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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, February 19, 1869, Morning, Image 2

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4q wm OrIans Grat
4. S. eWIXOs, aser and a.rgeeer.
moslo. se, a O0AMP 9rxsl .
]s peSinbe UVEgR NORItIIG-Meoays ezeeptd.
esey aberrtplee. I. advees, $16; altf yearly, $8
sMrry, i4; Blgie copies. 10 eats
seaes of Adverestdars
qea.re I moth It months. 3 memths 6 monthb. 12 math
On..... $12Suet $22 at $SO n.t. 5s05oa. lira n.
Tue...... n.. I .. 5 4.. 0 .. 15 1..
Th1in.... 30 .. 63 .. 70 .. 110 .. 175 ..
or.... 35 . 67 ..  0.. 14 I .. 235 ..
mla...... 4s.. so .. s ee.. I70 .. 275..
z...... 84.. # .. 10 .. pot .. st 5..
ews.... 60.. 106 .. 35 .. O 575.. 37
L• " 75....7.. ,31 .. 16 1.. 290.. 4 0"..
v.... 5.. 15 .. 0 .. 111.. 10 ..
Ttsn ... 51.. 145 .. 1 .. 13 . .. "36).
Fonrten. 9.. I15 .. 3 .. 40 .. 620..
Thirty.." 17.'330 .. 0 ..7 .. 12..
Matlly edvoItimam., Imsrte ever osier day, to be
cbarged two-thirds the above rates.
Ftrht and Puarth page mnathly advertiemeat eeb
ower. a0 pe meath.
Trameat advetiuments, hag the rue of the paper.
m6 iasertion. $1 80 per saMre; each abenqaet Imertion.
Seati ser quare.
rsaes and Fourth pegs relds edvertsm , each
bertica, $I 50 per equare
Adverwtirmeata laMserted at intervals, to be aharged as saw
letular advertsers who sYe5r6ls .sady, smal be allowed
m a iscount fom above named trani set rale as may be
apeed upon; pro od, that t e a c esal esuch discount
tamed s per cent.
AU baha'ess notree of advertlimeats to be charged 20
gatem net per lian, each inertion
AJItrMsent tsvertt~inemnt must be paid for In advance.
Ae dvertisemeuts n't arktd for any .-.ctflled number of
tasertions will be pubi~shed six times and charged accord
AU bls with regular advertisers shall be reudered monthly.
Asqusae is the space occuoled by ten 4 aa sold aga. .
Is published every Saturday morning. uabecription, $5
per annum, in advance; half yearly and quarterly. am
Mass; dgle copies. 10 cents.
Rates of Advertletsat
Square.. 1 mouth2 month. m 3 month. 6 months 12 months
One.... ISnet S9et. ISL 2 net. 20 net. SM3 nt.
Two..... . 16 . .. 2 .. .. 32
Three.... 12 .. r2 .. 2 .. 44 . J ..
Paor .... I . 7 .. 35 .. .. 90 ..
tl a..... 1s.. . : .. 42 .. t 110 ..
Te,... .1. 6 . 5 .. 5 .. d
Thirty . 70 1. t 140 . 0.. 30 .
Auction Sale. Ta-Day.
Ma. Cas.. T. NASn will sell. at his rooms, cor
ner of Perdido and 6t. Ca.rlea streets-under the
Maaoni Hall-at 11 o'clock, the entire contents
of sev, ral residences, consisting of almost
every der.ription of household furniture. Terms
Ma18,R . Lo-'? 4,kN & BRoe. ill sell, at Nos.
33 Magazine and 96 Gravier street, a general and
well selected assortment of boots, shoes aol bro
gans, suitable for the city and country trade. We
advise dealers to be present, by all means, as
there will be a chance to obtain excellent stock at
small prices. Terms, at sale.
Ms. GAnRal DR FRITxr sells at the St. Charles
Auction Exchange, at 12 o'clock, bonds, insurance
scrip and uncurrent bank notes. Terms cash.
Mr. J. DxtN., Ja., sells i urniture of almost every
description. at 11 o'clock, at his auction room,
No. lS Gravier street. Terms cash.
MN. Ga';iKt. LEAI.trsT sells at his store, No. 69
Chartres street. at 10 o'clock, boots, shoes, hats,
cape, etc. Terms cash.
Ma. U:t GEN TorLEO will sell at the store of Mr.
Jules Tardos, No. 22 i,.ienville street, at 11 o'clock.
a very lasre stock of whisties and liquors. Terms
cash. sad satisfactory acceptances for sixty days.
He will also sell at the same hour, at No. 95 Old
Levee street, wines, liquors and brandy fruits.
Terms crsh.
By ME.ssas. MON'TooNMRY BROS. It Co., at 10;
o'clock. at the corner of ('anal and Delta sareets,
a lot of steamboat tackle, etc.
The Catholics of San Antonio, Texas, are build
ing a charity hospital, near San Padro, 'o be com
pletel in three months from this time. Length,
128 feet; whh 34 feet and two stories high.
The robbers of negroes are truasferring their
operations from Pails to McLennan county. Last
Sunday night. abont midnight, they again visited
Major Down's place, a few miles below town, and
took from the negroes about half a dozen pistols. 1
This time "old Major" wase bhimself on the place,
but waas asleep. The negroes being threatened
with death by the robber. if they should awake
him, quietly surrendered their arms and maid not a
word about it till late in the day Monday. Almost
eimtltsneoulty with tee reception of this news,we
received sitmilar accounts from another place,
five miles distant from the first. The latter place,
belonging to J. W. and T. L. Downs, was visited
early in the niht. Iesides pistols and guns, the
robbers took from this place a horne belonging to
one of the negroes. The negroes my they roe
ognized the men as the same who played a similar
trck on them once before. All the evidence and
circunmstances go to prove that it ius the eame party
of three men which is chargiable not only witr
theme two robberies, but with the numerous dis
turbanees of a similar kmd in Fails county.
(Waco Examiner, 9th.
