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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, November 07, 1868, Morning, Image 6

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RAnTUBDAT ,mlamm. Iovunami 7, HIM
w drfrans uplone arm#t.
men ownms No. cO am ernmer,
riday Ilvag, Nov. 6. e.
Inmaseslag ease I the momt notioeabs Itas of
tbhemsey market. hesecnMsty saalves efoeston
have largely augmeeted t1he epply of correnoy,
and the demands tO e-smamameon have beean
diminished to an exteasbha eceld not have beea
anticipated even a few weak age. Short choice
business paper it now insqgest, beth i. sad out
of bank, and loeg dated soeo aseared by Al etty
mortgag, are much more sought for than hereto
fre. Rtes have sot yet indergene say quotable
variatiog, however, ad we agalnrep a previous
dgurea as follows. viz: A  ent. ' annum at bank
and [email protected] t cent. V month out of doers for
abort ittedged paper, sad 10612 0 oent.
asasm for loeg 6ated notes secured by strictly Al
city mortgage.
GOLD est. 8ssas--The movemeat under this
beading se ezhbblted eotinnoed Irregularity in
rates. Ohld bas been I ample supply and mod r
state demand throughout, but owing to the Ire t
quent, and at times, heavy fluctuations in rates at
New York, pries here have bee very uasetled.
Transactions in Silver have been very light, raise
generally ranging from 1)2 points below Gold
for Amerieo halves and quart-rs, and [email protected] j
cent premium on Goad for Mexican dollars. Op. II
eratlons to-day have been quite heavy and com
pree the folowolg amounts, via: $1000. $3000. ,
$6000, $10,000 and .11,000 Gold at 133) ; $2500 do. o
at 1534 : $3000. $6000, 546.000, $50,000 and $65,000 a
at 133 ; 850,000 do. at 1331; $00.000 do. t 133. b
and 1 0,004. $40,000 ad $66,000 do. at 1326. sle
of lvr erbraee $1000 Amesteam halves at 131. d
We now quote Gold 1S31lS 34; America Silver a
cola 131l132 and Melean dollas [email protected] h
Foaston E3xesaNO - We have to retort qite
an active bet very uWtlod market mnder this F
heading. Offeriag of sl tling and d
Frama. owlag to Inereased sales of 0otta for d
foreign p6rt, have exhibited a material laeredaN, a
and the demand ha ashown a steady improvement,
but rates, owing to the dowaward movemet of h
Gold sad Blls to New York. have been irregu b
and delaining throughoeat. Today there ha ben
a further decline in rates, sad tranaetrees e*
brace the annezed amoonts, vin: £600 sod £900t
Bank terzlag at 1451, £E00 and £1000 do. at 1444.
£10,006 do. at 144. £1000 Al Commaereol do. at a
144, £400ue eakers' do. at 144, £1000 and £3000 b
Al dommereals do. st 144, £3000 and £5000 do. 7,
st 1431, £8600 do. at 143®1434,"£3500 6ad £3000 0
do. at 143 and £1000 do. at 142 0,O0u0f. and 100,- T
000f. private bankers' France at 3 931f.. 50,1000f.. do.
at 3:.9yf., 60,000f.. 50,000f. and 73,000f. Al Com- a
maercial do. at 3 96f., sad 100,000f. and 200 000o.
do. at 3 .9L." We now quote Bank Sterling 14440
; IS, Commercial do. 142143), Bank Francs o
:; :341. and Commercial do. 3 96. 3 95f.
DuxasrTc Excuaeo.-The movement oader bise
heading, dring the llnt three days of the past
week. exhbited a slight let up in prices, bat duce
Wednesday. owing to light offerings, rates have S
remained steady, although the demand hba at no
time disclosed any special improvement. Total
purchases :to-day by bhaks and bankers, embrace
the following amounts, viz: $60,000 New York E
bank night. $20,000 private do., $9000 $10.000,
$::0 0(0 and 50 000 Al commercial do. at j cent. at
disconnt. $3000 sad 640,000 do. at 7-1; 1.cent. die
count, $21 .000 do. at 4 V cent. discount, $15.000
fifteen days' New York sightat 1 ji cent. discount, .
and $;000o thirty days' do. on Boston at 1! 4 cent.
discount. We stilt quote 4 i3 cent. discount a:
at bank and @i 4 deat. discount out of doors u
for sight checka on Northern cities.
UN;curtev NoTvae eND nSccxrrTss-There I4 still a
great Irregulerity lad wat of conftence mani- a
tested in opertikasts ia elames of local esoeritles.
Uncnrrent notes or o i and Stat promles t> pay
sme held, It sayrhbl with lass hpe of prompt 0
and full redempteon than heretofrn, while even a
the better dnearptiois of stooke and boi con.
tie partially or w s neglected. It liaestiag 'n
strange that so equable plan can be devised for
the absorption of the present outstanding city
shinplaster aiss, wMch is be trat and most im
portant duty of the two aldermanic boards, but It i
is neverthetess too true, and, jugiong the future ,
by the past, we, at east, begin to despair of any
speedy reform in that direction. Trdlling sales of
city notes are daily reported at irregualr prices.
City 10 V cent. do., Louisiana notes, and hi
levee and State bonds are almost wholly over- P1
looked, and the general run of stocks and local
bonds continue hopelessly oveylooked. The total to
actual sales oader the above heading laeee oar to
last are conprised in the subjoined restricted re- %
port, viz: $2000 city notes at 4ui4 ~ cent. di- 21.
count, $1000 10 :1 cent. boeds at 71c., and $6000 47
city cash warrants at 64e. :V dollar, and 25 shares la
Bank of New Orleans stock at 1t 253 4 share.
t.ar,.  ,.r.-.. -we are Indebteato oue fo
Western Union Telegraph IAne for copies of the o0
following private dispatches received from that cr
route to-day. via :
,A w York, N vo. 6-10 A. x.-Gold opened at w
1':. 10-45 A. r.-Gold 1423. Cotton market in- . t
active: prices drooping but not qnoobly lower. at
lterling 10:,[email protected](:'. 11:45 A. M.--Gold 1321. Cot- at
ton dull and tending down; nominally, middling gt
i_,.. Mobile 2.c., Orleans 254o. Sterling 13
steady. 3 r. x.--Gold closed 132;. Cotton mar- w
ket weak, but demand moderate. Sales today a
3-00 bales : nominally, middling 25c., Mobile 25~ ., i
()rlesan 254e. 4terling steady. 13
L.rritpoil, Aov. 6-11:15 A. x.--Oottoa marn
lPet steady. Ietimated sales 15,000 bales. Up- br
lands ll!d., Orleans llid. atles of the week bh
121.000 baits. For exportj 97,000 bales. For sn
speculation 26,000 bales. Stock on hand 426.000 to
bales, of which 48.000 bales are American. 1:20 at,
v. .--Cottos market Arm: prices unchanged. at
Estimated sales 15.000 bales.
1.,;,dno,. Nor. 8-11:15 A. x.-Console 91d vi
OaI0 merdal ntelhientc.
Clauscart Orc, a. are4 Ci usrrm,
rdiy lvsns. so,. 5, Itd.,
Its rsw or TnAs Masrta,--Wlth the exception
of hbe lernlItg staple, which, at times, disclosed do
iCreaatud a ,tvIt, the general trade of the City it
he- ehwn i.ut little animation a~nce the cloe of tb
,r lat waak ly reviefr. TobacCo has been dull wi
ald ltleady. Louislana nugear and Molasese have eo
r ou we in no freely, and been readily! sold at full an
flpnurs Ie· elpta of lour have bee1 quite heavy ci
ard sa ith buit little demand, prices, especially of in
She lower I7t-es, exhiUt s heavy deline. rain o
I a been quet, with Do rked alterautioain pricer . .
i..v has beas in modrate request at a·vaoced o
:anteS bacn haeolabeesn ito moderteinquiry at do
Hti.er tqult .iuigt. Pock ha. been Inarctive and 20
n., 1l ard has been dull and negliccted. Money ch
:.'.: ,,d a· ,ldent Foreign Excbange has been go
I , 'i demand at declining figures, and lDoieatic ex
* . b. rn nacttIve throughout, without cl
a: ) , ,.tl. vasriatton It previou flgores. FI
S, -,lN--Ihe t,ast week ha been marked be a .
r*ti9 a.n rnctilr movement in the leading vi
' ,pa.e, witht..t all vii lent tlut uatiious in pricesr.
i tiring the hfrst tbhree day ftact-trs realized a net r
a vato .(o ,l shout *1lc. i lb., owing to succes
-isav* iavsr, a adiaes frotlll laiverpol and Naew alt
r, k. iiu' ,.i-,..qt:..ntly ia o.lllt rea tion elt in
il,.lL a i. t ,- or ue to the Leavy depresslon in et
toid and ie',ign Excbhabre than to any other he
c-tuse, and to*ards the close of the week (o
iats of sal agades of Cotti n ec dei a fraction q
Itron ti eh lit.e, eiorea noevtouisly paid. lIe- od
¢.e4' 1out I t e h to l u, I-- or u i I. tir, didi not c-me a
I., io gnt IFO,' Ir , i tto i ts, s.ind buyer. hatte itt -
finrmt e, out ,.tiel, ,I the.. a- t, ted a d t i.,Mr. I:
ilh t air a I - the i IHfih.e.t -an tetrs"h tabs. F.
