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Tk e Comatee en the f ais
Nstaralization Treaty.
ene Longtreet Said to be After the
New Orleans Collectorship.
slal Dspateh th. New Orlisas Orm=.jL
W t~nomow, D. C., Feb. 12.-The Senate oom
alnte a foreign relations have agreed to report
toy on the HEglish naturalization treaty.
They ,e six against to a fr the Alabasa
Boar ra members continue to present Southern
Talro  bsidizing bills.
Thea is no probability of admissdon of Miseis
gippi as session.
Ge ongstreet i in the city, and is said to be
an sla cant for the collectorship of New Or.
man.. DELTA.
Victls of the Disaster from New
i Orleans.
The Survivors at Jefferson,
JiritrFsox, Texa, Feb. 12.-The steamer Mittle
StepLhes was bured in Caddo Lake, last night, at
midnight. Sixty-three lives leost, among them
Mr. W. A. Broadwell and Mrs. 8. L. Lyon and her
son Fr ak, of New Orleans.
The crorvivors, forty-three in number, arrived
here by the steamer Dixie this evening.
Boat and cargo are a total losse.
The Militia and Postal Railroad Bill
Passes the House,
The Writ Against Underwood,
W iiscNaoroN, Feb. 12-Noon.-The spirit per
vading the House may be imagined from the fol
lowingextracts from yesterday's proceedings :
Mr. Butler-" I take back nothing."
Mr. Itangham--"Then I ask the Houe to compel
you to take back your revolutionary resolution.
That is something that the gentleman cannot re
tract,aud I denounce it here to-day, before this
Rouse and before the people of the country, as
being as unwarranted as any act of secesielon. I
denoon ed, as a representative of the people thib
attempt to inaugurate revolution upon the floor of
hiL Bosne. I will oppose the reference of the
resoluntion ua seeming to commit the House in
some sort to a challenge of your own law. How
would it look for us to refer another
resolution suaggested by the speech of the
entlestan, Mr. Butler, and that is that
she House should be authorized, to use the gen
tlean'sa language, 'if the Senate wonid not re.
tire from the joint convention, to kick it out.'
The gentleman from MaYaschusette should be
eaptain in the kicking operation. (Launghter.) I
think the gentleman cannot gainsay his speech
in that behalf, which brought down
the galleries and split the ears of the
groundlinga, and it la illustrated in the animus of
his resolutloo. I denounce it here au a reolutlon
of revolution. I denounce it ua a resolution of
anarcoy, The idea of the House of Representa
tires kicking the Senate of the United State !
Abort tihe time you will have kicked the law-mak
ing poer, oout of existence you will have proved
yourselcns greater architects of your country 's
ruin tLa did the millions of men who, for four
years, waged war upon your Constitution and
your la's, drenching your land with blood and
ridgi~r t all over with graves."
hr l~tier (aside).-" I always did like that
speechd f Mr. Bingham's." (Langhter.)
An.tbtr :
Mr.. mWSenck--" I have not the slightest idea of
propesiig the censure of the speaker. 1 think he
was exscrted like the rest of av."
Mr. C lfax--" He was not."
Mr. henck--" There is only a difference of
opinion hbout that."
 &,,,t-After the reports of committees, not
includtijn the judiciary or Virgiola, the Senate pro
ceeded a the consideration of private bills.
liu. --The privileged resolution of Burtler was
The Npreme Court heard argument on the
writ o~ rohibltion against Judge Underwood,
from n4:ifying the acton of the Virginia courts.
The r cosstruction committee further considered
, Miaaimpi without action.
Wao iSlOo , Feb. 12-Evening.-Io,,se--A
petition from the Mew York brewer. wan pre
sented, king for the repeal of the tariff on
Canidia barley, the home product being lnsuof
ficent i quantity and quality.
A hil was pained allowing the crew of the
Eeara $1J0,000 prize money for destroying the
Confedl ate crniser Alabama.
The r construction committee reported a bill
organi, ig a provisional government for Kin
It act orises the reassembling of the conven
tion for iwith, by order of the president thereof,
and in c se of hia failure within thrity days by
order the commanding genral of the district.
The onvention, in addition to its present
powere shall ppoint a provisional governor, and
ay re ove adapspolint all State county, town
ship an otherodera of the provsonal govern
ment, othorise the provisional governor to re
movre a appelat registers and judges ,of elec
eons, ad sbmit to the people with or withount
smetdnient the Constitution heretofore framed
by the conventton.
The bill exempts from attachment or sale house.
hold property or implements of the value of $500,
sad authorizes the convention to pass ordinan.
ce consistent with the coustitation sad laws of
the United States, for the protection of life,
liberty and property.
The convention shall not eotiwe in sesson
longler than 30 days. nor allow members more
than five dollars per day, nor more than ten cents
per mile, milesge.
Ordinance of the convention to remain in
force until disapproved by Congress, or until the
state is admitted.
Jury trials for offense against the State laws
are ordered. Milltary commanders shall aid the
provisional government in preserving the peace
and enforcing the laws.
After adjournment of the convention the pro
visional governor may remove and appoint offi
cers, subject to the orders of the preident of the
United State, who may at any time remove the
governor and appoint his successor. State and
federal courts shall have concurrent jurisdiction
in offenses against a fair and free vote. The poll
tax shall not exceed one dollar and a half per
year. The bill was ordered printed and recom.
After a severe struggle Butler's resolution and
several amendments were tabled.
The bill authorising a military and postal rall
road from Wsshington to New York passed 100 to
54. Becess.
The Hoose considers the tax bill to-night.
Senate-After considering several private bills,
the currency bill was discassed to adjourament.
It is stated aI.sw " ian applinant for
the New Orleans torship.
bHoa iad committee heard
Generale Fremot and Heintzelman to-day in
favor of a road over the thirty-third parallel.
