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lht • - rlmns (astcnt.
AV'rOeI aLss. TUI iAWT.
J. B. WALTo a DES1 OpDE. sell, .t 12 o'elock a. st the
Merchants and Auctiosees' Exchange. real estate
OU*LLM 5. lOBTIR qelm. at i o'clock   , Nhe N.
asshea' A aietmsoes' xchangse. real estate.
AEerlse I D-M r O a W. e , w rAteroes, a tahe
1 e'eieck L U. at 2. User'. Sable, s on(see rseeea.
leves., w a.s. et.
W See ad sdets5te s fifth sese.
The Catesr foa.
The foll..wing article on the culture of the
Castor bean, we extract from a circular letter
tosued by 'the house of H. J. Baker & Co., ot
New York city, which firm is largely interested
i a the oa~srtacture of Castor Oil:
One thor.usgh plowing; and then harrowing the
ground with a good heavy harrow, wil be sull.
clent preparation.
Ihe ground is now laid off In rows, five feet
apart each way, except that between every tenth
row adatnnce of about eight feet between the
rowe is left one way, to admlit a horse and wagon
or sled to pass, to take the beans when gathere i.
Not water, somewhat below the boiling point.
should be poured over the seeds. and they should
remain in this water twenty-four hours before be
ing planted. The temuerature of the water will,
of course. be gradually reduced to the tempera
tore of the atmosphere. Applying the water
once will be sufictent. If planted without rlie
preparation they are a great while in germilnatiug.
ma-y of them not making their appearance fur
three or four weeks. With this preparation they
will soon germinate and come up regularly. Some
planters put In each hill one-half those which
have had hot water poured over them, and one
half those which have not, so that if the frst that
come up be deetroyed, a stand may be obtained
from the others, which will come up a week or
two later. Good, sound, plump seed should be
selected for planting. A half bushel will plant
eight or ten acres. Four seeds should be dropped
in each bill. But one, or at least two, plants are
to be left in a hill. The seed should be planted as
soon as all danger of frost is over. The plants
are about as easily destroyed by frost as c ,tton,
and hence care should be taken to observe the
above di;ections.
The cultivation of the plant consists in destroy.
ing the weeds and grass, and keeping the caill
open and mellow. These objects are chiefly
attaine. by using the horse end cultivator or
small plow, working between the rows both ways.
It is als.o secessary to work among the plants
with hola. going over them once or twice, cutting
the wegds away from the plants that cannot be
reacher' with the plow or cultivator, and drawing
a little mellow earth to the plants. gradually re
ducing the number to one plant in a hbill. One
strong. vigorous plant will produce better seeds
than two, and as great a quantity. Atte- the
plant ia two feet high It Is capable of taking c ire
of itel , and grows rapidly. After heavy rain,,
howev r. It is still advisable to work bhtween the
rows 1ibh the horse and cultivator, breaklng up
the crust that has formed on the surface of the
.round and opening and loosenlng the soil, to
derive a greater benefit from the atmosphere. It
will b4 seen that the cultivation is as simple as
that of' ndian corn, and decidedly easier and aims
pier thin cotton.
Abort the first of July the bean begins to
ripen. As before stated, they are produced in
pods or busks, or spikes, about eighteen in -es
long. As si on as aiew pods begin to turn brown
and o,en, they should be gathered. This i. done
by eut ig off the entire spike. Etch plant has a
numb. ol these, and they are prcdu ed and ripen
in sacu ession till frost. Only those exhibiting
brows seed should be cut. These spikes are then
thrown Into a wagon, oron a sled, passing through
the broad rows, and hauled away.
iAfterthe beans begin to ripen, the field should
be gone over about every ten days till frost, or
till they stop producing. In hot, dry weather
they liven more rapidly tusn in cool, wet weather.
The work is all light. After being gathered, the
beans are taken to a dry yard (say one hundred
feet square), sloping to the south, so as to get as
much best as possible from the ouns to ripes theo
ieeos seul cuse mtea to Duist from the h9tR.
They pop or fly out to the distance of many feet.
The sprkeo are occasionally turned over and ex
posed o the son, until all the seeds have left the
entire srop. The beans are swept up and gath
ered., specially before every rain: and. before
being Oat to market, are run through a common
fanrtni mill with suitable riddles, freeing them
from Ill extraneous matter. When rain is an.
ticipat d. the spikes are thrown into asheo.whi-h
ahouldt1atjoin the yard, or into a heap, and covered
with staw or plank.
The yield will depend much upon the culture be
stowets upon the crop, the seasons and the care
taken in gathering and ripening the seeds.
About thirty-five bushels to the acre is the oro.
bable,vield. Some cultivators will raise more.
other ses. Planters will do well to pay attention
to thhecrop. for which a contract can be made for
the enure crop, at remunerating cash prices. It
will pey better than raising corn, potatoes, sugar
cane, .otton or almost any other produce.
Thbeastor bean may be planted successfully in
Louotens from the middle of February to the
middl' of March. The first beans of the crop
usualli ripen about the 10th of July. Itis advii
able -"ben the plant attains the height of seven or
eight .et to break ofi or bend the main stalk.
Amy s i in Loemisiana Is good for theb production
of the castor bean, and the old fields covered with
the coco grass is especially adapted to its culture.
A i,itL. Htrar.-A line of boats, crescent
shapel; in order to inclose the shoal, was now a
Ittle s ore than a mile distant from the beacb.
The tk tle-nosed or callinog whales, showing ther I
nooutr or dorsal finos at lntervals, seemed to ad.
sance]slowly, throwing out skirmishers and canu
tiousl feeitog their way. As the beech was
suscoi and sandy, with a gentle slope, the boat
men i pursuit were endeavoriong to drrive the
shloal ou the shallows where harpoons, oars I
baysr , and other weapons culd be used with
a dva age sgainst the fluoonderiong foe. The ex.
citem nt of the spectators on land increased as
the Io Ilne of the sea monsters, steadily advc. i
ing, diew closer in shore. From the boats follow
lng cl as behind, then came wafted over the water,
ithe nd of beating pitchers and rattling row
locks sand the hoarse chorus of shooting voices
that vwelled nlato the prolonged--' 0-0-" fa
milisran sea scnge. This Babel of noises, which s
the w.ter mellowed into a wild war chant, wih 1
cynrba.l accompanlment, was meant to scare the
shoal aod hasten the stranding of the whales.
But an incident occurred that chanred the prom.
