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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, June 18, 1868, Morning, Image 5

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S _HA TI .......................... iAJTUn
IAs or LoatUSIau. Orm e Naw Osu.aSe.
Be t new, tm si1a stdeof Februay, iothe
yiar of our Lord a, themuand eight hundred and stxty-elo ht
sld of the ndepsaldU ee if lb United ttaoee th,
rpsfy caldd. benoe met =ward Iv7. a auteo public.
n and l thbe City od eparish .f fow Or
rea Mrate e Lei m afmnaitd duly remmie
meed and e s. came and an e red thaed t
emrrd that u t ,si , t sl of t provilons of the
tatute od bi ete s of alman.a refative to the nrgenina
sien eopnrtlo in this h lat, thun have cvenanted ain
agreed and do by the. present. e ant, ad p bin
remtlwe, and thou whom they. rprea to f rm them
elvr. Intlatond aon stot. a eer'-,'t ~on for the objeuse ad
peno ee, and snider he etlpulaiuola, reagisatee and ebliga
Thbe mu and itlo of said C ompay sh l be the " NEW
ORLEANAI A ATAIItPI C.OMPANY" and ifs domelcl to
hrby atabliuh.e in the cty eof INew Orinrn and ft shall
et and roCtlane fr the term of twenty fve yea from the
dat. of theme pcnentl, .lec Posner dimollved. s hiretoul
prvdir fol cr Ieha; ky bre unrorteo seal with a deviee ups
heý same sad the name of the Company sp the margn
The object o mid conpany le to eontrd r ohee
Pur as d emainsa e oa mere eteamehf, atio onetolue a nlo
eor lines, steamslhip, to be o ed and ostroroll n the enty
e ieNw (irtlns. and to trode between aid city end any port
o' rut o thbe Atlantic count or ')Ulfu f Meiceo.
The macnKer ,f said eomp.ey shall he the proper reon on
when to ere citaftion notnoe elu otlrºagel poeoe wher
a te said Company may be intereeted.
The apFlo Itr stk of hid Compnty eI hereby heed  t the
LA I-. divided into shares of TfttIy Dollar each, all of whict
t be pld st aor before nhe ig g of the of preen; which
epýtaui ay be Incramnd to an amount not ezlredin one ml'
lion. i t same should be rceqnred by two-thirdes capleL
TpL be. affalr f ud Conpany shill be nder the dleetloM and
Macµemeut of Edward Iiigglnse who may at any tme havre
bhe p.tv. eq o rf snceting with him one or more pet ios from
anmnon the ntochoelders t the C'ompnpy. unhect to the ap
oval of the Boud el Control who shall ant a Board of
Ageeto anlsmt in tranltacsin the buness oe mBa Company.
am onaO 1. The regular mesetoe of t LtechL
horder' ,,f the Comra.y shall be e'd annually, eom
ma annlna the first Tuesay In Febroary Ie, at wo ich
meenlg a maorlly In captal shall choon ire of their nonm
her ,a serve er Directors tor the ensuing year, who shall con
thtate ad form a Board of ntemtrol, of w.0r h the saId Manarger
bhall be Chairman and entitled to one vote on all mtters
brmd ht betore it, ad untl the election of Diretos an fore
aid the el'owing named treons sll . cotitute the ters
Board oe ('cntrol, vi-" M. J ITH., WM CRE: VY, J
ihNa 2 the 'allure to elect Director, a aornalid shall ot
d ,Iu ve the said cerporatlcn. but the Board In offle shall
irnntue to oxercie it functions, until a sew Board an be
Tire. 3. Three member of saeed Board of iotlnlrol hall eon
ttlle net qccrlm for the tra·liuctl.en .f bhelueisu ad the maid
Board Ir het) lnletd witlr 1ll power to frameand dop
mo hIy laws, rules ad reguliaono aI they may deem rnqul
ite and y uroeary for the Compurly ud the trasacnflou o Ito
au e . provtdod, the same shall not conflict w th the true in
sent and meaning of this Act of Incorporation. or with the
laws of this oatf, And is the bempanevy aIncoa of the Man
r they may salat Chairman to prelde at thner meetlutn
They sltll ainer powra and ae hereby authornled to buy and
ll stenship. fnel real eetae, ae., foe the uner ,f the t:Cm t
puny. to make costraeN ls rles, rnglaoK hvptbeca tlons
and rmaromluee. to fli lare of o,-or na emplonc, to
borrw money, erand to nuild or case to be bnuilt seaehlp for
the nsa of mid Company.
tiec 4 If t nl member ofnald BoInd heall eoeer to be a
St,.kholder of said ('.mpany during ui. term of servie, hin
oere sall be de ,ared vacant; and in the event of the death.
m enanent ealenc., or reignation of any memh.rof Said
B rd ol Control, the said Board of COntr,,I shall have power
go Bill uaceo cecaionod thereny until the first regular
meeting thernaoter of the t"hbholdane for the iect ion of
effires of ibe 'tonc ay. I
Tet 6. Toe mnid Bomard shall meet monthly for the tran.
sn(nton of bhl.iou. anld the VtOger mayr call them to
gsthe t any time by giving nix boha' notde in wrIting.
pnrmow In It shall be the daty of the MBaaeroa to le oae
ause to be ept. in souod o s. In the amen of the Com
pang, a ronc record of the proeeding, traseotlons, a
Seis,. property, buliese nd afair ln s well an a ftll and
lcn,p'rte a-c.nnt I f the receipt emid dlrboenremnto tberef b
He shall ma nvr ast a T oreesuree of the tompauy, and
keep a eb haceorunt In one ef the basne or banking com
penlem. of thls caty, subject to sthe aprorl on the Board of
totri, -.ls the name and for uac nt of the on mpa.y nad to
be Ion autborshed and eapowered to draw cheks. to be
,,iiteneatlel by the Becretary. Sad tiranact al benkn r
IboeteN therer. d
Mac 2. 1 shall be the duty of the Maager of mid
,,efly ti exhibit or eau.oto be eblinted tothe itockbold
ee whenever thert reqluird by them. all the 'oonl paitrs.
ntonmte and ,enenmeta hoegin to -aid onmpany. ad emo
mbmnt to te at or before the twerteth of aeb month
odeta ied snatement of the u hness old aios f the Company loi
Idrl p the preceding mouth.
t c 3l n the err t of tthe rem en, pnesat labeas
or d ath a' the Maomr the Board cor.a onol shall mM ot
dIteflyre pred t tn pp a aen= pro tenrew. shel Se
Seasch until I.e staf aet auudl Ief in .auil on les otar
bold.. s st %nhfh meeting the Rehbcbderon shah proeed to
slol manager froA m amon them elves wh shell ahe beci
to lenion anally theeamfte; and In the caneof the tempo- .
nry aonrce of the toaee. the eeren0 d lBoard of Control f
shall have power to aponalt are nger Oro torn
Plt a At thu annual meeting of thy Sttkrholders oe the d
Compa y. the Vanmlge mey make rpir. of such mattem
idting ag he may dn o epedwe t and seeny for the it
s ter-st of the i mpany, at which eenini each shere of
tork in the said C mspany srll be ealtie. tI ae vote on alt
mattere brought before it.
r,c I. Tbhe ald Minareshl bhall h powe to appoint
ecretary, agent. and other empliye anually. and oteuer I'
vauearnc solnid ocrur stbJecl to the approval of the
aoard , f Cmatnl; ·an he may rmouve sad B rotatry, yentte
or othe smplos su tI e. y lwthou the eaaua of o/d
O l the aOqn a o the sa d term of IetweS.fve y ,re,
b Imelubefon stred upo formtbe exlince of uaid Company,
anmajorlly ,1 the tnelorlhnt m In apital shall han powere
delenmne urn. the mode of iltnlg and disposlng of aill
Athe prpurty iid dec0t heloegling to said Company, and alm
t de- de rp I a de the t rm anod conditlono of the uleor
dlepfitton thereof, and fIall of winding Up ad iquildating
Is afarle to the beet advntnos.
