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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, November 21, 1868, Morning, Image 1

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'm es, owing to the perr'i.r and Important relations
which they asetalin their pya'i .r organiosioa., and t' au ue
the pe:or., are subject to any s.fferings. Freedolm from
the ttriht no in o mal degree to their hp deem and
welfare, tfor J m re c be hippy who are ill Not psly lm, but
no om if there vari onFemale ('mplaintscsn Io-gbesuffered I
tone on w thuu in, vi o.lg the general health of theindiid
ana r e lo.n Deru.:ie ng
inr tt It plerrnot to nr.it a p 'yerlca• for the relief qf
theL varial.,.. (,; ~.'e aff.,tons. anl only upon the most
orrent Errc.'l ty : a toe woman so far srrcre her greet
estrllhov, as tIo e, this. The sor will then thank as for
placing In thel,ir londl ample specllct, witch will be ounod
secacnt in re'levicc nad curing almost every te one tLoso
troble*mn,e complainti pecultar to the sex.
--- tl
Bndvrer e·ff r on la lo ore, nnd bnadreds of othei apply b
watlly to dnlrlEi' etd doctors, who either merely tantali e
thenl with l 1e .te of a ere' or apply e' e'lei which make
them worne w ,.:d not wish to assert anshing that wot'd
do tanuetlce to the afflited, but I am obliged to say that
Iathoauh it may be produeed frt. exceestve ex anatine ofthe
powers of ti e, by labortono employment, wholeome air sand
P.od, I roefue meotrsa&lon, the use of tea and coffee, sad
freqnet tl 'dLirtb, it is far oftener caned by direct Irritation,
applied to the mocouo membrane of the vagina iteltlL
When reviewing the eaume, the eedltreaong eemplaints,
Jlas most painful to contemplate the attendant evils cmae
eaent upon them. It Is but simple jteice o the subject to r
elaberalo a few of the many addtioal causes whtch so
al l) affect the e
In ail claselm of eaclety, sad whlo, eouseqenltly, affect more
srles. directly th.e elfare of the entire horan family. The
as-les that exists fIr preeclou edacatlon and marriage,
eae the years that nature designed for corporeal derlop
meot to e wasted and perverted In the reetranlte of dresa.
tbe early ...F.I ern.ent of echool, and iepecallly la the no
bhealthy excitemet of the ball room. Thun, with the body' 1
half clothed sod the mind andu.y excited by plasuare, pe-r
verting in wn'ht revel the honurs designed by nature for
leep and reoe, tie wovk of detruetlon is hall accomplished.
In corsequence of this early strain upon her systemn. an
aesuary effort Is requlred by the delcate votary to retain
her siealtos In erhool at a later day, thus aggravating the
eil. When one excitement is over, another in prospectlve
eep the in min morbidly sensitive to impresoton, while the
now constent rstreaint of fashionable dres,. abholutely for.
lbddleg the exerci.e indlspenuable to tie attalnoment and re
Mation of organic health and strngth the expsanre to night d
a'r, the luddre c'lege of temperetare, the complete prosra C
tloo produced by excessive dancing, mart, of aecee Ity, pro
daes their legit.mte effect. At leat an early marriage clsps
the ellima of loisery, and the nafortunateoLe, hitherto so
utterly regetdlci of the plain dlctatos and remonstrances of
her dehliate ittlre, Lroomes an onwl lou so Ject ofl medical
treatm-et. Thel i ibut a truthful pictare of thO eperienoe of
bheeaande of our young women
Long Lefore the ability to exercise the fhncttons of the ge- t
erative organs they require an ducati ns of their pecullar
earvous, cstrm, composed of what Is called the tisse, which
e, i cnmmon with the female breast and lilps, evd;etly t
auder the control of mental emtlons and associations at an 1I
early po,ind of Le; and, as we shall suba~eluently see, thee
emotions when ezxcesrve, lead, long before puberty, to habits
which eas tu. very life of their victims ore altuce has self
eempleted tLer de'el eiment I
eImbold's Compound ixtract of Buchu.
t Dtrectloue for Use, Diet and Advee aecorapaly.
From nfhacnc teextreme li age. will lad its remedy to aid
astera is the dascharge of its fastlea.
Infinitely lriafer and Mloret I'l5tr tlit. ri
Hertalg ereeed the Lndolemtnet of the meet premlrmt ph,
siLcaO lu tIn t'n Ied btets. ,s now oftsid to ailIetsdi he.
mitnr, nsE(' RTAIN CIKE fre'r I, wr llg ..,..euo Ir
syaptyo., from, whatever cause ouillou.ig
Seeertt Dei .1'v,
M*tal ed a '.y. 'i: I p .r-. .:.
Detol u., iloii i' hot I. the Bsed,
Illar.n! se1· ' I
e seri I ;llbill I
wII w liupte,
Oleorlnitosatlo or .rlldysuls the olgano of Ollerarto,
Fall.lntton of the Hert, and, to facl., ia the cromeonlni. if
Serroes sad DeLlblitalted tiale o1 the sL '.
olid by Drussists and Deaers **-*!wer. Prike $1
ar lhead or ass btlle for $6 J0. Do' werd to any aIdres
ecrlibe sympt-la ll eemmanacattee Adi
Se ieadway,. Wew oerk.
loot see geonine ealse die up to tre-eegcaued wrp
,with fe-samile of my Chemical Wrelenee Sad eeiged
r Osmt's Majority ale Uase mad Indtan--C'l
fx- repe.vislre Ape u.eld-('atutens Re
reespal-Geaeral . amea eerd Messae--aow
° storm-Gem. hhen ae mand the I lriae
At was for he ('mban IneaI.geati.
t 1 itsa .TNii, Nov. 211 -(irant't 1, i- i ma; a ri*'
Ia n (hblu ue l 41,1:t.: in lidiana 10,10..
( oinax aLd his brice are he-re.
~.l,ite Pan toSlirated .~IJtnes Heiger of Mary
hInd It venue sups rvlO.ur lr IPex-I.
licteupts of ceslutiu. roum te t.h to thl 14th
lhc l-it e, $2 2;0 0011.
Itand.ll was absent from the cabinet meeting
coen. Meade's report was received to--diy.
t Gle. Grant is in PIl:ladelphsa.
A lavy rcrthweat: en.* storm is prevailing.
(;en. bbernian retomerinds sColutliz'iun of th'
r Iiiains with governruuntte aited to their ceon h
in n. lie esye it is idie I tiger for os to atrtemp'
Sto occupy tie plhihs in Cllltllui-tn with the Iilt nsi4
h e girernmnt lbInstd compensate them t ,r
the settlements are nectesa'ry aeatterea and Ihave
stock which tempt the Indians who will steal
rather than starve.
The Berald. in an editorial on the Cuban critic.
ays: ' We know that 15,I.I0I improved ritles ti iv,
r bern slipped from an E itern port of thn t inl
ti t tl, ire lueurgenta, and more are to follow."
The State Governmeat Imbrogli.
TatIl.l asIerl, Nov. 210.-Lieut. Gov. Gleason
called at the capitol to-day to procure a c py ,of
the msnnel of the last regular terms of the Leg +
Inatur. He was received by Capt. Curse, Gov.
leed'n adjutant pereral, in the secretary of
state's office. During the Interview Gleason ex
pressed the kindest feelings towards Peed, anIl in
regard to impeachment he tlated that the oation
h I ad token was forced upon him by the action
of the Legislature and the position he holds is
the government of the State. The contestanti
for tower seem patiently waitine for the a&:ll,
St the con,,rt. arid e Itbrel, as heret-furt, ex
hibit tut little interest as to the result of the mat
It r.
