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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, October 25, 1868, Morning, Image 8

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F TI r cmI a IIEw E am.
A COTloi lULiL MONXAT. 134j
%*n a To. mAUI s e u 11 e'le . a s
s" ss lCuw e omd e
T H E A T RlI K .l
TMZI raaaIOI. 0010
It must be cosfened that we have watched 1t
with some curiosity, inece the Academy lad Vane. i
ties were thrown open this season the patroage afn
beetowed upon them by the publc, for t as te Fran
common remerk beforehand, that in the mupeuse told
and excitement preceding the predoir elec- have
lion, amusments would find but a meager show- Tram
lg. Nor have theme fears been altogether dimap. £10.0
pointed. As a general thing the audiences have l10 0
been smaller than the management had good rea"- com
son to expect. f£r00
The Vrietiem wam well filled once or twine, . bank)
ecally on the night when Violnrg Bower's Major I000(
de Bnos we repeated, and the ,Ademy va 3.b j,
retlee ompany, having performed befor a n- tate
merons audience on its first appearance, ha quota
ince drawn but an average attendance. It i Do
certainly to be hoped anothe week mw eroni- caus
ole a increased interest and patronage, for ui- mand
vernal effort have been made by Mr.o at prove
the Varieties, and Mr. Bidwell, at the Academy, banks
to bring out entertainments, superior In their re viz.:
specfe lins comm
It Is surprising how prevalent near-slbtedne 5000
and deafness become among theater goers, from at c 1
the time the places of amusement are opened diaro
tfor the season. These maladies always result in for p
Ian increamed eagernem to obtain front seats, er Urc
to At as far forward us poible. The gentlema tiont i
in the box office smiles Increduloausly at the oft- City t
repeated request, but complies uas far as lie in d
his power.
ar pyed, the pror mano beln the i arst da, n
Shakspeangi  entertainment of the suaso. We 1 1,00
are nompelled to defer any extended criticsm,
but can pause to commend Minse Gry m Queen ra
Elisabeh, and Mim Freeman as Lady Anne.. s at
The Academy matlne yesterday-wa largelyJ -rxc
attended, and the occasion produotivb of Immem Wea
amusement for the hundreds of little onee foioit
atte.ded. o routet
The 8t. Chrle, it will be remembered b , Neto
next Monday evening, with Ben DeBar 13~ a
smith In the tadig prts b harhoa opens l
tg e w.np r. T d be, otp d Mrk but ir
Tbe Pandem r will be opened r opehe as leans
, usnal olio of attractiono. .13 i
At the Varieties to.moh rr " ighth, ofering ci
ew comedyd, "Love and bic it s
or the first time In New F d Iht. Boisoe played tt
tw the seedy Cresc ircense bales.
theeNe the Three Pset Pie. the Wood-s Nute Ores.
r ,b--ar.. . budoy, 'ell aepie the baye-d
w f a HanCed sel s kl Ri ait . to-da1
da 1o I [email protected]
11 re cuar I--Yhe nOY. 5 20s
biter was a boy: the bitten was (what
The fawis would cel)) a p-we spell it I B. In
t hort. though not to speak crustily, the youth was
the champion Pie-Blter of Arkansm. It was sa
that be oold bate moe pie at a single undivided
bite thin uny biter is the State outside of an ali- C
gta -they lift the tops of their oontsaoces off o
in order to bite yen know, anod therefore they tod
as exoepin-to the general tale, that is which out
states that no manll be permittd to bit E tith sm:
both idea of his bead at once on pain of having ch
the toothche.
- 8tend
CWAlTU IIt--- PIE stand
The re was a mystery t was unity: it was all
,onen; r, twas what th rltcal nu 4 tUis I from
it w res ai of it met ; thee w 'none lke ite, , nabl
none, nor will be when our summers have de
emasd s Teunsmu on beailloly retmerk ona Bellon
di i uoccasion. Where that pie was biked wall ta 0
darkness-was horrid confuon acd a clttering mn d
of a mltitd of pan Wthe at pia cn- m
noetd the eprit of fia, and water. sad denh, middl
were ssembled to their hideous orgee, anod
toughness like unto the toughness of vulanised et
gutts pereha nams e on the face of the pie. oe
clo . tn-Tn sIaiU.
