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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, April 17, 1869, Morning, Image 3

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The btluaaite ta Cuba.
"'- ]mrlb i V d 3.'1
*'-'r odA At Moui0
[From the Sew k Trtrae-ditoriL
Given, as a meat of Ipular Inarreotlon, a 1og,
arrow Ibland, with b althy ooet and a beehr
bone of mWs M with thooanead of
aituutions admirably g4pted los iolated d r
ive warfare, but with at ready neans of om
mnnluticon through a rritory wle., though bo
so large a New York, d daem bewe
its leading tags e frqm tide-wateo
(hicago ; givM ea sW rmed sad
scattered for a close gulmition, but m
In sympathy with the ts--. power
thouaaad mile away. I If the laters ta a
revolution, with few troops sad lees moy,
straining it resource and ts eredit to the ut
active operations, and comparatively ignoreat of
the country; the Inmsuents hardy, familiar ith
the reions through w lohey move, sad ezept
from the terrors which approachi g asunk
season brings to mvoad
With mbch coedlio4 , what festeree wonf "
campagp be 1kl, i0thit) ,bhe prob m
does not seem one of markable dlleu y
journali which conm so vehmeatly o
confulion Ia the Cubao oews mlght admoetl t
Emerneolsa style, e lve i soltion from t f
own aonmelosaaeam.
(From the owavsa Omrenuvpdm Noew T erkb
To proviioal fgoveornmoet of Cuba M t 4.0
tire are of the 4d: 1$ mpls~es1l the
to te roo to the lblb or
pal owne; It has a or_ _ __ __
emrnent whose authc is readily d erlosly
empeeted by. people; inte4sy, a my
of over 40,000 me in ef eld, and oolde
double that number in posseselon of arms
proper equipments. o much the revolution
antiali ; jam, h d
lmone . r more. t lasthe
estabileah th .,e ad
ennfrnc-5etds0fl e
success so far achie . It Is that it ha. taes
gai·ed by t1heMlMiu enrons of thepq
bas themselves. In tto of all reports, re
hen beeu bt egy ilid given from the
side, either from oar ore or other of the a b
bor~etiAneeouleaa lit. A few smail c of
arms were run In, but 'sven theee are of o bt
fite. frehr pohit i that, from the oat ut the
movement has boon realar and orderly,
forward uoder organ ed directio sad with de
finite policy to guld . The proeiyoal Rs .
meuiet ireb Wehp e e b iehl blef, has
been everywhere rognled by the Os
Whatever d1aseremos ed jealonuaas may have ez
bey have neverb een wedtoi eethe p t.
otic work. At te et moment, the ire
Eastern Department, th the exoeption the
meports and two or interior places o ta
portance, like Prinoipe, are o ad
by the Republicats. About ose.thlrd of
the Western Dept rtment im also y
Villa Clara, Cienfuegoe, Bogas Ia Graude, ud
Trtnidad. Aoeordjgg, to authentie inform og
received here, the patriot forces are diatrb led
about wa follows: In the Baymo sad M
ba ounder his ows cootrol and that of his I e
able. In the upý ortion of the "O "
Departmeat is with t
14 000 men, of whom the col
to ttheellbrbbe ¶d
immediate bamein(d eQdmsj jils eli
equipped. In the Clao Villas dismet the
have o hqQ· dapbo~ll(*sb ooami
portio o * Ualy h 'ware d ý *edry
week make a favorable oo il the
meaLt iahe'Aes p ied m m .eu of the
p eme"s""a- "m P~elo, Dolm;ses
.e `Dead - eae .
1as rsnpamgsa -z.awvs rapt emai
' I
ar 6eIls tm u QO1O. BHoju ,'
in answer to a le f oaory addressed t4 him
by Be. O$Ht; mIY a of the soe
temml em en . adih, eshibls heo * .
eont status of the tr 'base .
.V-117 W. prl 19, 18.