Thre-efomrt h of the toetbldenr In eeapltl shall hae the
ouwer to wind up aend settle the bnnlnen and agal of said
.rnpmny at niy tlime durnalg It exliste o, or of makitl
any modl, talien -dditl ons or chanige to this act, o. givrl en
sltdI nys prev.eul ntcla in two of the newupaper pblinhen
a this city. A CLE I.
All traevro of eteLs shall be made fn tie cre of the
Compa y. and reecrd- l in a non of tnaefuer to be hept 'or
t hupnerpro Tlhner. stocbholder bhidiCoi hlmalt In aid
nctoftranftr to abide bh all toe termo. ondltloue ad stip
ulatlncn ef this o-t und allotanny role-u. luenirO by-laws
mde ad edepted In puemac thereof,
ymc. the seount of bns ltn Ie ead d ' ,:Ilpamny
nor tbhal any norO Ieformnallty 1 the orgocn,s*tlnf -ilnud
(i,,n Isln) ·e- thleecl ,! rentdurlni dte tre-e:,L uol -rer nuil.
ce -,I nonivIou ar hrt.hbo or to anry Irne- liellty than the
aeoact of hIt etob tbermn.
be said tinmpany sI-ll eoe and be rrnl lv ev rorp~nrut
uaoe nal capacity, and plead and be inpiev2,d nocnrdingly
puny, and n snch nn a titl*nd to the n unbhr or salrs pine-d
eplone to their nuae reperotley, to-.it.
h J Bemntb, m (W'mevy. Jun. Am strong, Thou B. Lee
On-- 1.1 (larne J B enera, tie-n U. ino.o. J Ii
licrni.irl IDonnIe. " I Bradohaw. David clt'oanni genliil
* Bii, Wom B Perbina A. Eitenbeege * C, *l,hlsmn
Te Iomrd of ('octrel sbhll be empowerd to moetre Iosthee
eherlpnl., s to mitd t'upItal lon-b. ocnt1l the aount snb
rikd nhal haye rnd the alorenald sum of one million.
Ths Alnrlaolon shall g-n Ic.to oprntlio an so u the nmm
nI Ftty Tb-,s nd li,lloro nI-nll Inrhe tout cu,-eribed to,
A4,l IIr ,.,niluOllin. the s',,nhhcld, re herelneltcl4u uomII t
rouhitntoD .,f nhe fsrmLd etpnPmll.aal, Cone unints an.
ne-rrc.n ndtora slrd etlbllahed t bh the prresnt act In,
thrt pttrO,. Ohrell n forie oe ti m-d iiitl to thnt effe only
ii, herennon nlnevi the|r ametm rerli-nlrely
Tl.un diun rnd perd t nhe city in rerw I rlceatn ·,-..nd
q tireo ('lanb and IV Men. Balne, opIrn et witneeows un
bheua l.sn athl sime wlrt s par-ee nad mu suonny
John Pnor 3. IUpgy, ean . . nMrne,
Wlllim (n'rrvy, aehlIIJ 1mith, C H Brudabaw,
Jan Mid hahey, J.Lrdbur. D..Ednrd Hlggins
Is reseer f fea Clark. 7. Net Naon.
au dma oce re ten emaoa
i bee c Iuglen ad nobne li()Kll tES, RBLDLE
UORtfC and NrUi.hi c-instant von hnd htauma ontlin
etffolltill in at. Lions and oetortl eenetn itim.
nu enahld to ee I udume e to Plaoter ad the Pblg
Puerelerdsrtt e paid I Il eiagt. havtn a fe art
cenm ad Ble. Bogl and Bald o Oenemla.
Nea 1St i1and 1 Veg asrt between Julia sad St
J eepb etreat
Blnre far fArm L. HART Inrrnoimw
1) Sn WI"" , to s
Oc mad Reid es  Burn Den-nm... ewem t d
tiS,-e Ba-re-Pra 11 m Ia B ealeek r. . Bpelan.
Fe .ane Pm and uObrin.
Be it kaen.. tht on this tweaty-firM day of May It the
rear one thousud eiaht hundred sad slxty elbht, b aeome.,
Pierre Charles Coe tier. notary pub I in n and fr the dity o:
NewOrleans, Pal.bf o rladole etate of Lotwistana.f d.
uly remmiaotdned and worn. personilyaete ad appeed
the parties whoe names are herunto sobsribed. who dt
a'laed that wailing tiemselry of the prvisions of the
ftasttls rf iba State of Louisiana rlatire to the o-gaoisqtoln
of crporatiens In this tate they hav eorevnated arl
eaned. ad do by thea.e preseta sovennt. sgre and bit, I
themselves, rad th es whom th-y rerrroeot to form them
,sles aInto and omsetltute a rorprnton for the ojerts and
ipurpo . and under the stipulatons and regnleusoe follow.
Ing. that i to say :
The name and title of said corporation shall be THE LOU
establiahd in the city of New brleans
The object end purp~se of ts'd Corporttion is t extract
from the soil of the eta'e ,f LMorilana the natural rae snere
lsa'tee to exist below its surface, and to Improve, utilise tol
;eat urd d'strlbted tie same abtheuc." the means an.]
marhbinery it rateted by l'.elh B nut. Williem F. Pratt ani
Peter M Potersn, for which appeiatonl. for a patent hb
beno iled, end of suth other mnrans maehiory, .ppMatos.
.mprovrmeonts mrcrhartic or chemical. ua may herefter he
trs Brrd, devisd. Invented or eonsernet.d by the patentes
or others from whom geid Company may acquire the right of
nsing ald working the sma.
