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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, December 22, 1868, Morning, Image 4

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Te PlasyM Ia arms a. that it hes 1 Fp.
for the solution of the snanels problem; and.
r th mor1,w that its p.li has been for M long
time belbre e public. As the publiMa tion of
bsurved on the part of ur o temporary to
sedae OtN awnancial views to -ay kind of ao
soeome lhes been ariedy Par ounhed simply
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dand Wesern News. SixhL
The Picayune is ealos that it has Mr. Tootsplan
forld th solutionbly remark, of the financial problem; and of
u before the publre driven toAs the publication fclu
last evening ikewise, y the first effort that of the two partsve
berved hc the eeaists, of me is totallemporary itop
epliducble to tfinancial view, and the other kind beeno
seely we presume by the Picaytemet that itself
Tsheme two parts been aread simply announc reduction of themply
uea a that its opinions are, as Mr. Toots
Scald unquas: ioaably remark, of no kind of
consequmnce. We are driven to this concin
seac, likewise, ly the fact that of the two parts
of which the pin emalasta, one is totally nap
plicable to tin, issue, and the other has been
These two parts ar simply a reduction of the
expenses of the ity, and the funding of the
city notes. Economy in the administration of
anaicipal affairs is, of course, very desirable ;
and economy ill preserve us, in the future,
from the etuberrassments which now
so seriously aliot us. But no res
olutions of 3tsenehmeat will suffie to
asve nus from the paralysing
.eet of the city money, as long as we con
tinue to receiye that kind of money in pay
ment of taA. Moreover, the Picayune does
not tbve us wit say estimate of the amount
by which the expenses of the city govern
ment can be l e~etively reduced, beyond a
sggestion tb t the printing bills might be
diminished and that the offiee of assistant
ity attneomy ought to be abolished. To be
sure we are told. that there are "a hundred
other ways" in which reductions might be
made, but tl not one of the hundred is
specified, we .ke the liberty of rejecting the
suggestion as the basis of an argument, or
even of a "p an." The proposed conversion
of the eouncil iato a bureaucracy might suit
the ideas of pesons who imagine that evils
can be cured and reforms effected by legisla
hive iokherin with the eity charter; but we
are at a loss tp peroeive how the shifing of
munieipal duiies from the ofioers by whom
they are now diseharged to another set of
ofcers, wit adifferent titles, would prove
a cheaper ". more convenient method
of administraji in than the one which is now
in operation.; The Picayune thinks that by
means of thi jchange the city government
could be conodeted as cheaply as the affairs
of a private el poratioa. But is such an ob
ject desirable? The expenses of the city are
not mainly oe even largely embraced in the
salaries of municipal ofieers. They consist
prinsipally of charges inseparable from a mu
icipal corporatiion, or, under our practice in
eprably, coisrcted with the municipeal gov.
wmnment-sudl. as payment of the police,
lighting the streets and supporting the public
Iahools. II pe should exclude these ex
penase from 3 count, the muanicipal corpora
tics might wao coat no more than a private
corpoition- lunt then there would simply
be no use for n city government at all. But
the whole leof this disession is irrelevantl
Economy as we have said is a good thing, but
conomy is i- possible as on as theo city l
emapelled to pay $16 for s keg of nails,
worth only! 8, and $20 for a barrel of
foor worth only $8. And just such
exceasive prices must be paid, and in a con
tinually asoelertingratio, au long as we con
tinue to reeive anpayy out city money. The
only way to solve this difficulty is to refuse
tom receive it sy longer. To palter with the
question would be to inereese our perplexities
and sagment omr embarrasaents. The fund
ing plan, is, so doubt, a good one, for the
pispose of providing for the ultimate pay
ment of the city money debt; but the fund
ing plan ha ben nm)ut by Bhe people, and
in that deciion the Picayune fully concurred.
these questio~s together. Each can, mad each
eohi, to be settled by itetf. First let us
entricate ourselves from our difeiulties, and
then we shall have time, and opportunity, to
proptv(kde for the payment of our debts, to
rede our einting bills, to abolish useless
offies, and ~ren to resort to thorne "hundred
other ways' of avinag money whieh the
Picayune keeps in a dim and mysterious
background of fancy and invention.
