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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, June 21, 1868, Morning, Image 5

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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ed River .......... LULU D. Oreo ...... .......5 Pi
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.b 1.. Miall M. I su a lnlw O FI --are Is metal
-Parsaes d 154 nets -rl bMrled t M.s bill
mee .s Oy ned 'e ltr . Jo w.LL, Treasure.
this dalhe isanIeig sov ioses ,WIady ot red
Jly bet rs of 19 f dj 12 A.A a,n order to
u c) A L REREs , Csaoe.
Jul t h l4t a- Ib I
tbhases of be tl, steeokthe Boam k-elha
(meeso, Br he tB o B meeLtL m a IhDWeerd o staie
heOrm(r this Push, a meAtiolgf te ~ DIeshbliee ODco,
rh e . A. FeRIrT, CashIer.
Sinea -. M k to LhOe rmo-OW Or..
rirn Ju 19, 15 --At a um.tla o the Belomd of Dbi.etors
r.e. r LaeVieev rot hLe N tsderwle I U reelohett
reuloat, ar meAUaI, m eLL . a auul a lyoed
--rs o-m a o la.W . Aa . OIBOWn , TOr hper .
Jo 19. I--Ae Hsp dt t I Dietsoro thln
dSay. dividen  v l thae a decared rr
th proit elo i heti1 m i 4 oaleas i+helen or
eus lognirrenaed a te a und afte 'h let of July.
w Orlea Miy A IN-e-otloa I. hereby bee to rin
crdo.c with thebo W etlon do the getso co irstor.
thai 'he ere f cmp oa or wenty f Hundred
loares of% th si l stk of the olthIwestan lailroad
Comvase (Iass Mecea shal Railway1Comany) ae noaw
opro attbeoce of iC Comp~y. to ar C smoa Kt.eo
/mSair oedmro teeam atndc oo.
Sef . L MTLLUDON, Peredet.
--OOe Of SUpeOterIdeirIt Puble
DIcae-Pw Odessa, Ju . 1-The annaI puhic 
enris.cl.se of s ily i a. Is "tdealg ase. wil take
Gruam, mad F1.aro flchsle -First District, MONDAY,
J.M id; T: Distr*. WRDNrDAi Juon 24tr:
Ocod DiBtrit. TUEDAY. Je ; Fourth Ditictr
to schn.d foa oored rledesor e Inc luded In thO
daeuloi OTSd far wdt ldoe9.. is the reapceive DImtric.
846 Rbom0Ii111gb ch ool. First and Fourth Di..
trie a P DAYl.Juaa le., eomoasedac at 6 r s.; (iris'
uh RSchool. reousd ad Thrd Li~t Ict TUREtDA1. uor
ed. emerig at I r. 1.: Neow . . rs Cesral High
SEchooL Ian Lyca Hll. th Jser a T I7. e.
Pormal .ebsoo-2S Teargdy street, SATURDAY, Jose
th, essmIdg at 11e. sa. 0
uper tiedut Pubhic Schools.
- (Cwsroost Ciyp ..s.ook. ..w Oiosle.
JU t, 1r5- -Afe ttyr a8tte bw the loard of Direetnc
of' tisel. h eld aslscd amst Itpwas
haweses ed at the Saele eg la quo.3m SDse amert so
WXDNIBDAY. theLa dayO of July Las. to ake Lteo eon
- N- al md MappY Isar. tlgoe--Tho
Tawo Priuiplee which gilds to Pi ,pp Marriage and dolee.