James Lyons has addressed the Supreme Court
in support of the writ of prohibition against Un
derwood. A. B. Guigan wasin court to take care
of the interest of Peter Phillips, sentenced for wife
murder and rescued by Underwood's rulings, but
made no argument in opposition to the writ.
In the Supreme Court to-day Evarts stated that
he had been served by the petitioners with a notice
of an application for habeas corpus for the Tore
tugas prisoners, but unless the court served him
with a notice he would consider the motion ex
The Fertheemag Prees Coonvesatta.
MOBILs, Feb. 12.-The Mobile Board of Trade
will do all in their power to render the visit of the
members of the Press Convention in this city, on
the 17th, agreeable, and desire to extend their at
tentions and hospitalities to such members of the
press. North and West, as well as South, as find it
convenient to be present. The Mobile and Mont.
gomery and Mobile and Ohio Railroads will pass
members of the press to and from the convention
free. It is hoped connecting and more remote
lines will do the same.
The Board of Trade has tendered the use of its
hall to the convention:
keslpnasle of Qev. rewatlnw-Preeiams.
folea t eleetiea-Fl aeral of a Mardered
-e dter-Grea F tre I InPsakIta. Teaa.-The
Teasees, Legislatore sad she Mtlllal.
NAIsa ILLE. Feb. 11.-Nearly the entire busi
ness portion of Franklin, Tennessee, was destroyed
by Are this morning. Loss $100,000, mostly In
The fire was the work of a negro incendiary,
who was shot as he emerged from a store he
had fired.
It is probable that the resolution adopted by
the House yesterday, requiring the governor to
disband the militia, will meet with the concurrence
of the Senate, though strong efforts will be made
to defeat It.
NASHVILLE, Feb. 11.-Gov. Brownlow tendered
his resignation to the Legislature to-day, to take
effect on the 25th.
The governor has Issued a proclamation stating
that he has given certificates of election to Lell
man and Smith. Republican oandidates for Con
grea in the Bedford and Memphis districts. He
arrived at this result by throwing out the votes
of certain counties and distriots. Both seats will
be contested, Capt. Sheaf and Dr. Leftwich hasv
eng man6rities of the legal votes oast.
Private Ford, of the 46th regulars. killed by
Muhlman, was buried to-day with military hon
ors, all the regulars at this post participating.
The homicide caused considerable indignation
among the regulars, and further difficulties are
apprehended. Steps will be taken to prevent
anything of the kind.
Stabbing AKSair.
Maxrais, Feb. 12.-A printer named John
Brown, engaged in the Avalanche office, was found
this morning. about day light, near the corner of
Second and Jefferson streets, fearfully stabbed.
He refuses to disclose the name of his assailant,
but the police have arrested Wm. Mullins, another
printer, on strong circumstantial evidence.
Brown is In a critical condition. Mullins was
sent to jail to await the result of Brown's Injuries.
The oSeth Careolas Legtltature.
COLrMBTA, 8. C., Feb. 12 -An act to enforce
the provisions of the civil rights bill was passed
by the General Assembly to-day.
The sergta Legtslaturo.
ArlIArNT-a, Feb. 12.-The Georgia Legislature
to day passed, almost unanimously, a resolution to
elect representatives to Congress on lirst Monday
in April.
Soers to the Cortes.
M~ADRID, Feb. 12.-The city is profusely orna
,mented in honor of the assembling of the cortes.
toerrano delivered a congratulatory address.
Attempt to Explode a Powder Magr atue
PlFuater' Loa--ere ants Meetlag-Con
tnsned Arrests-As English Coasnl Arrested
-The 8thnews of War.
HAvANA, Feb. 11.-A person painted black
olimbed the walls of Fort Punts ior the purpose
oi exploding the powder magazine. The sentinel
wounded him.
The planters' meeting passed a resolution gacs.
ranteeing a nine million loan by ten per cent. of
their property.
The merchants had a meeting to-night for
the purpose of raising money to asslt the govern
Arrests by the military and police continue fre.
quent in the city and throughout the irland.
Among the prisoners are many well known plant.
ers. merchants anti iwyers. The English consul
at Cardenas is among those arrested.
The Prensa says at present Jimenes, Planita and
CassanOva are the only rebel leaders in the central
department. No other chiefs with men have ap
peared. The nnnber of rebels at Camarone is
supposed to be 3000.
The meeting of merchants last night to raise
funda for the government had no decisive results.
A mixed commission of merchants ana planters
was appointed, with instructions to report a plan
for supplying the needs of the government quickly
and securely, without imposing additional burdens
upon the middle or poorer classes.
SorRvnwus PAss, Feb. 11 --Noon.-Barometer
30:20. Wnd east and fresh. Arrived: Steamship
Pantheon, Beeley, Liverpool, to Ashbridge, Smith
& Co.; steamship Agnese, Wilson, Galveston, to
C. A. Whitney & Co.; ship Assamun Valley, o.
berts, from Liverpool, to Manry & Co.; bark Dui
-ra·iUI, Meslni, from Palermo, with fruit, to J.
G3reande; sohooner Agelinas, Ward, from Utilla,
with fruit, to d. B. P16in ; schooner Androme
da, Smpeon, from Turk's Island. with salt, to A.
Couteerle & Co. Sailed: Steamship Juniats sad
brig Lady Mohek.
Borrgwm PAss. Feb. 12-6 F. x.-Baro
meter 30.15; wimnd east and fresh. Arrived: Bark
Granton, Grmedell, Liverpool, salt to order;
schooner Three B8ters, Henderson, Ruatan, trait
to K. Morgna; schooner Henrietta, Snow, fruit to
F. Pierce. Sailed: Steamships Sxonal and
Clitom sad ship Oledonas.
