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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, November 07, 1868, Morning, Image 7

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or linee of soeamehet teeewed . td ontrolled In the city
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bep a cash account tone of as. boaokor beateo eo a
tocod.e. of this dty, .meatto the approvl t the Beard ie
S eestarol, the ea sad bereesmart of the emsea. sad to
be aloe. srtorled st; d empowered odraw oeebe, bt hy e Ii
O 1 y the May. ad Wes n al to,
buess therease 61h oom o a
Au re L1 shell he the duty of the Vmagere of said
Company to ex lbit, or esnt o be abluted totbe .tocoldo Pr
Swhbnevero b teeotmed b all the d, papr, the
accounts and doeatns beoayrae to eald Company, and n also
submit to tm oo before the tweto of each muth. a
detailed atedt oIf  be d tah of the Company
re iUe-edwmr o eof r e1 eatmsarnt weeaee dri
Or dath of the an sar.l e l ll te
0 dltoly preIed to a 1pontaSao Pro btom., who shall . el
asTmch until the e sol meet be h e aft the ,Stok aci
a holders.,p s ' lewh a h m g te S i pressed to
elect a manager from ameig themselves who shall be sIbject
so election anuonrlly d ohm rld toh teae of the tempo.- Co
Sre tnce of the mesea. the esd Be of m d be
il have power to appoit a Eger pro t.
Bea 4 At the es" ameeing of the Stkhlder of th
r oo ,te agr map see a reponr of tech m oati all
Sb mal y deem epedtut l and seeey fr Al tno
atseet of tohe Cempany. aot which meehg ac share
o the said e . ae pany hell he oIlled t one vel on al
mattsa bro ght bed re IL
STc S. The said es aeer shell have power t em o ao
Secretary oge admother eplm sally, ad rl4• tf
,I hc]e orl c. eablect e the appoidf theo
Board o4 Oostrl; n she mb y remove eed aea stary t
er other e eyhi at my time. withoul the sada ive od
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amttanrtl. h bo umm a SIn tw pw i da
determine .oemibthe eI r I .ang ad apeiag of all
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Threa-tmothe f the msoobholde to apital shell have t e
eto wInd a up and et. the bdeul s asia of said
a p euen sea y tims in tweit h si d t mepem ne ry.
s retadr If ard C 5. hebw y e t
aR. divided into sh ofty a each, of which e
to Ite ,f themo should e rehuied by twehhi.e epe t
AaR doLEuao r : -ol a I Mi
uThe t*r el· drCensmqabet h nM esmhIedioou and io
manyagemetof EIdwardltiggins who may at ay time have
FULIj a the stockholdersof the s, i. ecAtheo oC
Aame to .atd is trmeeetogthe hudam if aod gum-ee
mo S.4 L The reola. m f th M ,
l o the rc y s ohll sh n ees
KDBoaot T sy, lI, womb.
metinga mJoriltyi capitaLl sel I lia o ti
ser to serve a Directors or the emea year. who shall aoeml
AsI toe a d form Board of eirolS of which the aid nage
.o shall be Chairman and entitled to .ue oe ono all mutton
mrooht efore It; sad sail tOhs iodoet Directors a afor
old the tollowig amed psI erso on all rotittun the ore
Board of Control, via: X. J SmITH wi CMRkVY. J.
Sac. 1 The failure to elect Director., as urgreld.4ghoy sat
dleisolv the meld e.rporatioa. but the Bsead In ca shah
wontlne to exercise its Imnctoms, until a osw Bord cm to
ac c. Three mebnors eq said 3ow eq l wall he
otltuti a qoorum ior the transaction of beslema, sad w said
Board is hereby fievetd with lull power to ifuesemd adopt
macl by laws, rule. ad regulatinsm s they may doom regal
site and ecessary for the Compantmy srad the transaction of iR(
affairs; p;rovded. the same shall eat oouflct with the true in
tent and meestag e thi Act ef Iseoosporbde, or with the
a they may meect a Chairman to reside at their meealngs
.hayell have pow ad are he anthertied to bay and
sell Nteseahipe. fes rea aiete. 6ic., her the ese of the Com
paay; in make eealsraots lessee, martsgee, bhypctbcaltt Rc
omd copromises; to Il salaries of .ore ednnpleybet; e
orrowmoney, sad to baled r es e to he bapulsUMeommhlu s
the te of mel.d Company.
Bee a If say member of said Board shall ese he he
tcrckholder eq meld Compee dirtg his term of servie, hi.