Monday morning about 3 o'clock the Eost Waco
Mills were discovered to be on tire. The entire
establishment, including grist, flourig and saw
milll, together with the custom cards. which had
just been introduced, and four or flv, hundred
pounnds of wool. reaty for the cards, was almost
total!ly destroed. 'the estimated loss is forty-flive
or filty tbousand dollars. No insurance. The
property belonged joinrly to the estate of .. B.
Hood, deceased. W. R. Blurney and J. 8. Blair, the
latter owning only a one-third interest between
them. Cireumstance justify suanspicions of an in
sendiary, though we have heard of no evidence
salnst any particular person.--[ Waco Examiner,
We hear of twenty or thirty wagon. stuck in
Big Creek bottom, and as many more " only walt
tag" to get in. Mesanwhile trnnsportatlon has
risen from 75 cents to $1 50. specie, per hundred,
cotton and other produce accumulatting in Waco.
Worst of all we have no mails. -[Waco Examiner,
Feb. 0.
Quite a larre fleet of flatbolts, loaded with not.
ton, bides, stares and produce generally, have
gote out the Neches ad Angelina rivers on the
o~resent rise, destined for Galveston and Sabine
Paa.-[Rulok County Observer, Feb. 8.
A Frenchman, George ('Collier, wasl arrested on
Monday lIst, charged with horse ste-lmng. The
man Collier was round some two months ago on
the road by Mr. Hunter, entirely destitute, and
Mr. H. took him home and gave him employment
on his farm. On saturday night last he took a
horse, saddle and b;idle, and left, and was ar
reted the next evenmng at l'ano, taken back to
Mr. H.'m and guarded dtrug the night. On
Wednesday morning while Mr. Hunter was pre
paring to bring him to town the prisoner went out
mato te yard sad dhberaitsly jumped head fore
most into a well trwoenty-ive feet deep. He was
saved after great dimoulty. It is the general im
pression that the pzisoner is dernnged.-[Dallas
Herald, Feb. 6.
About 3 A. i. thin moraning, Ocer Plumleywes
eCalled to the grocery, eOrne of Fourteath gtreet
and bSrnd, by the fearful 5Ccrm of a womaa.
1n burlating open the door, be found that Tboms
Basson had attempted to murder ha rife, anad
aterward acut his threat sad arm. He bhad
eatimbed the shed of the houms •5 eatered the
econd mory, when be went by rope through a
tradoor in the ceaillng. Eteta the sleeplug
spteat of his wife, he anouaed that he was
o to Mo her, and with a pocet-klk e he
d  s,,eraL m timee, Infltig seut d,.p
eat, snd also smnok her with a heavy Colt's e
volveir ovw the head. She tried to escape, when
l tLhe we. Both P.ls wets eamaded y .
DrL ,spameI uesemene his made fataL the
Dbhen.bly ad bt. in m , wll ~hp
r m - Keep &a r ase, 3 Tehompemle
u t, for htiwale, ingtl , p l ,hesi r.
ig., eg 5lme m s U, to.
There isa seator in the State Legsllature, sad
his name is O'lara. He halls from Tersebonas.
He is a gentlema of exceedingly elegant and 1
fined manners, and his collegiate education was so
carefully tended in preparing him for the role of a
statesman that he has introduced a new phrase
into the English language, as well as into parlia
mentary discussion, which has been adopted by
all the colored gentlemen who have the honor to
be his associates in either house. The phrase is
this : '' It I had not have been," or " it had not
ouygd to have been." These are the favorite ex
pressions of this distinguished scholar and states
The Honorable O'Hara is equally an adept in
finance. and is. or ought to be, the chairman of the
senator ial committee which is sty!ed by that
same. Anyhow. publiosans, (who, in the olden
time, when sermons wre delivered by the Son of
God upon the mount, were money lenders, not
hotel keepers,) publicans, we say, are requested
to read a small legal proceeding in the local eol.
amn of tbls morning's CascENT, wherein the
honorable Benator O'Hara exhibits a fnanolal
audacity of which Jay Cooke or Ben Butler might
be vain, and which ought to prevent them-the
publilans-from trusting any Radical in this
8tate, forever and forever more, with a single
nickel, in the form of a promise to pay.
There is something grand, and Charles James
Fox-like, in thus deloding the usurer. But Charles
James did not go so far ms the Hon. O'Hsra. Be
kept creditors waiting in his "Israelitish chamber"
for their I. 0. Us.; but when the paternal Holland
ibelled out bl usrteleg tboaais.e, or a tern of the
cards fiiled the prodigal's pocket, the expectant
creditors were paid. But our great Terrebonne
orator gets shaved by Mr. Josiah Richardson on
his prcpcctive per diem. He makes out a due
bill, or rather an order on the warrant clerk of the
General Assemnly for $10-all prospective, mind
ye-in favor of Josiah, the aforesaid, from which
he realized, principally in cash, tho snug amnonnt
of $307. A few days afterwards, hie rae'nory fails
him with regard to the exact wording of his little
memorandum to pay,and in company with Josi
he visits the warrant clerk's oftice, aiks Ms, ..
tliver, the assistant warrant clerk, to allow him a
pe eaal of the document-a privilege Major O.
"had not ought to have" granted--anl puts it
into his pocket. Josiah, the ill-starred son of
Richard, finds the proceeding without a prece
dent within his experience--in fact, a regular
caup d'etat. Be there-ore sues both the Hon.
O'lIara and the warrant clerk for his shekFel, and
the judicial proceedings will be found t: our local
column, this morning.
From the list of ptockho:ders of the Mechanics'
and Agricultural Fair Association reccei'ly pnb
listed, it appears that the rive Ihrgest stookh4ld
ers are C. H. Sioconub, 53; shares; Wdows arid
Ori-tans' Relief Association of L,isiana, 's3)
shares ;A. B. James, l;O0shrces John Pemberton,
73 .l.iare, aLd Wilha;scn Sre::h, 67 shres. Jenor
to there gentlemen wio i:ve 3o e-.betntiulvy
aided an enterprise aii::i w.ii ildourd so :acmi to
the benefit of the ctaso.