I)ing aspect of affairs, turned the tide of battle, P
and gave new splendor and new animation to the
seene.; Eager to participate in the expected slaugh- .
ter tw o r three farm lads. whose movements had
eMap.el notoise, suoddenly shot out from shore in aI
sktff, rowing right in front of the advancing Ine. b
The g.tter and splash of oars alarmed the lea tes, .
and tI; entire shoal. seized with a endlen pant,
wheeld eoiuttaneonusly ronnd with a rapid rasis,
and de-hed at headlong sped Into the line of pir (
unteg Boats. A shout arrle fr tu the sI ort as toe
mometary flash of fil-tais, the he 'ttri if thi it
bsats and the /spid ?i r.,kes of the boatmen li
show', all too plasialy the rscape of the whales
and tie asccsa of their vietorious charge. A ay I
beyoud the bretken tine of the feet they plunged
In will stampede. The boats porsuoed the shoal,
snd s~:ereeded in incl,,sing a prtion of them in a k
hesnitfnl and secluded by and by dnt if sho tt f
ing a,. other nonises,. thpy drove the whales into
the ml sllows, where they lay helpless I urlndering
ictit. r. Fast and firin-s the hatsnon struk
and 'abb d to ritht and left. wh'ile Snts te,!* on w
the L, re, forning an auxditry fr ,. dah-cii
down tol ssist in the masecre, wieldilig all a irts g
of weaport. from roasting s Pisi t, forke. fh
pi or wounded monsters lashed about with their
tails, imperiling life and Ilb. arid the ruddy h-i t
of the water along the stretch of shore mincated
the extent s-f the carnage. Toe wtales t'iat hai
received their death stroke tinitei shrill cries, o
-ccotmlpamed with a strangre anortitt si al I u
nittg tti-te which h-as rut insaply heeni compared
to the distant sound otl ut;itary druita pierced hty 1
the sharp piping of pipes. lomne of the larger t
whales displayed great tenacei'y of Ife. and str
rived repeated strokes aud stabs. bat Ihte one t al
coelict closed at lasIt, and no fewer than a but h 1
tred Sad seventy carcasses were dragged up the
beech.- uommer and Winter in the Orkneys, by
Daniel turrie.
- -- 4S 4.------- -
--Ye Sherman CourLer costaie an account of a
fght on C' ear ci reek between forty wbhite mena
and about one boudred Indians. One nladisan nd
one white man were killed. Two hundred and o
ifty indians were reported morviRng on Dentn. u
It was the opinion of the writer that the next full it
moon wnu'd bring the Indian tin force to the very
heart of ir-yeom county. The writer was of the
opinion iIt the order of Co. Starr, commemn tig
at F rt ichardeon, -fourbid ling the peop toi or a
s-n'ze for selif protectio)n, wu~ud break up al the fl
frnter tettlemcn:a.
Ricer _nttIUgatua.
Osassse m ornm e. N O, lsaw,
Saturday Mrans. Nev. 2t. lA,
The weather, peaw ! we are tired, net of the
preseut bright, cool, lovely days, but of writing
. of the same thig every day. It that ambigeous
individual, the clerk of the weather, woueald vary
the thing a little we would be under masy obliga
tions. For example, a good heavy shower of raie
would not at thib time be complained of, espe
s caily by those whose labors compel them to
spend the day upon the levee, where the dust is
becoming exceedingly annoying, kept as t is in
conatant motion by the north waind, which forsev
eral days past has been blowing steadily.
The landing presented an animated appearance
yesterday, and we anticipate a lively time there
this ever ing.
A telegram received yesterday announced a rise
of two feet in the (Ioachita river at Monroe.
"Old Red," op to last advices, was still going
down, and navigation in consequence is beconitug
tra ublesume between this city and Shreveport.
SWe are inlebted to Messrs. Sinnott & Adams for
the followitg cony of a telegram received by
them last evening:
'Memphis, Nov. 20.-Will arrive Monday even
ing and leave Wednesday. R. E. Neal, steamer
Capt. W. C. Harrison's packet, the Bart Ab!e,
will be found at the wharf this morning ready to
receive freight.
The G,v. Allen, under command of Capt. Joo.
Smoker, leaves at 5 rv . to day for Vicksburg.
' he great hu h, Lapi. P'egrain, leaves for Cairo
at . i. U. to-day.
'Ihe fleet I)exer, commanded by that veteran
steaolboatmen Capt.J. Ed. Montgomery, leaves at
5 r. m. to-day for Loouiville.
The light-draft packet Success, under command
of Capt. G. W. Rea, leaves at 5 P. u. to-day fr
Camden and all landings intermediate on Ouachita
The dashing Wild Wagoner, under command of
the popular Capt. W. B. itichardson, with Messrs.
Libano, Posey and Miller in her office, leaves at r.
a. to day for Natchez and all intermediate laud
The regular Baturday packet Bart Able, under
conmand of Capt. W. C. Harrison, leaves at 5
r. a. tc-day for Vicksburg and all landings inter
mediate, taking both freight and passengers at as
low rates as any boat in the trade. Messrs.
Tompkins, Holmes and Hinman are her clerks.
Capt. Harrison having made arrangements with
the regular Tuesday Vicksburg and Mempbhis
packet Commercial. will take freight, and give
thr ugh bills lading for same, for Memphis. Green
ville and all landings ii the bends. This is a per
nanent arrangement, and through it shippers
have the advantage of a weekly Memphis packet.
The Leni Leoti. Capt. G. Press Work,is receiv
ing at the foot of Ca'uomhouse street.
The labhleqush, Capt. F. A. Blanks, will be
'toiLd at the wharf this morning ready to receive
Tle regular Saturday packet Leat Leoti. Capt.
G. Press Work, leaves this day at 5 r i. for Tren
tcn and Monroe. The Leoti is of light draft, has
fine t sesenger accommodations, and is com
rnsaded by competent and attentive officers.
The majeseic Belle Lee, commanded by the
veteran Capt. Tom Leathers, leaves at 5 o'clock
tiis evening for Vicksburg and all way landings.
Me-~s . A )es and Martin are her clerks.
Ihe light draft packet Tahleqush leaves at 5
P. N. tooasy for Trenton and M,,oroc. Capt. F.
A. Blasks comnumds. As the Tahleqiih draws
ion') 13 inches light, shippers may rely upon her
oing through on time.
The line packet Era No. l0. Capt. lsaac H.
Kions, leaves po-itively at 5 P. a. to day for Jef
fereon. bbreveport, and all way and plantation
landings. Mr. Geo. Hamilton has ciarge of her
office, assisted by our young friend Mr. James
I arsonas. The Era No. 10 is very light draft and
has fine passenger accommodatiins.
lhis evening at 5 o'clock Capt. Gas. Hodge will
back out the Golden Era for Jefferson. Shreve
port, Grand Ecore, Alexandria and all way land
args on " Old Red." The office department of
the Golden Era is under contol of Messrs. Halli
day, Bryant and Spear, courteous gentlemen;
in fact, she is one of the be-t officered boats in
the trade. Shippers may rely upon her golog
through on time.
The following named steamers left port yester
Peoria City, Capt. Silver, for St. Louil ; P. W.
S*rsder. 'Capt. Sein, for Louisville; Nina Simmes,
Capt. Greathouae, for Bayou Sara A. G. .Brown,
ispt. Bassett, for Lower Coast; J. M. Sharp,
Capt. A ucoin, for Donaldsonville: Nation li, Ca at.
Gloca. for Bayou Bara ; Luto D.. Capt. Grace, and
Cuba No 2. Capt. Wilkinson, for Red River.
The Lizzie Hopkins. Capt. Jno. T. Raots, will
isive to-night from thevnepoot.
The ('eleste. Capt. )oway, leaves to-day at 5 P.
a for Grand Ecore.
The i flicers of the E-a No. 10 and Celeste have
our that ke for favors.
The regular al'ernate Saturday Mempti, packet
BHery Ames, under the command of that counrte
ous gentleman and careful commanier, Capt. Geo.
M. lvyd, leaves for Memphis and the Bends at 5
o'clock this evening. Mr. .1. S. Sedarn, a young
gentlfman of courtly manners and strict business
quarlfeattons, has charge of her office. The fare
and satommodations of the Ames are unsur
passed. ('apt. Boyd has placed this fine packet
in the Memphis trade with the intention of keep.
ing her in it during the entire season.
