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The New Orleans crescent. (New Orleans, La.) 1866-1869, April 17, 1869, Morning, Image 4

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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Brougham. Sixth Page: :,s Famous Dae, e,
Bishop Duggan q Chicoo. Beventh Page
Beal Asdee, Amons end 4+anwold Report
The Casscmr of to.orrw will sustain the
hIgh literary reputatles ollpreerom Sunda5
ames. Its original aa will be
limited to those of peeum r  ad laatesel
ad will inlaode adlertalea by Mr. Peani.
hather, otherwise Mr. Jo4o, enttled ")La.
PlazAramuu Tars A Da L -Umza Dm.
ooson." Xr. Peniafebathr, alias Mr. Joeko,
is a yonag Southern gmUm of tdie Msari
sequirements, and, as we o not inirm the
readers of theCuscr, of rare, senatntips,
elegant humor, coupled with a pseaosal mod
esty which keeps bhis real name almost un
haown. Another thing profitable to read ll
be a ouateeleba upon the art of oomm rtsabl
travsln, by a geutlamsa at apsedsans and
observataam reeently rstmd em the ol .
Lady masesa w-ill o . the asea iestem
weekly chapters on domseestteo oaayan4 the
fashion, and studea l of physlol w llnd
Sstartling ge ts pon te mla e parteo of
kgbthe ahse h t at. Story wdam will
be pleased with "An Enggier's Te," and
a narrative of "Life Among OCarnl
These will bethe meal fmil m1 a seigf ftio.
pean personal goip selected poetry deer
ing the naer Pft tpoiued.L4rge pp ,u
the atest asews, s,. Caudle o the vh .
pede, and other things tbo ntneous to pa
hb. W k*ig OCmancmr,  eed eswe 00
dey morning, contains the news of, the
week by telegrph and mail, d1itodala,
local mattes of intwerst, financial and om
meroial smmary, ste pof the markets and
a colleotion of interesting miseulhasous
artiles. It is an aeodptable prtent to bend
to a friend or eosesdp In in the eoes
try. Copies, put p in wrappers, ready to
the mail, eat be had at ea seinmg--aom.
We will ree tt a Wmibed somber of ever
sth for oethe We y, ad as the
lreolates in B the nmeaal g libe
wTea sa * tit ths.i hle , rear
iessa. Steel & Co., stationers and print
es, ela 79. Comp trsete will pla e aoept
our thahs for asampleofi new spaeles of
letterbook, msa qttA expresely for isale
by their iw. TLhe mitofthebook add i
is a· ge aeme, th ,lmh S~6otog Im
print. from mnuoripdt. It dlp, witr the
Iae of both water aid brush smauy, the
puperbehilrn a seistened end prepared
for the ~eip ene t' i ' suinso by some
ebemieal presses hoeh them mwithsper ha.
p-te steas / tshes s eatnd rn - e ame
not but pove gseerlary nroag me.
hants as indisp bletoneoenttagroi q aL
Coareas, at 1 ecent # .gi Edid very
little oept to at toa i eati with hPres
ident t Gra was e a lagamsd in a
maaner little ered to slks, party. Be
ides this it strisl the woed "white' D nma
thelma wial tio g b e thInemu el mno-s,
pes e o a M l fe the utadiitry, put
earpetbretagg rs tofaevaieat- to rhich
Demoerata were eted gave Genel Great
S4000too 0 to be Owed for p teserving peae
wrth the . ti pohbgtyp mh og them
to smoke a pipe taisee eR renad-psased a
resolution throug] one 1ase, expressing
some invalable sympathy for the Cubane;
and adopted ameher eoeedv plea fbr the re
oemtruetisa ofvIrglals, MIssissippI and Tex
as Uader this plea those States have the
liberty of voting om:the 3edisa system-that
Is to say, they will be r&batted if they rati
fy the Fifeteath .amm.. sn-*lf aot, they
stay sat This L rabout the history of the
We omitted to niention, yesterday, that the
reports of trouble on the Erie line between
Cincinnati snd Dayton are unfounded. The
traiz are r egularly, sad, we learn by
a telegram Rom the Oincinnati agent, are
do-g afine bdi.4..
Under the new law reorganzing the judi
celary system, tae appointment of ten or
twelve)jdges d~pedas en Pseeideat Grant.
It Is said that thtwe is already a great scram
ble M the placed. Patriotic and"troolyloW"
Badicals are going for them with a apirit
which speaks w4ll fbr their energy and activi
ty, but which R not exactly oongruous with
our ideas of the hind of dseorum which ought
to cbarasterise aspirants for the judicial
ermine- Among the aadidstss named is T.
