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Who #w Irlnw I&Ieswnt.
Always hare lobster sauce with salmo,n.
And put m-'t sauce your routed lamb on.
Veal cutlet- dip in egg and bread orumb
Fiy '11 you see a brown-i, red codas.
Grate Gruyere cheese on maearonl ;
Make the top crisp but not too bony.
In venison gravy. currant jelly
Mix with old port-see Franeatelli.
In dressing palad mind this law :
With two hard yolksuse one that's raw.
Roast veal with rich stock gravy serve;
And pickled mushrooms, too, observe.
Roast pork, sans apple sauce. past doubt,
Is "Hamlet" with the prince left out.
Your mutton chop with paper co- -,
And make them amber brown all over.
Broil lightly your beefsteak- ) fry It
Argues contempt of Cbristian diet.
Kidneys a floe flavor gain
By stesing them in good champagne.
Buy stall-fed plteons. When you've got them,
The way to cook them is to pot them.
Woodgrouse are dry when gumps have ta'red
Before you roast 'em always lard 'em.
To roast spt;ng chickens is to spoil 'eu:;
Just split '~m down the back and broil 'em.
It gives true epicures the vapors
To see boiled mutton minus capers.
Boiled turkey, gourmands know, of course,
Is exquisite with celery sauce.
The cook deserves a hearty cuffing
Who serves roast fowls with tasteless stuffing.
Smelts require egg and b'acuit powder,
Don't put fat pork in your clam chowder.
Egg sauce-few make it right, alas I
Is good with blue fish or with bass.
Nice oyster sauce gives zest to cod
A fish, when fresh, to feast a god.
bShad, stuffed ard baked, is most deliciou-
'Twould have electrified Apicius.
Roaste5 in paste, a haunch of mutton
Might make ascetics play the glutton.
But one might rhyme for weeks this way,
And still have lots of things to say.
And so I'll close-for, reader mine,
This is about the hour 1 dine.
An Englishman Is going to stnrt a weekly news
paner at Jerusalem.
'She German Kirchenzeitung charges Henry
Ward l;eecher with inldelity.
The King of Bavaria is the best look'ug and
aost eccentric monarch in Europe.
Frankfort-on-the-Main bossts of a paper bear
ing the suggestive title, "The Demagogue."
Thackeray's daughter is traveling in Germany,
and meets everywhere with the most cordial re
La Cloche, Ulhsach's humorous paper, was re
cently confiscated for speaking of "our venerable
The Orleans family has spent already over three
million francs to secure the Spanish thronit for the
Duke de Montpensier.
The American colony at Bordeaux numbers one
hundred and fifty persons. There are nearly one
thousand Americans at HIavre.
The pedestal of the statue to be erected to
Pierre Antoine Berryer. at Marseilles, will contain
a medallinm head of .braham Lincoln.
Sainte Beuve compares Victor Hugo's humor
to that of en executioner jesting with the
cririnal round whose neck he is adjusting the
Paul de Cassagnac has challenged all the
sixteen French editors who refused to mess
with him at the same table la the prison of Saint.
Rochefort's Lanterne is now publil l'by a
Brussels printer, who pays Rochet two thons.
and frs es a week. The Megplato of the Lon.
terue is between 809. ild 90,000 copied.
When Billaal'the eloquent Freehb mlnteter,
SdtJw sle said, "The emperor has lost hls
.--'angue." -Now that Troploag, who drew up the
constitution of 1,852. a most of the laws of the
second empire, Is dead, they say, "The emperor
hs lest his pen.".
Uoqtetoe Bshm,4a Is thirty-five and looks if
she were over forty. Persons who know her welt
are ungallant enough to say that she is a sort of
glotton, and that her frequent lndispoetions arise
from her eating too much.
The French critics, to whom advance coples of
Victor Hugo's "L'Homme Qul Rit" have been sub
mitted, pronounce it by far inferior to "Le3 Mise
rables," although they admit that It contains some
epesodes of great beauty and power.
It was the Duke de Montpensier who, Is the
Jear 1863, Informed the Ameriaoun embassador at
Madrid of the secret efforts which Napoleon III
was making to Induce the Spanish government to
recognise the Southern Ooafederacy. Berano,
Prim, RiBero, Olosage, Castellar and Oreouse, the
leadig men of the Spanlsh revolution, were all
warm frlends of the North during the war of the
There is so doubt whatever that Gounod has sad
denly bhecome.very pious, andlthat he bas promisead
the pope not to write any more music for the
The king of Sweden has a new volmlue of poems
In press. They will appear under th nton de
plume "Charlemagne." and be dedioated to a ua;.
verslty professor at Upeala.
Fetis, the well known author of a oyolopedla of
composers, had some time sinace a quarrel with
Auber. He revenged himself on the old maeustro
by omitting his name from the new edition of his
The heirs of Buaron Jam.. Rothseohild refue to
pay the legacies which their deoeased father sad
husbeand has bequeathed to parties not belonging
to the Rothschild family. A number of lawslits
will no doubt arise from this refusal.
King Victor Emmanuoel recently vitod Hercon
laneum and Pompeii, and surpried the learned
gentlemen who accompanaled him on that occi.
aion by his utter ignorance of sealeet history.
Be really thought the eruoption of Vesuovis, in
consequence of whicoh the two uacint citoe wore
overwhelmed by volcailo shes, had disappeare
from the face of the earth only about four or Ire
hubondred yeuars ago. It is also stated that whea,
in the course of cenversation, the name of Pliny
was mentioned, the k ug of Italy did not know
who Plioy was.u
The king of Prussla roecently sid that the
monarch whose intelleetual eaptoltles filled him
with the highest respect was King John of SIaxo
ny; and the king of Saxos sonme time ago was
polite n.ughp to call his royal brother of Prunaia
' a Khiight baysld on the throne."
Madame Itusalni sass that she receives on an
average thirty calls a day from strangers visLang
Paris, and desirous ci seeing the cottage where
the ccmpcser of the Barber of 8aville resided.
These ricitors, abe says, are a great annoyance to
her, and eLe would prefer to be disturbed as hittle
as poasible.
hIle randson of Field-marshal Redetaky, who
tured Jew to spite his relatives on acount of a
traiiactlou by which be i rt s they swindled him
olut of ten thousand florin, has aggravated his
otten·se by appearing mn publio in the old Jewish
costume, which is now-a-days worn only by very
few l.raelites.
