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Laws of the United States.
Public l.j
AN ACT .for the better preservation. of life and
property from vessels shipwrecked on the
coasts of the United States.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives' of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of
the Treasury be, and he is hereby authorised to
establish such additional stations, on the coasts
of Long Island and New Jersey, for affording
aid to ship-wrecked vessels thereon, to change
the location of the existing stations, and to make
such repairs and furnish such apparatus and
supplies as may, in his judgment, be best adapt
sd to give effect to the objects of this act.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the
Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby,
authorised to appoint a keeper, at a compensa
tion not exceeding two hundred dollars, at each
of the stations to be established under the pro
visions of the first .section of this act, and a
superintendent, w ho shall also have tha powers,
and perform the duty of an inspector of the
customs for each of the coasts therein men
tioned, and to give said keepers and superin
tendents proper instructions relative to the du
ties to be required of them,.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That no
boat shall he purchased and located at any point
other than on the coasts of Long Island and
New Jersey, un)es3 the same be placed in the
immediate care of an officer of the Government,
or unless bond 6hall be given by proper indi
viduals, living in the neighborhood, condition
ed for th3 care and preservation of the same,
and its application to the uses intended.
Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the
Secretary of Treasury be, and he is hereby, au
thorised to establish stations at such light
houses, as, in his judgment, ha shall deem best,
and the keepers of such lights shall take in
charge such boats and apparatus as may be pat
in their charge respectively, as a part of their
oliicial duties.
Approved December 14, 1851.
Public No. 5.
AN ACT to reimquish to the State of Wiscon
sin the lands reserved for salt springs there
in. Be it enacted by the Senate and Hons? of Re
presentatives of the United iitai.es of America
in Congress assembled, That in lieu of the
"twelve salt springs, with bix sections of land
adjoining to each," heretofore granted to the
State of Wisconsin for its use by the fourth
clause cf the seventh section of the act entitled
" An act to enable the people of Wisconsiu
Territory to form a Constitution and State Gov
ernment, and for the admission of such State in
to the Union," approved the sixth day of Au
gust, in the year eighteen hundred and forty
biv, there be, and hereby is granted to the S:ate
of Wisconsin, to be selected by the Legislature
of said State out of any land subject to private
entry, and to be sold in such manner as the leg
islature may direct, for the benefit and in aid of
the university of said S'.ate, and for no other
purpose whatever, seventy-two sections of land:
Provided, That any selections of land hereto
fore made under the act entitled :'An act to ex
tend tha iiroe for selecting land granted to the
State of Wisconsin, for saline purposes," ap
proved the font th day of May, eighteen bund
led anil fifty-two, and which shall not have been
sold by thr United States, and is not legally
claimed by pre-emption, or chemise, shell ba3
and hereby are granted and confirmed to said
State for the use of the university of said State,
as a part cf the seventy-two sections heicby
Approved December 15, 1S54.
Public No. G.
AN ACT allowing the further time of two
years to those holding lands by entries in the
Virginia Military District in Ohio, which
were made prior to fust January, eighteen
hundred and fifty-two, to have tha same sur
veyed and patented.
Be it enacted by the Senats and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of America
1.1 Congress assembled, That the olHeeis and
soldiers of the Virginia line, or continental es
tablishment, their heirs or assigns, entitled to
Mouiuy laitus, wiucn nave, prior io me ursiuay
f January, Anno Domini, eighteen hundred
and lifty-two, been entered within the tract re
served by Virginia, between the Little Miami
and Sciota rivers, for satisfying the legal boun
ties to her office m and soldiers, upon continen
tal establishment, shall be allowed the time of
two years, from and after the passage of this
act, to make and return their surveys and war
rants, or certified copies of warrants, to the
General Land Oiiice.
Approved December 19, 1S51.
Public No. 7.
AN ACT to provide for the extinguishment of
the title of the Chippewa Indians to the lands
owned and claimed by them in the Territory
of Minnesota, and State of Wisconsin, and
for their domestication and civilization.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of America
iu Congress assembled, That the President be,
and he is hereby, authorised to cause negotia
tions to be entered into with tha Chippewa In
dians, for the extinguishment cf their title to
all the lands owned and claimed by them in the
Territory cf Minnesota and State of Wiscon
sin, which treaties shall contain the following
provisions, and such others as may be requisite
and proper to carry the same into cii'ect:
First. Granting to each head of a family, in
fee simple, a reservation of eighty acres of
land, to be selected in tha territories ceded, so
soon as surveys shall bo completed, by those
entitled, which said reservation is patented by
the Preside nt of the United States, and the pat
ent therefor shall expressly declare that the said
lands shall not be alienated or leased by the
reserves, or their heirs and legal representa
tives, until otherwise ordered by Congress, and
no change cf location shall be mad w ithout
the assent of the President of the United States.
Second. The annuities to which said Indians
are entitled, under existing treaties, with the
consent of the said Indians, together with such
as may be allowed them for the cession, or ces
sion, under the provisions of this act, shall be
equally distributed and paid them at their vil-lag-
or settlements, with the limits of the ce
ded territory; but the President shall be invest
ed with power to cause said annuities to be com
muted, fiom time to time, for such articles of
goods, provisions, stock, cattle, implements of
agriculture, the clearing and fencing of land,
uiul the erection of buildings and other improve
ments, as, in his discretion, will conduce most
to their comfort, civilization, and permanent
Third. All the benefits and privileges grant
ed to said Indians shall he extended to and en
joyed by the mixed bloqds belonging to or con
nected with the said tiibe, and who shall per
manently reside on the ceded lands.
Fo;wth. The laws of the United States and
the Territory of Minnesota shall be extended
over the Chippewa territory in Minnesota when
ever the same shall be ceded, and the same shall
cease to bs Indian country," except that the
lands reserved to said Indians, or other proper
ty owned by them, shall be exempt from taxa
tion and executiou; and the act pa'ssed thirtieth
June, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, 'to reg
ulate trade and intercourse with the Indian
tribes,'- etc., be inoperative over the said ceded
territory, except the twentieth section, which
prohibits the iutroduction and aalo of spiritu
ous liquor to Indians.