J. Durant, onee ci this oity, and always of
this ott wheaj wmte e wa no e Mr. Dorant
ia said to be * fle lawyer, ad he is known
to be a good jbdje o "phatem daggers." If
consistent effort for odsil position entitles a
man to be apgolnted a judge of the BSpreme
Court, Mr. Dnrant ought to get the appoint.
to be held at Memphis a the th of
bm *aM6 I %Ih VeOWs with which d
.be brught bdid.t s. ffe
ho "a -ee ai iJ4hb I .ý ý e
bys onel of yleh ouight to ,s t
,walk ,shg talrbi s. ip a Nw
•.,.pes.. wo h t. sd.apa.ne ;
m tau. -p vves.uW.h . 1epiY n. i a ' ,
-l w of o
mo-called commercial con e o s I
with beamaefloAalt w.te, and in this 1a 7 i
rvaluae . and ll. a6
to wdlOi n " I nns mlpm Onset m 'it
hatrarleban a lnu QPMmit u
is one of the slet se whbih ought to enlist e
the asmtionaof thatboe,. 'ea a needs t
many thias at tbi7ait.4 s ifopted
Snrspourtatinq . ap nlaeaim i t fon
Inteor sandt e nslit, ;a t t ar
'I elisa obstae to the "e e _ b tler- '
I ward whisk nw i bat. puhr 5 more
the inventive brain ad theuatrialgeergt of
the men of the whitrace-th m~ who fell
rthe forests ad drain t Iseag , ad build
railroads, ad found am . Thewe is ,om 
for mnullone and toen etI'mlme more of I
Le the European re in the broadareof the
Southern States; ad theOds not gutif room
for them, but the are advanatpge of climate
and of soil wohoughtto daSt the great lb
of emigration toward ke Sodth Hitrheto
the currents of population o et edtetily
,toward the Weat, and tothois et is dete
mrvelouse develpment a vast teerilory a
which, within the toebery of livig me, was a
a wilderness untouched by the plow, and al- i
most unknown to the white man.
SLet those e.nts, of population be traed
pon the South, nad the development of in.
dustry, and of commes, and, consequently, r
i of wealth, wfil be as great in this part of the
Scountry as it has been in the Northwest If
the Memphis coeantion can suggest any I
Spaetcable methmod of attaining this object, It t
he will accomplish a great work, nd that propti. *
ol methods my be devised cnmt adml ofi
a doubth One obstecle to e influx of pdpa.
i- Mtion into the Sbeth oses the war ha leen a
the impresiona, dalouy fodtered by d ,
cal emisaries, and per as reed by o
the Radical press, tithe peopleof the South a
.are .orme to ns~un, red that Nor thern I
Mam, coging late the Se~th Sates are .
uaite s to their lies ad their property.
ad The statement is tle as every one knows
of that basa an opportunity to form a fair a
eoneslaon as to e tmper ad wishe of I
e beutheen people ;but anIse as it it a
* has been stteeds withe W7 peaidous
einoeqne n)s the jaist ad natehi
S aiy of, wit .pIbpp to he psofli.
~gale ind amht& ad im ase. whoe
Sat g porua the Boteon sa e y at me the w
Spatronage sqdprotection of the Radical party,
hae bter sprenre a d3mpte o r anoity .4
" me, who ome emeng s with a view to as a
ie sat in rnovata g ad reinnltating our in- b
s, dnstry, whatever may have been their poll
- tics, peotiipate to the flled etant in the
td popular antagonisma toeapet bage. It a
as ,might be well for the Memphis eentmeon to
d give espressaon to some deeded views an this M
a. sibjest, for the popose of disabamg the
"t pbi em baind of e I erth of the llncies
a. which bave been atllled Btot by the $d.
.- Ica press, and by the 'rooly toll" reprobates ,
or of the SBoth. Beyo this it mg be wefl a
i to examine ad to report on the project for I
i." the lemalon at L oma atione ompaniespro- T
posed by Col. Ldees dall, and which is now
t- so widely Iq ldith oughot the gulf
pt States
of But et mare mmediato lmportance than
Lae the Mempais OpraItigon, beeep mare fgrm -
I t eali,hs the rmatg la trade tehement re
a esatLy aogaruel tI S. IGaie. Thei
ae Cuaacrr he. elaser referred to thin stove
N maent in tera oe eaathmsu and, ie-.
d wisle, to thew edbrttear wtro eate
asI the New Oritemd gblio up to isome efiet :
a esMan rPeayd W. J.po sad eomplment to
Sthe sLooos plan. Thatthe 8L oIs peo
a- plIeawem eamuu it 'ahl amoet alsa bea by a
the feet at thaw breed formed a om-h
pany and sbo w eae d n e pameuatoui oney
7m to eary oat its otieatc The followaing tele
- aigm, meelved 7eeerdla, cenvlyn farther,o
a ad til mote encouragthg fnbrmation :
the LouBi. Apr l -, 169. o
s . !S, H. W ok, 'henry
Bead st o besman ,bb wes Neni yeadre of
t wenklteradoa n~e with bneesem it
a Seerstary Mermhab' Ieb mage.*
I Another meetLag la to be held at the woomes
of the Chamber f Coymmerce e-igiktS for
Sthe prpoe of forming a New Oleas com
- any on the t Lote pan. It istobehoped -
e that there wi e ao delay in phere thi
t project into a practical ad effective form.