The capital stock of this Corporation Is hereby fixed at the
' .m oI ($21IJIUW) Two iluodr.d and Ten Thouard D .Ier*..
repented by ( 100) twentyone hundred sha res of ($110, ore
hundred dollers ench, of which one third, say r7iUll sevr hh
died thares are marrved ad set epapt fbr the purpoesc ex
rensed in the article filowing, the other two third. o.r 11441
fourteen hundred shares., shalt hb euberrioed and aid for o
follows The subocrib. ne to the said fosmpei y shall pay into
ti a hands of thr I'resldrnt, upon its orgnitatinn for b.Dloess.
ten do:lars on each u.d every bare ,,f to Ik suherihbed by
them, the remaining alnety sol'rs per ohbre pay abhi on doe
maend at the rfmte of the uoompany a'ter tbhrt1 days' no oi~
se tlo Board o' lirectors ly rrqulle; hot norcall shall at
any one t'cre he made for more tano ten dollars per shore
ate every ot, choilder. after the payment or the first oIntal.
nol nt ,f ten per ie . n ay discharge himself romallo furter
I l"ilt) f. r thie rrmalnain Inttl'meort. b si delaruing at th*
n.fle of the Company, a t any time. p.etlded it he beotre the
exairatlen of the thirty days' lit te above meontoned, in
wl icb cose such rtckholder shall forfeit ll pyments there
tofote made by him.
The (1u. seren hundrei shares or oe-thllrd of the capital
.toe rr"erhrd and set apart In the oreong artle e. shall
,elaun to Ih 4 .t U t aLn uLmm F PiCatanol P Mhi Peter.
stn, the dlt'iverecs or pa"'eutees anamed in artllie second orI
their Rasins. ,and shell ra k equally with the other shares,
ut no pay mot of money shallh be required frm the holdero
thereof, all panmerta or eeesmetrtos rrcered from or levled
upon the other rtooh,, ldere being consldered as havring
atrnedy been paid by the holdern of sad resered shares that
I. t0 say when i.5) twent) rve per cent. on the ato-iunt .ii,
scrdbu for in the other shars is pa d then lll t*ento fire
per rent. on the rmronnt of the sid resored th se shall be c n
nldered a having been alseo paid. when 1(i fitly par cent is
paid on the other sliore, the reserved a har.e hall t e rated a
stoak in which ,1t; llst per cent has been paid. an I oon.
But all o11 loeis ,It the profit e ot the tininoy r hall hbe
S-uinly pamd to tll t rotcere of al .horee in prolprtnl, only ti
the number of sharo held by each. bet no share upon ahtl h
so tstaollment shall be due sheall be eonited to reteir any
dividen .
The acreptance f the above share and the uhocrib'ng of
their narme to theBe articlee of asu.ieti.u, shall Ilrmly o0
the par d of the ares CB. Hunt Wm F. Pratt and P. h .
Iretroin, a full conveoallce tantfer and a·etgoamenu of al
their re bits n the Staee of Lonriana to their dlicovery or
nrenth an whether the same is paetata a or equitable, and
to all foture improvements on the s ram.
The maid p.tente-s shall "'a ther ioe , titled to receive fr m
tile Pald tmupanrly S7,tit tcreoen thousat ddtllir. t ,om
rrnestan for their ellouaer In pest and Fture ex, rtlnleon
rn c, Inertlon with their dinoary which .aid sull shalt ire
dtoae np tst By allowit g them lllRt fifty per oeut o the
tretaessosmeu on shares suatirlibed by otl rer and, 2d.
either ont of be profits or the Company, or outol a like pro
portoon on future maseementis
Thees article. of rsociation may b, modified or altered.
and the capital stck o.ay bhe itoroased troan sum no ecrad
Ie five uuooded thusaed dieliars 501t1, In in the manner
ptl vtnd y law. wi th e t re c to, ihirdin ti amlnount
all the etocklholder obtmaned in general meetig, convened
after thr y dyeb' notio.r
W'benevr r eany incree o tcapi thal shah heduly thorised
rity days' otiuce o tue isame htr l be givenin two news
papers pub'ibhed i the cty ot New , rlons, wr thIn which
tlimie -okll.lders shall hate the pririle e of takingq ddiitloi a]
th.res, in propurtton to the amount of thae ston snad any
shares not taken at the expirotiou of that tire may bd d(t
poed of by the directo s for the benefit of tie AeocatUon
hot not at lee then par valee.
Al pwears of this Corpsre l> shall 14 rved In the Board
of Directors, rosittl of 1 e perons. Fh cu rb f whom Dhall
own in hts ewn rightI rat least tu two l five hutndred
duLae of the capital stocrk of sale A.oclation.
Oi the firet Monday in Aprill 1ie0, and annoalty bherseaer,
an a action of fice i ateors by the 'tocaholder shall e e di
at the otie rof tihe ('orp.t en of which e'ectlo previrou
Lotltr .f at least ten days shall be gveU in twou newspapers
publihed in the city of New Orleans.
A plnrl sts n e--e* ... .. . , .
Hnt rk tv,.rup) shCall# e se he irt to te& D aretore,. who
hall at their first meting after Iheir eleeorin, c h ,om one of
their unmher ftr President of the Aueo.i rian, won uhil he
e . rtu by a meIorlt, of the whole it-dn. a d opon whom aill
ritetions and onher legal prnes.s she I penservQed
it shall he the dy if the Paesdent to preside at iall maet
Ingc. ol tIe Board. ad In rae of his habsence or Inahil ty to
ant, the B,.ard shall elect oe of their number pr, tiern, who
.hell olur the time exercise 'he ftil powees of -resident
Al erletlonrs hall be hy balot,r under the noperintender ce
toait nnspeOtors appiu edr d o te Board. at beat ono ruk
prlir to ai.y rlectii,t. alid in ease eo absence, negl.ct or refuon l
to act of ru, ioilIspectort the Prelident of the Board iny ap
point others in their place
A mlJrrity otthe Bourd shall be neeAssery to form san o
rm, snnu sdecision of suhc majolty ahall be os vlld c, rporate
The Board of Directon h'ai hkaveftll power and are hereby
autholrised to buy seot sell such reaIaod personal property a
may be required lor th se of the t'ompany.
The Board of Director shall as p;lnt a secretary and all
clerks and ag ots. ard may remnor the same at p eaters, and
oshll ix the sa'arie of all eloero of the (oirporation alid the
anh il.t t sera'ntty that chml be required from any of eid
, fiter and avents Hai' Board may also delegaste suchl p iw
rr It tic icn nhepto ot the ordmnary bouelano thd Homansy
to crmnl'tees ot their own body. ot their olmoer or agrnte,
they 'cna do.m elpedlent and may a so a point agtot with
il, and without the ltote. under ci(ih ciditno asIL to tLem
rholi seem nprer; and they chel) here the p-iwer tootSke by
lwe rat emenod retulations. ad to amrnd and aler the samnr
o.le raerr the iutereete of the ('otoration m i nNy reqr nI l
st.tl balci hre the .wer to supply oy rca oee tht m*ty
ce.ur Ln tbeir Board Lnch ORcandle my he declared on
acecnot of oartn. rtlgnatme, wanrt if the *eqeil. number
-1f rhorr iri-clInaCry or absence wilnlOUi l re ior three sue
Books for rehetry and tranoser of sharms of the capital sttch
shal he peril 000un k-'t urect It the raetnctlons ill etel
lie the t) Lws. Ali traaero it ohohro1 shedl be mh de ,ln
unid biki adsigrired ty the stiochholder or le· attorney nod
wili ii rald iotu the Ltlrett',rg may cltse ss oltea l tu c0lv*
ero +r gepedrni y moy rienir.. hut not for l inger perloi
thon tre• Inyrst utltle.
l,,,u d aii) t.hcriher t tthe snock desire to transfer the
ttr*nie trt'ol s to lu!l po.t m,'t hovtio beou oiitoo he ghnll be
e rmltiiid to diieo hby a, 0h5inte If the sub-erlpiion if tie
I-ln ty) ii, ha. nh tii 1,[email protected], . that the sbhstitnte is satfelac
toryt tU oe Bord ! Dirre'trr.