-Usa sail be declared vacant; sad a the event of the dens,
ymrmsaest ubmeaee, or resignatlio of say member eql
Board of Ootrel. the sald Beard of Ocetrel shall have power
to fill vacances ocemsioed thereby oant the first re~oiar
nseting theealtr of the SIooueldese Br the elecion of
,core of theOsDumy.
t Booe. B. The maid oeerd shalt meet .esbly fr the tree
.ancon of bufeom, and the Nesager may mall them to.
getter at say teds, M Wvin si hous' estie ti writing.
pecrde5* Sm~lt L heeme Le~a inbes
rr peetagr cmupiehe ta~ sl e te
ocemeda ttmI~a, teh o te ofe edrwiltdc
sMteVuA MOO . OveKUes 7, l.
MAroaAer oF NIw OnaLats,
City Ball, Nov. , 1866.
[No. 1113-W. 8.]
WauXAs, The drahge of the city and the
compromise between the VYl of New Orleans and
the Cg.ondelet Canal and Navigation Company
com$l the digging of a canal on Orlesas street
f Bayou t. John to a point beyond the Me
talr Bi.ge ; Ord
Walsuas, aid canal will have shortly to be
widened to sixty feet in order to be of sufficiet
capacity to receive and lead the drainage waters b
to the draining machine which is to be erected on TI
Orleans street, at the intersection of Taylor Ave
nue; and
W EX.As, Said Orleans street is not open from
Bayou St. John to St. David street, and that the
portion already open has not the width required;
Be it rerolred. That the mayor be and is hereby
anthorised to give notice according to law that it
is the intention of the Common Council of New
Orlenas to open and widen on the northeast side -
Orleans street from Bayou St. John to the Me
tairie Road to a uniform width of (180) one hun
dred and eighty feet.
(Signed) THOiAS MAntrs,
President Board of Aldermen.
(BSigned) Atras KEAaxr, .b
President Board Assistant Aldermen. cc
Approved Nov. 4, 1868. tit
'=igned) Joax &. ConxwA, Mayor. oT
A true copy: a
SJoa W. OvmasL. Beerety.
MAYOaaLrY or Now Oassaa,
City Hall, Nov. 4, 1b68. w
[No. 1114-N. .] C
AN ORDINANCE regulatitn the eonstruction .rthe tel;ar
Market san collection of the revennes hereot hi
Resolced, That city ordinance No. 624, new se- c
ries, approved March 21d, 1(67, be so amended as m
to expunge therefrom the words "' fifteen years" it
and snbstitute therefor the words ' thirty years;" t
Prouvided, That John H. Kellar, the grantor of
the square upon which the market house, des
cribed in said ordinance, will be built, and the
lessor of the same be required to build at hi~ otcr,
xpePns, sidewalks around said market house (as
described and spectlied in ordinance No. 865, new'
series,) the performance of which work mnst be
accepted by the city surveyor.
Besor:ced, That all resolutions and ordinances In -
conflict with the subject matter of this ordinance
be and are hereby repealed.
P'rvcided, That at the expiration of the time
allotted, Mr. Kellar, his heira or assigns shall re
tern said market and extensions thereof in good
and first clas condition and repaire.
(Bigned) ALLruD KEARNY, 8
President Board of Assistant Aldermen. C
(Signed) Tnoens MahRns, is
President Board of Aldermen.
Approved Nov. 4, 18N;8.
(s.igned) Joax I. ConwAY, Mayor.
A troe copy:
Joan W. OrvvitTt. Recretary.
City Hall, Nov. 4, 186a.
[No. 1115-N. 8 ]
WnsaAes, The finance committee have been
vainly endeavoring to get from the late city trea
surer and controller any statement of their afsrse,
whereby a definite settlement of the financial
alsrs of the city while in their charge can be
made; and
Wasasus. It appears that the city is at present
loser to a heavy amount through the fault of one 1
or both of them; therefore, a
lesolved, That the mayor be requested to pro
coed by snit, through the city attorney, against h
said Howell and securities, and against said
Mandel and ecourities, for the sum of forty two
thousand dollars discrepancy against Howell and
Mandel, so far as said committee has any inform
ation, and for sush further sum as said committee
a may advise said oity attorney to include in said
suit, and for a general and flual settlement of the
accounts of said treasurer and controller between
themselves and with the city.
(Signed) ALanu. KANY,
President Board Assistant aldermen.
President Board Aulermen.
Approved Nov. 4, 1868.
(Signed) Joax R. CONWAY, Mayor.
A true copy: h
Jonns W. OvntER.A , Secretary. n
City Hall, Nov. i, 150.
[No. 1116-N. S.]