RlVZR rWsw.
Vlcxsume, Feb. 12.-Paied up: Magenta at
noon. River falling.
ST. Lous, Feb. 12.-River falling slowly.
LoUeriVLLE, Feb. 12.-River rislag, 8 feet 9
inches water in the canal.
CAIRo, Feb. 12.-Passed down: Peoria City at
2 A. M., Mollie Ebart as 2 A. IL, and Cora at 1 r. x.
Up: Argeonat, Silver Moon, Virginia, Groesbeck
and Hamilton. River rose one Inch. Westher
clear and pleasant.
MYaYPms, Feb. 12.-Weather clear sad pleasant.
River rising steadily. Departed: Belle St.Louis,
for St Louis, Norman. with 700 bales of cotton
for Evansville, qpd Sam Bale, with 1700 bales for
LoweNo, Feb. 12-Noon.-Consols unchanged ;
bonds 733 ; sugar firm both on the spot and afloat.
LiVzarooL, Feb. 12-Noon.-Cottoo quiet; mid
dling uplands t12Jl12d.: middling Orleans 124~
12fd.; sales 10,000 bales. Sales fur the week
63,000 bales, of which 4000 bales were for export
and 22,000 bales for speculation; stock 285,000
bales, of which 94.000 bales are Americas ; corn,
old 33s. 6d.. new Sis. 3d.
LIVarwooL, Feb. 12.-Stock of cottoa afloat
286,000 bales, of which 116,000 bales are Ameri.
esi Jj el roulard to-day estelt /Ad
Lowsst, Feb. 12-Evening.-Sugar excited ; on
the spot 38s. td.. afloat 28s. 9d.
LIvERPOOL, Feb. 12-Afternoon.-Yarns and
fabrics at Manchester heavy.
LlarPooL, Feb. 12-Evening.-Cottou easier
but not lower. Middling uplands [email protected], mid
dling Orleans 12@12;d. Sales 8000 bales.
Losaorc, Feb. 12.-Evening-Consols, 93;
bonds, 774. Tallow, 45.. 9d. Sugar firm; afloat,
28s. 6d.
LIvsRPOOL, Feb. 12.-Evening-Oid Corn, 33s.
New, 31.
HAvRE, Feb. 12.-Cotton unchanged.
HAVANA, Feb. 12.-Sugar still advancing. No.
12 closed at [email protected] reals. Exchange on London
16017 premium, on the United States sixty days
currency [email protected] discount. Gold [email protected] premium.!
New YoaR, Feb. 12-Evening-uotton dull and
lower; sales 2000 bales; middling uplands 300.
Floor less active and soarcely so firm, and prices
without decided change. Wheat less active and
scarcely so firm. Corn less active; new lower,
old white firmer; mixed Western, new [email protected],
old $1 [email protected] 06. Oats firm. Pork doll and heavy,
$32(32 50. Lard lower, kettle 20)@20jo. Whisky
quiet and unchanged. Rice doll. Sugar excited,
muscovado 12 (g130. Coffee firm. Molasses ex
cited, New Orleans [email protected] Turpentine [email protected]
Rosin $2 50®8. Freights drooping; cotton by
steam 4d.
Nsw YoRE, Feb.)12.-Money easy and abundant
at [email protected] per cent. Gold 135. Sterling 109.lo
Southern securities generally quiet. Stocks
closed dull.
New Yoax, Feb. 12.-Evening-Capital in
abundant supply; prime discounts [email protected]; Loauis
iana Levees, 67c. ; 5-20's of '62, 114; of 't;4,
111,; of '65, 113;; do. new, 110;; of '67,
1101c.: of '68, 110 ; 10-40's, 1011.
MonrLs, Feb. 12.-Cotton receipts for the week
8646 bales. Exports-foreign. none; coastwise,
1856 bales. Stock on hand 60,333 bales. Sales
for the week 7850 bales. Sales to-day 800 bales.
Market quiet. Low Middlings 271. Receipts to.
day 2784 bales.
ST. Loris, Feb. 12.-Flour $5 [email protected] Wheat
$1 75. Corn 72(475c. Oats 65668. Barley
dull. Rye $1 [email protected] 30. Whisky 95c. Pork $33 50.
Bulk shounalders 13c., clear sides 164j. Baton shoul
ders 14'c., clear rib sides 17tc., clear sides 1840.
Lard 20c.
CIlcolNNATI, Feb. 12.-Family flour [email protected] 50.
Corn [email protected] Oats 66(67c. Whisky 95c. Bulk
shoulders 134c. Bacon shoulders 14.c. Pork $3.
Lard 20c.
AICAcO, Feb. 12.-Superfine Flour $5 2518 50.
Wheat $1 2401 26. Corn 659c. Oats [email protected]
551c. Rye $1 20. Barley $1 !:. Highwinee 1:4c.
Pork [email protected]" 50. Lard [email protected]1c. Bulk ahoul
ders 13ec.
MiMpnmi, Feb. 12.-Cotton easier. Middling
uplands 2-.jc. Week's receipts 10.189 bales. Ex
ports Nota 11,393 bales. Stock 26,384 bales.
LouImrvILLE, Feb. 12.-Sales 03 bhde. teobaoo
at $5®29. Pork $33. Lard 2"c. Bacon--should.
era 144c., clear rib sides Ie., clear sides 18c.
Bulk shoulders 14c.. sides 17l4171c. Superfiue
flor ,3 75(G 25. Corn 60GiJc. Oats [email protected]:33c.
Whisky 96c.
Arrtivals at the Prsmlcpal Hotels.