As work of u o e"
divieiols of the b eoept e d a
work, the paymeat bearslMes Al M
at l one VsIsail i oa. oa* s
ImI *ak btoe of moees ha
wab m h theea I hav d imed
* bsare nil white.j-O. w
rd in rt he e
here•4em ao * -I. . an
y sbatolimbi , h the
scant aghatr ha awno
!ear ou raw
· .t --lc . w.. 4.** 5 e e~m . the
ten are all white 0 0$
anf aeun that. rismheom AhOgrbed a the
pre a ofll t ieoeate In regud to the mtr at
oM ml eft, iet lacem a eh le vm
committed -wb *$i t Inaste or neta. e it
aey hequ bhen 1e 8bP hew hmaoa ,ph, then
qeith Twebelr ito " ea.mm t.a. sIter t .e 4n
diction, anms wrewa leai .g the a e , $ m
confeesing that mbe iad comlioltd the marer.
Th. appe wa olmanewed by e ster th ee
waittell, to *M_ she had ommated re omulonr ln
a queev sd said that- mk had kee· con
eitedwhosieahe equd 1 . On a
vying soother gapyy. She wan to tell h ob she
had become criminal with e Lie who h. with
her to any that ire, Hill had not been mudered
atall, bet had lelet from the window. Ag the
doot ·a0s with as appel to her love,
etoa.u, ho t_. bn,.., Ia t. ll', haol
oriting. btt s a Cuhp for
A Washlmgton dspabeofelh 1th s : The
leet of the geet of wh ude eand
Ooopeesm ca eeermieal an. l?~ Virginia,
is of the moat oceeg ehain. Lers from
ebmond sy that , e as i a load of *pr .
eion had beens likel•mthe.apmls of lb people,
and tha tihe wul o feal b h e,atib of ee.
m waaied g t utantmees, the only eooep one
se se few eoneg reemeoel. who still har
bor the pm alt othe mobelota asd epl op the •Itg.
BumEnea isalready reviving, ns a consequence, and
the doubt nd ncertainety which have been coan
u uet oeethe-le ehan, oi condit, ioa bing re
moved, the petpte aready beginning U fore
plnn for the future atd prepare for largely in
as baill nee. It is bheoered that the moterial
Intereste of the State will be advanced many ioll
otne by thi ash mpe* FO. •s
1.. saseM eltm.am n.;as I
"  of9ý a AoM
,- comeM - o =o. as _ smoýmnu rmlr
1T0rt s: rn'an.
Im. ,March
In order that ylrd. mary form some I
of the number o w pre. who be oe
in Rome. to take pert I the sp oem -
Lat and Oritol rite, twelvs Li arohbb
op,_ Tota, i Of L-t- --- thr i ir
celled .mbrbhlama, aaw ala, with
newr esaym ss lda eat t. the
8., sad 679 with diocese; ; of the
eatal ri.. Total. 7IS.
ms belinmatas unde nses e
dn 1 a 1se, 1 ad eeoted I mhblshoprl o
1 b 4. Total 181.
- 7-rchfpb seesS; h iessMd * 'a
sees 1a pare e, 198.
copal, 1 t w1l M to
747 prarohal and and ler
srheda ath tuyiee, hthe e o
wed n pecil ooimioe of pi n a
etorn. a ov wo ld gi t eem t
wher, the a would h en
tapihe e' brag'es aeeur.poel .f
owi0 ot I.i`erwe; bu oLog8
rot wr ree
scorceat o oth dn a nda a the c pr r
thmet oianglar roam thased grand gatrh e
, wittou frht epdar than el tltde
o a, ed o t o e w s hid. apa wrod ne
natchwood, nd h fears wera e then
flooring above would ghe tri
lamets Veupasnttee 10 etag /,
where the damage would have been
ollsa eprLeeen bran ted ro;
•to.4. abanll sL ,or ,
scorched, they did not yield, ad the corps
wGreaet alwa aatiQeoed.a".tt atr alde
tachment of soraves from the grid gour alo s
were at pAop ýp ,the horse of don or,
the Are pa mtloi ter four hourr' b ra
6bAoi,'.'wl, tp G le
bntend to maoe -, h cetinnoo nhom,,fi. •pe "
now sad thea afle .asefora went ron; ld
dThe Heralds u iso glve, ther fol
lowing accou t fo the t mw between
Boss and President Go- ramit : witha
setr " - - de-i
ranis proosic al psi -111 b'ca od,
r i atry ty '." I I " * t ett ton
meo , tor ho n res ntiam the
lee!" .e lmoereSt, b   er with ra- e
**e 't~ to me bm, ,Siep yre ileat;
n thea 0 Aa a ehatW asmther, at
"e hawe l e o e a e o hem4sa eaw s gei-r
Ite r*m--iw- h "cy mtwy- ii odeL
WI ust deel to retrbe taop a t frthQ ae
"ed desire the interview s ho uld terminate, "
, h sr *p go hell," re MI .
bi o 0 m a M h. ou a ed
oado- ___ _-otr he
whoc o ibe Io to ear In we, 1to
o bylele Iinor~maiot ao s1a s toe a otl.
