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WEpAT Q031re,, 5OV3M3 is l, IMý.
AW esbas Tazm s .MAY. D
or3 t 1 33"06 I , Ue aft leF p enh
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asswea . s er swe.
Go eldsiled us is New York at 134.
Theake to th oessee sie hip Mategorda
for late pnpv o S
Greeley is gng to Egypt, to study nlate the a
ture of " sahlais ."
Philadelphia propoes to brdge the Delaware p
with as arch 4490 fet lose.
It is said tih Thurlow Weed has come home to la
help arrange G t's cabinet.
The fall mss of the Housto. Jockey Club e
will take plaece on the 28th December sent.
Pean ae se llg la Bryat, Texas. st $2 60 per
Okoelea s altas the edstablishment at that
place of eotoi ad tobacco factories.
The drawing for the Jefferson Times or Texas
epaublica tak' s place as the 20th of this smoth.
A French caege ba give a girl the degree of
Bachelor of Scence. It mesas that she is made
of knowledge j
Testelsehls ý jewelry bl u arUtlo made ht
Providence, r 1., and for which there is a de
mend all over he United States.
It Is propoerd to erect a monument n bosoer of
Gui d'Areaso, who eight hundred years ago in
vested msical nottaon. r
The colored ! littrary aociations of New York
are rragtuf fora course of lectures at the a
Cooper lsti darlag the coming winter.
The Savannah Republican notes the fact that a
qunatity of codtton compressed In Mobile was re
ceived ia iavap8ah for hipmuent a few days ago. t
The Star of the Union hence for New York, c
war wreeked on the oeast of Cubs, a few miles
west of Bava~.
8. C. i i, of Cynthiana, Ky., has made 750
barrels ~ s molasses during the last five
Three dists etes near Richmond, Va., produced
95,00 pgall of whisky during the month of
October. .
Dr. Sterli Base, of Savannah, Ga., has pa.
tested a spe, Mc for fever-andague, which in said
to be also hly servieable as a tonia and alter
ative. 3
The Setei of Charity have eight establishments
is Chlaa-or-I is Canton, two in Hong Koeg, one
in Niegpo, cpe In Shanghan, one out of Shanghai
in the countey, one In Tientein and one in Pekin.
We have f eeved the Texas Farmer for Novem
ber, which ,ntalse a large variety of original and
selected artoles, all valuable to the farmer and
gardener. C should receive a large patronage.
Attentiou is called to notice of the gallant
Seymour R(ighte, relative to their grand exhi.
bitdo of baoes, wreath, et., which is to take
plae Thern.ay evening, Deember Sd next.
The Ciga$ Maanfactrers' Association of New
York have geed to pay an advance ina prices of
one dollar per thousand till the frst of January
next, and a4addltional one dollar from that tinbe
till the rt -f May seat, providing the a ate of
bsears pe laitted It.
We have received from the editor a copy of
This Week 'or November 7. a large quarto of 12
pages, neatly printed on good paper, conducted
by A. J. . Doguase, sad published at 4 Bond
street, NoI York. It contains a variety of liters.
ry articles, .ditorials, reviews, etc.
CoNsrmI AT ODD FLLOWS' HALL.--Lovers of
ine muai c re retminded that they will have an
opportunlty of gratifying their taste this evening
at the New Odd Fellows' Hall. A grand vocal
aid latrantantal concert will be given there at 8
o'clock, in rhich the first order of musical talent
of our city will be engaged. To many the beau
tiful new hall recently completed by the Odd Pel
lowe' will be an object of attraction, and a desire
to see it will add to their natural desire to
bear what promises to be one of the most
brilliant conoerie that has ever been given
in New Orleans. On the programme are
presented the names of some of our most prom
I neat artists, together with an assemblage
of lady and gentlemen amateurs unequaled in
attractive merit. Among them we notice Messrs.
(trenevelt, Wheat and Farmer, on the violin,
piano and flute-to buear any one of whom Is
worth the price of admission; also those well
known and universally populargeutlemen. Mesere.
J. 0. and A. G. Wheeler. Meers. Tracey and
Mdteyd, composing the favorite Mendelssohn
Quartette Club, who will slog some of their
ohoeast f -tr-part songs. Altogether, we think
we shouldfall in our duty to our readers did we
not call thgfr special attention to this fair promise
of a obarialg entertainment, and advise them to
secure th.ketse for it without fail. They cano be
ha at all the principal hotels, meualo uad jewelry
stores, at $I each.
B,. Casz.se.--Tbe performance thIn eveniag
wi consis ia that beautifel drama, "Lesh, the
Foroken." In whlh Miss Prioe plays the part of
the hercae, nd the standard piy Tempt
tos," la wh lo Harry Maorthy will appear in the
leedig haracter. Miss rice made her rst sp.
pumeence before a New Orleas au·dence last
esisg, playlng Fanchon, the Jrdcke*, supported
bMr. itensee as Losdry Bhrbeaud. and Miss
Ohrmes. Old Fade. Tbe " rish migrant,"
Wt B~h MoaruthYs Tin O'Bryan, conclded
1a1o t aet. The great sesational play
" Fool Play" will be prodaeed eat eanday eve
sing with appropriate scenery and a good cat.
Aoc•anr or Music.-The "White Fawn" bur
lesq*ue lth all se humorous songs set to popoaur
ir, Itr fasclating ballet, scenery, and local hits,
was repeated last eveing before oanother large
audience, which was evidently delighted, not only
with it, but with the intrepid Mile Tournour, who
preceded the piece by her aerial trapese per.
oegsace. Uader these usplicee the Academy
oeooe onoe to s ueme itelpriloe gayety
adttratteese. Go and see both tbhe above at.
trsction repeated this oevenig, toglether with a
varied olno progreusse.