The Cubman Flithlter Mlvemeat--"i eaes
('oateetrated at Mephais.
NS Yo Y ., Nov. 20.-Leaders of Cuban fili.
e t.ering expedtion .reist. They habv mDn
lut nhl. and only wal;t transportation. The Hiii
r - xi pt ditol ti ultll at L~eadqtlarters-red antd
Sr e t )I rs, with a it su star on white groultl,. It
is rtAIw tiat a large fotrc is cI-oneitatrted at
Men I1: toady to sail at an hour's notice.
Rep*tled klim-MYl Outrages.
A itlra. Nov. 20 -Tne Republican of this
I .rl.l t'ltltls a Cio)nl:utica(tioo purporting t )
t detet Ku-Kiux outrages in Warren and adj ,;uing
ca unites. It says the negroes were iutimilated
Ifrou n oing the lIepublican t:cket, and inltan's I
the tilling and ill-treatment of negroes by Kai
M'arshal Sanford illed.
JIre1-ston , TUxAs, Nov. 20.-Daniel Sanford.
tIe niarehal of this ely. was killed here at 2 r. a.
r toiry fIy a desperado tamned Wm. E. It ie.
Great exoltmeesn is eeLseqseaoe. This is the
third timi,e lose has atterntte d murder in the Itst
three mouths. Its is now in the IhRide of the mitt
SbIp flelfespoat Wached. One unadred
PAN Fpa.-tlco, Nov. 20.-The ship Ielltepont,
from Austrslla, was wrecked thirty miles south of
here. Seven of the crew were saved. O-ie htlu
died are missing, including the captain and mate.
The vessel went to pieces Inimediately.
A tvere earthquake occurred at Melbourne on
Nov. 5.
thief Jaetice Chase saed the Ca.e of Jea.
TRtitonno. Nov. 20.--Chief Justice rhane wil
asrtis rext Mcr day to preside at the fall term of
the U t. (:C.r it Court. Jeff'. liavi, it is under
stood, will appear by counsel as at present ar
isaigred. unlers the govartimeut should make dif
ferent requirement.
The first snow of the season fell to-day. It
snowed for two hours.
MInister MeMab.m- alltbaldt---Arreat
Aiabaens.a lamte--leeala ia Mles t Ire.
laId. etc.
Losnos, Nov. 20.-At last accounts minister to
Paraguay McMahon, was at htio Janeiro await
llu ilatri nilOi coucerning the dispuie between
Waszhubrne d I.Lpez.
(;ail'ialdn publhhes a letter urgin Bpairn to
Scfoi se a diliator Ihr three yearn, as preliminary
to esuablihig a repubileo.
Two men have bten arreeted at Aehton, with
valuble papers relating to the Fenian or
gaIoW. Nov. 20-From what Johnson let fall
in a r.cnt speecih regardog thie Albania claiIns
Iegoigtii-n,. it appears that a majorlty of the c-,m
ntlnslcunerm are to decide the individual rlghts of
cillti C.
bheffield propoes a testimonial In honor of
Roebuck, who was defeated for Parliameut.
li ine.i,. Nov 20--V\ient electi n riuos are re
Ip<rte I I [houheaea. Tue trooups bred pou the
rlotee. klling one and weutlnuttun several.
I, L . N- r 2) -l ht Ilcl'e ted-ti-ro on favoring
eenle f redurnl of dbate has becn appruved by
Ie rtrowi.
Blann~i, Nov. 21--'I is rnmorep that Prim in in
triglu!lg to mnke Patutre Asturlas kiag an13d prlace
I re e t.
Imporalll rea ('uba.--i edltoeI of anr.
ea'.-Arrlvil of oT*pn--le lauraues
t1 tahe Atreadn-. ete.
Niw Youw. Nov. ? --The IIerald i ('hban al
S;lr Cay tIol ('.sueles. coung ua revulutonry
i riv-tibal pre.det oif ti a, in the atneUnce ti
AIl,!rsra. riders the enriltiuent o! a! rciiz-.,i.
I e plnertriiniiet tr t ,,,. w!h the gover tr of
l'urto ti rloct i .. hi- lt-ed II a convent. ar r -
I10, d to [ave t t [rn d r d. [ [he above is Iroui
Itiu i ot sourtCes. I
hat' t'. Ni e e - Viimn rs IS has arrive] at
l 'e.h til r t iI i with t',.,i. , atri I ni, ni-ln+-V
iie thLe tn ltni sague, tLe rebel fr :e f t,
utii. (ailp1iK ant Qtrei k-eve etoil.-," I
IU' c ion. Five hutril ed rettel who icurred, i,,,
, Vitlita do Le been prdonel.
ta'ii.ve fIunlhirdetl Midtluove for five h -urnt -
f-ut wian reput-l. larly ol his -lipkets a rna
dtrci dp the rebele
life tltrictis ift Itorgne ar!d t. Nicholas huve
gone oer to the re b IlihJn.
Fta!crve ha. ncitilel ftrcuig conrle of his
ltemntl.n to attack Jckmel, AUX CaIyes and nt.
The preseEce if an Ar*rican man of war in
It cked for a ith anxiety at Pri at -lrinte. U i e
tire-gn war shiis are there, but no Ameroeau
-itr ~< eptember.
I.'r!i,epa.--lbhe goernenot continues to m;
n 1 onre ile coelee and n ah ,any tiades.
htotirurwru Pane, New. 20--11 A. v.-Barome
ter 20 20 Wind northwe and fresh. Arrived:
'e ulrhilD Msryielad, 1d, froa liltim ,re, to
Witrrespton A Ullseay. Obslam h Yauon LtLe
bar. No deplarture.
lit Tunr.. Pa-a, Nov. 2t.-Barometer 30:20.
" ad northwest and light. Arrived: Stesam.rii
i;ea.. Meade, Lnmpltn from New York. wire
merohandie and npasengern, to Wood. Low &
Ludwiei en; Brig isquie rirelle, Inqusrillo mu.
tar, filty-aix days from Marseilier, with leneral
cargo. to G. (;rande. No departor a. ut the
bar, steamship Yazoo.
LeC-tAtVl.LL. Nov. 20.-K-iver falling with 6I feet
6 oinchs in the canal by the mark. WeUater
po. Inyv with orcasional flurries or snow.
IT Ior.U5, Nov. 20 -River 91 feet to I'airn.
- VICE-It Ro. Nov. 20.-Passed up: Lizzie Gill
and I.. ullllta at 8 las.t tight; Bismnack at (6 . v.
SMIown: ',.rmmonwellth at ' this m ,ruing, RIout.
E. Let at 7 P. i. l:inir riving rapid'y.
h - -
Ar, Ired Out- aclta. Vole (r Georgla.
I.,v n a. N v'. 20. -The seeli ship Benville,
from Ntw ) ork fur New Oricea., arriv-d t::i,
AI .Ti Nov. Nov. 20.- (' moiete ,,fl'al rato-',:
frolt, II.11.':-t t pi gv the oi v .e t r prea.der't
I 9.( ( ). .-yrr ' U ,' 1ij r ,t- ij I; ...1
I-A .ti lNa. Notv. 21, -Wea'hcr v ryoldt.
r ItAKgItla
l.o.i"i., NBiv. 21--Noon.--Cnraola 9J4,. Boudas
rt IVlI'OL,. Nov. 2nf--Non.--Cottno firmer: 1
t, o hol.e.It.;rate,. fr the we-k 420)I
I 4it i., I a ich i'-llS were for export a'.d o II) or
,J.'' : ~in; cck l t a'(e.,of w ;ch 4J'0i'
Lai e(- r A lit tlau. ibtl ,t i ij t.