SMme. George Sand, is going a few days since
from Thomrer., where abe had been to see Ross
Bonheur, to Fontpainebleaa, became Irritated by
the slow pace of the drivter whose carriage she
had hired : shabe at last aid to him: " When a man
is not more mintelligent than you are, he does
not become a hachmas." Re replied: " It is
true. madam; If nature had given me more
sense, 1 should not be on the box-I should be
a novel writer." The mpaper which relates this
anecdote adds that Mee. Band made no further
The Emperor Napoleon has postponed the exe
cu'ion of his plae to erect a splendid statue to his
niuther, Queen Borteuce. The unpleasant allu
sin to her, with which the opposition papers in
France have recently abounded, had, no doubt,
moch to do with this decisioo. The monument
was to have been erected in front of the Tiulle
In 1t69 the then prince regent, now king of
Prussia, said to one of his confidants that there
was one member of the L'rusijnu diplomatic corps
who was, owing to his restless and domineerlg
spirit, so distasteful to him that he hated the very
sight ct him. The nafortunate diplomatist of
whom Wil!lam I entertained such an unfavorable
opinion at that time, wars no other than Otto von
Queen Isabella has given orders to the efect that
no more newspaper reporters and editors shall be
admitted to her new palace. She is greatly da
pleased with some of the stories whioh asveral of
these enterprising Bohemians have pubhhed
about her. Father Claret is likewise dissatitded
with the attention which the newspapers of Paris
have been bestowing upon him. In January last
the ex queen bhinted that she would not be dis
leasd if the French goversnmet weald prose
cute certaln Parisian editors for isstleriag her im
maculate character. The Frenoh government,
however, did not take the hint.
A patient at the Bicetre Hapltal has been
asleep for upward of six months, and all attempts
to wake him up have been invariably aunsccess
fut. He has been sueessively pinched, shaken
whipped, piunged into oold water, sad undergone
other unpleasant things caleclated to arouse
sleepers, but he snores on. Pood is Introduced
into his body through his nostrils; he is growing
quite fat. The doctors are in a tempest of per
plexity about it.
The ex-elector of Hesse-Cassel, it has now been
aseertained beyond a doubt, was a most corrupt
scoundrel while he was on the throne. He never
permitted a railroad to be built In his States with
out compelling the contractors to pay him large
bribes. Sir Morton Peteo paid him thus upward of
two hundred thousand dollars. The money was
given to his sons; and the elector waso shame
less that he laughed at his ministers when they re
spectfnlly remonstrated against such discreditable
transactions. The elector is thedirect descendant
of the villainous prince who sold to Great Britain
the Hessians that fought against the American pa
triots in the war of Independence.
The most popular and fashionable tune in Con
stantinople is the Marsetilaise. All the strolling
bands and organ-grinders play It, and the Turks
are so delighted with it that they always encore
it. A few weeks ago the Prince and Princess Mu.
rat arrived at Constantinople, and lest their sesl
tive ears should be shocked by hearing the revo
lutionary tune on all the street corners of the city,
the French embassador at Constantinople ref
quested the Turkish minister of foreign affairs to
forbid the playing of the tune in the street. An
order wu issued to this effect by the police, and
the disconsolate bands and organ-grinders were
advised to play " Partant pour la Syrie" In place
of the Marseillaise.
King William, of Prussia has an illegitimate son,
who is now judge of one of the superior courts of
the province of Brandenburg. He bears a strong
resemblance to his father, and surpases both the
old king and the crown prince in understanding
and sagacity. He is said to be a liberal in politics.
His reysa lather e,s had him well educated, and
goes occauionally to see him. Queen Augusta
knows all about the descent of this illegitimate
child of her husband. When Frederick William
III, the father of William I, who was then a very
young man, heard of his ii,·tson with an actress
which led to the birth of this son, he threatened to
banish the prince forever from the royal courts,
and for a year afterwards he hardly exchanged a
word with him.
The crown-princess Victoria, of Prusls, had
recently a long conversation with some American
ladies in Berlin on her favorite subject-the em
ployment of women in fields which are now closed
to them. In the course of the conversation the
crown-princess inquired with evident interest
about the progress of the female sutfrage move
ment in the United S'ates. Her royal highness
said she was in favor of the movement, and had
as yet seen nothing to convince her that it was
wrong. This will be good news to Clara Mundt,
Mme. Am nly Boltse, and the other leading advo
cates of female endrage in Germany.
'Madame Bombina-that is to say, the ex
Queen Mary of Naples, wife of Bombina, ex-King
f Francis the ' econd"-writes the Rome corres
pondent of the Journal de Geneva, "is still a very
1 pretty woman. She looks a little pale, and it
seems to me that her hair is not quite as full as
it was when I saw her several years ago; but
there is enough loveliness and grace about her to
turn the head of any susceptible young man. I
saw her, the other day. galloping past the Monte
I'rincio, with some children-those of Count Fras
cune, I was told. Her appearance was as dashing
and as prepossessing as it could be. What a pity
that this charming creature should be linked to
such a husband. Him, the ex-king, I saw too the
other day. He looks sallow and hollow-cheeked
-not as if Le were thirty-three, but forty-five.
Liqluor and smoking have made him prematurely
ol '. His gait is slow and awkward. His eyes are
dnc: and his features heavy and disagreeable. He
seems to be a man without understanding, spi it
or energy. His favorite companions are low fel
lows, who belp him to squander his limited re
soorces, and do their best to make him believe
that nothing 's more certain than that he will, at
no distant day, reascend the royal throne ogtie
Two of the most proD~i l IO ssador8 In
Pars, the papal nuncio and Lord Lyons, the Brit.
Bsk Canister, are consumptives.
The famous sleigh in which Napoleon rode, in
1 l12. from Russia to Dresden, is now ina the pos
session of the Countess Theresa Nimpthseh, a dia
tineished member of the Bohemian nobility.
The French minister of jastice says, in his re
port on the penal colony of Cayenne, that the in
fsatcides married to the male convicts make by
far, better wives than the female thieves and pick
The bwedish unlversity of Upsalo is one of the
largest in the world. It has at the present time
1216 students, thirty ordinary and two extraorsl.
nary prutmosrs, tswentiy wUOr, Hist syven pri
vate tuters, and four drill masters.
Let me tell you how success is organized at the
opera. The chief of the claque, vulgarly called
King Dltid by his soldier cdaqueurs, half sits, half
lies, in (box In the center of the parterre, his
feet on the bench before him, the velvet of which
has to be renewed every year, on account of this
whim of his majesty. If be turns his name around,
and makes it sondon the floor, there is fire every
where, and his entire force thunders. If, on the
other hand, he pulls out a handkerchief, and at
the end of the piece pretends to blow his nose
there is silene in the ranks and nothing is
When Ferdinand the Second of Naples, better
known as King Bombo, inrst heard of railroads, he
gave it as his opinion that they were an invention
of the devil, and that none of them should ever be
Scontrocted in his Statee. His confessor bed fnal.
ly to remonstrate in the most argent manner with
him in order to obtain his consent to the building
Sof the firt railroad tn Naples, sad even then he
raed all kinds of objections while the work was
Sin progress.
Ullman recently addremed the following curions
' circular to his friends: " After reading Rossini's
posthumous mass, I bought the right of perform
iog It In Italy. Believe me, it is the greatest and
most perfect work Roeasl has ever written. It is
certalaly by far more beautiful and grand than
bis * Stabat Mater.' I do not write you this for
the porpose of puffing the work. I have engaged
star cantatrices and singers, and shatl give the
mass in the large cities of Italy with an orchestra
of one hundred performers, and a choir of two
hundred; in the secood-rate cities with sixty
musicises and sixty choristers; sad in the small
towas with thirty musieasa and thl ty choristers.