Viasnna .-" UIder the Gasight" reaed its
ninth peeomaomlast evening, and wq saein
w baideed by a large adience. The demaod for
tickets is sn that those desirlng good sea tein
either the archaeestra or dress circle will do well to
apply for them at the treasrer's office during the
macruing.- -
vsalxar Lrzzra Assonas.--We copy the fol
towiug from the Pensacola Observer of the 12th:
The steamer Lislie mran shore on Barkley's
potrt lust evening, about 7 or 8 o'clock, and stirks
theme, up to the hour of 4 v. 4, to day. Exr
_el/ ed malt water men aesy that unless lightened,
the isule Will stay for the next high tide, which
may be several day coming. We hope, however,
that the swe tll sof, l evening's tide and the
action of the Irase klpe upon the sandy
bettom may llow the "m b to swing off.
ald to pe n her aocustomed trips to und
from New Orlns.
Tan PnosLaM or Crgrn Lavrlo m1 Nlw Yos-.
If women are, as they complain, poorly paid tur
her labor they ea certaintly live cheaper than
men can. at leuast at the Working Women's Home
n td ocity. A visitor iten the followlig oom
earet prices of a good supper at that mnstate
ae similar suppesr elsewhere:
Obemp seer eHte
Ho.me n.. s- nseme. te_,,
Cea isrIm . relL m.
TFIh ied vrh breed ad pow. M
lPFle Of eq~eah ..... .............·4 l, - 2
rv esq w e ............ s6 a so
9he pedts of all classes oi reetarsats is the
city are enmoes. This maybe seen ata glance
*f eelarksth rniee charged byartielesa the
wssta mnd theastual east of these artleed la
* 1e aiv m*op% addlia reat, service, oceek
h latemeasen h ma oecor a
sOesp om, the arm n*isl mIght
wh new i e d-lhigherpr pices.n The
h .~ ~*n tmesi
-nn a MhZt
.Nov1w. * n.
hve d ldw a' ma lp hr
tera t Ste
Dure wan beewibly duay; tea sold M
with our peat safmsootaterest, eat seas. Scht
orsseO b.eelittle bo sOes oes rsamsoateapon
the l itta e etrlwe i n Os o ch
The ftllowing hreir haos bes ;l ed by the (
Uniatede Sritss we uy demarTnmet, sar irs ga lee
ral I terwst to stasmboame :ou
Tble department inlatormed that at mssof the o tir
ports of deliverly on t Western waters, othen
than these on the freotier, a gret diversity of St
praetioexiats i thie collection of fpeifrom stew
noas and other vessels; and also at mstaof said
ports exrrbitant fees ae collected for which the B
eMoers of the customs have no warrant whatever
in law. In order, therefore, to correct such Bri
abuses, the following list of iees is poblished for
the benefit of all concerned. and 0o0ers of the Brij
eustome at ports on such Western waters are in
formed that the exaction by them of any other cb
or greater fees for the services menotioned in said
list than are therein specified, will subject them
to prosecution under the law, and the Inflietio of L
severe ptunthmeut.
F eev adirert enn reel is order to the e teii. m . or
T liaeing and reording of the, ome, es and snuit U Tr e
tas r....... ...... ".............. ...........
if ervr e .ad met eve, ...... 7.................. .
If ever 70 esa ot over 100 Seas .. .. 06
If ever l  t ...... ...·· .. 5 B
oCertlea ati eteimenat.. .... .......
hoeles ae to e ad........... s e ........ ........
eese Including o boilld if not over m otg e.. . 25
SoreSaw  d~sem e ......r.....................I... x1
Ocbeel oetlfcas to tac s owner's o. th.................
orldel ctate f chane e merolt t .......... . 0
Ir d e r ese e..,.....e s .... ... .
oircesci or errvs.
For ldaereemat of change en euroilmest..........t0r
rdorm uset ao charge rliese acue. .. o .. lspecto
ti ial eertl5eaie to oath of noew meter...........rO-e
t te fsees a Per forms of tUoeenrl Regunl
thon o Ie Is chargeable acia oathf of mute r ti
equl ed whom the eo will o.... ..:..........P "
(The froeghng retnr of eame . as ot the "crew lit" i e
quired by esl 3 aet of itare 3.1813)
For rfnihing the triplicate copies of inspection
to the masters or owners of s$eamere no fe is
chargeable, ua the sot of August 30, 1852. and Its
amendments, cover the tesuance of inspection
papers as well as the inspection itself.
Fr oN A un-wansaoutess I.rv.
Foe tryg . ......... ...... ............... ...........
to te.. ............... Sh
Permit to d to ...................... . ...a.-eSh i
i .a boae bond ................ .. ..h.......
For tr... .......... .......................... ........
permit ... ............. .............. I). B"
Officers of the customs at the ports above indi
cated will see to it that a Copy of this circular is
posted to a oonspicuous place in their respective
custom houses. H. MoC!LLoCH.
Seeretary of the Treasury. 17
The Cuba No. 2, Capt. Geo. E. Wilkerson, te
leaves at 5 r. x. to-morrow, for Jefrerson, Shreve- Wi
port and all intermediate landings. She will be
s found at the foot of Customhouse street this morn
a lp ready to receive freight.
The nse passenger and freight packet Idahoe,
under command of that clever gentlema' and tot
careful commander, Capt. J. W. Blanks, with Mr. 16
I Chas. A. Breard (than whom no more courteous
g gentleman ever lived) in her otfe, leaves at 5 St
r. x.. to-day for Trenton and Monroe. The Ida so
hoe will give through bills of lading for those
it points, and putpassengers through in time. bb
The Beima, Capt. J. D. Clarke. leaves at 5 r. so
i. to-day for Shreveport and all way landings.