Advices from Cabs oenalue to repreent
the insrection uas far more formidable than
the government organs have been willing to
admit, There sesnms to be no doubt that
mueh the larger portion of the hied--my,
mearly the whbo of the eastern department
fom a point near Vills Clara to Cape Msai
is under the eoet i t tie issrgum wirth
the sameption of the le oles, whtdich are
still held by lo; list garsas. The govrn
mat troop appear to h coaned to these
atreagholds, and even as to those poa
eamr tie mram . be hum t. 1sh e s
adlimn es t etm hats sthet are -ers
tesmges esmrnkye nup in th wabei
elq04s CvendPrudrtmo F aL ppsThe
- . e(9 .har eessse sb mtspsees w
t rMew t a isatay ope-maom thna ey,
$0o mYand,i in be of musk um
Wee hodjlg from e toms ofr the lead
ingjournal in tha Neth that th pet sy o
an early rempeLn eo spes payment is be- a
oong ame popler in that setion. It s
not improbable, therefoe, that Cogr, at at
SdiLantday, as i is ugsd todoby same
neding jourmnal, will pass some law or the d
expres purpose of gsinag *set to this policy is
But, meanwhile, the Supreme Court is Pon- ai
dering the question of the eonstitutionality of is
the legal tender aet, and it is strongly as- m
peeted that a majority of he justice an pme w
pared to decide In the negative. BSuch a d- a
cision would eander superleous the proosed k
legislation so far as the commercial public is t
concerned. For, as any one maust nfalihbly a
perceive, who considers thoroughly the luaa- tl
cial situation of the government, the only poe- I
sible method at this time for opening the way d
at once for resuming payment in specie or its N
equivalent is to delegalize greenbacks as a
money compulsorily receivable. The efect a
would be the same, whether this dalegalisa- it
tion was expresed in a law of Congress or in c
a decision of the Supreme Court Nor does r
it follow that, in either ease, the treasury n
notes and the national bank notes now in eir- n
culation would cease abruptly to be used as a t.
medium of exchange. It does not even fol- o
low that the current value of either e
class of notes would, in reality, be dimin- I
ished. For whatever real value has belonged a
to greenbacks is derived from the public a
knowledge that they were issued by the gov- t
ernment, are receivable for its internal t
taxes, and bear on their ee its promise to a
pay them. And, similarly, whatever real i
value has belonged to the national bank notes I
is derived from the public knowledge that a
they represent an equal amount of govern- t
ment bonds deposited as security in the i
United States treasury, and that, moreover, I
they are redeemable at the option of holders I
in greenbacks. In short, there has been no a
other fonadation than the national faith for 1
either class of notes, and the current value of c
each bas, accordingly, never signified any- I
thing else than the current value of the I
national credit. The effect of the legal tender a
clause was simply to compel people to accept I
the nominal value of that credit as their mone- c
tary unit. Consequently, discount on the face c
of the paper dollar was transformed into
premium on the specie dollar, and into pro
portionately enhanced prices of all sorts of
commodities. The effect," therefore, of the
repeal or nullification of the legal tender clause j
would be to put diseount, where it prop- E
erly and logically belongs, on the face of the I
paper dollar, and to subetitute specie, or its s
equivalent, in place of depreciated paper-a t
"dishonored and disreputable currency," '
as Secretary McCulloch calls it - as
the monetary unit of the country. 1
After that, there would be no more reason to t
stigmatize this currency as " dishonored
and disreputable" than to apply the same I
epithets to the whole national debt. It would
continue to be, as it has all along been,
essentially on a par with the national credit;
nothing better, nothing worse. And, as only
this credit rendered it available at any value
tion as a basis for-eommercial transactions,
there can be no doubt that it would be capable
of serving the same purpose hereafter, al
though divested of its legal tender feature.