Resolved, That the street commissioner be and
he is hereby authorized to have gas lamps at the
following named place, viz :
One at the corner of Villere and Barracks.
One on Vlllere, between Barracks and Bayou
One on Villert, between Bayou Road and Urso
lines street.
One at the corner of Robertson and Barracks.
One on Robertson, between Barracks and Bayou
Road. f
One on Robertson, between Bayou Road and Ur.
sulines street.
President Board Assistant tAdermen.
(Signed) TnoxMAs MARKrE,
President Board Aldereun.
Approved Nov. 4, 1-l18. d
(Signed) JouN R. ConwAY, Mayor. b
A true copy:
JoF N W. OvrAI.L. Secretary.
City Ball, Nov. t, 1i8.l.
[No. 1117-N. S.]
.I;tsol'l.l, That the sixty-seventh section of or
dinanice 18, N. S., relative to licenses for theyear
1.68, beand the same is hereby amended, by add
ing thereto the following proviso, viz:
" Provided, That no menagerie, masenm of
natural curiositiea, or other exhibition or show
not of a theatrical character, permanently estab.
liahed in this city, shall be required to pay a
Slicense exceeding two hundred and fllty dollars.;
"Prorided ftrtr., That nothing herein shall
be so construed as to deprive the mayor of the
power of ordering the removal of any such(
menagerie, etc., whenever he deems proper."
President Board Asistant Aldermen.
(BSigned) TnoAs MazEnY,
President Board Aldermen.
Approved Nov. 4, 1boo.
(bigned) Joan Li. CoNWrAY, Mayor.
A teue copy:
J,,n W. OVRALLt. Pecretarv.
City Hall, Nov. 4. l5. .
[No. 1118-N. 8.]
Rcs' rCd. That the mayor be and he is hereby
autbrtzed to enter into contract, before the city
notary, in behalf of the city of New Orleans, with
J. J. O'Hlara, as principal. and G. Correjolles, as
security, for grading and shelling Eighth street
from Magazine to Tchoupitonias stree, with late
shells, at one dollar and ninety-five cents per run
ning foot, the work to be done according to speli
ficatie oa file in the ofice of the city surveyor.
(Signed) A LUPD KIaaar,
President Board Asalstant Aldermen.'
(Signed) THOMAous MAKY,
President Board Aldermen.
Approved Nov. i, lN;-.
(Bigned) Jonu R. CoswAY, Mayor. i
A true copy: i
Jon W. OvuItL. , Secretary.
City Hall, Nov. 4, 1ZNJ.
[No. 111-N. 8.]
I'. .sred, That Henry Otis be and he is hereby
authorized to erect a steam engine on his prein
iases No. 31 Foucher street, between Lafayette
and Cirod streets.
(Signed) A rLFZn KtaneY,
ePresident Board A~nistant Aldermen.
(ISigned) THOMAs MasRY,Y
president Board Aldermen.
Approved Nov. 4, 18t'.
(Signed) Joan R. CoNIwA. Mayor.
Jonw W. OvAtlL, Secretary.
,City Ball, Nov. 4, Ib6a.
[No. 1120--. s).
Resolced, That the mayor be and he is hereby
authoriased to sagn an act before the city notary to
transfer the oontracts of Gabriel Correjol!es for
eleanint the streeta of the dth, 5th and 6th wards
of the Seond Distriot to Joha Btlery, aa FineIpal,
seenrities remaining the same.
(Signedp) t ALmDNE KaST,
PreeMeat Board M a~Y dermi.
S (Siged) ToxAs iMAnsY,
Prsidw t Beard A rwen.
Approved Nov. 4, 1868.
(bigned) Joan B QowrNA, Mayor.
A true copy:
JoHn W. Ovx rLL, Sec etary.
City Nall, Nov. 4, 1868. He
[N...YU2L-. 8.
Reslved ITht th efIy iereer eand he i
beeby athJrla to leave the Magaine Market
e , m eea does act eaed ve
(Signed) Az~mma KAmRYr.
Preldent Bord Aeswaat Aldermeo.
(Bigped) Taowas MA-ErY,
Presideat eard Aldermen.
Approved Nov. 4, 188.
(Signed) Jons B. Coxwr, Mayor.
A true copy:
JOI W. OnnALL. Secrtary. at
City Hall, Nov. 4, 1868. a
[no. 1122-N. 8.]
Reso!red. That the stret comissioner be and -
be is hereby authorised to ereet a gas lamp on
Thalia street, between Camp sad Prytsaa sreets.
(signed) ALaID KEARNY,
President Beard Aseistant Aldermen.