USIop a m Ofdbweh Ayres. Reward Aueecluii. Box
-- A s m. Nee, koet., moes.-T.
e'smiplemt esd eseie Inprva which hbaves r
sa ld.torw thmae epar H.id. titelarutto New
Lad I i s th eso. to irtes. Pamtliee
ri a eeommodetloe aad ounavnlaeon
mp tls tro mas e 's Heal In the cy. During he vWa
m ess ddre e hee.. made of w mre sois ofb apart
of tuft'r togls wh pic e. r w l.aea nd w5 esher en.
h W ~ls eWv o Qte ld l mH o chedb seed
womesed. meya BGema to she oppr irhy of ihebheasis
moto inhe to isn n ohave e aewly msd richly eoar pted,
Sth enstre hem thregagbly reptohlvd aid refrstor d,
mkiog ,a n lteeI te -ea ppIt to sey Mti Is tsh
X19ee C Ont , Dchrd A ill eod flo aem the rsth leoc
5.315 NCR3 A 505.**reT soneps.a
-OO ae of lowl8a Rweviow. tlit PRO.
Sure Oi N sowe so--Cmosolemile r haid.em ta
P eeo maiy he ,edhd to w. H. DUIW ELL
- ONodbp Laek We Wbee s Oen. eeLamd
r b at goerle meiat esmis, o f this. O . w ll
7 bow. wa ýt.bMon wu l pai.51 M b L ...
J HOWDAY WIl loo Ist W. 0 Osoel
0. W. SQrBL
-Seek of Ombae~wtptlom to e capitoa-l
Osed Pa ni e
ag RIlmaii l se 2litmpe, slra Im Om sL d Ora
Sgir 8l* re Nt9 d l eeu f " q " ed C o s .
lu. 0 atei $
to es..e p f tha BLT gse. 0ed b
gg~ soed oend an Fkwoi M ener
-3efrb.I a b 3Bo- Eph d
- I-S I -y I' u n1 '1 1i 1
3mo b Dys heboLflP the et noo sod perocH
·DmIclu dt)b'.IaTicmisos. s rldlcoloag tints
Asfmmleitoem loHe sodpr peItmmte dim e e
AW T5.Bt ,Itfi, - t b
D8 t lehsI opflD bsad $
SSo Twesdoy mm OR L T. HmOW&. a
t datem SI. S sd I .
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ral rhe aS m pneheed mi
pmuliel i icr SO Sceme..i.der til l
Jo Ieeds r tom h elolr a hOsad.
eI sd Ii. 1 IyI ews. -
Mwqe·~ us rtl hsdom 5 ats eE
" WE MUTWAL IW'mwou cUiPAi T
. .. RW .......m . me
E Aieum tf psemliss seeetned earbg the pear enmd
N so as . t..r............ ......... ..n s.
W OaLRA, JDeAu ey Pmt U--Th 6 o6dl is,
Por. ATaBLo. Eoar. a50. S. GaWIBl V. P.
Dsepashe fw the the ter ea th. ertmse , Pet ho
o yw, T. Losedale B. Býe r, J. C rea'IL Hut Wiseon
SA. Hart. Job.e C. Web, J. L Slmafeeo J. B. Bus, ino
A eowly Pde"ed
e  Replalcdg Cre a Uthe Truck wIhe they run of, Patented
I' by . T. DE CI oa,ohAned the Firs Priuma mbth Loui
ato its Bae sdrotot em hiMP t
-- C dmp m.lee' Right tk d t Ind T
o ABLE RAILROAD SWITYiabeobto ado of C. LI to s
u e mp Al and 7eeoydr8 strL
Sa. eCw Orle. . ....
his O - B
'y h0 b e. hrFLOURe .  at o a folloetg brands:
o Smith's (roam, FltIaSxtr. To Wlt, Jr.. Rod B3d
WAE bUTL' lY, l se., A se andt ow gur Is by.'
h ble J UT OR A w BPBBelghas. attr .
30 Jti l.rr IrJ JM LA'D
SIt00 tLrret8 Froctor City of to ro tFAMILY LAsro
r ta . Ul fas ts .. .. Ieo and L d k
asd p d I- li rr h d - or
ad t cubs (WA s.d RIB SID .L ,
wTs 0 beb Procthor A Cammer moth td of LARD OILe.b
(dayl bes orer.cr Omb Term sde o far'sher brteads of h
LADL -16. dmoad U o races Ita
UIs o~. RrBuu Mll.RIDY A CO.. bsb
+x" S adD 7 OoydDWA r, tew TOrt.