A faihure from any rnmu ho elect firect-re on thod tv
otnoed hir tbot purpoer. clill r it dislvelo the Aseototi-,,,a
nl lie I)llnCtilenhleno iIi tIPe slia I hoell oier untll allt- ir
rector, Ish, ld, t oli-hhnotloe dh.1l be giren or prcr~il;-.l
aor in Article highthi, nd centhine until an election or
Eahb rhsrehollhr. st 0 I mretinog tor the elrctton of Dire.
tar* ov ,,thee plirp teo shall ie r',itled dtrelyy. ir br prinxv
to rte .hnre ot .tili hrld hy him. privlded thollie
osLl e lielwi ed iis ·sIIk et lert.s oe moutii prt~r te the diy
Thir corporst .n thu 1 ist for theterm of twenty fire years
'i ., r e d ,l'e.' rtriinliO tr r this charter in he oth'o
Ait rI , O re 0r, , I '1,1. m-r. rn0 y tll .1 mm-7. e an [email protected]
, *rr:br on wltL only uit-half of Its capltal ftook tnctrl~od
The fo,,iel oarn ed tciho'Oedrgrs, ilr: fesrge Foer J.
i. L.ntore tC P (;ilardet dierdy Hi-t'eilrd 'ta,'b
IJultt nr I erely c i.tnt llrtO therl.t lie .,t D i tirri r., i
'lit. at their tirgn t-.rtit: i dr t o, if their nuomceran
P'rtmldent aud saol Bnrarsu eill srvo ontil superrldld le
their secesoto, to be eoctt no provided in ArUcle tievet-h
The Board of Directors may acept., prootnloaily any
toloer or priiileoe cit€ferrod .n this Asoeinoics bh ano
emrtdoliett if t' • law iinder whirh the ssme is turmtll..r
hr the aititllo if yny arw act lf [email protected] Lt..rgaunnr :l t t
nI+l ocerpuancecf al y such pwer a' d prlelege shal: le d
tI moodby ai Tte, fthe ma,)itiy in amont of the Stock
The liquidatIon of the affante of the Aerociation shall he
mnde bh thru eelmi~lisers, apeclitrd ny the ltockboldtdr,
at n meeting enucneed fee thst porpiie aIter 1stty dayl' pret
oisn* re in two newspa ore pubhlihed In New Oirlena.
'nid leaidateirs shall he milgent percoot residing is this city
not indented to the Asonat inu; their trrm or cmie shol!
i4 asaigued. ad aIl necesay pawer oanferred npoo
le-- perl-d of liquidot'on shalt be teed1,a uwell a their
erermw lnatioc to scnh morcer a the rtocbolntor may. by
rsltuuono, in e genera meeting c seened. determine.
The names of the storkholdere their reidenee. sod the
rortbrr of shtri* held b yrch rroltctlel, are flor yli
prerrnt colnred tc be st. ua artr tocrnbied to this act. and
opposite the amao o each resmpectlvely.
Trhus don ad assed. Ic my o~ee, at the aid ciy of Nrw
Orlanes. in the prse-co of Ado ,he Blarhe and H nry
Hlyme. Jr, tonlpelent wotneor-. whi hereonto ago thoir
names togtl'er with the saId Fnrtises and me the saLd nocory,
on the day month sad yeau first above written
iratol siAed: 011 PtOTER and cthears
P. Urd. CLVRLL'eR,
lotary Prbic.
h t rae opy ef the ordlgnl'
jtelned) P. CUR CUVELLIER.
,otno Pobtie.
t(O1eite St. t'bsrle5 BetL,)
The nat brarde of LQIf'Oft and WIWRB. seek as Haw
Oies has set ereth s yeas eeeltly e ed Ai
-07 aa
Iew Orlense. Mmay 8, 1S4s.
T'e Trustees, in eomforrr'ty to the charte, saomit the fol
!owinsg statement of the a-tlrs of the company on tae 35th
day of Apr. 1868:
Fire Premiums for year...... ........ 8 3 12 3
Marine Premiums for year.......... 94 062 f8
River Premiums for year.. ....... 177.584
--$ 5077.770 3
Total net earred Premiumes ..... $ 447.4 3
Fire 1e ses paid and estimated..... $ 89 100 63
Mar ne........... ......... .. 67 (74 08
River................. .... .. 83 572 47
ad Taxes....... .... ....... 26019 54
Paid rrlosurances and discount in lies
ofsrnp ....... ....... ........... 80.103 30
Paid lnterest return premiums. gea*
oral expenses lee discount etc.... 87 649 (
-- 395 919 1'
Net profile.......................... $ 51 935 to
The Company have the following Asmete
Bills Receivoble ............... $ 37.494 36
Loans on bonds and Mortgage........ 69.363 33
-- 1)6 `037 69
Cash on land ....................... '4 577 34
Loans on pledge of stocks on call.... 65.410) U0
167 977 31
Loans on pledgeof stocks on time....$ I 2 100 0
R al Estate....... ............ ....... 75.000
Scrips of other Compalies and scrip
account ........................... 45 0 48
131.371 48
('orelidated City Bonds.............. 30 bO 00
City Bonds...... ................ 96M N 00
Bank and other stocks................ 96 937 17
3- 2 517 17
Coapons for City Bonds past doe. 8 490 00
Due for Prmir.ms in course of col
lection......... .................. 41 620 0)
$779 814 il
The Company have also:
Susperded Notes, Stncks ana Bonds.. $ 436 365 21
Forfeited SBerip account.... ....... 7.809 24
Interest uncalled for...... ........... $ 7.800 25
T:e ahaoe statemenet is a true and correct transcript from
the boos of theo t(ompany.
TriOS. A. ADAMSL President f
HENRT V. OGDor, Secretary.
City:v of New )rlrans I
Rworv to aId u.! scribed becore me, this 23d day of May,
Seoond Justice of the Peace,
Parish of Orleans.
The Company will pay interoet at 6 per cent. I cash on d
all its Outstanding ('ertlilcatd of Scrip to the leal holders
thereof, on and aftr the second Monday in Jun next.
The oeard of Trustees have also declared ia crip Dividend
of THIRTYTIITlEE AND OE-I HIRD per cont. on the
ea ned premin:.is entitled to partocipation for the year end
lug Apri. 30.14A8; for which certificates wil be iued on and
after the irst Monday in August next, free ofiovernment tan.