The latter will always accompsay me uas the
nucleus of my 'ne,; moreover, I shall take with
me four reserve agers, In case one or the other
of the stirs should be taken sick. I shall give
every month twenty-aix performances, six in the
large cities, four li the second-clma cfties, and
sixteen in the smaller towns. My monthly ex
penses will be about 70,C00 framnos; bht the enter
price is safer and better than the Pa:ti concerts,
the freqient indisposition of the Pa:, involving
me in Leavy losses.s In one week I lost in Prance
lt0O0 francs, in cossequence of her sIckness.
With the mass and my four reserve singers I shall
not be likely to sustain any losses. I count on
making a clear profit of 150 000 francs in Italy,
anrd my calculations seldom fail to prove true.
I here are in Italy fifty-two cities with large then
ters, and I believe I shall be able to give one hun.o
dred and twenty performances, at 6000 francs
Menotti Garibaldl is not living very happily with
his young wife. Hhe resides at Leghorn, and he
has gone back to Caprera.
The pope spends most of hi leisure hours in
inspecting the arrangements made for the recep. -
tlon of the members of the Ecumenical Council.
Lamartine's favorite phrase in regard to Napo.
leon I was: " Great in action, small in ideas,
nothirg so far as virtue is concerned; such a man
he was."
Mazzinl says in his forthcoming volume that Na
poe!on iII invited him in 1S59 to visit him secretly
either in Paris or Genoa, but that the invitation
was promptly declined.
I·angiewicz has written another letter about the
sufferinRgs of Piland, in which he calls the Empe
ror Alexander the Second of Russia " the acrofo.
ious drunkard at St. Petersburg."
The climate of iSt. Petersburg is believed to
have grestly injured the health of Madame Patth
Caux. She has refused to sign a new contract
with the manager of the Imperial Opera in that
Cithe* tlegram which the pope sent, on the 14th
of March, to the French prince imperial, to con
gratulate him on his birthday, was so unintelli.
gible that it had to be repeated three times before
the operators in Paris were able to make out what
it meant.
G-ribaldi is still undecided uas to the title which
his novcl is ti bear. The object of the work is to
exhibit the corruption of the Roman priesthood.
Re had entitled It at first "Celia." Next he
ctauged the name to "Roma Mllitante." But he
wan's still another title for it.
The St. Peteraburg gossips say that the prieee
hereditary of Russia keeps as a mistress one of
the most beautiful ballet girls of the Imperial
Opera, and that this mistress bore him a son (
sb ut the same time the Grand Dochess DAgmar,
bis wife. gave birth to her firet child.
When tie allied armies occupied Paris in 181ii,
the emperor of Russa, who resided at Talley
rard's palace. was in the habit of taking every
mrning, in the strictest incogni.o, a walk in the
Tuileries, and from thence to the Palaiste Royal.
One day be fell in there with his two allies, aod
the three sovereigns were going together to the d
ens 5..l
Roe Be. PleemaU, whm theywere met i a
man who, n all probabllity, had arrived in Pris
but a few dvs age. Geatlemea," he set to
the allied prinaces. " oan yo tell me where I -an
iad the Tuileries ? " " Yn," replied Alexaner,
" follow us; we are just going there." the
stranger thanked him, and the coeverestio was
continued. A few minutes afterward hey
reached the palasoe, and, as their paths spa
rated, they took leave of one another. *One
word more," added the stranger, who wp an
honest Gascoa ; " 1 should like very much to sarm
the names of the gentlemen who have bees a ex
ceedingly kind to me." " I believe yoapave
heard already of me," replied Alexander; I am
the emperor of Russis." " A capital joke" ex
claimed the Gascon; "the emperor of Lasls!
And you." he asked of the second, "' wo are
you?" "I suppose I am not entirely asnown
to you, either, Inasmuah as I am the kinog Prue
sis." "Better and better," replied the tasoon.
"And you," he said, taraiag to the third. " I am
the emperor of Austria." The Gasoon best in;o
a fit of laughter. Alexander then said to Im : " I
suppose you will tell as now, likewise, wih whom
we have the honor cl speakln ?" "Cetainly,"
replied the Gacon, drawing himself up 0 his fall
height and walklo away majestically. " am the
Great Mogul." lhe Emperor Alexanier ften re
lated this amusing episode to his friends.
Arsine Hossaye treats, in his last papt on fe
male beauty, of the ladies of Italy. "They
would be more irresistible and bewitohng," he
says, rather ungallantly, "if they did not.oo often
forget to have recourse to those usefalartioled,
soap, water and tooth-brushes."
The moat uoocesaful go-between betwen Pari
sian managers and actors and actresses is a weo
man who was formerly only a "bar woman" at
the Odeon Theater. She is now courtet by the
whole histrionic fraternity in Paris, sad clears
annually between 50,000 and 60,000 fracs.
The European princes seem at the preent time
to have a hankering for excelling as dramatists.
The prince hereditary of Saxe.Meiningea, a youth
of eighteen, has recently written a tragedy, enti
tled "The Emperor Henry V," which the critics
have found so good that it will be shortly per
formed at the Royal Theater in Berlin.
As a birthday gift, Napoleon III presented to his
son, the other day, a miniature representation of
the Camp of Chalons, ingeniously made out of
cast iron, sad coating nearly five thoossad francs.
It fills one of the smaller rooms of the Pavilion
de Flears, which the prince now occupies at the
M. de Mnhler, the Prussian minister of public
iLslructic*, a tyrannous and overbearing man,
hated by the employds of his department, on ac
count of the despotic manner in which he treats
them, is known to be a hen-pecked husband. his
wife Adelaide, arather strong minded lady, is the
real minister of public instruction.
'Iheophile Gautier, n3w en abject latterer of
the Emperor Napoleon, called him in apamphlet
published shortly after the diesetrous attempt at
btrastburg, "a bleroeyed booby, with the bear
ing and appearance of a chimpanzee," "a caries
ture on the first empire," a "clown who ought to
be engaged by the proprietors of the hippo.
The trial of the abortionist of Monauban, in
France, and of her seven accomplices, has caused
the most painfol seasation throughout the coun
try. The particulast, as disclosed by tie exami
nation of the prisosers, were horrifyitg beyond
measure. Very heavy sentences were imposed
upon most of the prisoners. The old harridan
killed the poor babes by throwing them into
vessels filled with vitriol and other corrodve sub.
stances. Some of them she cut delibeately to
pieces while they were still alive. She cmfeesed
to most of the atrocities with which ale stood
charged. The interest which the Frenchpeople
took in the proceedings was so intense thit large
extra editions of the Gazette des Tribnnau:, Drolt
and Pallas, which contained short-hand reiorts of
the proceedings, were sold. Seats in thecourt
room, where the trial took place, were so ouch in
demand that some persons paid one hindred
frand for the privilege of Ihstening to the etdenc_
and seeing the prisoners for a few hean aTe
principal assistant of the i abortionietwas a
sweet-faced young w.tean, who mostly prtici
pated in kilWgntLheitew born babes.
In thit ,'1823, when Alexander Duma, Sr.,
pat a humble copying clerk, In the office f the
private secretary of the Duke of Orleans, after
wards Louis Philippe,) he lived in the bilding
opposite the Opera Comique. Here he oaupied
a pretty chamber. The tenant of the ad)lning
chamber was a seamstress, then 29 years ol. He
formed an intimacy with her, and on the 9th of
July, 1F24, a child. Alexander Dumas, J., was
born. His father paid a monthly allowauce to the
child,and when he was old enough he senthim to
M. Goobanx's school.
S. MlIZ U rJM ,.
ae, IS Oravter astreee,
Has sostsatly ea bhed the ehiesst brnaet of bash
nsa teared CHEWING AND SMOKING I 0O000.