M. WHEgLEL tormerly of L ge Hoel; O . . *
A BVA EW ..........Rr.............VAIES.
hoe Fih blue.. Ihrimp Velen, Blambo end Jolnted Rods, as
. Heatgs GeDO MADu E I HOOKS. AsBIrtd AtoD.
0s WAr f CY LE. Y in o, Itox f Cor .. eat ow Igors by
8 P dr~s~et t
l_ NaoUCBOA IRBeRL. 7TO L Or Rstreent.
tN18 MIVn Marl tLaesc witf eollco. ia st rlrod c-with Cap
pFrk py 'tros eamol 7ed smbnsa. bl Is bads ra
md wil pay ldn·d a Beltere eD Jos phe ItUit'DAY aboior
9 r ~mmsa rPanr otw elag ak tir
te riv t TWELE DOLLAR Vr pe.
r5 s applI tso p.tA. WITnY CO.,n
0 a MCmp sre
WOsesR naEw **O a wa'rs
wAPPAfTtewr rmebyTo r WAToremBoMm, ds j
S dayl week or m sth. e, Te Ogrdeta; For frther fdrowa. er
eind ,te.. addre of DIM. . H. BLSTB EDALIn.
CoLiare.Io L., or B P ,this Oe. pa
nS STlWbs la · as
pass. .s
It-n a er.
Proprietors. re
? N. WBHELER. formery of Lahrge Hotel; H. F. '5
S ISWAR Tr oITf Ne OrlaaUer
b t..S... .DA . ES. Id
a- friees, Ltm- ngtoaG o L At E Co.. Ngow Y ork or
·i -e ieena e in  POe t e ,
DAioRIo A . ( BA..*.24 "r.."y* oD .... son
tIe eren slI e emwll MSant a oebile wrmt Cat.i
othe hm Mil w e dstmesra w ati to tst obi wh  al kpt.
Forank i 1the ool end neesenhetab pash  D
I.p otr and Bolew iDrW ms, tesO
1 tolme hM fb den. oere ragb, an aediM h irehom 11
do . do
te river sot. W ELNE DOLLARl . Fer fo rto r pamtie. e,
Srlso apply- to Q A. WHITNEY A M .. t.
60 anl32wampl.reat 1e
imBotl drantesWlm la Onartresd sre
. Nore A ea. Bstln. The above elbsrated Apparate. re p
M o In t toor ea hesk an ttWeed aimb ra o t:
saled the awaord of DIPLOMA. BIt R ERDALtand oil
S. THREE OTHER PREMIUMS at t lecoed j.uJlag Ct
J Pocket ek eor Porrte .le. enea a oe dollar m.I
it bllmd thee da mu ah Cld Stem s ea y. The lde
IB. so. S, ad R Meeses d . btweJulia ra
SsadBt JesLpk.ro psetfa enTOeas, tohis lsd. end thr y o
p hlic r -ath a Ite UndH atkia. oo o. i
mat, o thhelaw a soore a.t he hov usd, will ep
ened y en bend e s aneu t of Mesalte Banal On,
a rnd Osebats B asswod. ogesb c lat nd t a
p Coinet. eMdWle N D ,ed tDis .rred end ca full tsr
ehe. ..toay-e... .t.ow ssi.e eg, did.e.
O•whiLk W na O uM I SAWW, 18 t
ap "en dwofjl (mad.
rt tye uIueete'ute. aotebpub ie ost your 'enld eof r
As t 8ol COO-·TtL OR to a IQSM•d rto. r
wi O to atmosi ready to lreumls
·Ieu ww~sdlt Mag Weank.mro ..
s t b a hy TI J
!1bc aI Wsll 1k5o rutolmm
ol he rt o tf earL-tahusd s t badvd sd sixty
rL h. and of0 ~ d the alplato s Uait s alem ee f
A h lDa e usiw me.r ANDsaW HEII ., Jr...