It was high nooe on White rfiver. The rivem d Md Ex
assumed the livery of spring in honor of the r oca -
s oe.d the poetic otl that cartm wre i son. E
Janprth ws oed. The gayl and festive Hav
crowds of baUeraut-hued pleasura seekers prom
ended klon the broad boulevard of the levee i
a manner which proved (by th frequent dikplay bong
of the peaceful- a dxshooter) that they diregarded rte
the day in pursuit of the pleasure the morrow chs
aforded. Near the lnding and opposite the ittle
bakery was assembled s mltitde. Whdoe, it td oo
porteond Let u appoeob. in the center stands at
a outh. The ,lsh of childish ianoence ceip
stilllager. on hi ingenoous jawbone, whinh pro- 1on
traded to an unnaturasl extent and gave promie fair
of strnsth beond his years. In his eye gleamed The
hope end e~it~tlon dl inbin opes mouth dim- for
played a yawning cavern that boded ll to eat- one
bles. His knees koched together, bat It was gall
not thrdugh fear, though they ere through his m
trousera--be was kock.khbel from his youth con
(aid the groned) up. Clad in light green vest- F
b .ddin, w ree ed the enrally verdant apar- lota
d ue rsnoeAdling thins., he stood a noble type in
of ArLuksas.
Tho pie Is brought forth. "It is bhld in the hands 8
of two men who bend bedoeth the burden. Ia atI
he 'boy steps up.o'
His father bids him do Its best; which beiln a do
plous son ba ptrepaes to do. It Is a bitt a bite. t
He draws near.
He bites. It Is abitter bite.
His teeth become entangled tih llutious of
mas, and bis coaortlon are painful to rwteo -- to
or mour to croUeenisne. n
whispred mnrmr of. sympahpemateth.e wi
vat assembly-as..so de bn father. ag , e
permeated to a sumcient disance bn fnther e- a
Iow, bearings hbUldof. He applies the bull- f
dogI. lt btter bit.
he boy's atrnle5arew redoubled ad finlly o
dos the pie. Thn dog sd th pie and th boy
.ecometotheeyes olthsp tato.• confused t
plhtamaoris Pity lls upon uso lose 10
vision upon such an unpleasant state of cirum
stances. Lt us cloe. i
[eelaod for Repirs.] hi
Jecko presents the above hoping-
Oct. II, It-t. -
There i a Weelern Tract and Book Society on cl
Elm stret, Cincinnati, sustined by the various
Evangelical Cburchs of the city.
Ahout one hnudnrd and thrty members of the D
Jewish conuregatIoe worshiping at tSe 0ysalogue
Th.e everend w. H. milbour, of the Epi.coal.
Choroh. well known ithis country as the blind
preacher. is under medical treatment in Berlin.
and s encouraged to hope that his sght will be a
There are twelve New York city clergymen re- d
calving over ten thousand dollars a year for their t
clerical serviceu, and a hundred ministers for the p
eame city who do not receive over one-tenth ,
that amount each.
At the late Synod of the Roman Catho;ic Church,
in New York. It wa lreolved that there shall be
no more picnics, or waltilmg, among tCe members
in that dlooeee. Tis atn Was tate h-cause it
moraJLitlee hurful to tih Chr chuaa.cr. I
The members of the Greek Church are abot to
erect a church edifice in San rsncmioo, Fnds to
various parUt of Caifor lfor thin prpoeeand
it s understood that the osar of Roasa will aid in
for the eoostructio of au difn that wlt pove
an onameat to the city. A mimionary has aIrdy
been sent to ofoieta.
The Bethel mimion of Plymouth cburch, Brook
rtate addressee were made by Bess Suer.,
Ilinsslas nd Beecher. In to mr u1 euer
mreached to a large oongerieaon oworking men
and women, in the new chapel. The edisfe. he
esld. would be devoted to vrrt pwpoeue every
nigbt in the week, as wel as Snoday school ·na
religiousrsies durtm tho 8•bslh. lie apoke
of the social distinctios of the premnt day as
vilbane with the techiang of tih gompel, and
citet the example of our Lord, who sot only
wit thoe whom be taht ater a manr p"l
ave to tih ?hkrbie.
tae fet ,,seon s just been trmd in
by him Just ffty yrs berore. san what more
re kble, it was the fist sermon he ever
psueaced. The fir de wau Adlover, oon.,
August 30, 1818, and the met Aug. 10, Io.
.r . t • .m Oes m
Thre ism a tpof a~ ad to raer The w
the movemeat in the mery market. Gold ope Boelia
in New York th moring at 136L against 1 tirda.
the closieg rate pesrday. At 12 m. It stoo thm wt
1341. sad at 3 r.-. it cdoed at 134j. Theme The I
ment in this market he been quite heary, noon e
rates have declined in Meordanoe with the an acid
York market. Total operations embrace the 0 whi
lowing amounts, via: $2,000, .5,000, 87000 110 nplg, a
810,000, $15.000 Gold at 1356; $3000 and 81 bhe will
do. at 135) ; $10,000 and 821000 do. at 1351: da nezi
000 do atl35, and $20.000 do. at 5l3l War The
quoate Gold at [email protected]; Ameriean Silver d:
1320133. and Mexican dollars [email protected] Gi
Femaioe Excnesoa.--We have again to as Capt. A
a further decline in the rates of Sterligd Fa ey.