No necessary stringency in money would re
sult The pangs of anticipated contraction
are purely imaginary, if we suppose the out
standing notes to be unwithdrawn, and the
national credit to be maintained. Indeed,
thee would, perhaps, be less danger of mone
tary tightness than there now is, inasmuch
as specie, being available once more as money,
would enter more and more into circulation;
and bank notes, representing specie-no
longer aujeot to a prohibitory tax in favor
of national currency-would gradualy sup
plement motnetary deficiencies, so that,
ultimately, the national credit floating in the
I form of depreciated paper would be in no
degree and no way longer needed to eke out
a sufficient volume of currency or an adequate
basis for the commercial operations of the
There is hardly cause to apprehend that
the nullificaton of the legal tender clause by
the Supreme Court would seriously disturb
existing relations between creditors and debt
ors. It seems to be expected at Washington
Sthat, if the court decide thus, it will concede
Sthe "supreme expediency" which overrode
the Constitution in the passage and enforce
Sment of the legal tender clause, and will, by
I way of equitable reservation, declare that all
debts contracted in the present currency are
payable in that currency, or in specie at the
premium which it bore at the date of such
transactions. A likeprovision mustbe incor
h poetaled in any act of Congress designed to
effect resumption of specie payment, either
by making greenbacks equivalent to gold or
Sby depriving them of their legal tender
I faculty; otherwise, along with a vast sluioe of
Slitigious dienclties and perplexities, groi and
ruinous injustice would be done to the debtor
class. The facet is that, without a saving
clause of some kind to protect the equities of
taetios occurring durin_ the legal
tender epoceh, any meth - or~fitlil r
dst lee diseasons. But resumption is
bound to come sooner or later; a "dishon
ored and disreputable" per, only money
Sby legal coildna, and on its oe a  eu
lat *m eel imoatur, mant always be
the arrency of a country which retains com
mercil vitality and the elements of growing
n Lrnnry.--Mr. O. C. Haley, the well-known
d sad populr bokasilke, aewsler and statioer,
see s1 the Cassomrr the baset pablites, vits:
Ha Brper's Meathly ead Mae Beld's Onward
Nagtasam for Jmuu'y. cleatSe Asere a, The
uases, Harper's Week)y, Prsh Ildle's Illes
a tr ae. Ila Des eys eand kb' Weeiy, coerrier
de Bata Uslts sad the Nerw Yer Clpw. Mr.
a B t - ha desets at Il* oe Commenrel Place
to We o13 Nreestat, ml erseeawwles wl
at alwsal a d at ye s a tether theb. l. l
it Teasi s nofpeopLeet yesiarle pasles
The ard of Wiae f Skaelue, Yrmeen
S ea the seat of arms of Sg -{ak
oa , , a-•. era, .
', Bow long, oh, Lord, how long!" a
'l he lpreme Court of the State of Louis- E
am has decided to allow the agent ad ap- 6
pointee of the black and tan, streaked and A
striped polie board, with which this city is
now carsed, to tae suspensive appeal from the T
decision of Judge Cooley, which was that the i
law ereting the board was aneonsdtatloal, t
and in its permission has prejudged the ease
in fvor of the board. So we ares to be pe
manently saddled with the iniquitous crew,
with the self-styled police, whose only duties
are to break up harmlms negro balls, to try
to break into bagnios, and to draw
their pay; our streets are still to be
unguarded, burglaries are to multiply,
thieves are to hold high carnival, high
way robberies re to be chroaieled by the
dozen, and the people of New Orleans are to
sit down and fold their arms, and allow them
selves to be doubly robbed-by the profession
als in black coats and by the non-professionals t
in blue. Look over the colamns of the Cass
cxrr for a week past-outrage after outrage,
robberies in broad daylight, drunken police
men, shooting on the streets, burglaries in
numerable, form a sickening list, and these -
things are to continue, for the Supreme Court
of the State of Louisiana-Heaven save the
mark !-has decided that the act of the bogus
black-and-tan Legislature- a body of corn-field
negroes and itinerant carpet-baggers, with a
slight sprinkling of Judases, called by oour
tesy scalawag, is to be law for the people of
the State of Louisiana, who had as much
share in makin., it as the writer of this has had
in forming the Civil Code of Massachusetts
has decided that the system of illegal taxation
and organized plundering now known as
the metropolitan police shall continue; has
decided that the citizens of New Orleans
must be robbed yet a while longer, for carpet
baggers and negroes make money out of it,
and nobody suffers but decent people. As
long as this police is to continue, it now be
comes right and proper for the people of
New Orleans to take matters into their own
hands. Once already when the police board
and their appointees diappeared for a time
from the public gaze, the people took charge
of the city and everything immediately be
came quiet. It seems to us that the times
will shortly demand just such action again.