(Signed) THoxta MARKaY,
President Board Aldermen.
Approved Nov. 4, 1165. no
(signed) Joax B. CONWAY, Mayor. ¶
A true copy:
Jona W. OVEraLL, 8ecretary.
City Hall, Nov. 6, 1868.
[No. 1123-N. S.]
Re'red, That the treasurer be and be is here
by instructed to submit immediately to the finance
committees a statement of the number, denomina
tion and amount of the million loan bonds paid
out by him and now on band, with a detailed
statement a to wiosg oa >l popjl M t sard
R,,oee,' That ti fttre a sthaiar Statement be
shall be made daily to the nasnce committee, ad
wbo shall keep the same on tle In their room, at
subject to exalnatiloa by the members of the o0
Common Council.
Resolr'afurther, That the mayor and controller -
be and they are hereby requested to furnish the
council at its regular weekly meetings, a state
meet of the sumber, denomination and amount of
the aferesaid bonds that abl have betan signed by
them respectively. b
f (Signed) A.nPE KEAnry,
President Board Assistant Aldermen. ''
(Signed) THOMAS MAaEY,
President Board Aldermen.
Approved Nov. ;, 1868.
r (Signed) JoaHN . CONWAY, Mayor.
A true copy:
Joint W. OVNRALL. Secretary.
City Hall, Nov. G. 1868. .
[No. 1124-N. 8.]
iReoolrid, That all specifications for contracts
to be adjudicated by the controller, shall be made
and published at the discretion of the Common
Council, which specifications shall be approved by
the chairmen of the committees on streets and
landings. hi
Resolvred further. That all ordinances or parts al
of ordinances contrary to the provisions of this or- at
dliance, be and the same are hereby repealed. of
(Signed) Thaoss MARKET,
President Board Aldermen. -
President Board Amssistant Aldermen.
Approved Nov. 6, 1868.
(Signed) JoHN B. CONWAY, Mayor.
n A true copy :
Joan W. OvAntr.. Secretary.
e City Hall, Nov. 6, 1868. ci
[No. 1125-N. 8.] ci
it esofced, That in consequence of the increased
litigation in which the city is involved, the city
attorney be sad he ishereby authorized to employ a
it an additional assistant, whose salary shall be one
hundred and seventy-flve dollars per month, daring 4
o the pleasure of the Common Council.
d (igned) THoMAs MARKea, 5
President Board Aldermen. t
(Signed) ALrase KauWeT, a
d President Board Assistant Aldermen.
Approved Nov. 6, 18;s.
n (Signed) JOHN B. CONWAY, Mayor.
A true copy:
JOHN W. OVERALL. ecretart.
City Hall, Nov. 6, 1868.
[No. 1126-N. S.]
Resolred. That the city surveyor be and he is
hereby authorized to transfer all of the 30 inch
main end 12 inch iron water pipes, now in posse
- wn of the city, to the coummissioners of the LILy
water works.
(bigned) THOMAs MARKEIY,
President Board Aldermen.
d President Board Assistant Aldermen.
e Approved Nov. 6, 1868.
(Signed) JouN B. CONWAY, Mayor.
A true copy:
U JoHN W. OVERALL., Secretary.
City Hall, Oct. 22, 1868. { o
[No. 1082-N. 8.1
u WHEREAS. There is a great want of commercial ri
facility to connect the .ackson Railroad depot
r with the river front, in the upper portion of the
city, owing to the want of paved streets; there- .
fore, be it
Besol&ed, That the controller be and he is hereby
authorized, after five days' notice in the official
journal to adjudicate a contract to the lowest bid
der or bidders to shell and grade Magnolia street,
between Washington street and Felicity road, the d
work to be performed in strict accordance with tl
plans and specifications on file in the office of the t
city surveyor.
(slned) e ALrED KaRNYT, I
President Board Assistant Aldermen. L
(Signed) TiiMs MARKET, ,
President Board Aldermen. d
S Approved Oct. 22, 186S. a
S(Signed) JouH . CowAY. Mayor.
A truecopy :
JoHN W. OVERALL. Secretary.
a City Hall, New Orleans, Nov. 4, 186, ,
; Notice is hereby given that the controller will.
at his office, on Tuesday, November 10, 1868, at
11 noon, adjudicate to the lowest bidder or bidder.,
H the above contract, according to specificationson
file in ha office. Pas. Lanests,
Deputy Controller.
City Hall, Oct. 22, lott.
[No. 103--N. S.]
