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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, February 16, 1869, Morning, Image 1

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Itermiutse of Blood to the Bead.
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Written Acceptance of Grant and Colfax. gen.
meselties to emeve Disabilities :
Text of Grant's latter of Acoeptance. M
WAsHanoTW, Feb. 15-No-n.-Senate.-Writ- cret
ten acceptance of Grant and Colfax was pre- Eng
seated. wok
The bill to allow compensation to office-holders wok
falling to take the oath is pending. A
Hovre.--Blackburn introduced a resolution re. mu
moving the political disabilities of all persons in
the United States, imposed by the fourteenth
amendment to the Constitution. Referred to the
reconstruction committee.
The reconstruction committee is considering the
Mississnppi case. 30:2
WAsno~iTox, Feb. 15 - Evening.- Bouse. - shi
Considered under regular call the bill Increasing WO
the pay of army officers equalizing the pay of Net
males and females employed in the executive Net
office; directing the secretary of the treasury to Tat
sell surplus gold, and granting a loan of five mil. Wa
lions to the New Orleans and Selma Railroad and and
Emigration Association. Flo:
A joint resolution was paied authorising the ,,d
Northern Pacific Railroad, from Lake 8operior to S
Puget Sound, to mortgage the road and telegraph met
to raise funds for its completion. vas
The evening sessions, after to-morrow, were set Bs
apart for the consideration of appropriations. W
A motion to dischbarge Scanel, the recusant
witness failed again-103 to 88.
The house now concurred in the Senate consti
tutional suffrage amendments. A committee of
conference was asked for.
A bill relieving certain political disabilities, here- at
tofore reported from the reconstruction com- Pet
mittee, was taken up It was stated during the L
aebate that no removals were considered by the nin,
committee unless application was made in writing. S
Without aetion the House adjourned. p
,Senate.-Morton Introduced a joint resolution ant
requiring parties desiring relief from disabilities frol
to apply in writing over their own signature. de- Art
tailing the grounds upon whicb relief is asked. for
The bill paying federal officers in Southern Evi
States, who are unable so take the required oath,
elicited a long debate. No aetion taken. . r
Indian appropriations were resumed till recess. Let
Gen. Breckinridge leaves Baltimere for Ken.
tueky in ten days. His health Ise good.
The Supreme Court, in a case involving the
varndity a o1. eemmro, ,e es i esfes,, aet
the acts masking old and silver legal money have
never been repealed; that we have two kinds of
legal tender money, gold and silver and paper, di
and that a contract made for the payment of
either is binding and valid, and can be enforced. 121
The constlttionality of the legal tender act is not 10
involved in this case.
Internal revenue reeeipts to-day, $600,000. n
The following is Grant's acceptance, presented 121
to Congress to-day: .
, Gentroe--Please notify the two houses of r
Congress of my acceptance of the important trust St
which you have just notified me of, my election l
as president of the United States, and say to them CO
that it will be my endeavor that they and those
who elected me shall have no reason to regret their "
In the Supreme Court, on the prohibition writ
against Judge Underwood, the chief justice said
he bad signified his dissent from Underwood's t"
opinion expressed in favor of allowance of the
writs of habeas corpus complained of in the peti
tion. The difference of opinion will be certified to
this court at an early day, and the next Friday o
thereafter the court will hear argument on the co
case of Jeter Philips. Meantime the opinion of W
the court on the writ of prohibition will be with- lo
held. en
The court decides that the Confederate steamer
Georgia, captured while sailing from Liverpool l
was a legal prise of war. c
Both houses are in session to-night. The Senate f
is considering the finances, and the House consid- '
ering the tax bill. ticheack, In a collouy to-day, em
d expressed the hops of passing the tax bill this
Cushing's treaty with the Colombian govern
ment covers the following points: The canal to
be completed within fifteen years, otherwise the f
charter falls. The charter to last for a hundred o
Syeurs. The United Btates to fix the tolls on the '
csnal. The canal to be open to all nations during
peace sad closed to belligerents during war. Six t
miles on each side of the canal reserved, hlf .or
the company and haf for Colombia. olommbia
receivs ten per cent. of the net income for ten cI
years, and twenty-fiv8e per cent. after the cost of 5e
lhe canal is paid. The company is already formed ti
in New York: Peter Cooper, president. The
United Btates has the location of the canal. Con
grese may build it or delegate its powers to the E
company. The canal to coat $100.000.000.
The bodies of all the conspirators, but that of
Booth, have been delivered to their friends. C
SThe Supreme Court, in a case from the court of h
claims for overcharges of dutiaes, decides that the
parties have no rights inthe court of claims. Their c
remedy lies in protest at the time of payment and
appeal to the secretary of the treasury. The
secretary s decision being final.
nPleaer LIas se D*smarb-- tatrs tees froi
Naw Yosx, Feb. 15.-The steamer Ariel sails.
March 14th, for Copenhagen via donthampton, the
pioneer line between the United States and Den
Rugar Brothers have contracted to bring several
Sthoousand Scanditnavians and North German emi
grants during the year.
Raitlretd rterprtse--Ar tval of a uster of I
t. t Late MIal. HMarme.
Mnumm's, Feb. 15.-An enginering party left
yesterday to survey the route for the Misaissippi
river Radreod to Troy. lSufflioient stock has al
ready beeun suobscribed to build the road through
Shelby and Tipton counties, and us soon a thq
engineers dealgnate the location work will be
cm. Maee, sister of the late aj. Haney, whbo
tu was kriledby Arkusaa militia, arried in tlhis eity
Syesterday. She wall remove the remans of Maj.