Also-A large s ssotmeat of imported HAVANA at DO
MaSTrIO CIGA , Memrsham Pipes, riear sadWeod
Pipes, Tobeese Peases asd al Smoker' Articlea e.
bases Il baphasds nd bales for the Mexles mar8t sad
pliataas san 01erw Led ef n Ha hre msamsArsn
parpm aoes hea
10 eass Grrs eettch SNUIP.
a0 bas 8WrEEtt 5s.
U10O,000 Haves and Demesiol CIGARS, at easertedesads
15 bIts Pee's dels Uer TosACco,
* .. iam Tbhett's TWINT sad li's.
15.. liEe's Choles NAVY.
I1 .. AsoC-ted brues, Medshmsad Flekebght,
m0 esaddlm May AppI TWIIT, Bribt qearms
MO lTIO--..........................M alN.
CoL.cTom s Orrics, April 3, S80. 1
T' fo ltowta decrbld Ioeds having been raied f viola
ton of ihe Iared.. ia, s ramest f oirth notlar I hereby
sire thato mae the pos lo eaimlt the som ahbl ppch
aud 5'. thbeloadmIi.aeerdilag to is. within twaty days
from dais LeEof. the goods will be ad retis and oahkt pub
iie usotio, 1 provlrde by te l Is, 11r110 rlt fgthe
odt 6 o nre·sy2proved July It, 1956:
Jaa. S , -Marked ? B, i. .-- ease meIi mog0
Cas.n -had 1I bohe .lle--v- v ld-es -vepl iossoelTso
aectloo8,se i efiMch 21799
Jan 1L ISN--marked PV t-- bbs Tonaco ad Ciga
reorts-reese: Cnbs--iolatioa of eotia 8. atiof arch 2,
17, : and section 14, at -,f ely 1, 1.scr
Jtr 19. 180-No mark--10 box- Or Clgars. 1T rol C3gs
retie. and i drmJ.,bn ( eat ocr) Roum-reusei Biavtlle-..
elo:aoioe of ectlosl . acteof March 2. 1799
Fcb. 17, s189-Markedl A L- (IMe ( Igars-vessMel:
B'veael lsnkoilo t of eleUo t 2. acto act of rel 2 1799
rob. 7,IPh -N 1 e,-Moa-ltk oas C,-oaer--e.--et t. A.
eolndy--,olatioo of rin t. act of Jo:, 2, 1.611
March . 18-No mark-l29l packs C3 areottes-vede:
AIp1sce-vtobl ,stcn of sectioun 21. at of Morch . 1799I
March . ItS--No mark--I trunck Is0, Cras--vesd: L
March 4. 18b9-No urak--:8 bao (Igareto-res: daeoo-
vlol..I,,e or t,.ctioa 24. ac't of March 2 1f'9).
?tarcht IS. I114--o murk-S bhoe. :1.:) ('Iras. an4 1 hba
' r·-n(ot -oe-vu: Da-selo--vloilaoa of sertion a. at ol
Mc 2. 1299.
Ilr' RT5, IO 9--MorUd a CorraO'-- tDmL r , ta(·'nl
Cl1mra--veouh: Jiattot--vlottion of sctloni 60, sct of Macrb
Macrh 17, 1Fe-o0--e mrk--i bnL Caeasttr and I hlftbL
Clgoreors-wc]cs: Blrrntls--viohtiun of seotit.o t. art of
Marccb 17.
Macbh 18 Is h--n m, r--l hbo . Cliar tted a 1 box 30
Clyra.o-vael : Lotae-v i- laoe of sution f. act of Mach
liar h 19. 189--Wo mark--I hbg (211' Cparo--vroel u.
klmc--v'nlstlou of mc. oto t. set of Marc , 2. 170.
bMarc 2u, o6t--Mcrked H Ar O aD-s borre Tin Plat.
rerel stunnown--violation of etlon 0n. act of Marcel I2
March21 N --MLrk-d T A P PF- boe Yia ntl--ves.
a anknewr-OR,:..ir.lotf.. . ..tt ct W. LMrrh 2, 1799
Erh 22. I119--to mrb--I bil. Crockerywctrt. -oeod:
ARa IES --vlolation of ectlin o, act of Wirch 2 17T9.
March 1. 188--No mark--tb pack. ('lasrrter~-lrl:
Ii.cpe--rvi.,at( ot octlou till, act of March 2. 1749.
March 10, 10--No marb--t) pack, Cicarotaes--r-aod:
ti,,p---vktaton 5e rcllo 681. ctof Macrb l. 1799.
ilrch29 1809--No rach-2 bhs. Cigarettes 1 demi~ohoe
Emo and 4 boar. eOgirr-ce=rel: IAuoca--vlolotioe of sa
tion 68. act of Mach . 21790.
W C. 05*1.,
asp 10 13 Nterlal Depoty d,.tiector
A f. DMZr.A
e eSa41,qlraa Sugar Neaaeies.
Ofce-Corner ConUt and Peter sttest.
Osdasls's Thus sad Yellow Claried 8UGARaS
(Ooodlo's (OLDSN SR1UP, ta barres, haslveS adhp
Ooodalo' ag ose Molasses o u
Loaelaua 5ar ad Molue-atll pds
Cuba SGIA.N I.n hozes sad hogheads.
Cubsa Molime is huobdsl. tiarrcs ad barrls
(J. A PATEO -W......... .........K...... SPKARIIiO,)
es. ala Ger-ler ate-eet
FNE iORIS is he ba h 5 all h , silhn sad
City Has, Apre 6, 186.
[No. 1381-N. B.]
Wmnuas, At a public saotion held on the 11th
day of March, Instant, by C. E. Girardey & Co.,
asctioneers, to esbet a partiton between the
heirs of the late Mannsell While, there was adjo
dicated to the city of New Orleans the following
described property, to-wit:
Eleven lots or parts of lots of ground numbered
from 14 to 24, inclsive, forming the whole front
on Franklin street of the square bounded by
Franklin, White, Clio and Erato streets, and
measuring, each, sixty-three feet, eleven inches
and four lines (63, 11, 4,) in depth between par.
allel lines; and
Two lots of ground, numbered 7 and 8. In the
square bounded by Franklin, White, Clio and
Calliope streets, measuring, each, thirty-two
feet front on Franklin street, by a depth of one
hundred and twelve feet, eleven inches and eight
° lines (112, 11, 8,) each, between parallel lines;
1 WaHaIA, By esad adjudication the clty of New
Orleans will be enabled to open Franklin street
along said squares, at a comparatively small ex
pense, and will thereby eventually save a large
sum of money;
S lie it rrsolred, That the said adnudication be
and the same is hereby accepted. ratifed and
° confirmed, and that the mayor be and he Is
hereby authorized to sign any and all acts neces
sary to complete the transfer of sa!d property to
the city of New Orleans; and
SBe it further resolved, That the controller be
t and he is hereby authorized and instructed to
warrant upon the treasurer. in favcr of the proper
a parties, in the sum of six thousand eight hundred
and forty dollars and fifty-five cents ($6840 55,)
in full payment of the purchase price of said pro
S Signed) ALFRED Ksirr,
President Board Assistant Aldermen.
a (Signed) TnoaYs M zasYr,
President Board Aldermen.