Irsolrcd, That the controller be and he i hereby
authorized to adljudicate, after five days' notice in
the official journal, to the lowest bidder or bid
Sders, a contract for snelling Foacher street, from
Delord to Calliope street, (distance two squares,)
the work to be done in strict accordance with
plans a d specifications on tfile in the office of the
city Purveyor.
3 President Board Assistant Aldermen. t
' (Signed) TnoIiis MIARgY,
i President Board Aldermen.
S Approved Oct. "22, 1 .
t (Signed) JOHN R. CoNwAY, Mayor.
:e Atrue crpy:
Jonx 1. OvztLL, Secretary. 1
CoNreoLLea"s OrricI,
City Hall, New Orleans. Nov. 4, s1868.
Notice is hlereby given that the controller will,
at his office, on Tuesday, November 10, 1868, at
oneon, adjadicate to the lowest bidder or bidders,
the above cnntlract, according to specitcatIons on
file in his office. PAs. LAIi.ans,
Deounty Controller.
tlty Hell. Oct. 28, 18ts. I
[No. 1103--. 8.]
?.solred, That the controller be and he is a
I hereby authorised to adjuodicate, alter five days
notice In the cbcial journal, a contract for shell
intog and grading 8t. Andrew street, between Ca.
roodelet and Baronne streets, the work to be done
in strict accordance with specifications on file in
the < fice of the city surveyor.
(Signed) TaoMsA MaRrrt,
President Board Aldermen.
(Signed) Al.lMID KUrYr,
President Board Amistant Aldermen. t
Approved Oct.28, I68. t
(btgned) JoiQa L CoxwAY, Mayor. f
A true copy: c
Joan W. OVr LL, Baecretary. t
CoN~so.Lal'a Orric, Cr BALLn, i i
EsNew Orlell Nov. 6, 1868.
to I Notice ik hereby gives that the contrillr wilt, c
ir at hi office, os TBarsdy. Nov. 12, 1848. at noon,
I adjudicamte to the lowest bidder or bidders the 1
!, above soltract s per eoiocUosNs on le ia his
onoe. Pe. LiaseaRs.
Deputy Cotrollir.
MAroAL.rT or NEw OrL.Exs,
CV Hall, Oetobr 28, 1868.
[No. 110--N. l.]
Revilced, That the eonetroller be and be is I
hereby authorised, after five days notice to the I
ocial journal, to adjadicate a ooitret for ihll-U
la u a g rFellcity oad, from aSeren. to do
HoeW rot, aecording to speclftatioes Oa Ale ral
in ~ .c of th city surveyor. y
(Nge) Aslsans .esam, a04
Predldent Board A at Al e. s
(Egaed) TsotAs MaEurT, by
Preddeat Board AldSris, be
A 0*4t. 28,1868. de
( ) Jox B. ColwAT, Mayor. de
A trueecoT : be
JoaU 'W. OrnrAL., Breary. a,
Coesre.L's Ourric. CvY BHALL.,, s
New Orleans. Nov. 6, 1868. s
Notice is hereby given that the controller wi., el
at his office, es T y. Nov. 12, 1868. at noon,
adjadiate to te lowest bidder or bidders the WI
above contreet as per specifcations on file in his
Deputy Controller. th
MAroRALiy or New Oa.ass, 1t
City Hall Oct. 28, 18.
[(N. 11--N. a.]
Resofred, That the controler be authrised to re
adjudicate to the lowest bidder, after five days' pi
notice in the official journal, the contract for
gradieg and shelling the east side of Washington as
Avenue, from Goodohildren to Claiboene street, it
say a distance of Ave squares. IS
(Signed) AL.P KetAmr,
President Board Assistant Alderman.
(Signed) Teaoss Masrer, a
President Board Alderua.
Approved Oct. 28, 1868. 4
(Signed) JoaN B. CotWAY, Mayor. a
A true copy: p:
JoHn W. OVettLL, Secretary. 1
Mato l
CoxvuotI.e'00owrcu, Cm WAr . I
his office, on Thur y,November 12,18 , at oao ,
adjudicate to the lowest bidder o bdde the o
above contract, as per eomllboaom ti ale sln
Pas. Lanlas. Deputy Cotroltter.
City Hall, Oct 2S, 1868.
[eN. 1109-N. 8.]
Reso;icd, That the controller be and he is here.
by atnuriaed, after five days' notice ia the ofleal 1d
journal, to adjudlcate a Oontract for repaidua the
breakwater sad road at Miineburg, fresting the I
lake, between Frenchmen and St. Anthony street, n
according to plans and speofiaotioas on fle in the b
L~fice of the city surveyor.