HBarney to Alexandria, Vs., for interment.
u The seen Leisausse-Vete.
AvrtNAtA, Feb. 15.-The joint resolution of the
SLegislature referring the question of the eligibility
of negroes to bold omice to the Supreme Court of
by Gov. Bullock, without ha approval. He ssays
the reulatie does not settle or even touch either
of the two ioding pait, vis: the oCgantmato of
the LegdIs under the law and its smbseqant
ber oa esst slea; tte relM does
- not bind the _Lea to sthMe hy te leeouon
of the Soeo, 0aOurt, or sv ldiost a diorel
* tes to do so; tM tI well worded reolM donot
uetou to upo one the vital points at isse and
bsave n bindl fees as to others, as not
likely to satisfy a body of men wheae
firmness, wisdom sad patriotm conducted
the country successfully through the great rebel
lion, and says: "* May we not expect that Con- 4
gres will ask stronger guarantees for the rights ar
and immunitles of over ive hundred thousand on
American citisens of the black race among ue M
then the fallible jndgment of three eltizes of
the white race," and 1ohe s awilling to believe O
that the Legisature intends to submit it to Con
gree au its deliberate and final action toward es
tablishbig harmony among ourelvee and with the w
general government.
Be recomends that the Legislature take the
initiative steps towards the oonsammation of the g
policy of Congress, from whom we derive all we
nave or expect to enjoy of civil goveramenut, o
undo what has been done, reetore colored mem
bers to seats and exclude all pernena who cannot w
take the test oath.
Mextena Wews-.-)esta-aretheqi e--Sllied. 1W
Sax FAxcisco. Feb. 15.-Late Acapulco advi- l
ces report that Gen. Alvares was ordered to the in
city of Mexico. len. Once is at the head of the
government during the abeence of lvares. A
strong body of troops was required to disperse lei
the robbers between Aoapuloo and the city of ha
es at ea . _-' .... _- . _   -
w iant appointeod conoul to Panama JiOL lo
ah oikht shook of earthquake was felt yester- to
day. t
tIhe Colorado sailed to day for Panama with $1
$793,000 in treasure.
rFo lU0L bexO
mow Between a brtteCtk uabl*a Crew eda a
She tChameo-Wartrhe ekdters Ceuatemas- fe
eatd ra *reee. K
Lonon, Feb. 15.-A colliason occurred at
Bwatow, China, between the inhabitants and the St
crew of the British gunboat Grasehopper. The to
English were compelled to retire with eleven a<
wounded. Many (hisese were killed and
wounded. Ci
Arusas, Feb. 15.-The ministry have counter. to
manded recent orders for warlike demonstrations.
Souonwser Paes. Feb. 15-Nooe.-Barometer E
30:20. Wad N. N. W. and light. Arrived: Steam
ship Gen. Meade, Sampson, from New York, to
Wood, Low & Ludwigmen; Cortee. Nelson, from
New York, to A. Moulton: lilenville, Baker, from
New York, to Barris & Bidwell; Fabius, from
Tabasco, to master. Sailed : Steamships George a
Washington and Harlan; brigs Jane Goodyear
and Bartholeme; schooners Gleaner, Rebecca,
Florence. Welcome, Joshua Brag4do, Imeac Baker
and Challenger.
SocrnwzET PAss. Feb. 15-6 r. x.-Baro
meter 30:10. Wind W. N. W. and light. No arrl
vale. Railed: Steamship Gen. Grant and bark
Buena Ventura. On the bar: Steamships Bien
ville, Gen. Meade, Cortes and Milbank.
lIVID l EW. ft
Vrci-grRGa, Feb. 15.-Passed up : Olive Branch
at 2 A. a., Belle of Alton at 11 A.x. Down: b
Peoria City at noon. River falling.
LouraiLL.s, Feb. 15.-River raing; nine feet 9'
nine inches water in the canal.
ST. Lorts, Feb. 15.-River unchanged.
MEUlPrs, Feb. 15.-Weather clear and pleas. t
ant. River rose six inches. Arrived: Minnesota C
from Cincinnati. Departed: City of Alton, W. I.
Arthur and Belie Memphis for St. Louts; Magenta l
for Cairo, and Coosa with 700 bales of cotton for
Evansville. F
Vzcsauro. Feb. 16.-Pawsed down: Ruth at 4
r. . Up: Mohawk and barges at 5 and Belle E
Lee at 6 r. a.
LoNoos, Feb. 15-Noon.-Consolsa ^, bons a
LVEIPOOL, Feb. 15-Noon.-Cotton dll, mid- I
dling uplands 12),12, middling Orleans [email protected] a
121. sales 8000 bales. Red Western wheat 9s.
10d. Pork 97s.
LivnrooL., Feb. 15-Afternoon-Cotton flat, t
middling uplands, on the spot, [email protected] , afloat
124., middling Orleans [email protected] Beef 96.
HAVANA, baturday Evening.-No. 12 sugar 91
reals. Lard [email protected] Freights to the United f
States steady. Sterlimg exchange [email protected]17 pre
mium. Federal currency, long sight, 21I22 dis
LvusrooL, Feb. 15-Evening.--Cotton dull:
r middling uplands 12d.. middling Orleans 12d. I
Sales 8000 bales. Corn-old 33s., new 31e. 3d.