1'*; :- 'ov 20 -li:o'in iu tLe Baubk of irance
t:.( Itd o . in ' n ,1 (11 rI s rat .i
aI i.i: ior. Nov. 211-At Ir ^oon. ot", a firm
ih i i' i i Lt.ied lllt.c !A . Iit .4i2 1).. ti '4 ln of
whiet ' 0 are Aimiornn. Lrd to6,i... Fine
..l.4 I; o. l art. stdJ Ia.' rlc atl Ma clLeatcr
n -tead'. ('d iL' i 'll . d, i u ,ll.
i, ,A e;.i N. v 21- (' ton ti ,t' 1.2
. I l rr.eer .t .e ',n1.
I i ii I 1A , ' 1, , N 7v. 20 It 1 o 7
I'A I-. M NIOV. .-L- it u t. rrented 7Ti 7,5.
Q I I -,s,.ol,., N tot. '2u. ]vena.ug.-- 'tt,', trnt
n Lut u t tt Ii .-r.
S Ha it.x, Nov. 20 - Evenrin. - Colttti cled
Lui-ly ,t:. t r- trdiu l .t oin the spot 1.,,.
A w iW O.. , N ,v. 21. 3 :U's of '1l, 1.0i: of
i,t '64 Ui; -;it 'I) . i ; new islsue l110 ; ol '(;7
" Ill' ; t 1  l111; tit 4i1t 3 . 1oi u ks clnael
qil t. but atrer i on gueral i;st. tub-treasury
LaiS. ce IC , 500,0(:0 o
NlEw olx, Nov. 2-t-Evenin'.-Cotton fi;ler
atid mn, e a( tie ; sates tIi-di 5')ui bales; IL ,
t.t.Cd'L.ua 2,lic.. u; lil.i 24l .i'4,2 c. Fl,,ur Leuvy
--au ertirie I.1 `" ,>.; Souttheru. a omlltonl to ailr
a ex is 7 4( ,6r 30:. heat 1i ~2,:. ;orler. Corti in
chantiged. I 'rk hli -avy. I. , or1 ie hc ke tie
i dtin er ., 17(a,;77 . t. 1 -ky .t. . ;y. ftup? inme F
n lih i , . I, (.. t.liUn 2t 4i 7 30. Freights droul
i h .
Nr' Y,:;, Nov. 2 II--G (ve-nmen's cl rd
It r11, 111 r(: n ,!b ( lit. :i' .(I,' . I i '. n-:
,tir ' liit '- ' a ty o fu, ., y o t'u ,,,Iy - to de*
it and : anli loans .c7: otrinle paper 7:. sterl- I
nu hlnlei t . G1,ld 1.14.
bl Ill.v,. Nov. 20.- C, ton m  ,' f Crr!ln: ales
tI. a, 1' 0 blab : ndi. iluv. 11; 11."", ' ts a
:1.'1 bIa rr : no tex or,! . ,' lle- ! o! l,. w,. "i *; I I,
latie; r'. ip a -7.1 ,lala . i.x,- r t.) ;.ei t
is tita.iii 1117 bales; coa'wise l Llake. S'l, on i
Sat o 27.Iit bhits
Li t i'! it.i.s. Nov. 2(i.--i le 3 hhds sh e . ;
d I :Fa to cutil g leaf t . 0 -c 2. Soaprli:ie dillr
4 ,25j(C. %1iet $I 5$ u1 ). Corn Nec 50
1 Oc., Lr '. (ult 5 7 ., lit In olk. Co tnr 21 c.
t1IIP t1( pai,8 errl 7;,r 7 ".. gr,.r . 1',,rk- l ,ss
'24t,'24 :0. L,..rd I. ,. ;,. ie'on-- 'L ,utter,
1.,Q 41. .: o'!ear ri n slief 1; . Iu k mt at --'i uu!
dtis. 0541cC.; clear lib Hlea Ili14li4.-: clear
siCta iJ4fl140i. bugar- New L,)u liar 141 :413c.
r lairt to p iin0,. Ma-.LaSeS , ..c. o'Wl-ky
r, w 1 '; : ,7 ,7 .
S ( c- An, N-v. 2. FPartnd'y floir urf7 0~e.
l\ Fepat t$1 tll. Cort' 57. ' its 57c. (''ton in
go, d eoi.aed at 2 '. Wi'-ky 91:u7c. Bulk
SIreats--shei older, s^ ides I' 1.l Ic. L3W ,r I it t
:13 . 1,- $2 . 1, 1 ter 2 ,'- . 1  i ..
I'P t , -i 7, . , 1.-her . A; p.Ite $2'. Faxz
Nr. IL-,(t Nov. n.-Ft .ily fl ur 34 7 2175.
ile 1.t, t.1, $1 4",'2 o7. ('itin- reov 7 ,.,'..
t Id M c. I'ais r.7 13 .. P[ rk i24l' 1 2 ,. t" ilk
n at,, t. d ide .11 R. cn -h n'i,"st 12 ~2 1 : ,
clear udes l 1c. Wiisky 'ia (on.
l1AL.TnIr i't.. Nov. 2'-- ('uttoi, steady at 21c.
t. F! ur- FIbn.'ly Risite, Iit ,'i llri:n).1r.e . Wihia
i tirit. not quotably t.l'li'r. C-rn lire -::,w wh:ri
- '(,;',;c., yellow $l' i-. i 1S dull. o.irk 0f '. a
at 1 ' i - stiLlte aLd .i.:c --- houc,'t t !L '4li.:. t
Lard 17;,4t.1 '.
Q rAaAANNAtI. Nv. . )V. ;i '-,!) n:-ket ")onnctd
wit j a tau hl |rv. at I ch e.td t,'live f 2 ; for
n.5d ingr . balens 13;24. ltcerp's I-; . I) :eeis
of the week--Me Island .,,,. up And. 1l(!.'i~i IE
portas- e. setwise. 4 1:4 a4les t pof i nfds awl 212
roa l0ild; to Liverpool. :;i)p uplinds. hooli-
r. bSe r!'rd 2063, ollard 27,.4 .0.
GAi.vIAsTON Nov. 2u - (' ,ton firrr. S 'q
I 4C0 bales. Midd!'nge 221'C22 jc. lbei cit, 1',.
focal 3nteUigente.
t Ho, t. A nitIAIs.s.-.it. ('. I IIf, --ltle
Harrie, Ark; C I Greenite. Ci. ; i' I; i, 1 s. kv:
Atdrew BU'laed, Ark: W Ct.oner. I..; ('bit l' ,ian
hits, l.a; Jndge Maths; S G Ci-rad n '; J -inith. I
rily: A l Juhueon, ciN,: P ' J. Hill, U A; H R
Ml t',luNr, city; F J Stevens, a ty; B I" Williq,
-i ; .l0 G(;rant, Mobile; Juo il Ron-tv. N YI; Jai t
utbut rwcrth, N Y: All )fluterwortii. Great bri,",: :
Joseplh 1,ee,. Great Hrlnaiii: W Stern. N Y: W' M 1
J. l,,. Co('i.: J !.nngfatrr.t, N J; C H ;H'nlo. N J:
Iokbt temple and wife, Moi-; CO Whe-at, city: A b
Ihlake. Conn: A H 8evie. Ark; W I) Bang. Ohi:
Henry C Jewett Miss: J Hiffer, N Y: Jhn Wilt.