The Sully Capt. King, leaves this evening for
Bayou Lafourche.
'ibe Annie Wagley, Capt. Burton, leaves at 5 P.
v. to day for Washington.
The Judge Fletcher left Shreveport yesterday
at 2 -. a. She will arrive Monday and leave on
Wednesday, 25th lust, at 5 r. x. for Jefferson and
Sbrevep, rt.
As soon as there is sufficient water in Ounchita
river Capt. J. W. Carleton will bring out the fine
side wheel packet St. Mary and run her as a regu
Iar ten day packet between this city and Camden, .
Niuce our last report the followingr named
sItesmers have sriivdd:
Era No. 10. Capt. Konns, from Shreveport, with
7st bales cotton.
Goy. Allen. Capt. 1.eathers, from Vicksburg,
with 1filc bates cotton.
lnccese. Capt. Bea, from Port Union, with
440 bales cotati n
Aloe, Capt. Wood, from Lower Coast, with 95
hopaheads-augar, 98 barrels molasses and sun
IL.lourche, Capt. Heno, from Bayou 'ars, with J
63 bales cotton, 165 hogaheads sugar, 415 barrels
molasses and sunodlies.
8ully. Uspt Kiog. from Dooaldsonville, with 1
bale cotton, 136 hogeheads suogar and 217 barrels 5
Thos. Powell, Capt. Dinwant, from Donaldeon
vlle. with 16 hogsheads ansugar, 59 barrels and 21 1
half-barrels molasses. -
New Eta, Capt. Degas, from Donaldsonville,
with 23 bogabe da sugar and il barrels nmiss.es.
2!~0 bales cotton were received per river steam
ers yesterday.
1he Bell Lee connects at Vicksburg with the
srtesmers Calumet and Contess for Yaaoo and
Talabaechie Rivers.
The river at this point is rising slowly.
On the 19th the Ohio was rising at LMisville.
We received by mail ye~steray from Shreve*
port a late paer and the followiug me , IauL s
-f the last trip of the lightning oacket Lizzie
Honkina, forwarded by omr friend Rbt. Dale:
l.eft New Orleans half-put 6 r. . on Tuesday,
Ilbh: arrived at Itaton RItoge it A. N Wedlnesday.
Met Rietmood bhalf-pat 2 P. N. st M giraia Bend ;
Erterpree, quarter of 4 r. N. st Rstclitl's wood
>trd: arrised at whtrthboat quarter to 6 -. a.
i(2 hii urs out ) Met (;lide at quiorter-pst 5 in
O)d Inier. Thorsday arrived at A:exaundrtls 4 r.
w. F riay ter Esa No i at ito miures to 3 c. u.
just t ow (;rand E ore: P'lid y, Itni No.2
l.ying up at 20 manutes nast 9 i. . at F m ti n
to. , stotrday met ('Cuba No. In twenty mit, es
Isal t* A. n. at Dixson' ; Carolil.e half-t-a 10 i'.
t at Atins's Landing: Rondsy met Lul D 1 a.
U : Era N,. 1) at toodwino's. 4 A. n-: Onldn
Era at tpper siten of Goodwiu's 4 a. a. River
failing it-t ll :' feet scant on principal harq
and :I feet on the tl s l.irzie H pkins wll leave
New Orleans in snhedule tr ce.
From \Virhbtrg Timoen. N v. lo'. : T', we.her
w.t ftlre. lIusIuei on the wh~ r com~l ,r , ti 'lhst~
if the day previrou, was d l!. Tie Hart Ah'e
got asry about dark with 5010 hs! s of cotton. 400
sicks (,f seed. ard It vitks o~f ,t.. Her cabin
wis well filled with pecle, a nug whom were
two bridal partics. ci
From Memphis Aos'anche Nv. 10 : Bistne.s .
was les ansouated .n the wha-f Sesteldjy 'son y
on Tuesday. There was very lit lu movemast in
iton, and in conseiloence shipiernts were light. l
be M seissiilpi cleared for Iiew Orleans wlh
120 tales ot cotln, ;i'( erscks- of corn and 210 A
tiL tf Ireiglht. She had also over one hundred tr
cabin psasergers, with her enargements In the
betr d. -he wili go into New Orleans with one of n
the best trips f the seas5on. The new steamer
Aikarses was to have elt Pitabarg yesterday for
New Orleans.
trim the Shreveport Southwestern, Nov. 15: N
'ince cur last report the river opposi.e ttns
pio t teceded about two inches. leavoing it abi, it P
five feet above the lowest water i. ark of the U5,Oa. n
Oin Thursday evening the water at Carolina Bff, I
on Old R er, was declining rapidly, with scant
water for the mediaum clas of boats. Our latest p
iformnatsion fron above the raft left it dead leo.
raom this point to Boon Bend we still have navi r
pati n for thte smallest clam of bast, with light m
loads. The last boacts out report sixteen ino;s bl
t tile (;-e Poest. and twenty a inches oa the
flatse. Froni this point out to the Missiaippi we Ot
have faIr :w water navigation for the largest
class of aterewbeel boats with g.od freights. At
last acoonie there was four and a half feet on (
'be falls and the water falling faet. The sh inlest
places now are below the falls, which I. owing toI
bhe rapid fall in hbe Mim sisippi. Grand Point is
said to be the worst one. Besiness was fair o0
the levee yesterday, with rather too much ton
nage for the cotton ofberig. There were plenty
cf cattle, but the boats steered rather shy of
is them preferring to ake their ehanoes of getting I
a ltad of cott an below here. Up freights are now
alrdt d here at double eard rates. Down-Oot
is ton $4 $ bale, cattle [email protected] i head, and passage
in 82 25.'
r. From the St. Louis Democrat, 1thb inst.:
"h'River declining very slowly. Hence to Cairo
e 9 feet water at Hat lsland and falling. Cairo to
"e Memphis. between 9 feet and mark twain. Lower
Mis*e uri falling ste.dily ; upper, about ended for
ie navigation. Loud water in the Illinois, but fall
rg all alonrg. Probably ensdlerable ice at St.
g Paul ihis morning, and probably rivery falling all
d the wev down. The heavy rains of twenty-four
hours at acd about Dubuque may have checked
or 'le dcliie temptorarly. A dense fog wad anti
y clpatd lst night, and detention thereby to
-teamnrs. Weather yesterday dry and cold.
I- l'pl er river navigation and bnsineu going on last I
r I g. t oiumbiai is loading for New Orletna. c
Sarnce, ireavoidably detained. leaves to-day for I
, Karisa City. At 3 P. a. to-day the beautiful Lady
o ;a sails for New Orleans, and will be followed
by the Continental to-morrow. Captain Holoroft t
. ba tii out the Virginia to-day for New Orleans."
Sflarine gntdligence.