The present poli'e rcannOt control the city. Theis
existence is a farce. Nobody respects them.
They are notoriously inefficient and cowardly.
A difficulty is the signal for them to
scatter. But the city must be policed.
How this is to be done it is for the citi
zens. either through their council, or by
their own action, in mass meeting assembled,
to decide. Our city is now in agreat strait. A
desperate remedy must be resorted to. Once
let the decision of the Supreme Court be pro
mulgated, and then comes the time for speedy,
united, decisive action. We must have a po
lice-we have none now. Ergo, one must be
create d.
Tha Osat.--Barbe Bleue.-The opera booffe
" Bathe Blene," was performed for the first time
last evening, at the Opera House, to a fine audi
ence. The fact that this production of Offenbac'
bas been played three hundred successive times
at the Parisian Varie'As, and ha' created quite an
excitement in Gotham, had lead us to suppose
that it was equal to " La Belle Helene," by the
same composer, but with the exception that the
theme, during the three first acte, has a great
sinl'arty with that of the latter nperett a, it
far behind it in excellence. We will, however,
not be too hasty In ctitltleong the play, for
several of the sritangers were unwell and
caused the play to drag coesiderably,
whereas it is one of those performances
which should be played in the most lively manner,
tl.erwise it fails. The third and fourth acts are
decidedly the best and relieved the audience c in
aiderably from the tediousness of the two first a sit.
The partition is divided among too many per
sornges, leaving very little room for so!u and
duoo. The operetta was well enough put upon
the stage. The principal performers wers taste
fully costumed. Mile Chauveau, whose voioe is,
however, not low enough for the mutic, sang
very well, but lacked the spirit and action reces
sary to the role of Boudotte. There are sims im
itative passages In the music, such as the imitation
of the bellowing of cattle, the kiss march and the
initation of marriage bells, waich are pleasing.
The operetta will not be repeated this evenisg.
as announced, owing to the severe indispositito of
Mr. Nardis, Blue Beard. " Jereualsm," by
Verdi, will be substituted, with m'me Gambler,
Meemrs Picot, Van BoHflen, Peront and Gaston in
the 0est.
Va·ttrra--The " Lancashire Lass" on i's ftt
representationn drew together a crowded hose at
the Varieties last evening. So large an audience
we have not seen there since the first night of
"Under the GaeiIght." Our readers have aIready
been furnished with a sketch of the plot. In
the east of charaeters and in the meohaneal
Seffects nothing was wanting to the complete repre
sentaticn of it. The great central figure to the piece
Swas Mr. Bheridan's Party by lthe name of Johr
I ston, a swaggering, dirty ticket-of-leave mn,
lw and bad enough for any rtme. Spotty, a rtoif
and stray. wasupersonated very pleasuigly by Mr.
Stanton and we ea ina all sincerity compliment
Mr. Balto upeo hise Mr. Danoile, sepec!sally
in the scene Ia the ecoad aset where he nods bhm
self confronted by his former pal. liss Gray as
luth Kairb. the Lnecashire Lass. Mise Freeman
as Fanny Danville, and Miss Orton as Kate Gar
stos. were all natural and true te it. The great
steamboat scene in the third act wa reeiverwith
applause of the most unms'kahebly eanthnuasticUo
charaC'er, and such as glves s asaranee that the
piece will prove a popular one and have a sauo
1 eeosful roun. It is to be repeated every night this
week and on Baturday noon.
Bvr. CeBaLcs.-The " White Fawn" reaehs itt
final representation this evening, sad tomorrow
evening wlli be replcesd by thlb.nt.ftl stry of
"Cderelia, or th Ngts ipper,' Li wMh t e
5 Fay (Caristm dday),aOi nla iells eisaeisto
Sbe given for the benefit of the juvenles, sad
iesta-Chas has promised to be present with ive
Acanmxr or Mmsc.--" Uie" this wel re
eetvee a new attrsetivenem by the itreotteiea of
San entirelynew set of songs sad ballets. Lat
eveniag, Mrs. Oaten, whose weoalg pope'arity
has become a sobjeet of remark, sns a medley
sad played a gttar aeeompaamost with the
ballad " Bleep, entle Mother"' with ech eoet a
Sto win fmo herself loud and repeated padits. Go
and see her this evening. And as for yea. oh,
d juvelles. forget not the visitatie of BanteClua
Sat the Aedemy oan Priday sen.