Frames. Owing to the downward tendeef for Yea
gold in New York, offerings of Cotmerodlalla l-1u
have been ample and the demand was mode. Jko
Treaasstions embrace the aubjolaed amow a: light
£10.000 Bank Sterling at 147, £1000 do. ast . Cleona,
10 000 do. at 147+, £3000 do. at 147, £3001 Branch.
commercial do. at 1461. £3500 do. at 46jnd Capt. He
£4000 private banker's do. at 146., 150,000 p0t Williamt
banker's france at 3.85, 30.000 commercie, I oathers
100000 bank and 300.000 prrivate banker's ,at Stei. al
3.b6o,fand 350,000 A 1 commeroial do. at 7& I onrutill
Rates at the close were too unsettled for role for Nate
quotations, and we therefoe emit them. The at
Douasric ExcanxoL.--ncreased offering*ve lay ron
caused a further decline in rates, while tle from R
mand for remittance purposes exhibits . never to
provement whatever. Total purohanse to.- by upfrelg
hanks and bankers embrace the annexed ts, pd from
viz.: $4000, $30,000, $50.000 and $60.000ew'York 27 ho
commercial sight atj 1 ant. discount,. 000 and molased
5000 do. at 7-16 cent. and 4000 tegay' eight 1306 I
a to cent. dLaoount. We now dlV cent. per rive
is.aount at bank and [email protected] distf-.ut . f doorsd.
for eight checks on Northern cU. bave a
ona city n orte. ,- "-9'S: tsm--OPen. srdaon,
ionty ten citp noter ent.p~ ight at previo rates. 2338 sac
nd warrants ,sd are weaker, State note co, from
lassr f siot, and the movomeat all Bhumae
te total MISSbes4 in wblgy P dSd. 530 be!
ay, embr otaunder the above heading to 1 b
1,000 only the following, viz: $10.000 cad Betty C
et ,t note at 9 dis., 1800 cty teper 10 bo
to .,ocdsat 770., $2100 Louiiana State war aundrile
ast Ot. and emaI amount a-tr0. o. The
.UtCAL DLesATOVMs.WWo rwe Indebted the R r. x
lestern Unki Telegraph Line for oopiea of the bae t
lowing private dipatches received from that 2398 be
auto today. vima:
New York, Oc. 24-10 A. a.-Gold opened at 10 A.
35. 10:30 A. .--Gold 135. Cotto market quiet The 4
tut firm; middling 53c.. Mobile 254o.. Or- for fal
eame 3sij. Sterling 109011. 11:45 .Y.-Gold hba To
,341. Cotton demand moderate-prtoes firmi-. t- Tea
:eipta of the week, net, 7000 bale. ; gros. 20,000 T
. Sale of the week 16,000 bales. Eport direct.
bales. 3r..-Gold closed 1341. Coton demand able
ooderate-prlces firm ; sales to-day 1400 bale;
middling 253c., Mobile r25c., Orleans 2c. r day, 0
o Tg ateadTy.
Liverpool, Oct. 24-11:15 A. m.-Cotton market ca
Arm ; estimated saler 12.000 balea; Uplands o104.; ..
Orleans lid. 3. r. V.-Cotton cied firm. Saiea contim
today 15,000 bale; Upland [email protected]; Orleans bstrwe
[email protected] 11;. is rec
London, Ocf. 24-3 . x.-Consola 9®9". The O
5-20s unchanged. inches
bars t
r ommtreiai ont t0i0 n rith
o. s and a
lasdap Iammwi. Oe96 & 6 L. Fro
CorroN--The movement In the leading staple "To
to day basezhlbited considerable ºotivity tnrough- lft 8'
out. The inquiry has been general and dlvid for
among buemrs for the Euroepean, orthern and bout
Eastern marketh. Bates of gold and freig ox in it
change hanve bean very u settled nd lower, how- on Tb
ever, which have materially checked the upward unfor
tendency of cottoa quotation; but, notwtb BMea
atandig thin, the active demand which prevailed able I
all day, together with, more favoable advice port
frm the New ork ad Uverpoo market have capai
enabled Iotors to realize an advance of fully ably
to. lb. epo all clasi los, while the market of th
oloed irm with a further upward tendency. To- whte
tal operation fo the dt fo ted u p 4400 balole, th
ad we now qnote: Good di nrye 110co.; low that
middling 22 @2 e1; middl 23w-c., and atrict tch.
