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Squatter sovereign. [volume] (Atchison, Kan. Terr.) 1855-1858, January 13, 1857, Image 1

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' n
TICS, ffi
4 rn AtchW
riC qufScr claims ,hc tine'Sovevelpa'y in ,Territos'ics j!jurthc possessed Jii the siaics's?.
fstor.al rvi...
VOL. 2-
NO.. 37,
& COlltinn,.
rent, cr.i.. I
wait Vrtk
i.. 'I'.
in Kant?.
Lecomnton. Iv,
?-n t! (res Jt:r.
he Lan.J fire
f may ,e roiMtii at
Parkvife, '
rlors at L.avr
building, corntr
il! attend tn trj
OiTicc atDof.i.
S of th Pr-mp-to
i intrusted U h'.i
W. MAKtJl,
Will ctieud to
itrust.l to them.
D Hhanan. and
y. it.
, T. .,
V7 in the District
frv, the Probata
onifihan t?om:tin,
iiuau an.) riatt
L A W,
IKstriot Cout.
i?.is, t.l Piob;
iipha.r, coimtif ,
anan and Plattt
of fll P;-mp.
nske out and li!e
laratorv sta!-
st-it.'er, where h
at Pr-i.if.t:04
'"S'.on, Mo.
aton, Mo.
ion in the couc-
lan and Leaven-
and Ihuhanan,
-me Conrts at
pton, K. T.
if sa at either cr
son, and letter
t, will receive
3 9.
pened lor pror
i3as,ciijbracii:S n ai. othce ai
will constantly
the land office
rly as possible
tiotis, and pie-
ary Public?,
vanoi; roiui
to collecting
id bounty lan
rr.ption Ia 3 of
po:niei xoi
on sea to p,c
re-omrdors on
h thetn in per-
r desired. i
wlfdgments of
experience in
jrm its dutui
er. rsa., Chi-
Cincinnati, .;
. Kr.; Jas
John J I. Hal
?rkin, LeT"
to all bnsin
chison and a
, 1855 iy
c. r. mv
profession a
CourU ot
fis Squatter Sovereign.
Publication 0u'u'- on 2 J Vccf.
TrM3 : Two doMars f,nr annuth, Invariably,
in a-Wancf. Single copies 5 cents, twelve cop
iM for .fifty cesit.
T Cct-'B : Flva copies will be snnt toone
, Wres Cor Jl ma to one Mr for
f i:v i.o oif; au t.-o-.s for &2.- Vo.iy to one
for $tf'0. fr.variaWy is AitVAsrc.
rg- yfvt.ey may be sent by mail, at the risk
,!!... Eat lot.
f"?" Postiaasters arc req.ies''.ed to act a3 cur
For o-.e Fquaro. ten lines or less -SI '
Oitf S'j'i.iro, tiirfC
six monitj
twelve ta-.Mith1
Tiraiares, thrc ir-o -th-j
six ;;ioi,tli3
' twelv" jn.'ri'!:3
Pr.a quirter of a co'utun, Ujrue.moi.t ha
" " sit rnouthn
. " " twelve nnr.'.bs
C;e lis!f of a cohimn, three months
u " . " . , six !ai:!.UiS
" " Iwe'vemontiia..
On column, thrr-e mr.nt!is..
4i six i!ion''.is
. 4 iui
. 7 (;
10 tK'
.(! 0?
J;) (iO
l: ci)
:r o
4 J li:
twelva .mii;:th ...tiU K-.i
Buinenn cards, eiht !ino or Icsa, I yoar.5 ()-!
" 4 six tnr.ths '1 :t
" " ' f j:.-e moulUs 2 Of;
Anrio-iu'clnc: - Car. Hd for offr?, hi
t'.i ..if p, $3. If tii4i'tftj ori a credit,' candidates'
wi?' b cli;ira:l eirLt doJi-dfs.
Co:n-:i inicatirns of a prs-na! nnt tr?,
fr at Ui a r:it of .$'i,i or s.trs, and pay-
A!lverti3:nnt not mrkt o?t.t? copj' i
tiu:ti until onieied ii-d, cud pnyia'eitl exacted
iccar.i;n!y. '
f" Alt ndv-rtisoments Tnut h paid for in
i.: t'tc, or a1: Uo expii t'iun of Umn inoi
AM !U.'r3 ad(r'"d to the E.iitJrs
PMst lie POST PAID, ?;) rfteiv attention.
The Law of ITew-spapers.
1. S'ibsciibcra who
d: not piva exprnss r.o-
t to the contra: y cc co.(si-t.rea as wis.t
nr to eout'nu iii-dr ludwcinliou.