Fifth. The President shall have power to
rescribe and enforce such rules and regula
ions, not inconsistent with the foregoing pro
visions, as he may deem necessary-for the etfec
tual execution of this act, which said rules and
regulations shall be annually reported to Con
gress. - Sec. 2. And bo it further enacted, That, for
the purpose of defraying the expenses of said
negotiations, the sum of ten thousand dollars
be, and the same is hereby, appropriated out of
any money in- tb7 treasury not otherwise ap
propriated. ' Approved December 19, 1S54.
Public No. 10.
AN" ACT to authorise tha issue xf -patents to
land in any State or Territory, in certain cases
lie it enacted by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That in case of any
claim to land in any Stat or Territory which
heretofore be?n confirmed by law, and in
which no provision is made by the confirmatory
statute for the issue of patents, it shall and may
he lawful, where surveys for the land have been
or may hereafter be made, to issue patents for
the claims so confirmed, upon the presentation
to the Commissioner of the General Laud Of
fice of plats of snrvey thereof, duly approved
by the surveyor-general of any State or Terri
tory, if the same be found correct by the said
commissioner: Provided, That such patents
shall only operate as a relinquishment of title
on the part of the United States, and shall in
no manner interfere with any valid adverse right
if such exists, to the same land, nor be con
strued to preclude a legal investigation and de
cision by the proper judicial tribunal between
adverse claimants to the same land.
-Approved December 22, 1S54.
Public 15..
AN ACT to suppress the circulation of Small
Notes, as a currency, in the District of Col
umbia. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That if any person or
persons, body politic or corporate, within the
District cf Columbia, shall make,-emit, issue,
utter, sign, draw, or endorse any bank note,
promissory note, or any instrument of writing,
for the payment or delivery of money, or other
valuable thing, or of any thing purporting to be
a valuable thing, of a less amount than five dol
lars, to be used as a paper currency, or as a
circulating medium, either as money, or in lieu
of money, or of any other currency, every such
person, and every member, officer, or agent of
such body politic or corporate, concerned in, or
assenting to, such making, emitting issuing, ut
tering, signing, drawing, or endorsing as afore
said, for any of the purposes aforesaid, shall
forfeit and pay the sum of ten dollars for each
and every such bank note, promissory note, or
instrument of writing so made, issued, uttered,
emitted, signed, drawn, or endorsed, one half to
the use of any person who shall sue therefor,
and the other half to the county of Washing
ton, District of Columbia.: And, on the trial
of any such cause, if the promissory note,
back note, or other instrument in question, be
in part or in the whole printed or engraven, it
shall be deemed sufficient evidence of an inten
tion to put the same into circulation in viola
tion cf this act, unless the contrary be shown.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That it
shall be unlawful for any person or persons,
body politic or corporate, to pass, or offer to
pass, within the District of CoUmbia.any bank
note, promissory note, or any instrument in
writing of a less denomination or amount than
live dollars, either as money, or in lieu of mo
ney, or of any other currency ; and any other
person, or persons, and every member, officer,
or agent of such body, politic or coporate, vio
lating the provisions'of this section, shall for
feit and pay a sum of not leas than live, nor
more than ten dollars, for every such offence;
one half to the use of the person who shall
sue therefor, and the other half to the use of
the county of Washington, District of Colum
bia. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That any
pe.son or persons, body politic or corporate,
holding any such bank note, promissory note,
or instrument in writing, may present the same
for payment to the person or persons, body pol
itic or corporate, that made, emitted, issued, ut
tered, signed, drew, or endorsed the same ; and
if, upon such presentment, the person or per
sons, body politic or corporate, that made, emit
ted, issued, uttered, signed, drew, or endorsed
tho same, neglect or refuse to redeem the samo
infold or silver, such party so neglecting or
refusing shall forfeit and piy the s;im of twen
ty dollars for each' and every such bank note,
promissory note, or instrument in writing so
presented, and payment thereof neglected or re
fused, as aforesaid, to the use of the person or
persjns, body politic or coiporate, holding and
presenting the same as afore said.
Sr.c. 4. And be it further enacted, That each
and every forfeiture, under the forgoing provis
ions of this act, shall be recovered iu an action
of debt, before anv justice of tiie peace ia the
District of Columbia, in the name of any per
son who shall sue therefor, and jurisdiction is
hereby expressly given to each and every jus
tice of she peace in the District of Columbia to
try and adjudicate each and every such case.
Sec. 5. And be it further enacfed, That all
contracts, whether written or verbal, hereafter
made, to pay or deliver money or any valuable
thing, or thing purporting to be a valuable thing,
the consideration whereof may be, either whol
ly or in part, any pape r currency or circulating
medium uiulr five dollars, or other paper or cur
rency prohibited by this act, shall be deemed to
be illegal and void ; and the person or persons
suing on such contract shall have no remedy in
any court of law or equity ; and. in any suit
brought on such contract, it shall be competent
for the defendant, under the "general issue, or
any appropriate special plea, to offer evidence
of the nature cf the consideration of the con
tract so s ied on ; and, on the defendant's mak
ing oath that he or she has not evidence suffic
ient to prove the natnre or consideration of such
contract, it shall be the duty of the court before
which such suit may be brought, to require the
plaintiff or plaintiffs, or either or any of them,
to be sworn to testify the in regard to the trans
action; and if the plaintiff or plaintifi's shall not
be present ut the trial, to compel the attendance
of such plaintiff or plaintiffs as a witness or
witnesses, and to postpone or continue the cause
till such attendance can be procured ; and if,
after the whole evidence shall have been heard,
it shall appear that the consideration, either
wholly or in part, of the contract was such pa-
Eer currency or circulating medium prohibited
V this act, judgment shall be rendered for the
defendant or defendants, and for costs against
the plaintiff or plaintiffs.