Dr Jean, N Y. Ben L Crater:
MYa G(o bargent and servant, Miss Roe Gordon, Mis :
Mki,; . (3 Wilmci, d.o,
Wm W Warner, La; F E Evans, La;
R M Walsh. La: Jan P Wtntson. turton
R D Osbura, Mne. Sam 8 Alexaeder, city,
J . tiltiret1 m, t Cnrse Are.
.I M Strood; Jas F Hiobames, Mobile;
ii Marshal. city lno Sitrrett. ,Jr, C,n.
Ii T lilictt, CI, L L Buller La.
Mrs J T Bodle and children, W e Wood. Ala;
Ala: J A Hildreth. Ky:
S (7r ssb., Mies, W C Day, Mia
Mobt Day, do. 0 Brande1, NY.
Mr. Baldwick; Wm B Ltreet and family:
Dr J H Pope; Col G I Carker. lTet
Mrs Bendrix and sou: RichaRld O(nes. city.
W Hortor, (' irc.
J D Venner and family Mr. Bark, Louisville;
C A Park.. La. J W anfield.
WH Arnold, wife and child; C II Davs. La.
S B McLean, Miss H FL ocher, Min:
ML ,Rancopi, La, F Bail Lonirsvll.e.
J H Brooks, Boston. J A Ticker. Boston:
W A Tucker. do: J F Bhey, Louisville:
N i Turner. Lonisville; H J Stevens.ol asd wife. N Y;
J W Le Bisana, Washington: Ueo W Storm, Montgooiery,
Mrs C Linoe and ciildrea, K Liverford
Montgomery; R Ht Byv, rc ity:
Chas Brick;ey. Houston; A B Rtainmune, Mirn :
Col W Sharp, Texas: Br B Victouor. ct);
tL LIeverson, Slemphic; J B Drury. Memphim ,
J aS Loftun. do, " m Dean, Pltacborg.
3 L Osgoed.
W O Caten. str Olive Branch; A Koskllno, ;
C RWheeler. La: W White, La;
F H Sansy, Ark: AP Jonus Ky;
td Aieaander, Ark; J 1' De LoIPo, Fl.a;
w resole: 'C A Peltin. Nut:
A O 5orrison. T"am., J 5 M konbrongh, Va:
TI oaJao-b.t river, O Silcrioni La.
Jbn U ck ar rajmily, La; HUM Penlito. La;
T N i'r:5. La: L f C!s, La;
(;us ailador,. art, J Earnest. Al.;
-a Co rths, Bal, n: . ; Jau Iidwick, Looisvi'e.
FR iBrown. Eldorado Aik. M D:,on, Proy.dese,. IL;
V' io,,lr, b. K arnp -t. Jamo W Btoo.hrr. "irx.
Joe Edward, lbaoas Land. W J Eddinston, Mero Land
ing. ioi:
K Noble, Winn gariah, La; i A Thigpen, Morebonss par
J ('rrll and onre s k;
AP Forrls, Morehouse par- James h iteven., Massoli,
ishb, La: Mus.
ington dispatch of the 7th to the New York
\\ orld, esays: A Sunday morning paper here pub
lirhes the following, which is sent for what it is
worth: " Last eve:ning political circles were very
ouch excited ov,-r what seemed to be well au
thenticated rumors among well informed politi.
cians in regard to the probable complexion of
(;en. (rant's cabinet. It is said that Chief Jus
reice Chase will resign his position and become our
minister to England, and that William MLI. Everts,
the present distinguiolshed attorney general, will be
appointed chief justice of the Supreme Court.
That Benator Morton, of Indiana, will be made
secretary of the treasury; Hamilton Fish. of
New York, secretary of war; John Lathrop Mot
ley, of Massachusette, secretary of state; Admi
ral Porter, secretary of the navy; Senator Nye,
of Nevada, secretary of the interior; John W.
l'orney, of Pennsylvania, postmaster general, and
Wilhlam E. Chandler, attorney general. There
can no longer be any doubt but what Elihu B.
Washburne. of Illinois, will be onur minister to
France." The paper adds that the above im.
pressions were entertained by many at Secretary
Seward's grand reception and diplomatic dinner
last night.
THe Trn's SALVtIATiON.-The interior bark of
the soap tree of Chili is admitted by botanists to
possess cleansing and preservative qualities nu
shared by any other known substance. Its native
name, guilia, is from quilian, to make elean.
This matchless antiseptic is a main constituent of
the famous preparation for the teeth known as
orodont, which has long since taken the lead of
every other article of its class throughout the
Western hemisphere.
The rapidity with which Plantation Bitters have
become a household necessity throughout the civ
ilized nations, is without a parallel in the history
of the world. Over five million bottles were sold
in twelve months, uad the demand is daily iocreas
ing. Bich and poor, young and old, ladies, physi
tians and clergymen, find that it revives drooping
spirits, lends strength to the system, vigor to the
mind, and is exhausted nature's.great restorer. It
is compounded of the choicest roots and herbs.
the celebrated Calisays or Peruvin bark, etc., all
preserved in pure St. Croix rum. It is sold by all
respectable dealers In every town, parish. village
and hamlet through North sad Bouth America,
Etrope and all the islands of the ocean.
Negroes visit the Academy of Musie.
Clse upo. the passage by the Ienate, of the
civil rights bill, two colored rme, peemmulg upon
the accepted idea with their class, that a man
keeping a hotel, theater or other lieoused place
of reort, is compelled to entertain them, provi
ded they pay like white men, Iast might obtained
seats in the parquette of the Academy of Made,
and remained there sadisovered until the inter
mission, at which time the usher was informed of
the fact by a gentleman who recognised a bright
mulatto belonging to the Cassaave family, of
which there are three brotherm In this city, bat
who could not designate which one It was. After
the intermission they were searched for over the
house but could not be sees.