2. If s'i'rfsci i!.c-r. or.i. r the tJi.-on'.h:iance. cf
('. p-?i ij.!ic;:ii. lh? f -'h'.: ;h-r 'msy ..rf?;itfjiiJe
Vs-.vl them a" arrftsraes t:r p.itd.
V li' siiihsd-th-.-i K-cct or rcf:? to take
t.v.-; priodh-ala from tha olfice to which th-y
-rfi.-r-red, they are held rosponibii', till ttf-;y
I.w S,-dcd lh biii ad oideied th?ia di3:o;i-
1 i i o-iKayri'iorfl r.n!nvi to o(h.r'r'ace3 with-
a i:.;'y -nii!'.; th.s ptihU.r, and lh- pujfi are
i r.t to dm farmer directum, thoy are held ro3-
Em Cnrt bate dccidl that ryfi:?:?) to
p'riodi-rils from thu omce. or rc.no .hijc
ain t.'.!n u:ica!?d for, is primu l'cia
i:i'; !' iiilntiooa fraud.
Ik 8 jet's Column
Pivia th" N :w York Daily otw?
Y r:i liAi'S.
S .f: a:;d choe; inz to th-3 lW.ro
As ihc i
I'a'lir. in ih su:iiia.-;'3 showor.
N'er til; p!:iin,
Ihos a! this f."ir, erasing hour
O.i rrv b a!n ;
liui swi'i thought oS soothing powor,
Give no p:im.
0 t cold Li-ir.c? it may dissever
rriviidfiiip" chain;
1 ji? you m:iv V'U;- best e udeufor,
ic'er r.iiii
V ; : 1 the link ;tue oh, ncer !
U-nt i;i t wain.
A s love, wedded ih irt Ug'-taor,
Ci e no pjl'i.
'peak not harsh to thy f. ail brother
S-i!ik in shs'.i ;
Tik to hi ni an vo.uld thy mother, t
Thiuo tiiti a '-a in j
Hitter fee!h;s pray thee amo'ar,
Thep a: vain ; -Lov
recluims no power other
Cite ho 'pain. '' '
Iost thou nxet a fallen daughter,
' i ie!l disdain ; " ..
id ;u:s to this tn-iy hat c brouU-her ,
, To hr bham?.
Once sha was ai pare as water
On ths main. . .
Kre falao man with fias? vows 3oghther j
Gi e no paia. ,
Pi-actico in this kindly feelinj,
And thv njiin
Shall be hvm'il by a jjels kneeling
liotind Cod's fine.
Xt)tr, taeihinks. 1 bear than ptclinj
A ci.d 3Lrni:i,
Tor earth's hoi n, whods voice of hcalins:
Cute no pain, i
; -
ADIItOB. . ? ,
beautiful gem cf poetry, from a inind of
'j'lt pearls, is the following. rha appreci-
c n aJer can almost hear ir. music ripples
"'getttly fiows in hirmony with the most
Vr,fd sentiments of th- human Leart:
Sftly !.- '-; ' " ; t ' "
oh isl,in ., . . ; . ' s ; r
Wrb Lorlis aoartJ -
i sifUy i - - - '
' She is"i!yin . - , : . .:.
Of a broken heart.
-Site !3,iaS :
t Ikt iujai rest. ,
' 'Vbi.p?r! t;: '. " "
Llfu is rovvin I - ; , ." . .
K.ta wiLhla her L.-east."
Contlvl ' -" - '
is sieenm? :
cai h is b.-emhetl her last.
U -'Jitly J
' sS. f 14 'on are weeping,
en has pass.'d-
- H tvery one can be a poet,
t J. ao,a a sheip can bs a pt-'iC
Tl3 Injarel Husband tlireatens Flcj
gin3 aci Eiagl'ter, but eenrmtaj
fcr 3000.; ' V '
Certain erents transpired in this city
Wedui-Suay night, which illustrates, in a
strikiiig manner, the unticertaiutics of mai
riiiiouiai lift? anJ the checkered nature of
.umaa tlTair in gtrncral.
-About a year apjo, a weU-kactva New
pu' !is,her, in tiu prime of life, married a
ay and .fascinating ycung lady iu the city
cf liikimore. -Ttie happy couple circula
tid freely smong the fashioiiaLlo rt-soits
during the Iat sunaner, und soine time in
the fall tool: up their aLode in the city o
Lo;ve!h During their perigrin iiions they
met tereral times a weahhy L'altisnore
rnerchaiit, somewhat ripened and liVtllnw
ed hy ug'e, who vas an o'i acquamtniice
of the Lride. They met Lira at Saratoga,
juci-.lenta'h' ; they met hitn, accidentally,
at New Yoih; they met him, accidentally,
it Washington ; aaJ. at last, he happened
accideiitaliy, cf course to visit Lowell.