Losxos, Feb. 15--Eveilng.-Consol 93.. Bonds I
d *. Tallow 45s. ld.jd6s. Sugar active, both
on the spot and aflot. On the spot 39. 3d., afloat
SNaw Yoea, Feb. 15.-Cotton dull and jar. lower.
SSales 1900 bales. Middling uplands .29o. Flour 1
doll and declining; superfine State $5 [email protected] 25,
common to fair extra Southern $6 [email protected] 20.
Wheat dull and [email protected] lower. Corn dull and Ic. t
lower; white Southern :,ic; handsome new South
ern yellow 94c. Pork quiet and steady; new
$32 [email protected] 50, old 131 [email protected] Lard dull and
heavy; kettle 20®20}c. Whisky quiet and un
changed. Rice quist and unchanged. Sugar
afirm, prices restricted by light offering; musoo
vado 12 [email protected] Coste quiet and firm. Molasses
excoited and higher; New Orleans 81®i8e. Tnr
pentine 5j~i57ic. Rosin $2. [email protected] Freights
lower; cotton, steam id.
Naw You, Feb. 15.-Evening-Governments
o closed excited. 6-20's of '62, 1151; of '64, 112 ;
e of '65, 113.; do. new, 1111; of '67, 1i1;
dof '68, 1111; 10-0's, 1001. Money easy. but
closed active at [email protected] per cent.; prime discounts
" 78. Sterlin unnchanged; dI .in mquene of
the large nepplp. it'. Gol steady at "s"1.j
5-20's at one time reached '116, the highest poinot
rver known, but a slight resction occurred, they
Sclosing at 115). Southern ecurities aniet and
steady. Louistana Levees (ic. The stock mar
d et generally heavy and lower at the close. Sob
Streasury balance $t9,000,200.
MoniLE. Feb. 15.-Cotton market dull and
Sprices nominal. No sale. Beceipta 1934 bales.
Exports 3198 bhales.
Cnmcr? Art., Feb. 15.-Family tour [email protected]$7 60.
Corn 64c. Ort GCc. Whisky steady 95c. Pork
of held at $33. Bulk shoulders 13.c., side. 15cc.
0lacon beld--shoulders 144A.. clear rib aides 17io,
ir clear sides 1 3c. Lard [email protected]
St. Loras,Peb. 16. -Superine Floor [email protected] 50.
Wheat $1 70. Corn 72073c. Oats [email protected] Bar
ley $1 ¶.,2 35. Rye $1 3001l 32. Whisky 95c.
Pork $33. Bulk shoulders 1314e., clear rib sides
16oc., clear side 17ce. Bacon-shouldersn 14c.,
clear rib sides 17 c ,clear aide s 1~c. lHams 1-c.
Lard 20022c.
C 'IcuC~o. Feb. 15. -Superfine Flour t5 [email protected]
656. Wheat $1 [email protected] 25. Corn 59c. Oats 531
54c. Rye $1 19. Barley $1 [email protected] 92. Highwines
s. 32 . Pork $32 30032 62. Bulk meats neglected
he and nominal.
en- l.OrIVILLE, Feb. 15.-Sales 83 bhds. tobaeco
at [email protected] 25 for common uIngs to medium manfac
al turing leaf. Pork $33. Lard 20?c. lBacon-
m shoulders 14,c., clear rib sides 17lc., clear
eides 181c. Bulk meats - shoulders 13,1c.,
clear rib rides 16,c.. clear sides 174c. Supertine
Flour i5 7,@t6. Corn [email protected] Oats [email protected]~G5c.
Whisky 9c.
Madraes, Feb. 13.-Cotton quiet; mlddlingnp
f land o.'iic. Receipts 3090 bales. Exports 730
BALKS Or HoasEs, MULES, WAooNs, BUGGc.r,
- ETc.--Yesterday small-sized mules sold for $115
h per pair, large and good $145 1 pair, and horses
and mules from $80 to $140 each. SIngle Jersey
wagon. brought 8150, and second-hand top-bug
hogles $96.
Mers. A. Rochereao & Co., commiselon mer
chants and importers of fine wine and brandles,
18 and 18 St. Loouis street, are just in recelpt of
aew invoices by late mteamers, and announce in
another column the fact, so uas the trade as well
the as their regular customer may be Informed.
ity Messrs. Bocherean & Co. are the sole agents of
the elebrated Krog ehbampaopae,and have oa hard
sy a large and rplendid stock, whih they are
her selling at the lowest market rates. This wine is
o comooiered by caelmsarse by far the bet
Sbrought to this market, and haurs a ale beyond
806 that of any other imported to this country. These
go entlemen have immeams means, nd are able
oto alord the most liberd advatages to the par
ad chaser. Sea their card sad call ad eamin their
snt stock and prie.