Y,:ler)'ay' dispatcles transmitted the intell!
gence that J. B. Hlead of tLis Stats has been re
lievtd by onncress ,.f noelli;,l d!a.I.tl.s. We
wonder if t-;i rntsle,: a is any rel:tiv". ',v mar
riace or otherwice. of '1. H-ad, f th:s paper, or
if he be cor.rec'ed with 'dead Head, the immor
tal and ubiquitous : it it is the great Dead Head
himself, we would also like to inquire if the die.
ability referred to is the disaility to pay his
bills'! Information soliciteJ.
As we have before stated, the CacCEYcT is
prepared to give to soy one the credit of the
good deeds he may perform. Hence we notice a
measure which yesterday camen up in the logisla.
tbve body, which woud certaiuly be herce. .1 to
the State. It order  the I'n aCim1ent of a ^na.
missierer of i::i g.a:ion, v,l, :sall; coolt in
tormrtian in regard to the toolgcrap.-i: al. agri
cultural and other char ct-rist,c3 of the State, to
be publ;sX.d, together w:th a statement of the
advantages to new C ::lers that our St3t° offers,
and distributed in Eu:; pe. It also creates sa
agent who sha'l proceed to Europe, and there en
deavor to attract immigration 'o L.lnisiana. Let
the proviecns of this bil! be csrr:ed out by compe
tent men acting in the interests of the SX'ae, and
it must prove of great advantvae rt us. In its
present form it is o:en to many objections, but
those can be remedied. It is to be hoped that the
Legirsature will give us this good act as Nome sort
of counterpoise to the many evil ones they have
passed. The bill was introduced and supported
by Mr. Heidenhain, Radical representative from
the fourth ward of this city.
People are becinning to talk a great deal about
the third annual State Fair of the Mechanic' and
Agricltural Fair Association, which is to be in
augurated on the Gth of April next, only a little
more than a month hence. The association has
made every preparatieu for it that can possibly
tend to make it a success, and there is every pros
pect that, through the efforts of the liberal minded
anrd public spirited stockholders, the coming fair
rill far exceed,.n every way, the former exhibi
tions. A list of the premiums to be awarded has
ftedy bee. patueid. *opie of which can be
obtained by application to any stocl!CT ier. It
embraces almost every conceivable article, but,
fearing that some things might have been omitted,
$50LO has been eet apart to be distributed in
prerr ;ams for such articles as mey not have found
a place tin the liest. We cannot too strongly urge
upon the residents in the country, both in this
.state and others adjoinng, the importance of at
tending this fair. If you have anything worth
showing-a Iio Dortato, a fine liece of cloth, fine
setck, good clckens, well put up preserves, extra
cotton, or any other agricultaral or me
chanical production-bring it .eith you. Buat
even if you have nothing to exhibit, come any.
how; for you msy see and hear things at the fair
that will be worth much to you. Toere will be
labor-saving mchmies of all kinds on exhibition
the best products of our soil will be there, and
from the inspection of the one, and the knowledge
of how the others were raised, you may learn
what will be very valuab!e. Our citiz:ens, too,
are interested in this enterprise. Whatever bene
fits the agricultural and mechanical interests of
the country, doubly benefits the city. Besides,
if these State fairs are made interesting to stran
gers, their existence will catse an annual influx
Sof viltors, which may be looked forward to as a
Stime of increased busnainess to our merchants over
the rest of the year.
Let us hope then that there will be a large at
tendance of both oitizens and straniers at the
fair, so that in their presence the gentlemen who
create it will find the only reward they ask-the
increase of the substantial prosperity of the State
of Louisiaca and the city of New Orleans.
A most useful and praiseworthy bill has recent.
ly been engineered through the lower houae. It
Sexempts the German Turners' Association of this
Scity from taxation. This esoclety, it is well known,
a have for their object the improvement, mental,
. moral and physical of boys intrusted to their care.
SThey have been doing a good work, and deserve
Severy encouragement. They have recently, with
e their own funds and unaided, boUt a splendid
a gymnasium, with a large ball-room above it, on
I Lahyette street, near Rampart street, which will
soao be redy for use. Agam we say, give the
p Turners every encoragement.
a One of the most elegant sad rechberh6 head.
' dresses that we have had the plasure of seetnag
Sduring this ementially fashionable season was
so worn yeaterday, at the dinner-table of one of our
- bt-tlas hotels, by a Ioew York lady, vtiting this
eoty. It cosistedof a low black, g.losy silk hat,
_ tapeuingm dsrb the ,tbe narrow rbelu lgy
j. turned up all around· nd trlmmed with bleak vel
vet. Foue d rum a rin-e bow, also of black ye!
vet, at the right side, ner the beat, hsel two
sma.l rows of six mall blok feathes, abso ao
lchb and a half long, thebs ribs of which were Of im
maculate whiteness, enveloping each othi, aad
the outer edge fringed with a halfinch fringe of
white, dowey feathers. From this head isued a
qu,'ue of long purple, gladtate-ahaped feathern,
gracefeuly curved towards the baik of the neck;
and over these, three skeleton or plumose-ehaped
white feather,s. following the same coarse, which
were, like the white ribs of the black feathers, i
admirable contrast with their purple bed and the
glossy silk of the hat. Truly, this hat was coquet
tish and comme ai fact, and what our minds bad
conceived as a dock of a hat.
The Chattanooga Railroad Company is an en
larged edition of Oliver Twist. Not satisfied with
grants of land in the State, bonds and other little
matters, they now come before the Legislature
and ask for a grant of the levee frontof the city,
extending from Calliope street, 355 feet down.
When they get that of sourse there will be some
thing more to ask for. Truly "to them that hath
it shall be given."
A. Head bought a gray mare yesterday, guaran
teed to trot in 2:40. He invited a friend to drive
out on the shells in the afternoon, and determined
to try her speed with a cab which was bringtng
up the rear of a funeral. The cab-nag was
pretty well blown, and after an exciting race of
half a mile Head's gray mare proved the better
horse, and he was neck and neck with the hearse,
when the cortege turned into the cemetery. A.
Read swears, in consequence, that he will assume
an alias whenever he drives his she Dexter on
" the road "-his name will then be B. Hind.