TH IMAo A. ADAMB. Presideat,
SAMUlhL H. KhNNEDY, Vice President.
HBInR V. ODEnp, Secretary.
John Watt, C. 1 Roudecke.
Namuel B. Newman, J II. Fley,
Wm. Edwards, A. I). Ober,
P. nr.ms. A. Thompson,
J.hn I 'herps.
In conformity with the requlrements ofat their cbarter the O
lowing statement T
A m..unt of Preiums for the year eadtng St area , c J!
lSti, rwtvitoaa................. ......e
Marine Premmius ..................... V,8 1
$122277 42 c1
sh ......... b . 470901
eurant ............... .. 88,22
iteturn Preminms .. 419 W9
hxe easoe, Profit and iL.s, etc., less
nterest ........................ .20 66-197 199 31
$35 5426 fi
(a.sh on band ............ ... . f$ ,904 11
lls recrivabe .................... . .. 1.il 92
F rn r e .. ......... ........ . ... 3,, 1' "5
The above Statement Is a lst, true and correct troaanrt;
from lte aolos ol the company
S. B BUCKNEK. Presideat.
Outo O Pr wur, ecretary
P orn te and tubscnbed before me this lnt day of Aperi,
186& PARIS ifiHiLD Klt.SS.
eIoRu nd Justice Pc.e., Parsh of ie7ns.9
'ION INbl AN E OM 2A 5
U -or
Ptic 0o Pre s reeiveddri the year ad 1pr0 i
RrP L civ.i.tl lir Riot.s .... .... . 241
t nieroosted Rinks April 2o, 107s . . . 01Jr l
P'i l,,'es dantig the pyear"
RerL r.......... ......i... .i
Toetal Loasfe oa.r... . .e. $77 T I
Ren ura,,eed .. ............. 9 72600
Eupsvneu and luteee t on Scrip lees
Indriiu Anod nt.eiort Amouts II 9 .i
,ao.. at Inemro enus ....... I de 9 m 771 d m
terlt'Sen e f ani Picen per srenut re. f
Received for Urlerinated isks A.... 7./.0 trte.-171 6 o
Pet PrdofDits.... . ................ ....... Sl of T '
Tre oArts o the oin;i pary o o
,i s... rrd......hp.., ....m $.177 250
.,,.sn, rs oredi bmirct ru..191 .1
Stile re-eo. ,l refi tu prouitce rp 714E 7 P o
tccs tnclnd spd o i:er 8cesirtheyee 146 29d fr3,
ltral het..e R"iian.e ....1.. 031
The aoe tatement Is a correct rncrip rom the
ef t it • c',mi . A.. CIIIAIPELLsA p csiden
MJ i. .·wna wo . 9eev ery.
Stte a of L 78isianva. Pnarsh of Orle nsn. i'tty of New sireak s
tnorn It and sobesibed befo e oie this thirtenth dayo
May, e st54 . . ...........i .f c , ho
The Board of Deivpse have diearaas dIvidend of Tnoty
11,.inrsopr Airaelol(ro, i P eectii ihe t- l tiilupal ui.s
pctoe ai d 'r.lt id r·,ls tesofd ..c. tillie. I .edto th
Ths orc.om te, nt iut e d oi t Scrpo the. to he ipa n ,,of
o,. er icet hnirfiet on o d me ,n lt todirg v fthe u',om
A. P. Bde. R V. AdmKI. J A. role~orIret.
L. P ieneres, It 1alnr y. .1. il,,ld'stein
I. Ino J 2l*r J a Ferundee. V Due he.
. ..-mdTe A.. i tere. uriehln.
C(e e. 75 Vamp sl,, ring ol er 4 Wathe sret .
Premiums recleed durint l the yeg th eradl
Dreessber i, t .......... lone I.
Leess. tlane expeneen, rs-lnsnrinee ae.,
WM. S. PELLIJS. Vtsasid
A. W.w EuiI. lerenn.
J. M. Alle 1. 3. Ln.nse n. . L I Oewwer
B. P. thelj Joha T. Mouren dRoc Barn.,
Wm mh , Jrlk . . Ise ew, Jeha O.Rgn.
In conformity with the requirasants of their Charter, the
t'ompuay lubllsh the followig
Premloms received dering the year adhlng S3lt May, 1896, in.
cluding unearned premiums of the previous year :
On Fre Risks ................... ............. $ 81.61 4
On M arine Rihks ................................ 338,74 17
On Rivw RiLsk .................................. 99 3
Total Prem ums ............................. S1 ,902 22
Lees Premiums Unearned 31st May.
8 ......... .....................$22 47 00
Return Premiums...................... 23,471 07-$ 50 318 07
Net Earned Premiums 31st May, 1868.......$ 901,-4 1
Losses taid:
On Fire Risks ............... $27122 37
On Marine Risks...... ..... 171940
On Piver Risks .......... 45 929 96
3491 096 91
Taxes........... . .. 28.0135 61
Reinsurance, Expenaes, Profit
and Loss, less interest ..... 10,202 01- 624.314 56
Net Profit. .............. . . . .$ 7.7,329 59
The Company have the following asset:
Real setate ....................... ...... $ 159,617 87
Notes Secured by Mortgage ................ 675,807 38
Nrtes lecured by Pledge ................ 89 147 3
('ash on hand........ .. ......... 124,478 24
P'remiums in course of Collection .......... 80 751 65
City lt n ds. .. ...... ... ........... . ......... O33 0 00
Bank and Railroad Stocks. .................. 104 00
Bills Rsceivable ........... . ..... 127.151 79
Scrips of Mutual Insurance Companies..... 0 865 00
Stoik of Val este Diy Dock Company...... 15,01 00
Levee Steam Cotton Press ........ 500000
Mann, Dry Dock .................. 3,70000
Merchants' Exh lnge ......... 1.00) 00
Li.bhering and Wrecking Co ...... . 00
Louisuana Equitable Life ins. Co. 250 10)
State Bonds. ... ..................... 1.500 0n
Total ....... ..... .......... 1,46,41 16
Unclaimed interest and Interest pay
able in Jily nro on all otstand.
iiSer peof the 'ompnoy ....$11 246 15
Thirty-t~ve per cent. of icrtp uuas of
1059, py )ble in July ...... 70675 7
Unearned Premeu ms 31st May, u1e6.. 226 1L7 00-$194,768 90
The salee Ststement is a junt, true and correct transcript
from the books of the Compony.
PAIL FOUR,'1iY, becretary.
Parish of Orleans. :ity of New Orleans.
Ws:,rn to ana subscrrted before me, this 9.h day of June,
Third Justice of the Peace.
At a meeting of the Board of Directors. held eo the 9th
day of June, 140 ,t was reolvd to declare a Scrip ilvitilend
sI THIRTY PER CENT n the Net Earned Participating
Prewmum.i Ir thes year eoing 3th May Jr1 for which ear
tclicates wt I I, ined on and after the first day of A ugust
next Alsi to pay on and after the sec nd Monday .n July
tiF 12.1. and six per cent. interest on alil outstanding Scrips
of the Company.