\ tt 1 , cr t.u are how over, hoet i r, I in i-t -
¶ tit, ,,ie-ated tLat iiu-ltite- a t i - , r L .re
lib t, .l al irdo. - r -g' r v .' tn- - ri lt
to::r n :,k.For a hbetter uier rsai.u ny of tite ei
a.,Lditiuon tof Le ih-u-et we w -old r ' t :.c .a[
]pended *xtra ir a,,s I, .r ,I1ll reca.,r's. \-z+
10:,. ., . llI. -the se--lI aid the mocnth
-' 3 , . vcl , Luv nt mar. t . r1 e to:,a, i
-,at l. '.,ed tup -100 bahl. ad the rahlng
. tl. etentsg ex hibthits set advan ce oi 104
li. b upsn all elaasucatia of the at ,ile 1
tiut t.ltveqten3 lsdate late cllecable telegrams me
: at t I·t in the day. which L!.iad that a;
-·'' iredaw of declinang, a.S siatd i t ne morn. ea
-:a .it|' Ihe. bad materially tdvlaacd o0 the 50
Lt. r -id of !Ie At'ac'la. at
'V ?- . Wit. cot tin r tel fav.,rabil -
r,-:it hIr all kinds of outdoor bhriness, -
f -urthe: ncouraeinr ahvices from Lir.
,:*: d hew York. holders of the i-t
.. Ptai :e here have been very jubi- al
ar t to day The laqtury throoughout has been das
: :re, gaeneral and cheerang, while the high prices 131
' .nanded by factaur have deterred som:e parties
trnm attemptingto1il their orders, and thereby tni
rta ed to restrat the aggrltte movemeat. The ye
.:arket has bean mpy pplied throoghost, w
I "1t the total opetatiaos foted no only 3(00 bales and
:it an avernane dsde o I. lb. A hesvy e
ne in rateafgulddlledeohal has coetrikbe. LI
, 3 to letsertthe atell sle and to prevents Fle
urtih er enheesment o vats.
. aon, * 'ao. S.-D~net es of evey kind ing
a' been .bo r prtia uosperded ban
our whole .communlty i the eseeaJl atl
clection. Thre trere ouat few OOttar byers at Bol
:ynv time to be seen upon the street, and still dee
•ewer hrness sseeId wil.ing to Iear PIs w id
negotttaten. Some 26 bates of the ntewe aid
t,., ; LsjdR, howree, sad prie, taea Bus
ra sl*a', are al . lo be slightLy meri, L a: t
qo.tably lower.
Wednesday, lbe. 4i.sm*t olitimon ovsr.
* the a to be "own" so c
l*** o' penalUe seameM tirae t
S ue ge sawo ae turr m od aes a die
ia business parsds. Advices from LverpOo a
- wae lw tl omalg to ed this mealg, bat I
aen re~ veed tey were esMramy peeessaed
. satilsfaeoy, whie the eari Yor Tk ib. c
pathees were of a tseldedly i ats ear. 4
ri or aretr. Transasetn la the leaIdai were
tight p to a e, sad asking pdIn Were , I
o anyth~rg, i advance of pmvio I , bet a q
ton bmyerm appeared to be unusually s, s gold a
eao e and zewa e adrwt a fot fell, feeters a
bue slightly reused, sad total sales of 620 bales wer
S efelbeted at our last quotations. a
o10le Thursday, ,'cr. 5.-The market was at a eompar
I out atie standtill up to meridian to-day, owing to the i
k7 absrence of the usual Liverpool and New Y
eto- morning dbpatebes, wh whe raoelved,
Abl exhibited but litte Hltrtlo. Mest beyers a
io appeared to be willing to go oC M estardaf
o prices, hOwever, but flactors generally bld back Is
Sanlcpation of a further advane. As the day pree l1
L greesed, Intellign ce of a heavy decline to olW E
SAl at New York was i'eceived, ad, by sympathy, e.
mediately dept sd Cotton qotoations bore. q
Holders who had previously exacted as mprove
1 In ment on former gIores now submitted to an 13. ci
iod- regular decline of o~ . s. poa most claole- g
Itons, and with total sale for the day of odly
i at 4700 bales, the market closed uesettled.
lrd. -idtiy, Not. 6.-To-day the market has been
l sd teudy taroughoet, without having at any time $1
old evinced undue excitemeyt or relaxatio. The
European and lorthern news hap be basely re at
Op iterated previous reports, ad the tendeaoy of
om Gold sad Foreign Eebhange has been more ia favor
O. f holders and drawers of Foreign bills. Ofihrage
of the staple were ample throughout, and the de- a
mand as from the opentang of the week, i eluded I
1 buyers from Liverpool, Havre, Spain, and North 21
al ern United States ports. Te total aes for the bi
131.day aregated 4000 bes the market ed to
Ive nsetteat the subjotd quotations, which ox- qt
hits bibit a general doelle of jo. 9 .b. to-day, and a to
net dvance as eomped with the ruling iare
vFriayevigm , tlhe 0dth alt., ., vin: or- at
S diary 21t --.; good ordinary .; low aid. pi
fo dUa t 23334c.: middling [email protected] c.; and strict re
* middling at 240-c.
o The total sales for the week amounted to 28.000 pi
Shales, against 26,500 bales last week and 12,200 -
a bales the week before. The snet reoelpts aggre.
a pated 30,456 bales, agalnat 27.647 bales last week, S(
showrlg as increase of 3809 bales, and 23,479
bales, receipts the week before. The aggregate m
. exports were 18,325 bales, agalst 28,347 last week
Ssand 6967 balm the weak eore, aad the stock oa
do. hand and on shipboard not cleared this evening is d1
do. 7A,36 bales, against 66,697 bles last week and rc
5 9It5 bales at the close of the previous week. m
00. The exports for the week have been divided as
do. follows, via: 140 bales to Baltimore, 3001 to or
o Havre, 3745 to New York and 11,339 to Liverpool. 86
NonT BY THE EDITOR.-We have stricken from
noI our stock table 3002 bales reported on the 30th h
alt. as having cleared for Harre. whereas the hi
thib Customhouse clearance is only dated yesterday,
as nd includes 3101 bales.
ace COTTon x aqrmt.,
are Stock on hand September 1, ...................... JIM at
I no eeaed so yrtaeo ................. 7.7
eceved prous.......................... ...77 179.
,ace 13tg33
ork Exported since yterda ................339
xportd ped of  ........ .......... 1 cti r,
at. Stok on band and en 7.I ie
stock B h(ad n sd o hipbeard......................... c~ 63
die- Exports to-day were exclusively for New York Li
.000 ToBcco.-We have no change to note in the
ant, market, which has continued dull and quiet from to
ent, the openina until the c ose of the week. Rates It
out are unchanged, and we repeat previous quota- I
ess tions, vi :
still ............................. 7 c.
tn- OtmeLe............. ... 9 11 10 tc. 21
Me Y dium ...............................I 1 1 13 Ic .