In the theatrical world the popular superatition
that Friday i soan unlucky day, does not seem to
obtain much adherence. For the past two weeks
there have been three benefits on each Friday
evening, and to-night there will also be three
that of Mrs. Gladstane at the Varieties, of Miss
Price at the St. Charles. and of Mr. Moc, at the
Academy. We wish them each crowded houses.
Dark Scotch plaids are daily gaining favor with
our ladies: but, ulnluckily, will have to be aban
doned as the weather grows warmer.
It is positively refreshing to hear the childish
lanaheerwith which BHompty Dvmpty is ntghtly
grceced. The little folks seem fairly to worship
the fellow.
There was a real live baby at the Varietieslast
nwiht. The little theatergoer lay io its mother's
arms and slept all through the performance,
mus.c and all. I nt if it had waked up!
---- dt--e, ...
Napoleon inclines to spiritualism.
Ricbmond has an cratorio.
New Orlears w'snt more printers.
TLe woman q:est,.n-is he rich '-(Ex.
Thanks to the otlicers of the steamer Josephine.
Two new paper- ,i iiscvsio:.
G:er. Sherman left Alexandria on the 17th.
Frank Mayhew is at the New Memphis theater.
Mrs. Lanuer is in St. louis.
Ti:Lre are 7.I4 periodicals in the United States.
Yicigan io the banner State of spiritualiem.
Yate. is on ano'her scree.
MiJs Keilogg and Mrs. Siddons are in Louis
Prentice calls Mullins a fool, idiot, as, owl,
The Cincinnati ('azette scathingly alludes to
'" ea'ly journalists."
Janto.chek bade farewell to St. Louis Wednes.
day nig.t.
C'snda has just had another snow storm-the
most viclent cf the season.
Mr. Calabrest will ,favor Galveston with opera
1 'frc' Fas' r.
E. ir!desemai and no groomosmen is the cor
Ir ' :r, now.
The idissouri Legislature prohibits prize-Eght
San Antonio wants horses to draw its lire en
A Texas prper compares Morgan Hamilton to
the late Thad. Stevens.
Fanny B. Price plays next week in Vzckabuog,
her native city.
The late snow storm n Maine and Canada cost
the Grand Trunk Railroad Company $100,000.
Our Washington special says Gen. Joe Holt will
probably be Grant's secretary of state.
A full crop of good ice has been secured at New
Major General Winfield F. Hancock and family
are at the Union Hotel in Georgetown.
Brigham Young will pocket $2,000,000 from his
Pacific Railroad contract.
Vienutemps will visit the United Staten next
Why is a joiner less handsome than his wife?
iPecause he is a deal plainer.--[Ex.
N. P. Banks's wife and daughter have arrivedin
Minnesota has a paper edited by a lady who hasu
the temerity to cppose woman sotffrage.
Manton Marble's Fifth avenue house cost
Dr. Smith attends Mrs. Jefferson Davis during
her ilneas in Paris.
estea@r w e nswietrsesr of the occupa
tion of Charleston by the United States fores.
The Northern press speak ol Lambele as "the
The queen of Madagascar has sent her son and
heir to be eduoated in France.
Point Clear Hotel will be sold at anction, March
c(o'uban refugees are flocking to New York as
well as to thio city.
KIt Carson's rifle has been presented to a Ma
sonc lodge at Santa Fe.
Don Piatt asserts that Schofield will remain in the
The ('ourrier des Etats In lls samner "the
Don Qwxote of the niggers."
Henry Ward BIeecher was critically ill on Satur
day, and will be laid up for several weeks.
A New York critic thinks Miss McV:cters drinks
the poison, as J liet, with less drama' c effect than
many a young fomsn takes a seidlata powder.
A Washingtoj correspondent claessfies the oc
cupants of the congressional galleries as " women.
negrces and men."
A reader of the CeRS'xR' reminds us that
Wheat flourishes mn New ,rleanu as well as in
The New York Star says Gen. Grant sp nt three
hourn in James Gordon Bennett's house daring his
late visit to New York.
Scientifice men in France and Germany think the
recent convolsions of the earth indicate the alti
mate formation of a new continent.
The Rothschilds are said to have purchased two
million United States five-twenty bonds for the
Duke of Nassau.
The licenses of both pilots of the United States
and America, the steamers which collided on the
Ohio river, have been revoked.
Why is it that people about stables always dis
cuss the merits of a horse in a tone of voice imply
ing a deep pernonal injury to themselves ?
Whea "one of the best fellows in the world"
dies, it is extremely probable that he will have to
be buried at the expense of his friends.
The "Bismarck House" confronts the "Ger
mania " ditto on the New Canal, at this sad of
Carrollton aveasue.
Boston ad New York journals complain that
the churchkattnda dress too extravargaatl for
"poor saelaS."
President Johron is announced to give a re
eepti. on the evelng of lMarch 2, at the While
Hon. A. H. Stepheas ws very severely tjared
as Atlhant e Bunday last by a heavy gate allg
c him.
The SeMste omelSee - foreiga rel-stsare
asaouesly apposed the rotIsaton of the
Alab"Sp ttres.
MYerke Sikeoseh has piUd r inse Riome
$40,S0 for as exelive copy of her husbead's
posthbmous ms. He is to produce it in Paris
with Alboani and charge $6 admition.
A friend of ours, wishing to get A. Head faster
in the woMd bas ust invested rathe heavily in a
horse. He may be seen holding the ribbons upon
the "hel" timast ay piessIat aiteraooe.
L. Alvin Hunt, late nilgh edtor of the World,
and New York corresp eiat of the London
Herald and Standard, died of consumption, on
Sunday, aged twenty-eight.
Disuse of envelope is becoming fashionable in
Paris. The sheet on which the letter is written is
folded in the old style that was in vogue before
envelopes were invented.
Dent does not want the mission to Chill, never
applied for It, don't know who suggested his same,
and will ask his friends nor to confirm the nomlinr
Opera bouffe has reached the antipodes. The
Melbournese nightly shower the leading actresses
with flowers and nuggets of gold in their wild en
During Patti's recent visit to St. Petersburg the
orchestra chairs brought $110 each in gold. After
the performance of " La Bonnambala" the em
peror sent the dive a fur pelisse, valued at $16,000.