CaRacasR Or(e.t No. 93 CneA NiTkrit a
uMatdar. Nlovraber '. ollt
r cleare" Testerday.
a ,seamer Peoria City. Silver, for St Lousl, Master I
`hip Melrose, Niobols for Havre. Albert Zsrega 1
f whip (Span) Joaquin Serra, Yeern, for Barceloia,
Puia Bros I
Brig ii W Norwood, WasrLburne, for Providenee,
R I Thornarke & Norton
Schooner (Brit) Helena, Blohm, for Roatan.
r Master
5 -chooter I Briti Challenger. Josephs, for Grand I
S(..yman. E Pilabury r
a - r
Arrrived esterdaw.
t -teamship Maryland, Reed from Baltimore 10th j
inst. Ita Havana, to Witherapoon, tHalsey &co
2d dis
e Steamship Agnes, Wilson, from Indiuoola, to C A
Whitney &eo---Iat district
e tesmsbip Gen. Meade. Sampson. from New York
12th inst.., to Wood, Low & Ludwrgaen--14 drs
Brig Andoz (Sp), Botey, from iantiigo de Cubs,
in ballast, to Fa'jo. Larks Aco--2d district 20
Bark Adelaide Norris. Reed. frrom Mobile, in bal
e last, to master-2d district 2hi
Reacey, Riddle, from the Passes-towed down t
atd to sea Irth inst. barks 1, M Long and
a Alnske-came up liaht
PIrr, Cu'nrtis, frm the Passes-towed down ship
J .1 S, u:hard lrig \Vitoria, and schr Orlent, t
be rou.ht up bark Adelaide Norris and brig
e Andez t
Gov Allen, laeahcrs, from Vicksburg
(5 'leste Dotty, from Alexitn-ti
l.atoarche. Il-no. from B you Strs
S i'ueccic, liea, thum i'Prt Uti.n
r Aloe. Wi-d.. from Lower Coast
l.ouite, loipkirs, from Mobile
Ne w Era. Dugas, from Donaldaonville
ouliy, RKig, from Thib-odiux
T3 on Powell, I)nvaent, from Donaldsonvil!e ii
I 5c(r Antonia, from Blind River
-eih-r Li-erry, fri m Tickfaw
S-'hr I), ceatla, Faive, fr.,m Bay St Louis
S,-hr Gsulacih, from Pa-cagonla 21
Schlr .losephiue, from Tcbheincte
Sf chr H ('arttz from Biloxi w
Schr Emely. Lopez, from Pearl R'ver
ScLr Alice McGuigen, from Pearl River tc
rehr Alex Green, from Tickfaw
S~ihr Fruitie:e. from Tchefuncte
echr Annie, White,. from BIlid River
Rel r Oofl,. Anderson, from Pearl River I
Scbr ositer Kate, from 'Thetuacte
Schr Katy. L, from Blind Itver
.enr Kate, t arr, from Blind River
Schr Mary Irene, from Biloxi
Fchr t'oncordia, from Bay St Louis
Belew eamlas LIp.
Oteamshlrp Yoemo., lludges, fr-ma Now 1 olk il 1
lust via Havana, to Harris & Bidwell hi
Below Wattling O.dera
BTrk Entonr (Brewr), Fricke. from Bremen 2.th di
.-pt., to E F Sbockmeyer
Me mrns da.
-DoxameT roars. ,
New York. Nov. 4-Sailed- steamship ;enville, i
Poker : i'< rtes Nelson n: Unit.-d States, Nrtonl;
\ ictor, gates, and schooner Kate Brigbam, Luoe.
1A VRF-ghip Melrose-30-s bales cotton
PROVIDENCE, R l-Brig W M Norwood-26 .
bales cotton 60 tons cotton seed 1;
BALCEIA)NA-Ship Joaquin Serra-1809 bales p
cottin 10.500 stases 2 spars I
IRUATAN-Schr Helena-20 bblsflour 4 bb's t
pork 2 do beef 21,000 shingles 10,000 feet lumber i;
20 blr soap 2 beas coffee
(;RAND CAYMAN--.Sehr Challenger--9,1 H
feet lumber 24000 shingles 10 bb!~ floor 4 bls pork I1
sT LOUIS-Steamer Peoria City--s' bxa tin PI
plate c
- 1S
S NEW YORK---teamahip Gen Meade--Aas td
BAVANA--reamship Marvland-6 crates fruit
Felipe Yglsi--21 bags coffee Meyer Bro---1 ca-e
I cgare Rapheal I'ere--3 do 13 bhis d 2 bdls garlic
Maeonel RBnt-i1 crate fruit Antonio Bannoeso
A N DROSS .8 N-Bhip Rosale-750 tons pig iron
Wo,-d low & Lod wigen
INDIANOLA-Steamship Agnes-1 bale cotton
Jennings, G(ates &too--1 do Ta'e &coo-I hble beef
Francke & Danneel--G2 herd stock Mcquooid &
Mehls--sondriee to order--t'otal 2 bales cotton
MOBILE--Steamer Loulse-,2 bales cotton to
We ran. Creawf-rd &co-5 T B & J M Alen &it-
IS Friedlsnder- 6 bales rars 2 bhis coffee C G
Wayne- 3 bales sheerings Lehma, Newgpss &co
I do Richardson & May--5 bales onoaergi to
Hount & Macaulay-12 bis tobacco J H Martin &
cc--sundries to order-Total 31 bales cotton
Reetwas of Prodnee.
\'ICESBIT G - Steamer G,,v Allen- 245 bales
cotton Ilchardson & May-152 Gerrard & Craig
I S I Newmsn &co-76 Nalie & ammtrek--L120
lucknrr kuc--86 Von Phul Bro--61 J W P'erson
77 l It Carell &co-i56 Meyer, Deutch & Weis-
47 Lacey, Terry &co-44 Jo Hoioy &c.,--:li Aven
dano Bros - 313 MuMoan &co--3 Hogan & Patton
:; T H & J M Alien &co-21 Ober, Atwater &co
2i l'ayhe. Hunting'on Arc,- -20 Itlet & Noble--2l
.I hortill-2.5(' I ('llctopvlio-20 S t Ahv &hc-
"0 Pritt ii terd & I.ckharti -1 A F Peale & o--l
Sninrers & i arins--1I5 (Gltmer. Hopkins Aco--i
E ; Bridce- li Wright Allen &,o--Ti G ( Sreo
sr--ll J Wllh;iac & S-n -l! J & G Cromniwell
12 H F Given--lOJio T HBrdie &co--I0 J Cop.r
: letr ,ingsj. (;Gates d& i-- .lilitu. Johnson &-,,-- ,
J C' ft i.. --. L:i k- & iAII S J AM t n'g-mnery-
tou ordatr-- 7 I Cook -A J Aikeu--G Ru Nuoent
7 - Newnian ,.- -1; E Adler-- 5 to order , E
ICr.wn Ac,--4 Lehman. Newg.sua&co -2 1 t Har
" .! F (;rflhn 3 R tli r.r-2 H Ware & Son :
lickimrn. Hill &co-2 C(S ,nhitcnb-s -2 H Allison
&co--2 Scott &'Csge--2 Morrison, Back &c,,-2
Ar Miltenterger-2 Joo P!leip &co -L M Green.
wood A S n- 1 .Iurvy & Ai[ure--437 ski cotton
Hid ,I AMu c-- 12 di, (;rrard & Craih--42I do
- I; lo;t--l,,d i.Jd, .A A Mlaioys 1i'diiS Marx
* I,- A T ii ni-tt Ac,-- 1i do C H Chimalli
2..- d, F icihli & ii -.hl, 10 do II ,th re-100 .