Slannon N Y; A Arusan. N Y; (I" 1 a t: And- ls
SIlarveiott. Hni : . W IVlltlr,)ot Cubi. G-EO E
Iitlonl, I 8 A: I" 1' Cr!cnea., Hsavanyi; 1 IIt-ed.
(,t/  - It Kirkprarlick. Trx' : M: I .Itn. ,
(itr : Mha 11 .t1 - Ml AlteI; D) H 1 lilit|, *iry" [L
I'niit i, Ala; H I). Bretrait; Wmi it ,u on. Lt\ay
'I. t (; V" 'A ixanider N .I; E ihltterford.,C'ic-u o: i
I FUtdford. La; T J Fall, PA; A Amron. Shtreve
pIorI; CI S urden Sbermani; A J larmilton and I
Idy, lMoihle; A Frake, Coull; I. 8 Wutkilia. Mo..
den; J Il HLi..d. I renhan, Texas; JP ';Lie3; i D
alaihlii iand atile, Aloyelles; A A Wisatou. wie. a
ch id Ar d aervant, Ale: J 1 bluorp:lla. Ilaylou : J B *t
illthell, lady and chil. Mius M.tcherl. feXa-: A :t
G. J..i ksali. Jr. l;. ..1 E.l acisn. . renn. J B P"tlh
ltla A Gre bitc'k. :exla: EE I,,ugius. ( !t
i'oi"- I -'; : -Ft .i!t).,o kt: 0 - e rinlik. a
iH. I,·i rnS 1J,'( -I. T Murdoc k, city: W C ine ,r, I
i" Itt--.lt. J',k-",iiM --; li I1 -i, arlt .'.r-, .
tiit 1 8 A; ti M Jord ,.n, Prtl*tlt. Mi : A l iner,
i;al;r -',,: t.. tis li iE-, 'e-to:u 12 , : t truin- a
Alit V: kl t lire: ,. I\ In l rtiin. i, -,.-;: I 'ird, Alex
,h ,: l F HI . ,'e. FIt M ,su-r. "iV l1filivby, I,;
T" I V b. hi ,.; (; .,, 11 i ,,i ,p. N i. .. ,
lil b. St* -; ,Isl o' . l l,,. n Ky, A I
111 .h2J [:ee. hl .,. i . L" i.NJa,, litata
VlI t.
Tnr Wa'r-na atall oontiuuea delightfnil, thvrtswh
anr r nha tlrer. bil's t)an [email protected] )li. Th1 a'I c
itIni it hi tritli, e ' i'' O - er' Is , d'y and
i-ti. ni k tatotrcl as d lwhli an) thluig ba;: t
'l'a. i- in1 .TA fuar of tt,> il il thA " Irt4 if C
la 'I-, Ihthe ; - st i v-- .' i t, i, k s, ,ed
'Li tLk. iatiio i Io-wre th'IIA'.-Iw l't
ttkibi a hn<, bCka. ,.0 w
('tnr Btin. cis a ,D Ciry, Norm' aTr risine ri ,i-.
I'. IieICe Is nl-r(eanatie2 r strsnLt-r art 1 ci ri,' wl
I Ce ~ ', i t heb r I:,c d ;,t "-w ei I r . -,sh h t l - i
I .tihyt, i'.tr., etC'.. id t'herltt. about tt- r,,'.o be I
tit s ioI as . n blaOIt i01he r. 01 a
ay winter and a plutitab;e bi.inei s ' ,n.
1 i";W- WA< TO Ell SrF1 YE.TERDAT, i tbhe vici.
1l .f thIat piut wLhre La p a d, Jo ia str-,t~
dil Itterat-t atr riiti ateleC,. a ittie ' i" e IV, Irief H
blt pacy. It apipeari that terrhabiiu, d'C ia a 1
i-lltored by. ahbout ten vearse of a.ge. whliili we
.1ll ciall bcin I. Saim i a juveniue pu11. it, &ail
qillrirrelcae at that; in fact, be seoels to hive to  l
a LIUtid a rit of( a rerqn ot terroir mongol the b,.,,
- t ie and bliLk. In ,it orlntgtihrbo.od, that is. l
an.oig tholse o! tim saller than bhiaelf. Up to
Sor e cay liat ceek. an was uitvincalle--had never V
I a el l uLilatci: but by a--cadent in his rmible Il
that ny) be picked up ar -reua boy who, tralsolI t
to fer t ot strength and etdirance. admlnintelred a
t o the ihlle bnlil a arenbsil whlob male all ie
4e mlall boys clap their bhad. wnb delibht.
Yerterday, however, Sam brLoke loose agais, a
c sod became involved io a conS t witlh a white
, bq, who tood up and gave heI M good l ehe
e got. The tattle waxed warm, the comtaait.*ts 1
mritatirg the profess onals in their aiti,tic blows
npon each other's odales. Rot of a sandd:n a
chaobge came over the scene. Two elderly gentle
men passing up Camp street In a buggy. saw ':so e
tra--saw the black boy striking the whi:e. Oat 1
t jumpee one of them his whip in his hand, "which. I
r hbish" went the lash about the boy's legs. Then
wea Sfenas valor changed to bellowing grief -thn I
did the elderly gentleman return to his seat in the :
vehicle which he had left ; then did the belligerent (
. nrchins derist from their strife, and then did the
Impromptu ancience disperse.
FIpIIIaa TO CO.. C. T. Avaa.-During his
tour through the N,'rth last summer, Col. C. T.
Ames, the 1Iroprietor of the big show which some
week saltce was delighting our people, employed i
a la ge hard : on his return to the city the coirn.
pany las been reorganized, and many of the a
nand have made engagements e'sewhere. But on
ThurseCy night they all assembled and proceeded t
to Amws'a Museum, on St. Charles street, near t
a Gratlir. ahbre they serectded the proprietor, as i
a last ta hi-n ,f the rtauu Jt es:eem and good will I
whiclh ,xist between titemselves and their former I
etl plo)tar. 'he serenade over, Col. Ames in
viea i~, La:nde up stairs, where, asid the poppinr 1
,of chat.l uil e rirks and the aw of
ms'r 9 V m ay V 5
atuickly. While In the msecum our reporter went
ti e ru-it ds of the establishment, under the care of
i'lie Ella Eugenie, the lady who is emphatically a
the lion qutu. Hle saw the big looness and hr r
twortlts 'Happy I.-ge" and 'Col. Ames," w' c
r were b rn on the Ohio river, whble in trairislu t
,i rom Clac lnuati to C,,vineton. They look llke
Itlo great big cats and are the cunnintrest and
e setetr lIttle things imagirable. One of them, a
" ihappy Lige," was so unfort nate the other dty
as Tr, approach too near an adjoining cage, i
which was a tiger, and in couseq:ience of his inm
prudtece, bao a large poruon of his tail bitten
Fll. H is Lr.iw bobtailed, but fromn his expres'ion
i, t,;1tzuatace, we sho':d say that he was -e
cyts, d to h:a sad fate. We were also introdat-ed
Io, a ioutils, which is now at the Museum, an:d to
u.. ilt)i- in any qarltitiea. Another thing which
a tirittd our atten ion was a gold medal warn by
M i1 e F.'s, which, upon examination of its inscrip- t
u,"r. w e discovered had been presented to her last
'-atiLday by Ler iienda and admirers in New O)r
lcatm. aho deemed her justly worthy of the tIle
of " L.;.a, tyeen." The medal is itself a curiosity,
t eir g a gold Mexican coin of the size of an eaglir
Sf the reign of Maximilian. These coins are very
S-t arce, a d therefore very valuable. After a look
at the at. inals came a short talk with Col. Ames
abLut eh-wes in general, and his show in particu
r I" r. m; i ih we learned of his great success dur
r g the p st suonmer wherever he his gone, a-.d
to ish gitd prospects for the futare, when the
Slatenes of the hout compelled our departure. It
was an :tttr~sting visit.