Gv. Hrp n, of IMbls pptl,lad humily, sl
are now vi fa New Orlesan, hav d asdrived o
on Saturday, sad are viin aet the reda of l
Mrs. Stamps, a daughter of the governor. C
8Iysmryree aarTNs wMe reported i BD w
Orleans during the week endg on Sunday morn
lasgthe I4th l ta, at 6 A. X., an erea e of v
one over the number reported or the previoe of t
week. 13 died of eooeanptilo 9 pMemonia, 6 udt
were stibors. 3 of dropsy, 2 of ansml. 2 twa
peeatia othe bran, 2 of debulity 2 of disese of di
the heart, 2 of perniciouos fer, of lntermittent a
fever, 2 of old age, I e typhoid peemoaab of re
convuolaas, l of eal pea, of ther disea 20. 001
Of the above 40 were males, 34 female ; 48 were the
white, 1b black, 6 mulattoes, 1 not stated. 17 were
under 1 yer of age, 13 between 1 and 5, 2 between ao
5 ard 10, 6 between 10 d 20, 7 between 20 and te
s6,11 between 30 and 4O, 4 between 40 ad 60, 9
btweea 50mad 80, 2 between 60 sad 70, 1 be
tween 80 and 90, 2 apwards of 100 years. Of 1
these 46 were born in the United State, 8 in Ire- et
land. 3 in France, Sin Germany, 2 in England, 1 St.
in Afriaes and t not stated. the
Tn rotLowwo oom0 ce for dMleig, widen- Thi
log, deepeanig sand leaning the draining oanals, i
have been adjudicated by the controller : o
1. OCamp Stret Can, from FelUoity ~ oed to
Daws, $$e pm ar. etc
2. Melpomeoe Street Caml, from Camp stret p
to Dryadee street, 20 fbet at top, 10 feet at bottom
and 7 feet deep, to same party and security, for
$10 per sore. all
3. Melpomene Street Canal, from Dryades he
street to Clalborne, 30 feet wide at top, 16 feet at thb
bottom and 7 feet deep, to same party and se- Pe
cority. for $190 per ere.
4. ('seal Street Canal, from Claiborne to ags the
avenue, 30 feet at top, 16 feet at bottom, and 7 le
feet deep, to Jno Rooney. Security, Wintes & as
McCnllen, $175 per acre. r"
5. Canal Street Canal, from HBgan avenue to
St. Patrick street, 30 feet at top, 16 feet at bot- ]
tom, and 7 feet deep, to same party, for $220 per tin
acre. pr
6. Gales Street Canal, from New Canel to ce
Carondelet Canal, 25 feet at top, LI feet at bot wi
tom, and 7 feet deep, to H. McGina; security, l
Wm. Henry, for $160 per sore.
7. Broad 8treet Canal, from New Canal to
Carondelet Canal, 25 feet at top, 11 feet at bot.- ye
tom, and 7 feet deep, to ame partie, for $130 per a
S. Broad Street Canal, from Carondelet Canal to E
Eeplanade street, 25 feet at top, 1 ftet at bot
tom, and 7 feet deep, to A. C.. Browa. Security, nil
8. Field, Sr., for $125 per acre.
9. Broad Street Canal, from Esplanade street to ,
Mariany Canal, 25 feet at top, 11 feet at bottom a
and 7 leet deep, to same parties, for $7)j per at
10. Carrollton Avenue Canal, from New Oanal at
to Canal street, 30 feet at top, 16 feet at bottom tb
and 7 feet deep, to Jas. Fallon, security Wma. Cal- ,
linam, for $149
11. Carrollton Avenue Canal, from Canal street
to Orleans street, 50 feet at top, 16 feet at bottom Si
and 7 feet deep, to H. McGunin, secarity Wm. Si
Henry, for $190 per acre.
12. Marigny Canal, from London Avenue to Ely- D
silan Fields, 35 feet at top. 21 feet at bottom and 7 P.
feet deep, to John Wolff. security J. A. Florat, de
for $260 per acre. a
13. Elysian Fields Canal, from MarI y to Cllt- m
borne street, 25 feet at top, 11 feet at bottom and pi
7 feet deep, to John Bietry, security B. . . Har di
son. for $240 per acre. 1
14. St. Bernard Avenue Canal, from Broad
street to Chaborse, 26 feet at top, 11 feet at bot- ti
tom and 7 feet wide, to Jas. Fallon, seourity Wm. fi
Culinan, for $200 per acre. P
15. Orieens Street Canal, from Ilaiborne to h
Bayou St. John, 23 feet at top. 16 feet at bottom, b
and 7 feet deep, to H. C. Brown, eecurity 8.
Field, Sr., for 119 per acre.
16. Claiborne Street Canal, from Esplanade to P
Fystan Fields, 25 feet at top, 11 feet at bottom, w
and 7 feet deep, to F. Marque security G. Cor- t
rejolles for $175 per acre. n
17. Claiborne street Canal, from Esplanade to i
Orleans street. 25 feet at top, 11 feet at bottom, n
and an verage depth of Loeet, to H. C. Brown,
security S. Field, Sr., for $95 per aser
18. Claiborne street, from Caroanelet Canal to a
Palmyra, 25 feet at top, 16 feet at bottom and an r
average depth of 3feet, to John G. Wire, security l
G. Correjolles, for $110 per acre.
19. Carondelet Walk Canal, from Galvez street
to Hagan avenue, 15 feet at top, 3 feet at bottom
and 6 feet deep, to John Rooney, security Wints a
&Coullinsm, for $50 per acre.
20. to Wm. Henry, security P. Hlplne, J
for $300 per acre.
A Iaavr ssiZ-a.w of tobacco was made on San- $
day by the minternal revenue authoritiee, based up- i1
on information communicated to the acting col- c
lector by Deputy Collector Hall. The tobacco, of 11
which there are ninety-four packages, amounting n
in weight to about five thousand pounds, is said to
have been shipped from the fifth collectioo dig- t
t trict of North Carolina for Jefrson. Tense, via ,
Mobile and this city. It reached here by boat
3esterday morning, and arriving at the Pontehar
train depot, was seised by Deputy Collector Hall.
and placed in the export bonded warehouse to
awaltfurther proceedings, The seisure was made
upon a charga of nonconformance with the reve
nue laws pertaining to payment of tax, and the
r olaimant of the tobacco is said to be a reeident of
d Baltimore.