John Pemberton. P Masuero. David Mrc'a rd,
M I''og. L F Genores Pierre Ilut,
ut 'ls ry, ,, hn Moe an n 1.ll Z ies;f,
1' K Rtt, 1 . l Fernandez
Capital. ................ ................ .OO. A
lohn Pembertoe, W . Pile, Edward Rine, sa
.. A Tyler, J. W stoa, W B Schmidt. It
u It hlorumb, A. Thompson, Alxandedr Marks, w
F. Deibondlo, Phtllp Moyer, 0. K1. idey,
eorlge A. Fosdlck, Edward Baruet, Mahaul J. SmIth.
Josan ELLIses. Presdent, W. 8 Pta., Vlee-President,
T M. Dauma, General Agent. W. P. iaara 8ecreeasy
Br Hery bimh, Dr. J. H. Lew s Dr. W. C. icholls
O. A. Breaux. Attorney.
and unnrl Endowmrt; Teh Annual Kadswment and FMve
Aneousl Edowerot: Sngl Pymet; Participating and
.on Participating, issuedy this Company as low as
other Corpany -
O e-.smaser ciamp muad Oamen S8e1" .
WM. WHANS, PrsdeenL
EK . N a OArcana. tary.
L O. Emey, Louis Sehnelder.
A. . Mansfield, Wm Whamn,
D. C. ae4n. J. M.Le Up
W W. Howe., . L. MllaadaO .
a., W. Cochran, (e. W. Porc.
J. F. H. Gras.
ra, River and aguinst Ftre---nleet to the oodtlous of the
ri -e' rse Itord c f'fedsrwri to of this cty
Ia souformtty with the rpeqnemens a btr ha·r(er she
Oompany pubilush the following statemnt:
Total Plremioum ftor theo year esdla 3th Feb
mary. la.S.................................. 5853
res-.jire Premlnms.................. 17W2 57
Marine Preminms................ 1,1.3 .0
Ilwe Primams............... 1, 097 IS
es otam Premiums..............3 ,805 75
'.es Uarnr ud Plrmims. .......... .0,16
et Ered PremmtL ........................ .*$ t·..51. 67
losses Pld
Fire Loss.......................S 7 5 6
arnse louses.................. 184.872 79
EIva Lamem...................... 9 502 s
5 342.46 14
DisoaantIItao ie o erl............. .. 56.34 66
azeu lnd Internl Resrenoe.......... 6,761 M
Epeis. Rent etc, t. ems Discosat
Account. .... ............ ........ .310 83
itzi per ent. Interest a outstanding
Scrtp to lot March. 186.........7.... ,777 0
-.-..- 431,4
Resred for Uneadjusted Lamoe ................. 11,277 .T
Thoe Compayo ac the *Ilewlag Aes.s, which Io the te
port of the FinPnce Commitoee of theOompany, snslmoesl)
,aou.td by the Roerd or Trusto resaro dlard flstr ampl
Jlowses anrd d.duetlOeare s nd, 3to he le t n .
ash I septal of 348' tl. na:
.vuestd I Rel Eta . ........................$ 6,5 II
a.em td Ir~g en Real Estahe..... ... 9,019
neeted In Cty ad heb ea~ ................ I.3 0r
inested Is San end ether SMesb.........1.... 13.565 91
aeted Ia Sc rpf leurmes COma.n...... 13,.31 0,S
uasd e P? adges............................. l1U0
ine IBeibel ....... .....43. . ...** 3.815 8
lrens m oeanre of Oollo o........ ........ 7, 71
Dlsh ae hea.................................. 111.813 5
$ 737.599 4'
The abae ttemenet sa et, ra end eorrst W err
lrom the beeks of the Oompany.
oHAD. 55100, Freldea.
5. P leav, sacreary.
Parish @f Orleans. Otly o0 New Orleens.
Swain to eda oab h befos me, thisd d ye Mars.
116. PFAUL W. 00,1N.
Tind Ja(st ( thb PFes
Oih per eent tnterest on all souetad'a Serip wil e paid
o the legal boeldestheref e the scond Menday o May eaxt
As. Ourteir, A. Le
eea A. Pedi Feak W
Cha lease Joe rh i
Jeba 8. Kasad. W. A. Vietea.
F. Andeanen, Hagh'Masdaaaid,
£ l1 ee Karay. WV. K. Phteeted,
A. IFrLwse Jeha I WVml
| e FW e. hdew Unsen,
S ea V. rulmme, I. . Patbis,
S rek'd Menalmuer, Joha Ntesa, Js.,
HBeary . Ve.6 P ag
I Meassec J amesn Lm.
bea Weskeere . adeh l es
3. F. Omen.
S........ le dele kere ...............85
NIT ORLEANS, 0th Apnt, 183
The Trusiees, i ec. ormity with the ebsher of me Com
pany, publish the follewieg statement of its afaif , for the
year elndig 30lh Apel, 1868, -wit:
On Fire Risks ........... ....... .... I 1.71 10
e Risks ............ ....... 17.171 a
aLts Risks .................... 69.170 55
"Le Unterminnted Premiums........ 157.785O
essoted r :el um..... .... .919 90
-- 18.701 00
ret earned Premiums ................... .... .. 7.63 10
Loses.. etc. paid:
On Fire R -ke ...................... 24 098 3
River RikL ..................... ".6 II3.627
Fe insurance ........................ 16 6 10
Rebat reTsurns........... ........ 17515 I
Sta6t 'ity and Internal Rvenue 17 1
T e.... ..... 8.939 07
GOnero elooense, les Interest and
Dua onat ....................... 20 7 6 05
256.157 29
Net Profit ....... ................... .......... $ 51 0I 4
The Company ho the following asset:
Ca ital tock Note ....... ....... ....... . .....5... 0'0 00
iash on hand .. ..... i1 h
Pemiass in cors. of collection............. 65 2
Ls usecured by Pledge .. .................. 10
bills cetsvabl at shrn dae ............ ....... 16 97v 71
('Itv Rnrroad Stock .... ........................ 5 475
(co Fhrnhtau and Fiatau s........... ...... 6 741 17
$  914 16
The foreloing otstement Is a true and correct trocrpt
from the Ixt·a of the Cnum`mnr
SrICHEL MLSSON, President.
Ep. A. PALiliT, Secretary.
Parish of Orleans, iity tf New Orleans.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this, 21st der of May
a. D. 11&. PAIltI CHIL.DRiS,.
Second Justieeof the Poea, Parish of Orleans.
ThubTrutoes Pove reaolved to pay sn INTEREST DIVI.
DEINDofTEN PF it tENT per annum on the cast p0e7
marts of Capital Stock, and. a tolH , IVIDBED of PIP
TEEN PER t' NT, to sockbholden on their ear-d partire
potng preomiums or ,e ywl, on and shter the THtItITIH
day oa June, seat, l MS.