Sec. t. And be it further enacted, That if
any merchant, hotelkeeper, shopkeeper, grocer,
commission merchant, or insurance agent, any
owner or driver of a hackney carriage, omni
bus, cart, wagon, ordroy, any huckster, butch
er, auctioneer, livery-stable keeper, any owner
or keeper of a billiard-table or ten-pi: alley,
any pawnbroker, any manager or agent of the
atrical or other amusements, any hawker or
pedlar, tiansacting business under a license
granted by the corporation of the city of Wash
ington or of Georgetown, in the District of
Columbia, or any other person or persons trans
acting business under such license, shall either
receive or pay out any paper under the denomi
nation cf hve dollars, or any other paper not
payable in specie on demand, so prohibited as
aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the attorney
cf the United States for the District of Colum
bia to sue out process in the nature of a scire
facias, or to institute other suitable proceed
ings in the Circuit Cort of the District of Col
umbia, against such offender or offenders, re
turnable to the said court immediately, if said
court be then sitting, or to the next term of said
court, if there be then a vacation of the terms
of said court, requiring such offenders to show
cause why his, her, or their license aforesaid'
ehill not be forfeited ; and on proof exhibited
to said court of such receiving or paying out of
such prohibited paper as aforesaid, "said court
shall fofreit, annul, and vacate such license,
and no other license for any purpose shall be
granted to such offender or offenders until one
year thereafter shall have passed and expired.
Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That it
shall be the duty of the marshal of the District
of Columbia, and of every constable of said
district, to give information to some justice of
the peace in said district, of every violatien of
this law which may come to his knowledge.
Sec 8. And be it further enacted, That on
the trial of any cause other than a criminal
prosecution, under the provisions of this act.it
shall be lawful for the court before whom such
cause is pending, to cause to be brought before
said court, and examined as a witness, any de
fendant to any such suit, his agent or employer,
touching the matters and things in controversy,
and to employ such process to effect the object
aforesaid, as is usual in other cases.
Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That this
act shall be in force from and after the first
day of November next; and that so much and
and such partsof all former acts as may be re
pugnant to this act be and the same are hereby
Approved December 27,1854.
PuBlic 107.
AN ACT to regulate the salaries of the District
Judges of the United States.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of Ameriea
in Congress assembled, That the judges of the
district coutsof the United States shall receive
as compensation, the following yearly salaries,
to be paid quarterly from the treasury of the
United S:ates, to wit :
The judges of the districts of the States of
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Is
land, Connecticut, TJelaware, New Jer say, Io
wa, and Wisconsin, two thousand dollars.
The Jndge of the northsrn district of Flori
da, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars.
Thejudgof the Western district of Virgin
ia, North Carolina, eastern, western, and mid
dle districts of Tennessee, northern and southern
districts of Mississippi, western district of
Pennsylvania, western district of Louisiana,
Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri,
eastern and western districts of Arkansas, IU
linois, and Michigan, two. thousand five hun
dred dollars.
The judges of the districts of Goorgia, South
Carolina, eastern district of Virginia, northern
district of New York, northern and southern
districts of Alabama, two thousand seven hun
dred and fifty dollars. .
The judges of the districts of Maryland, Mas
sachusetts, eastern district of Pennsylvania,
southern district of Florida, and southern dis
trict of California, three thousand dollars.
The judge of the eastern district of Louisi
ana, three thousand five hundred dollars.
The judge of the southern district of New
York, three thousand seven hundred and fifty
dollars .
The judge of the northern district of Cali
fornia, five thousand dollars.
Approved February 17,1855;
Public No. 108.
AN ACT making an appropriation for com
pleting the Public Buildings of Oregon Ter
ritory and Minnesota.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That the sum of sixty
seven thousand dollars be, and the same is here
by, granted, and appropriated, out of any un
appropriated money in the treasury, to defray
the expenses of completing the public build
ings in the Territory cf Oregon, which are
now commenced and partially completed.
Sec. 2. And be ic further enacted, That of
the said sum of sixty-seven thousand dollars
the sum of forty thousand dollars shall be ex
pended, according to the provisions of the act
of the legislative assembly relating to the pub
lic buildings of the territory, in completing the
penitentiary; and the sum of twenty-seven thou
sand dollars shall be expended, according to
the provisien8 of said act, in completing the
state-house, cr house for the meeting of the
legislative assembly: Provided, The commis
sioners elected to superintend the erection of
said buildings shall cause the said money to be
so expended as to insure the completion of said
buildings without additional expense to the
United States.
Sec 3. And be it further enacted, That the
sum of eleven thousand fiv e hundred dollars be,
and the same is hereby, appropriated to com
plete the territorial capitol and build a work
shop for the territorial prison in the Territory
of Minnesota, in accordance with the estimates
made bv the agent appointed by the Secretary
of the Treasury, said sura to be expended un
der the direction of the Secretary of the Treas
ury. Approved FebruaryJJiffoS.
Public No. 109.
AN ACT to establish an additional Land Dis
trict in the Territory of Oregon.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That all the land lying
south of the fourth standard parallel, in the
Territory of Oregon, be, and the same is here
by, created a new land district, to be called the
Umpqua district; the land office for which shall
be established at such place within saiddistrict
as the President shall from time to time direct,
and the officers for which shall be appointed in
the same manner, and have the compensation,
duties, obligations and responsibilities, thataie
prescribed in the sixth section of the act ap
proved July seventeen, eighteen hundre-.l and
lif cy-four, entitled An act to amend the act
approved September twenty-seven, eighteen
hundred and fifty, to create the office of surveyor-general
of the public lands iu Oregon,,"
etc.: Piovided, however, That this act shall
not go into effect until three months after its
Sec". 2. And be it further enacted, That the
district lying north of the fourth standard par
allel in said territory-shall be known as the
Willamette land district.
Approved February 17, 1855.
Public 110.
AN ACT making appropriations for improving
certain Military iioaus in the Territory of
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of "America
in Congress assembled, That the following
sums of money be, and they are hereby, appro
priated for improving certain military roads in
the Territory of Minnesota, to wit : -
For cutting out the timber on the territorial
road from the Falls of St. Anthony to Fort
Ridgely, five thousand dollars.
For cutting the timber on the road from Fort
Ripley, via Crow Wing River, to the point
where said road intersects the main road lead
ing to the Red River of the north, ten thousand
The aforesaid sum3 to be expended under the
direction of the Secretary of Var.
Approved February 17, 1855.
Public 111.
AN ACT to provide for the accomodation of
the Courts of the United States for the dis-
tiictof Maryland, and for a Post Office at
Baltimore Citv, Maryland.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That the President of
the United States be authorised to procure, or
cause to be procured, a suitable site or sites for
a building or buildings for a court-house and
Eost-office in the city .of Baltimore; and that
e prepare and submit to Congress, ut as early
a day as practicable, plans an estimates for the
construction of a building or buildings on such
site or sites, together with the estimates for fit
ting up or furnishing the same for the purposes
indicated. And if a building or buildings
should be on such site or sites which can be re
modelled or changed so as to -answer the pur
poses indicated in the title of this bill, he shall
submit to Congress plans and estimates for such
alterations; and also estimates for fitting up
or furnishing such building or buildings: Pro
vided, That any contract or contracts he may
make for any such site or sites shall be condi
tional and made subject to the approval of Con
gress. Approved February 17, 1855.