ioi .1 H 1 r t .- t0 k corn Jar y & tlarrie--6
, L. 4tsar .; IbC no'.im,ea II F , yen --und ies
to i rder-- 'l -tal lEi'h bilt- cottin 2t31 aks iotton
seed I hihd- ,cuir 2.; bhi moli-.Ps
A.\IEXANDRIA- -rearmer Celeste-.' bilei
cetto, Jos Hil-y Aco-5Si la'ne, Hulntu.ton & -o -
44 Lebnan.,Newgaes&c c,.--31 do 4 hhrts suar to
MSLrz, I.evm Aco- 2.; ta es cotttO Berlud A Griert
:1 do P J Favy Aco--21 Ltds corar i7 baJ mn
lases Eat. n 1 Lars',w-2i do 53 h'.b-ll di 21
LI di seasr R ll re--t2 bhl molssaea J I Ad'ai
&co--3i do bLhcs engar W liogart-l17 b ,le cot
ton C II Mcut-n &-o-12 do 6 thds sugar 33 hSbls a
urolaes Retr shw & Cammackt-ll Alles c cttn ' nL
owenBrcs---10 do J W Borbtridge Ao --3i do ,
Merer. i)tutth & Wetir---8 Hayd-l & Gspard-- 7
F J Dascive-6i ' F 'Thieneman--G Ar Mdtenberger p
5 do 117 cks corn J L Couret-4 batles cotton to
Nebron, Lanhier &rco 4 do BL Millaldon-4 do r
J C Deolte--3 Sjewart & McCarty 3 C Cioton-2 n
Pritcbhad & Blkham--l Bonligny & Eazlapon--l I
D R Catroll &co--2 do 5 bales hi-lte CL Wims 1nl
Icy &cc--i2 ska corn 6 bb-s peas Meyer, Deutci &
Heis -45 sks corn Clapp Brios Ao--36 do 4 bbs
peas S bneider & Zuberbier -2 bales hIde, Carl. a
a n, Marks &io-bf-bbl asrop L Cohen-37 be a 5s4
r ilroad irn n M S. nib--hf-bbl agar T F Taeln-
man-asLudries to order-To al 337 nales cotton 55
th I.c , gar 241 bbls molsese 614 bf-bbls do
HAT)r' SARA- earpmer Lafonrche-17 bales -
cotton A I.evr--I Jouey & Herrie--s F J l)isivs
5 Lthbalan, Nes dSu &co- 4 6 Friedlander--3
Lt I Newman &co-! Randall  .--2 R lower-2
SI C L Bruner- 2 T H & J M AlIon &oo-2J A Mont
st r'msry-2 iScott & l gse-I Dronett & Foretall
to 27 hbd. sugar 75 bbls molasrse Booeigay & Esoia
Is Ipun- Il do 16 hbds saugr Millkea& ririnager--l
Sai ,ti 100 bble molasses J W Berbridge &co--21 d,
n- 24 hbds shugr iiR Bruier-21 do A Titibsut--2 do
y 5.3 bble molasses E Stockmeyer-16 do 10 hbhda
of -iwar E J Guy Aco-10 do Hy Tete--10 do E J
iag F retall & Sun--6 do 5 bbls molasses Von Phul
W Bror-4 thds sugar P Maspero &Ao-10 bbla m,
i,. I. a-esJ :G ipor-10 do Latitte & Duftllh-161 ski
o 'ottion seed i Marx-70 do J Aldige-31 do J Mc.)
Taylor--30 do Svolt & Cage-52 eke corn S-a'e &
t a'erman- .0 do E J Gay &co--2 ) Aym tr &so
ro 17 do J B Vsnborn &co-300 emory bbls Bouligny
to A E. clapon- 200 do 8 bble rice it Brigier-lO ht
r es tmoe J SJ .chlos-23 hides L, Htntelot-lot
or io n'ties Inridall &eo-- hhla peas it Rehl -1 bol
II. I' uts J I. Cncuet--sundrtes to order- fotal 63
it. t e citton I1:3 hidls aster 415 bbla molasses
tl I OIT UNION- te.nmerSucceaa-t bale cotton
Nr Nale A Camnick -34 Wood. Low & Ludwigeno
d 7i J P Higki Aco---31 Jao h fie &Aco---10l
,. lno T Hardie &co-- 1l I H & .1 M Allen Ac-).-5
to f i-ber, Jobhnion &.o-7 M O.le-ly-12 J M F Ikes
d. 1,o- I Marx. Le.v Ac ,---9 Wa re & ioU- -n
at L-iy A PaeF---12 St( wart & Mcc'arty--13 Blan
a, c iL & Cerer-l---6 Penn, Pace & Nvron--4 Jos
or Hi y Acu -sbudiiis to (rder-Total 410 bales cot
Iy t:en
id LOWER CO t5'-Steamer A'ne-29 hbds sugar
,Gf rieftl& BFyres-22 do Ify Tete-2Vi do 3 I bils
o'aeseaes C:ha0ralx A Aygr--li do 11 htdbs nugrr
II F` Gtven-7 do 15 bhls molasses F B Erneirt-i
bbls rice E Duprt--17 do J BeLthaacourt-l13:2 do
40) ks rice trun A tSc'l--4 do 10 hol rice F
Martin-19 do A D alveant-21 J Davad- sts rice
Dei,--18 eks lice and suidries to order--i'otal
I, hhs angar !Sh hl' molasses
DONALDSON VI'LE-Steamer New Era-30)
1 ble molaisei 7 hhds sugar Renhbaw & Ornmmsk
or It; hbda sugar R lrugier---4 bbls inlasses A
a I hibyit-42 do l L Piers-ll bhls rice 13 bdls
h, hides ' I) Terrebonne--13 bdl hides J M Walah
s I keg molasses G Ferry-sundries to order-Total
e, 23 htds uear hl hbls molasses
In I)N A LDrON VILL.E-Steamer utlly--57 hhds
sugar 102 bils molaeses W Bogart-5' bble mo
tr laeee 16 bbds sugar Hy Tete-30 hhbds sriar 41)
id bts molasses C Kock---1t hhds sugar 1I bbls
-y molasees P J Pavp &co--22 hhds suagr 35 bsle
molasses G Sabatier--l hales dotton Blinchia &
Ciraud-349' bbis rice 2 sks rice 10 seks bran E
Iupre-- hdil tides U 1) Terrehoone -3 skb- hides
b J A Bonsfour-2 bb;s oranges J Will aus A& S O
o sundries to (rder-Total 1 bates cotton 1cl hhlds
A sger 247 tibl molasses
DON A LD)ON V1LLE-Rteamer Thou Powell
7 bbds sugar 20 hf hble t olasses A Thiburt-9 do
!i bhds sugar G W Byrne ,~o---lo bile ru mlases
! E F Dupre-40 do P M t.pero Aco--30 sks seed rice
22 bble do Colimb. llrouks &co-46 eke seed rice
Levy & Hias--- bbla syrup P Msepero &An --
sundries to order--Total Iii thds sugar 59 bols
rnolasses 21 li do
IBIND 1ilV Lt - Schr Antonia-40 cord wood
a to order
d 11 CKFAW-Schr Liberty- GO cords wool to
. rder
p BAY T1' LOUIS-Echr Deceada-65 cords wood
., to, djr
g IPAICAGOtULA-Schr (;ulch-40,000 shingles
t, order
TI'IIF:FUN(TE--Schr .lusephine---SO0 bbIs
clhrcoal to order
blLtiXl-- chr 1H Cartez- -)0 bbls charcoal to
PEARL I:IV'FI--Schr Ezmely---:i000 staves
(l.l0(0 fI t 'unmber to order
tEAIUL lIVlEIIt--.cLr Alice MicGigen--3,0'33
ft et thitt er to , rder
Il'KI'AW- -chr Alex Green-26, card. wood
to order
T'I II EFIUNCTE-B:hr Fruciere--5:c rds wood
t mrter
BLINDI RIVER-' hr Annie--5 cords wood
S6(1o swaiEs to triter
PEAHL ItIIVER- `ihr Oloff-40,000 feet Innber
20 4s0o liath. M Grant
TCHIEFUN('TE- cchr. ie'er Kate--'0 cords
wirod to ,a.'*er
BLIND hIVER--T-Scr Kty- -1 cords wood
to manter
IILIND RIVER--- chr Kate-ll,000 staves
25 tords wood to order
RILOXI--gchr Miry Irene--30 000 feet lamber
Hlsasmn & Poloey and Jno N Elliott
BAY ST LI)UJIS-Schr ('oncordi--30,00() feet
Iiruber to Hasam &A Pooley
Ieeeipas by tTallemea.