Asorv six o''cIocx Banday afternoon, an un.
known man was severally stabbed in an asay at
the corner of Hospital and Royal streets, by some
persons who succeeded in making their escape.
The wounded man was taken to the hospital,
where his wounds were dreemd by a physian.
His assailants have not been araested.
Ar A Lars hour Sunday nrht the "Good Fel.
lowa' Exchanoe," No. 263 Old Levee street, was
it entered b unkeown peraomaind veb~wobr0u5
is a b l drsot or larsan money. There is no clue to
f the identity of the thieves.
Aot 14 O'CLOCK 8onday morning, a robbery
was committed on the levee, between Mandeville
End Marigny streets, of two bales of cotton
belonging to the Eoglish ship Virginia. The cot
ton was subsequently found at the junk store near
by, and Goetave Nelson, a colored man, was arree
ted as having committed the felony.
a. MS. BSuAnoN, living on Bellgous street, be
tween Market and St.Janmee, was woended in the
. left cheek, early on Sunday morning, by the scoi
' dental discharge of a pistol which her husband,
c. who Is a night patrolman and had just returned
, from duty, was putting away. She was conveyed
to the Charity Bospital, where the physiolan pro
). nounced her wonnd not dangerou.
A rOY AnD JOHN HAx3xLms.iOG, thirteen
Syears of age, tell off from a lamber pile on New
Levee street. near Euterpe, where he was playing
'on Sunday afternoon, and broke his leg. He was
taken to his home on Lehoupionlas street by
otlicer Gannon.
S Ta INcoNa To TrUn UtInrn Bravs from eleven
a dirstullerie, in twenty six working day tin Jan.
d ary, amounted to over $40.000, and in October.
when five distilleries. (snd two of them not until
o after the 20th) were in operation, about $13,000.
MY-oaCo.wAY, upon the receipt of the com
monication from Recorder Decker relative to the
c asserted inseecurity of the police buildiog, applied
' immediately to Mr. Sorgi, the city surveyor, who
c.at once accompanied him to the building referred
to, and made a minute inspection of its eoeditioa.
He pronounces It safe, end states that any alarm
Sconcerning its insecurity is entirely groundless
Tan COr Or Anus of the city of New Orleans,
designed for the Marselles Board of Trade, and
s executed by Mrs. Elliot, of this city, wasu for
1 warded yesterday to the state department for
a trasmmittal thence to its destination.
Tseas LOST Cii.Das were picked up at various
times and places in the first preenet on Sunmday
afternoon, but within two hours were all remrned
to their parent.
TwlnyT Asnra for drekenoa and disLtrbing
the peace we recorded at the central statis on
la nday night. Thi i an unusually large record.
ON FIDArY Lar, the 12th last., Mrs. T. C. An
derson, the wife of Seator Anderso , who was
staying at the hocee of MrsY. Crawford, 186 Jull
rail street, desired to move to the oorner of St.
ed. Charlee street and LaoisSa Avaee, sad for that
f purpose bd her trmako. cota the wering
pparel of heruelf sad daughter, oofldn of fne
and silk dreses, lace thawl and Jewelry, valed at
re abount $1000, sent on belore them by th drama ,
is who is looked upen as a very rable colored
msa. The trunk wee deliverd a right, bt Ia
about half a hour aft s arrival the lay of the
cd house was called upon by a white ras, who tated
ae to her that Mrs. Aaderseon had male a m utl ke
lhe and st the wreeg trunk, ai d be d if
it weald e delivered to him to be retued, p
pr- dc at the ate tim e what pu to be an
hir order from the Southern Exp a Company, ask
ig hor to dhelrW th Smtak o nm. Wih thie e
eaet she e , remarkst at the same i
that ".0 eas it was llI right thW he
ws cot bsyg her may tricksat wb he
smailed aeoay told her " was nright to be
earefal, buthatiMtns eam trme was ase ned
for pprel ame'"- . ..
Complafet was mad at the oIe 1 of *
tendast Oel, nd an secal omes O'0 1 a d
lonolegr. to whom me matter wee rift"" fur
their attentiiatrtedo eatd oevesr wiatappeend
even to them well overed trak They a e n
of the khlnd to bIdlsooraged, howeve, who they
:edertahe any work, and ueceded is tadkg the
trak, whleh was brokn opee a its eantea ,
distribnted over town--aome sold, somi pleded 1'
mad *o prde arten th ri s. im dai"t oaf oter
cover and collect all o the missing ohs, wit
,be enoeption of n ald thmb-e nnddtwo dree.
They arresd on a.C. Oostmkwlk/ ""edda H
night. er g hsl with having commitoed the
theft, uad st eveni alsM o marreste  . Vahiman
upon a charge of havn purbcaed the property.
A bnra Bor, six old, aed Georg
Iiesor, was as eonq drowned t, . ./la
St. BernardCal, was washig hs aL ye
the waIter when, losinlg hisbalanee. be tuambed t. Li
The body was recoveIred and the coroner held asa
inquest on his real
I8cnn rCcra set out fur Vib o n
tlsody attorwes a an e fa mM vats, w
storekepers wre Issas prior to his de.
partun. o
YsarnoAt Tan xsw LAw, requiring stamps pon n
all manufactured snuff and tobscoo, went intoeo
feet, the 16th of Pebruary being the dte SzedlFr
the inogration of the new regime la this m v
Tarn TM"R~lw In shows b Mrs 1
thermomoete a C. se, 111 Cana eft,
lately corner Bleville and Chartres stres, was P
as follows : At 6 ga. 63 degpi e; 19 w. 61; $ >
r. U. 60; 6 r. ,. 65.