Good ..................................;14 1 Is.
npt Mrelee .tios ................. 17....... i d
n ritht Wrapper ................- { -ti dc
0on TOBAcc O TAT3glT.
lag eteels hoe Sep1.t1im8--hhd ......................... iet
ifor a vred M e Ot. 3 O .t ...... ...................i
t Iteesvd pve ... ...................... 371 4 gi
in- 2,902 in
t E ported since Oct 30 ..........................
re xrtei pre .. .............. 44
ar lnae up for aling sad city csummptio ...... 171 on
tok e d, et .................... ...........2.330
es. Receipts since Friday lut 23 hbds. Sales 21 p0
rod hhds. low leaf at 9jc. Exports b hhda. to St. oh
er- Pierre.
Kal MArstrcrTnvi, TosAcco.-Thetatock of the bet. fel
tal ter qualities is ample, while thene is little demand Re
oar for any other than common to medium grades. j
re- e quote tax paid 32c. $ th.. common unsound
Its 2035c.. common soned 40o45e., medium 4656 Q
000 47jc., One 651(j050., extra [email protected], and fancy
res bright [email protected]
fot r," MOL s,.--Movments in the 1'
te for me artcle have been only moderate through.
the out the week just closed, as supplies of the new
hat crop do not yet come In sufncient quantities to
warrant any extensive operations. while rates
at which ruled somewhat uniform until yesterday, on an
in- that day declined, and the market to-day, in the i
er. absence of any recent receipts of magnitude, is qu
ot- dull and quiet. We now quote common luj'l I. B. i
tug good common to fair [email protected] prime to choice be
ig 13( l1tic., yellow clarified [email protected] ~b. There
ar was only a light jobbin business done in Cuba at
lay sugar, and we note asles during the week of fl Nc
boxes No. 12 to 13 at [email protected], 100 boxes Nos.
13 and 14 at [email protected]*c., 100 boxes Nos. 1s and 20 m1
r at 14f15c. * It. Receipts for the week em
epk brace 3'7 hbds. new Louisiana sugar and 3000 shi
S boxes Cuba sugar. Sales 213 hhds. new Luilana qu
For super ad 2,7 boxes Cuba do. Exports 32 hhds. cet
000 to Texas. Receipts of molasese have shown a
:20 steady increase throughout the week and more
ed. ample ciferings have caused a decline in prices, lI
as compared with those quoted at close of pre.
4 viona week. We quote common [email protected];0. centrifu.- 00
al s65T7c., prime [email protected], and [email protected],5c. for
choice. Salee for the week embrace 973 bbls. ro
new and 40 hhds. Cuba molseses. The latter sold ''
at 125c75oc. : gallon. Receipts 15:::-1 bbls. new. de
~, h xport. 10 bble. to Baltimore, 60 to Texas and 171 hi
to New York.
ion -.orta-Sinoe Priday lest, themarkect huas ruled "
med dull and irregular. "eceipta have been very
hy iberal, and the general sacortment, particularly
of the lower grades, have largely lncreased: but
lull with a decline of [email protected]ic. 4 bbl. buyers have tio
ye evinced little dispoestl n to invest to any extent, m
l and basiness throughout the week bas been prin- h
ivy cilplly in jobbing lots, with very few tranesotonas
of in a round way. ales to-day foot up 1.,00 bbla.. do
sin of whlah 150 were superfine at $G 0:; 50 do, at a't
es 5.61;24: 70 do. at st 75; 100 on iut merits at S~ 30:
-ed  2tsI and 300 double extra at $, 77- , and 50 I
5t do. at $,; I7.: 104' do. at 1$7: 25' low treble at $7 50:
nd 200 do. at 17 625: 10o medium do. at $' 50; 50 for
ey choice at ilt: and 150 do. at $1025. We now to
en quote enperfin. St 50; single extra 56 62k: double
tic a xtra tc; [email protected]7: low treble ST [email protected] : medium to V
t chloice treble $, 500W, 50: and choice family ca
Flftr l$1061f' B bbl. Receipts for the week *O
ra 4:14 bbil. Baler 550 bbls. Exports *304. to t
g wit: 21 to Ruotaln: 13 to New York: :;:i7 to Flori h
ec. ,7 to Mexco 7 to ItCO: tSt. Pierre: 25u0 to Sc
irt frxrs, rad :Il5l to Havana. S
e- Coi:;- I: oipta durinir the week just closed, ing
Sallthough larger, bare shabown no improvement In le:
In ;Iality of rrain, which, for the most part, con
in tided of ltferior and green lots. ilates for new Ie
er have ruled a hbade lower, while thb stock of old lb.,
ek C('orn Las !ten f±rm throughout the week. We ?
on qcote new Corn [email protected], as to condition; run
:e- od cm 1 0.51 10 anod note sales to.day of 30 P
ne a d 4(o nes a $1 ; 5t sacks old mixed at $1 05. 30 i
s a' d 1 - , itr n. at $110 '1 butshel. Receipt. cot
.r I u d nid.y !ae., '-,0 sack,. Saltes 51741 sacks. cn
. F,; cres I()O0i to Sew York and 10.i to w:
r- I: rids. C
ce OA,,- ?he r-sr!k't h.s been steady and 7
frnm thr-ugh, t t! e week Ieec1 to moderate fd
lie di tllsd lair at i,ic. ·t bahel. We note a Oe
' le . 3 e.rtday of 2"tIo saclks for exportation at frt
, .ralr|,e r-riccs .re or.changed. 20', and
h ac' lacks wer sold to day at first fynes. Rle,
mA bctt, e I-riday 7,*10 sacki. $ales s86, 0acki.
S x. i.rt... u- 'akso r to tiorids: 2)0 to Galveston and
o it(- s(l cks to New York.
Ie .sain-We have very little hanseto noteli the
s market since the cli -e of previous week. Wit)
at i;ted reotepts and It~ht -Oerings, prices have A
'n. he n steady at $1 20 ae 100 1i: .. for a gcod orticle. Ie
he 50 ,and 41,0 rsacks were sold ti day from landing lhe
it abise fIgures. Receipts for thIe week 392'l ee
l. ke Sales 11I0. Exports 1r0 aesa to Florida. she
S Hav-Busines huas beea hght owing to rcity le
i. f stuply. PrIces have advanced fully $1 54 ton Is
he i cse Friday lent. Good Western is very scarce rem
i :.d Lt id at $31. We note a sale of 1u bales to. Ten
n sv at these figures. Ileceipta 156 bales. Sales r
e 123. No exports. s
ea Posx-This market has exhibited very little Be
iy inimatton during the week.inst closed. Holders
S e re firm at prevou atpr tes until yesterday, when, -
g, wing to the light demand. prices declIoed 25c., a.
es and we now ute mesa at $32 [email protected] 75, accord Ile
a- ng to quality. I:ceipta for the weeL 10-; bbls.
. eleee 5R 7 bble. Export.--0 to Texau , and 65 to ee
a Florila.
Macos-In consequence of the light stock ofer
Id ing and small receapt. daring the week prioc
id have steadily adveaed as tkhe supply beamer A
7 tluced. We note sales to day of 5 cuks shoeMers
t at 14(;c. and 5 casks clear ribbed sides at 1Sij.
t Holdesr are asking in a retail way 15c. for bshotl.
ill ders, I. for clear ribbed sides and 29c. for aleur
w sides. Receipts embrace "4 osak and 7 teres,
S ales 73 cakm and 0 erces. Export 2 cask to o
I uastan a ? toFlorida. Fr
of the very " v de aiHied.au!
wr we ne.w gqt. m.U m tins l e., is kegs
it ceipts, 123 fiereatW B & 30
. tieres to Oalvesto the u fe the week.
d t ( rim o LaltteR 10 d smesad
pt confianed to mai lets of ai ka-dded at
bat$t S i75 bbl. .
md rmI n Tmarw s-Te supply is light and to
ts. only rea dm B1Ms in lots at [email protected]
4er e. us euoewto Yri am tie demand
e, good fo rmall otA ! ei ocs iderable la
at as quiry for road Iots for ldmeat., but buyers
gold are deterred4 fuqp- s ed 'b high freithts,
toe and we quote pae 00, o. 1 $3 00, o. 2
ye $2 50, ad comom at as 40. Pale No. 1 is
scarce and In good demand.
par. Tas-I vrye d er amill pseklges, bet there
the Is a good shipping demand for 40 gallon bbla. at
$65 bbl.
r PIrca -Is in fair supply and in good demand
ers at $3 [email protected] 75 bbl.