middling 23o. chic
a5 0Avacol te. ft% o.110 l
,tocks a Teha e p 1amber L b.e............ . t.ee tarot
--auid am.esasrda................ :147 "ort
sol.d rovl o d..................11. 6 ltI0 Ss both
gaperted since yesterday .......t....... 12,7 in th
Kiprold pnrloul............. ..........56,727 6 90 char
Stock s hand sad en .blb.erd................... s. I TI
Exports today were divided as follows. viz: cont
Havre 5304, Liverpool 3o45, New York 2529, and st
Barcelona 900 bales. b rs
Scoas ariD MotlsAs-Thee I a steady job- tree
bang demand for Cuha Sugar at full previousne as
rate. The mall lo of loslana r ad reedy poar the
chasers, and the market begins to exhibit some Olt
little animation. We quote new common Itc.,
good common to fair 110133c., yellow laerifaed han
at 15c. , . So 2 hooead. of the new re- ea
ceipta were sold to-day at these figure. Teceipt
tonulnue to increase da1., and we may look for a
fa tr ,ck and liberal o ole~ thina frtnight. cqel
The movements in Molases have been principally bhrl
for ergoe", two of which have changed hans . he
one upon private tme and the other at 42. ' The
Sallon. The of urtygs of new continue light and w
Bdready purchasseR at 70.0$1 15 g gallo-, -tse
cording to quality. the
FLtoUn-The market continues dull and qget. e
The slight demand today wu confined to a flew a
lots for city trada without any notieable change l
in rates, and sales embrace some 800 bbls., of a i
whIch 15 were. superfne at e7 10, 15 do. at
87 12t, 68 on its meri at N 60. 100doule. .ext .
at 7 50. 100 choa d teble at 8 d100 debl e re
extra and 200 choice upon prlvate termo. We e
now quote superfine 87 12*, mingle extra 7 25,,
double extra 7 50, low treblre 88 b5, mediom i
to choice treble t8 75010, and ohoie extra do.
$10012. de e
erColr-ster was very lT tUe girai or produce
of any hind upon the laoding to-day, and o opl
bone in Corn were neeseurley rastried, We f
noteasles of 400 isan, of whdih 156 werenew ds:
SbiteLoisana at $1, 112 yeqllow do. t 105, 7. C
new Louisiaa mixed from warehouse at $1 05.
and 50 sacks choice old white from do. 81 10 11
rbushe l. or
OAe--Tbh landing is bare. 150 acka werea
s eoldoarlyintheday at2o.,and 50oaks stG3o. ha
r buohal. oh Ofr e
SBasaw-Wlthout any offerings from di.
d transactions were confined to store at $1 20
r 10lIbs.
HAY--The landing ontinusa bare and buaeM at
tscotl~nedto jobbing and retail lota from ware. to
house at 827 for oole Wetern. at
poi--l, quiet but firm at fell pre.lmu rates. hi
50 and 50 bbfs. mess re sold at8 . Hold- p.
ern are firm at$33 retail.
Bacon--The market ik quIet but firm at 14c. for lI
Sbouldern; 17 for clear ribbed Sides, and lic. for
ch otar Sides. We note sale. of 5 and 10 cestk
t l$honudee, t ocsks clear rihbed Sides, andnd t5
15 caus cleur SdesalUl at abova quotatoons.
10way for atrid otlyc ce mee... .
lF la--I]aT hPo)e0anP in the maret, which
Uere. and 2ll|2. for kega. 90 kegs prime -
l weresoldto.da at19*c. •. . .
IdFa~,znoTs--Dull and unsettled. The amount 1
. toffregn tonnage in port has Inoreaed, and the
be emandcannot relguaed as hettertmhan moder
e diffi cult, if not impoeoibe, to obtain reLbleqeota
in uos especially by salilng vesela. An approz t
t lollowing for the glae of inteetd partlee
having hid amplea ,eOruoe tht the pal set
'h, down bhve been recently paid and are rtill ex
hO acted to tie reepectve place. included, Vl.:
are Cotton by stam to Liverpood. e.lm; b hy
It 916d: £2 10s.  h1d. for tobacco; s.ks
tar corn. Caotto by mini to Er, 1.
to lb., nominal. Cotton to Breme 1.. lb
tto Cotton by steam to Now York, Ic. . L.; to
bin $ beeo 810 3I hhd.; flour 8ie. i bbl.; carn
ln Ino.; flour 8I bbl.; corn 2Oc. buel. Cotton
u bsteam to Pbiladelphl, Ic. _lb.; flour .1. ~ ibbL
ye doay vessel wu tken tor Boston with a full
d cargo of cotton at lie. l.
e, Jee - jssine Octobas U75
her Sold yesterday-43 Tesr Beave.. 346 Calve.