The regular Memphis packet Magenta, Capt.
Preak Hicks, leaves positively at 5 r. K. to day co
for Memphis, Vicksburg and all way landinge.
Mr. BSullivan is her chief clerk, and Mr. Frank
Smith looks to the comfort of her passengers.
! The B. L. Hodge, Capt. V. B. Baranoo, loaves
e aI t r. r. to-day for Bayou Sara. b
i The dashing Wild Wagoner, Capt. W. B. Rich- to
ardson, leaves at 5 r. ,. today for Natches and
all landing latermediate. Messrs. Libano, Poesy c
f and Miller still have charge of her offoe.i
Advioes from Ouachita river report it rilg fast. 4
The Lulan D, Capt J. . . Grace, leaves on Satar- 1
Sday, 21st st., for Shreveport and Jefferson.
d The Lotawanna. Capt. H. J. Brinker, leaves at
5 r. x. to-day for Jefferson and Shreveport.
The Belly. Capt. Hine, leaves for Bayou La
fourobe at 10 A. x. to-day.
By a telegram received yesterday by Geo. D.
Bite, Esq., we are informed that the Suooess, S
Capt. itea, from Treaoe. will arrive to-day with a
If full load, and leave for Camden on Saturday, 21st "
n inst., at 5 r. lx.
g We have no late adviees from " Old Red."
SMessr. Dodd and Mimmo, of the Lotus No. 2, P'
8 have our thanks for favors.
It The crossing at the foot of Common street, b
i. leading to the steamboat landing is in an awful
I. condition. Cannot some one have it fixed ?
e The following named steamers left port yes
terday : Bismarck, for St. Louis; Rob't E. Lee,
it Captaen Cannon, for Vicksburg ; ra No. 9, Cap
tain Ktuns, for Shreveport; Frolic, Captain Id
e Haberiee. for Grand Ecore; New Era, Captain ci
I. Dugas, for Donaldsonville: Lafourche, Captain el
SBerao, for Bayou 8ars, A. G Brown, Captain It
a Radovich, for Lower Coast.
s. Should the rumored rise in Ouaebite River prove P1
0, true, Captain J. W. Blanks, will in a few days
Is enter the fne passenger packet Corneati, as a
I. regular 10 days packet, between this port and
s. Camden. Ark.
d 1354 bales cotton have been received since our
a Iast per river steamers.
ir The followlng named steamers arrived yester
k day:
re Lotss No. 2, Capt. Deanus. from Shreveport. -
e with 587 Ihles ootton, lot hides ·ed sndries; New
to Bra, Capt. Dugs, from Donaldeonville, with 48
ue ho eeds sugar, 147 barrels molasses 24 half do.
rysd sundries; Wild Wagoner, Capt. ichardson,
from hlatches, with 413 bales oottos, 28 hogdeada h
a gar, 36 barrels moaimess, etc.; Lafonrobe, Capt.
SHeno, from Bayou Barn, with 48 bales ceotton, 83 1
bogebeads sugar, 187 barrels molassemus and sun- b
Sdries ; Big Horn, Ceapt. Oillem, from Greenwood,
SMiss., with 18 bales oot9o and 1734 eaoh cotion
~ r Sppesr, remember that the Raccees, a very I
Slight draft boat, by the way, is now receiving for
CamdeU and all landnge on OUachita and Book
d No obeange to report in the river at this point.
The Frolic, under oommapud of Capt. John Flu- I
berle, sleave every Tuesday at 5 i. . for Alez
andra anod Grand Ecore.
The Frank srgouod, Capt. White, from the
SBends, is due to-day.
SFreights seem to be scarce at present for all
By reference to our speciad notioe oolumn, our
S readers will see tst the B. L. Bodge, No. 2--one I
e of the finest steamers aelat-heas entered the trade I
r btetwe a this city and Bayou Bea. leaving here
Severy Wednesday at5 r. , and Sunday at 9 A. x.
y Ulder ctmmand of sueh an officer (acknowl
' edged by all who have the pleasure of knowing
Shim, to be withot as eudi) as Capt. V. B. B.rn
co, with that thoroeg g atlemes and aooom
i C Ithed clerk, Capt. Leo Dahi in her ofioe, the
d tdge cannot fall in obtlaniag the patrone of I
'or unr merchants and that of the planters between
inthis city and Bayou 8ars.
to (pp. Jobhn W. Tobia has chartered the well
he known steamer Big Born for the trade been this
city and Ouschlta river, and leaves with her this
eveniung, at 6 r. K. Tae Big Born is fait, carries
ol well, and hua fe passenger accommodations. We
h: wish (4apt. Tobtin succese with his new ptcket.
's The Commonwealth, Kate Kinney and Kellogg
k5 left St. Louis for this port on the 14th.
SFrom Memphis Bullettla. Nov. 16th:
d, Soon after 9 o'clock on fSiaturday night the
oh otesniboat Peoria City. from St., L:uis. looed at
en,  m...ue*' harfboat. at the root el of .
the roe street. She had on board abouet two bonDred
d deck pausiers who were on their way down to
off, wok osthe levees. Quarrelng sad fghting were
ad going on among them, and amid the oonutstoo
two of theem fell Into the river, between tbs boat
eed the wharboet, and neither of the bodueshavre
Sbeen fonead. Who they were coald not be acer
for tlhed. The usfortunate ocacurrence above re
a lated attracted many persons upon the wharf
Sboat, and one of them, when paesing down the
ga. gway, abeat ffteen. mlnutes after the two men
had been drowml, was see th fall on into the
sryer. Lights wee procured and gentlemen em
plosed os the whahet did their best to find the
o aortaate man, bat aothina could be en of
him, md dhe also was drowned. Who he ws,
whether belonglng to this city, or a stranguer, no
a body hnew."