B osRa Ont-Centinues Ir at 36c. o gallon.
k is Lix-With a fair supply the demad has bees
slight and prices quoted last week govern the
market. Thomaston aid BRokland, in small lots,
g. commend $ [email protected] 50 V bbL, Cape ime $2 25,
re. Westem $1 bbl.
re VisxoAN-There is no demand. We quote best
e. cider [email protected], Cinclmass grape 260300. V
lee- gallon.
sly MUss Bxs-Hallt bbls. $11 50, full bbls. $20
@021 60.
ea LrNmsioOr.--$1 [email protected]$1 20 I gallon; retailing at
me $1 35.
The BxaFrravBacoN-Scarce and in good demand
we at 2t,@21c. t lb.
of los T -There is a good retall demand at
vor 6je. ua.
age INDI BAooro--Tbe market eoetiaues active In
de- a retail way, with little or no demand for round
Sed lots. We quote India bagging, retail, [email protected]
rth. 21~c. for rolls, and 22te. for bes;: for blanket
the bagging 23)o. in rolls and 25c. in bales. Ken
ed cky bagging is in light retail demand, and we
ox- quote [email protected] for hand loom and 24c. for power
id a loom, according to quality.
Wee Gtxy ibase-The stak on hand is very light
or. and la good demand, and nose in frst hands, and
aid. prices rule from 21}c. for round lots and 22jo. at
riot retail
Sraa CADLs-Are to little or at demand, but
000 prices remain firm. We quote [email protected] for 12 os.,
200 [email protected] for l4os.. and [email protected] full weight.
re. Eoos-Are selling at [email protected] V dose anad
ek, [email protected] > bbl. in oats.
479 Farnasas-Tbe supply I. moderate and de.
a oe mand light. Prices frm at [email protected] for Western.
oah Baoos--Very dull, $2 [email protected] P dozen.
on BALs Rors-The stock on hand is light for the
g is demand, which is good. We quote at 90. for
mad round lots and 9jc. W lb. at retall, for good
wk. machine.
as CorrTTON 8i OIL-Is in fair supply, but with
to only a moderate demand at $1 for refined and
0ol. Oc. gallon for crude.
o Boo PoLsa--Are toIn large supply and little de
0th mand for good poles at $75 V 1000 for hogs
the heads, and [email protected] 1 1000 for barrels.
ay SALT-Thedemand for round lots for the inte
rior continues good and the market firm. We
quote coarse from warehouse $2 [email protected] 15; fine
from warehouse $2 [email protected]$2 45; coarse from
es store $2 [email protected] 30, and tile from store $2 55
r c 2 t0. Turks' Island nominal at [email protected] V
s Wai'iwr--There is a noticeable Inrease in re
ceipts of Western, with very little demand be.
yond small lots. We quote common Western
al rectifed $1 351 40 o~ gallon for small lots;
rk bourbon $1 [email protected] 25 gallono.
the Rice-Loo-iinan carce ane elliang at [email protected]
om for fair to choice; Carolinas, the stock m first
tes bands is very light, and prices are firm at 12c.;
it. India at [email protected]
CorrFF--Is in fair demand. Receipts are mostly
y, coastwise and in hands of jobbers. We quote
S Iir to prime [email protected] l t. gold duty paid, and
1. [email protected] in currency.
: BiTTsa-There is very little choice Western in
E. the market, held nominally at :;3336c., inferior
e. do. [email protected], choice Goshen [email protected], and inferior
C do. 3i640c. fH lb.
Liui OIL-The market Is firm with a good do.
s.m mand for winter strained at $1 [email protected] 601
u gallon.
- Cnz - The stock of choice is scarce and
sae in good demand. We quote Western Re
serve and factory [email protected]; inferior do. [email protected];
oa Northern cream IR820e., and Northern English
Dairy [email protected] W lb.
.mo Esct'LcAs-The market is well supplied with
21 potatoes, which are selling at $3 [email protected] 75 for
St. cholee, and $2 [email protected] 50 for inferior. Turnips $1 50
@1 75. Onions $5. Choice apples [email protected] In.
at. ferior do. $33 50. Horse radish [email protected] ~t bbl.
ad Reets, parsnips, and carrots nominally $2 [email protected]
es. t bbl.
ad Cow PEAs-Are in very little request, and we
is oqote them nominally at $1 ~t bushel.
ey Soct' KhtocT-$10 ? bbl.
L,BBAGisS-Te market is glutted and dull at
he $1(l'.2 -y1 crate.
S G(;naE PAs-$11 [email protected] Z bbl.
SDIEin FUrrn--apples are in good demand at
to 9(~410c., and Peaches lic.
e MALAGA Fx'lI--Lemons continue scarce and
on are ruling at $;@ 4 box. The stock of Raisins
he is also very lght and no stock in first hands. We v
is quote the following figures for small lot : Ral.
sins, full boxes $4 75, hall boxes $2 50, quarter
ce boxes $1 50.
re Balws-Are scarce and in good retail demand
ba at $17 for Western, and $llt for choice white C
9) Northers. Choice red [email protected]$23.
S Courrow S=wn-Heavy supply with moderate de.
20 mand at $14 h ton.
m. CaulcALs-The market is well supplied, and
00 shipments from foreign ports are liberal. We
us quote Soda Ash 3Si. for 48 lcent., 4c. for 50 per
to. cent., Caustic Soda 84c. for i1 per cent., Bi-Cuarb
a Bda 7c., and Bal Soda 3c. l b.
Ire Woo' -Market continues bare. Receipts very
light. No stock of any consequence. We quote
re hurry [email protected], according to condition; Texe.,
In. one.hall [email protected]; washed 35~3sc.
or COAL OIa--Cse are in moderate supply and
Ir. reqet t 476o. . galioo, acordiog to bre.
td lne receiots of Coal Oil iaborels are fair and the
, demand moderate, and we quote o(37uc.ins job.
71 king was.
xianowrs-The amount of foreign tonnage
S in port is stIll heavy, but the demand cna
not yet be regarded as better than moderate.
R~ Rtes also are irregular, and it is difidlt,
it not impossible, to obtain reliable quota
we ions, especially by sailirg vessels. As approxi
It~ mating figures, however, we would refer to the
h, following for the guidance of fnterested parties,
ys Hiing had ample assurances that the prices set
down have been recently paid and are still ex
acted to the respective places included, viz:
C tCton by steam to Liverpool 'd. 9 lb; by sail
39 l ;d: £2 10. hhd. for tobacco; 4s.
O: bhbl. for flour, and 9l10)n4. brushel
S for corn, oil cake at 36s. s ton. Catt. by sll e
Sto B·r. o i, Iplo. ,b. Cotton to IBreme.
ie I c. t h. Cotton by steam to New York, is.
to ~i l.: tobacco $10 T hhd.; flour 85c. m bbl.; t
I corn [email protected] busheel. Cotton by steam to Bo- i
,on, lci.: flour 51 W bbl.: corn ?0c. ji busoehel. Cot
to ten by steam to Philadelphia, Ic. tb 1.: flour $1 j
I hi. Through rates to Hamburg. by steam, via e
~ New York, Ite.
d, ing report of the market is from the circular of
tn Messrs. BHay & LMeble:
n- Iteer hides, city slaughter, over 85 lb.., Ib. bi
w le.: steer hides, city laughter, 70 to 4 lbm., p
Id th., 100.; steer hides, city slaughter, under 70 lbs.,
.e l-.1.f1O4c.: cowhide., city slaughter,as they
*; run, 10(@lt c. lb.: kips, city slaughter, 20 to 24
S0 .. l l:2.:lc. - It ; kips city slaughter, 25 to
5, 30 ls., 12c.; calf skinscity slaughter each S1 25 ;
ts country hides, flInt, 20 to 25 ls., Ilhtl:c. ? lb.;
,. c(untry hides, flint, damaged, half price: bees
to wax, prin.e yellow, 30c. , lb.: ox horns, eich,
-c.; tallow,[email protected] b tl.
id There is considerable excitement in our market
te nand the prices for all desirable lots of light stock
Sare incIited to advance. Ihe sales for the week
at fr to up lto eavy green-qattee ,teers at 10c. and
id .'", green-malted kips from 12? 'lIc. Dry nint
e a e n dimand at 1:c., merchantable.
Civr or Jerrzasoz, ovesmber 7, 1I9.