ILteratrnhe cltn o lte a le wll e at Usahe be
nalwi be ateoteled a Irans -elterse tea.
Aom*a4*o T Stat stola -d n of
ector ugor eat production, entl4 the
ithou e a oeot r fer o o, he wend uth roh
mumeraibveto tMsmeru op r ~e s dearlgb
the crorm tb il-ow r y mdoring whichne he
u both ar s Idiue and *ae t
the fire nlehg I bptoe a y k eton suk wnadr
wame bhislegs or d l o
hnsper tonaet our omS a o*dari and
hto by aeeator I c e e as t hin
his I odm gelrdo.. em
b 121u meee or Oaemmee.s the 6th aet.,
Hoe. lobs, Lowe. ebecellor or thee
eshmitsed the anall-bug In ezulaaatloa
which be seld that the a imry proposed tod
separately with the gwelsl elw'ndmturee4
Iher~se f fmdeMIm usa. Th eaadBda
med. ~bf~id~lhSWe7Y WUI hsrd t
iniees, typ £73,10,12 whoe the eeeephi
f £73.600,000, prea ar.( e ** Or
had to be met ehr.Be (YrTo-we
Min-d .zpimatres during the premet welt
a 'at ,flSoo, showing a redactlo of £3. , .
year of . . if te Abyllrnlaa war
sot t hbe e U01Hrp s would bo
500,000 e whole ezpeee of the Abysinealn
ed In Idic oepty !,21 0
I ·and e
geeeral decit "' Under the otromuesenoee."
the ohsni 'bi~~YS a r1anise a gre
rme by tasdtoe." He regarded the p
. tor, osurar ii
anq e jb'i
Medueaech, ee to boefoz b.
n the same amer.. By shs measaree £3,260
wi he breeght ink-te fiaarei! yesa to addI a4
to the amounts heretofore ollected. And of I!
income an,. to repeal the iwport sty ;DOPrl
f wUr\rriT--prdf0;
£3000,. lpd *lea
Ia Wpl-_ _
Pnmeeýt-e*.-eeey ae---iee w.
l ma* eenk º SpW~kf-dhAb s6e~
stranger reoeteed wounds- Wom~htoh hedied
shortly afterward. -Beveral parties etandlog
__tetfC sa !pd thSe, of themr eoeic4
wOý1 1ý - =w i-.. L
Don't buy a triabele thread sac
" , areee4Le
ranted ArerLuan& 1U? (M st r
. VZVsa TuOw 1
") '.'. e 1 l%-"OfU~
cuerorm oua rramr~ ·a~aas rmos Ono
-And -- i
tLokfsa' wiul*. 3~rwt W 'ulOxaz Jim
-ax.. Jr. wtvrnE.u,
Aiczio sua,
WI A yClarats I.4eV OO~ND *itutstd to the.i.e
: s r . s. lý ul
MOON rIR Phol i *sr phib. IL. of sn. Me. W.
I. booq Nut&Pr sat Columbusý&ad ~~
Jusa. ~ ~ I5~ep1. rr~ setry 5
.Tha hs
ta irye m. asa. set 5s.manda si "a j5aa'. ocd~t. lbs
neea.oft~e pssftb , ~slai.0tebIlsmsrde~ný,r. beadsa
ft e dr n fsdl~tiasb l.O~ 51s~ for
t trc see ,krs mke oe
5Y Ella. " TO NS
anetd tb. ` - " ( sh s a. 11".ula (i~i
ýs Y·I! r.N -teo roe..;
&air &EG PEOAUQ'I spaE
Sturda sadL A Trday al e, a
- CAM? S. HrLL..T
f ftarta " of b O d$ LD ti
Co.t . rsfw oos".liNl r·la
m ew "A". LA
CHd Ir1· Ue
- ~ - ~ 4VAC_
pesesdinsfl 'rNsor~ satisUIUW4 s
~~raruatdI sadiddL'
d~sseVabrLba~ David- ' Iliwuss isL ~r
lbs uleiwrde C~s-en sulims b eree
tbeasme'b ·cg ~Y1I' uMile
le atet ~by me h ·· s ruard~y. fet dsq' min
W, eg. ' see..e Oupat UeTee
·oY~eW 1Qr m OIsthsseba
~d5YLT 05 51
*Ipy- -- ·;-;·
~*3e~e Mets-e
UL escn ~%u. "I
an qsei
Nsa~lr Ucsy esesstcset. &8,· II Frestte
drem l byL ~raidrgst paid s t". Dset e
- Na( 14 DaresneR sasat. - Omel.
