhe arshes will clot o MonDay l Wadi
dap sand Frldaye. at Sr. a,
Mralls for t·lseelae t ruts n, ntl ased rsr nllwlll
Tee, es ati 7 Ar. . ben.uye, Tnday Thereday
Rat11 for Onlal Eivareioect I . ,It WedPneardays U
Saturdays, va thb lrse.
MRall fer Nov Texas cuad d lret, c.sw Iti- wesly
Mdl .w f las willTwaET by every vessel eOlwn
for sid Port,
Matllos or tse ed st, vess Nls Orisane d Jouneog
R1a1lrad, el Is rm d edaly at r. L
Way Mils via Jaso'tn Radlroad closesat lan. a.
o0n71C HORMs--Opas 8A . L, clestom r. Ib
mls ~v wullm e kept lme ants ' I r r
ODl&llr .-Oeer L a., saud omU aL
A. ./I. Tlhomparp,
,nm&caseeu e m eaza e as.e
Sato I . Im Mpe rMse, AhIR.eR.a,
aEWdCsrgerg' C..ea/oeu.
. ... OALP 5 ............ o

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