* Arrived dunring the put week--2.I Texa '
!. I'eres. - (Calves and Yearlings, 225 H mgs. 421 n
I blbeep and ;t Milch Cows. Sold--2o6 Lexes '
2 Beeves, -,5 t alves and Yearlings, ;65H Hogs, :2i
. Nheep, and 25 Milch Cows. Stock on sate -7T i
y 1 exas Beeves, 43 Calves and Yearlings, 1;3 Inogs,
n 4' Sheep, 43 Mlch Cows. We quote: D
?ma-- 6I.L....i, head........- ... ip
I5 . ..................  ,=oo
S. ......... ...................-
Mhiadqsal i hin 2 qmd,•................-I
t',OuaOO, with s............ ..-.. om
oA , -- ..... ........., - ". -.
A nanmn L.w.i.U aI. ME mewe
S SEATAwA I~xaB COUIlTl, iIlsla IL,
1* hlew Orremm Bchau Mesi
* otrsam m he obe4 as pgsw te BOWSS a
PRElM., Iasl8ada Cams sisast, Pew -de
mno ---1f aw-m ..
1. etesed f
tte th r trd h ams.
U ate in* -, i. _ is *
proa ble aad st lt dst.
how . eeam smhp ta t  ese "s * asswt ama
o tbehr debts , s ad ell . the s est that . t aet
h1 l s u i, da nd 64t"t Iss- mams sd oALs awe se
S ae k f OtM sad t dr ri.esri. d ey esard s
aSder thI Act of Odesels March I, 1am. M s
alti dma B led 1 ,c1 ai Coas.. a - e
en 1 stre i cs tesalore f v-a stoall otem when. preren s
thteir debtl. iand t to eAt Nh to5 la are that Iis, 0th
i at aibs daI M I .ey ed . r heeaba
sold setlde Ne glts ad0m ied.m pe
t bir l's, sliol. tow Oes laso. t Inhe 5
of i"soesata std i bex ay ILa al Wor aes. Ce stohew.
b re r d , de- an t Mhey ,ra l wy esfd alt .s Po N aalel
osa n th e hohld sdet ad, olier cinea i r a
b rtut C oa s O tw s heert af e ef desh t s0. eays oeerd s
owL ay o n aL. LMta, eSuROd , at
a b Usts, anthat tplsoelMy aIy oD. mi t w hee, atta
sowr mcat seIf an "the hofs, E row 1 h as tats ta
ckol Rledr thane( om a ll hcis ll d · ilee r clisro-P h
sat ea 7 deu6 U. rh Ditr of i
a It oalewM ttaM IOre , los tOAlIe whOOD.d dI
o bs an d ad y toalher A. ini (a Verrat Ise D.b
d d m b.. ................................... or... OA .s
of threame an d rt ap thi ob hauissed aad
a how caws, if arnyethreyav, waL 0 s we itLa M h
Pltlab s e. Amthreloe lsd Calel Cealstl
Id at b prepld t sh ou f her ta Iowest market a
rfs Fr'min Intat o, F owdrlean, sCotte s NOe  .,
S[Ci .hl. og.0 0R6o2r, . s a y W D y k s
g2 - oI N id . a .IT - rshal, st O L i.
I t 1 . . Gn.e a.l.o
O Pathlfactlh d uarfateo . OrdrM left with id Is oew 18
Ke Camp sr;;t, iand Alfes H. Pieerso of Gmrvier stroa , will be
god webtown of a rRh e tellNN of Dnasis old In s
o Per ab . whAeatsolBO ns, d Ce Co 1 at 2
Srn o rsi Ia niy at eLhmbere ari. ate a c a
WaITEaAK, AStaH, tIosKOnT, FOLdrIes, WAtnUPs,
do- r b CTPREb8 YELLOW PINtos
Oh Il d.mensiono esytantly d es an d and for wig hy
g on. o . rAp. W, Br be,
W te neus n o elor e anssem •,e .
ut wmg u rcu!C r woelo of every deeiripteon7 dip withdf D
i ne t 01
12r o7 Coa aD o Callio strct, lie
1* ( le leaeer Siet . OEeimen of Mwa5esi Cu
d too
SETITIO .....................................CP lOAL.
,r To te lonorabne ted Common Councri l of th E it7 of Now
good Weoese e ad ldU Desla In ci
first To detrst nd Lropirty h.tdeP , e en St. Aore w s eetwiek
prett Lk .f the honrble th Couail Ctdml.e o
it H sEtwRIo. d CAIadET ANDO, d
and tO preped to e0 feet .hnUI ange. tloet makt
WItUr DOLPH LItIOOAT. os. re t
Ir i H. KELRRO L M7 feet. D O I
Tte d nuoyl of eeee stees
12 Hoerb Co sel Y Crd-oot of Call vie at bne IU
i GOrleeanLs . C. rk sr t t.
Lsuteri. prprtr r l ru bt AndOOD deAD CO
with atc- tlo guara teed. Ordn e oes hd. le, 5e
frt Cmp .t . etd AI le H. Pianos 9 Gt-Ak vsl stl r , i l bert
uot Sqt' nhe or ·g %r
S Indor HIOt e of D
. Io N PCR, Ylth LCLRo CNE. nro e
O .i lldmnsdai, 4 ed.ta ar ond a fo l b
and JOS. A. BROWN. lc 0·Libtre a m °
Re "dbrelle and Lep st rt.,
g ir O as in u a work i everOrto. sp tdos wdl
0dm left00 at the above l or Do3 Meh asity En-w
ith pre t e r B, e t i s . oe a e ret
sah er wdill ruers dep l repot a ot lhe. proprey f th e
for ln ofde r, t
Dn. Ta.ROCAL RFING TArN adeberr. d
S-o e t -A, o r
we e AT · 0 pledssr SANDlANFIREWOOD, r pe
ot nu r -4 toe Pet
r mbreTIT IO d................ d ........ ....I
We to the Honorable the Conmin Council or e th ltof Nw rus
RBe. 0rt loans . 1eo
tir ThendederaI lged property btden'on St. Andrew gtros s e
reoprcthlli ars slthe .onorable the ,mtmo Couolcl to oneed i Lu
an h.rick sidrel, with three inch cypress curbing to be made
n the southwest a id l of St. Andrew stetre, from Ilbrtyo Is
'hII Claibonetreet, ho
ab rI b.isd feet. Cot
do. WIDOW VICTORIA lILAC 95 feet. Pt
end JH GRDIe . o fileiL It
We uwD. IKELLY. X Flc t.
per RUDOLPH SLISATH. 90 fat.
Trb . I. E, 5y ft
very DtEA day
aote PETITION .......................... P TITIIO . ae
'do. - " ,
and Al'PHoaorl·h Colnsil Come nn dor to il ls dole Neells. belt
. er s, otslgule preprlblirtl ei r 1I Mms t Andre do ao
Ie: cle ad onset do Ia r ilt-Andre, dueiaa m ltX otreO Ibe
etur Ia se Claeibornes r01rd
egg AeTOR tYoIIgEr Si leis. r - D
Lo'lS H. dFIWe AlIll pioped. I
. 0·ll tE.IVE VICYO UIA 51r ac itt pied l 01 h l
oLe- IIfO LBl •III t-l PII e m
(,IW I Kn LLY . 1 pocia. i
W11- HI DOLPH BLI'RLeH. plW. ta rel.
the J t IKILL ttr. 517 pled. r ru '
J am pbr tTof de pirde 11I:4. rant
.. ATkIT,* . ....rPETITISE. ja
PiZ: wr
G1. Ur lesru
hel Tie undecfloed PapDtd- Ioldrue la y ee ad Cay
s 'ELI e.-ct.Scod LDIotriUtof tbied cityl roe lpy. hag to r
a yroelthe P eors t o adeiclit e the enore namedstree
A.o H.D+tiE fftowmbolis etrea ad pra that roar honor. A. I
.. ableb d. ulltpatls a " Vordian c pltharlzlur and u e .o2pl'a A
I urtlr er rasded 'noacodamleed from Conti to
t Ao. JA'lTl.Ietr pet. at Itasiom eXPenIs In the IMae meens,
T lire lyslodtsihe f eitxr lead, Ito one or more - .-old been Iii
leaded too Ionthe dla n seeet anti In ti. . lew.... si l i
ow· iCradolareod= ei Oc= laio.rlco Clay ste·etJ , Rom.Conl Din
f tui t it dolt hord wewl _reopey .