The Muscadtn Journal of the 9th ys::
" It IoneM that movements havre been ilsaogr
)s. ated for extending the White Collar line to New
e Orleans, the entire nalgsble legth of the Mis
S ipp L SThri new bhae , to be m delied alter
t W the I. BLerlt, hvO been eeered."
Sa From the St. Lonin Uepuhllo, 1th hat:
e The weather i very brigt otdPlesat. As
e, usl mo Satrday, the w r wore s very busy
r o and aotive ppearnee. Detnd amers gene
as rniy b f eargoes. Tdyr flg steadily,
atlthei not very rapdly. The MM of Plke,
ee fm l lesw leoded to the guarda. The Ldy
The iis sneA. A andI. S a. for New
eOrfam. 'o Co! UI C, o Oro5,e.
ivle d aS hr erly beer New Ooesas, with
cmaiii ' O~ m.o , lion "
Shame . esassas. laeil
Stesamsbip Lodas, Hovey, for New York.
G A Fosdick&OO JMt
Sesalip St Matry,slse, for Oivteam. A
C WhisaeyOer too
Bark Bva (Ir), MLCuUoc', for Br L l dorQo ti
Schr Angell (Br), Ward, for UUlW, Bay Islands, J,
In ballast, Master feet
pcr Paulhte. Hameom, for Pensecola, Master T
('ltred Nov 11, 1868, (oelttod)--Ship Soater to o
Empire. Dealop, for Liverpool, Maury eco B
A twewe eeseemw.
Sltip British Lion. Prigell, from Lirerpool, Oct
lst, to J B Athbridgle & Deca
Ship lisbon. from ---. Point Ar
B.rk Lucy A Nichols. Dunesl. 15 days from New 61
York, to (eo W Hyason &oo--lt district (ol
Bark Valparaiso (Sp), Marsltana, from Greenock, H
to Poig Bros-2d district 31
Brig Maria LouLa (sp), Pass, from Matassu , to
Poui Broe-Sd district 19
Brig William, Coffin, 16 days from Indianola, in 4
Sballast, to master-Point 1
Scbr Salvador (Br). Penninaton, from Rostan, to Ie,
Gleidenbow A Kelley-2d district 15 AB
Lugger Louisiana, PetitUls, from Barataria, to
master-4th district
Tecumseh,. Lombard. from the Passes-went bio
dcwn light-brought up barks Lucy A Nich- Aie
ols and Valparalso, and brig Maria Louisa We
Sunflower. Brown, from the Passes-went down H I
light-brought up ships Lisbon and British (Gol
Lions and brig William Irb
ermvAnoars. Ma
Dora. Lodovick, from Cincinnati Pe
Lotus No 2, Danasts. rwieh oru t rt
New Era, Dupes, from Donaldsouvlile do
Lafourobo, Heno. from Bayou Sara de
Wild Wagoaer. Richardson. from Natchez
Big Horn, Wallace. from Greenwood 9V
C Castro, Delpit, from Amite River
Frances, Blakeelee, from Mobile
FScr Dr Franklin, from Jordan Ihrer reT
Schr Maud, from Tchefnncte
Scbr Sea Horse, Felcher, from Pascagou!la
Schr Indian, Reed, from Amite River
Schr Alive, Heywood, from Tangipabo
Schr Isabella. Jonquil. from Pascagoula
aelOw o measim UI. 15
Ship Rosalie, Grandison, from Androsean, Oct 9th, cal
to master JI
Ship Luther Rich, Rich, 12 days from Boston, to c,
master-Cargo, Ice Crescent City Ice Co ma
Bark Lnton. Toncrke, trom Bremau Sept 28, to E
F Stockmeyer
To Messrs. Sinnott & Adams: Vicksburg. Nov.
17-Leave here at 12 o'clock to-day with ".i00
bales cotton and 4000 eke cotton seed. J. M.
White, master steamer Frank Pargood.
NEW YORK--teamPhip Lodona --49 balet cot
ton 497 bble molssses 191 hhds sugar 27 tcs grease
1;1 bbls beef 7000 eke cotton seed 7 pkgs mdse
St Mary-930 bble flour 55 bbls whisky 10 hhda
sugar 150 eke salt 0O iags coffee and sundries
PENSACOLA-Schr PauiAne-- 4 bbls flour 50 F
bble potatoes 450 sks corn 20 eke oats 10 eks bran
ansod sundries
IVERPOOL-Bark Eva-2100 bales cotton
LIVERPOOL--hip Southern Empire--36tl bis
cotton 10 bags do 2400 staves
MOBILE--Steamer Frances-65 bates cotton 11 S
bales mdse Lehman, Newgass &co-23 bales cot- r
ton Marx. Levy Aco-21 E J Gay &co-21 Scott &
Bro-17 Warren Crawford Aco--G H W Farley &
co-I Battle & Noble--9 bags dried fruit Perkins,
Swenson &co--93 pkgs tobacco DeVan & Mason -
40 do C A Whitney Aco-sundries to order-t-otal
154 baits cotton
RUATAN-Schr Sa~vador-Fruit
,eeewes or Predmee.