Public 112.
AN ACT authorising the construction of aline
of Telegraph from the Mississippi or Mis
souri Rivers to the Pacific-Ocean.
Be it eracted by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That Hiram O. Alden
and James Eddy, their associates and assigns,
are hereby authorised and empowered to con
struct, at their own expense, a line of telegraph
from such point on the Mississippi or Missou
ri river as they may hereafter select, through
the public lands belonging to the United States,
over which lands the right ot way two hund
red feet in wid Ji, for that purpose, is hereby
granted, to San Francisco, in California, in as
direct a line as practicable.
.Sec. 2. And be it futther enacted, That all
voluntary or intentional injuries to said Una of J
telegrapli.or to any property tnereto belonging,
within the territories of the United States shall
be deemed, and are here by declare to be wilful
and malicious trespasses, and shall be punished
as such; and all laws of the United. States
now in force in any territory thereof, or which
may hereafter be enacted for the better security
and protection of property, and applicable to
such offences, shall be, and they are hereby,
extended, for the protection of said line of tel
egraph, into and over all the territory belong
ing to, and under the jurisdiction of, the United
States, through which the same may be con
structed ; and all legal process and proceedings
for the detection and punishment of the afore
said offences shall be within the jurisdiction of
the courts, and shall be issued and executed by
the proper law officers in the States or organ
ised territories.
Approved February 17, 1S55.
Public 117.
AN ACT to establish the. office of Surveyor
General of Utah, and to grant land for School
and University purposes.
. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That the President, by
and with-the advice and consent of the Senate,
shall be, and he is hereby, authei ised to appoint
a surveyor-general for Utah, whose annual sal
ary shall be three thousand dollars, and whose
power, authority, and duties, shall be the same
as those provided by law for the surveyor-general
of Oregon, prior to July seventeen, eight
een hundred and fifty-four : and he shall locate
his ofice from tine to time at such places as
may be directed by the President of the United
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the
lands in said territory shall be surveyed under
the direction of the government of the United
States, preparatory to bringing" the same into
market, sections numbered sixteen and thirty
six in each township in said territory, and in
the States and territories hereafter to be created
out of the same. - s.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That when
the lands in said territory shall be surveyed as
aforesaid, a quantity of land equal to two town
ships shall he, and the same is hereby, reserved
for the establishment of a university in said ter
ritory, and in the State hereafter to be created
out of the same, to be selected under the direc
tion of the legislature, in legal subdivisions of
not less than one half section, and to be dis
posed of as said legislature may direct.
Sec. 4. And be it further enacted. That full
power and authority are hereby given to the
Secretary of the Interior to issue all needful
rules and regulations for carrying into effect the
several provisions of this act.
Approve! February 21, 1855.
- Public 118.
AN ACT to provide for holding an additional
term of the Circuit Court of the United States
for the District of Missouri, and for holding
Special Terms of the District and Circuit
Courts of the United States for the Northern
District of Ohio. . .
Beit enacted by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That it shall be the du
ty of the district judge of the United States for
the district of Missouri, to hold, at the city of
St. Louis, on the first Monday in October, in
every year, a term of the ciicnit court of the
United States for said district, at which term
any busineesmay be transacted which might be
transacted at the April term of said court.
Sec 2. And be it further enacted, That the
United States circuit court for said district
shall have power, at any time to order an ad
journed term of said couit to be held at any
other time, at which adjourned term any busi
ness may be transacted which could be transac
ted at any regular term. A copy of said order
shall be posted on the door of the court-room,
and advertised in some paper printed in St. Lou
is, twenty days, at least, before said adjourned
term shall be holden.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the
district judge for said district may order a spec
ial term or terms of said circuit court, to be
holden in St. Louis, on any day mentioned in
said order, at which special term any business
may be transacted which might be transacted
at any regular term of said court, and shall
cause the copy of said order to be posted up
and published as aforesaid. He may also re
scind any such order, made either in term time
or vacation, or fix a different day for said term
or terms, giving notice thereof as aforesaid.
Sec 4. And be it further enacted, That there
shall be held, at the city of Cleveland, in the
State of Ohio, on the third Tuesday in March,
this year, a special term of the district court
of the United States for the northern district
of Ohio, and also a special term of the circuit
court of the United States for said district, at
which terms respectively any business' may be
transacted, which might, under existing laws,
be transacted at any regular term.
Approved February 21, 1855.
DEALER in Foreign and Domestic Dry
Goods, Boots Shoes, Hats, Caps, Cutlery,
Hardware, Groceries, Liquors, and ready made
Clothing, &c, &c, on the Levee, in Atchison,
Kansas Territory
1 have now in store, and am constantly in
receipt of every variety of Goods suitable to
the market, faom St. Louis and the East. My
stock consists in part of the following:
Loaf, crushed and brown Sugars;
Coffee, Tea, Molasses, Rice, Cheese, Spices of
all kinds.
Silks, Woollens, Prints, Cambricks, Lawns,
Sheeting, Shirting, Irish Linen, and Linen
Ready made Clothing of every description.
Calf and Kip Boots, Silk and casimere Hats;
Cloths, Casimers and Satinets;
Ladies wear, such as Bonnets, Slippers, Gai
ters, Collars, Hosiery &c;
All of which will be sold low for cash.
Atchison, K. T. ltf.
Paper JJ'archouse9
!HLstkl3ll32a.Gc3., 184.0.
A P. LADEW &. Co., Type Founders and
Dealers in Paper. 31 and 33 Locust street,
St. Louis, Mo.; Press Depot Shark Alley, call
the attention of Printers and Publishers to their
Establishment, where will be found every va
riety of Type, Paper, Ink, Printing Presses,
Rule, Borders, Flowers, and every other article
used in a Printing Office.
A. P. L. &. Co., have lately made additions
to their former assortment of Beek and News
paper Type, of Matrices imported from Scot
land, and have now a complete series. Also a
new series of German Faces.