Approved pril , 186.
(Signed) Jonax B CoNWAY, Mayor.
A true copy t
Joan W. OVtRALL, Secretary.
e City Hall, April 8, 1869. f
[No. 1390-N. 8.]
Resolrvd, That for the purpose of properly
compensating Henry J. Leory, clty attorney, for
the increased services herein named, and for extra
services already performed, and to enable him to
employ professional aid in special cases, he shall
be allowed additionally a commission of three per
,f centum on amounts involved in suits now pending
or that may be instituted during his term of offie:
t Prori d, The commissions received by him
shall not exceed ten thousand dollars per annum:
Prorided furtrher, That the commissions herein
named of three per cent. shall cover all expenses
and charges for additional counsel he may here
after employ in special cases: Proeribd further,
SThat he shall attend to all suits and all legal mat
d ters for the Board of Commissioners of the Con
solidated Debt, and also to all legal matters for
the Board of Commissioners of the McDonogh
Fund, without additional compensation: 1'rurided
furdllc. That on the day Mr. Lejav ceases to be
city attorney legally, this contract shall be null
and void.
(Signed) TnOYAA MARrwr,
President Board Aldermen.
(Signed) ALReKD KsARNY,
President Board Assistant Aldermen.
Approved April 8, 1-69.
(Signed) Jos B. CONWAY, Mayor.
A true copy :
Joni W. OvRAIL,. Secretary.
i Ci nall, April 7, 1869.
(No. 13t9-N. 8.]
D WnHBEAs, The early payment of the city taxes
a for the year 1868, is of great importance; and
SWuarsa s, Some inducement shabould be held out
to the taxpayers to pay their taxes without the
delay allowed by law:
a SECTION 1. Be it r'tined by t.ie Common
Council of the ci'y of New Orleans, That the
treasurer be and ho is hereby authorized to de
I duct from the gross amount of all tax bills for
( the year lti68. three per cent. on all bills paid in
a the month of April, two per cent. for all bills
I paid in the month of May.
a SEC. 2. eC it fuil,,'r ordained, etc., That the
e amounts deducted from tax bills as provided for
in section I of this ordinance, shall be charged to
contingent aceonnt, and the controller shall gitve
his warrant on the treasurer daily for the gross
amounts of deductions made each day.
President Board Assistant Aldermen.
(Signed) TuHe. R. BRAI,,
President pro teom. Board Aldermen.
Approved April 7, 1S09.
(bigned) Joan B. CONwAY, Mayor.
A true copy:
JonN W. OVIRALL. Secretary.
City Ball, April 3, 1869.
(No. 130--N. S.]
Resolved, That the controller be and he is here
by authorized, alter five days' notice in the oficial
journal, to adjudicate a contract for digging, clean.
ing and widening Lafayette Avenue Canal from
Claiborne street to Florida Walk, the work to be
done in strict asecordance with plans and spectfl.
I cations on file in the office of the city surveyor.
President Board Assistant Aldermen.
I (Signed) Tnoutas MaITsY,
President Board Aldermen.
Approved April 3, 1869.
(Signed) Joa B. CONWAY, Mayor.
A true copy:
Jomn W. OInitALL, Secretary.
City Hall, March I5, 189. .
[No. 1354-N. S.)
Resolved, That the street commissioner be and
he is hereby sauthorised to erect, or cause to be
erected, four gas lamps and poets on Third or
Mystery street. from Esplanade street to the en
trance of the Fair Grounds.
(Signed) Towas MNarnY,
President Board Aldermen.
(igned) ALIranD KasRNY,
President Board Assistant Aldermen.
Approved March 15, 1h69.
(Signed) Jone R. CONwIA, Mayor.
A true oopy :
Joan W. OVnRA.L. Secretary.
City Ball, March 31, 1663.
[No. 1369-N. 8.)
Resolved, That the controller be and he is here
by authorized, after ten days' notice in the official
journal to adjudicate to the lowest bidder the
contrsct for furnishing beefto the different Inatl
toutions of the city for the term of one year from
the date of the completion of the contract; to be
./,l, -rith the sa,,, slpecfcatiou, oas the 'ont ractt
of dthe Jreriiu. year.
(Signed) TaoMAs Matrr,
President Board Aldermen.
(Signed) ALFRED KsarNY,
President Board Assistant Aldermen.
Approved March 31. 1809.
(Signed) Joax R. CONWAr, Mayor.
A true copy:
Joun W. OVERALL, Secretary.
CoTwotIn.'s OIrrCrw, Crr' HAT.LL,
New Orleans, April 13, ls69.
Notice is hereby given that the controller will,
at his office, on Saturday, April I4, 1<69, at
noon, adjudicate to the lowest bidder or bidders,
the above contract, according to specitfletions
on file in the ofitcoe of the city controller.
Pas. LABBSIRRE, Deputy Controller.
City Hall. March 1,1,69.
[No. 1355-N. 8.]
W-t3RP. It is important that etesal vessels
navigating the New Canal shouln!d be prevented
from passing throungrh' the iron bridge at Magnolia
street, to have J,,a street, from Clalb3rne to
Mlagnolia street, ( whi h is now impessable,) mac
adamized; be it therefore
lesolced. That the controller be and he is here
by authorized, after five days' notice in the officital
journal, to adjudicate a contract to the lowest
bidder or bidders, for macadamizing Julia street,
from Magnolia to Claiborne street, (two squaree,)
the work to be done in strict accordance with
specifications on file in the ofice of the surveyor.
(Signed) ALFrD KArsYr,
President Board Assistant Aldermen.
(Signed) THonMs MaRnTr,
President Board Aldermen.
Approved April 1o, 1 ;69.
(8igned ) Jon R. CONwir, Mayor.
A true copy:
JoaN W. OVERALL, BScretary.
Crovroai.LwR's Ovwicu.
City Hall, New Orleans. April 14I, 139.
Notice is hereby given that the controller will,
it his office, on Tuesday, April 20, 1v;9. at 3noon,
Sojulicate to the lowest bidder or bidders ;he
lbove contract according to Iplnsi and specifes.
tons on file in the offce of the city surveyor.
]PAa. LasAnas.
Depnty Controller.
TITITI ............................ ETITION
L New OsaAu, Mareh 17, IM
To th Be erabe the O0mmene Conmel of the ay of New
Bentnimen-TbThe udollnid, property owner. and rtel
det. on the south side of Cmp set be, bewe, Wabhioto n
ad Sixth stiess, deo me rstpeitily fur ysen hunorable
body that the beequtte on the eouth side of r'amo street, be
etwos W binter u and Sixth streets, I unait for travel, 4.
p0c.ily fter right aetd dvriog lac!en..t weather. We there
t fore lay this our p+, it,'u before you t " have eid banquette or
S adew alk paved ard curbed accoiding to law. for which we will
S ever pay, etc We eno further pray that ear hmoa ble
body hive t g lamD pseced Is said square.