'lINC'NNATI--Steamer Dora-100 bb!s apples
54 bxs cheese 70 pkgs butter 100 bhle whisky to
Schneider & Zuberbier-20 do H Blaese &co-50
Avet & Cambon-18 bbls grain and seed 5 tierces .r
I eau"age o kegL pitgf.t 20 hf bble do 2 bbls spir-.
its 2 bbls tongues 25 bxe starch 50 bxs candles
Morgan line-lot furniture 82 bbls whisky 2 eighth
pipes do 5 bs bacon 1 box tongues Allen, Wayne Is
&co-60 bbla beef 17 tee hams Vose Bros--16 dot '
buckets 11 doz brooms 1 dz sieves 10 nests tub
,; pkgs paper 3 bxe mdse 231 eks corn Blakemore,
Wooldridge &co-20 bl,s oil ('rieff & By~nues-9 m1
eke corn B M Horrell &co-200 bbls whisky 89 hf
bbls do Cobb, Dolbonde &co-4 bdls hames Geo -
Plumb-1 bbls apples 2 bols onions 3 hbs mdse b
Slkgs furni'ure Lutletield--35 bbls whisky 5 bols
n alcohol 8 H Kennedy &co--0 pkge mdse M HocS-"
Sedel--100 bs candltes 0 Bercer &co - 50 cases
lard J B Vanhorn &co--30 hhde bacon 11 tes hams
I hhd do 100 bbls pork .1 H Oglesby &co 50 kegs
e pigefeet 81 bxs cheese 1 bhde bacon 162 bbls ap
pies F DelBondio--10 rolls leather G I, Fevre-10 W
bedle collars 1 bax mdse J T Hyde &co-2 bbls
id bongs Keep & Caulfield-400 bxs candles Webster
&co-25 hf bble beef I tee sides 1 bbi shoulders
S51 baxs cheese 1 pkg McFarland, Straight Aco--70
tlbls oil Jno T Moore-10 do Rudolph & Theurer
r lot furniture Mitchell & Craig--150 bxs candles
J I Adams &co--276 bbis apples Krumble &eo
250 bxs starch A D Grief! Aco-50 bbls apples N
4 iarbini-53 bxa cheese 14 pkgs butter Van Nor
Sdean Aco--50so bbla apples J Petrovict--2O0 do A M
Thiles &co-- bis hardware Texas Expr Co--9i
Stse cheese Chenoweth. Casey &co-50 sks malt G;
. Merz--199 do Lse & Ruhlman -50 bble potatoes
,J Machlca Aco-39 coops poultry M B Yalford-
3 10 bbie apples 6 bbls mdie Miller & Meyer-A bhs
. boousehold goead lot funiturite E Ciapp--undries
dto order
SSHRtEVEPORT--S teamer Lolus No 2-110 bales
cotton Joo Phelps &co-71 do Jos Hoy &co-67
r :lchardson & May-55 J W Burbridge &co-55 do
SObter, Atwater &do--41 Speake & Bockner--3 do
SHeadies.lWngo nco--30 do Jo Chaffe &co-26 do
lilakemore. ANooldridge &co--2 Warren. Craw
roud &co--IG(i W Logan jr-lt Jno 'i Ii ardle &co
. 11 Alcas, Scherck & Autey-- Olapp Bros &co- c
7 Psrkins, Swenson &bo-5 I'pne, luntington &
co-4 Winston, Morruon &oo-2 J B Hood &co -
e 3 H"entel & Prather--1 Nelson, Lnphier &co--I1
W C Iipecomb &co--l bale wool Speake & Bock.
r rer--I do Neh· on, Lanphier &co -3 bble tallow
Juo T Bardie &co--5l, hides 2 bales do 2 bbls tal i
lr ow 2 bags wool B L Mann Aco-2-do 1do bb cop
n oer 1 box wax 24 hides J L Couret-2 trunks 20
d hides C Il Walmsley &co--1l2 do M Labusequere
r It do broods. Claiborne &co-23 do I bbt bees
Swaxs Jno Claffe &co--b7 bh'des 6 bs,c do and suu
1. drias to order--Total 57 bhales cotton
gNAT( llEZ--Stesmer Wild Wagoner--t bales
Scotton Garrard & Craig--45 Board of Underwriters
m.45 CE leverich-41J A Lane-40 Ober, Atwater
he &o-34 Scott & Csge-30 S B Newman Aco-30
of It Flower--1l alcu, Scherek & Autey--ll Payne,
n Houtingtoo &co---9 Jurey & Harris-8 A ievi--7
Ar Mlitanberger-7 Lapene & Ferre-7 J C Denis
el 7 F B Erost-i lI.bman, Newgas&co--6 C (;Galla
i biLr- 5 De'ter. Gcldstein &oe-5 I, Walker-2
his Adnams, Cockburn & Ilowe-2 West & Wright--1
ie Ware & 80n--1 do Meyer, DIeutch & Weis-I A
'e 'Thenrer--1 Dronett & Forstall-I F J Datlva-
I. Grande co --35 hb'tp molasses it Brueier-25
g lh*' sugar to E J Gay Ao-220 ske cotton seed
SI M-ss, n Aco- 25o do J A Lane--St do .:ott &
( age--15 do A A Maginnie--l1 Hly G;roebel & o
1l rke coin J .lanney-6c bbts turnips 2 blb!s pota
he ics Warten. Crawford Aco-3 eks potatoes Mrs
L, A \Vd.-t do Iandall &Co--2 bblejpotsttee 1
~ s tck pas E D Sigber --studrhcsto ordrr--utoal
t2i Lare (otton -'- sks cotton seed 24 hds sugar
o bbls oiasses
S GREEWlNWOOf--'easwer Big Tlorn-77 bales
ion cotton T H & J M Allen ,*.o--41 Hgon & Patton
3a 2 Sunamer & Braiau~ns--22 Payne,Huntington &co
re21 C' B (Cbauplan-1i Meyer, Deutch & Weis-17
er- Itlakemore Wooldridge &co--l2 WA Bell &co
S10 do Ben Gerson--10 do R1charison & Way-- do
J Powei--7 AH Peale &co--5 Joe }11y &co-4
be Barrett & Lersassier-4 Lacey, Terry &co--4 Thos
re 1. erry-3 Jennings, Gates&co-3 J A Lane-1
the Alcua, chercek & Autey-l do S'ott & Cage--olt6
Seks cotton seed TH & J M Allen &co--920 do sir
Big Born--l;0 do Lacey, Terry &c--50 eks corn
' Payne, Bontir ton &co- 16 bbls potatoes to order
' 1 do J A Lane--aundiLs to order-Total 2:4 bales
DONALD-ONVILLE--Steamer New Er--l1
hhds eugar 26 bbls molasse 8 Moore--3. do 12
r hhds sugar J B Vanhorn &co-- do 235 bbls moias.