They are also the authorized .agents of the
principal Type Foundries in the United States,
and are prepared to fill orders selected from any
specimen at Eastarn prices.
They keep always on hand a large supply of
News and Book Printing Paper; also. Cap, Let
ter, Colored, and Manilla Papers, Cards and
Card Boards, all of which will be sold on the
most reasonable terms.
Orders for Stereotyping and Engraving will
be promptly executed.
Editors or Printers wishing to establish a
newspaper or Job Printing Office, will be fur
nished with an estimate in detail for the same,
by stating the size of the paper, or the particu
lar style and quantity of work to be executed.
Wood Type A large assortment always on
Old Type taken in exchange for new at
nine cents per pound. ! .
Riscovcretl at last ! !
A IHysfery explained A ICcto
Jution is certain Victory
is Ours !
THE best, quickest, and decidedly the most
pleasant remedy ever offered, for the cure of
sore, weak, or diseased eyes. It matters not
how long they have been sore, this balm will
cure them. Cases of short duration it cures
in from 12 to 48 hours.
From the Clerk of the Court of Randolph
"I have nsed I. V. Hardy's Eye Balm in nine
cases, and effected a cure in every case prompt
ly. J. J. ALLEN."
The Huntsville Recorder, of Feb. 23, 1854
says that, "the great number and remarkable
cures that have come under our observation, has
fully convinced us that I. V. Hardy's is a great
man, and that his wonderful Eye Balm is the
roost valuable combination for the cure of sore
eyes that has ever been produced. All success
to him in his new enterprise say we."
The Liberty Tribune of March 3, 1854, Bays,
have you sore eyes, if so be sure and get Har
dy's Eve Balm."
Mr. Harty I hare used and known to be
used your Eye Balm in numbers of cases of
sore eyes, some of one and two years standing,
and it effects cures in every case. Cases of short
duration it cures in less time than I thought
possible for any remedy to have done it. It is
the sine qua non iin our country for sore eyes,
and will be Pa all when once tried.
Centerville, Dec. 20, 1853.
We could offer hundreds of just such recom
mendations as the above, (some from Physic
ians) but deem it unnecessary. -
Try it, and if it does not do a s we say, denounce
it, but till tried keep silent, or lend it your in
fluence, for it is no humbug.
This Balm is prepared only in Huntsville,
Missouri, by I. V. Hardy .&. co., to whom all or
ders for Agencies must be addressed. Persons
wishing Ji, and can not procure it from agenta-
! can have it sent to them bv mail, by addressing
post paid us. For $ 1 we senu nve boxes.-
Pnce 2 j cents per box.
f!T" H. Blakesly South West cor. of 3d and
Chestnut Street, Wholesale and Retail Agents
for p. Louts. -
Sold in Weston, by Morrisa & Pinkston; in
Parkville, by Clardy &. Prewitt, and by Drug
gists and Merchants generally. n5 6m.
CLOTHINC Spring and summer clothing,
at St. Louis prices-
14 - Parkville, Mo.
Wtstm Carte.
Drvg$t JUedicirust Paints, Oils, Per
fumery, Books and Sationary, Win- '
dow Glass and Glass . Wart ;
WHOLESALE and Retail Dealers in Dry
Goods and Groceries, Clothing, Boots and
Shoes, &c, &.c. Outfitting Goods in great va
riety. Also Forwarding and Commission Mer
chants, ltf.
' nittPER 'AlfD BBO.
WHOLESALE and Retail dealers in For
eign, Fancy and Domestic
With Hardware, Queensware, Pocket and Ta
ble Cutlery, Groceries, and in fact every arti
cle usually kept in the'Dry Goods and Grocery
Weston, Mo. ltf.
KEEPS always on hand
Horses, Carriages and Bug- iSiSl
gies to hire. Their stock "
is of the very best kind, and their Carriages
new and always in good order.
Weston, Mo. ltf.
General Dry Goods Merchants,
HAVE constantly on hand a large variety
of merchandise of all kinds at the most
reduced prices, embracing everything in the
line of Dry Goods, Hardware and Cutlery and
Tools, Queensware and Glassware, Iron Cas
tings and Nails, Groceries, Liquors, Boots and
Shoes, Hats and Caps.
Liquors all the time at St. Louis cost.
(Wanted Any quantity of Hemp, for
which we will pav the highest price.
Weston, Mo. ltf.
THE subscriber would inform the public
that he has fitted up this large and magni
ficent Hotel, in the very best style. It is the
largest and most central Hotel in the city.
His table shall always be spread with the
best that the country affords, and he will spare
no pains or trouble in making all at home who
may favor him with a call.
Weston, 1855. ltf.
Weston, Platte County, Missouri.
WILL ATTEND to any business confided
to them, in the following counties, viz:
Platte, Clay, Buchanan, Andrew and Clinton.
Also, at Atchison. Kickapoo City and Leaven
worth, in Kansas Territory.
Particular attention given to setling
anucollecting claims. 1 ly
J. N. & C. F. BURNS,
LAW, will practice their profession in
North Western Missouri and the Courts of
Kansas Territory.
(yParticular attention given to securing
and collecting claims.
Weston Mo. 1855. . ltf
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Weston Mo con
tinues to practice his profession at Weston,
and will attend the adjacent Courts in Kansas
Territory. ltf.
rriHe subscriber would respectfully acknowl
JL edge the favors bestowed upon him by the
citizens of Weston and vicinity, and solicits a
continuance of patronage. He wishes to call
attention to his very large and carefullv se
lected stock of stoves, which will be sold very
low for. cash.
COOKING STOVES of all sizes, and a va
rietvof Patterns to suit purchasers.
PARLOR STOVES of the latest style: Al
so, Box and Ten Plate Stoves, of all sizes,
suitable for heating Churches. School Houses,
Stores, Shops, &.c, &.c. Tin Ware at Whole
sale and Retail.
Job work done in the best style and shortest
notice. Spouting and Guttering particularly
attended to.
Weston Mo. "ltf.
Dealers in Drugs, Chemicals, Turpentine,
Varnishes, Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuus, Per
fumery, Soaps, Combs, Hair and Paint Brush
es, Patent Medicines, Window Glass, all sizes;
Putty, Snuff, Tobacco and Sigars.