. E.aiest Loei.,ee. e dly eommli.eoed ,r-d Rtu-e ,-n
•he peinsee Kf te wiume.ee hmeho enemd urer.
Se .. aAmeeeay n-ase . ed red tb p 9l e
mm am Merl.d, who mevaly edew tbea
S avare tl emas at the pnoairbto ofh to a to of the
Ppate r l.eesa rleatve to teae OreasoTlr toe eopmersPsoee
t wt hllo pIhy amprse em Seand ty . hll, Ia hsoe movm
asmed sad aereod, sd do by thebdeo prsemnta esemea. aps
Mad sOad tmbem ees. ao thtm wi. he p ror e t, I he
- Dtbweve tuten n-. 'C np s uer a Ctepth -aerfO a Iothe objerse
- tand pmrposes pere eader t atlsplemseae emr segulelldero -
Iewtag v Ia:
The, smea sd title of said Corpfetao sh elt be Wfn
PAT and to dsmici thersot halole the eityl •dewO.
Teese State of siaes ein
nd The objedf t t4 C med p e rateo the the a amn o
a of the bai as the proeentis of the Ites o ie s oa
elppr savd ote r aivLe h prlusat L depetlg of sle clsor
teee oef of ers ad the rmov of tidal bare sls, the fi rm
ti.  ai f eold marIne fuoadotisas fer flghtheume ead oter
etruare c qicsaunds or m hy molts, byee thee r .i ap
p- pntlesor Mof Rars's liaesss d. Per." or huproveme.at in
it. Uianse foundatieon. for whih a pmsea ham hess grated to
Edward nimon by the nagdom of Gret Brttai ad by the
oLtted ban of AmerTIca, aEd Sof ekob ether manm meane
D . 1. lpparatue and Imprervmeatas m ay bereoftr be dmriiv
,d emitveeted o eted sad of .1w the eel Cerpora.
Uaoi mayershldr the etbt lt eso sad worting.
"Ih tresrntr of the Boerd of Dlremmr m ae said Company
shll be the eawsr ma whom catioe maw be senved.r
The Cpitd ttoack of this Corporaiona Li hereby frled
at the sum if FIVE MILLION DOLLARS, roap-e t.
dn by teay Theemsd Shr e at u wo eadd asd
Sfty Dollarn each, of which ol •hlf. Jvi: Ten ThDus
amd Shares. are nreborse ad t apart for tu pus
poms exerssad is the Itloloasg ae-'le The oetat' oe-.
n ai s e Tbedeand Ehess, Bshall be sebcribedl ad
sid for at the times and in the manner f-lioWi, to-w:
I. T eea -rir em to the meat them e hbal pay into the
ha.nds of the Prusident, uson the tlompmyo oraelose
tie for hbaeslesm, twenty five dollars oa eaeb aed ever,
shabe i-f st c. sbecrlhi.d by them; at the nrmallng two
tondred san tweaty-tve drlt se, on seh esad every
share the ashell be paId In at the a of asd tothesaid
( C'mpany irve mreatlveo l tallmenss of Twelvoe Dnes Ptfty
custs per asae. sean e ovm four monts, aeft.- at Irty days
publ c notice bh have been ioven of eouh uth call, by tao
hoard of Dirertms, in one or rmo' newspapers published is
the ity tf lew Orleans And the roesde of the amln at f
e. mich sh are. via: ne Hnrdred and ixtny-two Dola'se nty
tets sthall be payable on eiamnd, at the ofIct o eosd fsom.
puly. ater two mroan raym tbe datr of the said Com ua' u.
ga.niatio for burasee, upon thirty daysenolce, as th Board
of lrectoirs may require.