A; a lL Pa)RTzKOF TUe (C'KE6acNr was strolling
a!,Lg one ,it the principal streets of t:,e Fluurth
I- Itrict 3esterday forenoon, he saw a so c tled '
i,Inal -I.on, a 1p rsenage of dtik comiilexi,n, t
, iniba. ., n mulatto ) with ii Itwing black hair an, (
Seard. and wilh a tun t lacerd on his breast, and a
l.arge basket of idlwere nrung fromi his sho;llere.
I he piard sri tated, in red letters, that the bearer
wa s a hlind tren : but he walked down the street
t rh a certainty antl a facility which showed very
s I .ail) tlat he could see as well as anybody. We
a aav re our readers to bestow no charity on auy f
" Liit d " hergar, niless he can produce a pthvi
r cias cer IScf,;e. T;tese sturdy ras-mala that have
, b n " isti upon a steamb.ait." or " struck by
tl.tri trT " ali' generallt better-alghted tian
:Le~e who tLdiw them with alms.
W'E anE ALWAYS G;LAD to record the stccFss of f
an) Southern enrerpr-se. The Louisiana I 'e C am
p·tn) began under great diffiiulies, and was ob
liked ti, truggle for sevtrit years against a
ourtemrn n.o i, o!y. The company is now on
r the h-gh! re ad to prosperity and tortune. It man- a
uls ,~ ,s a large quantity of ice d:i y. asd its I
prcsret (apecity is, if we remember right, seven- r
IV-two t ns a d+y. This ice is sold at wholesale
'" reven-tenths of a cent per pouond. The com
t .t)y futi.ihes a good many s'esmhoats, hotels.
ta roor.ms. acd other large estibl,shments, and
hs Itibaneds felt of bIusues. When mitred with
s ,: it epjs muctlh li ger, so we learn, than
, r'!t ',a, c for belt g more porous it saturba
iLIt iei,t p.'L tices wiitr e fee!y.
1:AnC i K CIi Rt.-There was a social gathsring
a' : ;. tit b last evsning. Mr. J. Ptnokney Smith
t pr, si!er.t. The calling of the roll and the readirg t
, t "he i. ' n-oe wvts n mo i-n dispensed with 3
Mr.. Iot I berts, from the committee anrpointed
to prepare rules and regulations for the future
govrs r nenat f the cbuh, submitred a report wach
wa- rsec, i d asd adopted. Tae chairman th-n
appoint, d certain caumittets contemplated by
te rel ort, alter which, on mution the ciut ad
jt urlt d.
A ralt ,t' ntitw i Rr'yity was perpetrated
I , 7 i t !, t k oni I hlreday evening upon Mr. I
liteL) i-ts;eader, reeidir;g at No. 21.5 Constance
trl et, wt o, while proceedivg homeward, was
kanot,- i ddn atid robbed cf a gold watch, beside
,ustiicltr g eerious personal itjuries at the hands
of i - itoailtsnt. The fact having been duly re
pir',t, d t te police at.thorities, ac'ive steps were
at i rce ~skn for the arrest of the perpetrator.,
ri ault.r in the ap; rehenvion of one James, tlias
" lug' Donovan. upon whose person was round
the veri able watch stolen the night be'ore from
Mr. bcl.nt.ld-r. Donovan: was brought d ,wo in
irons aet nigit to the Central Station, and will be
a'raigt.ed th.s mercing.
Ti:x eFACrTIF'ULt Miss FANNtS Paces, a Cece of
the p:orinus old Mispanrian, terling Price, had a
grand bentfit last night at the St. Charles theater.
Miss Price is hardly arrived midway between her
teens, but her b 'autifnl and expressive face, ever
vsryit.g with emotion, her slender, sylph like
tfom, her ability and earnestness, make her one
of the rr'iot delightful vertormers we have had
since Ellen iree in her prime.
Tus TFYPERATrUIl yesteraay, as shown by the
thermon.eter at C. DTlhamel's, Ill Canal street,
late 'y cillatr Bienville and Chartrts streets. wae
as follows: At I a. N. 4i degrees; 12 a. 5,; 3
r. m. (0; 6r.x. . S.
Co,.. I It. K..inLt. of the United States army,
Ilft last evening for Wauhtigton. with important 1
isipatcbes. ie will be absent until alter the .I
oeettne of Congress. His mission tis front Gen.
It:ousean, and Is connected with the aftairs of e
i.,tas.nra. Cil. Keeler is an excellent officer. a j
nan of intelligence and education, and a genial j
and well it-formed associate. During his stay of a
seversl years In New Orleans, he has made Iriends 1
:n i v r) Irtstnce where he has had otliainl and I
r. al ai eic ur-e with our population. Our hest
w llS sar- atn him. and we hipe foir his epeedy
,e i.-n. I'uring (it. Keeler' alh-.n--e, h-s post a
Pv. I i ..: d tby .I',. t . ,E. Ila ,k-r, w ,), we i
ira t,,. ma w, rtley iu every way of su.ceedilug a
our i Xce i act friend.
A ir - -roa wees agitated a good many years
sao, a I.tda t- Per,. Mgaanine with regalll to h
wil li i i tres of tie l't,", and needles. A siniitr t
irq,'lry n~rllgh' be n;r e with ei1'al cauie as t) I
a Y.Lt b, '~anoa 1i all the wai-lrinapn al'nr n:ii- l I
n;gt . I ley srii no Irnlinger to he loiIid l tny whI-ra I
na, 'ian except cn St. Charles street. in thle
neiabti thoid of the saloons sand otcer plc -Cs of -
i.n -l* r-ert : they are not even en.ic-ued In the - c
cst (liana da-orways co Can-p, Magamine, It-r
*u*Res ghd eln.joa st s.4 sikas-ai M s a In -
the esrnnlmer time. Where do they hire them-.
Ti ar tc rayN PEn.--A laly fr'enl ,f t.e ( r L
C 'il Iai lu-hti-s ti 'h b the folil-wintg aveis-a ei g
-.* *d 1i- s cirtens. la tl ia( tile Ifl't Uli ' v ,i-
. e si; : ---ste leasl S ndJlay's C.-I- iCt '
hi ren lIvely wmsan si-ops to t "alae
Andl rues ber ruse, alas, Lo late.
i 1 at bulrl si eoa,tb her til-lon -o.ia. S
H Lat ai t shall set her bac(:k up s:ret:l:. a
The c-oly cnre for her disaster,
-h*- at-l tbhi' icer wOaes to end, s
astoa -a y asa,.tard ulatete.
II she won't do it, "let her bend.