Here the Baltimore merchant phiyed the
Rgrcentle to l is old friend the laJy, and
hi new friend, her husband. It happened
oae. tvei ing, a week or ten days ago, that
these three and a sister of the lady in ques
tion made n party together "at a f.ishiona
Ue saloon, where they partook cf supper
or ivfi eshmenta
fi eshmenta. Thtf huahnnd proposed
thdt all the party should accompany the
ounr? iaar to tier notne, wnien - was at
some, d
istance. : : lib wife, however; was
r j too much fatigued to walk so far. preferring
to rem'tin in the saloon, till htr husland
cksnU carry his eUier-in-lavr horu and
return to her. Of course the Baltimore
merchant remained to beguile the tedious
moments of the husband's absence, and
iih;s, before he returned a plan had been
farmed for the elopement of the yarties.
KnonjrJi of the conversation between the
lady and her Eaitimore friend was over
heard by a gentl-miian in an adjoining
shore to arouse his suspicions, and he ac
cordingiy sent an anonymous letter the
next day to the husband to put him on his
guard against the gay Lothario who was
about to deprive 'him of his better half.
The hu -baud rubbed the bro-.vs that wore
about to be cornuted, and kept his eye
peeled for breakers. In the meantime the
Baltimore 'renllemen had ccmo to this
On Wednesday morning he examined
his wife's portfolio, and found upon her
IL'.ter (why didn't she use sand ?) an im
pression of a telegraphic dispatch, in which
ihr iijfprr.a d her lover that she would meet
him in this city at 3 o'clock, P. 31. Here
was a ecn'irmuiioa of the anonymous epis
tle whose myMeriou3 sentences he could
h.rd!y fathom and scarcely believe, and
he i-j;jk measures at mar the plot against
hi honor ane peace of mind.
.Accordingly,' he informed his wife that
he was. going immediately Down East, but
started directly to Boston. When the hour
for the arrital cf the. three o'clock train
ppioached, he repaired to the Lowell de
pot. lie soon observed an elegant carriage
driven to the depot as if to receive some
body, but he looked in vain for the destroy
er uf his domestic felicity. When the
train arrived, hi wife made her appear
ance, and directly her lover darted from
an obscure corner, seized her hand and
placed her in the aforesaid carriuge. The
husband jumped into another carriage and
pursued the parties to the American House,
where he 5oon after had the satisfaction of
finding their names recorded on the books
as "P. CaroU and lady, New York, room
3'di. , '
Here were the flighty birds fairly caged
ami the injured, husband knew Li fate.
He uitmcdiuu-Iy made tracks for'a lawyer
to whom he had a letter . of introduction,
and laid the case before him. The lawyer
advised the immediate interference of the
police to prevent the guilty pair Irom con
summating their illicit purposes, but the
husband objected. '4 Wait till night," said
he, " aud arrest them in flagrante ddicfo ;
then 1 can gel a dirorcs from the perjured
creature." The " lawyer,' not ' wishing.-to
balk a divorce case, assented, end went to
hear Meagher's lecture, having previously
prepared a writ to commence an action for
dmnges in the sum of one Iiundred thou
e and dcilars. ' -'": "
- Toward midnight, the deputy sheriff, to
whom the writ had , been committed for
service, found the aforesaid lawyer, and
the twain looked up "their client. , It ap
pears that the injured man . had worked
himself up to a terrible pitch of excite
ment, and they found him with a revolver,
a. sword-cape and a horse-whip, and breath
ing out threatening and slaughter, lie
was disarmed and bis tools locked up in
the sheriflT's oSce, after which the party
proceeded to the American House; TS:e
clerk of the establishment conducted them
to the room where the guilty par were re
posing in each other's arms. The clerk
rapped at the door, " Who calls ?" cried
the Lclhario. ; The clerk please step
to the door." He did so, and opened it
slightly, being in disabille. " That's he,"
exclaimed the husband furiously, and he
straightway pullrd off his coat, jvhile Uhe
gentlemau inside was putting on his paut?.'
His impetuosity, however, was restrained
by Lis lawyer .and the sheriff, and he put
hii coat on ngaia. . ' -: '
The party entered the room ; and the
gentleman from Eakimare was madtj pris
oner. He wag a3 cool and imperturable as
if nothing !ad happened. The lovely sin
iier in the led buried her blus"king, prettj
face, in the bed covering. i' . r '
: The lawyer demanded to see her coun
tenance in Older that she might be identi
lii-d for leff.il rurro.-es. lier face was un
covered, but she .kept her eyes closed.