Neither the proprieter of the Academy nor
Treasurer Kittredge was apprised of the pres.
ence of colored men at the theater until after
the performance, and therefore were not enabled
to enforce the rules of the house. That the
Casanave present should have purchased his
a complexion to deceive the most inexperienced
as to his race. The Casanave alluded to is prob.
ahbly the second of the brothers, and known as B.
Felix Casanave, who was defeated for the office
of street commissioner on the Republican tickte,
at the last election. The other colored man was
not known.
satl _nttmtcleu.
in city money was burned at the Gas Works yes
terday in the presence of the proper officials,
making a total of $350,000 thus far destroyed.
The money consisted of bills of every description
in bundles of $6000 each, and the proces verbal
was signed by Mayor Conway, Controller Landry,
Treasurer Mount, Assistant Alderman Fisher,
Thomas Layton, president Southern Bank; John
G. Devereaux. cashier; C. Livaudais, assistant
cashier, and others.
TriT PUBLIc SCHOOL TEACHnER will doubtless be
grataled by the announcement that to-day, at the
city treasurer's office, the pay rolls for January
will be paid, and not in city money, but in crisp
new greenbacks.
night as Col. J. B. Walton was going up town in
one of the Camp street cars, he sas robbed of a
pocket-book containing fifty dollars in moey, and
papers valued at several hundred more. Special
officers Boullosa and Dumas, yesterday, recovered
all of the stolen property with the exception of
the money, and deposited it at the station to be
returned to its owner.
TH TxvaAvs yesterday, as shown by the
thermometer at C. Duramel's,111 Canal street,
lately corner Bienville and Chartree streets, was
as follows: At 6A.. x. 54 degrees; 12 x. 63; 3
P. I. 65; 6 P. x. 64.
Tnu CONDITION of the dirt streets in the third
ward, back of Mognolia street, was reported yes
terday by Corporal Creagh to Capt. Edgeworth of
the sanitary police as requiring immediate atten
tion, it being asserted that the gutters are on a
level with the sidewalk in most places, and that
grading is badiy needed. Capt. Edgeworth has
reported the fact to the street commissioner.
Tan BoARD or PoLICE CoiersloNLas propose
to immediately vacate their preent quarters, at
the corner of Lafayette and St. Charles streets,
on account of the insecure condition of the build
ing, the rafters of which, it is said, are setting in
ward at a rate which during the past two weeks has
been alarming, threatening serious consequences.
The board held its session down stairs yesterday
on this same acccunt.
Jones Dra.ULL's INDIsPOSITION continuing,
there was no session of the United States courts
ler while they were being landed in hampers of
garlic, were yesterday sold at the Custom House
at auction, by the U. S. Marshal, bringing $81 per
SOPIBINTENDENT CAIN has, at the request of the
chief engineer of the fire department. issued an
order that any patrolman hereafter turning in a
false alarm shall be brought before the police
hoard for trial. Several instances of causeless
slerms turned in of late have rendered this strin
gent action necessary. *
A DORSE RAN AWAY with a buggy from the
corner of First and Magazine streets, about 8
o'clock on Thursday evening, throwing out the
two occupants, Messrs. Johnson and Thomas,
both of whom were slightly injured.
SEPOEAT REILLY reported yesterday that the
house of Mr. Stone, 130 St. Mary street, was bur
glarionsly entered during Thursday night. The
thieves, being discovered by the inmates, left in a
hurry, carrying with them a pair of pants.
THE TILL of Mr. Will's grocery store, at the
corner of Josephine and Constance streets, was
robbed of the sum of $60 at 4 o'clock yesterday
afternoon, while the officer on that beat was tak
ing a prisoner to the station.
Ms. E. F. KErLINorn, charged with shooting at
and attempting to kill a car-driver in front of
the customhonse a month or two ago, was found
guilty of a simple asult yesterday. before Judge
Abell, and, after a few words of advice, was
honorably discharged.
U. S. Drsarca A¶--roRrnr Ioaria yesterday
failed Information against the distillery of Nimrod
Johnson, at Gretna, the seizure o0 which by the
acting collector, under direction of Supervisor
Creecy, was reported a few days asince.
THERR WAS LITILa done in the courts, yester
day, of public interest. In the 'rrst, Judge Abel
passed a few sentences, viz: Frank Riggs, nine
months hard labor, for larceny: Alexander Wil
liams, seven months penitentiary; James Norton,
six months; Prosper Andry, thieving, two years
bard labor in the penitentiary; Granville Drowry,
130, or one month Parish Prison; W. Parker, pick
ing pockets, two months and ten days Parish
FIFTH DIraTrcT CoRT.-In the case of the
Louisiana State Lottery Cmpany vs. the Ala.
bama Mutual Aid Association and others, conn
eel for plainutifs yesterday took a role before
ijdge Leaurnmonit, ordering Thos. L. Maxwell, civil
sheriff, to prevent the selling anywhere in this
parish, of lottery tickets of the Alabama State.
Lthe judge has granted the prayer of the rule, and
Sheriff Maxwell's deputies have been, some of
them, occupied in closing the offices of those
pereons who are contravening the injunction of
Jodge Leaumont.
McConnell, an ex-member of the Illinois Legiala
ture, and for a great number of years personally
identified with the interests of Central Illino s, wes
brutally aserssinated on the 9th, at his office in
Jacksonville. The perpetrator of thedeed is un
known, and the afiair rivals, in mystery, the mur
der of Mr. Rogers in New York.