I Timothy Tracy 311 feet f it
. Mrs. Elabeth DaPrat,, S0 3 s
lIes. J ,. ltLks,
A W. Boeworth. U feet fronk
! John liede son. 12 feet.
d lotl lnumbe, of feet, I24.
SpETITIO .......................... PETITIO .
NoevuLt.e-Onuoja. 17 mare Ifs
A I'blemoab Oeme OCeme.n Is vt llue de Is INovem.
It Orleans :
- I ieeesrIe Meeipu , 'pepeite rbtldant exe e
0 eotee idoe Ia rot del amp, .mire le rues Wlashigtos et
lixleme, informent tree res eetuesement votre honorabie
esnps qoe la bengqette do esde sed de Is rue du Camp, entre
S le rues Washington e t Sixieme. ent en .res mauvase e.a
d por y voyeur, srtout I a snit et ior que te tem set mano
i vatIs roesseone. none o sl o ssomsttlee oetta petili n,
dmadenti quo la dute baequete on tretle est pavee et
I radee eonlormmemot I lol, It noes prlss, . Nos de
0 medon sno ml vote honorable corps as fair plaer ase
linpe k as d.ne iedit liet
Timothy Trery, 30 pieds de face.
Sme 11 iiebetb Drs Prat, i d pld.. d h
0 tmeJ B. Harks_ jup
If A. W Bswertb, &0pleds de face
d John beederoo . 125 pieds.
pmbre total do pieds., 28.
p TITIO ............................r rTITIOL
Ngw Oai.tes, March 27, 180
To the Honorable Board of Assistant Aldermen a
Gentleme--We, the ndergeeo . ert holdere sad
taxn paye would respectful.y submit the following tIo your
honorable body's favorable considerautios via :
Sbhat in conseqoence oe the very bed at of the besquetes.
It has been demood neer to request the paving of the
same or the south sLd of Prkr street, from Brracks t eel
to Urruinee. Hoping our pryr wIn be gan4ed, we remauin
wit high estimation very respectflly yoers
Mrs i. P rulser 3t fee between lrespital nd Barracks.
G. B. Itmane, 7 feet between Hespital and Barracks.
L E Lamarte, 181 het between Ursainee and Itopital.
I Augustin Warner. fensbetween Barracks and IlHoop: L
7 J. . L*e1erc, 7 rfeet, Prioer, bhtween Barracks and Hoe
pt laL
ra Ross Ceestaeda. S3 feet, Prlcer, between Hespitl and Dar
S tacks.
L. o ngueWln, U feet, corner Pruar, between Ursullnes and
If Tphepbile Imhert, for Widow Peraud, 33 feet between Bar
ig raks and lH'spital
l oniiqe Sans. 100 feet, Prtler, between Hiopitta and
Ba rracks.
II PhL Ueraon, 130 feet, Prieur, between Hospital ld Ur
eel tee.
Sidow tnae. Detry. (0 feet banquette between Creullnes
sld Ilospital
s Jean a. as, 150 feet, Prieur, between Hospital and Bar
e. racks
r ,oal nember of feet, 70
PETITION ............... ............ P TITIO N.
NoVTrt.x Oatanswn, 27 mars 18.
1e A 'bonorable Ca'sell tie A isteetI Alderme
e owieur-r-NouS, rsoisigr i.l e, proprlitaires et contritv
b;re, noumettons respecti easemet ee qui suit a la conlidra-
ti,a do otire hotorable c rps. a savoir
Qu'en ciuarcquerce do mr aels etat d banqnettes, a11
, t, j2.ie rcesrceite de denI nlres qo'elee soelent paversn r le
cote bud de la rue oieur, de Ie rue des farrtqae a cle des
Ursulines. Espera t .oe cette demande neon sers eccorde
eaus -mmes, avecr a plun heateeetme, ros tret res;.o
t me P Brugier, 33 pleds entre lee rues de 1'Iopital et des
Barr ques.
tG a it "- 27r pieds anre lee rues do l'lopital et des
r_. qnuee.
L 8.. Lemarie, 131 pied entre lee rues Uralines et Hlopi
o geLtin Warner, 64 pieds entre les rues Barraques et
J B. Leclere, 47 pieds rue Prteur, entre Barraques lt Ho
BRoo Css s ned, 35 pieds rue Prl'ar, entre iHopital et Bar
t L. Angustnl, U plods rue Prlear, en8ro Ursullane et
It Hoillta.
1 Ite, prhile Imbert pnor Vtnve Perand, 33 pleds mtre leI
tre. des Barraques at dle I'llpit.l
LDminiqua bux, Ite p:eas rue Prieur, mt re Hopital et
1 Barraquee..
to Phi Gueruon, 130 plods rue Priear, entre Hopital et Urea
Venun Etne DeGray, banquette de 60 pieds entre Ursulines
t lte.,pl SL
0 Jau l. Rox. 150 pieds rue Prieor, entre HLopan! et Bar
na r.'a total de plids. 570
I BITION ...........................PATITIO
to -
To the Honorable the Common Connfi oe the City of Now
The undersgned property holders and residente of the fol
lowihg etreets. namely: Both sides of Palmyr strest. from
ialsee to Broad streel; both -des of Recheblve street, from
Cooo(n to Lanad street; both aides ol Miro street, frem
1 n is el O .en. Uho rnp,-V- w n. ... of kenc
-heetnefter mentioned, de meet respecfully imlerm your
honreb'e hody that we are is a most deplorable condition for
want O tidewakhe, havieg no mees of commeanesNto with
tbebutnes part ofthe ly is wet wesLher. And in many
tnst co oursnelves and families have saffeed for the eom
mon neceesles of lire th money tI our peck utle to
reach either grocerye or merket for want of passable streets
and sidewalk The street become impaessable for weeks
after one onet day, being Omacev in the cester ad the ditches
reeking with flt id md. It is impossible for them to drais
or become solid. berfor your Utlomr pray that your
hocorable b.dy will cause plank "ewIke to be laid on the
above mentioned strete ia cofermity with existing rates and
l regnlat'ons and n*der the euspepviee of the Cety srveyor.
g GOentlemen we commend er peotio to your most favrrable
and early consideraston We are pWOettally yoursl
Nl a esnoa Pemya ttreet:
S Peter O Conway. I83 let.
. Wm. Gordon, 26 feet.
F. J. DaCosta, * fNet.
P. Frank Elevr. 7 fetl
Job Hartw, 7 feet.
OCrrles Morrsen, 4 feet
Wm O'Brien, 81 feet
Jean Mar sartigue 27 teis.
Edward Duna. P feet.
Pr. Brebois, 118 feet.
MeLean, by George W Miler, 64 feet.
Mre. John Gacche, M Dietnrth ttore, 1 e0 fe.
M . Beters. feek.
W. Milker, 67 lee.
Jar tlt,*6 feet.
M. Daly. reet.
James Cuoninsam, 118 et
Thomr DaJy. 17 fee
]iane on Rocheblavo esr
e Mrs John Cauche, M. Dietrleb. etorny, 971 feet.
Nme on Miro street:
i PetrG'o way., 106 fret.