Also, School Books, Medical Work3. Nov
els, and a large lot of Miscellaneous Works;
Pens, Ink, Paper, &.c. &.c. We also are Whole
sale and Retail Agents for the sale of Mr.
Storms celebrated Scotch Cough Candy, and all
other popular medicines of the day.
As we aim at giving universal satisfaction,
every article sold Wholesale or Retail by us,
not proving as good as recommended may be
returned and the money will be refunded. All
Particular attention given to orders from the
country. BRUNER &. HALYARD.
Weston, Mo. 'ltf.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Main, St., between Market and Thomas,
Weston Mo.
THE undersigned would respectfully an
nounce to the citizens of Platte and ad
ioinining Counties, that theyhae now on hand
in the City of Weston, direcnt from the East,
the largest and best selected stock of
"ever brought to this market, which they prom
ise to sell very low , ror casn; or on time to
prompt customers. Come one and all and ex
amine our stock before purchasing elsewhere,
as we have the Goods and are determined to
sell them. We have a large assortment of
every variety of goods usualy brought to the
Weston market. Our stock consists in part of
the following articles:
Cloths, black and Fancy cassimeres, satinets
and Vestings, latest styles;
Large assortments of prints of the best brands;
A beautiful lot of silk Bonnets, latest style;
A superior lot of dress and bonnet trimings,
A variety of styles of ladies dress goods,
Fancy silks, plain black, do., ladies black and
Fancy silk Shawls, together with various
other Fancy articles too numerous to men
tion; A large lot of boots and shoes,
A superior lot of ready madeClothing fox men
and boys;
Hats and caps of every variety and stvles
Queensware, glassware", hardware, groceries,
&.c, sec
To our stock of dress goods, &.C., we" would
particularly invite the attention of the ladies.
No trouble toshowgoods; you will find us at
uie old stand.
Weston, Mo. ltf.
PHYSICIAN, Salt Creek Valley, Kansas
'Territory; can be found at the store of JUL
P. Rively, near Salt Creek bridge. ltf.
tamnknt Carte.
1855. - 1855,
St. Louis and St. Joseph Packet line.
THE New, Elegant and Fast Reg-
STIR. ETF. Dix, Master, will
leave St. Louis, during the season, on every al
ternate TUESDAY, at 4 o'clock, P. M., for
Glasgow, Brunswick, Miami, Hill's Landing,
Waverly, Berlin, Lexington, Wellington, Cam
den, Sibley, Richfield, Liberty, Independence,
Kansas, Parkville,' Fort Leavenworth, Weston,
Atchison, St. Joseph, and intermediate points;
Commencing her regular trips at the opening
of navigation, will leave St. Louis every alter
nate TUESDAY, as follows :
February 27th; August 14th and 2Sth;
JHarcn lJtn and 2it, September 11th and 2oth
April 10th and 24thy
October 9th and 23d;
November 6th and 20th;
December 4th.
may oui and ZZd;
June 8th and 19th;
Julv 3d. 17th and 31at:
RETURNING will leave St. Soseph every
alternate at IU o'clock, A. .31., as
roiiows :
March 5th and 19th; August 6th and 20th:
April 2d, loth and 30Lb; September 3d and 17th;
May 14th and 28th; October 1st 15th and 29t
June 11th and 25th; November 12th and 26th
July 9th and 23d; December 10th
Departing from St, Joseph Mondays at 10
o'ciocx, a. m., Atcmson at l o'cloct, p. m.,
Weston Tuesdays at 7 o'clock, a. m., Fort
Leavenworth at 8, a. m., Parkville at 10, a. m.,
Kansas at 12, m., Wavne City at 1, p. si., Lib
erty at 2, p. Richfield at 3, p. m., Sibley at
a, p. tt., vamaen at o, p. m., Wellington at o,
p. m., Lexington, Wednesdays at 8 o'clock, jl.
m., Dover at 9, a. m., Waverly at 10, a. m.,
Hill's Landing at 11, a. m., Miami at 1, p. if.,
Brunswick at 2, p. m., Glasgow at 4, p. m.,
Boon vi lie at 5, p. sc., and arriving in St, Louis
Thursday afternoon, in time for Louisville Mail
Boats, and the evening lines of travel in every
No effort shall be wanting on the part of her
present officers to retain for the Polar Star, the
wide popularity which she has heretofore ac
quired. Every requisite attention and accom
modation will be cheerfully extended to passen
gers, and shippers may rely upon the utmost
punctuality and dispatch in the delivery of
freight. E. F. DIX,
1 ly II." M. BLOSSOM.
3VT1 R3Q1 a t niver.
Spring Arrangements for 1855.
The Regular Thursday Packet, F. X.
AUBREY, for Brunswick, Miami, Hill's
Lauding, waverly, Berlin, Lexington, Wel
lington, Camden, Siblev, Richfield, Liberty,
Independence, Kansas, Parkville, Ft. Leaven
worth, Weston, Atchison, and St, Joseph.
kffVhay ternate Thursday, as follows:
;83C5vMarch 1st, 15th and 29th; April,
12tb,26thMav 10 24th; June 7th 21st; July 5th,
'9th; August "2d, loth; 30th; September 13th;
27th; October 11th; 25th; November 8th, 22d.
Returning will leave St. Joseph for St. Louis
every alternate Wednesday, at 10 o'clock, A.
M., as follows: March 7th and 21st; April 4th
and 18th; May 2d, 16th and 30tb; June 13th and
27th; July 11th and 25th; August 8th and 22d;
September 5th and 19th; October 3d, 17th and
31st; Nov ember 14th and 2Sth, and December
Departing from St. Joseph Wednesdays at 10
o'clock, am; Atchison at 11, a m; I a tan at 1,
p m; and will arrive at Weston same day, and
remain there over night. Will leave Weston,
Thursdays at 7 o'clock, a m; Fort Leavenworth
at 8 a m; Leavenworth City at 8i a m; Park
ville at 10 a m; Kansas at i2 m; Wavne Citv at
lpm; Liberty at 2 p m; Richfield at 3 p m;
Sibley at 4 p m;"Camdeu at 5 p m; Wellington
at 6 p m; and arrive at Lexington same evening,
and remain there over night. Will leave Lex
ington Fridays at 7 o'clock, a m; Berlin and
Dover at 84, a m; Waverly at 10 a m; Hill's
landing at li a m; Aliami at 1 p m; Urunswick
at 2 p m; Glasgow at 4 p m, and Boonville at o
p m. Will arrive at St. Louis Saturday after
noon in time to meet the Louisville mail boats,
ana an omer evening packets.