No ell shall at ayon one time be made for m s then Twrove
- Dollar fifty Cet per shabe, ter thepaymemtof the firt in
sth lmet o ten per semt: and mesh and every stoeksorder.
ater the paymeant of said Irat lnsalmcent, may dleharge
I Late f or hr elf from all furtver labilty for the resaisang
insallments by ms decls.ng t the oeffce of eaid Admps.y, at
say time. aod rturneaSg t the ,ld l:ompary hIs oes, a the
a- re slpt for tuch la-almeteasa ay havbeoheespd. In lwhch
; etuah w , as well a in cuase of taells e sy stolkhoeldr to
make strh paymemts a mey be clled for. muoh oteebho der or
etortbo:des halU IorfeL al payesn theretornaomaid e there
on by him or her or them, sad smcr. ntck shal revert to the
mid 'ompny foyr Its se ad besot,. snd may he itaero re
taimed of raeid.
The Ten bahouad ibarer. or oeh'f of thb Oapta ta Rtek
nrUrved m mei. pro I he aregsag enrtile, sheoI elong to
T7 Joh P Manase.. ast of prdwst Msobees LEdwad Posaeis
a. e ad Jehn i lliday. Sr thseit egens, the pateum aod
aergeses of said CUnsor do For, oe Improvremmt in Marin
Foesdatioes. i the pnptlm ls v: Fite abou
Smeod ºora thereof to said JoL e P Vlio , asent; two thaou
mad hv hundred shars to mid Edward Faolee, sad two
thousand Ifr toandred srame thereof to aid Jo Hlliday.
ead ten thousand shasr slahll slak qially with the oth-r
share, sod relive a equal amosm at of the dildeede rom
the pofits of te- mpapen). but no pyment of molney al
he reqnttrd from the h* lderthreof, whethr as , asmets.
eas·,eetmn' or mlherrale. All payments or asmmemts
onemwed fa. A, orleeOOe Npe, th oher T sicah et ldere bel n
coneddored r having been altresdy pead by the holdeors f wa
t ,0seaed r.e , rne tensn of the aunser sad aelgement
anto said Compey by s mid asest. Joshn . Maleso, sad said
lRdsord F, atms and Johb' H lldey of a I their righta sad
Inerets is md to id Patent, sled "tsahe doe er," sr
'-Improvemeot In Mario IFosadatlae"ad the right to noe
ithe 0aus and to vend It to others to a.
T"e t septad,, of the aboe Sts d the unbcrlblng of
their asmrs to tlhie Artie... f1 Aseacdatbs oha I mpty on
the pats or the oid Jolh P. asaic. Ageet, Edwars on.
talse ad John Halliday. sad they do hereby make thall sad
tempolet toave aeo, tra.sfer sad alsain est unto the sla
orporat iar, of m their rIghbt sod aterems in the Usitod
Suates of tmeriea In and to the said disovery and mvealio,
eatII.d' Ciosuona de Fer" or " rsovsmeat In Marin FPan.
datlon s' the Letters Palest dresid therobrad ta future
improvre. to apse the same,
All poer of the Carper•al en shIll be vested i a Bord of
Diretor eotsl•e tg of ol ht paruSs, webh of whom shall
owa a ute laon shares of the .apltw Stork ofeuid Coporn
ti,-. O the Prut onday of .une A P. ose thoesad eight
hundred and sixty-niae, end saenaly thereasfer. sa elettisn
for mld Ba d of Elht DirotLr ha*iI be heold Sa te(es of
the Coaporrtioa; of which election previous no'ico of If tees
Sdays shell be sivew ht two ewapoprs peublhod Is eow Or
olease. A pralhty of vtes .cutting one voae se srch shore
oeed upmi shellh be leeMt to eBest nuch DlMreos, who at
the first 5elng ofter their electiosn m*bal eum sa of leer
nember for Presdent of aid Bosrd as sl. a of sdld Cor.