OILS, DRUGS AND Gaocats.--Mr. Alf. H. Pier
son, Noe. !5 and 97 Gravier street, has for sale
English bicarbonate of soda, alcohol, linemed oil,
boiled and raw; coal oil, concentrated lye, and
all the best articles of imported drugs. One item
of his varied and extensive stoek is a thousand
ounces of quinine. He has also a large stock of
ale, porter and fine wines sitable for medicinal
purposes; all of which he offers to the trade at
low figures. His advertisement containing a more
extended account of his stock, appears in another
Ladges and children attendaing the matinee at
the Academy to-day can get cool drinks at five
cents per glass, and other refreshments in pro
New York prices for the celebrated Grover &
Baker sewing maohines, sad no charge for frelght.
Mehie warranted for five yars. Only mancle
nt for familie. 182 Canal street
MAGNOLIA WAT.--SupDerior to the best ipm
ported (Jermran Cologne, and sold at half the price.
The conveation re-assembled at S. Pal's
Church, corner (leale and Camp streets, yester
day morningl. The morning services were read b
Rev. Dr. Btrong, of Baton Bonge; ev. Otis
Hachett, of time dioeese of Arkaasm, and Rev.
Mr. Adams, roetor of St. Psals, Bishop Wilmer
pronouncing the beaediction.
The minutes of the previous session having bn
read and approved, the convention proeeded to
bosiness. Bpeoial committes were appolnted,
and the report of the standing oommtte was
The ommittee upon the education of the col
ored race olbred throeug Ha ehairmea, Rev. Mr.
Lawson, rooter of Obrit Churh, Btrop. a re
port ahowir te presnsat condition of the negro
mind tewd relative lto its cepucity for reoely
lag instreution, narraing the dieoulti to be en
countered and recommending that as the co-.
mltte hd s yet settled apes no systematic plea,
the matter be left to the discretion of the respee.
tire reaetos an each parish. Rev. Mr. Laweon
stated that aid toward the end proposed had been
refused the committee is New York, nates the
Rev. Balla DaSa. ofe piphasy Churohb New
Iberia. was opposed to the reoeipt of the report,
Ssavoring a peitiel eharlter, sad soese
quntl being out of place.
Jas.D. MeConnell, aq., lay delegate from St.
Paul's, favored the report being spread upon the
minutes, and also uggeted the adaptation of the
eharch musin and services to the wants of the
colored people. He thought it the duty of the
church to raise Its voice of warning against what
might become theirhfatre coadition.
Rev. Mr. Dan renewed his opposition to the
report being received. It contained, he said, po
litical truths not expedient to be told In church.
He objected to the matter being brought into
the convention at this late day.
The report was recommitted with Instruotions
for the committee to report some practicable
The committee on the state of the church
gave notice, through its eharmea, Rev. Dr. Dal
sell, of St. Mark's, Shreveport, that a meeting of
said eommlttee would be held immediately after
adjournment teat day.
The report of the treasurer of the Protestant
Episcopal Assoctation was received and read,
showing a balance of $77 92 cash on hand. The
annual lncome may be set down at $1600.
The report proposes an increase of the fund so
that the Interest thereof may be relied upon In
lieu of annual contributions from the parishes.
The total assets of the assooation are reported as
amounting to $21,300.
The report was referred to a speocal committee
of five, by whom it was subsequently pronounced
The order of the day was then taken up, it be
ing a motion by Rev. Mr. Dun. fixing the annual
time for the conventions assembling on Ascension
hea mover spoke briefly In advocacy of the pro
position as Identifying the sessions with one of the
lesats of the church.
Rev. Mr. Gallagher of Trinity Church, Jackson
street, thought this motion oonlicted with the law
which permits each convention to declde where
and when the next shall assemble.
Rev. Mr. Donn did not regard this as a vital ob
Mr. McConnell opposed the motion. It had
been mooted at the last convention, and the pres
eat time of meeting had already been decided
upon with a view to the beat interest end con
venience of the clergy sand laity from the coun
Rev. Dr. Dalsell said, as one coming from a dis
tance, that the time of meeting was a matter of
indifference to him. He found that the conven
tion was no better attended by the laity in Feb
ruary than in May. and is no larger in 1869 than it
was in 1868 or 1867.
Bishop Wilmer took the view that the conven
tion had no authority to determine on what day
the convention, two years hence, shaell usmbla.
Only that of next year was to be provided for.
The resolution by Rev. Mr. Dunn being acooord.
ingly put to vote was lost. An amendment by
Rev. Mr. Lawson, fixing Ascension Day as the
date of assembling for the convention of 1870,
was however carried.
The convention then proceeded to make the
following elections, vis:
Standing Committee -Clergy : Revs. W. F.
Adams, Dr. Lewis, and T. R. B. Trader. Laity:
Messrs. Thos. Sloe, Robt. Mutt and H. V. Ogden.
IDelegates to General Convention - Clergy:
Revs. Mr. Adams, Dr. Dalzell, Mr. Girault, Mr.
Lawson. Laity: Messrs. A. S. Herron, McCoan
tell, Mott, O. L. Cox.
Missionary Committee-Clergy : Revs. Dr.
Strong, Mr. Dillon, Mr. Gallagher, Messrs. E. P.
Cleaveland, Lloyd, Dr. 8. R. Chambers.
Trustees Theological Seminary-Rev. Messrs.
Hilton of St. Mary's Church, Franklin. Duncan of
Enmanuel's Church, Jefferson, Dr. Mercer, Mr.
Directors P. E. Association-Revs. Drs. Lea
cock, hedges, Lewis, Revs. Messrs. Girault, Ad.
ams. Gallagher, Memar. 81oo, Dix, Grimshaw,
McConnell, Lloyd, Nugent.
Trustees of the University of the South-Rev.
Mr. Lawson, Mr. Grlmshawe, Dr. Mercer.
The committee on canons reported an amend
ment, the effect of which is that each rector an
anally furnish the bishop statistics of the work
done in bla parish. Also an additional canon (X)
providing a mcde for amendment of the canons
when necessary.