'o .·s Wiv-l , chief of rretropo'itn ,li,- , t'
tiv( ) A. heec scriveiy enrpred of late ln t ac Ug Ir
up ta Is ct -cPa-ed with the rubbery of tw, or e
three honured dollars in maney and a vcraery of c
art c es irt na asbrrel taontearrt's store anid -
citice bchu-e. c,rrer of I'alm)ra anal Claib roe , i
streets. on last sanday morning. As tia. been I _
irrlilPtly stated. Jules IDubhrts sad .lule BIol
lsr de t are bean arresed as prncipals, an- one
He ratue I'an brun. at whose bouse the other two
livd es ar-eseory. Cap'. White. in compuny
wa-, two I- licimen, risalttd Mrs Pambrun'stsose Ch
early rn Mrday. and eoddenly throwing open a
ti-e d,,ir, serpnrled the oceepsnta. sad appre- a
- rded bhtm at once. Duabom was parting on his N
shoes to go on', just as the ofhcer entered. They p
were brought ctore the recorder. and remansded
ouder beavy bonda for exmuniation. Sioe, that
tile a sew s vihe nce of guilt nas presates tself to f
tie I tain ' tqnhurtag eve. Rolaads has bee i. it
a sppears. a frequenter of Boone6-ar6's cofeehoo~e,
I so wls em the day. upeo the morsag of wriech
thersobbery hbad occased, he watered the bar reoom p
sad consmeaced to Imten to what was srid cn- ,
cei ntng the theft, no one though t st trange. Bit, a
when m payment for som drmnks, h tel4ere
St-e proprietor a two-dollar greeabarx. toru Aad gi
I psited across the m!ddle, thea the said proprietor, r.
a having looked closely at the oill for a mini e or hi
two, quietly kept his coinsel, but was wil.ing to
a ewear that he himself had mended that very aoil
Syeterday, and had prt it away in his safe thue sict e t
t fr to it was robbed. Here, however, was cl
Sloolauce an poli esarion of ii. A very buJi5iiio i
a tirconitaLeC, to say tbe least, nod one which hb o
Ssecuned will have to explain. for there are two
t o'her witnesses who saw Boni6carre mend the
Stora, bill, a',d are willing to asear t, rs idenrita.
This interesting case comes up for exanmia to- w,
next Weanesday. cl
Escoarzs B:ECIER, who had snnouced that he f,
would give. on yesterday at 10 A. M.. his deiunit
ii the care of Walianh Blevins. charged with the to
murder of policeman Gebhardt, yesterday detided ba
as fallolw: :
' ':rtale r.. )N-crins.-This is a charge aiar "'
the pti-, ii r of mnirnier, made by hie corner oft
this iark-h, al o together with the j ary of isenest. It
S eard the evidence for the prosecurion, and
Sa tlhough there is some conflict is tue testimony
proaucced aon the pre!mrnary examinatioo. I feel
ceartrsined, after a careful examination of the H
r law in re ttrence to the (daties of committing mug- ha
ttttratu toe i 4M be. ia
sremte, to cmmtt the defendant upon the ebsrlge iv
of mnuruel before the 'l ret District Court. I do I,
a I tr cor-idler it to he within the scope of my
au:Lrr:vy as c(.miittiang magistrate to diacrimi
nrae or undertake to decide what dgrsee of homlr
Scie- the defendant nasy be guilty of. i' gult/ at t
all. 'T lit roviLce or duty pr,.-,erly b aioa. to ta
S'Le( crrt .ald jury of Inst resort."
I Fi" t-t Ir-aon involves the impriuonmrent of the
cacct,ed a lthout bail Until brought to trial.
AI,.i alc!ATI.*r.-The Board of Public Works
yeaatruay made the followiLg aijuod:a:ious or i
repasnrlag and constructing levees along the Mis- in
i -s'pli wtlthiu the hm:ta of the Sta,e :
',al r.v. w and Red River Landing levees to P. J.
Ka-tiredy. at thirty-lour cents per rcbic yard. ht
ll.e two b:ds cuintairreu being lower than others it
wees aAatrt d to him, as Leing more ecs-ami.al a
for the S ate.
.:.ke lhavidence levee to J. W. Barke, at
twernt-nfie c oents-.
Atton levee to John McGmty, at twenty-nine i
A lagain levce to James Nolan, at twenty-seven
All tif contractors are experienced in such
i work. aid were prumpt-in presenting satisfactory a
'lie hr.ird adjourned until t.e 7thi December
rext, whren the bids for burding Grand levee will
1 opeL.ed. It
ine toard yesPerday appointed Col. A. F. It
Wroutuowik as draughtsman.
f)li Tcrc WraY, of tie Phreveport police, has P
arrived at d taken ianto custody, for their retern to b
bIhrevetort, two colored nymphs, who were ar. w
rested on the errival of the .Jud- FPletcher it
ti nm tl'a, , ity. uopn the etrencth of a telegram to a
( at. (sin. informing him that they bad m ide (off l
w Ia b $'i20 blnrigiyi g to tie faLabhr of one of tiihm.
V I en tI y got hetre only i0o was left. Kate r"
'.1c ( lt etl an d Lucy Tlihmlsoun are their names. ti
TuIkKE i , aaF rl at the corner of Gravier and T
(Galvez s-:t e-, about three o'clock A. x. yester.
day. retu t ir in tlhe complete destruction of a t
frame ibuiatg occ:upied by Daniel Moore asa gro- t
cery store, and owled by a Mlrs. Jennings. The
property i~ said to have been insured. ti
? unit I = tre rperating in the outskirts at nights tr
I' w. I vo were discovered on T:iar dayn ghtlu t
iriei to enter a hence on Bertrand sirr-t rear p
(ianvier: and two others a house at the corn:er of
Hartmony and 'olieieum streets. In both ciass if
the Inmtiatu! awoke and the iutraders ran. L
( or.. J B. JonIsiai. .ixth cavalry, and formerly s
as-is:uat ii-pecnar general, reached here from
I hiladelph:a on Thursday evening.en route for his e
regiment in Texas.
Thursday night disc.overed two burglars attempt el
it g to enter a house corner of Tontt and Palma)ra l
streets. occuaied by a r. Itorriaers. The otiers ts
lid several shots, but the thieves escaped. ti
Tio,ro-tos, ALIAS TotrE, ALIAS TeLRPIN. was re
quota Iy I, !d- - B-aker to give $2,00 bonds T
or go to " he atrith,' yesterday morning. e
Tiii wc as NoTUi'o, of any interest whatever I
to the I nh!!c, transacted in a:ny of the civil courn. w
rviei r cay. An Important suit was being argatd 11
In the Fi'th lDisteict Court. before Judge L.-an- o
mint, but tLe mttter has not yet been subiited. I
A sit NArIM PA tiGONii& was arrested on Tlurs- v
da.v elaiit. tharged with set:ting ire to, his ptremi- s
se-s ricrrtr if trnalies and Old L vee streets.
The demsge was small. deveral families lived in F
thie Louse. tI
DiRwascn - On Tlhnraiy morning the-. w .1 J
fLni.d float: g in the river, at the foot of W-h,.ug. di
to , strtet, the ba-dy of an unknown white mtsi. in
A jnry was at onee impnneledi by the c ,ror,..r, 1
at d alter exaaminati,'n, there being no marks of u'
vio ence t:rurd ulpn his person, re'urned a vrli- Oi
diet of death by drowning. The following is a hi
a ascs i:t, n , f the i, ,ly : black hair; height about at
Ere leet .ht incLe-: had c-u blue j-*.ins pants 1
at.I e iottn ildera .rt, black and white at'iped
wclen v r h ert, RtrorI Iro ed Choes ail whl:e ra
rit!,(d woolen speki. He had in his pant.ali,nas
pt i kets a ciay pipe and a blalk handled jtk F,
lrife. A Iack of the hair, one shoe and s-ck. fi
pile srd kni'e, ard stripe of the pants and ,rver
fs' rt. are ni w at Coroner Roche's omce for ideuti- .