N 0, O & G W-Nov 20- -6 bales cotton to
.1 L Couret-- 2 P 8 Witz--2 Delita c &t 'eer--5
I.itt'e & I uilhho---3 l."l:liEcn & E.clapon--- 1
SW Iuimbridge Aco--2 Ha B t A M.ica!ley---30
ika cotton seed M Dowling-39 do 4 hbds sunar !5
t hbbt m-lasers A TItr- u Aco--5 bhlts molasses 10
htds sugar R Here -7 tih*s sugar W Bogart-- do
Von Pi ou Broe-3 do 1ý bb a m ,i taes 0 Satiaier
15 do L. (Gresena-erg-12 do.I A Lane-2i do L)y
nwond A Lall -113 do J I Adams Aco-94 bf-bbl
h do Renshaw & C('amnia k-- 2 bhle do I bhl sugar
I K Giurdan - blbs rice and sundries L S irle-
hbis peas IkDr lanc & Beler- 32 hides and satdri-s
J L'Couret--I bbl h'des Stibrr,etle A Gaunreaux
5 bhls potat~ es W Fields- 2d!; hea I ca.tle 17 h )ga
r d sundries to order- Total 21 h:ales cotton 277
' bls mnlases : i. hf-hhls do 2' hhis seic:r
N O, J & G N--Nov 20-3:l bales cotton to
I acey. Terry Aco--l.l Perkins, SwIenon Aco--
32 1', ter, Goldstein &ro --10 J B Hood &co--2
J P Higgins &co-12 J P Harrison &co--3 Spyker
A& asrdidge- 40 Jos Hiy &co- 1 Iickmas, Hill &
6 re- 7 J Williams A Sun--2 J A G Cromwell--2
I1 Nugent--26 Payne, Huntington &co-153 t.
SPayne, III ntington Aco--15 JIo Chasne &co-17
It L Adams & ,on- 7 .1 A Lane-3 M Oglesby-71
. Warren, Crawford &co--? Knox Broc--15 G G;
r (;nrien-5 W b Thompson-4 Barrett A Lesaesig
i6 8 B ('artright-13 J R Powell-4 C C in'on-gt
I ichsrtson & May---14 T H & J M Allen &co--5
t Il.gan & Patton-7 Summers A Branins-7 Von
2 'Lul Bros-I J K Hey &ci-69 Jono 1' Hardie &
co--13 Lehman,. Newgses &co--2 i' B ('hamtina-
13 Britton & Moore- 1 ('rawcor, Iterymnan eco
I Parbam & Blnnt-12 8 B Aby ,tco-I lKearn &
'-hearer-I BarttleA Noble--6 J Barrett &co-t
IH ' BTunhar---35 M Hiller &co- DG C0 Cioke--.5
S Friedlander---I J P Smith-2 H S Addison--I
T & H Ilendriduan-L R Il Walker--0 bb's wklsky
J H Oglesby--sundrieas to order-Total 9) bales
( ,--,, --t - --' '. r.
As Oil which risnores 'kay a tr to erisl le,.
Na wsshltg oi the head ac'mer. Poei oby
(5. n. MoSS'MoN,
Importer sad WholetaneDruggrct. St2 Mglera. s..
D. JAMe8 5YM3, C
Wbolesae snd 3.10l Drut'rs, £s. 1V asa atIJ e,
D. S. 4atsrGla
r-uete, icorner Felici r t yn sa Its iseets s.
No, 14 IMaease stest, aemr OmaL
ldwell's ilsraCL.
l S-aaeyuterd itsi Ott.ae. im I, my etar iw lP
'. It"D ' Ml.ttLC,, 5E rmlgt. thati is et the best
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-e heir tor rl egtals o [I tI~taD-on · Tr which, lsu
nibs my ignissUra
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s·ate dee Keraesd. tar Ch (Ohartl dm tA
I(o.EZT P. ,,ITrhIs,.
tlnlntM On3. Elgthth strMnL sOrehours. Virtsutn.
,t Jaad gfrtes. at Purlt.bernt Lvesit lise
We h ave e orr en!'trhe ttenth of ad|l v "rther - to 9rtl , Rm Ol
Ae kly sad Wi-kly Neotperes a peihey rd u Sticytud fir
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• h. gnhost th aChta·r tsle sd ee.. aamoy 6.a
Luaso s vr mas rLehe thatey will ind ata
tier Itoeract to(r cos-e thrmtsb t'alegoiey for the tmtt!rn
<tstistpeliy. Ii will mil'ot Oei te'nm eltrn alxuic,
cud mitre the pubticats oft their sdert mne abpon ton
I'tioge Crm atorsd eeant- ily solllid.
We beg tease to ear' the attoa!?d- of adaroler ti 1 *9 icb O
ii. ed fanorsbti nooties of thin aeseey, sad upc5 'hat Scqcer
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ltr:,r int tor senerJ tnsuerts bee resumed hi, old hbletner
we h~rr satm balU reattions itrh him rirs maleolI
in sal hb,e srsie ,uid uim pr ,mc,. anOrg(i... cede,
itir We ei-er lly ra.cmnr bthim toit p~Pi. r'yn-'
Sthe ser-clr-ot r a ylersicig se n ey in ltrimre,-.I N
'.::e taliLt r dr e'lir s-id (-ri·s , 5OV IS. |1 |55
A©ralsylszs.--We ters redr d to bluttneed set cm
ho Mr. Roo·et... ? ero,. at aba "tiajee Ad"eerticn
'er·ey,' t Vilrault Oos Loclhb-e, V It affordl. s
a nab piasure to heve this os'rtsnnity of saln. thst hea
iag bd ior s Iosg eried muobusinas Inhisr n urc witb btm.
ne herr slwns toatd hip proma a Ic tical, sad Iisevcer
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Snalsasa 1 L~llososss Vs-We 5g556H s hn MI. L P.
aito. hie ssb e~ehlashd hI. AvertL AgLrc1 a
t.tlvbtirg.Ve DVa ritt s we" we hod doitlua wisL Utid
inlrom*in We clwrt. fotsd him prompt ctd relicle Prm i
" - nor n rxcnrire-e, we sre sll 'md thu si] ordersatriitad
to ricee wilt apemp esmDW.
(Asegma iGe.) (hOga d llssisL .Ne. 17. tam
.5wcm --. Ushers P. Ittos
qetdememe rwith Mr. ettee. ead wo aebs mesh Ismasma Is
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t0 103 M3W toss 30to'
kh b I.ie aaeeao s.. tWu S.lwl...