Elderly and anxious traveler-Do you think the
12:60 train will be punctual, str'
Party addressed-Well. I really can't say. It
will be 10 to 1 if it is.-[Judy.
A paper mill in which was manufactured paper
used by Benjamin Franklin in his office is still in
operation in Delaware county, Pa. It is called the
Joy ilsl, and was erected as long ago as 1772.
Miss Anna l)ickinson told her audience at LI.
brary Ball that the Philadelphia medical students
are in the habit of insulting ladies upon Chestnut
street in the most brutal manner every evening.
A Western genius gets his liquor by rushng into
a drug store for whlaky for " his dying son just
trampled by a herse." He never has time to
I ay.
A recent Paris letter says: " The report was
current during the week that Jefferson Davis was
dymi. He had a aevere synoope, and lies still in
a weak state, stut::ded by Dr. Bmth.'
In the case of Mr. Henry V. Couch for the kill
3n- of itr. Harry Jacobs, in Mobile, Mayor
Price requ:red a bond of $5C00 for his appearance
tezore the City Court.
A paper published in Kendallvil'', Indiana, ob.
serves: " If Mrs. Grant ebonlh happen to get the
measles, every fool woman in the country would
put fire red spots on her face, and commence tak
ing epson salts."
It is said that a Memphie young lady has made
the singolar discovery that whippi-: the back
between the shoulders on rising in the morning
will give the cheeks a ruddy glow throughout the
So soon as a men starts out for a reformer, he
lets his hair grow long. Bo soon as a woman
e:arts in the same business. she cu's hers off short.
PDos not ths show a natural tendency on the part
of the= two-the on-, to approach the character
,.t a C.n, end the other ,that of a woman ?--[Cht.
cago Times.
"For my part," said the late Jemes T. Brady,
" I can say, in all sincerity, that I would rather
feel sure that when I come to die I shall leave
friends to think of me, after I am gone, as ' poor
Jim. Brady,' than win the brightest name for
learning and for eloquence at the bar."
Gentlemen, this spring, says the cracle, will
wear coats with a rather wide rolling collar, cut
away to some extent and about as abort as usual.
Vests will be mostly single-breasted, open low
enough to admit a fair view of the shirt bosom.
Pants will be as snug in the leg as ever. The
new spring evercoat is something between the
regular overcoat and a cloak.
A new welding composi:on has been patented
in Belgium. It consists of 10;0 parts of iron fliings,
500 parts of borax, 50 parts of balsam of copaiba
or other resinous oil, with 75 parts of sal amnmo
ciac. These Ingredients are well mixed together,
heated ani pu'ver;zed. The process of we:diug
is much the same as usual.
The big ox, "Gen. Grant," weighingt 4 ,2
pounds, is in New York. Hl has contributpd in
all not lees thon $12,000 to the asnit-ry Comlis
sion. He is going to Waahingtou to be present at
the inauguration, when he will be sacrificed as a
"peace" offering, the meat c-~sumed, the skin
stuffed, and his buses presented to Agassiz for his
The New York Sun has published statements
that political leade rs in the Manhattan club, early
in February, determined to have the laws rig
idly enforced and to break off from the
eherifl and other county cfficials, who had been
strongest in affiliation with thieves. Under this
change of policy Boyre received forty years in the
penitentiary, and other burglars had long sea
A NY. Y. dispatoh says: '"Gen. Grant' speech
on Baturday is favorably received by the press
and financiers. Foreign bankers here anticipate
that that speech will have a beneficial effect upon
the bond market abroad. The speech and the
financial bills in Congress had a favorable effect
upon the bond market and caused an advance.
Foreign purchases to-day were chiefly sixty
sevens, though !t!issueslwere in active demand."
The Enqu.rer Manual and Political Register for
1-s69, published by the Cincinnati Enquirer, fur.
nishes the many readers of that valuable paper,
anlofes I w ss, a table of the various State
governments, in which  olm& Ia ~prepcqted as
having its capital at Baton Rouge, and as being
governed by Benj. F. Flanders, whose term of
oflce, it informs us, expires in 1870. Is this caor
rect, Mr. Warmoth?
The Washington ndertakers who had the re
mains of Mrs. Surratt in charge after they were
exhumed, have been besieged on all hands for
relics of Mrs. Surratt. The partially decomposed
case in which she was originally mterred, now In
their possession, wll probably soon be reduced to
chips, and wrougnt into mementoes for those who
are so eager to obtain them. Father Walter has
in his possession the glas phial containing a piece
of parchment with Mrs. 8urratt a name thereon,
which was placed in the coffin in which she was
first buried.
The Mad Itone.
J. O. Nixon, E ... Edlitor f the Crescent:
Sir-The statements made by the editor of the
Memphis Avalanche of the 13tb inst., and copied
into your paper of yesterday, in relation to the
history and wonderful cores effected by app!ica.
tlion of a certain mad-stone now in possession of
Col. B. Lee Milan, of Missisippi, are true in every
particular. If I mistake not that stone was form
erly the property of Col. Wright, ef Norlolk
county, Va., and after his death was sold at his
succession for a large amount.
INow, I have severeal med-stones for sale, all of
which are guaranteed to be certain preventives
of hydrophobia and cures for bites of snakes or
pciscnous insects. Price $100 each.
No. 184 Wasuhington sireetL.
Benefit of Moe, the skater, to-might at the
Don't buy a miserable fingle thread machine,
when you can get a birt premim rover & Baker
at the New York price, fifty-ave dollars, and war
ranted five vars, at b' Caml treet.