Open your ej-e?. It! ary ."said tiie hus
band. I can't, John," was her reply.
He brought her face in view of the lawyer
and sheriff, and .forced her pretty eyes
open. 5 : '
: The party tt.cn proceeded to the sher
iffs' oltice and a tiegotiation was set on
foot. The IkJtiinore gentleman koca be
g;m to be very anxious to seille .lh afiair
and agreed to pay down five thousand dol
lars. : The lawyer seems to have had some
conscience, for ho advised him to get legal
advice, end wait for. the next morning in
order to get a proper understanding of his
true position. He persisted, however, in
demanding an immediate settlement, and
the lawyer made his proposition known to
the husband. The gentleman declared, M
first, that not a cent less that S1G0.0C0
would appease him, and immediately af
terwards lowered his demand to S-25..0L0.
He soon relented still furtber, aud agreed
to sign n discharge in full for the turn of
$5,000 the Baltimore gentleman stipula
ting with great pjiticuliirity . that the wo
man should not be thrown upon him, as he
should feel it) honor bound to support her
if her husband should cast her., oif. The
husband assumed the responsibility of the
matter and the documents . were duly exe
cuted, and five thousand dollars paid down
iu cash and securities.
The injured man pocketed the salve for
his wounded honor, and went to the Amer
ican lloseu with his lawyer. That gen-
ileman thought best to reconcile the par
ties, and he obtained an interview with li:e
lady to give her some good advice. He
believed that she need training,aud as his
name is Trranor it must be supposed that
he was just the hian io train her. 'A for
some conversation with the lady, Mr. T.
called in the kuland who had been so
deeply injured and-so promptly Lcaled.
The scene was a rich erne.
The still indignant husband paced the
apartment. Aiary, said he, " will you
look me in the face?"
" I cannot, John," was her reply.
" Mary, look up to me !"
I cannot, John!" and she kept her
face covered with her hands.
The lawyer exhorted them to become
reconciled with tach other, and quoted the
the text which our Saviour wrote" upon the
ss-md "Let him that is without sin cast
the first stone." Said Mr. Tto the hus
band, " your wife boa been guilty of aa
slight indiscretion, hut she is young -and
beautiful, and you must forgive her." -.
' Bui she dnt ask me to forgive her !7
Yes, John, I acknowledge I Lave com
mitted a slight iudiscreliun."
' Slight indiscretion ? Slight ! Mary ?
Good Heaven, what do you call a great
indiscretion? ; 1 -
Well, John, you may call il as great
as you like I acknowledge it all, and Leg
you r. forgiveness." f. -' i ;
Are you sorry for wli3,t you hare done,
Marv ?" ","--' " '
; ".Yes, John."'' -& ;';;c ;
t ' .Are -you sorry from the bottom of your
Ler.rt?" (A long pause.) "I am, Johu."
. Then come to my arms, exclaimed
the husband, seizing her petite form and
lifting her up !.ke a child. - He then inti
mated to-his lawyer that he was at liberty
to go and occupy Lis room at the Broom
field house, as it tras past three o'clock,
A. M. IN'ot without you, sir," was the
reply, and the legaLgcmlamaa : tore Lis
client from the handsome wife, not, Low
ever, until they Lad made arrangements to
breakfast together. , .
; Thus Glided the romancej in real life,
which shows how fiaifty is sometimes al
lied .to beauty, and how far .J five thous
and" will go towards' healing 'a deadly
wound upon husband's Lonor. Dost on
Herald. - . - ,
'is -i From the !"evr- YorTr DaV Hook. '
.... rJ..i TEE SOUTH. '(
The Evening Post and . .Tribune are in first and jast now and? Jorv ver a Mam : tRougsi it is at tbe exp-nse oi an o:d and ! wi.at the woid focus ' meaht, t.e ct;ru!ied
ecstacts "over the attempted insurreetion of "Oa of. this divine tmlitv shall come a just ; valued friend cf our?, we Cannot resist the j the diction!', end found thit focus- was
a few deluded negroes iustiate'd by north- opid conipeitsatory,; I;V. : Vee:iom -iisti",uc':cal'on to "eeP tt oa its iravi-'s : i the place wh.Ve the rays ftiee-t.-' Viiilc?