3 sd e enelhrlr Pue gSie.s~ltheaUa o'le~
CUh elwreele ''re an, 0re tsr.i ibeaad
dAeb. Ceml 4 tItr off MOý Otf ý f stae •
a aeand Novembser a A. I httm ho s e
hew teme and thia tbe p bh and tw •etod and htow
cme. i an t syvwit th preo teN pe~es
lark lerks 0rs, l Sew Odme., 0Tob TS S.
S a K. LOW. Depty erks.
WDte itu oeasra o aa --•s thea 0Dt oft .r h st.
e Ond A. Ctheeot •.5tt SSi'h oftOuiahtlilta and Daeel, ad e d
tM DIOPPs~iSCI573ds5WO I 5thUMa" o •tm tAt |l
I day ougl otvebmer,1. at e lAtleae ad f Btor th elag of N
d pe the same. ead tha they may thea and thre a .eadsd .
as d ay they hvme, why the prayer St the sad pealla a
jos hersan ted peepsto all medater a we e
ie lerk' d Bee. p e s Octoher ii. Ies.
tcr7 mol . LOE4 W, Deputy Clerk. '
ic ofor L1RUia - ad the the .UT .1.lt g b ig
other alaim bht re ider a nid a hct; a a w a
as to' c ethie har s why t el e a* em of tr he said Itd day di
WI n sa dla d amOEetam a ntpere ty tnietrk
dn i o tt oomber 1o . at l a . t l b · ot f rte heria n re
L eo l. In n y et WlherI l M !rt J, Hot wi
hte s aa sardatf they may teohea a nd there a eed d-thd
1r+a cace br . nrp O r e aI ao On ters ohf wah the.
sIeould tw ot a raa.. pewadetr sd sdr
CNerk's Otei I Nw e orgien , toba r lt h a.
te ire. aie . LO i W, hDapty tlst.
Wda.edhida t. N n oveb r. I ,atlly ha.   Whesrein. A.8 oe V
oi sh the ad that ef ma y thet and Dte Mene d. w ilds Ie
here notice .eabatnahu dalle oaf ober. a j be
o41rt l e a are an Joh n the reof; •, d ty hl enadt .
re2 llo. I thref An to  i tt w he oe -
rs E iad as ro
thrr debts and to a11lother a pr os s I les lha to ntat
iats ars, atnd tthem hen sa er tead 1th dao o
I nohh t ouldsoDt of a not a of A .
rle oJ. lJnls, t w Orte l Otobe e. r a S. the. .eat. Po W1
f nm tt othe 7arish of Fr O .Dp a en ct. e Bnlrp, ea
lMana. 34 3 tm feIo -lcd im a plnt t ý st'
we B•seais ss ofoah -I ethe eaNI St cdhe h
of t tis rlm tandoe to all Co daula beh r o b e o.w
ro rty u Indein the Aedo e ~o t, au ato ho ho em N
rharg sesr. ed M rii e therf prs as. tetter a
o the da oln i . a s rs shn l artet of bIoieias I Iw
chauns s t s ' und t sdis thy oa tha ; and the rupt o srow
Bole 15 dmrs pveBUPTOalEsTATm Ow hehLI p ree
l, ther debts, and to e li e other ines thlatt t
a t t Stwo othe s d, and that the dty of tnsesace A atta•
lan i howu rbefas.or Yee. wo Ihe try othey o thhao why e Io
b ls o etltho e ret e o p. a h.
- Clrkn'fi mtow , New Orheets, c togerl 116ile ia
tir th O. LodW, Depult Citkr tt t
Wgt wae e amo d I jt the L ee.o of 1N
of oite 8imolf atohn e. n I ofteb artsh o f Pho urp d eaeed •
et/A . ltl undet the Acymea t of n5waof eumhlen 1, sue laar
arpd drtay hed oisad tosurh an u pt. to him o r for di.s toil
hae ore tor maceraoane trae of ar h Mteori byd law
tau movlu d SIterreitee s he ain b atnklrutt prove
Dbirdr ttaetd  tosoa ee to Orr e a agnes bt oetha t. og m
lt Ire, he t•sv .ld at5 toorr 04 Bkr &otLcs I d et .
deoelmer, 1845, at e1A. . a. the h r1
Orlenks. 1o i U. .w Marshal. Dtrtetof O4 ai i
- '.. 04,513 Lvi W. D epu0 t 0 E Iler0. t. I
Dest--et atoIsoeela. J.ed
11 o1BAN (.UPT4Yt-ElTATE OF ALLto the
ite of o ina Ne rtmao I5 u l toie o 7 TIsth to
Is teot tt tht 7nathy da of October. A . aW r t . a a r n
wES Waranot Ine Baansutc wa e tut ofne thoc e T l the arh l
SIsle, Jam u Watekrns oft e sh of Po nt e, outpe oo ad
o ranft Lou ians a.nd e a· Losut w o he om is own f
edt e bs on n; t hat the ayament of s aa deit any t d o
ano ert erof f an y po n poperty b el oi hrnng to s b rupt
hn, or fr his s. ad roper tye lhbimo ar fopbidden by hwtt t be
tharet a mehid y aw the at meetie sd b andrup ts to p thhe d
teir dsbtae d to chtea e Oaa Co art i of ha Bh Atat
w(lltoursbaldat of l Courtmup of l s Im to heasternd aoe
Iuto he Hltn s. e the cityule h d the rlol of s e w rs 1svorI .
CrA lu I.l tnls b or. 8oellog 3e. hste n the h day of o te
by s 't , b. a.. 1o , . atl o'cl c c. a. .
A..o 49 . I. J. HERRON. 10
as, l acol U. . Marshal, District of Lousiana.
IjOr d. . --U f Ltated s tar a r' ho e L trtet oLe- iD.t ih
Lfes ansrw Orl,. n s. tob 9 c 1 This is to give ice tha n
t tthie tay of Oh toer. . D. 1. o Waer rra t in Bakut a
tras wen rsued against the oans o ntl t. U tmase of the p hthe
of tPrin th C a te pa w• r of L debt and w dheo ow u ofd a fo r
bL nkrupt oiF. htisonrds 4aflt Maa haa t of pay ,ay
adeive re o of pro prrty belonginS g t t to u
lthi m or for i Leoen a , sr tese A rt by, st, psy
re tr by g alwe to theto tah t dy of tea st, al. u ofsthe
Wrai t Io the asId re trup s ed prve taeher debte endte
eo~u o r mon ssne of hi. s-Tte wll t heldat* ar o r
tof Wle o ' krupt to of a- t H th.s l u Io lo b pty a
rleane Lt Si: aof an w O sla naao fuIas, bwhor adr . o ei.
1utdhe a o r dO . onihis. ow n pe ti th e tha et e y et i
by oA-.Nr by e. thERRa n
I thle U. r. arsmhal Ddtrp t of Lonlude an
uria, OI F , aru wla .d --d a~lst and e as temtate of t ms fh
,hton m t e I etelm of A e esta t. Is n eie d hat atlc ro l A
ar t o but. s uto p to Ist hode a at the r .e,*uotl.t Hoe
as t id i i lsi O l lobdst a Nw Orlesas, B a s A7 o l . hsdOr0n. W. er
tlre ao tee th da y ! l Aug m b. 1 8ter. a.
ob~ Fl' . . J IEhR e p. bON a
ah O ot U.N y . nd Marhat Di :r of e Lo usian..
fuded Stles Marrhrlt onhsown ec cicito;hat ofth pianmentt
f Lde w r relasd eo t rh ta.pne Thir b eoginesar to on ano d
ti te th da s t(fr e te Bth der o. 11oe a, A.De tani aBb- br-i
e rrttCot oa B'nkruptc o wag a olu d t a t t estatet. csa of Nie
Bu i r. t h e f le o eand, tian. bfo J I
ier o an ise n of an y pro poty o etmtbgi a. to -
t i s aor U.r, t h m a t tris . Dit c th Lra ui lsanyr r o
eitby him, r fan ra dde by law;f thai t meetti oCpf tho
ereOrl ceas the 8eid 1u.kpt hi i prtove their debt and to a
htoe onee or more Sscignee, of bl. ItaNS Wrtll e held at a
erN.t of yw kresptc t oe be g oi, de at the tfieaspem HosIs Si.l ar t
il, in the ityo of t ew O'ri e acn dttalenof LeouisJnia . wor s ai
a se su eh g bakrpt t' im roraui r o the adday t hooera. IanSIyr o
ir . at ! rdo ,,f the said o Dnkru ttirper ot e vir cini et aWnldesr s t p A
I w. uhne prmia ofIlle pra of holal soape, an tl I t,.l ) "ut ai
Court o w Bankrdptesf bea holde apt the e va pem Hf hue-' h
lsl. her,,lorlyg to such horeP .; k:o , h lm or for I i ad o the
te ' bn t he city of Nhw Orl e w ou ,ewo J. esto . oi.
lo-ti, telt s er.A o N he1ti ' a. oo f Novt e a e 21 st Da 5 rben -
,No,. ON F. J. 3 R1W0 ,
1.9 no19 US. alrshal, District of Loti. iana.