rea R Brugier- 4 do 1 hhds sugar P E Duraud-lo
is do Boligny & Esclapon--36 bble molasses E F
ar Stockmeyer-ll do J L Couret--lO0 do 22 bf hb:s
do 4 bhhds sugar J Bethancosrt-2 hf bbls molasseus
C ChaofIe-14 ks seed cottos A rbibaut-25 sks
As corn Scale & Waterman-8 ses rice 2 bbis do D B
ay McCarty- bbis oranges Jas T Tuckr--sondries
e to oarder--Total 48 hhds sugar 117 bbis molasses
ly, 24 hf bbl do 14 aks seed cotton
Re, BAYOU SARA--Steamer Lafourebhe-17 batles
dy cotto R Plowe'-1S D Urquart-6 EJ Gy &rco
sw 4 Blakshear & Miller-2 H EcColl-4 C L Braner
, 2 Jurey & Harrt-24 hbds enugar 39 bbls molasses
rb A ThMiet - do 1 bda gunr D P Kenner-25
to do 18 bsmolasss to MIItke& bdrlmier-2Tt do
s I S al S a--ss do U B,~r-1S bds  -.
ar P Iseers tco-- bd JR Vrase -18 bbis
rise a D.pre-Nm ies tso rede-sea t abewle
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AM ITB RBIVS--Seamr C0 Cuuhr-6s me h
gle 17,000 dws I0 ceds wooel b ter
PASCAGOUL&-Soht lssLla. 4 ,8 bet -
lumber De.m1. A Gri
TANGIPAHBO-Shr Alive-17.000 feet lumber
- t RIVHR--Schr ladisa-30 cods wood
to order
pA~BC GOULA-Sbr Sea Horse -70,0 feet
lumber Delm & Griffin
JORDAN RIVER--Schr Dr Franmfli-30.00
feet lumber to order
TCHEFU N CTE-Schr Mand-24,000 feet lumber
to order
B IRATARITA-Lugger Lonuldas-187 bble po.
tatoes 84 baskets tomatoes to order Nor
11eee11 by Mefloesc. P
N O, J & G N-Nov 17-127 bales cotton to t
At mar Aco-15 C E Stayback &co-- A Bower
51 J Williams & Son-6 Joe Boy too-2 H Me.
('olI-24 W J Frierson Aco-4 W J Robson -26 do
H Wilson, Bibb &co-136 T H & J N Allen &oo
31 R Nugent-6 Blakemore, Wooldrldge &co-47
J R Powell-19 T& B Henderson--4 J LA e
19 Beadles, Wingo Aco-16 Pritchard & Blekham
43 iracey, Terry &co-34 Barrett & Leaeer--48
IR I Adame & Son-l6 Ben Gerson-1 DeBlano A
Beer-4 Campbell & Strong-17 G G Gordon-3
A H Peale &co-6 O 8 Whitcomb-46 W B Tomp-. .
son--38 Jennings. Gates &co-3 Ruby, Harvey &
co-34 Payne, Huntington &co-6 Richardson & u
May-12 Von Phul Broe-I E Newman &co--l do Ii
ummers & Branins-2 Meyer, Deutch & Wels -18
Alcus, Bcherck & Autey--1 Battle & Noble-2 do
Warren, Crawford &co-4 Eckford & Cage-R do ft
M Hiller t&o-l- Perkins, Swenson &co-- Dieter,
(;oldetein &co-1 R L Watker-104 bxs tobacco
Irby. McDaniel Aco--105 bb s potatoes Woods, wt
Matthews &co- 450 bx obeeee McFarlan, Straight Ba
&co-19 to hems Fairchbild A Blngham--10 do J I
Peters &co- -1 do Bossey. Emle &co-1 csk mosat
Keep & asld-- 44 bbs wh  Tate co-17 A
do Barnett & Lyon-ll do F .osmiteoo-TT,10
feet lumber J M Knox-4.00 do S W Thompson- I
3.100 do A McConnell--andries to order-Total
970, bales cotton
N O, (0 & G W-Nov 17--6 bales cotten to
J W Burbridge &co-4 DeBlanor & Beer-2 A Ter
tron &co--- Soberbellle & Gautreaux-1 J L Cou
rer-- Bersud & Gibert-5 do and sundries L ~orle
3:: bbld molasses J I Adams &co-36 do R Hare-
30 do Ar Miltenberger-20 do Lafitte & Daflho-
:;3 do H F Given-20 do L Grevenber--8 do E J
Hart &co-5 Price, Hine & Topper-7 W Bogart TE
I Scott & Cage-31 do 2 hf bbls molasses Dymond I
& Lally--I bhhde sugar McFarland, Straight Aco LI
8 do Von Phul Broe-6 do P Harlan-- bdl skins o
14 hides P ('Cae-32 hides and sundries F Dutour
15 bf bales moss J M Walsh-199 head stock Pas
cal X, Servat-160 do McQunod & Mehle-79 do
J D Bell &co-asundries to order--Total 21 bales I
c. tton 25 hhds sugar 230 bbls molasses 2 hf bbls
DItEASL-iL-D Dn BAUSSET will take charge of and
oarantee tocu the following obroni diseases, via : Secret
or-auee (Whiten, Bleonorrhee, Ulcer,) Ranematemn, 'Oost,
Dlpepepla, Chloren. Liver Complsint, Disass of the Urin w.