ern ubolitionists in Kentucky.anJ exclaini triumpa-n Tlie ininacies of- the sdav j ' II na? a f?w days after the election, playing on Lis father'iache anh&unc-
with exultation'let the Soutli bpvare let must .bsti icken off. ' : WlietLcrlLiV future an1 lJews was pvjring in of Van IJuren that he knew the , ni?smnff of- ont hard
them look and see1 what . they are, t;cm4 Iw o liberation cpmesith love or hate;'! defeats-" on ail side?. Mr.; WortLingro.a, j word. -His father asked hiaftrLat h wa
in? to J ' " V."".V " . " i
Without" going into the caus- or Jrsto
ryftf this iik-iiriection," wTiuJn ljp'rbtttyt
nothing more -than the; explosion of some
I damnable plot of ni few abolitionists and
vHlsinoua mulattoes Who wish" to satiate
their rever.gtf and hatrt d to the South, we;
would simply ask the editors of the Trib-'
and and Poit how their political doctrines
if carried out, would reiliedy' the' evils
which they 6a y the South suffer ? The
i'iack Republicans say they would confine
slavvry to its present limits it should not
be "extended that the powers of the gen
eral government should ' be exercised to
keep it within its 'present bounds and tt;at
such were the principles and policy of the
fathers of toe Republic, Washington, Jef
ferson and others. " - ' '
Kow, it so happens that, in George
Washington's time, slavery existed only in
Georgia, South and North Carclinaj Vir
ginia, Maryland and the' Northern 'Stales.
If he and Jefferson and ether fathers of
the Republic, had been opposed to its ex
tensian, they vvcu'd Lave' confined it to
those States and the 'four'" millions of
slaves now in the Union vroold all be Jfu
the five above named States. Were' such
the case to-day were Alabama, Florida,
Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas,
Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky free
Stales (which they would hare been- had
Washington and JefiVrson been suc'i men
as Fremont and Seward,) and the four mil
lions of negroes, now scattered over all
that vast territory penned up in the South
eastern Stfttes, close, CGmr.acu;.dtveUui
thickly together, aa insurrection would be
more than probable", the result of which
would be the annihilation of the black
The post says that it is strange the
South cannot see whence they are driving
and cease there efforts to extend thid dan
gerous institution into other territory.
V ery Strang., isn't it? Strange, indeed.
that they cau't see that to scatter these ne
groes would increase the danger of a re
volt, whilst to pen them up would prevent
discontent and insurrection? What would
the post think of the captain of a vessel
with a mutinous crew, who would 'refuse
to divide his tacn and put three or four on
board of half a'dozeu different vessels, on
the ground that they would endanger all
the ships, whilst keeping them together
would save all '
We are reasoning now on the Post's
supposition that a negro is a white man,
and would revolt without a white mans in
stigation and assistance- a thing as mor
ally impossible as for .the. woman of Kmv
England or the apprentices of New York to
revolt.murdtr their husbands and masters.
Hut the Posts arguments are simply ridic
ulous not sdthe Tribune's Its reasonings,if
the following paragraph will bear the name
arc the ravings of a traitor a deep black
hearted scoundrel; one whose neck de
serves the halter as richly as ever villain's
or traitor's Lead descrred decapitation:
" The South must learn that people who
live upon the edge of a yolcanoc are lia
ble at any moment to be overwhelmed with
its eruptions, But instead of seekisg safe
ly j lhy" invite danger, , They , ak . for
more territory to be subject to the taskmas
ter and his cruelties, to the slave and Lis
insurrections. rThey should be taught bet
ter. Although they may hve Leleived in
tbe sweet assurance of on Everett, that no
cause would so readily enlist him as a sol
dier as one to put , down a slave insure
rection and that Everett spoke for the
whole North." -' .". , r ;
- ' r: -
' ; It is "possible to Uick th patient
man too. Lard. ; Let th South,'!with Ler1
growing insurrections look to it." There
is danger akad, as shor as hitory: 1ms
spoken and left words of suppressed Earn
ing. : TLese l3t suppressed insarrections
grwont of the discussions on Kansas.
Light will penetrate. -Will these discus
soins etas ? " No. . They" will fill 1 the
public journals They will ,bt the aaaiu
topics in the news pa pers and oa the stump,
in lue public councils and private conversa
tions, through the. thirty-one States. Can
all this wntiiicg, all this printing, all this
speaking go on aod,lLe slave noi catch up
what is going cn f You may "make laws
defining him as chattel personal -you
may assert that Lis - master Las the same
right cvr him that he Las oxer Lis ether
animals but these avail only to show tbatT A' coon ok e. The PHila Jelpt; iaTi mes
man errs and laws' lie. , The, slave ris jiefh'"3 kc following good story. ; We do not
a ii-.ttiiti iiiai meieiy an uui.nai. iie 19
.with' peace or war, witji civifizedl softness
6JilT9if'?ruBSSf'iM -svfr'.tb South
IxTVle.nuine'v -v'l ' . t.;...' .' '' ' ' - -:
Tiiere, gentlemen of the Smith, what do
you think ct ' that ? 1 Gentlemen cf llie
Noith aim of New "'York wb'at, th;nk
you of it ? . Do you desire such; freedom
as that?;.. Do you desire jour muils to car
ry such documents into the heart of ii'g.'b
communities, and your- postofHce to dis
tribute them? What if all the- northern
papers were Tribunes ? how Jong would
your Union stand ? D.t you suppose the
southern people will permit such publica
lions to come among their negroes ? Would
you, were you aii inhabitant" of a slave
State No,; indeed. Then wonder not
that the editor of the Tribune is indicted
in;Virginin, and that .postmasters in the
South refuse to be agents , for distributing
his incendiary appeals to ihe blacks.