Breonsa Bacsa heas ied the 18th inst. as the $1
time for the examination into the charge of arseon
preferred againt Henry Nathan by 8pecial O.
cer O'Oonnell and St. Clair. Nthea is neo
while released Hder bonds for his appara e I
when smmoned.
A CHMlD xAlms MAoanIar BLaeemro, about ive r
years of age, and residing at the corner of Fourthd
end Apollo streets, wso baly bitten by a do
last evening. The fact was reported by Corporal,
Nelson at the Bomseen street station.a
Tun Sr.Alsa Was S msas Chrrun left last
night. During the whole period of the intestine
war, and ever iooe, no man of war huas been in
our port the efoers of whioh have ode them.
selves more popular. The Churruea has prob
ably been ordered to cruise on the coast of Cab ,
end a great many young ladiee will grieve for the
absenece of the corly ad handsome ofeese oft
the gallant little steamer. But saoh are the loi
studes of war.
THaER Was NaUsau or IwoaFBST In the Fourth, 1
Sixth or third District Courts yesterday. Inthe
Becond, the Interdiotion of Anthony rnardes
was brought up in the evening, before Judge
.Davigneand. All the French doctors-the K. D.
SP.--were summoned as witnesses. Mr. Pwrmal I
dez. it appears, presented a petition to the ooart.
asking to be relieved of al reeponsibility in the
management of his aalrs, on aecount of inew
I pacity, through age and mental and physele I
debility. The testimony was InterestinLg to the
spectator, but not so to the publio.
SMr. Fernandes was a drummer boy or a fier at
the battle of New Orleans. When the federal
fleet ame up the Missisdlppi be weanted to raise a
poe to atteok the shipe, and when Butler arrived
She opened his arms to him and his colored
, brethren. Since that time Mr. Fermnandes has o
been Inaenely erratbe, frequenting Washingtn
and other bead oeters, declaimnlg nagainst the
Speople among whom he was born, ad among
whom his venerable father died about ten or
twelve years ago. at the remalrkable age of
ninety-four. Mr. Fernasdez I the owner of a
o rood deal of remunerative real estate,;whiel it
Imay be is the reason for the opposion to bhis own
ta the other b that worhip at the
n hno no FeisJh could be inducedto present sa
y lar petitions for disability.
Finrm DiRancT Covwr--The only mtte trras
S acted before Judge LAsumont, of publie impor
n tanco, yesterde, was in the ase of the Louisiana
SState Lottery Company vs. the Alabamns Muotu
Aid Assoetation. Three gntiemen, viz : Dave C.
1 Johnston, Bentago Mayor, and J. T. D). Lfbvreb,
were brought up and saubjected to a penalty of
$. 25 or ten her' imprisonment. The money was
i. mmediately paid, and the three " cuolprts" went
1. on their way rejoicing. Their olffense was sellIng
f lottery tickets in contravention of Judge las
Smont's decision.
Tau UxiTsE STATIr Corr was in sesion ye
- terday for a short time, but the proceedings were
a confined to the hearing of motions, Judge Dorell
t being still quite unwell, and adjourning the court
at an early hour. The arguoment lin the wine case
3was consequently postponod untl tody at 11
le - - c-- -
e- Arrt)rl as the Prtldpl Wetele 4144e
I ad Monday.
By CIAlo,· a0Ia 0l1
Wm POld JYr nd wf,, RCA OGbbeI. Detroitn,
a l r E Tow d,1 i Y; (" W I)oodku , H Y;
Yv Tulploe, O. D Pocker;
is J a niot1 Nashvlle. Mrs E Waler:
I. 8lr Bra41" toLa, Jt'·o'ob B J~nu~rcL~drtr wJo;
e" A M Wed L and erv' B ; Ge* Weone. No;
.tt  Yýad: Dr J F A ,, L,;:
J. Job iDlwert; O L ltebtueo borde;
O BlWekmr, et hY J; obert TGompen, mid;
H P HaIn, V ,; H r w oans, Tr
e Bice, J Y"o Alex LR oc, Wuahngton;
U.S M H I.: La; A Y=Yr·P de;
'U Jon Codsn, MLasiy. HMil.
A 1' lieu, V: Jno a kly d s Y .
to D Web·tor, df: J Mooss @alwmo;
0ed Wr(s on ands I , Aisr eoo .
JP ar Wo Bel, WaIngn. DrI B ,JE ilaa. Texas;
b I J Conner, M y; K woch. Ands, r
Joh CenesoproTn, eehy.
DPn A aQulnncr l" Mr V Jd ae Ca l 8. , ih ;
1 J WKr est Mi: Ie, MiS p o nord, MISS,
E· WLO(·O~ C1C~bnLehmlr, Jnd.e
I~ouo Meer, . Illtnolo:
Jr d EpaoBiet:L cM Jemn MovlUa;
Z • lhm tdso J J Dela. 4·;
le Dr LdIdYs . JnorustL.