- Ta Cassmmm Curr mwm.-tlh hdsesly
Sdols may cutriltiesla aI ew opelnA li.
a.. te 1 i.i. Rllrero to be s e tl
r . i rm evy sm, the bned the
yskleton mrn, the doubLs heded i. l -
dlets ri rneea melbqow8 e i
d The sma is jestepet shishessam
Metl. IManly seeM gea s tr is, meneu
" -
ea eqg Mr. Ja.-- , 4 -
On Ih 1 th l5., e. tlo / t the blsismib. by
tIe evw. i. lweeo, Mr. iAAo 0. DICE, ot thls el. te
ises I A. MeMOsUIAS st .m1 m..
At i4 i.ase., Aln.. Deas . t, a ale l aev se. C. A. All
sIillesa, HsEIr eGIUm AW sa i DLIRd, dmab of
A. Trael, ams
bThe baes oft Mas's bds w e em w rmese ths C
Lent. Ombebths ba besa a wes. yn rs Mb. rIa
the lainemae etdw eulidsas hsm teme s.tlW Sesdi.
The beaeuil ids id e i .ea bu Le bull ir
their lata15> dee . y r
teed he fusere tom the bsldmese of hIs father, We. SI aI
Charles astres, as TUYIYDAY gle0313, SM Iamtst, at ie
o'cl cL ri
FAae 'a 7,
__aALG'B s Pi" ms Isis / " mom ed SUIP*
TAN, se.., wad eaedie the fl Ua, & r sed Slaseia.
For Ledles I Ite isnar y It t balulab. Per (iUemas
after Shbert S has ms .aml " Pa./Yes las. e" Ibs
eal reliable demetd far dignes id b' edhes f St lb.i.
PBAIOWW " Pathess leas" !e the taels, Nesmm ale
ashn wsi a c hathee w. ue
PrAes. s ease per he 15 a54 bay ti, i rdLta
1 the P a cT. H-r
the Peesedet ' tlbs tooistima 1StN LPetve Cementy
hereby glpes sotl that, maaccordesa with aprovtldISof 1
the Charter f maid Company, reautrig $LWO=ea the Cali
tl Sleek to be subseribed sad paid Ia te Ald peeloas has
hbeen rcmted wth. and that an the 11M6 Itla t m, mos
was paid ilate the Fie. Mallsaet Ek St Je"r. Mt. N. J
and that the Treasrer oSt the d spay, CHARLES f.
MURRAT, is new am his w  to this elty, mad e l arrival E
the Compa MM emimesasm apyrim .
. .tIce to Tax Payers.
In meardanes wit'. Act Ne. tI7 the legidae apr
proved October 51t, 8llE. slred " An A It mterre tin
year 167. ' al dellaqueat tlax payers whew senao, tagethebr
with the amemat respeatteelydeshy them, were uabhitebd in
at .rlelj etalae the dy (The w-- Ol msI CIreen In tl
meuth of Jaly, 1M6, are hereby died t* aspea adastl4d
that Jadgment wEi be applled er. to ageo me ith samld
publication' TyE Days aer the ds/ pebl..ile d. pe .
eat soaes i'a the it0 eatl.g Courts, via: afls.easia wbhsk
the hil are for me haedled deltre o ler Ila I h Third aI.
trist Court r tee pabh of Orlemsa s; aleasueats wble
the bills exceed e hundred deluag saw.sdlg te s Set
letteret te deldseat's St iy samen as berm,: Pies te
S'ala.t ' y Is the Fourtb Distrit Goear 'emO to r -
anclsively aad A 'a the Pirh DistrLiet Cour 'em so Z
ameseivelly ad tIa the teakh Dist lt soer sadtree A Is
E tlsively la the Seventh District Court.
Aa lstu1 B ro to i oAtee.
No w Orleas, De. 19th. 1968I Ll OY
PIAIO FO1RTES of sbwuy A Sens. PIeOyr, doe.
PARbLO OSAotNS LUamse A RUmita.