) 'UrT.ns and Deafnew. Consltation svery day from II
o ' orb r. till P. . a s htsoffice. eorne of Orleanfsad Boar
tI., atreet. Iidence No. NO44 Danpboe strneL
J R . WILBUPT'. a s
Ofe asad eBasdnos No.519 Barons, Beweem GLrod ed
Julia Strlos.
mse Houre-lrom 1 m. to e'clock P. s Specta:ty
.-.ua D R -eas and (tncetrica
in. WW 00 hy he will psi 1sa to anmy pean u
s.., prarin rmedy that r l :1in antly removs, and
e. nd'y end persanmrtly cre any paiInIs the ed, Tel.t
Trmp!e, fleck, knolders. Bret, Back, teert, Lungsl
BSide. Hips, Abdomen = AI nls. Feet, Toes, tuarnal or
xeDralD, Dcu or cho T Old Ulcn0, Fresh Wounds
Pritthl Ceeer-hIs tac. all patls, from any ca tee, It" -
tc, Neurlgc, from a mosquito Mbite to too most intene -
L r Pains- quick Pa Paint, or reduce l ntisumroatsa
rapidly, heal permanently as Soon, gir no pain Is lep
plJ ..ti,. whether applied to tlo weet Infant or the mna -
'eek or ged prod P I ds harmlee as PaLa Paint.
pllod Teat. 44 Cerndelet street.
ole Agent for iew Orleans d 81.. of 4 iaiane
Sountry Dehless and Drgists suppled
AOTin I- OIstmS. . f9 tor Hom. tasn ....s
1 Paydra estreet, nanufactirsnn or the Melako! lrinse.:
toeetm.me-l hpve examined the paLent that wea gled
b.ere, and found In th ge ete employed a oompound
w.ll calcelatd to exite and ke In sood order the dtlatt.
org ns. I have precribed said BiLttero Nveral Imen, and
sr "r77 nrtaoo had occeelon as their benehelel
.+c4 I rmout, arser w pv ooL . yor mop
o8o-l erva.MMT. MECO !. DH., ISTB aIMSL
I bare examined the patent you hold for the mnufoCturse
PnIskoh BdiUseand and noth ing I the ingredient theceof
calculated to act hnjrsely pon the bh em, ule
ke tu inord qatnesL Indeed, it S nothing b a 0M
Your aikr e it of Pill whch or hay are.Sio .ll, d anz
atr,t.in asny tloretie !n.un mus to health, and may eoereoos
m-daed toibnee W bo les tow f w o d tonioa
Vyr  . ROH UPPE? r k . 0.
pAlES, Impotency, ee o Power, Neorves De·iloty wth
I1 N.eon Impoimons to Mrrina, should be boer" y t c
sCoroiasla rriGr Scen by mail on receipt of e ospat b
Inew Orleans Medleal Ishllale.
- - datn. LU eFne etroee
W..enall toravte isuer. ate baeeiiefell treoern'. -e
5 -ss riebd an
Astthma, Oppsoee eea Di apae1a.
D apot IG v OsalLa a CO(., CO eosl, Paets,
1 areet exerimet In rnc, L.ngln4 and iimrny have
5 yroed ihat the.- Cit rettle nr a sorerer remedy for the
-above dietreinag affcTonte o nedally wiso Belladoensa
Soramotolum uad Opium here iLe to gire re
ldeetlwe El~lrw f Pepe1ti
7 Y PINR thel atest sleoutlt diecorry of Dr. Crisolart,
bwlicln tohls mnJoty the Emperor of the Freneh, is the
1 nitrtC Juice itll, or, Iraher, the nigatire prn ciple purited
' ,hdgestofeohtostoimachsh Wio bu some citose o.
o ,t.rr, the supply of digrestre fluid Is too emall, the Inenltoble
r, curquencs ro had digsionl gatritn, grar.ga, nflam
n I tlo, of the mouos coate of toe stomac and bowoels hteuts
0 br. pitoil. aSa. I of strength ad (in fmael
clioreel. Tile Emirir of Poeplon. which Is sasottonad ly the
k nr,,~bniDn of the PnrAeademyofuedltol ieeeiillco I
,. such dieases and prevotoe romlting during pregeaocy.
I. luI1e de lnem's lSdide f SIm md Bia
i) tretatment of chlorotce or ucrlh I o afectloa I. alway
- ,. ond tedious with the .erual prepiraions of It0., lhicb
ne r uLretuOntly fol oalno th l omeob 0o0 bhileg ohi to
0- ,.l.pott them Therearohe 01 Prolo Hanson, of
Iboruri eli;CGoul and Petoeoin of Lyons; teleee and
rry nuaeou. of YPerl, hare damouetrstae that lls lomrttelel
fal:ore Is owing to thO aheouce of U angaueU wblh , il we
Io inororoiane,ienlu elemet of tl blod Thne Pilln
r Lterefore., spply a Importont deilcenoy n therspeutlis. atd
Sbhre, cunecqnuetly, received te approbutiru of the Arcademy
of Bodil w o the prioripal ilanttde bodicd. They ae
en ,lyM ewttl~ a Ortalnty ofeueore eg Calasoos, ilirrea
0, Sokee,) bitomach Cumplalnte. Porwer of the StouoI and Ir
4 rnmrMenetrnntton ad are preCae lathte. pills of Iodid
- N'o More V[pslha sad Ombers.
? Where h1. f~ne medicnes tve faiLed, tlee preopeIatloI
ad e, ewaya effn1 a cure Thbeael med rad afld.t,.ar
5 r- ,, severe recent and chrosic me of prvatt d.oeeer
i. err nuee In the boel!tielsf Paris, by the ro',f rortrl rn.