Mi· n mef w I·; c Bso em , o s:
(') Wdadl •roma 8ri to, mss
MsA a oin a Es; MP Viekes and a ter, ALs;
'dd andpt1· u sea Oaebts Onsha Wer
To ?Hrmltn,MJJ; D R nmlth, MIIJ:
I wAsse d e; .. € an ] esr --Wm eLso pri;l.
Dr A eb ae s r: J s, IA
J w geruor. nt laeu fo; J an eILmul. L"
J M trhote lu l It Btow n. Te as,
ee ~* nn. dc,; J JMlfens , do:
I J W Bl.l Wsolnoo. D(  , ila~u
W A eoderon md h~dy, e~lbompson;
Tesa st da h F lenaalag oife stdomvet,
as- h swep· scefany late c rch wt her face
a re b~ddia , L·: Min;
W X ,nlg, i TD Ked. Mtm
frn . LOUI oTgL.
n·D~ml • (r~n*loVa. Jno C·Ld··ll. SO;
o r Mr~uut, r aProrr, 3hie.Ao;
Bt ,,U~~t Ma. Cblry4o; T •hdeo. I;
. JDO D(LIoi8, ]LL; 4];oo IJ Anderson, •)I
M J Ker~rey. ZM*: H M 8pofford, wile uxnd tw,,
,),~ ·~,t ( noor, NT Y hildren, N O
YIr. WT Chrrr7 and Mox, S~t T B Gchru, L.ll'ovil:e.
.Io M ~JbIIgez;l.Jakso. Tn,' Joov. N U;
red .ern·neD n Cult JeeJ6n:
,le.~A Wh; W8 Hoeton;
W~m tusrL~. L H Bsho Co'umbia
rm o W BIsko do" .rlM oe ·b m do;
•e : • , h~ E O amt'o y.
SDavid Prtcke't Mi~r. w 1 Burd. rllN;
SA B e~iroh, tlrer: ,T Ttssmpro, Deer or, ek
MJ P Fnruer; Md~.Me
J 1RIlrtt and wife city; • H Bsssm. Ind;
on 0 BRe~r, Mecxico. D mnm'. il;
3J 0 Wi.,ema m. lad sLd L18- P  mtt, 8(, Looio:
e, tETet; H Jobmo do;
RW~uor; (Yn D Bpao~o. llootou :
(io 8~h; Jne D neqeoo PLILi;
W I C'vinden. Miss; JroBam intineur Joo. ,
Rbl D nrBorown DBrodn;
Mr Cnr~rl~,r adl son,Ml0; ford:
•n M Peulon I; H • Viekmde/mI~w, Alto,
W • PaLIrts ud so·. ouQit L·'
,1 (nJ L·: ' ~ b wn ,Olhtulo ;
WUt r Vrl.am Mu.lnd; gne/lstneeddy, p;
l. ; k.;
Jn I) mmUoaad m- Doudl se¢, Unll pmh
Jame flo LO'nY·o8
•0 heieb IdeuzM 01 WImrd Wths tbe
lae diesdeem it boier fnr oppion . . o
nWthe faoe wftt n wooienm loth 0 to rr  In
wa rter. Stmtnag ltef toe mni n ee n o tl, Le
Si lrob, mtrud r m,, e.u.. oh·r s ·oo.
te torn It that day wnno ©~rrose. ou1·t s1m ema
sh-I e swept Irneeoful ~ chto urch rltb Me hce
blac hen ehonT.
Superintemdemt Cain to the Legia
IT WILL ldAVE $50.000
The following commanlcation was transmitod
yesterday by Superinteodent Cain to the Lagin
hature :
Mcoanrresnar's Orros
Now aris . 89. .
Mi Deer ir.--I take tIrhe *ofa
of this eommaiy seq ooecpad. cssae d
abt the earnest csre to r pren te p a
tiat has ehomtwm d er7s oeo lMo, .wu
Induce you to throw the weight of your laLtaeo
I daver of the mesre, to whleh I now d
re briefly to ael your attentlon. I refer to the
vagrnt act.
there are no clasea of laws which more i.
eratively demand the serious and careful atten
tion of legislators t those pro vidig for the
protection of life  br(m , a m
none others, the tI1 u l is of every e
sea, from the lowetto the t. aThe l peal
in no partisan sense to the enlghtened wisdom of
those upon whom rests the responsibility of lesn
lating for the people.
No government can bope to win the coaldence
and support of its citie, while It falls to af
ford to them security in peroalrights. If
in the abeee of adequate law bad mes are set
restralned from infriniag ap the alghts e
others, society is of anoese ompelle to a
for its own protection, and In the avengg of real
or fanieed wreage, the elements of v ea
misrule are Introduced into the body pode,
aggravating the e .ting evil u the.
Sremedy beme o e ba4 as the dieasem.