icsaion. 1
Tts (CRITTCS who went to the opera are 1t
all exceercn ly itriadly tows, d Mdle Hucel- . t
man, thes Alt1/ da le in "~H lliam Tell," on Thursday y'
night. It is many years since a young prima Pi
donna has created so favorable an impression. V
Tua Coit ars.-la the United States Iaistrict of
Court t! ire was argued, yeserday, a case of en w
sihrable importaice. It ans an oppositIon filed (
by Mr. F. F. Edwerds to the granting of a dan- de
charger to (. A. Wead & Co., bankriipts, on the M
ground that in the scbhedue of creditors fied by at
the sa.i C. A. Weed & Co., the name of P. F. Ed
Serds, a lawful creditor of the rirm. was omitted. Il
She clrennistances seemted to have been t'ree: re
Early in 1i;5 ( A rll) a Mr. John Todd received of w
Mr. Edwards 12; balas of cottoo, to be deblver- cr
ed to C. A. V ed & ('o., and by them held snb- Ie
ject to idwards's order. rthe books of C. A. Weed as
& Co., as produced ln court, showed that the is
morey) fcr the cotton had teen paid to Mr. John ri
Tr-dd ctid his receipt taken thire!or. Mr. Ed. ci
wa-da 'l,.tta Lded liat the U-one) had never bhnii
I ia fti ;o. cthat I dil hald no right t(i receive any
moery ito, im. or H eed & Co. aniy right to pay Te
antl irp t, Il, dd c-n bh aL-.wanrdl) account. and
Ilnlto r lte t Heed & A'o. LOW own him ton full
are iin It i thIe wrhi I. the colttn. asd tlnst in
1.:i,, ai t. ,laI e ia on ih.:r , hi da!e the y b~d hen
clnily caf traud wred emburzzlemeict. Weed & Co.
hrbe - ht Mr. T"dl was the agent of ELward-, *and
t'cir-tlr the nt.ai to whra.ni the :u,,:e y uh nlU i
iare Itcn said. Edwar ie. trntur urtgel that Mr. t
Toidd was tie agent of Weed & Co., and as i 0lh
ia levta-lved hIas cotton. The argarnnest turned
Ialuon :I ea Ia iODO 'of Todd, wiheirir be was aaelt
f r LEawer usr agent lor Weed .' Co., each party
cHerin Ig t! at blie ~v.s asnt fcar the other. A'CTer
st rie IWt Iih ura* sltd a hatf dieeuc.lon of the case,
a d qnite a lenathy argument on each side. tue
eLase was cie , tis bonor, Judge Drei. reserv.
i at h-a Ctr. ii n. TIe aouirint ival clved is aho it
' -i. IE W. f;rant f--r Mr Ndaia "aahivoan, I
i:din.ga A. fuunge, a:.d Stone for teed & Co.
1. : (I ,TA a l C(Ar asv*A.-The ainoti P
-" i, r < t thai 17th Ia t. pa btl,.s an r-arll, ,
i 01e or :(.rRt 'r r two 1i nosed-. tltiPe olir Ra
Sr t C IthwO a, ta :l tilag a: Algiere, ant Ihe -i-.- -
e-ry iua-a,' a -f ad kiud.Ifi r atii siiai tr ,i v t
s IVt. ' r ei tn d er,' red il . o a- .t l' to
bt., hI i ttien .Xiexsti ,ft ,t Ca.aa* , ,aiii.
i- ar, hSi C -I. l ratio Pli ('aI lelo). mi tr ter ol Ae
war and marine of the republic ol ieru. t
P. Eva ANa, FP-o., has been appointed eearrer pa
Of aea t, firsthu, , 'liv. 1.s eiic:.ie a trn- , J
Ir g Ia ii Ctm1- , ¢-f r tl'y per cec t ii;a,, cl .aleIrms a
i-a-d Iv the cr-,p.raacn. ran aria.imption ot tke to
enralorrationr's just indebtednes- by the leoe of it
warerats -a)-able in two years wILta itereCst, a to
p romnt entoctment aid coll-clion if u.acid a,
tarxe, satd a thorough repair of the pubic streets. tI
lite art. Ilantis has taken chbrge ot the edito- of
rt.lI raivii of the Erenteig ltpablican. c
T"l ptsTil'rt of the New Orleans, Mohie and
cfrattal o ga Railroad ha on his way to this city, r
aad will advertise for contraete to grdle., bri le at
snd build tbhat part of the road ruanhea between le
New Or(iesuas sad Mobile. More employmeant lot
poor men.a
(:c. F. E. Pame, IU. B.'eatineers, is jst fromn "i
t-i e. sad will relieve Major M. D. MYAll'er lac
fhni the c-brge of the publc works of that de. tr
partyment Is this city. l
CoL. SAMtrtL C. RutD. "iJ2' Of the Wobilepe
pers. s in towa. le ba been abseet oa a vrs
p ilthe' eecursion thrs-lsb the BaSles lre region
suand ther fertiie dlstalc's of country, and comnes d
bank tresh and vrigrse alter lninnetang I those m
glorious pastures. Col. Bald says he will a
inier wear the newspaper barns , bet devot
r himself exolasively to the practice of law.
SWi rrLI.Y COINCIDE with our neighbor the Pil
ayuone. a, to the necessity of having a bar in the
tiont of every city car for paying and r'oeoving
chabnre durieg the months of wtater. The draft
of cold asr which ruash throlgh a ear i motios
of a cold nihat is "'ort tolerable and not to be
e' ndured," ,articularly when any doubt or trouble
ae to the change required perplexes the driver
and the psser ger obshnging. The patreasge of
S11 the city rateroads, and their lamen*e reeipts
cnli upon them to make the slight disbursement
a f.r the comfort of their passengers.
n U. 8. ComialsioNua WAagSN's Couat.-OCp
Srain Hashalten, of the brig 8i. H. $teeakee.
baa made affidavit before the commissioner
of the desertion of two seamen belonging to that
tvecItl, and prays that, under the provisinls of the
extradition treaty between the United States and
the North German Union, warrants may be issued
for their arrest. The warrants have been tssued.
I A cnTI.D AornD AsBTr TWO YEAR, named Mary
e Harroll, whhie sitting in a chair by a stove in a
house at the corner of Dryades and Philip streets,
rass, 'rh J wllileg. te4 ews s aest a eofise
pet. fe boltig contenats of whlch scalded her so
severely that she died five hours after.
S'In POLrsE seem to ignore a city ordioaere
sh'ch reqttuie all vehicles traveliqg m the asme
,I t"trlictiln to preserve a certain spac6 between one
oLd Ban ti er.
------ .-.-- - .
e •AMal5ESENMT$.
S A tDornFY ip Mltrc trhre will be given to-day
r thetwo usual Sartrday perftirnanees. Thatin the
r orneng, however, wll De one of extraordinary
interest. for it is to be the occasion of the cone
rnlaientnry benefit to that fetir young star, Millie
T, urnoir, wbhoe daring feats upon the trapeze
have elicited such general admiration and wonder,
I and bave won for her thb appropriate title of the
' f" ffetl cf the Air." The entertainment promises
to prove an acrobatic carnival. Dave Hawley, a
gymnast of no common merit, as indeed all know
who have witnessed his performances upon the
horizontal bar, will appear in a great double tra
,erze cnt. in conjunction with the world re
nowned Mlaco brothlrs, who have volunteered
h their service for the great occasion. He and the
hliecos will also perform upon the horizontal bar.
and MliPs Millie will, in mid air. execute some of
her mrest perilous acts. In addition there will be
' titled, both aiternoon and evening. a brilliant
oho entertaiilnent, and the spectacular burleeque,
the ' White Fawn," with its accompanying bat
let divertverment.
unILTltr - "Under the Gaslight" will be
p pl t d twice to dal-in other words, Sioor'key
o b llid down on the track and the express train
will eacth is te ice seen. Tue interest in this re
r narkable aramatio entertainment continues on*
o abated. lent right the attendance was about as
i large os it was an the secnd night the piece was
1. I reM-lted. (to by alt means, either to day at the
e to , a rUlt i. or this evening, and witnessC one of
t. the mist iv rilling scents ever par upon the stage.