10a YearlbaW,,79 3005,,_8 Sh ep. Stockon ale
he72 Te3T BIeeves. 335 Calve and Yenrung, 510
SHog, 19 MichCows. we quote:
iat mr as l ............. Mii MU
a  WG ...... ..t..... meO
he.r -,- a_.d;...... . ...
l -i. ........ K--- -
,s ..t. .i.w..................a.. e
ihed - -. . .
Capt. Wi. K. Forrest. so of G Forrert, mar
sn. ried m Taylor J. Cook, of dord, on the 1th
The weather lee d _leaat.
Buines w Pod a tl b dL( Is
t B.day. Is u p vgort, es of
tIem with o tripe.
The W from atabhes, arrived at
noon y on ter way down sh met with ra bi
an aeciden t. larboarir engine, in ominoseqence
o which was amble to leave here last eve- a sa.
-Jg, an Enterprise left wth her freight. -
e will ready to resume her trips on Wedanee
day nn her regular day. Bar. Maut
The owing named steamers efF t jester.
S; Capt Wood, for Lower Coast; Htty
m, Capt. Kga, for Lafourche: Thos. Powell, bsamshp
Capt. Aueoin, for olidnonville ; eerler. Capt. W.o
Fggey, for AttakLaps; Big Horn, Capt. Gilham, steam ap
for Yalos River; Letoerhe, Oapt. Hid, for mrS
H- y fSara: Olden Era Capt. Gus. Hodge, for via
Jerooe Celeste, Capt. Dawty, for mad Eeore ;
fight Way, Capt Noe h Scovel, for Jaoger n ; a
Cleoma, Capt. splnes, for Washngeto ; live Loae
Branch. Capt. Jones. for st. Loqu ; But Able, I t,
Capt. Harrison, for Vicksburg; importer, Capt. rrt
Wu'lliams, for Arkersas River; VicLksorg, Capt. Wu
Ssathers. for Vicksbrg ; P. W. SBrader, Capt
Btein. and Pink Vsrbl.e Capt. Montgoaerr, for
I olas ille; Enterprise, Capt. W. B. Lilardon, Ship e.
for Natches. Ab0
he steamer Bose Franks, which arrived yesterd - ip eI
r -y from Red river, brought M 91 sacks of corn Ship bri
from Rapider prish. In tmes gone by (we hope v
never toretrs) corn formed quite s item in the
p freights of ed river ste ors; now i ship
ped from thatriver-to New Orlenos.
27 hogheads new sugar. and 21 barrels new Fi
moluasses have been received ais* our last Jo.on
1306 bales of cotton were received yesterday ir
per river steamere. ;
Since our lst the following named stesmers
have arrived: Wild Wagooer. Capt. W. B. Rich- w
ardon, from Natohes, with 546 bals cottonu and I
2338 sacka cotton seed. Grey Eagle, Capt. Baran- ae
co from Bayou Sara, with 247 bales cotton, 17 Bili}
Rose 1nhae, 4Pt. Whits, from Je*Nee, with ,.r
513 bhale eottoa, 91 sacks corn and sundries. te Doe
Hetty Gilmore, Capt. King, from Lafourohe, with
10 bogsheads of sugar, t barrelof molasses and ia
sundries. rar.
The recelpts of cotton for the week ending at J. a
8 r. x. yesterday. were 19 448 bales against 17,053
bates the preceding week, showing a galn .of tob
2358 balas
The Grey Eagle, Capt. V. B. Baranoo, leaves at
10 A. ,. to-day for Bayou Sara.
The offer of the Rayo Franks have our thanks nte
for favors. Her attenoe clerk, Jasper L. Russ bb,.
has our thanks for a full fle of Jefferson papers. EW
The Rose Franks, Capt. Jno. White, leaves on ales
Tuesday, the 27th inst., at 5 r. X., for Jefferson,
direct. bbi. on
The Cubsa lo. 2 was compelled to lay over last BkA
evening on account of several shippers being un- Atu X1
able to complete their lists of freight. She will 1i
leave for Phreveport and Jefferson at 5 r. x., Tues- p- k Id
day, Ot. 27th.
ruOM OGsl XxcuAazs. t
From tlhe Memphis Avalanche of Oct. 23d.:
,, Weather cool and cloudy. The river here aiV
continues todecline.prith seven feet in the channel taie.
between here and Cairo. At St. Louiso the river )H, u
is receding, with flveTeet large in the chasnnel. o
* The Ohio is declining steadily, with three feet four "'
inches in the eanol, and five sand a half feet on the
bars in the lower Ohio. The Arkansas is flling,
with three feet in the channel from Little Bock PA.
out. White River is declining steadily, withseven .w
and a half feet in the channel to Augusta." u, "e
From the Vicksburg Berald 23d inst: I''i
e The towboat Atlantic, Capt. Loyd Belt, which b
l. left St. Louis last week with a tow of three barges ec -
d for New Orlenas, arrived yedterday afternoon c.ia51
A about 4 o'clock. We learo from Capt. Belt that 2 b.le
t- in attempting to come through Paw Paw Island i,:
r- on Thursday morning before daylight, he was so .
d unfortunate as to ground both boat and barges.
b He succeeded in releasing his boat, but was on- sd.
id able to get the barges o, and came down to this i J
s port for assistance, hting broken his rigging arnd (t
re ca tan. The wrecking boat No. 12 will prob.