In accordance with a suggestion from the
blshop, Rev. Mr. Gallager moved that measures
be taken for procurilng annuals reports from the
varons church educational and oharitable lstitu
tions, to be submitted to the convention here
after. This was adopted, after which, without
further important buainess, the convention ad
journed to this morningat 10 A. u.
BANK.-A correspondent of the Boston Traveller
relates the following incident in connection with
Gen. Jackson's opposition to the old United Btaten
Buank. The facts in the case of the interview be
tween Gen. Jackson and David Henshaw are
these, as related by Mr. Henshaw himself: The
Whig committee had so far succeeded with Gee.
Jackson that there was an implied if not actual
romise to yield to their request in regard to the
nited States Bank. This coming to the ears of
Mr. Henshaw, that gentlemen determined to cir
cumvent them. Knowlrg that Gen. Jackson was
to leave for New York the following morn
ing, he called at his hotel after midnight.
Bending up his card by the servant. he wasu lo
formed that Gen. Jackson was about retiring.
But this did not deter him from seeking an inter
view, and the servant was obliged to conduct him
to the general's room. Entering, he found the
general seated on the edge of the bed, with his
pipe in his mouth. "* General," said Mr. Ken
shaw, " do you remember the promise you mde d"
"Yes, by the etaernal, I do!" was the reply.
"Good night, general, and a safe return to Wash
ington," was the only remark made by Mr. Hen
shaw. He knew that the old man's oath meant
all. David Henshaw by his own powerfil will had
overcome and conquered the greatest political
faction Mnachusetts ever knew.
AN INCIDrNT IN PAIts.-The Pall Mali Guaette
tells this story : "An amusing incident oocurred at
the opening of the French Chambers, on Monday.
A newly appointed attach6 st the American em
bassy came to witness the ceremony, but, being
nnknown to the police, was stopped by the two
ofltals st the door, who asLked him his name. The
mattnch nswered something in Eoglish, end at
tempted to pro on, but the ooials refused to ad
mit him. This so enraged the American that he
seized the two offmtcals by the collar, nad knocked
their heeds agaist each other two or three times.
Aun oficer now came up asked the attachi for his
card, which was immediately prodnced, and had a
remarkable effect on the conduct of the poliee
men, notwithstanding the hard usage they had re
ceived. They bowed profooundly. and with much
mtpresieitent showed the attschd to his seat."
The chief of police In St. Louis has a letter be
fore him from an indignat wife in Illinois. It is
dated January 28th, nad begies autollows:
To thb Chief of Poles, a8 laoiS:
'Bespected Sir I am rnang To you for informa
tion ConcernIng my bhusband I receIved a lettebr
directed to him from St. Lewis from Some wo
mnu that Bote to him calling him dear huasbad I
wish you would go to the - house and learn
what Right she hen Calling my Huosbeond Hern."
By the oly sewig machtem fit for family me,
the Grover & Baker. Warranted for five ye~rs.
Quilter, braider and hemmer given with each me
chine at 182 Canal street.
The Grand Lodge of Lounaina.
The Grand Idg resumed last esing at MN
some Hall tn labors, which consisted In the in
stallatlon for the eanang year of th eaer, the
first Ave of whom had been elected on the proioes
night, while the mase of the remainder as pub
lished below wer announced before the lastlla
tion ceremoes began. The followeg a oem
plate list of the oficers Installed:
W. B. Samuel Meaning Todd, of Marion
Lodge No. 68, M. W. 6. M., who pp ed W. B.
S. G. Parsomen of Mount Gorkim Idge No. 54,
R. W. Deputy G. M.
W. B. Ams Kent, of St. Helena Lodge No. 96.
was elected R. W. Grand 8. W.
W. B. Jena L. Barrett, of Union FPatsnel
Lodge No. 5,. a W. Grand J. W.
W. B. Beary . Swasey, of George Washlegtoe
Lod e No. 6, B. W. Orand Treasurer.
. BS. James C. Batchelor, .f Alpha Home
Ledge No. 12, R. W. Gread Secretary.
. W. Rev. C. B. Hedgee, ofGeorge Washingtos
adeo. 65. Orsad Chaplain.
W. IB. aL Babest, of Atchalalay Lodge Ms,
163 Juolor Grand useaos.
B. B. Geo. W. Race, of Mt. Morh Lodge No.
59, Grand MarshaL
W. B. Y. E. Gerard, of Hope Lodge No. 145.
Grand Sword-bearer.
W. B. George Baldy, of Linnwood Lodge No.
167 Grand Parsuivant
W. B. Win. Robson, of Caddo Lodge No. 169;
W. B. J. C. Miller, of Mt. Albane Ldge No. 28;
W. B. J. B. Sorapar. of Concorde Lodge No. 3,
and W. B. Oscar Carnowaki, of Hiram Lodp No.
70 Grand Stewards.
W. B. A. Queaat, of Orleans Lodge No. 78,
Grand Tyler.
At the oonelusion of the Installation cerenoies.
the following Board of Dsrectors of the Granad
Lodge (Masonie) Hall was announced, via:
8. M. Todd, M. W. G. Y.
H. R. Swasy, R. W. G. Treas.
J. C. Batchelor, R. W. G. beet.
W. M. Perkins, P. G. M.
J. Q, A. Fellows, P. G. M.
E. Barnett, P. D. G. M.
John Anderson, Mount Morlah 59.
R. L. Bruce, Excelsior 166.
J. G. PFlelsg, Qoutma 76.
Ed. Marks, Dudley 66.
J. P. Honer, Orient 173.
Geo. G. Garner, Loualaona 102.
Without further business the Grand Lodge was
The mankas ]aw.