5s,5nS~ynedkL· ts0! a Is my metm A?
S1---~- ISIZ',RONrrbd I
leasu ~u w~riJUrns- 5a~W *p~Umessm
A0. 3. CILD
Metal dat. hsin ha Iii t'pa stnre
- . ..III h -
1t» M -f}
2. JDzo jr _1 a. 6LJ t L
~~~or S^',~~EAft "3U~
AJDO?3 Dlp~b llbc UTU~
94I9 4I I ·rr o Wp
a~~in'iriD AM INZ TU
,:o L O eUt ,.,t.
med M oti e Wm. .bsg~ . ,
*Y? ~rrP UPS it tim i -qpmhA
on i Ql -UXER b!! JQ~NJ. flR a
MI i osv- I. -
L4S o :, L I - neo·q rl u;C Vol lat.=d;~
m.c mim BlOCK0UI~~~ · 4I q
vMk-uoy Voplpii' oFr~t Jo . slumius~e,
-,U bz o % X R ?Sa A
tr'.a t. wo <D. Y.ý.ý ..a GIN~~oa
THE N ethe wdi begi l
of John 1. fL fo /toot V
Gwg:% -0
(me lime
o..Pg l MSIi I S, ... peg wev, la 884 ."
4Ah· 4liUW;E FO·,r,, ·lrR PAIL
* >O VOftlt y J 1W
-*u.&&am U #ý)met.5W508ýO3.
~t~h~'me~t -. '
V!IJ a+YII. l~st
Umemgimun~ru·YC;~ u L~~wn
I~~rri 3343A113. ~
38 ~;I LWIJAOE*30V.
1n e ·.rerA d~ia t .la mege ShE U~d,
80lo9 £13?. the me lyw sin Risd* o n he I
A~ QCO'UOLUY~IJUedttog·tlldI
?0MAfYR Imr pmnew~
dizi fe
Nqmbseqr *i bes rOUS PmeI's , & ~ri.
~lape~ullr Geese' Sm Wee L~L ·d·
`) LIM Jt u.,tid e J i r I
Fi~j ~F bra i j t )O '
.. siw =aid
~Sf'~~ 6~~t~,' [email protected];
66 Sslip
emir SheA
mr~?·~;si ~ 2
a ~ t1~ba
£3wa Z.~
-i P~YL
:~P '1 3
rVaU~ hW~ Urv
Y'rcr V. M~1
*L~aNU&YU3 4
TAAW cyrG· (· s,~
EKPO~ 01Ot3~T.N3LZ& YOL0GP,~
- ~V.
3m inS1.UI~ r ~nm4fs the r ~ue h um& V
- tsblY~rumh ml alm~ O Salem er ml
~~rr ~ ~ OaA at. Oall~ Y ~l~A
* - I~~kfnlSomd We
-Ar bueSrefl let-'n
Relhebmib 5*UIT £ Idnrrrr .
OR ams.
L t~k *r h
goý1 M VON
-Ms. 3wa~s1
-' toI~-~~:~b 1~~ ·i
3 i'4
oiPp n; hr ;ii of
3r irtfh.
~: :) 3~O. 41 ~~1) S.
DEUW~~~~ at~ui. ~ A.
stm I AmIinsb. WD. 5
Im. nni1
:ýT ). ibuU .1 c" a I .u1a) n
O J5h ,3 .4
3Z.L;l.UN r·i ~IC At UEW.31lPUk1.I
___ r~?~~~
r ý!º,MtPº ý t4u
op* ýsi iý0" iIF LA
kol. llnit.ll(·(._ h!sl J4. o.
-~ ~ ~ MM Im ~hmd 404
~k~ uu
WE ~ d1~~~ ~
8 W
:liC.5P UkmyminIl
g ja 3f*be5temM .
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