(Signed) TaoxAs Naml , e
President Board Aldermea. it
(Signed) AISuP KsarHn, b
President Board Aasstant Aldermen.
Approved Oct. 28, lhb;.
(Signed) Joax 3. CoINAY, Mayor. 1i
A true copy: t:
JoaN W. OvsaILL, Secretary. i
CoWrasoLI.'s Omcrcs, Crvr HALL, I T
New Orleans, Nov. 6, 1868. c
Notice is hereby given that the controller will, at
his office, on Thursday, November 12, 188, at noon, b
adjudicate to the lowest bidder or bidders the g
above contract, as per specifcations on file in his
Pas. LaiRtn, Deputy Controllor.
City Hall, Oct. 26t;, 1868.
[No. 1090 -N. 8.]
WlERFl, Daniel Mulligan, contractor for rse- f
patsmt and keeping in repair and building new t
bridges in the lt, 2nd and 4th Distritts of the a
city, has failed to comply with the terms of his t
contract, and has been put in default by the stet a
commissioner; therefore be It
resovted, That the controller be and he is here
by authorized to adjudicate, after five days'
notice in the official joarnal, to the lowest bidder d
or bidders, contracts for repairing and keeping In t
repair and building new bridges in the let, 2ad sad a
4th Distriots of the city, under the original spei
ficationo on file in the office of the street commies
asoner; and further, that Daniel Maligan. coo- t
tractor, and his securities, be he'd liable uader
said speclficationa of said contreet.
(Signed) ArLano Kaisur,
President Board Asistatt Aldermen.
(Signed) THOMAS Mlster,
President Board Aldermen. a
Approved Oct. 26, 1868.
(Signed) Joanx CONwAY, Mayor. d
A true copy:
Joan W. OVRALL., Secretary. i
CownoLLz.t's OrrIc . CIYr HALL, I
New OrleMas, Nov. 4, 18i8.
Notice is hereby given that the controller will
st his office. on Wednesday, November 11, I68. at
noon, *djudicate to the Inweat bidder or bidder.,
the enxt pired term of Daniel Ialligan's contracts.
put in default, adjudicated to him on the 19th day
of June. 1bO;, for a term of three years.
PAs. LAnARns, Deputy Controller.
For the contracts for repairing and keeping Is I
repair all the street bridges of the city, and for
the coratruction of all new bridges which may be I
i.e work shall be adjudicated into four sep- I
ra'e and distinct contracts, as follows to-wit:
First Contract-All the bridges of the First Dix- 1
becond Contract-All the bridges of the Second
District. 1
Fourth Contract-All the bridges of the Fourth i
All the bridges now in existence in the several
districts of the city shall be delivered to the con
tractors in whatever condition they may be. on
the day of the signing f the contracts, and it
shabll be the duty of the said contractors to have
the said bridges plased in good order and condi
tion within thirty days thereafter; to always keep
and maintain the same in the best repair and con- 1
dition during the con.innance of their contracts;
and at the expiration of the said contraete, to
return the same to the city in perfect good order
and condition, to the entire satisfacton of the
street commissioner and of the chairmen of the
committees on streets and landings of the Common
Whenever any part or the whole of the bridges
st the intersection of streets and over the drain
ing canals of the city, now in existence or which
may hereafter be built, shall be so rotten and
decayed as to require to be built anew, the con
tractors shall be bound to build the mese anew,
without extra compensation, sad In the manner
here below explained for the constrnotion of new
In many of the bridges now in existence, as
there are no Iron bars, and an the tops are not
properly fhestened, and as In many others where
there are iron bars the said bars are so deesed as
toreader them too weak, the ontractorse ll be
bound, whenever a new top or part of a top
bshall be wanted-in the first instance-to take out
all the wooden bars, and substitute in their stead
iron bars of the same dimensions and In the same
manner as herelnatter explained for the constroc
tion of new bridges; in the second instance, to
take out all iron bar so decayed as to render ttlem
too weak, and substitute in their stead iron bars
of the same dimensions and in the same manner a'
hereafter explained for the construction of one a
bridges, and in both Instances to secure and fasten
all top planks of said bridges in the same manner
as hereinafter explained for the building of new
bridres.so that they may not be carried away by
ovetr flows from heavy rains.
The contractors shall also be bound to keep in
good repair and condition all the bridges with iron
tops, making anew the stdes and bottoms when
decayed, placng ad fastinalg in a workmalike
maner all cat ron bridge tope wbleh muay from
any cause whatever be displaced, and furanihing
and pliaing all new cast iron plates, wherever the
ones now tn existence may be worn out or brokena.