The PrI'n Idet shell r e d l metl e de a a n f the aid
eror of the Corora. leex and In ca of his sbime. sr
s Iabil ty o ct. the Board of Droetore shall oleet one of their
m mber Pywldmt pro tern ., be abe I or theunte ose e
erelme the fun powere o. Presldent. The alolnr to 0elet Di
rectore foreolaid hall afot dissolve the mold Ooeperegem,
but the Directore thn in ofere shall holdM ,,ver ntl an
other election Is held. s' hlich notae shol be given as
above provided for, aid hll contaua saidl as elease be
The Beard of Diretors shail appoint a Seeetasry amd ail
srch flerbks ad Opna am may beeeoars, may nremove tbhe
S .me UattleoUra, fi the asoler rf ail oasreof the Corpo
t ration sad the amosnt of sri t hty hhIbteIl be requis from
say af said erere sad agents and shalf mae and oetas-lih
sach by-lws for the pesrw masasemet mad regUwson of
Or " aiurs of the said t erperaoia a may be .s mss ne a d
roper. A mi-Jsrity of the amed B ad shall be nesnasry to
f.rm a qsorim, s alas*o ai elet a y oi csir thr.nof: uad the
ea d Board .. n6as, , love the power to fill tay var.q,'s this
Smoy ocrr steren, by dobh. sese or reigolea, mor ay
Ehrb tharehblder. at all meeieg for the eletlon of Direi
I tor. r o ser o poeers shall be mnttltled d.ortl or by proxy
to he vote on each shbsue of suck bold by hin.
All trasfewr of stck hb.ll be rerorded at osce of maed Come
pny ina k bet of uraf r to be kept fr chat purpoes. The
aew ,stichehidea binadi.g himelf or bermlf o. the mnta fact
of record rg uco trampler tosbideby all the terms conditions
sad stlpulatlam sf this art, and amy end all the rotes. ogIla
tione os by-laws. made ad adopted in preanreesthmreo
Ihi Ceorportloe eke!l ho ad esatInue for, ad daria the
lo o4 t eefy-ByyeOars, team ad utter tbh dnt- so three
plsuonts, sd say ornsle or heel em as mon a two
thhds of its ctta stork shell h 'O bees rehetNhes tar.
The following nmed efokbhhders. ros: Joho Davld-as
ash F. i gneo. Ch rlos Lm Wdlllm 11. MiLeu
Pra, h W hoEym.sr. Jomes D. Bloir fober Koberts and
Jentot  e are hersoy easetiasted the fIrt ooetd of DO
rec.s10 ctn sh.ll so thel Irot mootilr elete one of their
aoslber as Preotdta. snd tbe aitd BIard -boil trevs t-tll mtI
proed by their ..... ors to be oteeted prvlded In £0
The Bonrd of lrrctore mey aceept ProoviulaoIly sy
power or prim iloe conferred os the R moesltloc by
-n smrsudn-ratm Ii the Ia onder which the same Is
Is tred or my the odiptlia to say now ott ot he lerisautare
orh y uy a. t of a 'eros' ' ,heo sired S/te of AmorI a
list the Ioul errleae say in-Irk pwr or p vtt.e mba-i
ho de ertmler by a vote ofa mejrnty in motonn of the Stork.
ille lqdatid n oa the affaIrs of mid Coporutfeo at the
trlusl a f ita chsrter. or It roer determisedl uoa yr
Its m *tsrsdroo trhali be e dasoe4s b lthre otoekeoldeo
duly tltcled by £ majorisy In maount of the 'tsahsboieoeset
omeotirf ro aretad It • tnt psrpome utter tlats dayl' fisL
si bi s-s co I two new publishes In Now Orleme..