They naveJalo reuolved to call for an Installment of TEN
per cent or the Capltol Mtt b of the t'sompy. payable on or
befor theTWgATtY-YiEVemH dae of Junenext. 1I61.
Sri'WlL MIYMNIN, President.
hIARMSON DUANE, Vice President
ED. A. Patrony, Secretary.
Moses Greenwood, R chard Milliken.
J. W. Btrbridhe, bamuel I. Moure,
W i. Johbnet, Winm. OI Hennig.,
J,,hn I oble, J . Waero ,
John ('hage. Siimon Blobh,
ungb Mc('oll, R T. Snckner,
Marhail J Smith, Samnul Fnedlaudar,
I ('s hled, H FPrlliorn
Alfred Huntlington, Wm. Creery,
L. H Terry. E . Rodd,
J. D. B!slr Joepb Hy,
R..bet Pttkin, Perry hagoot,
S. C'ambn
Assets ....................................., aOO .
GEOROGE 8. DARLING, General Agent
OSee ormer Can(s and St. Charle. street Entraneole N.e
IlCaosa. and No 8 t. ('harle trst. NewOrlsa
Refers toN. Salomn,oEsq. Gleass Barks. Eq., J. O
N-on. ,Eo. J Moresn HalL Eve i
For Lifte laosuraee OIly.
AUTHORIZED CAPITALL........................ 1,000 00
A purely Poulhern Comoany, the Piedmont offors great
:dAvatOge to thoe desrnoa to ssure their lives. P, ,Ple e
stued a11 Iutlas and at low rate. All Inveotments made
.on tt hails of reel esate. the compaeny diseard,u0 puper e
curitie a lfoundation for cledit. The eleomont is erlu b
s:rely for Life Insuries. It taoes none but lrst-class risks
It refre to it srce. as thbest poof of the estimaton In
whlch it is hold by cur pepl.e,
Secretary-J J. HOPKINS.d
asltesl Advlser--l. HENRY PERROW, M. D. k
Dire -W. D. Cabel Hudson, Marti, C. A Pcafter,.
New Orlaes ALsey: 24 'nlon uttL
General Agent for Louisanas Toers and Arkalsal. P
Local Aeunt. L
9 Jackson Street, Corner of Chippewa.
Ptlan Repairing and tunitg done, and work G(UARANS
TEED. Pianos for rent. 8tools, Covers , etc.. always on
hand. Terms liberal.
The A-ION PIANO PORTE. deelared by the Judges a the c
late Fair of the Amrtoas Institute, held Is September and
October 167, to be the best ptsoo on euhibl'iou and after a
test trial, ordered by the American Institute, with the Pianos
o•ftbesucreesfll eahbtlere at the Paris IExposition. w do
olaerd by their Judge to be the bhot Pio know. to t em
AtilNI8 WANTED-Flrst.alsu ud responibile Agent
wanted to wery ity and town wbre we have e red a
po ited theo
Aed lor rrerL. prles e toe, ste.
"snofoctory asd Woruoonm , 657 ad 1N Sow ery, noe
Delaocye tret. Pew York. MANNER * CO
Whoenle and Reail Dealer nto the
Kuab. NIue ad turi'd PIANOIS, Pritme OGANS and 1
167 5m5l Sterneto aea DomaphI
GURT. VON HOPE. 0 Ms leeaure, bs aho~e stct
i.f PlIAIOL msmofsictorend LoUlehooa. which no clurto
ices to be eqonL In all rspeaot to thou of fnretgo olarto..
offered flr eaie in th sr1ty. Pslew tll be found M')LDhHATE.
,rots lv tnrited tO raltl.
at the Lonurona Stato Foilr hei at New Orlena. in Jonouoy.
tiS, for the 1381 PIANO mis Ia the irotheru ute.
',Udt VON ,i.tv
7MSstotlno at r*t.
ILL NIL J. ...A..............I. mas s IIL
Blrtag esureced the service ef Mr. PTER MOKINLATI ,
he invoentor of the molt ppooed ICE POIUDER now tr
see, who hue bem or more tihan N) ymears sged ton the eoan
,tructlon, rctes and masioument of Rio Mach;nery, e
Me now prepamt, tnder his smprrelon, to UtenMtrt al1 gint
of MNchtnery requlrsed In the preprolle of Rles for the
merket, oad to fru tU necsary dru4wi atd pecti
& model of MelKnleye Patat Ua Hsllre, ettble for
hoes who cutltvatIe Rice for dematlo ooramptlon, eom be
tame. strets, ton sehe odiat vscinIt oy t , followe
Pre: NMelppt, LestlToRN le Pruol Alnbamn Shti
rLr' Pleant'' Tyerre o'. Coeteterl. P test. Or
aot. Nerrehto'. Vltrakbrl sd Patn oat* firu-erim
,:srre Cottot Gtue, of ghty elar soeb, the (Ltest ttL
poe oe o h o hoot te sod p1- Oet m i"e o
uolt t, Pr-es flurrt e ei iD ftrele
NeO.. S Veidelet tIrende
Assemew .5 Raw.
WV selet rP.tmb. ad prasns Fte anlt, ado .14*
etod slema BpecUang to rmp our grboes from ech, we
ebtait pastett Brat oppllatotor hokoey what Ilt Iee :
sd hblog buh t the b~ee fom an ine, arme a
sled to hape cidlaem to *w*td utrnt mms otJB I5
es utteded toe peamply; odvi o b i 51 mo
tIwE FOTDRAu An LAVATnIln 5T131,
New OrIlene,
ntmI rontise the manufatre of .11 descrIptioua of
i:RACKERLB, Nny, Plot asd FPreush BRAD. Yoekagee
dierod i e.I pere of thIty fre of T Of days.
She Jts ertans resteu1.
The LondoB Saturday Review, in an article on
American polities, says the selection of General
Grant as the candidate of the dominant party for
the pridency wa, on the part of the extreme
ectlon, a confession of weakness.
Ibe delegates to the Democratic national con
vention from Msesachusetts met at Boston and or
ganised. A resolution to cast the vote of the
dState as a unit for that presidential candidate who
was the preference of a majority of the delegation
was tabled. The action is favorable to Pendleton.