Wonder not vthat tuey hold ; indignation
meetings and exp e3 a determination to
hang all such instigators of insurrection.
Their safety, and, the, -.safety '... of tiieir
families the r, loving , Avife- aud innoeent
child, whose, Lleeding and .mangled forms
mny any day and any night, if such pa
pers are allowed to circulate among -'their
negroes, be found in the smouldering ruins
of their dwelling: demand sucn a, course.
Eternal vigilance is their only safety, md
just .in proportion to the number of Trib
unes which you permit to go out from your ) L
midst, and just in proportion to the ener
gies of their fanatical and villainous edi
tors, so will the vigilance of the southern
fathers, husd,a lids and brothers Lp increas
ed. And when the time comes (if ever it
does come) when the North is filled with
Tribunes and the majority of. the people
are Greeley's and Dana's "and Eeethcr's
and Garrison's, then will your mail routes
to the South be entirely closed ; your com
merce with your neighbors and brethren
of the slave Slates cut off, and all friendly
intercourse 'will cease:'. . I
Reason and common sense tean us. or j
cnght to teach ua, that the South w ill du j
whatever it is necessary for its reave and
saieiy, ana n we go on increasing its Uan -
ger, it will iuerVa.se. its efforts and vigil-
anee.- A step fartber,aid the strong n.en
r . i r ' ' ' ' - i
ol the bouth will Co whatever it is neces- ;
sary aye, gentlemen, it trnV ie.necrssary
to siop your mails, to , cut off commerce
anu an communication, to semi me neino
of Maryland and northern Virginia to the
South, to csmblish a line of military; posts'
and all t.he pa raphe rn'aha and -sruardians
of hostile borders, and sa,y to ua, " thus uu J
tiialt thou coBie, and no farther !" Ti.ey j
will make a belt of trio hundred miles cf
fi ee but hostile and barren territory be-
tween them and us, over which it will be
certain death for a nesrooran abolitionist
to attempt to travel. The time when this
necessity will'exist seems lobe rapidly ap
proaching, and when the .Greeleys.of the
North bring it upon us, farewell to ; our
prosperity, cur happiness, cur peace and to
our Republicanism, for then will our infu
riated populace starving' Li! ore rs seize
upon the sinkers bf? t'lTtir calamities and
hang them as high as Human. . . .
FfiEAXS Or THE I X3A NE. Old Dj. Riish.
of Philadelphia, used to relate a singular
case" of monomania in n patient in tbe
Philadelphia '-hospital.'"'.' He took it into ht3
Lead that bewas a painter, and resolutely
refused for a long time, tiiough possessing
fine .organs of speech, lo utter a word.
The doctor one day entered his apartment
and found L:in sketching on a slip cl pa
per a really Lea'utifal rose ; for he Lad by
long.prajctice -acquired much skill io tbe
art, and was very proud of the accomplish
ment ' ' 55--. r:'
" J One t?ay a thduglit struck DrR'u3li that
LTe .would surprise,' him into Lis voice by
dispraising Lis labors sod Le- resolved to
try. ' I - --'-!- l,m '
" You are painting a very bandsosne
cabbage there, my friend," Le observed io
die maniac..- ... ?- -- . : ... ' .
' "Cabbage! good gracious, o!J gentle
man ! doeslhat look like a cabbage ? wby.
sir, you're a fool.! Thai's a rose, and ii is
a goo J one, too V "
It was not long be for the patient was
well His train of thought was brcken,
and be returned Lome.-' . - " -' -
- Stsat mot. There Is no adhesire
label like a knickr tame.