Whenever It shall be necessary to slter the poi
tion, of a bridge or to widen the same. the neos
ary trench and work shall be done by the oon
tractors, and the additioual width shallu be paid
for by the city at the same rate as new bridges,
and the contraotor shall 1ll up at the sides so as
to restore the grade of the street, and shall alesi
repair the paving of the street whenever the same
shall have bos disturbed by them.
The coetractors shall also keep in repair all the
wooden crosing aceross the streets and the plank
crossing over the gutters now existing, or which
may hereafter be ooastructed at the Intersctlonsu
of the streets.
At the expiration of their contracts the eon
tractors shall be bound to return to the city all
the bridges, cresing sad crosing-steps ia per
feet good order and condition, otherwise the street
commissionetr shallretaln the last certieate sad
toe reserved per ceatage hereltsher providel
:or, until the rsame be placed by the contractors
in the god order sad condition required by thees
speeFiations, and if not placed in good order sad
condhioan within thirty days theroeafter the lat
certlfieate sad theo id resrved peroentnage a
be forteied for the ase of the lty.
wuw marness.
All bridges shall be constreuted ia ecordance
with the diretioes of the teet commiseioner, ao
cordinr to the lies a levels nd of the widths
to be giv by theiy y mrveyor, an n the ful
lowing morner, to Wit:
l tI lumber for the des, wtng, bottom sod
crose-pieces to support the sides .e bottomsa
Sbeof either cypren or yellow pite of the best
qiLty, free freom ap, splits, had knots asd other
Sd emlmndised to impair its iregth .a da;
rtelfim . lmbe for the topWs be
depteM tthe Det qauity, tie a hm tp,
plt, bad hnea or other de "e. The ris bare
shb be of the bes wreught Ito fear lakhm wide
by see ioh tick. Te lumber for the ides hall
be Ave reles flier, ead of eitable leugtih sad
depths to t the width ef the saeets sad the
depths of the gutters. The bottom plaks shall
beeaeaheM ainb thihk sad d sable IhL h
a wnidbP to amlt the iaA nd width orthe
brie. 'b top planhs arobe fear loes thik
uad not less thea twelve ·bob" ide. The wi
Mu1 Alee f ches thick, twesty-Ive feet ig,
eht Inches wide at one end end tweetj-for
Inoea wide lt' e oth& end. A the mid au a
w toy kshap l be of the length of
hlt onemm were the brdgm
t fh t loo; in much ceas
eroes pleces
Sie bhas wide;
c as re orn eldsý shall uz
root at dbsa# as of o>ve feet. ho  a e a
Stwo bmcee in dsl ster , drive through stble
a ow os sthe destad eoer et as leat three
s n T he holt·l .ron h ros bae
theoramin thela y.d the bt aIr ema workri -
mau mraner. The iro bes hall rest on e
RIM t dhtace of fivye feet from oaten. n d
shae tuak of their whole thicknem lato the
aidds The top plenk al PreiTn on= th boa bt.
,d1 dTuhbe atenedý to the aldes with 7 Inchh
preed% d to th oekin bn w it iron
D #psm tw the beset woemeallbke man
S e two U e top p ride shall be W
e thl As)elbpyt oe
te of "W dr g e lto the pleins ad of
MtGe4 a ~o lled to ome of the sads
**laep claon eaebtoot leu
The M plast of the cityanrveyor. hos
bor e to be whekrl ad to thnone in
p15al5 e, a ilttde now e ltt areoch lud red
Slthe heoti ptrbo ouf aid bride to be pal be
by the without extr oo peear.
.tip, so q. gruired between Sad on the
~ ihe r thelg s lu the whole extent of
, the , t ate the eeteto the height of
low pius of se be"t mt be uanderstood m a
dthe o e s tnew whetr there rb none In
ey ehal as Il bedded ow exting a be incll ded
drive sat lt two t into re e around , and paid
by the city r. rveor, d t h p a
the cstreet ommide leo hal be of yerequire l
lo pthe material sha of thehe b qqualitysad meandre
twmtryfwa Inches in wiath by fourn mobte in
hal be frsa. ed by thbe of ulodet lengths to a
the widab of the st.eeteteea the rbetoe.
They lutretrs imall bedded bod htoll beimm well
complyed with a erpl of twro Inche ordn diameter,
S drienm the treet two feet into t ground, and ep ll
m the ad haccording to the directon ttd level to be
C given by the city survyoyr, a'ad at each pace mas
d th snt commisrelone r may reqk to re.
ll the material hall be of the best quaollty, forand
oall be furnished by the don aotortr own wello
thwill be bor.