Man. twas.n OerW
E. Y. GAOS. Oemajaa,
it- US UioU·I batof T.insb.0 M SUNDAY,
at Novembelrd, MI8LE.
M P....A. ·......................................41
63 Prrigbt for LIVZAPOOL. HATER Wo BNMRUS tuas
Dh 0.0 It, ad w Iasb Dag oopyf
00 Por~~~ptm
I[ p ini mr*·b.he 0 1..r a.tam te
'ar t L BRANT ..................Owtmto N. a. ·16
aRs ICRP;.rT CITT. W..roar.............. Cp· n ao.sW.Nm
tr IIHFS A N.................... .. Oc"%' I¶? . sIe.
9 01SNEE L EAnE ..............Cape A. W. oa.
o 1l.ID WAT G................ pta Ga L. rateo
F WoIng f boa trow Yok TRAYU ATUDAY.
rGe. arut.
H. N QOICK. Ohamonds.
SWilt loawo wheZ foot ofJ.ff0.., seoa -I a SUNDAE, Nev.
11. Thea o.omohp
sea. Wcads.
:41A. W. NAIPSOW. Comammdr.
Wi I leave her wharf. foot of St. Loals street, an TGUAS
DlAY. Sov 26th. itt. M.
Theug Stome.r bows emoalar ...am1 sLes to, p.
Its CABIN PASSAGE ...................................
I s 8- Ball. ofLdLadg =paned thrS to LorpeoL
E No IS9 Comm.. otrs.
es Tho. ttmrhty ITYND STATEN will follow tho 05.8.2,
- Iwir hL hDAl, November y29 aIL. r.
1i -Z - -
IIKET!.....Ia 500.....'ho. A M00, Oamm(II.d
.Io 0 'IA........11W tooa......DokootCamiaa.r
9i, -sit aw fw Toot..k................3- 11141
Is L. U. REED, Comandor.
lo.yo bee wharf; oppy alo Jockoom, Oqoam, o
to WF ONkrSDAY, Nov. 2Ibt, at 7 P. i., carrying th U. S.
pp rr freight a p0as0.., having eanssr . ossuer
Apra. ape'rso WIT&INKOOII, IdIAET a CO.. Agu
13 H o oadaNaiuolI.
N. 1.-so btak of loflpp hn Sbuos of twe Ooopy wIl
Id w s8.Tna Permits tor frieighht moad ho peoio frm this
ni.t No fright tor How..s oase sba: I oUias a
II Tobm0r n SATURDAYT. ember 21stI, t 9 o'clock, ra.
rd TheoA Rtomship
la Law..C.
L. H. LIVINGSTON.Commander,
Wil levero her wharf foot of CloIliop atreet. Firat Distlot,
Y auu~e. For reight or pass ! J A't
r. i. PhERRIl A CO. enlo.
It B Cirwidulst I~atre
f, 4 1 V 1504T( N =11W IIA.N&)L.A
I) 01.A - Th. toll.w.,m mowr. loow-opCInao
ae asmhwo form this 1ine:
! O ewn II. CLoI.rr...*susU.
0 .a Nary.........~I·c·...... Ame...........Sarna
to Aal'a ea............ Cva+.eouO........Maw
r e!Itaton ..............Jnoahaol..... ..Ma 03ob,
The Stmip uarlina.
J. l f LEWIS, Comandoor.
A W Il 0 Ma oot o! St. J°whnr ~Urll
Joap at-at UU~llaAY,
tam N.trn.ber 2.d ti.A. a ýN '8 UT
Felreigt s. pasage mpply to
as CHAS. A. WHIWIEN A CO., Aamua
x 00 and U Camp Neel
o~ Pvs~ht tooored at one-hal theb raesm adopted hy the teard
of endwrlrters July lit, tAil.
1 1a.-No .1,11if olflrinq a-ned slter soiling of the atoomoo
L- -ru
7 -
1 * T , TUESDAYSTIll IN S oHUI .d 5
DAV a~t7)5 .'dock A. M. * mo tea HolE laying tae A.1.
Whine the USeri..0Liem e11rmWpe bOmr frGlvam.Ne
S JooepbTae........................CAPT. J. N. LEWIS
SISSIrugntiS................Cpt. 3. .1 ATKINSON7
-~r br~c Itnt tok add0.0 o. andml S o·isok -
1 Lo~om klatrad ~ors No. Su Comma ShS ar a
Par, lodig Agoot.c~ ra
SB. V.3. DAI.E?._Sropo~ oouao
NILtAZ()M 31ANTL&(*O..
O GLV~bTON-Tko born iemeh
m. r. FARWlXIt COmmlado,.
Wll IosutootfLt.30.b r aoato0000.Ith atb~~oom
Ia oo·blo t eras tho Broo ho, gooda to he doilvepd ma
atl~pt tockto 00a10000 to oW therbLr owUhtngo
To Ib a pamam oopy t
CUAS. A. WITN? 8 CO., Agat
WadE Camp asreo
Freigt toar.4 at ooa~hm the rob 040,00 hy the loo
Ur dnr~rrtrro. lolyT I 145
0I cLtotrIA I3ORT1I.
10* VWIIDAW 10313
trh tlAMES CIIDn k KITSlmr, TAMP ASP 331(Q
So ?e~o~adtih aud Jockenelle, cheor~ than an orb.
SI ruelo Proaght to lrw To-h rio Cod.' Kayo Florida 51.ejI
road and .toonrshlp' rorooctlog 01 Foraadls. Isa.c
rot.. ad with dlopoicb
I.I Ono to ospaapl at the followlo ot~aasblp to 0.1
Atttrnos 3. PARISHI,CO~rama
N·waoa L. Si fIVINGSTON. Cwnmardot,
Plid.,I N. CLEAR?. Commando,.
LIt INOSTON. CaOmmatder,
w' terre her wharf, tot to UhilOpo airaa 0. blt
L1·DO Y. N~~rit,rer~lnt olYp.a.
V. V. CAMALINI A 070 oam.~
IICarondrlrt 0.0R
il. B ..4tlppO OriI ploooo procure ordor freo Agents'
Ol~ve butlrr ,rrdir., frr, u~,t I the , arnmer
8115 iJ~lLAMS 1UOWSUAI AO-SJl. dLO*t.
agtrn to rotall oh an aqata aL~f
wi Ish L~l-r roooof Towrt,~ cand"'
I.1 .Ir0wer %..~ri ~yiro t is th *hfrlngc rfl'mp ad
attmeg Mi aad.~v Lewmh~aa Sib ooe madrp Irbr
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beaklu. Nemumaqu MeaOtter Tegma
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Towboole tao pnor.4 that a datomls will 00001, atia u
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to f9ollmw'n low ite"mo tree Steaasms
MART ............. .....OAPT. CAS lOl
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IOUIs ....................OAPT. DOPRIIE .
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CHAR, A. WiZIPIJT 10. Ageam
IS nd Al Camp sieNtL
Ploht gtglad by RIIread throuab to Montsgemo .
Ceolsmheq, Atlants and Macu, and by Itnootmas to alot
sad all Elats m Alabama Riv, . as. i as Wetam.pa,
the lowest rease.