C('l.te I (IT I MSteaLt AND MNaouilRIt
d This always popular plane of amusement an
nounces its third annual re opening, and offers to
a the pull'i a rare aeeortment of living wonders,
Including the double-headed girl, the human frog,
e the smallnet wuman in the world, a varied c,illec
tit n of aild arimatls a' d ten thousand curiosities
a trcm evry portlon of the world. The museum,.
I our readers will remember. is located directly op
,r pteite the St. Charles Hotel.
if Tug ST. (I'tAtLas.-A rather better audience
a Ihhn usual aleiiit .led last evening to witness the
benefit performance f Miss Price. The pieces
sel ecid were the dramatization of Charl,,t'e
B ouines famone novel "Jane Eyre" and "Mad
e 'ine, or the Belle ofat the Faubourg." In the
fiet Mira lute flayed the pilucipal character
ti at of .IJne ,jr,'. In her personation of the
n proud, yet huomle minded orphan, who a gov
I erness, loves her pupils' guardlan, but cannot
Sslow her love. uMi Price was singularly for
a tenare. le charactar, as any one who has read
the novel can well understand, Is a hard one to
pot tray, for it in an exceptional one, and requires
Sno r.loisry mind to properly appreciate ;it.
That Miss Psie entered late the pars
she playS d. that she wrought her oan
r mind up to the character she portrayed, no onse
who witnessed her impersonation oould doubt.
d 1t r elocttion was laultless, each word coming
1' out of her month, as we heard the expression,
I ke a coin trash stamped from the mint. Her
voice tlutgb, we must say, lacks somewhat that
swtette. hbich we naturally look for la a
wtomen, but it makes up the deficiency in a
Sret gth ai d power which, entirely without effort,
enahied her to fill the theater. Some very amus
irg character songs by Harry Macarthy followed
,.lre I:Eye. The performance closed with the
drama " Malelaire, or the Belle of the Fauboorr,"
in ai, h Ileat Price took the character of Made
I~,; the sprightly young Frenobsoman. To
i night will I-e Harry Mscartby's benesfit on which
oc, ti it .lane Eyre will be reprodeced, while the
a hert ficiiy al'l play the principal part Io "Ireland
it atd Anertlcs." We hope fora full hone. "Foul
Sf'lay " to-n o row i'ght.
d 'Il i Ot iLA -To-night takes place the second
Srl presniiati, n of the season at the Opera Bouse.
" uI l.nt," Gonood's grand opera, based upos
tk ,hller's drains of the same name, will be per
ftiriir d. ald Mr. Engel, second teaer. as Dr.
Fti ..i rejuveinst-d through the mystic power of
i. Nt.bhirf hells, (Mr. Van Hufflen, our excellent
Ib -ao prtuludu) a ill present himself for the first
e time before a New Orleans public. M'lle Boael
nisa will take the part of the uagelle Mar
y/trrite, in which she will have a first rate op
portuuily of exhibiting her artilto talent and
vocal qualities. Mr. P6ront, the baritone, also
appears in a short, but advantageous role. The
t o era wall be prtsented with the usual eo!at
wh ch distinguiabed the Opera Boous last sea,,n.
I OnSunday, if we are well intormed, '.La I' oserie
de te;eree. a" meiasnifcent fleact drams, in whichl
a Mr. and Mrs. Moresa, leading gentleman and lady.,
Salid others, will nmake their debou.
'la Fartllre" wdl proab!y be preseated on
blrot day fr the debut oh Mdme ('ambler. in th$
role of ILAtore. The debut of M'lle. Bourgeois
Swll shbortly take placoe. The opera in which ocr
rcotrslto makes her firet appearane has not yet
been dl cided upon, bet" frovatore" Is spoken of
I as the selection of the administratlIon. To night
i l tile fashionable opera nlbht aol will necees
rily see the Opera Bues filled to its utmost cape
cily by the beauty of New Orleans.
Per ('v- it us --There is no better coontry than
STa \ae for the -ulurn of bhee. Th's bulioc.s Is a
i 8 i a (f itn-aeote walthl in vatrlou purtions of
the hlibe, and especielly is this the case Iu
I FurolP~- colotinental Europe. In Texas there as
just winter eoORgh to make byes busy in laying
Iop hully lito feed on during our little coll
Iwesiter. By having nine muo,nths at leaet of
h rc. naklrong weat: er, a frnlily or colony ol
,, en i cd lt p dlide twice the quanti'y urutally
ilde tl aii rei on . orth.
If ,our ~tate tsd as many hiven of bees to the
Pqtlr re wisr e lt m ao e rtiho of Europe. the re
r inrt e frym Lng made by them would re, h the
et orn one and a.IoiUnding sum o1 40 010 I00 in a
I agle year. BHt. untortunately tor ,it , every
t nn tis negllected In order to produce the aii r1-'
h biopg staple. It is c.ttont now. coitn hbreatler,
c to n frever. It would dohbtlas ie a i.-catvy
t ', w. hot it wenld n.irtainly be a Isating benei to
our y7 nt rll llgtBatlic "tate if a decree were to
i r forth te rbiddiIng the raising of another p,~ud
We bhve to ayo of 1oey as we have sai;d of
itlitr sad cheee - i in -ater eand niich cebiater
t L lr cr a Ip nd 't hney tha- it Is a pilii4 of
co tn. In tact, one mrun coulid produce m ie
oilinde of t it.> than ten metn aold ol c etin.
And It rnqulires ir Ioa s i tldy t) tIrtallage liesl
tt on it ic* c',ttpin aend relnires no eisottl at a!l.
'Thle ilhl flowers of Telx- are lad" I with the
pre(o )t *1 elt; iad it is hard to tell whatthe
SInuy iie 's" oniot extract honey from By
ri ug m liul , fvll w of bl haird earninge at
Ite ,Ld eer f ic week. he lo-reas.Ca hue rertrlo-s
to Ilay in his waiter st-rti. We do't like to cay
I i--ir the trn:h ats- d not be spkeO at all
*I e but we ino-t Lay 'hat Texas ~,iosontly
Iv- r-.i,~.,t hercilf. Thb. bt porcuit- a e -e-lec:ed
f r a IeCL al tcranutle alter coton. Ourcrop
of lonty uilgt to exceed Io vainle our coton
ortt, ls oer produo t ',f batter and cheise ogott
to llUg more than all our cott ,n nd corn.
Ir the city of Hoiston w. baae not yet dis
cr v rted a Line ol bees. not one eltolny where
ItLre ti phit i, be ten thiusand. And we should
be -nt toe happy his giing any ine nor hell cx
perli cec, not a -hort one. in be collare. Every
,amlo, i, the htate cbhu!d have from ot to one
hli.t dr d hives of bee. There is a market for
toeuy ad wsx all over the world. Let Texe
try t. prodce sesethiug beaties cotton.-(lsBe
ti Times.
Great sile of oine hores, work mules, begglea'
harnes, etc.; al2o, f Iqp Devonahire owe, thia
Sday, at 11 o'e oct, at P. Liner's stauble, Oraige
a stwet, by Meatomery Bios. £ Co.

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