- F J. Dacosto. i feet
Pkierre Smes de thayal, 66 feot.
Andrew Bmiths, 3 feet.
Juon FIsher, 7 fsnt.
Jacob lsnllir, 10 fee.
Jan Kenny. 29 feet
F. liste, It feet.
John Bowma I feet.
Victor Pemoe 81 feet.
A. II ·fhann. 20 feet.
S ET'ITION..........................P ETITION.
A IBnerable Conell Comman de la ul e do is Nouvelle
Meieans--Los senasigns, peopr taNe e ridatet dane
Ii erosruesiocvt~se saoir. de kisque cote dela ro Palmnre
d paet.r de Ia roe lilver o n ueala roe Broad; chuboe cot. de
I arae l.cbehare. cepuls Commtnnto Jsqn'aC-nal; cheqne
cote do 'a toe  irt, d. pae Commoeu Jnnqoa· Canelet oqui
B repnrCesntent i nolmbr de pled. ci apee meLetionne, mformenut
e respectounemea t vote honorable corpe que , o ommee
does n ctaot dbhploruable k oae de manque do banquette,
a'yant aacne v.o de cemmuniecatio aver IS oartie com.
meroate de la nille per dast lee toemp pluviesa E trI. son.
revtt 11 nuse - strrlcve. n'si q'a son mlnle deoolicr pour
iwrmeneennnnm u4 ,kavio aes do l'rgeot an piha. an
p<ousaa s readre ci une groceries, mnlus march., Cee
iler :prt i,. Jrurne e dp 4uie rieiineiut imonnasbles, etrnt
cre io corlt e rt I ee tne nrnpliu de ealetoe et de noce
Ili et inp.oi le dr leeI dseirher ado d lee nador-ir. AloIn
d.r c voe prtiti nsaree prola votre honorable cris de faire
c,,ut-iiire de boL.quoetae a boit Iar los rues se lno :un
otI, rmemrvIu r ux regleo it ordonnances exstaut, et srus la
ourv rIance du oyrer de I v itae
Me-.iareut rpeu rromamdons netre petlto k rotre fare
rle , nidi ration Ne,, sommes repctuesemenat, etc.,
Noees nur la rue Pasmyre
Peter O Conwuy. 17 piede.
Wo (Ijordon. 2w l.
P. J Da'(,nstx. t'( i. d.
i, Frnok Kelarln. 27 piled
,John Hlartwig. 17 podsL
'harlen Mirrison 54 pieds.
I nm. O Brron. 7 pleds
I Jean care Artiroeus 27 piels.
Mchabel Dune. 2 plods
Edourd Dane. s piede.
-r Frl.rois, 11 pird.
MeLan, per reo W. liler, 54 nieds.
Mme Jhen Gerche M I)letrich arvocat, 90 pleds.
Mime Marty Resolanin, IS plods
M. Britr. 29fiedo.
W Millir 7 piedl
ac. 8 ma ll.l. 45 p~e is.
lM Dlym , Dal p plnl.
A 701 0 -mLrrr dlepiol, 17;3.
0 Sir Is rue Rrhlrer.
Mlie.,-ho cii: e .. D)ietrloh avocat, 971 pleds.
Totxl, ii7 pirds.
Soms our lua re 1 "ro
Peter Ccrway. r106 pleds.
F1 . J Dd a Cot lit p.rds
Pierrre 'imon de 1 a'al sl pled..
It At torws Inith yi pleds.
J, .hli ,'lepr 7 p.,tds.
T. Ya'rinno. 8piodt.
a Lrt. n5Il p ird .
John S,.0s., uI pieds
li-totr let-. C ploedt.
Total. 1121 pleds
-Arm a ovSereig emedy for
Manr.lactared by BAHNEIT & LION,
Iem 1 Nel Law ttreet. Al IrnFrt street
500 Ce.as e,-mar
13 New leves nad
1U Flton rstre.
p s TI i x O........................... rITITION.
To t He .rblee IDsed of A m £4d.lsm
o-tleum --We the daorlaed ,rO holdes end ta.
paten would copoc ly bu 141 5 dlewlng fbe your hboa
Jerbie bdly's tverean. or ld ta vla: -
Thet is. qen· eto(.a of te ory bed *0L1e of the eq
Itb.e bee r6oud aear o M gnek tL pCing of aL s
e.mo. ao the following ned Mtest., v"i: on e. Los. ,
Conti end ('ustombouee omtre, f orom seoe to 0.11v e.re0
eiso t he co sorteO as o'llw: Pri.t. Joheta ed o
sile of altnves tret, from (itl to Oereodelet Walk Hop.
og eor puner a. grased. we remto w3k high ottiamesr
veIt rcrecM1rly. yoer , S.
F Ebbert, 44. feet.
Jseeph deane. 37 feet.
Louts Net: 54 000.
M. Weber, 190 fet
S'losqee. 28 fast
J. W uo5pcspeI'OOl 114 fat,.
Fr. Keir e, 264 eet,
P. Rt.kern. 21 fB.
Ire-I Jolier, 2 fret.
O. tchwmeeble 2 teat
H Wrlig., IP feet
I Koppel 37 fret.
T D sert 27 nest
M. Vol.bresbt 204 feet.
Fed ein, 28 feet.
Pail Voernobbnlu I28 flg
Adolph Hopf 112 feet.
F A Vjl. t feet.
P Burgeu, 27 feet.
C W nerbor. M fest
Fran.k e4 ulemus, IT 2iet.
A. Fricks, 27fet.
Aegat Babe. 21 feet
J A Gabbe, 27 fet.,
F E. Schmidt 26 for.
1 0 Ielcte 164 fest.
C. Epp'er, ITu fet
Wided Mru. 27eet.
John uo.te. 29 feet.
Ernest "iron sfonl, O feet.
Deokltole . 1 feel .
G.T H. okb. per HsobJe.,l 10g
L P. Onm. 27 feet.
Wm McDnauld 65 fee
F. Kodli. 27 feet
R m. KEnon. 29 feet.
P T. W t. 40 feet.
J Colter. 221 feet.
0. Verfar 29 feet
D. Htmmel 25 lot
Geer" Htlorug. 24bt.
J. eRPst. 1S feet
H. Beidtemsne, m.228 felt
1. Iruning, 321 feet.
L I Guynt, 169 fot.
Mrs L Hs. sM fee
M. Leoker. 27 feet.
H. M Stewart. 54 feet.
C. N. Lcnriend. 2 feet.
H H. Patemnes, t12 foot
Devid Mowenoer. 169 teot.
Henry Kaarke, 15 feet.
Matbalhle aIe. 27 fee
Mrs. Albert. 145 fert.
N J'.lnelq 1,.) lret.
John II. N.hd.,r lforet.
(hr Keitlters lotl tret
Antono i'iethter. 127 fet.
L. blets R, mantr. 30 feel.
B JaIhreus, 17 feet.
H tertiht.ln. 144 feet.
Patrick W molfe 27 fooeet 8 tehm.
Peter Vrnk 7 feet.
PETITIOl .......................... TITION.
HouVul s-OtL.UAbI, twonbre 11.