The AUBRY has been completely repaired,
and we hope by strict attention to business and
the accommodation of passengers, to retain the
patronage of our Missouri river friends. Ship
pers can rely upon our punctuality and dispatch.
5 BEN. V. GL1ME, Clerk.
1S55. 185.1,
St. Louis and St. Joseph Packet Line
The Kew, Elegant and Fast Reerular
Passenger Packet, JAMES H. LUCAS,
A- Wixelaxd, Master, will leave
ipj?j or. .Liouis uunngtne season, on ev
sCS;ry alternate Tltesdav. at 4 o'
clock, p. m., for Glasgow, Brunswick, Miami,
Hill's Landing, Waverly, Berlin, Lexington,
Wellington, Camden, Siblev, Richfield, Liberty
Independence, Kansas, Parkville, Fort Leaven
worth, Weston, Atchison; St. Joseph and inter
mediate points :
Commencing her regular trips at the opening
of navigation, will leave St. Louis every alter
nate TUESDAY, as follows :
March 6th and 20th. Augiret 7th and 21st,
April 3d and 17th September 4th and 18th.
May 1st, 15th Ai29th, October 2d, 16th and 30th
June 12th and 26th, November 13th and 27th.
Julv 10th and 24th.
RETURNING will leave St, Joseph every
alternate MONDAY, at 10 o'clock, a. m., as
ronows :
March 12th and 26th.
April 9th and 23dl
May 7th and 21st.
June 4th and 18tb.
August 13th and 27th.
September 10th &.24th.
October 8th and 22d.
November 5th and 19th.
Julv 2d, 16th and 30th. December 3rd.
Departing from St. Joseph Monday s at 10
o'clock, a m, Atchison 12 m.
Weston Tuesday at 7 o'clock, a m Fort
Leavenworth at 8 a m Parkville at 10, a
m, Kansas at 12, m, Wayne City atl, p m, Lib
erty at 2 p m Richfield at 3 p m, Sibley at 4 r
m Camden at 5 p ji Wellington at 6 p m, Iexing-
ton on Wednesdays at 8 o'clock, a m, Dover at
U a m. Waverly at 10 a m Hull's Landing at 11
a m, Miami at 1 p m, Brunswick at 2 p m Glas
gow at 4 p m. Boonville at 5 p m, and arriving
in St, Louis Thursday afternoon, in time for
Louisville Mail Boats, and the evening lines of
travel in every direction.
The LUCAS is a first class boat, new, large
and elegantly fitted up, built expressly for the
Missouri river trade, and in all her equipments
and appointments especial care has been taken
to make her a superior Passenger Packet, and
particularly attractive.
6. A. WINELAND, Master.
v The Regular Friday Packet,
c ED1NBURO, G. W. Bowman,
& Master, for Brunswick, Miami.
Hill's Landing, Waverly, Berlin, Lexington,
Wellington, Camden, Siblev, Richfield, Liberty,
Independence, Kansas, Parkville, Fort Leaven
worth, Weston, Atchison and St Joseph, com
mencing ner regular trips from bt. Louis on
Friday, March 9th and 23d, April 6th and 20,
May 4th, 18tb. June 1st, 15lh and 29th, July
13th and 27th, August 10th and 24th. SeDtem-
ber 7th and 21st, October 5th and 19th, Novem-
Der zu, lotn ana autn, December 14th and 28th.
Leaves St. Joseph every alternate Thursday
at 10 o'clock, a m, as follows: March 15th and
zyta, April 12th and 26th, Ma 10th and 24th,
June 7th and 21st, July 5th and 19th. August 2d
16th and 30th, September 13th and 27th, Octo
ber 11th and 25th, November 8th and 22d, De
cember 6th and 20th.
Leaving Weston,-Friday at 7 o'clock, a m.;
Parkville at 9, a m; Kansas 10, a m; Wayne Ci
ty 11, a m; Liberty 12, in; Richfield 1, p m;
Sibley 2, p m; Camden J,p m; Wellington 4, p
m: and on Saturday following, will leave Lex
ington at 7, a m; Dover at 8, a m; Waverly 9, a
m; Hill's Landing 10, am; Miami 12, rn; Bruns
wick 2 pm; Glasgow 4, p re; Koonviije o, p m;
arriving in St. Louis on Sunday afternoon, in
time for the Louisville packets. -
We beg leave to return our thanks for the lib
eral patronage bestowed on us last season, and
hope by strict attention to business to merit a
continuance ox trie same.
G. W. BOWMAN, Captain.
G. A. REICHENEKER, clerk. 5
TEAS A large lot of various brands, at all
prices. ASPLIN G, STEVENS fc CO.
Sltmnfarat Carts.
Regular Thursdav Po
For Boonville, Glasgow, Brunswick
Hill's Landing, Waverly, Berlin fiH
Wellington, Camden, Richfield, 'ube!!0,
dependence, Kansas. Parkville, rort T la
worth, Weston, Atchison and St. Jo&frV
t THE f " nd cl-nt 8C
Cataract,!. A. WeitoZgT
mawStter, having been nurcha!
pressly for this trade, to take the placT1
Honduras, will leave every alternate TvLB
dat, throughout the season, for tie abov"
intermediate landings, beginning her rn
follows : P H
27th; April 5th and 19th; May 3d " t
iom; juiy lta and
Ausrust 9th and 23d SentpmW Rtv. 0Si;
tober 4th and 18th; November 1st,' 15;0c
29th. 6i
Leaves SL Jospnh. W1n,?-r nr.. , .
and 2Sthi Anril 11th snH osfv Vr.
23d; June 6th and 20th; July 4th and is:bf 5" t
gust 1st, 15th and 29th; September m I
26th; October 10th and 24th; November
and 21st. w '4
Departing, from St. Joseph every &'ton. f
Wednesday, at 10 o'clock, a m; Weston 'tw
Camden, 5 pm; Wellington, 6 pm, and arrS
at Lexington same evening. Leaves Lexinetr.