Saby go up to her relief. Capt. Line Mulliken. one B-air
et of the pilots of the Atlantic, nforms us that the .
. waster has left the old channel and is now down a Dn
s, the shute, thence being "mark twain" twain in *t
w that channel. We are Informed by Mid Arm- I d
ci strong, the owner ot the steamer Lida Norrill. ,a
which boat is at present under charter to parties Db
at the wreck of the W. R. Carter, will, when i p",
trough. be taoken to New Orleans and undergo a s
thorough overhauling. Her guards be widened. A M
ubothupper nd o wr and wall receive aentirs Auur
69 new outfit prior to becoming a permanent packet La
in the Vicksburg sand Bends trade. Her present e.
a charter will expire in about two weeks."
8 8 The Pistaburg Commercnldf the 20th nstant a
: contains the following interesting statements:
ad "The year 1843 was a memorable one so ar as le
steamboating was concerned. We believe that -i
Ib p rster Improvements were made In that year D. is
than any year from that ime to the resent. It
was the year of bulding fast boats. or instace
S the J. M. White, the boat whose time from New ,badl
C. Orleans to St. Louis stands unrivaled: 3 days, 23 ar
hours and 9 mInunts. The same year was built at
re- Cincinnati the celebrated Duke of Orleans, thast j
made the run from New Orleans to Cincinnati in 5
Sdays and eighteen hours, the best time ever made ca
I beore or since. The same year was built the -
iiiy celebrated Clipper, that made the ran from Pitte
ids burg to Cincinnati and back, time out 5 days and i
5 hours ; her running time wu 5 days and 8 honr. e a
ati traip bas never been equaled. The ame year Da
was organised the Pittlburg and Cincinnati packet Br
Slie, that continued in sooessful operation until D
let the completion of lroard eommunlcatioons West ;R
few a lie that was composed of the iuo set md fastest ir
steamers that ever flatted on the Western waters; 
f a line that during fifteen years of steady running b
t never lost a boat. The only one that received any ao
,t damge was the New England No. 2. and she was bc
SrepLsredat an expense of 000. The company
We during the time of its eitenoe pald for inurance e
$260,000." 1
2 From the Shreveport Southwestern, Oct. 18th:a
do. "The weather yesterday as cold4 ad damp a
day with a north-wInd. The river opposte this m
l is nahbout on a stand, with twelve faebt boove p
a- the lowest water mark. We hate no nlater news
We from Carolia Blab tha that publlnhed seiStr-.
day-falling fast. We hve ad no arvly from en
i, 76 Cyprese baOU in the pest two dsys, adnd hve to
os. retient our leat report--thee and onefee tlhe __
]1lae and thirty Inches In Potato bend. Frowm the
ofmcers of the Liuze Hopkins we learn that there
wae are five feet on Grand oe ba nd sfour asd a
. half feet on the falls. Up freights are now iaded I
hbere at high water card ratw.es. Down--cottoo t,2
dn per bale, cattle $t per ed sand passenr s25."
9 IFrom the Alexandris Democrat, Oct. 21:
- The river is riing yet, bat very elowly. From ,
i above we htve information that it ha ommenced J
rare to fall as low down as Greaud BEore. The weather
at the present writng Idicates rain. which will
ates. keep it up at its present notch. Naigation isn
Hold- perfect to the head of the best, sad al the boate
go down with good loads of ootton and bUalls.
. for Freights now rule at high water m·tes."
Sfor From the Cincinnati Gazette, Oct. 22:
sks the wind was variable yesterday. At'dark
and the tIndictios of riain were favorable. Businoses
ins was lively on the whrf, for emhis and New r
tail Orlesans, sad also for thelocbl pa·ces. Therei
not mnoh Arktsas river -r- hint h uc ity. Con- h
mucmnb of wheh wan at rned ras. Cap. rak a
PMrata. It was the yet sterday, would tkeI the
Robert Buree out for New Orlense next week.
nonat Heretofore it wa supposed he would tqke charge
tf the Swallow."
odr- From the Louville Courier of October 224 we
d it take the followoing :
luot- The Bt. Marys is aground at Flint Island. Owing
proxi to the extreme low water, the Louiana was com
o the pelled to abandon her trip to New Orleans and
attsi, isauled down her shingle yesterday. Her freight
e set will be turned over to the Legal Tender, which
1 ex- boat was to arrive last onight. The river is on
vis: changed at this point, with 3 feet 5 sinche water
i I n the canal, 1 foot 5 inches water in the chute and
4* feet water on Portland br last evening.
ah The Virginia left BSt. Louis for New Orleans on
The T. . BHle, from Lower Coast, will be
b. t found at the wharf this mmorning.