I The rapidity with which Plantation Bitters have
become a hotushold neeity throughout the oiv
tihed nations, Is without a paallel in the hLuary
of the worlid. Over fave miobottls were mold
ia twelve Mnoetb, sad the dAemad i daily ioerese
Ing. Bich and poor,yong and old, ldies, phyl
ains and elerymn, fiad that it revives drooplag
pirits, leads rsreath to the syuem, vigor to the
ma, and , s exllted atmars's great rnstorer. It
is eomponded of the choest roots and hebs,
the eebrated Caeia or Peravia bark, sm., a
prest.rved Cpetrm . It is ld all
1 StbdbIeales eniery tirn, purh.vIIge
ai ale o th Norgh ort ad ooth Auie,
I Uurope aa (a1lt a isldslQ of Os5***
FSLIWXCAL . r . i tU3
The prd of Dr. ld is acompauld by a
report of the amerney genmeal, made by direction
of the president, embracing the history and petits
of the case, sad recitg the earlter oomderatdo
moving the executive to grant the same, which
are chiey that there now lapes to be snme
doubt as to the compUility of said Mudd in the
conspiracy, be only rendering aid by attending to
the wounds of the chief cospirator; thau the
medical profession of Hartford county, Md., have
straeedly sow that it was the profesiomal
duty of s Mai ndi, as physioasan to atend Booth
whamn alled upon; and fur tr, hat he was at
tentive to the sick at the Dry Tortugýa during the
prevalence of the yellow hver at that poet lant
summer, saving the lives of many officers and sol.
diers, beside that of Mrs. Smith, the wife of Sur.
geon Joseph Smith. United States army. who him
self died of the fever. It further recites that his
pardon has been recommoeded by thirty-nine
senators and members of the House of Repre
sentatives, by over three hundred of the ofticers
and soldiers of the Dry Tortugas, and others.
Mr. Emmett wssa little premature in his views,
but great men are always ahead of the masses.
This settles the point ma to who first nosinated
Gen. Grant, and if he heeds our suggestions, ss
he should do to insure the success of his adminis.
tration, Mr. Emmett will receive the New York
collectorship at least. against Mr. Dana, Mr. Fred
Conkliag or Mr. Marshall O. Roberts.-[Herald.
Short weights have spread from trade into poll
tics. Here is Pratt, senator from Indiana. chosen
to that dignity on the express and. so far as con
jecture m go, on the oexcluive ground that he
weighed 400 pounds avoirdupois. Now he has
been put upon a standard sroale, and turns out to
weigh but 170. When a seator of the United
States elected for 400 pounds falls short 10O, cheat
hng has really come to a pretty pass. We shall
have to send The World commissioner to Wash.
ington to weigh a few random Radicals and report
the reslt.-[N. Y. World.
Mr. Coltfax is the Arst man at Washington who
bas had the eomrag sad good sens to stand up
squarely before Gen. Butler, without being brow.
beaten sileaned by mere brutal clamor or ee
duced into coopetition with the blusterer on his
own ground. The result Is what Is usually seen
in such caes. As soon as the firm word was
spoken which showed that Mr. Colfax was neither
to be put down nor trifled with, the representative
of the fifth district dropped as if he hbed been hem
strong.-[Boston Advertiser, Rep.
The N. Y. Times marcastically remarks: "The
c!earness and accuracy with which the prespdent
of the 'enate ruled the pomats of order raised by
Gen. Butler, on Wednesday, must have inspirea in
the mind of that belligerent estatman fresh re
gre's at the failure of his favorite project of im
resbhment. Its success would have made Mr.
Wade president of the United States pro tem.,
and the whole country would, in that case, hove
had the bentflt of the brilliatt intelligence and.
peremptory energy which are now conflued"
within narrower limits."
A. C. Hobble, a native of AJansas, and a sto
den' in the College of Arts of Kentucky Univer
sity, died in Lexington last Wednesday. Though
very poor Lnd a cripple from white-swelling, he
deterrr;ned to struggle on till he completed his
educan:in. Starting from his distant home with
not;:ing to depend on but two bales of cotton, he
end his brother worked their way to Lexington.
He labored and studied by turns to eke out a liv
ipg and an education. He progressed finely in
college. but his leg becoming still more paint illy
disessed he came to Cincinnati two weeks ago and
sult red it to be amputated.
A!I that I told you of the hunger among the
people for office is being verified. Wastungton Is
being tilled up to overflowing, and the malls ci,me
in groanleg wtus applications. I heir the same
story f. ',m all quarters. "" I can not get time to
mya-'f to eat my meals," said a distinguished atem
ber to me, the other day; " Iam disturbed in my
sleep. These people crowd about my rooms, fol
low me to the house, run me into the closet. I
never saw anything hke it, not only as to number.
but to pertinacity. I can not explain-I can not
say ' no' to any purpose. The business makes
life a burden."-[Washiogton Letter.'
There s"rme to be quite a disturbance in the
navy itself over this proposition to make a sec
retary out of a naval officer. There seems to be
the usual amount of jealousy and heart-burning in
that department incident to all organisaions
made up by pore humanity. And Porter, the one
generally spoken of as the one likely to be select
ed, is more unpopular than any other. Quite a
number of distinguished naval gentlemen carre
and swear at the idea of putting old Boreas, as
tL.y are pleased to call him, in a position to pan.
lati Li eurctes and reward his friends. They say
they would much prefer a civillan, for then they
would, at least, get Impartial justice.-[Washing.
ton Letter.
Abe recent telegraphic announoeament from
W.+bhington that Senator Yates had again made
his appearance In a costume resembling that ot
the Georgia major. whose favorite parade dress
consisted of a shirt collar and a pair of spots.)
has not yet been contradicted uy the senator's
ft fenrds. On this occasion the Illinois Demosthenes
is said to have added a revolver to his othe-wLre
rather limited accouterments. But even that au
dition must have been an improvement in relation
to the moral effeot of the spectacle.
The following conversation is reported between
two irreverent little boys in the streets of Port
land. Me.: "Johnny, do you see that game
looking old cock going along there!" "You
bet.--who is he?" "That's Pitt Feasenden!'
" Who ' hle ?" " He's the man that kept 'em
from hanging the president. Ben Butler and his
fellers were going to string Andy Johnson right
up in the Capitol, when Pesenden pulled out a
big butcher knife and swore they shouldn't do it
unless they walked through him. So they
quit !"