Thdoe contrastor Abel be bound to mmeditely
comply with all verbal ar writte orde either
Sfrom the stret commhe w o or hib wo epn an , or
t of the hmaterialrmen of thalle committees ot of atrny
e and landing, relativey to theo made to ibe donoe
i r them, nder a ps. alt of dollars for
t neeeontr and a further beof havbo to l t ther
o e to thglected work to em done as their own aex
ordersh work so in teglecte od treet oommlsoer
a' wll be oaend d eqall oaea, t to or itte torder
T doe ot whatever ae be rea e able to obtain
da the neessry matbe obtal d labor. The amoty by
d of the nes.glect of the wages of te workmen d the
All- cot of the materal ahal deducted owhere of
a- of the mong to and be removed and to a d eon
by thet m.
er Th e ontrac too shll e bofurnd to alod at the
atreet oommasiener's o9M, once on each sad
olvery dsecurity, o'elock . to reve orthe ord rooel
ie ol, the orm of toon em, and all
orders wuitten In the order book In said offce
ahall be consldered equivalent to written orders
araned pteeon the trh perform person at their o
dates thereof
The controt ahll be d pdonible for all ter of
damages that my be ob ed aga t the city b
arThe whole shall have tperformed nyo the entiroe t
the negtlect of the oostrtommi er nd o ther
cll old lumber akomm ee the bridges wheadlred
it lumber baa bees substituted by the contractors,
a sllymbelong to and be mademoved and hauledy, on thway
r4 by them.
t SEches of the ontractors hall furnish good anld
olvtreet cority, tin obedienc to the ity ommon
SCouncil,e No. 28 the m of no eortund dllarts, to
t guaranteel the faithfumel perormance o their oo
The carotl of th committ sha be es ondi sted ets a term of
three yand the ars,ty tre to begin otthe Ltn of Jaly, 18a ua, and
tee on the 30exptio of Jnthe 186tra , per.
ror The whole shall be porformed to the entire at
abe Iection of the amountreet of emmh and ever and of thely
charmen of th e c ommtr itto tees or ftree word l, d
Payth ments hall be made monthledy, on the er
da- tlicates of the street comnmisioner. and said
treet omin whh th er, in obedienceu to edty Codi
ad monce No. 2683,l bo theno certo annte to the con
t actor w ithout pttinge sathe be submitted for the
Srequiproedl of r the commttee905 on the Civl Cod and
toga; and the city treasurer to retain, ia guara
tee until the expiratiortn of the contracts, ten per
rl cet. of the amout of ndemach and t er moalso we
S It well understood t hat Inin e of failure by at
Sof the contract o besal or finahe the work, or
S hav e for any part of, the pwork doe by them cp
o mty shall be thereby diLhrged ad releed froma
Sneri hooid thse in or e the eoxtrct be teo'd, theo
Seounrctr a hd therir igeette anhll te held and
Srebonird byin tle pay nto the city of NCw Ode, and
all sam or d~iteoet ance betw; and the prIe ato wekll
he ondretood rs ot in aety contractd tor prll ort
the work eand th price at which or not nlray be a4nd codi
O psted t a es th ol or reedl~htion. rcotr
Bds dto b contrcto mrh be l aam forll r rey airn
sad keephll g t repadr dla the bradgee aned crom
anys ;and o iebl per forot (borad Imet Isure) forll
otnew brid es complete, acutt well a new eroldsd
r bew Orleaneto, June 1 a.ty of N Orl
SApproved by the committee of trente and ord
r gs of both boards.h p nm o
O ignew.brge ce
(BIgaed) lg o ora. lMcCr .or'y, Chairmen.
' Registered June 6, li66.
S (Signed) P. O. Monas, Controller.
or Jss'u ML'arnyr,
Sr treet Commisoner.
b Registered November 4. 186.
Pas. Lanaasa, Depety Controller.
to --- -n
a jox An. anew.
te Cetommeo eset.
SLAw CARD.............LAW CAR,
w . 8o00T SILLUP.,
Atteseh y mad Coreseele -Law.
bh seet aiamesmd e tod te am o no . a ad rome
n- J. U. UALSUa
S ATI[NDI *1 i.W.
et i sWe.a I caresel ine eseee.
emenu se Iw.
c omo asm.nm rnes mm.t arn ia m
he we ma lssa d wn e u n. am i
nl- leas se s eem weraeit b es
Ol gat em bet qggits a~mr book team
aM tea it pe hmis mmeit a smaes mnes Ua
ser a ame s *

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