' A correspondst of the Clarion, referring to the
a bl future of Merdian, says: Alreaytwo ver iton
apll urtuat lines croe hea-the .one from the olale
to the gulf. the other conuectilg the Mirsisspp
river writh the Aantc seaboard--anod which limer
grow in Impor taneea they are looked upeon to be
reat iinks in the Souther Pnaniac rod. o us
o b mos.t importat act hlarn leady bee noe acomplra
Ceed the puroebs t the Wis Valtey sand North
Baut andS. W. 3. R. by a oa y lof Bosto
Scapttaists, who have staoged fol their ompae
o 51 -by Oetoer next, thus mai tero d irecteot
Sroute fro om erdan to Chattrnoog. The impor
sa lt opens the rich Iron d coal region of Ala
Sbsma . Theson, et mn, I tle ar, are now arran
n- for, bimportant worlrkhops of every chnareter,
1 in coaeioa with their undertaking and Meridia.
Ss m o t iat eresting feature ad oe tht
-c y our people on the oase of the
L. O.andJ. ad Cetral Ramrilad in thi: this
aIso detemied to build a diret road is exten
1 50a 1 this from Chetanooga in MerldL,-, thus
aible route from New Orisne to New or k and
tma-Boetos, and over which all the trde ad travel
the 1hbondl togo. look at the mnap a you wt ime
i grad advsag.
='=u ',a 'r. to I ~k) ~ ·
..... -- ·I,.'..S •Or
annt nUtE lpUU -. e e
swdrbt mea. Bedmt, ol lmaaa, J1*6
CBr~ aagsstlc. hurý ý ý. JaýarJU
(Umsma Td.-- W. S~i: l
p/ Gee, ]hwo.gbti.,, oe. Tk A )eh o Alms
usao2*lpm ). amk A 11ew yak A L-101 b
-b_ _ _ Awert m td so, -. I. doAwzhenu
Bar AUt~.t lt , te Iti . -"Mosieti
Wbod. tw wt - r...... •s U A Jko I eea IY Fresh
ee erlnk Bory. Ifot tta eto - T
"teomHe' Ucdv Brinel. JKam, hr ow Li , Dr i PW .
-hi., Artlp (1,44o. ]OST, fro Lltesol. J O . nKLo 4 Lee 0
A ~bbridge •  Da-- -- __r
Lhp Lady 1pcrlsLto, Adams fo, faro vn a W sinIe e J A e
hi SCamhrip United rates, Nef es, from rew took Mu11y Is ,,.ad h
WV.od Low t Lundwipse-!-d dim 224 Digi i/n aetnd 9
tmBrhtclp (i7hyll. Ito (ll. Gall, from Li e A tob
r to Aobodd t Degan-id dltitt -
Loner Baratari, POt., from Sarsaaria, I.e ost-Id Ode
r n111i 13S ri h ,
r.oe NEag'- Mars , from sao w Iols
a Rosee Fronks. Whit, tmem Jefrm _____
Hatrt. lmot IKing. from Laosrcbo
il'" lark. . from 0o4iHl-Now B. ..n
1 PFrme, . .B Is--l t e. now Mo , a In.
wild Wagoies, Richardson. from ah.es
1. -
ifsel .e*M-md wis.
o. Ship Mi Ood. Iowoolgg. from Liverpool 16th Aug., to J H
Ship Christie. Frderlck 48 day from Brem, to Mommmy U
is Loulin Leo B
i t B1i Vibawli (thp). Caaov. days from Havan Is ballalt, UIT
no pig Bros
hi, il7mOvwcmo id ks mde
SFalmoo(h rof p Oct. M.-The eamobip beotri Capt
Johs. omn trm Alea Cris lo Ivpoolb o.b ee rdvd here,
17 baig in tow lba bark ar0ey ot Both Sbield, from Pron*
ý pkid up tIde Om wad of cily wateroged aid b ,di- wIn ea.
dooed. SATUK1
KaZ DO1SY t I POSTS. heis. I "
NwT Yrt, - c0bt 9.-Arrived frees New Orlsr, eeisoahtal oogeeo .