Speaking of the scene In Congress at the vote
counting " Mack" says: It looked for all the
world like a crowd of sporting men quarreling
over sn umpire'e deollon at a horse race, o" per
haps more like a crowd of roughs in die
potaticn over a "fool" st a prize fight. I will
not dissemble the fondly cherished hope that one
of the may clenched asts raised in denanciaion
of Butler on the oee side, and Wade on the other,
wou;d be put to better purpose than assaulting
the Innocent sir, or blanking the eye of unohen,.
Ing space. 8uch demonstrations, however, mins
have leadership, or the end in noeim only. Iatler
played leader till he reacuhed that point where
bluster must end and blows begin, and then he
turned back, and retreated faster than he had ad
It is argued by some that that part of General
Grant's remarksl relative to the removal a4 ap
pointment of officers, will probably determine the
tlato in the disposition of the bill to rep4al -r
l mse-of-ofice set. The Senate hss
had a taste of powdness that law never here
tofore enjoyed by that body. wbhich it wrL be lotr
to surrender; and it is aot now believed that the
Senate will agree to a repeal of the acMt, and pos
sibly not even to a modelcatIon of it. until General
Grant discovers his mode of getting rid of and ap
Spointing ofilcils.-[Washington Letter.
The Worcester rpy, published by a BRdlcal
congresman, thinks "General HButler has an oone
qualed capacity for making hiomself offensive to
the people who have any regard for the deenncies
and proprieties ef life," and pronounces the cere
mouny of counting the presidential votes "a con
fusend and disreputable brawl."
Even the New York Tribune has discovered
that the tendency of capital to investmenta in
government honds, and the disposition of capitrl
Ists to engage in insurance and other non-produc
tive occupations in preference to manufacturing
and other ordinary business enterprises, operates
to the prejudice of legitimate tndustry. The
high rate of interest realised by lnvestors in
government bonds, is not only an oppresive tax
upon labor, but prevents capitalists from utnder
taking business that will give ilborers prodfitable
employment. The government and the bond
holders should take this matter into conu eratmron
in time.
" Mack" writes: John W. Forney hs gowne to
North Carolla and purclhased a farm there pre
teandedly to raise corn and potatoes, but reslly to
raise the devil in a small way among the recoo
structed by ranning as a s enatorial candidate
agaInst one of the carpet-baggers whose "' term
ot office" soon expires. He will be a sort of
ubiquitous person-living rea-ll y in Phlltklpha,
and owning the Press there and the Chronicle
here--but claiming to be,for electoral porposes, a
citizen of North Carolina. I have never had a
great deal of adminration for John W., but he is s
man of talent and ability, and, uas a tcarpet
bagger, would be asoesas, and a gret improve
meat on the average of that class of raiscreats.
It is worth whtl to mention, ti this cosetlon,
that the carpet-baggers from alli the S,thern
States are becoming alarmed for the a"sty of
their seat inCongess. The Sald eems aas ly.
lag cete greatmay, ud I hear of several
contemplated emigraton with an eyo n eoob
gresariona hoor. "Iu a natm of blind men a
one-aeyed ma may he a kia," m sRommsa,
when he tells howl he, with vryslht nmsical
attainments, found a eommaunit wre he could
gure as a toaher of the divie set. So in a
.eomnaltyof capetbaggrs, a m ka , w Le
where ooeld at . be cted ca ctyou !, may
make great pretentious to statdmanhp ot
cml fitaes.
Benerst Mo. Bases. The skarter toight,
to-sight. Bumpty Dumpty. Aeadssy of Madc.
_ rew Teyk pwe. S~ e elebraist Oser &
Bahen sawing mataal ahrge frheght.
Mahine warrasted fur gee yin. 0iy usehin
B eor lmgleu. 35 l Cema.t se
~iEScATvItO cnaltONITs - SENATOR MoiruN's
Aftsr the nal courteses, Senator Morton, on
behailf of the committee, said:
Oc stral-The joint oommittee appointed by
the two houses of Coegresm visit you this morn
ing to notifyyou oicad lythat you have beet
elected presoent of the United States for the
term of four years from the 4th of March next.
The great majority of your countrymen hail your
election with delight, while even those who did
not support you at the polls entertain for you the
highest confidence and respect. The friends of
our country and the friends of liberty tbroughout
the world rejoice at your elevation to the presi
dency, and all believe that you will bring to the
performance of your duty unalloyed patriotism.
inflezb!e Integrity, great 'powers of intellect and
all the high qualities that enabled you to achieve
suc distinglshed succooess in another sphere of
duty. They cherish full faith in your ability sad
vittues, entertain the highest hopes of your soo
cees. and that during your administration the
work of reconstruction will be completed, the
wounds of civil war healed. and that our country
will take a new departure into growth, progress
and prosperity."
senator Morton then handed the official notifies
tion to General Grant, of which the folio wing is a
coBe it known that the Senate and Honme of
tpresontatives of the United States of America,
b tug aaem:l=ed at the Capitol in the City of
\'asington, on the second Wednesday. being the
10th day of February, in the year of our Lord,
1,69, the undersigned president of the Senate did,
in presence of said Renate and House of Repre
sentatives, open all the certifoates sad couns all
the votes of the election for president and vice
president, by which it appears that Ulysses S.
Grant was duly elected, agreeably to the Coonti
turion, president of the United States for four years,
commeneing on the 4th day of Marob. 1N19. In
witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand anu
safixed the geal of the Senate, this l0th d.y of
February,1969. B. F. WArO,
"President pro tem. of the Senate."
General Grant, on receiving this certlficate,
made the following response, speaking very de
Lberately and with evident embarrassment:
" I can promise the committee that is will be my
endeavor to call around me as assistants such men
vily as I think will carry out the principles which
you have said the country desires to see success
ful. Economy, retrenchment, faithful collections
of the revenno and payn.oet of the pubiic dent.
If I should fall in my first choice, I shall u. t at any
t1me besitate to make a second or even a third
trial, with the concurrence of the Senate, the cn,
firming power. I should just as soon remv,ve one
tc my own appointees as the appointee of my
predecessor. It would make no difference.
"There is one matter that I might ,ossihly speak
of here, and that is the selection of a cabinet.