Iho poti del lq'tdmis sad ti emuant of ther meepnn
timo at sle all ii'ewr priovtel.me be eunferrd uo mid
liytildatisa sholl be ixed Im tech oi - aser a the mi4 Itor
holdes a ma yat sact gereral mn.etlg dteormiu0e
The asses of the Btekbolde-o. their reetentee, sod the
mprttir .umotr of s area held by reto nra for ta'rCmeot
derlirrd to he Patb as so mubtsribhd to thin ela sad ptmemlte
the omia oe ems-h reapeCtiveoy.
I bhm mae u rd '-escd . all my olE. at No- Ovrtas afov
maid in thr pr-matc. td esm Jomos larahom sad (Otorr.
tasu. w tmass o lwfal mfI. dumscillaled on toimeoily, whe
heresutoamin their tisues wih - he par'tme asd me. the aeld
JOala faetdsyVmOI, N. FONTAINE,
D, IOflft. F V. rTYMoUN,
-. F. BcInd. JOHN LERIs,.
w. U. MctILe ILAN. H A TTI. H.
J,. . IXs.', sad ObIme
A trit rope from the orinl. a
Iblb~ed- aBDRRW HEBO Jo,
The ehw IStove o afiy per em. isa feel. bakes bee.
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fcrly E rated sad tronateebly perve. at the Meesu
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sore -103
at Up.whe eei aml.e t all atth uiese Oemo e sGamey
ith teather with OUR NATIUONAL "AME, SAs SALL,
a0 nd THE PENALE FRPIVA7SRe will be pesamfedforI
th lor n.o. r w.e a to n ,
0" Will Peef.
m Ur Relwer's beetlfhl Caesdy,
-t .
t e tOWeT,
i Ad the leaghbte laree, A REGULAR PIX.
- Tickets-One Dolar
Every Bundy In the Saeoun--he hee fadew peel per
ny Ser stemmer A O. lOWN . vW. Ameoa, mite. O
bere f- t o. moanl street for Caeront~a Oodmo EVERY
8tleDAY at ft( md I- eoete P.a. Net.ering, lbeaes
t'asrolitol t te seo 735 u'cloek i.e.
Will lend " Jrckboa street. week Ledleg., or eay
SA iA>r-T aT oPuSEO-r OA...... S
Mw aturday and Suader, Jne m 0 sad I1.
and -
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d Saturday and Sendmv Plobte win be pomealed as ematea
meet lcaldleg I ll o4f the
at Pi. thit g with OUR NATIONAL GAME,
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Pla s present relher agast tho Aadems mmdlatety.
the C0.?T will be gtven an SUNDAY, Jwmsa ,at thelehyorite
tick and ileaseat place of retort. The garden and groueds will
re Chinese Lasters., sad at 9 o'clock P. a. a 8plemdid display of -
the FINRE WORKE, eepecially gotten up for this e..saem , will
coeclude the EvIe ink's sport
[email protected] and Refreshmests of all kind sad of the beat quoal. a
ik y can be had on the place, and at clty Prces.e G
A Ppleodid BRANS BAND OF MU30I., eomnlsting of
STwete 'erformers, has been engaged.
d t'.ncert to Commence It 2 P. t
on Admiselon,. cents.
.h-r At J. Kuatla. s't
Under the direction of Mr. I Carribroe, let Flaute of the -
SFrenmch Operas, ueoted by Mr. Kerkel, let Violin at Open,
n Mr. De Asra, lit Violosesllo. Mr. A. Charpetler, lit Plane st.
and r
IMs warm werrimwr
on SpplemmenmeTr tad OCsmbtatsem Iaais 644.
JUNE 201 18. I
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I of hta eor beads at Atlahta. /e., thi St20h day of Jean, y
selt LA AL, 3. M. WALLACE. I ,
Sohs R we dew er L lftheatnGeorgi St me palo
lea thedn to Aae d the als ledam, Mahl l
SSlee the aw, Se Sr whle , t Uath Who he SO
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te New Oses, OaF I s t ClSof
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d Health, deearet anry pace whar there shbaell he r te e he
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