IxI Imam weir T-T-ESTrATE OF AID uro
nite elate s arsharl's Oldiesrti Dtrrt of Louisiana. fj l hst ct
Inrbiett on sOt 1 n l.-teeJs tof i coer, taD s . n o- tne2t ta y
dayo A.r14 awrant to k r t d7 sient t .t rotate of.t lled tact
IO . NtaieJr I the eloat o o, Od Orouf Pevi,, tayndftatedo. sr
port, ho lolttdge d ban k ie his ow Ltod
1e3. otito ; thparlt of L ye' tu. p.t -. any deb of d.uts- r"Io.
flvers of any aproperty bclt, ttg t o I h s anrt -tho ,p t ho
tokr lttm or nro t hI sed be nrd the t eme osf or r .e . is"
Ilo r I r • -r mt-tc e of hI, estate, will te bed at at r u
to ci o be ihltt .t In the-0. Ity of lr e Ortest.,r tLo olsia't, bN,.
tcr A.i.Ihe  th dd ' ol Nov em-er- •. . 1"<. st -l o a ".
g A-N. ti F 3. tERN,
(,t. LU d' '. r. Martha, District , i. lt.oi,.i .
* t,,. era,; . r ce Orleacu. Ot-ithor |19. i'. tk-- I t t. i c to , ie
noh t.i- thlat o nthlb. It day ot O etobo r A Dt I. i t. wr00 r a lo t
id in taL .ipotit wMa |eed iFeast t·o suha ,l[lmeh 1$ 10
Ds irurd- otfo]a!l fh )iLeao r tc l etrctr tt wo·l
'reroubf imr 0eor1cd pts by tLiw, th e eirbind e bY th w: -
dithat a thctoc ot tie oretlit-te ci t heir et nd to e e 'to
her dt e s-.tLto /ch.te ano n e r mt oe wa i ae hd' ale e ie , " cr 0
A -. to - l11.oll-o ' rtrS. Y' D..: r. . '
S. -- U Ir. 8' o. t srbo
OP tri 'e-d . sod t raptf e,, - ao. lIto •; S _ li . pl
ne·u onot ttrheae. wIfi.ep, belto l c o tobrotaicv it
t Oirat , o• t . o. lt" -1,'-. . tio gte i,,
ANo. II F J.lrK-N
,ta3l U·llt r. iSDistrie . j k
- 1 lBA K NI' il ,, . - -
Sof N, lanow of . who. abes
4104= rof silly a
Prten soF stee at ti. o tI teS a
i- daiersad V ata. t th i l i
of e r, tIA Oa.1 bLe e e O-* lrl * . om
,e at noi D. ty. as MosesegMr.
e lomet .es hBoem Ilusito Malr, Dam t eof .1 ouit
r ebt ato.o a t -o give notice that @e
bts wesate ofiH"T l.r.. in the pa bof
2Tw besild oefs an plalrs fthBat raseag fobe saides ya te
t amelobsd a ., ad tie twnwa Mnoey lplopery b im.o
I asbdd by law; thai a meat of the efes of th
ea stida to prove thMe debt. sad to boes. Sam a, moee
aeelpieos a hin meats, wl, beheld Ma O.ot of Biakruptcy
of Novembar, . D. 11, . 0e itoIch At. is.
yA--.. x. Jr. J. HiR01.
?aL 8. Marshal, District or Lseisinaa
r d I nell Deputy, ato Me 'enger.
ier - lAyd.-.4to Uted tate bhal, District oMUal.
M ~ Me tanl OW( . 1 6 N.- is to give n seae
fI.t e the1 ij st eober.t a . 18i9 a warnt I bank.
o repr ws iaesed egla.c Ith ecte of NO c rFloyd in the
b. a rs meakli ntatof =;=a who ba bea at.
Si J ae s 'keL a~wp U that the poyoth oa
ana det, and dl oe eIl ea y proery halDmgitng
to eold badrept to Sim or hi si au.easd bthe
traarer el' y prewuIP by him. ae fo bldden by law;
that a mctlig of ate ctedOrs, e the said bankricts to proa.
thir debts sad to CbCa $a orse r mereae Matse of h a mn
T- wu be ht! M a tert o f Ba kreit to hs olde e thew
a Lp. Mer'se r Ia the town o Moarri taL eistaa, befor
, aIth a" W~ i o day oef ow. s , eA. d D.
" i °1iOad f . esr
o Me tle . F. J. HERBRO,
U. S. Marshal, Diletri of Lot I lna.
ot. el4 Dtp'ity,. s anes4ger.
h Jolos-(U Ut I d tataea MIanbal, District of Laes.
ran its. Mi rc, La . Oeeaier tI. 1i8t This is to give a ,,tic
thai nth e 16th day .,f ctoler. A. o. I a r wraet in bLnt.
repra! wea Ilatd sian.at, the se'sa of aIshe, John..t. in the
. rl of lb"n S tat of Lor isilr, a tbe bo ad.
j ldged a bar kret ro his own peiioe ; that the ymet of
any dbt d delivery of ay sepsty brteag, to
M eaa n Opht O is str te m sd th trer Ilany peo
b..n dftahrwefcrid, by la; that a anelia of t nhe
rs of the Id d bank rup o lroea teiret ldets and Io
bw cbhowee os er eo matinee. el his soue will he hie4 at a
M. (orgt f M okraptey ito, e holden at the Relotb' 8do el
the t of Monrre. Lnhldana, beore W. J. Q. Bakeso
dI t teIr, d of t dofovemercb, AL . da 11 os ldock o . .
S-14 49-- F. J Ili&nO,
U. I. Marshml D ct of LoniemL.
ee21 molt tao N . hELMºD.
tar -.e 1 ahl Deputyl.nr. Metat Ir.
ra Ia. och . Octorber 1, 186Io TIis Ia to give sothe
rht on he o dp l' October, . a. 186, a watrrt inh
b-anrutpty wag neatd ganet coo entiee. of tMroxtoe ing, Im
aT the arisrh of Fraklin aod lat, fe of L lslaae who hae ba
N ladjIlgeda b nlrtanoptal h' own ptltt amn, that the pay mot
of any dobts nd dellvery of any proporty bolonglg tso gald
e tyby him n - o d rhalw; tD a rmeeg of u AL
and ednir oM e d t.a akrip to prove theIr debt. sad to ea
I roames a slga i bi Late ati he bld rat all Crt of
a ltartptcy to ib hoide' at the NesLtar's Olt er the tows
Sof Mgmmeo Loianbe, olor. W. J Q. Ber. Relistgr, ao
te toet, day ,th Novemt.aer, a. a nlId, atm 10 e'Cla te. .
--.dlbeo O. I . P.j. ] 5oe I[It
t. B. Marsht, Dtrloa d f t s Leeila.
q tPea MN. I. URaID.
r ci 8me0old Deputy, asll Mehelas .