A l'totors' le Conseil Common de lh ville do i Nouvello,,
Measecr--anos, soarigfbs, propreitalrei a4 :ntriban.
ble, ,ruerettons respectnelosment rv, tre honoratle t *rp,
pour so favorable co:w idetliJn, er quit suit. uavtir" Que
par euite tao nourvst ett den bsnquettea it est deoven na:
eossaire de demander 1O part'e des ditt. banquettes daes Iee
rues dent e narmea eulvent. avoir : St. L*elew , iootl et Doua.
no. a prtir de's rue Roman Jtla' sla rue eOolv s ; |tsl leI
rue. cols.ut. sarvoi Prlear, J*.hrso at It cote ert deo true
Galvert, partir de 1 rue dn Canal )Jsquo' Is Promeunade
(Carr.delet Attenlant que noere petition sere ae!eadu,
nour demerorne ave5 Mate oeti mt , re.paectdeaem t. sts..
Bamuel Bohle, 25 pled..
M lhbritterr. 26 ilede
F obbhrt, 446 ukeds,
Joreph Suner, 27 pIred
SLols Metr. 54 pied..
H. H eer. 190 pired
R CIorue, 28 pled.
B W God-prlhe. 114 plods.
It. Keiner. 24 pleds.
F Burkrrt. 28 pteta
Fred J.llner 2 Iites.
G. Sehwoeb'e, 27 ptedL.
H Weiten 19 lirds.
K Kopel,317pit d.
T. Dnorurr 27 peds
SYVo'Ibretct. 244 peoe.
F Klein 28 plred
Panl \'a1ernmeb'in. flpId poeIIO
Adulth Kopf, 112 pleds.
F. A Op'. 36 p+red
H a Jurgner. 7 pieds.
C. Haubn 2" .eds
Frankt oulemus 172 pleds.
A. Freks, 27 pIcas
s Anoust Rabe. 2, piod.
J. P. Ga"u 27 ,ids.
F E S.t m it. t pieds.
H C Fiuclt .64 piol
O Erpler. I plods.
A. Btumpf, 2AIb pi.ds
Frenk Lipp. b pied.
Venve Morel. 27 pites.
John Romb. 29 pleds.
Ernest Graadmano. 96 pleG
Jaocb Blaes. 141 pi. u.
Slohot, 'cr t-aab Jr.. 100
L P. orim. 27 pide
Wm McDonald. .,if~ ,
F Kodlin 27 p oede.
Wm Kneaf. eIpiedr,
F. S. W nat. 40 p4' dl.
J Kelter. t4 plods.
Ad Himme!. 225 p ds
George banning. 204 pleds.
J. Ernst 218piedo
H. teidemann s 27 pleda.
H . trettg, 321 pieds.
L k. tioyn , 180Wedo
Mte L Kees 54 pied.
M Lookar. lpleda.
H . tewacrt, 17 plods.
C N Johwoed, Oplodt.
H. H Patemann. 212 pleds.
David Macomner lit piedl.
Henry Beonh, 18hL piede.
B. Hone, 17 peted.
Mme Albert, 145 pleda
N J hnson. 19U pitds.
John H eRhdu.. 106 plde.
Cbs Kabeor., 106 Ipa1
Act.n OlM"tter. 1O7 plods.
L. Mete. rue ltmoau , pleds
B Jobrou. 117tpode.
H. OG tltea 14U pleds
Patelak Weulfe 7 pld S pe8sa.
Peter Funk2. plied.
PITITIOI ......................... ITITION.
O8OW oILtE 00. 18 am.
To ihe DoneBenkl ke· OCee. en Coonrle o few Ormn:
UoTRmoC--PTho  d'tlo ptosper t wher on Bolice
srtot.,ebwee Foydreo ad ('somow ad elayette etreoo,
cops. deC the numlo of foot trout ke montlonodl do
Irt crOp t ilnfeLrm yetar hooLo body, the b qoett
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trvel, oope.rialty atcr ight. We therdonr lay this our petJ
tloo hfore yon. to hnve sid kulnlquoto. 4 Idolllko faved
ne eatbed e rchdtm to law, be ki wil ewe Ipuy
"oos O'NEIL f, t
PATRIKg M P RPII . 110 o.
CHAr. ROLI. 0) eert,
JOHN ('OF, 240to
JOHN FOUD, 0 U et.
COUTLDUs I AINEY, 100 loot.
PATRIt'K MAlH I. te elt.
EDWARD LYC('H. 95 fee.
B J. Bk.IKERY. lI feet.
JOHN BAK.RY, 0foet.
Petition stened 14.I1 fbet.
P TITIOI ...........................rP TITIOM.
NonraLLu-OuLIAg, Ioctobnrl.I
A I'Eoerablo Consell Cummnn doe lo e de do Noutolie.
Me ereotr--Ll 0ouoslgneus propietirnl ersu I reo Boltln
ntrer cte roon Poryrseu ('.ommona et Leafyetrt. Tt~raert..llun
lo aenire de ples dd l.e .o,u. motoniliace. Io,rmeto reopeo
tnurmr.nt ctrO hrcnorable e.rlr quo len b.,nretree unr ie
- te rue, emtle LoIstette e0 4immuo. mot does ue east qo
leo red IOmap eisle ae piuont...e teOn noult Al
done, nous vrous smottns notri petitlo den:anMtsn qoe lo
di on bar.q.ette oelect per t catpr oomeormemo t k
laoIn. ot-or lequrl t oo prterr. eo.
I. A WEReI, 12u
E 1 JL DlE, 10i
Jo5IN ('RAFT. 2(01
WALI' R tct'P lN.itllA7\. I3 plds.
('OlTLEDitE A RAINRY 1O)pled.
c'lNlIDTT A ZIEpELE . 1 p1ed.
B J B.RKERltY, Ino
Jo|I1 BAKkRY. 4
Nomrne totl do pieds. 14.912
3TITIOE ..........................PE ITION
Tr the foaorl Cemm C oeCrunl of the city of New Or.
The undetiglde owne of neal stte which front ena
Lhoryr. ttrec. fr m C'ib.,trm to c.sot ntrt. r.cpela .t ly
,tit . , or t " o'nr,:e body to order Isdo porticn of ttret 10
Le tvrrrd ait|* luke htells.
I1"Kt MAHIPi i'LAIRE. Ifeeth inche.
O. (CJNTOI.. U5 est.
L WIIttAUD. leest.
LTITIO .........................rPETITIONe
A I'Hnorarle I Croaell Comemu. de l ille dIe la NoureorO
sLee u irlbr, tprrprlsres de ileue roeder frlstat fa~ e
lur Ia rce L hLrpe dIepula (ClutLtbrne jurquo' lre i t, 1.
demndent repepctuuemea a vretrs hnrabL: e orpe d'or
dearr le pava4e de In die pIrtsto de re arvoc deotsqull on
S iO:I'R MARIE CLAIREl. pllods 9 uoes.
Vk tUVE KotC KART UtiAlNE, la pteie.
VY'1VE WM. KAMFIELD. 1O pt le.
C cONTAuII. 3 plede.
L VIINAIDD. S piede.
oroso Eve] sv.] , ma bls Man theteri.
8t0eet, Olpoite tfetrt squAe

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