i- _ __ U,
y At a special meeting held at the offoe of
e CloL John A. Grow, of the Misslanippi Valley "
Navigeation Compa of the South and Weat,
the following named gentlemen were eleoted
e diretors to ll the veoancies in the board:
Sk G. Bricen d W. J. Cahooa. a
e The company haa been organised by the
7 eeeion of B. Bloomaeld es general agent and
' W. Oaoen en aistantg entan X. Bloom
aeld i ao wel known to the public of New "
Orlean tha It is almoet auperfinon to corn- G
Smed this appointment as one eminently At
r to be made. He ia a gentleman of untiring *
L enegy,rgeat experience, febauiness qualii.
Scationa, mad posessen .the fall confdeace of
the community. Capt DeOaven and Major
it Bloomlea d start to-day for rip tomsevral of
'- the interior cities on business connected with
h the company. They will visit Ticksburg,
Mt Memphia mad other points before returning a
to NewOrlans. 'C
>f Puaansn..-Hcn. Wm. 3 BDo, cam of the i
at conservative delegatee of the Temas covrea. -
n tion to Waahlnton, arrwivd here yeierdy
[f en retae for Teia. Mr. Eorn expreemes him
a self condeent of the election of Gen. Hamil- .
e ton for governor, ad the complete enoses
t. ofthe consaervative ticket in the coming
, TwdnoetwMi edic . 4 -:
.ii! grrrd -of geatpr t.
y, a , i lb . not . mt
.Ii p the paymet of the Mayt
Ib ovspo1~'a ox ~h o bove
,Ebu,&ab mi their u. o.mi Nt.
lt 9 iC" seM ras s, oIbga to :u
Cte)W `mameas a emea of ehPytmaae
ty bl.ao .m i ds, bo** -
ti ybIg thrnmjke s ith sto wdeh peik.
In thie as thereirept to be truabe for the
rnay 1Pow GA. s APrm~P.-1. the
macisry adevpimte a s. asbies fafr Groneds,
so asclsM ataeimore attetion than the oql.
-eM Thewar ease dt :sa' O ak' sugal
evaporators, whbeie ehiMbited by the mau.
faotorere, Blymyea ~ ptes Co., of Ciaoi eati
Oi.i It will be remembered that the Vtor
Cet vanore ' 4re e~Hea der oesUical
-t ~ ig. -R . tMir a e~ mouths
aeo, ed the large* samber of pleaters ad elte
latersted to hgt culture, who witnossed theh
eplened peiferrme, espeine4 tphemselvew
ully eimase with the rnIe. It was demos,
strated by many pleaters to Florida, Texs, and
In Louilama, whe The last crop was takes
ed that Ispr oea be-mde a a smal i ce, and
with this cheap, leple and easily larsed ap
paretvas eta gshter relative plods to the pleat.
thean Mb large pleatates with their exte.n
ve, upeade dad complicated machlesry. The
Ida that a large capital, a large place ead a
lge l er .ta requirae to oatMgr platleg a
prelsbe i t Lolslanta is "ti elj
does sway wih by Ae easseeI smerl f the
Victor ease am and i eampea es, Oek'sa
evaporator. We we be mme h lbke L i t he
millm a l ",)obier do net remvelalal  the
slbe.to.re .or to our Sae. The mll and
eapeester eshibbied bm i worknlg elder bd a
espeelt of eat al a lf begheads of eager per
im. ITwo ules worked t .pill, d are bead
weoted the eveperater. The fed oeasmsed wa
one and al hl earnd t theo bhe g eL-alf tha
Oqed by te anal protl$. The 1mill and
evaporator dseelbed eat bt $315, eal foramd a
eimplets o.at for making 24 or slty hbgs.
beads of sugar Ie easoe. werti fem $6600 to
$500 The quality of aser made on thi
evapator is cee, d light color, sae fully up in
ca resopect to that made by ay other pre
eae.  Syaye, Norton Co.,  mefatom e mile
ead evporators of ehe asies, mraen g Nohn a
-ro iezrhgaheads per dlim. We advi·e those
who bsit $ chea), pml, sedlet sad *ally
eaaged. espmas that is certaln lle results, to
correspoed with Byer, Norton & Co., who
will seId to M eit. eld desriptions of the mlll
FPo Two Daeeamm.-The celebrated tlrcee
eyed ea threehrmed Teas ox will roma on
exihlUbo at the Pa Grounds lor two aye
leeger-tolaesed tmeerrow. We have no hed
tal on that thi pleal IN one of the
reatest evir placed asn eWlbftoe.