A Washington dispatch of the 11th says : he
programme of the radicals is to pase the freed
men's bureau, and other bills intended to carry
the South for Grant over the president'o veto, and
immediately on the passage of the fourteenth
amenomeut by the Southern legislatures, to order
Seward to proclaim its adoption. Senators and
representatives from these States are to be ad.
mitted befocre adjournment. They don't include
Virginia. as it is conceded she wuald vote Demo
In 1843. it seems, Gen. Grant wrote a letter to a
gentleman who had told him he could easily be
president, in which be said: " That is the last
thing in the world 1 desire. I would regard such
a consummation as being highly unfortunate for
myself, if not for the country. I certainly shall
never shape a sentiment, or the expreesion of a
thought, with a view of being a candidate for
office. I scarcely know the inducement that could
be held out to me to accept office, and unheattat
ingly say that I infinitely prefer my present posf
tion to that of any civil office within the gift of the
Vallsndlgham, in the Dayton Ledger, says:
" As to candidates, this paper is the partisan of
no man for the presidency. Our first choice
for we seek not only the best, but the strongest
man-sa the most decided and ultra ' peace Demo
crat,' being a statesman in the exalted sense of
that word, who can be found. In present clrcum
stances we prefer Mr. Pendleton. We are satis
fled that he is the choice of the Democratio
masses-a small matter, it is true, with the poll
ticians in these times. We believe that with a
sagacious, but bold and manly canvass, he can
surely be elected. Next to him, we are for any
o-_petent man of similar principles, record and
antecedents. As to Chief Justice Chase, we said
some two weeks ago, and now repeat, referring
to the suggestion of candidates from men not
identified with the Democratic party during the
war: No, gentlemen, excuse us. If so hard
pressed for material as to be forced outside of
tee Democratic party for a candilate, we are for
Chase. If there is to be a ' bargain,' let there be
a 'consideration.' If there is to be a 'sale,' let
us have 'value received '-even if paid in ' green
backs.' If, for lack of brains, we are compelled
to fall back on an ' outsider,' let us see to it that
we get brains. But if anything shall reconcile
positive Democrats to Chase, in any contingency,
it is the fact that he Is a statesman.and civilian,
and not a military man, nor yet identified per.
sonally with the exercise of violent arbitrar9
power in the States which adhered to the Union."
Theodore Blois,. a Georgia journalist, is dead.
Dr. George Linden, of Mobile, is dead.
J. J. Books. M. D., of Memphis, was found dead
in his bed on the 13th.
Th be Democratic executive committee of Missis
sappi have issued an address to the freedmen of
that State.
There was a brisk fire on the hearth of the
Lynchburg (Va.) Republican office on the 10th
The "census man" thinks that Newbern has
15 000 inhabitants. This is, probably, a consider.
able exaggeration.
We learn that the buildings of the University of
Alabamla. destroyed by Wilson in 1865, have
nearly all been rebuilt.
Several wealthy gentlem en of New York, rep
resenting perhaps twenty million, have made a
proposition to complete the Macon and Brana
wick railroad.
A negro juryman in Montgomery united with
his aseociates in fnding a pris,ner guilty of mur
der; but after a night's sleep he came into court
and asked to reconsider his verdict.
Two robberies and murders recently occurred
within the bounds of that notorious strip of coun
try between Owensville and Sterling, Texas,
known and not inaptly designated as the "Dead
bIrth'ers, were, on the 6th inost., on the lowex
place of J. E. Harruson. in Falls county, Texas
shot and instantly killed by two other men named
Dowd and Jones.
The Valley Virginian says: Wild strawberries
can be found in abundance on Betsy Bell and her
e-ater hills, near town, and the freedmen are
making dollars picking and selling them Ia town
a- good prices.
Major Haynes Davis. of S'atesville, N. C., ex
hibited to the editor of the American. a few days
since, a remarkable lusus naturir. It is achicken
hiving four feet, four wings, two tails, two neck.
bones and one head, on one body.
The Bay St. Louis Gazette says there are now
plenty of crabs, fish and oysters there, and they
are easily caught or oth.rwise obtained. The
oysters are very fat and salty just now. and fish
catr be had fresh and alive every morning at the
different market stalls.
gPuring a storm in Charleston the other night,
the wind blew down a part of the pavilion of
Ames's menagerie. The noise frightened and ex
cited the animals into fighting, and in the morn
ing it was discovered that the panther had killed
and half eaten one of the leopards.
The Texas Ranger says that one hundred and
fifty acres of corn. all in tassel. was destroyed by
hail on the farm of Dr. D. A. Jameson, about five
miles west of Navasota. It also learns that the
crope on some other places were destroyed by the
-sme storm.
T'he Raymond, Binds county, Miss., Oasette
chronicles the death of one of the oldest lihabi
tants of that county, which took place on the 6th
inst. He was the founder of Ray mend; descended
the Mississippi on the first boat that made the
t'tp from St. Louis to New Orleans. and opened
the Bfirst wsgon road between Vicksborg and Big
Black river.
On Thursday night last, Mr. Peymour, an old
gentleman lilving two miles west of Calhoun Sta
ton, in Madison county. tlies., was brutally mur
iered by runknown parties. An Investigation was
had on Friday, when evidence wee addoced im
plicating three negro men, who have been ar
rested and are committed to awarit an examina
The Charleston Conr er says: "The steam
shil s. particularly if the lines between New York
snd this port and between Baltimore and Charles
ton, take out every trip heavy cunaignments of
early vegetables, including green peac, strlng
brans, squashes, cucumbers, tomates and pota
toes, all of which have brought handsome prices
and large net profits to our larmers. The ex
ports from the commencement of the season -
about the middle of April-to the present time
have been as follows: Green peas, string beans,
cuttimbers, iluashes, 10,550 crates; potatoes,
8446 barrels, which, after deducting all expeuces,
inciluding freight on steamers, at 75 cents per hbar.
rel and 3o cents per crate, drayage, wharfage and
connliiPsiJns, heve allowed an av*.rage net price
to the farmer of $2 25 per crate for strtn beans,
pees. etc., and $4 50 per barrel for potatoes, or a
total net profit to the terners as w fluows: Green
peas. string beans, etc., lt1 550 crates, at $i 25
per crate, $23,737 50; barrels of potatoes,
8446, at $4 50 per barrel, u(3,000 01, Total,
$61 137 67."'
In a convention of the eonservatives of the
counties of Gochland, I'owhatan and Floavna.
held at Goochland courthuse, Vs., on the 3d
nlost., Gen. Charles I'. Stone was unanimously
nominated as their candidate to represent the
senatorial district compoted of these counties in
tie General Assembly. Gen. Sone declined the
honor In a letter from which we make the fol.
h, sing extract: "It is not to be sooposed that
it can have been a perfectly free choice in this
case. It is not to be supposed that in a Virginia
senatorlal district, comprising three large coun
ties, a free choice shonuld set aside all the gentle
men who were born and bred in the district and
who have lived honored in it from youth up, and
select one who, while yielding to no one in a sia
cere and earnest devotion to the welfare, and in
desire to protect the rights and advance the in
terests of the people of the district, yet has been
a resident in it only two and a half years; one
who was born a Yankee, in Yankee land, and
who loos back to five generations of Yankee
ancestors, glowing ln the lineage. Public duty
demands of a man that he shall, if necessary for
the public good, sacrfice everything that is his,
save his self respect. That can never be required,
and if required cannot be yielded. I should lose
min' did I accept a public trust not freely offered,
and climb to offce by reason of the present pe*
culiar condition of public affairs. While, by ita
constitution, our country claims to be s free re
public, resting opon the consent of the whole
people, no vorulntary act of mine shall appear to
admit that it is not one-and it would be apparent,
should I now be selected from my peers for the
trust m question, that one strong point govern
ing the choice is my ability to freely take an
abominable test oath which disgraces the pro
posed constitution of the State, rendering ineli
gible large numbers of the most honorable and

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