Friday morning at 7 o'clock; Berlin and LW
at 8 a m; Waverly at 10 .a m; Hill's LandhJ
11 a m; Glasgow at 4 p rn, and BooiivilWst
p m. Will arrive at St, Loui on Saturday 2
ning, in time for mail boats to Louisville Z
other lines of travel for the North and East
The Cataract has been recently fitted up in
a superior manner for the river, and for tp
and comfort has no superior in the trade, aL
we confidently ask from our'old friends anj
patrons, the same liberal patronage extended
us while in charge of ihe Honduras.
L. A. WELTON. Master
11-sea 31. R. McDONALD, Clerk
1S55. lfcxs
NEW LUCY, William ConW,
f-.Ttoji Piaster, ror ?r. Jnwnh. itih
ville, Kansas, Independence, Liberty, Lexinp- I
u pumia oeiow, on every alternate l
Saturday, leaving St. Louis on the following
dates: March 3, 17. 31; April 14. 2ft; Mav 12 I
26; June 923; July 7,21; August 4,18; Septra-'
wuiurrij.zi; iovemoer m, 2i -
Returning will leave St. Joseph for St. Louis" I
every alternate Friday, at 10 o'clock, a. m., r, ;
follows: March 9. 23: A
June 1, 15, 29; July 13, 27; August 10, 24; W' I
), uiwua , is, xoemner . in
30; December 14. '
Departing from St. Joseph for St, Louis Fri
days at 10 o'clock, a. m., Atchison 11, a. y
latan 1, rl m.; arriving at Weston same
and remaining over night. Leaving Ws;
Saturday at 7, a. m., Fo.it Leavenwoeth at,"?. A
m., Leavenworth City 8J, a. m., Parkville
10, a. m., Kansas at 12, m., Wavne City at 1 r
m., Liberty at 2, p. m., Richfield at 3l p. n.,
Sibley at 4, p. m., Camden at 5, p. m., Welling
ton at 6, p. m. arriving at Lexington same eve
ning and remaining all night. Leaving Lex
ington Sundays at 7, a. m., Berlin and Dover
84, a. m., Waverly 10, a. m., Hill's Landir.-at
11, a. m., Miami at 1, p. m., Brunswick at 2,
p. M., Glasgow at 4, p. m.. Boonville at b. r.y.,
arriving at St. Louis Monday afternoon in tin:
to connect with the Louisville Mail Boats acd
other evening Packets.
The New Lucy having been thoroughly
overhauled, repaired and refurnished with manr
improvements, which greatTy increase her spee'i
and add to the comfort convenience and safetr
of passengers, we-hope by a strict attention t'i
the business entrusted to our care to merit a
liberal share of the public patronage.
WM. CONLEY. Captain.
5 WM. C. KIMEER, Cleik.
Independent Packet.
'S - T1 Fast, Elejrantfv rmi,W
aceamer.l.olilpii C(iia !
Tvtt GcNsoLLisCommandcr, for Boon
ville, Glasgow, Brunswick, Miami, Lexinrton,
Camden. Richfield, Kansas, Leavenworth, Wes
ton, Atchison, St, Joseph and all intermediate
landings. Passengers and Shippers mav rely
upon the Golden State remaining in the" trad
throughout the season, and every exertion on
the part of her officers, will be made to insure
the comfort and safety of passengers, and dis
patch in the delivery of freight.
The Golden State being independent of the
Missouri River Monopoly, hopes to receive a
liberal share of the public patronage.
J. GUNSOLL1S. Com'r.
13-sea I. T. DAVIS, Clerk.
ft. NIMROD FARLEY- h.i t r-,-
jK tan, the only Ferry that never
Si stops for ice or low water, but
runs on whenever a passenger arrives between
daybreak and dark. He has three good Boats,
and when one cant go, another can. All who
want to go into or out of Kansas, remember
ltf. NIMROD FARLEY, latan.
THIS new and beautiful Town site is situa
ted on the Missouri River, in Kansas Terri
tory, three or four miles above the town of la
tan, in the heart of the most densely populated
part of Kansas, sorrounded by the finest soil
and best timber in that Territory, with a per
manent landing, commanding a view of the riv
er for several miles above and below. The
principal part of said Town is located on a bed
of stone coal, of the best quality. Arrange
ments are being made to have said stone coal
bed opened and wrought by Joint Stock Com
pany early in the spring, at which time thpre
will be a sale of lots. There is now, in ct ur
of erection, a good steam Saw Mill, which will
be in successful operation in a few weeks; also,
a large and commodious Tavern is in process cf
erection which will be opened for the accom
modation of the public in ashort time.
Persons wishing to procure Lots immediate
ly will have opportunity of so doing, by call
ing on Henry Bradly, or Jonathan Hartman.
both of whom are authSrized Agents to eell
and dispose of lots, and one or both may at all
times be found on the premises, ready to ac
commodate purchasers upon the most liberal
II. B. Wallace, Jas. G. Spratt,
Amos Rees, W. C. Remmisgtoic,
. Henry Debakd, Jas W. Bbadlet,
II. C. Bradley, P. J. Colliks.
H. B. Herkdov. Trustees.
1 tf.
THE first session of this institution will
commence on Monday Oct. 25th 1854.
Dr. T. P. Acres, A. M., (late President of
the Masonic College, Greenburg, Ky.,) Princi
pal of the. Male Department.
Rev. R- G. Loving, A. M. (formerly presi
dent of the Buckingingham female institute,
Ya-, late of Fayette, Mo.) Principal of the Fe
male Department.
Suitable Assistants will be employed as they
are required.
Tuition 1st Session A Months.
Primary studies 00
Common English branches -- - - 8 09
Higher do do 10 00
Greek and Latin, &c, ....12 CO
Ornamental branches at the usual ex
tra charges. x
Fuel,tc 1 00
Board, including washing, &c-, can ba had io
the neighborhood at $10 per month.
Gen'L Superintendent.
Weston, lS55.Itf.
WHOLESALE and Retail dealer in Eng
lish and. American Cutlery, Hardware
of every description, Guns, Pistols and sport
ing aparatus of every kind, Chains of all kinds,
Locks, IHnges, and Carpenter Tools of every
variety and of the best quality, and everything
else usually found in a concern of the kitn
and at prices to suit the times.
Weston Mo. ltf.
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