. " ' '"--- ,Jl-' J ' " iiu
lite Tather Teni-rable 'editor of the Co! u m-
bi-Sj-'Miss'-iODemoira't; was amour tho
wlfo was terribly. a'anoyt-J by Job's coin-
j ionvrs.' ' ilf Vki'a some what deaf and rather
irritable: In passing along the streets a n
acquaintance ; saluted him,' anJ 1 inquired
kindly, ,r How is your family, Mr. Vorlh
ington ? ' Vvrorl!iington supposing that the
inquiry related to the political ne w s of the
day, responded, " AH gone to h U, sir
all "one to h il!"-
PiicraitiNu roK keu ssidai.. A Lon
don paper say?: "The Liidal-arrangements,
the magnificent trosseau ; of, the
bride, Si., in view , of the approaching
inarn'age of the princess royal cf England.,
al Ileriin, attract so much attention, th.rt
hundreds are actually going from London
to visit them. There are six rooms filled
with feiiks, satins, ribbons, velvets, co.uiy
lace, artificial fiowers, equisite embroider
ies,' in gold and silver, bonnets, capes,
gowns, gloves, body and table linen, tha
mouds Bird jewelry, tbawls, mantles, and
requirements ci every c
and inaterj.il. . Tiiiity persons Lave
months oa
the ' embroidery, and o.-;e hundred and
twenty needle-women have worked on the
different articles.
inisu BLUXDra. A key bciougmc to
a well kntwn bank, having teen lo.-t, the
aim ointi-ii sent tne Aris;i citv crter to cry J
its bss, and afrer telling that " tie key!
was between Mr. i'plteriOn' and the bank, i
about i.ine o.lJ:i ti.i? morning, gave
him the injunction not to be! ray what kev
it was. The. faithful crier, having rune
h;s Ih.11 with unusual force, at the corner
of the street, made Lno.vn ti.e Joss a 1-
"Lost, Utwcea Mr. Patkerson's ' and
nine o'clock in tle inorcing. a large kay ;
an I'm not amhorised to ttli what Lay it
wa3, cos its; the k.iv to tht !:ink !"
j can t pay it.
j: fi!'," said the 'tailor, " I lock you fjr
! a man that Wotil J, l "sorry, but if yo ' iv
sorrier than" I am, 111 quit."
. A r.oon siove. Some 'members of tbr
North- Carolina' Lrcisfa'ure inirousiced a
lr'SUIUl,oa UiH OUur M ve-JtAieigi.
j "'fO to- some place where the moon
j :il,tlv-' ' -
; ty A biy with a .Hmdied lace" and
cart luicied ' nose, ronsu-'ing Dr. Cheyne,
clihm d " Wlu re in ti c . r.aineof wn-
Ider, "' doctor, "d-d
j Out of the di
decanter."' replied t!ie"do.Mor.
If you would inert a?f the sizran-l
prooiinenc of your eyes just keep an
account of the money sent foolishly, and
add it up ai thv end "cf the qu irter.
, The heart cf a woman is said to
!e like a 'mirror, receiving an imjressicn
fro a 'every" b1 k-ct. but retaining noj;e..
-. -t -Ii t . ' . ' ' '
: 3Tl Ti.e scheme of. srq plying cur
v.:-.ts by lopping cfl oar desires, like
cutting c-fi ;nr fe t wheii'we want shoes.
i .f3'- l'uncb says thai monstroa tyrant.
Ileiwy. tl Eijrth, was-sa lit!e prone ti
shdiy-shsil.'y, that Ls married - Li3 wives
first, and ' used" Diem afterwards. -
iTs Before you commit-suicide take
an emetic. ' What yoa take for tfespair,
may only be a couple of f ig's feet. Try
it cn.
7 Y2i" t- IIcv.- i3 your husband this : after
noon', M rs." Squiggs t Vt'by tLe'doctof
says s'Lotv as if Le lives till morning, be
shall Lave some Lopes of Lira ; bul'if Le
don'trl.e sliall rive Lim nn." -
' fOAn IriAmaoTtib-dbov: jhiV. large
familj- bible, ad taking il borne, made his
first' entrj m il thns: " Patrick (JDrno
Lue -born Sept. 20m, lboG, r.gcd tt.ree
yeais."", " .
.tf3 Ptay. caa you teiiiiie, hsped on
an exquisite, " why 1 always pause fter
the first sylable-uf cupiu ? It wbrcarsel
always Lke to' op- when I com to se c
you."' '
T3T He who Las iearnri! tiibey, will
ka-a Low to cormxaad. .