Freight eseelved t ehaIlf the raw adopted by lBard of
Ulderwrmtern July lt. 188L
PteO% cnd Ill . ,l t. ie ,.t 4Lh'4u 4 iclra,
t ambs a, , Aa I th.U keorgtll
Frmn Wow Orleans via
Me gts Lte Dlatly Steaeere,
to nbtle. ibrsre peo Rail 'ao t Mt nlt tierry ('olubm s,
Mc'-. Atlia. m0n (remlL Mob t.' tim mad lt Mats
Ibh Alabama Rivet, a. h'gh s Wetmypka. by Baker 0o.'s
Line ltdepo edet .tvomemt
Protebt received d;l r l Pontehartratn Rallrn~a Dopel
and hill. ltdiar truled thronh at the lowest rates
AIll gole for M ,..l,,r o er - .'d "e~-'s ti I.er Idee d Ui
Mot olf obile .red Gre.t Wetern Railroad. Melo. IP
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CHAR A. a WHTsiY , ao . Al4ea
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JOAEWUAY. . LER, wrll- l hs om a rrval of P.o.es. -
Itol Nmil . eetuev   below:
Os TUENIATPs. 10 s. a vain. s
0. SATURDAYS. lIS trMal-ae thi trip ciig to Pe.s.
R-stmler. wilt le IM Otrto l vme Nl')IA ued
The aboel tls wll be regual y sad male. preemoe hp
b aIsr o low *tatt.
Jirs Ud Eco.e. Alexzsaoi-, and all wly ia daIga
mR No ..................... L. KOUINN. Ha-ter.
Llile. Hopki.s....... J. T. IAt'tl. )Mlr.
Ple rF ................... ... M. OTL .K. Ma.t.e.
l.elw ea s...... .............. t J. IBRINKER, M ter.
brs No, 10................. IKA %C H. VlMr.VaI wd.
Mlmeud ............. . T OAEDMAI,Ma.m :
T'bi Lie will leave on Advertled 'th e. p .inc portic.l.
ttent.cn to all planta.ion b ,aese.a Thram esslps tad
Tickets given oy
0. L KOIN11 A IRO.. f' Oommona tres.
taverln on AI'I kIDAY N,"v . ist ms 5r
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i .rand Ee ,Ie. lNt. m orie-. Ctill , .lOazmdrt.%
cm ecn' IHa.biu' od ail way undhauo-Thi
A No. I paoseuer pa lett
Goldrn R a.
Co.. l ndgp mater: A M HalliL nTu W. o T. .Hynt. r ecks.
wcll Iavr. p.Ltlvlt'o.. otnCve roe. Itrelit n. pwter apply
on board, or to W. M. ltLt. 2 Tcbnno.itla. . atrs
A HIT IN A r'(t. t.ormmonstree.
Leavr, VVPRv TIP,5DAY t 5 e. a.
IOR 60l oib RPCIIR. WotryIt
GfrS luo hirer. Cnttlo, A leaan. K rmcv.,
Birota'to, ad all way londags-The A o. I.
Flde- h.eldl stan tr
JNO. HBAEIRLLE. ater; P. A. RTIORA't, Clerk,
Will leave wu aIve ond rvm.ln in he tradeo s.aa'Rmei
I uredoc Packet. rr frel.tb. or p 'moaes epty ccn "erd'
LO Uld VI LL1.
Leave on SATURDAY. 21't ltt., at 5 r. a
WM as, FOR I (cLlIV1L.Lj CAIRII. W19$.
PH IS. cIrkelco Naw-has lEet. Rars ,nIl
oall iet.rmacdijte lmdlnge.-- robw sad plea
oil pocengot steamer
De xter,
Will losmes above. Ptr ett or p.-eg* Coply on boo -
to " " 'lA Kb Is ";P't':u Pr: drr· ,,
Leaves on WEDe**EDAT. 25e mnst., at 5 r. .
Fs l ill .OUVIIlV E. AlIOl, M -Rr
_____ . _ ic__he Pt ch,* Sarin a Rot. aod al
' t Ormrala"dteT'» mow sad upleadld
p..sreger steamer
t'e'. R. E. NIPAL.
Will leave o above. tr .hl " o n .. ,e **a ly on a rd,
_r to IIi' N. Kt+FFW T I'.5ydrmn-t.+t
St. arsu Is.
J W. CARLETON, Master: M. rors.py. Cic-k
rLeave nATURDAT. Nov. 21. ,t5 r. ,.
SMarpl, tl.rre. o I 1 tt 8o. 0 ).Tool blt 'IIas
JAu A OTr t VRMNiej 1 Prteas mat.
Leave EVERS\ OTITCDAY at 5 . .
Met ln. toi. Port tcls io.. 4 Horr isoee, Thlt
ml r l pity Iso d .eI g to rinate nand ?Inb rlv .--d.
Oeuit riearh I.-7iesl it p e ?l teaomer it tieasr. T.
Ro. . oster; Ho, . w.ll hrao ol vrk F.o" frei ght lor pt.
mm oy lom oard , cr to (EO. D. HIT . 17 rchouidt-J.a Is
J A A MITI' h n. .. a o.m
VI G Clt_ _ aSlr.'Vlli MO, Ire . IN,
Ia t .EE aYAUDAY stS ..
VicE l,rllc .
001nd 1.ote. ts rter sTlrstrkiaodl. Beso.rivr
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Lawtp. VEtt.cl litalt 11.,O e Ir oeD41ol *lt-6 e.iaTk r
Wmiboe, Teine Jr e Holpb Ntrtmd J Ut HI oa reeks
ll, leve a . soT '. cI. ci, aill e.i s l rIdi ng. w i'r f r tcgst r
lpae eiLhti oed p r ta op co bowr. v to r
C. 0 WRYIII. 33ocThAm, street.
PM v es N VR NA' L RDAT. stb a'. te
hads, (ineamFl a VICIE M. n ATI'HU
U 4' ItR TMtEiONi ILsee
W. e. Temp blle. Jr. I Hny Irt d J F.li'rteUs. il: . il
Si lner wo Ioht hieh ontiel n-- thei idnr I r frstlb
. .im . . . . p_ .m L. ...r or to. .
A. VEltAltu A l't. U c mm.c sret
h . i 1ir . IOp Dlir ' . 2 Tbmuetlcsc attlesr.
cii) It LIAI) 711 ANsettre.tosst
P I - v1s list Ak r. Lpl o'ial i oi nrI a. hcc with ti e -
e. r ,l e rk t sea do t bymphcs mi h'ethb.,re pocmr rc. L en'tas'1
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eladl, tlneetll eoI aD rm Isa TluiDeA .llld TUl',DrMTpbir
tler lut i 'ght orl pe .. oh.ply rra r4l. hr m rrtoa
oa'.i. '..Ivljc lr..ttcIc ATNe-..c. t i.,.'trmt
NL'A ()lLI.al, W'L. AtD EAlo. IInAia uRt
MrlE-tI m. namerte e pec ret
A. J.JB.kCto. BO llD d WA RErhtcr, N.( k4,:. L
Utle rove Ryon s ertry antUDAY mad EATURDe Y
PeI ee eigh tat t~ esr. e o p vW arha d all m d Ie r d l
Ni IP u A'ITI ( LD,.
iLrNtI SrIm t e a h R,
.T, mOa E LDhe mDAV . Se sami RAY aItRDR ar . a
<, ,O I TC[) A-ID AL INe -
dlete o T Tr. hlEnla Hi, Mit,
U. Bl. eBONDED W REre , N.r. gh
Tb. lVPt)ANY+, EI'+AD WAhi)U ote A lt'oMPI-'
ev ma storag tl rates, IAovehedls I.11 klD inA

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