I have always telt that it weaould be rather indell.
cats toannooulce or even to consult with the gen
tlemen whom I have thought of inlvlut:g to p ,si
tion in my cabinet, before the official declaration
of the result of the election was made, altthonh I
presumed that there was no doubt aout what the
declaration would be; but fiter cou.ideration I
have come to the concluion that there is not a
man in the country who could he invitel to a
place in the cabinet without the friends of some
other gentleman making an effort to seoure the
position. Not that there would be any ob',ujctiou
to the party named, but there would l e ,Ltnrs
whom they had set their hearts upon having in
the place. I can tell that from the great nl:uhber
ol.reouests which have come to nme m wr tlg or
otherwise for this particular person or tuhat ·ne,
fIom different scts and de:.-gations. If urincunced
in advance, efforts wor.ld he made to chun'ge my
letermination, and therefore I have come to the
conclusion not to announce whom I am goiab: to
invite to seats in the cabinet utul I se:.d Iu. rjeir
names to the Senate for c ,nfir.uatiou. If I say
anything to them about it, it will certainly not bo
mote bhan two or three days previous to sending
in their names. I think It well to nimke a puOlio
declaration of this to the committee, so that my
intentions may be known."
At the conclusion of General Grant's remarks,
Mr. Prauy stepped forward and said : leuerai.
in the great prinoples which you have marked
out for the conduct of your administration, you
have the political support of those with whom I
am associated, ready to act with you.,'
General Grant made no response to this save
thanks. Tue committee and most of the gentle
men present then shook hands with him and re
The New York Post says: " The latest senss
tior, is a ' bridal trip' over the elevated railway
in Greenwich street. Nearly every day weddiung
parties obtain seats in the expernnmtoal car. the
chief engineer of the railway frequently superin
tends the running of the car on these occasolns."
The transfer of lands by the Inudson Rty Com
pany is regarded now as certain, they having cou
ced': the important points required by the uego
tiat, r for Canada. Arrangements will probably
be c. mpleted by the present parliament which
will bring the whole Nortbwest nnder the DominIon
Government in three months.
The young girl Hataling, who was found dying
in a sleigh at Midway, New York, the other night,
is shown to have taken five drinks of ram in fifteen
minutes each drink filling a tumbler two-thirds
full. The coroner'a Jury conc.Itded that the over
whelming potations of alcoholio liquor, taken in
such rapid succession, and large quantities, within
the brief period of fifteen or twenty minutes, by a
girl of her delicate conformation, and in her ex
saited state, would rapidly produce the three
stages of alcoholism, vri.: excitement, intoxioe
tion and coma, or apoplexy, which last resulted
in her death.
A rustic visiting Frankfort, Ky., bought a
ticket for the theater, and through a blundering
about doors found hinaelf in as adjoining billiard
saloon. Seeing a novel performance going son,
with a goodly attendance witncuing the same, ho
settled himself in a chair and patiently looked on
at the game for an hour or more. Having satiated
his appetite for novelties, he left the room, and,
going on the street, was asked if the show was
out. "Oh, no." said he, "it's a goein' on yet.
They are a knockin' away like h-I up thar! "
Cottrell& Dickey, an elevator firm, of Cleve
land. tailed Saturday. Liabilities $2l00,00; as,.ts
Mr. James Doyle. a well-known lawyer "t Phili
delphia, was found in the street, early l th, morta
ing, badly wounded mn the head. lie died in a fow
mnutes after being carried home. No arrests
have been made. The case is still irvoived in
Admiral Darvis, with his fleet and the two pris
oners, has arrived at Boenos Ayres. Hie exuresseueli
himself atasfied with the explanation made by
Lopez, and believes that Washburne, iBmas and
Masterman were all engaged in a consptra·y to
overthrow the Paraguayan governmeut. The
remnant of Lopes's army was still at Angeostors,
Luque benmg at present his seat of government.
Minister McMahon was still with him.
A fountain on the gr ands of Beth B. Hunt, at
Benninlgton, Vt., is the highest but one in the
world. It is drawn from the bills through a six
inch pipe, throwing a stream 168 feet high. It
appears at a short distance like a single silver
Henry Johnson, near Adrian, Mich.. climbed
into an apple tree back of a farmer's house the
other night, and imitated the hooting ol an owl so
accurately that the farmer rushed out aid put
nine bnuckshot into him.
The largest tan on record, in modern times,
was Miles Darden, a naive of North Carolina,
born in 1798. He was seven feet and six inches
high. At his death, in 1867, he weighed a little
over 1000 pounds.
The stable keepers of San Francisco have or
ganied a society to prosecute all persona who
hwIe and abuse horses. Their names are to oe
placed on1 a * blact list," and no ammals are to
be put in their power. A alit is also to oe e~ of
tach as do not pay their bills.
The organitrnon of the New York Vigilanco
Conmmittee is extending mto New Jersey, ,,at,.a
Island and Brooklyn. teveral eommittees ot Nca
York reported that several thieves had left tho
city through fear of trouble, and others would
soon follDow.
Detectives from ther treasury department and
pension bureau are ln Memphis irenisgating tle
alleged heavy frauds by a number of olaln agenta
in that cfty. Several of the iatter have been .ir
rested. The Mated rands will amount to ti100,
Norwich, Conn., suffered on the night of tbo
13th from the most destrmactive fire known in tolt
city fog many years. Apollo Hall and two al
jotl buildinga were entirely costomed, with
mosl e the coneats. The occupunts were Iesers.
V s & Chester, dry goods; J. Willis, cloth.
; Luke Hillisid, hIatter; W. MoCane, billiard i
A sl Adams, boarding house, and a nnmber '
o and temeasmai. The fie r was at drie
covered n Wilm's clothing store. Willlams &
Chester's less is estimated at s$oo,o00, larned
for $60,000. Total loss estimated at $200,000.
Keep & Hogan, 38 Tehoupitoulas Ieesmd s
Irew lam , keeup eon eda large an emseive
steuk hardware aud'eutlel , Jm.L al a
ce'' MaY sll , Ku., plwin, rau g aggg g

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