WAslNoox, Feb. 9.-The :Hoase Oonlttee
on banking and curreocy, at their meeting to
day, had under consideration and agreed to a bil
which paseed the Senate last session to emend the
national banking law.
The first soetion provides that ev national
banking assooeation selected as a depeastory shall
deposit United States bonds with the treasurer as
security for such deposits, and wheonver the
mosey so deposited shall not exceed ninety per
cent. of the securities so held, the treasurer i
required to reduce the amount of deposdt not
exeeding ninety per ent. of the bonds so de
The same section also provides that no beak
shall be selected as a depository where a sb
treasury is located. It also imposes h y es
and imprisenment on any oloer who sa pay
or ofer to pay for obtaining or retn lag de
positm of public money.
The second section sets forth that within twelve
months from the date of the notice served pon
the controller of the currency by any banking
assocaton, that its shareholders have voted to
go Into liquidation, the association shall pay over
to the treasurer the amount of its outstadling
notes in lawful money, and take up the bonds
whis the essoaenhas as deposit fee the ee
curity of its circulating notes, into default of which
the controller shall sell the said bonds to
the highest bidder, at public auction, and from
the proceeds pay over to the treasurer the amount
equal to the outstanding ocrcllation of such asso
elation, any surplus remaining to be paid to the
oficers of the associatioo. Any bank whleh has
heretofore gone Into liquidaston shall pay over to
the treasurer lawful money, equal in amount to
ts outstanding circulation, within twelve months
from the date of the passage of this sat, In de
fault of which its bonds shall be sold as above
The third section provides for a salary to re
ceivers of $1500 per annum, wit4 a commission of
two per cent. on the first $100,100, and one-half
of one per.cent. upon all sums above $100,000, and
not exceeding $500,000, anad onequarter of one
per cent. on all sums above $500,000, to be paid
by the controller of the currency, out of any
moneys realised from the assets of the bank in the
hands of the receiver.
The House committee struck out the fourth seo
tion of the SBeate bill providhbg for a distribution
of the national banking currency, and Inserted a
proposition of their own for a redbtribution of the
ciroulation among the States of $22,849,355, of
which the Southern States are to receive $14,
000,000, the West $6,000,000, and a change
throughout all the other States that have not got
their required quota covering the remaining
$2,849,000. The secretary of the treasury and the
controller of the crrency are required to carry
out the provision of the bill.
It is naderntood that Massachusetts has a ex
cess of 18,000,000. New York opward of $8,000,
000, and the other New Englarl Staits, with
Penneylvansal, the remainder or the exoeas.
The Late Mrqutla f lnastlanee's irnltmre.
[Ieom the Loe· Daly ews, Jan. Lt].
The coelly and elegant furniture removed from
Donnlgton Park, Leioeetershirelate the property
of the Marquis of Hastings, Is now being dispoeed
of at the rooms of Mr. Phtllps, In New Bond
street. Yesterday was the first day of the sae,
when the following valuable lateo we sold: Bed
room furnitltre, a opital 7 foot blrohwood ward
robe, fitted with trans, drawers and dress peg, In
closed by two panels and a plate glass door, with
moulded coraloe-tweaty-elgt galaeas; an ex
cellent Spanih mahogany-winged wardrobe, with
rounded corners, center doors with plate glass.
the interior fitted with trays, drawers,
box and dress pegs-twenty two guaines;
a capital 74 foot Spanish mahogpny-winged
wardrobe, fitted with trays, drawers sad
dress pegs, Inclosed by two panels and a plate
glaedoor-twonty.four guineas. The library far
nIture. a costly suit of rich crimson stia curtains
for two lofty windows, lined and wedded, deep
vilalce and draperies, trimmed with silk gimp
and mere ; two paLr of do., en sult, and apr
eoz pmkr, in th eame taste, sad two dep
a n256 gulneas; a capital 4 at slfre
oer walht frame sofa ad pillows, evered in
satin to match the cartains, illhed with silk
fringe, extra cretonne covers, arid set of Holland
caes-twenty-mseven gaineasu; a magnificet black
bubh library table, richly inlaid a-d mouated with
chaste earystide, fgores, masks and mnealdlngp
in ormola, 6 by 34 feet, the top lined with oria.
son morocco, and a Holland cover-L100; a superh
white and gold console cabinet, With ceter plate
glass doors, anglar sides for OCiu ad marble
slab, sad a console gt--s overt with brackets
for eblh -elghty-nine gloneas; a pair of noble
oadelabra, designed in Berrea, (Chilia, peinted in
subjects after Greune, the reverse mides with birds
and fowers supportlg lily lIghts for eleven can
dies, and mounted with ouate ormela fgures, i
faet high, on octago weod stadse. oovered in
blue silk, with Holland o-ases-150l guinaeas; a pair
of beauotiful old Orietal vases, 26 Inahee high.
with medallions of lowers, rleved with gold on
dark masrline bli groand-i gaiaeas; a pair of
verde antiqa marble vases and coversm, of (re
clan design, double handles, 56 Inches high-28
guineas; a pair of gold Chbelea seonaux, with
raised grapes and vine lnves--5 guleasu; a
handsome vermillion ground bottle. 23 inches
igh, ooLtagen form--2O guineas a pair of e
chairs, wL shell-ebshped backs. nd two readg
chairs, with ebonized framee-41 gueas;thr
black sad gold frame chairs..dhel beks, and a
rocking chair covered i sati-S gulaes.
A young lady, who I i tndignat at the typo
graphical errors in her first pubdlshed poem, e
presses herself as follows :
"I wish I had that editor about half a alsute ;
I'd basg him to his heart's con eat, sad with a
I'd ja h bdjeye, and bones, sad spell it
with a 4,
And send hIm to that hid of his-lie spells it
with aa e."

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