Another skll folu hby comi to light toIn
New Yoa. t fi velek. ,
Blak of the Tep Yoek, were re0*etly
preseated I atbak. The a eo I
U*W + .8lmei of
d " . ase well
mm ,9 a ldeec a thi at the
mea' arrllr s .
rTa b < y, e a c ueM A tre,1 M U r L . W.
am, J.aae a the as, ai. rrACm A. M(-ane
mew. e
h- i.m -ah le el bums a .eU e eher d .
_e"0n als'l. Tm4masesaod s dekral d mlhap.
We mae aspeni Ila r Idet eed, u, me hat
oi sestIaI axb sal rgl lQAB DBLaM
se , ml 5*L. ....I az.. r....se..e .a
Wha 5rev Vmsdrewerq.ag
Te Ueo r £ T. IO. B ZtIaU ml ADAM Boa.
Oaneumn r oat atos yedp'es Umee )e hew
hegtLe ow aste. We wlB assit year tanellWge. The
mes*ke 3ZtLr he Wd U compatt-se, mi tha -
the Fatr.
tanz aLUR araUoNo-Trm mea: eaur Pun
have menehetarwew eel Deeaeee Ia des
Ceas e. Chsels ad Carnal Streets. New Oreesas.
N. 5-DMaest te cr ier. aort taly ase morlos
Ne 9 Pimitdo street.
Bewthers (tntea Pflagaera.
ohesesera adre t pl is oamtio semi.
Dnessh Ia ners a m aaui sel fedew e.
Dealing h NtoahiTnry aml AwruHeltaru Implmeate.
e C Pedne seest, New Osrsma
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d. "
10 asJf .a1otowa*r. ,
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31 1D*L1t. N. MMM tebSd ..ylmg fr N. su
6 E 'e urmII- e40 le.I 4 pr r"QI
.aser N.11>«-u it p44 DL·IJL . Idr and Sav
'p £1 tt.. i1Ner.idsr ush. ...t.a tea a sa
Now odp. m. J.rs s. 4144; - ut. lde as
le3roLdt. v Si M~wd toN. FabSe l.s rampis IN
Sr CeWVoU Umd Mis md' dart! S m tau Mpl.
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OinPorri·'TI.ml -OT· beO· tbeIn a41-44.h
at $ .'eloe. M.Mtlm. nu w ..bm" wabet!.t oo
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53 a aglsphh silaemlI b110s101g.lb~ow sdsm Dtdst
'to A staab blvouui bet. m lusI baul.s
New Ojmo bsing, Lyr. Ufst Aig. gu
$0 SI MCemunlkeISIS.
If Opus to an IS.O..ed..0 N. n. D ltWdd
,. eaook ..prn am wile bd 3gSI b,5 e a" .kM
ad smues, to" M woahe '1rlarh
sRAfT Ir YJ.M ft ru ATW ~ t S P. K.
N Iil 511061. TiN1.el4 beltOne, .U .11I
lyoOIR-i ,apr M.~tlr#C ltp.
Wi tracers et lb CWsates g$ Us'. f. DmRg.d
ho -s~n
vdd Nbl. 0r.mbmas with bslser+ gus lt pia.. .r.
^-t~s of lid lUe Alve.. Uollr b ladn! gusbs
agiiasu --useule wai hee
i° S1aogesgugs 4gsat
N fudg TER Obs ANgs ASUIM .'sag, uSTE.
+a iieati ws. 4 w , itý
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-t w f iMa~ll Vlo. dell, po.b osua. Rb
0. ass ate.
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r. inOhga S.. Usrs errgmal ls Nurgu. e
tdi ~r~b ~ Orr=~~
4 .VN kmSIYE 00st.U
* to l for~t bis .r I s~ pguip lb a b oomM~ be.
slwdMm uwmmdpd ceis m
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p. YAW 3m5Y. aL ~ Co.~LQ ~L14Y
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woau us lrsi ases as 44' £ ·6 OU~ q U
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I CR CK EY ly·1D~ 4r P oMId~nA
Gryal~l 1~rrkI WANE flAt WADE,
Ne 17 Ossal geastr4~L. sa Illguta 1
msw Use t1gdgm ls esba
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whes. Usa'Sl~r44 ibolss OFFEE Lr,~
Tb Frs Lima Dem os ages· m l~e theb ~New
31mm, ml~ lalaido Peso as sioa as ?lslly.
c L UOUA £4 00..4 lasos~cm, aOs 0 lo ptoF
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tu-~um oe.elg;Oiig al.ri as. UPIB
A -l AN la a BTAT B.
Mc sapu.hin, -'O ý I
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ailrw et I *..* 00!1 r s
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ibis suralSbIaod bewr OSwmgliNbembeit
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