Td azoo. Hodges, and (Guif Sttrmx Spacsss 0AEz
a- beatse. (ft. 17 -(Soread wt w Orlesno ship Emama, V- fro
SBIb; 19, frot Pensacola brig cmlw
1 l'blladeipbb. Oct, 17.-lArrived tr.a Nw Orlar via Ha. ON
va, sis se14de len Ua of e t the iii. aOooo _.
l prsanab. O-. 1. - ired b br loalo Oamue graL
i ,. teVDeOauOar.Sper.l Ads- 111 A0 t
4d Mata. Sep t. - th -teI lled or oew Oeano vIa doata,
ol.aEh opkWoa Huntr.
havrSc aleas Oo.. -Arrived from New Otaa, ship
at JnobHarlris
.of (1 tober l6th, tol n latd.li e d 1,dlogtloude 61:.3, ship Jams.
'l-. New, boond to Mobile.
i As NW TO-BKRteatohI eo Wah ghA o n-IIN 4 bel cos rt-- el
s to. 1n 11bl hbs 74 blae 1178 ski oar 1 bI molase 10 som
bbl. ol 7b d e.cotto med 9 php mde
hEW T03K -dlamlbip leo boada-IdNI bals cotton 75
O , balm wool 04 bale rl cutiegs r boles t .barn 3091 s oisl
Ii bol hide So pkr tallow 43 -hds me al 3 bds borswax 3 sO
its· ores ..36P~ Pkg. cods Novcm
po- a ltoes 30s onto p__a
Mt BkAZIKa~IU TIA 0~~I A*LtESTON1-. rSlathip p
Atol-t --110 bbl floor 4i0 boo soap 10 bbs potate sob oil
Iin 11ll feet lomber and saudrdIt
till 1N)I ANUL.o-hSitpl-P ClInto-IDO bbls flolr 0 bblo
lei- -p. , bblo J i Emo!asea 1 -bbls potaoe 15 bdL esager lhbags 11 lB1
bor- I0 aldos bay obsi coat 5i (- foto lumb erm
ritOAC LA-ebtamshlp .Wasoe-7lbs so.. wksco00
43 Lblo so- 70 oi bra do el oaL- and snsdril
I.IVERP()OL-Ship AMcfa-l44 bales cooo 400 staves
.Ahil.L' NA-Borkt d .tro-900 boles cotton
e lra iuaV ,tRiIo dsady BIsweln a-ISO blm hetttr 40
rel. uL WUlhoiameU heU. _Beoclt-1t51 bara c I oad iron
jag, Empetili ou._l IB~I t cromui
no o- Wasl al
eb D Hlm -- esm
Ien e "'n" -W c000 chsr J Solair - bh s mdw 10 ctsa
h-u Wnllai--e Roprtl Lro- Moos bardwri Vao A
11beereVal-8 ewe ma e A hlii-I3doC T bnddeck L o-.L do
1i apples 10 I.s potoe F Srhroader-LN kegs blu-3 cases
ScrKuls-J -ir Losu- cases dma-dre ItHRhibie-1 do Fat Sl
hik btI case rooks L e chwirn-I do i b ws mdr. 0 S Graham
rg.e &c,.-l boo md H Cmet--- ck rsmote L oGraaw hl-70
So.seas ds I bales kdo 4 -ses oedwa 10 ess steel 8 cas
that 6 .iO5 aper I2 cars boer Il) "arls wino geldft Krg
-that 2blemisitSrtemer-1 asks io F Bow-I ase
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dJ J Albert- 1 do Cbasvece-l do A Laoourue-4 pks
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one Bolutron- II do ineble A ilclpert-LI, do Rimoalba A Espan
I the L eo A ioard-4 do TI LeLneva o-l do Cbh Loab-  .
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Sews them Dam TubP NYU? SATURDAY.
* SE. I. 10D10.TX aemmowit.
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SATURDAY, Cot. St. .1l d r.:
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WOOD, LIQW a t.GD~l~ pse
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Vrdght tar LIVERFOOL, NAVES wl UENw mre
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1640 PIMS tIASIN: P.
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»0- MSarihUai.
Ia 1.0. REID. Commamdao iK
lick wi Psame, w.rt. oip rbe JahaSa D.Sqem ow
a TUESDAY, Oct. 27th, at 7 r..a., .'Pylag t11. U. U. in.b. Wit
D~noh . A.0-be 101S1 o as bdtone 3hZ hoo..hbe
22h *. 5.-No !i Samou ~ ra Ye Us io will
ton:I Shmmi CUl wit beam ow SATURDAY, to
i.00 OcDri .eab
"_1 HAVANA..v
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FTorin will leave Nr' Urienne every MONDAY atC 1 . L.,
SUAT, and every FRIDAY ci 10 s, a
Will lasso Beget le' sever TUMIDAY ad SATURDAY
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