I N UAK 1t rToCY-berA OA 01. T. V1Io
k-fc-i U Ultad Iates. Marahal, District of Leesllema
M.t ale, LL . t ,c toL I, p.. this Is to give otee ote o
bth Ithd rt o ou . 1864, a warai. IM bant
l. ei o ised a lnit the star a of it. Viansra. i teril pari of
no taddo, and dtat. of sissiaame, whe ha in bsee adjidged
bn a krit on his own Mttn lhit the payment af myo debts
·an dauvat , f, ray ylr b, ostgi to said bankrupt to
him t for ats useItad the tranIsfe art y aroprty by him a
aa forhldsbJi law; that a meeting of bthe crleit crsie sadI
able akrapt, t ;,rove their deb' mand to enoose game r mete ag
Sc' asY n orf· re aL fbe hold iee h t lf of albre pta'y to
. hos. at th l w's t fie. Isa tee twen t foare..
the Lof alna bfir . J . Baker. Reglstlr, on the 1da
Dof NosnIrc , A. N. 8lif, A 10 o'clock A.
A-- ts. UL F J. HERUON,
S U. . Mar r. Dit o Lo laltosa
Pica K M tiltAUPY.
r ll Dbolti Deputy, as Messenger
Datn--OIte U ste tateN Marshal DIetrctehf llo,
L oure, La, Ortober 16, lo This to toe note ttat ie
a the l1th day of Octobero. .D 1-68. a w..rrant It bhanrcuptcy
wah lae b d arOede t reet the ea o Jte . Du, ts the
es pa lab of alctle and batno0 s eltlsa. who hatbee
Sodjed a bakrptoea hi.os own e tu sh the paystes
te y et e a deb nd deliy of ml r opry i toiit lo anidt
bathi upt. 4to a isor fo rh his u ad the trrs Sf ey pLpl
e r. arty by hm ar re Ibl by law, ta, a meetl l of the rd.
t Itors of the sld bat,krpt. to prove their deab sod to chroo
ch e or m twe I cgn of hes aols, will be bold t I erh aof
ay krtptd ,'a be hylden at the Ratte al\rs, in ot tows
o if rroe, l.ola, beorte W J. Q. Istac SIEter w, es
i othe olth day .f 8t mbr o, c. A. R 61 t lU o'ee A. I.
i A-ho a. P. J HMIROtN ,
at U S anstt, . Distet of Iofedilaea
Prl N N. (;o. Doputy, a erngr. y et so1
I U*ANK3 UPrcT--aIThyE OF V. J 6T IOM.
OlOeOtI oni, d tates Mtrhal, iltrict of Lou.slaau Mon.
roear e., Ocrtbe 1, h e8 Thiso stolgvets theat Ol t
1th day of lfriber, A Dn. I. A warrant Is baeruptoy was
La ed aglat the es ri. of V. J. Olbumn , Io the parish el
F Mohose md Stae of Latlaa. who has bee adJlmead a
a-, iak d pt) aon id owa petnuuo that th pamet of any debts
r tad delivery o ay propel·rty bemrug t. taid lankrupt, to
oh- him air tor bit as. nd the transfer o any property by tim
are torhidde by iai bha a ng of the of the
hs oi bahkrupd to prove thea, debts and to choo oea or mtre
Amy music ea 01 ii aso, wilt he heid et a court or Btalrupir,
f to be bed" at lor tht K m•, in the town or Monroe,
boy on t" l befo~re W. J. erg. R s. r, at he 16th dtay
the of oh.tmbrc, A. D. 15 at 10 ol',loc, b loI.
t A-No. imL .. .1. 13DON,
Sa FoU. . Marshal Deatrict of i. loaetM
P.ar N. L Gaidy, Depty., an Mncoor-r oe1 lalnt
igre--Il.fleo Uni ld tStates Na.r al, D.s rlc of Loienl
m a, otLe Isa, UOtoter 1s. io6. t is isVtog osaetio
tt on t mb dv o tOe0d s. O A. D late., a carrant ta
- rbackrpt y wasI Iaui %a-l et theasM Mot P H. La. ll
tY stove, is tine pisIh of Jactsea Iaod tasa 01 Lesala, who
th poymet of may dobi ted deltveroy of imly prnprty Leidgig
l to said bnruopt, t him or ur hitu. and the taneroay
ma ertty by bls e forbtidrat by law; teta a rolgf tha
STto.t i t ' ver ute, tt o.he r1 at dl o'lo
he A--le S. . J. EllEIEar.
U S. MareihaL Dislralt at Lauclses.
- Pr N H. OItny.l. Dgpar, an Maeesgo ect sold4
Irurtlpha n ed U~t .htl, Distriet of Louto
OtS Moor.. ., , o .oha it 1--i is me give notice thot
otie 1th ti, of OiOher. A. A ., a w'La e rnts ank.
,r- ciie'atdebs ard..ci-.a oIfanta itl•of Jjm hejenging thes
ca toaarnyrtpt. to iclm or fisr ht ure, ma ti. treiI oh an,
o pait by bc , ag.fetltddicri b w l.t a merlag Of the
n .-or-t-,re of ate naalo a baitkrat. to prorw thoer dbts nd to
Ie ti..irmeO orr aesmtie o" hif.iioaia. wbl| he held ate
t't:irt ,)llJpnirupl , to to hildtiro acttlo Mhiter'rte OB
iW hi hwi ti' tirre. ,l-in.itn betore W. JJ 5eJ
ta l-i.tae, on the if0 dip ol Iloasultmr. A. II. limit at+l
t A--O t2. ' J HRlERON.
U. S Marthil DIartrt of Liolelas
, tai, c r, Lot. 1.c. Mtole l . D.- I-at-lc. o tLoe
l t i-. IA.. Ir tither to. ,. AI -D. a gave n L tice
o,, liiitartt.i wi4lltg igtmidIarnot tho tan of J. Newio [On
a lp a·icifn,+ a'ni t. esd Stats-<>f lo i atal, who
icri c)io t elfr ItlLrp, ,li,O q i i p.t rt- i. 051 t'[email protected]
0b trcgllumrsor the agid br hrtli. to prre their f dteh ·od to
54 +o r- i-or .note tisali, of el' LIaostl will be hold ate
('f Utiti iMt MaOns rcuhty. to tae hildoam . tn trfaler'c Ome. ln
,a- . i-br e. L-,la.iats, tir-noa. . 0 Q ae,,
t I:.ui.au. a o ttsthel dha. of tee'reier, A. D IS, stu 1
- ,F .7 i . If tP )V,
fA ] I, 11.' lK5PT Y -SoOTOTF -F F i" L
i . s   t, . ,,-.. • Cii. ,i+ --.
UI .t;~l.~rrlulrr I -t t .7 b lr , a wicci-saf Int-t, i-,
tr :: ir, mtt l0-st-.g of P' t+' P i Lacoittit. oI it-~ C
S IItar- .i tie p f ,I a dt lirltaur a rE ,l' IItoc a il, .. etc
orii dt1,. .ht.-l sikrei-ti , fU ie. t-i . t-a: if. py.
al r , "'' ct --itaccdabor l i col iy - lh la -; l' ;.t-i t-.
ra tb } +4,l* iLe aid 'aim c-il. . . p, r i!-.-, .t s Isd c
A ;-" 's T.ErROW.
4 • .ir i t" am ifornhl. Tthotaci of trotlaf i -llln.
r,,nn. wcc irbtoi.- 26. l i,-W Vatl e Io t o rio' o t1 l e eta
itt r tho t if. , i oir, 4 .. t We't d In ek
L<t, .lo acot, i f . we. t , .-d a hantrupt or0 h ct owel teit
h. oIsleiy latse aamh bsek cspt . hlithi ho bee smand the
mrrH t-t, to, tre cht ,r ' t,* "mel boakr egita prove their
i k r th d t -- . 1 .........
,, e U. II. Nl archal. D trtinct ol LoulsI ·.
re a L dt t ig Uhlo is  ttiet of hoesoan,
0 ha11nkit -m ,Lg own pot~icta. thLa the e Ilmot of aey den
3 and delt1r. aYsp• prarto beleoag to sno- blehatpi.---to
m blat or for lo in·e,- d 0%1 tasst owipe,,ty by him,
a srorhidten; toaw. that a r meelcga f the( riltoret thI
a meld aacp. so prove their debt. oed to cics hmono or rn-ce
5, molgzo, ofl Is rotae.* wrlibolld e i a'eurs of liakrn .y.ir
a, tobld tit ('arstom oeal halIde, I8 n she odlyErl
5 3 am Iesise.maI n be:ere Jc., Ptke., kogisat.,
on theI 7t· dhyo Iistecho A. D. tUoIEl -t tL O1 o'',. O.
ci i iaol U.& l airha. DLerl, lott ce

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