V' coa "" 'V TGT " Would it were "lawful to marry ;
A soaar .a Thev ell a Very ,bout iW f'V1 n
a ynt la e tailor du'uni: a man Jor.tl - i yiiIr luciwlor' 'Mutely lo love with "
!li:ioUnt of I is lill. ' The man replied": :r"jco f 'r:. ; I ' ' ; ,
"I rmi s0r:v, very s-irrv in lt ed that I " 1 ry lo ,Vi!!i!" was ih re"
J ":&&m A little loy'"ld seh I h h&tf.t
j playing Svitirtufnicgfi 1170 n
j mm tuiii act'Ui lie i OvUS, aisu not lit
He said the word fuciis.
mean : :; -, y l '.v V
" It means place where ihev raise
fbls. of course, ra'ised a. Ijugh,"but7ke
stuck to Lis po:n, and prtxlutvd his dic
tionary to prove be v.ns right. :TLvreJ"
said he, iriump! antly, !-'o?us a -place
where the rays meet; Hags are ir eat,
an I if ihrv' rays meet, they raise Logs.
So I am right, "'niu't I, mot Tier "?"
Pa it it y cri(Aso.isG.- Lately
ct a
disiritutioa of j-rlzf-s in a German iis!a-e.
a l.'l.e girl seven years, old, whosf pr.rei's
ju?t been turi.ed out of their : Jod"i;..,
caue.thry had failed to pay their rent,
was asked by the lector: , , . ;
, "Have you studied tacred Lisiory, my
child?" ... . j
Yes, sir." . . ,
" b-o you know the history of the cre
ation ?"
. "1 know that God madj all.".-.
-.V !ty were .dam aud Eve .turned out
Paradise!',- .. . . . . .. ,
The child Lesitatt d a. moment a d ihen
hxiug her eyes on thv examine:, rrj lied
" Pro! -a My ihry were tinned out tecaose
iiiey could not .pay iheir rent!" : . .! ..J
Eel Vfch
gnl o.,
by her ii
en v ing Lrr
aster a? to
dace was aceo;lti
her reason for u-aviii''. 1
- - , - 1
" Miftrts.' is so quick tendered that I
cannct live with her." said the -hi.
" Vf e Jl," s iid the gentleman," you know
it is no sooner begun than it is over V .
" les, sir, and no sooner over than it is
b?uti again."
. T-J; An IjoneE Dt!;!.rr:an being ask
ed how often i.o shaved, m phed: Drew
dimes a reck every t.:y but Syonday 't'en
f shave t trry t:y." . - -
mark of a surly old Lacl.elor.
fV A Vcyii "editor puts rm the
door of bis sanctum " Lady visitors are
requested 'to ga to'th? devil wd.en they
wiaa to obtain to i jl?rviev -with tlio ed
itor." . ,..
sis thn
The reu;atj..'ii of a man- h like
'ow g.;nis" wLfh it I recede J
h:m. and pigmy iu its propor ions uLeu it
Pu;n:h says tii.tt when our greitt
parbamcntiry orato.i ravi' for hears about
:iU "' of.cuu.it, they inei;n their love
el lu.ii). . - . - . . r
i,vi iu a country
the following: A uu-
i.evtspnper appears
iler vf deaths ima-
voi -LibJy pes pned. Let us Lop that the
poitponetm j.t wii! he a4ong cnoj . : i V I -.
rZ?, The .'poor nhii with industry, is"
happier itja the rich man in idleness ; for T
!i;or makes the .'one more manly, and
fiCllfSf' CllfnSlia'tr.e titb'f r. ' ." '
v-'w - Apariitd an exiei:siv nature.-jt i
to be l iid tint iu Pt lerslurg. ; French ar; ':
tibials n re ut Perorate ir, and lay cut the
T he 10a J ambiuoa .traveU is tco
narrow; lor friendship, loo crooked lor loveT ;
loo rugged for L-mefcty, tad too dark for
science. ; s ... : ... .)r
.Sieoc i.a:i; -To ee a Leiiiiding- s,;l.o" .
Misr afraid cf a cow, notwubstnnding she
did all thenu'Jking to Lun" a few nionths
since: : : "" '" iJ :4---V
rCT". TLe Larii cf. Mr.' Jti& TrrriiLi in
Or;;ge coumy, Va., wiiLa quantity cf
gram, was destroyed l.y fire. mi ihe-itli.- t-
"-rsr Love is bt:n 1, ad Hymen is the
ccctdist' that ' generally manages" to opea
his eves. ;" ' v - - , -
ojz ienijHr:iii dispute.
Ti;e ccol LitmmcT fashions the ltd Lot iron -any
shape reeded, . ? ...... , . --. -
' f j mam . .
tjSTtiebdenleye is often a inore porv- '
erfui conqueror than the noisy tongue. ' "'
; TJj We shoiiid Lv cuutiwUA Uwt to say '
at! thai we know.
.' f3T Axiom for n nti;0!tani cfeditcr.,!
Da r.s you would Le done bv.
- j r
T f
l- ;
I - 3 f
i ; '-.
i i
I: 1
I -

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