Crime can oly prevail, to a large e
tent, through two ases-lrst, a dofeotl
system of laws, and second, a failure on the Nes
of the law omoers in exeotlng the proi
thereof. Enlightened ..oommuantls aer men
frequently from the Latter than from the first
these causes. With the case is revered, ead
we present the asemearo sepectnale of a eosmmn
ilty possessed of a corps of ofloere competeat
discharge the requirendntsof the most triMgera
, laws, for the preservation of the public w are,
- and yet preveeted rei afording the necessary
a protection to life and r roperty, througha lack
I of legal amnee. Th epea of the vagemt act
. has readered New o(team a popular as eay
I- ield for the operattv~4 of that clam who prey
. opon the fruits of thI .dhstry of others. So grear
I are the facilitile thu afforded for carrying late
J edect their nefarlo;esiga, that o ear ha
I become a common ceteer of resort for the thieves
e and bad character o:" the whole country. Driven
from other citles by . of punishmat for their
t crimee, they atorl49 tub r their step towards a
r place which nset only premises a rich harvet
I of W.gotten gae b which ls, b peoeulia
I of its nlaws. proteu' them i thir unlawful
i avocations, Dy revsit ing its authorities power
SIess to act against iem. Is my correspoad
a ence with the hiada of police of her
a oities, I am notiedlpoet dally of the depertre
I of some notorious thrseater for this city. The
ri police authorities of New Orlean have exbustod
)f every means in the!' power, and have even ee
a tared upon measurt. of doubtful legality to sap
It press rime sad to pld the otty of the perpeate
a thereof, but to no purpose. The helpleis codl
Sse oSe be bee by the6 eb
repeal r of th v eget law Wrg well .tow an
ef thk efibrt are regrded with derison, whit
i- offenders are eacor'ged to renewed boldaers sl
the commission of crlttee.
The whole dimculty exist In the fact that, under
. exitalawe, i in uresy teprove the Poor
a dguilty of unre actua crise, before the
a examining magistratde i justifed in Landlag him
before the criminal t: nit. Proof of this knd in
seldom obtained. > the offense is eommittai
under cirelsmeaslo the least ferable to
a detection, and tu magistrate i, in a ma
it jority of casee,  elled to diseharge the
a prisoner for w . of polmtive evidence
Salthough thUere .m t in  mind a moral
conviction of the ý;oner's guilt, drawn from
his known ch ' habits, assocates, anud
- other indirectt; t hoeld the evidence
re adduced at the ex kte be ealolest, cad the
all prisoners be sent the ehimnlal caut, in
art nlnety-nine oess r the hundred e wll be
as released under bo .'to awat his trial, which
11 may not take place math. and du this
interval, he has am pporthase tor purung
his avocation, at to greaesr Mcnsity by
Sthe necessity of sao latslng sum suffiolent to
meet the expenses : " a approaching trial ; and
from the dlfcult ^ exints In securing a con
viction for the oa llleged, be appears to be
in most cases uoe inSe endeavors.
I am convinced there ln but one way in
which to deal with ' lass of percons above al
u*; luded to, and tha declare them vagruats,
make them the laws as nea, plae e in
the beaes of the p g; magitrate the powwer
committing them tcrf Workhouse ee teree net
exceeding sdx monre w The law eda sot jelper.
m te the ighs of oumblet altcen, bet be e
enacted cu to strik. L e Sgeat c seeRd evil fom
which tiM eommuaity uerc and from which it
demands relief.
The remedy is w. le Legilaturea , and if that
body falls to enact.ls to meet the case, upon it
alone will rest the seclbjllity sad the reproech
for outrages oom itts tlhe rights of our
e ttisens. Ac the eoctive heed of the polioe ds
partenet, I will pledlg the force uoder my c
trol, provided the regeut Raw goe s late eot, h
rid thin cifty of the thves who new erewd our
streets and excas thnetjst apprehe·o of or
citizens. Another rewt of sen a law wlU be a
caving to the public tresury of at l·ant .60,te
per annum int the workingo the fore. I mesw
the matter for your onslderatioue, m oeted that
you muit he Impressed of immediate legiatic
upon the subjeot.
Im am spproehed ally by gtlemen of tlhe
highest standoing sad respectability. who inqure,
" when will the vagrant law pams ?" I have se
sured them that there would be no delay, a every
member with whom I have conversed, han re
garded it with onqualited approval, but the pre
et seemion is rapdly passing, lad but Uttle pro.
g ree bh been made. :My immediatel predoessoe
in ofice having experiened the diffulties li
working the force na the abesee of the vagr t
law that I have a t teAd to point out, edes
vored to influence the Leila at its former
session to adopt one, tmt the matter was crowded
Sout by the pressure of other businaeioem until too
late. I trust that the presnent session will not pa
without the necessary action In the matter.
Determined that no effort on my paut should be
wanting, I have made this persomnal appeal to yeo,
and doubt not, that the subject will reelrve at yar
hands that conalideration wo hich its important
relation to the welfare of the ity entitle it.
I have the honor to be, very respeetelly, your
obedlent servant, G(0one L. CAm,
8operintendent Metrepetan Polloe.
)Mlao CovwAy yestrday receved the follow
Ing comamoication from the nperintendent of
police :
sartrnhraneaurr'$ Orrics,
New Orlem. Feb. 15th, 1869.
Ben. John B. Coaway, aor ofNeuOerlsss:
Dear sr-I bave to ilnform you that I have thiL
OC morning cleed all of Ame's lhows on the levee,
and intend cloosing thoe of Juas. Duane on Poydres
street, ad all others of that class where strcagera
, are madd acquainted with the mysteree of the
condenes game. weaMld respeoto req t
that thoIe permits for these ples., Pi by
yeor Ace, may gbs revoked. I hveth honor
itch, Very rpeectflly, your obd't erv't,
Superlntendent EogdInu Police.
Ilter la the day the apesatglet carried oat
as le fatetiorn and closed the e shows.
tWe hatW t the me bad shIrey Ise d
orders to the dret cnmdioer for beir r
he moval.
Morga Hlamilton a4 tveral other Radicals of
the hate TeIas conventlos have addresed to the
se pe ddt of thatbody or9al protgst Sglash
the ne Veetltuto.

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