O P rrd. ad arend greitly enpse to sUlitiore kot.n5
si n rec ol so.. capDslee Is more chronIC case
I Cycup Fonrwlaa Dark sad lres,
Olmlte to H.I. H. Pricm Napoloon. Pta.r
o Yinl medielee praweoat in a ag reIeo form. teo ,o-'r
17 pnolplreof Polevil Bark, the be oa toni, com,,ibed
wztu Irm, oneof the pr nclpoaa lhu of the b:,.,d lIt is pre
-sie by the moo, eminent phy.icirut of PIrls to cure
So ChloroseL. (Ore bloknisl to factlitate the dereoopmnet of
Sgrot famaie, arld n,, rrrrt,re heraltod r ytgr to the .ystem
Inc garecl. It rapidly renvaee the dletrelgl loarh eo
04 plains caused by anemia and leucorrhila to whi, h Iswle ae
-1 so otlen eubj-ci, riculariaz ad rIcdlitoatM ae dw o thoe
I ratamenia, d ·Lealso eureloant for pae Lyrepratlc and
t'r't loIts chldren. Lentl. S exuIt th sPLetie, pro-mel,4
Kr dc.rtiou, end al extremely hnellrla to all prt-ine wr,,e
er b.trl'edvEst Thoeaeto o Ih ayr a(re ai D r once erse le
l Depot Gelneal is Ne Orleans at
r. DU(w fIr
I FoX [email protected] AIl BIINH
Fhlp legn, a as, ays amsr. s now pro
B ad on r eaL or praPt gPulr to
W jeLl. SHa PSR3,UA
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IOS a- T1 U X11
T T 6 Ias emsei etw the &Ibsam
sa -- ew V ea Wa e J-- on
N.-ipn , bd.6 SA.. res
!fa @tow.Omsa. weg Ia
Wovember 2d, d S A. a -e
II fafgt 2 ag aggl Me
&&Wm Oua···· · (I
41 Omneedes so -n
MEOEWANIW [email protected] Lm I
hames ea. Towk WVT S T SATIIDAT.
Tium srmmlb.
HL. . QUUlII, Oemmssao.
Wil leave wharf appeate Tge.tble Hirkok Sheom Disale,
SATURDAT, Nov. I1, .t b.m.
tews Stamere Imae espete amememmedalem is par
CABIN PASAGE ....................................... l
a. *.,,** .M *,* amasemp to
To IS Oeee eved
OUBA. F..rA.......11 ....UOI LI E OPb Oemmmdi.
OO. . S.umA. A AAN
U.S. REIDe semm,10.
Wil lers. wharf await Tw...ati el Eat, Seed Di·n(sit
eo.& 1 oRAT UNRDAY. N oewm. P .......... « .
Ike. beeme a -. bea ct meea dle -
Bis fLAWIMOta uT a Id thro-h e IAAlAl. 10
A.1 TIe lrnb N h Ta M l se e
WEDN ES DAY,.Nov.2 t, t7 ., at I r yn IeUN.
WaI ap.pyt I. e es..... . hIe.A.  0... CAmde
TrltVllwI KA I WE·t-,t. eimme.
N. 111-No Mrs of St og but tha n WEDo Eimy wIl
C. C. IED. Commander,
hleave br wrha. app 41 J ckem sqss, b
WEDNESDAY, Nov. 2o o e, at l . 5., 'earylng the .S.
math. . al
Seas. epply tFoWITrHBFOOR. o ALT CGO.. Agmts,
b IlAed Permdits a nr Right a be paener aser thi.
Re.a No feight (I HeBavss teke er eets me
ay of eallt a ' dri
To i me SbAT-URDAY. November 21ste at'lowc ea
PO a F. AVA.A-U. i MAL. tls E
Th. A IraStea Uhlp iAf.
Laveem, el
L. H. LIVINGSTON. Commander,
Will lson o her wrbf foot of Calliope street. Fret DieSAT. ot
as ove o trh orh CO mt
MwOeia .I. U. I. MAl a TUAMIPS
W. S. Hw. I... Y. IT 0... A.n. -
sbt m.rCd am ore-hf the rs ded byIod1
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f UI . BOURNr, Om Iande,
Will rI fot o BL Jo eph streewl eml WED.Sd AYT
NEvTmbcr 18.Y ai A5d
sEA.. ,WHINY 0d0 AbU -
Prehlamwod at oms.half the raIe etI by the Boar
N. B.-Nto balls of ladingssed after ella of th stm r ettw
N. B. - The Steammblo CRESCENT will esuceed the d
FT MDARY. oar dal n tRItAYT. .Nooeber 2 .Oh. si
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AuU n rwrSts . SU 1lc Imit.L
BIMW E DAi. Te s
GA lV tOIN-Vh tram em I. lllm m
S. P. VAELL. Commarder.
TIed S·ap ehsipet
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to isrondla sad Letbarvlle cheapr thei tem anb
-itamow. . r Pr KER, Command**.
Memlvees. , L. II. IVINgSmTO. . C**mnaie
F ietid. O'LEASmY. Comrmande.
LVNeSTON.Co ad * Ce
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Titlelies willlove - Ad vertised toheeI a td or retet le.
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FLeaves o WEDRSDAY thv. Irsi as 6r. a.
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Leaves on W U ISDA 1Rth R st., .a 5. -
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JRO. A. AILIBl Meter; OB. L BOAn, Clerk;
Will leae u ahove For freight or pe ags e apply us bo ard
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A. 0 DOlON C * tO. frTi toune .treet.
Levesav reaWTED DAY. Ih 7 t tAas.. V.
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wll leave ustabivel as bor s ro the t or sea.a oers
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Leaves o A tIeDAY. . aNo .t, at r. oi
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