MUSIC 30111 from 12 50 to $1s0.
or salre by LOUIS GRUNEWALD,
Muass here
L111 Cea al amee.
CArtstma L antd aSe ead r F0 8a
Six Lisen Boeem HIRTS for $9;
Embroidered IHIR T
Fna LO.-s HA.l uenEI UIllEMI eCea no
Lanee COLLARS sad Sifk SARPS-a'1 Styles
Boat Fr IIch KID Ol VI4;
All Styles of B I STE d UD AE.Rd b MENT made to
order at the lowest rates at
cIreer St Charles sad esl st•res.,
It P.-Tt e berse ha. hern estabilehedbr the lstLJ~sUW
Graned Bazar or FmAseu.
Te esenede: s Ea lte meet lo the Eapeudlem
of !es. a.
Come all both great and s.a mand beconvinced at PAYAW
CI I. O 'T W (431
And FURNISHING GOODS me low that she M.erhat,.
Clerk and Laherleg Mea c a make himself a Heliday Present
wltbeet aloe g the ameeat Tr welleg Bags T.eaek, Vallees 4
d T ATArtRhl obp the old es
Wbebe o utad i all hassardt. ly we ay, come aed come
bnt Plsi sad Otlaala1le, sled Mhall amI I mall aa
alacturerm' prkrus
We have aloe a good supply o SHELP EARDWARE.
BUPPLISE. whieh we will aeol as low as amy hoss 'a the
Gormer St Common sad Fal. straets
Fa, ,fssable UCelaUir
. 3. OWWIE'S.
l&.........M .... C AMP STREET ...... ........ a. ,
Under City Esetl,
BY A PAIB (/ ERNA&Ai N h O0.'8
Wernede a preine tlb apes unempsed a aonm ldd
aeg. Thir soesreerl, eas as edleaesd wotern Ople,
ble aeto serdee with lbs phllesoehy Stare.a ls term St
a eesawseeeurg ensers, sad teIreamo bee pmrb
that lbs wser e•i esy pereomesh St he has Stem ea by the
bempl** ** ao lsisha as s r atel wdlm'yl
, " ~PO C IAWS lI l L
aWe U 5 rreesss . a
J. I IRUI&N Wa iltlbr;
el au atrm im I4 LS9*.
Si a imlm ai me s umemia
AS emet m be rwed N a ymes t g ae
.• N. J OODY'S,
Se f a Imme-m
8Dunis. N. MOODY',
ousLer ocea. .N KWnC s*,ntie
& Btre
108....... AIA. L ST BBT......108.
mamndL , stais, neser e,
I Joseaim thIls 1r h to ble  l t em m
as, wisl to 5h5w hist appree att isof the mm, mad tolhg
hi eCmMuratioo tho strtnmy of the tlm, wars his
oa 31AUGOd and
O rass AO sa dar
idrr "T 1 es1 r RC.yst.
From this Daae. t unprfapled law rtos that s -ot
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Wholesale Contfeotioner~r
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L(n8 .. Pane CANY. 800 boes SeeIk CANDT.
0S boxes ew ShelledA ALMONDS
A ge smew omt oa Oer s mDrpe, Paer Alamis. Beo.
mma.. amen. so.ease; mI naee or Dreap Sneo Toys,
Tane Omsme'sand Cgens
A lPar asoortme t of FIRE WORKiS-La bne Fire
rackers, M blaes dtelmt kinds a Terpedies, U00 grm
diterelt kinds of Skh Rockets, 00 gres diSelm Widse ot
Roman Candlea
Also a large sseaastent of Smrp.ets, Pa Wheels. 2e6gol
Lights, Boambhalla and Fire Crach.ra
ad a large l rmemt of CaMftorl Wis .d Liqnies.
All our Goods we offer at the Lowest Baes, ard will be
delivered to the romotest partsaf the city Free of UJhrga
Trlunks, Isesa and Bgs.
We have ut recved end opense the large It estetmat of
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To e " LAEII8' EItTORI" ITRUNK, we nweld eill
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Orleans Our stock of BA9I embraces the lot mstyl fand
either in wes Tk er Paris.
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No. B Chaurere street. New Ootems
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The new aond ,elaat BI ANTIN JEWSL!.
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Apply at
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City sad ceeotry order. supplied at tie shortest, ufedo.
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