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Snoxvillt journal.
C. BARKER. Editor and Proprietor.
%/it* i
tr V K orn'r nf PuMic frjuan,
ov PRICK, Two noll»fe»Mr year,
J,- ...»•• for c-v !»r« «l" «*.
in :si! r-tricily in iulViiiii-?-.
A.M.—Oriental Lode? NO l.RnnXvlll* m«et*
K»e ou "r Nrforc tall jnoon«ich month.
PHBMIfclMkK. J. 6 LVl'LB. W.M.
CHAPTER. NO 18. A Ktiox*:lle,
«.t« Mf'O. K»» "n or beforf »vh full cir.on.
CltKNCH. .Ve v. A. 0. WKIHKKKLI,, H. P.
K.—Knox*iil« Ced|t« n»«-et» rvsry l"u*suejr
:»fDlnir Visiting fcrethrrn cordially invited,
nil-ti »Vf') J.T. l'KKSi'H N. 13.
4 TTORKEY AT LAW. KnoxTille, low*,
atMad promptly to all buuduw* entrust-
bis btuli
A. 0- HAYS,
TTORNEY AT LA Wand Notary Public,
Pleasantville, Iowa. Will ai.«o atund
iUetions, and to Buying and belling
INTIST.—Office over Freeland AThomp
on'* Bskery, east side Public Square,
Oifice east side of Public Square, and
lair* over Con well's Hardware Store.
v,' practice ia Marion and adjoining Coun
ts. W±
P111LIC, Newton, Jasper County, Iowa,
*!. i Marion County. 40ti
AT LAW and Notary Pub­
lic. Special atteatinn given to collec
and foreclosing mortgages. Office,
Welch 4 Welch's store, Weyer's Block,
hi xville. Iowa. (Mfltf.
j\ run County, low*. tf.
tion Agents, Winterset, Madison Co.,
SMI0K propose to do ail work in hit
line during the winter in the best
possiiilo manner, and at reduced prices. Set
ting tire, ca*b $1.50, on credit $2 horse
shoeing, new shoes, per span, cash $3, on
credit, $3 50 Betting shoes, per span, cash
$14 (J, ciedit, $160 All jobbing at low rates,
and 15 per cunt, off for cash. bh«pon Kobin'on
street, just east of Public bquure. li ve
him call. iaSTSpricg wagon on hand tor
•ale. (22 tf)
JTradfS, (Etc.
B. Woodruff.
IOWA. CAPITAL $1110,000
Oold, bilver, Government and other
Securities bought and sold. Interest allowed
on time deposits. Special atten'ion given to
Collections. Open from A. M. to 4 P. M.
sicept Sundays.
A. W. Collins, S. L. Collins, J.8. Cunning
ham A. J. Kerr, Jackson Ramny, S. K.
Bellamy, J. Bittenbendef,
Blacksmith Bbop in the building for-,
merly occupied by .1. R. Roberts, just we«t of
the New Hank building, and are prepared to
do all work in their line iu thelert manner
and at fair rates. Will al«o build wagons,
spring wugens and buggies to order. Orders
BRO'S, Manuiacturers and
healers in Monuments and Head
Stones, and Grave-yard Work of every de
scription. Near northwest corner of Publiu
Square, Knoxville. Iowa. tf
in Stoves Tin ware, She I and
Ueavy ware, Reapers, Mowersard
Agricultural Implements generally. Agent
forM. W. Warren's Patent Atmospheric Port
able Soda Fountain.
Officliu brisk bank
building, northwest
comer of the Public
Squar\ K noiville, Iowa.
m. u.itoxt-
at Law, Claim and Real E
taie Agents, Knoxrille, Marlon County,
Will attend to al
1 baslnesn entrusted totheir
eare.in Marion and adjoining Counties. Will
practice in the State and Federal Courts.5,ltf.
A. UNCLES. Piasterer.
and twenty pounds.
1 6 1
Bachelor# ft
A. W. Co
Li. ma, President.
Ci)NHiKUn«k(, Vice Preslieat.
A. J. BBMJOS,Cashier. (S.IS'tf
AND JAMES HA*« opened
Stand, east side
Sqnare, Knoxville. l,2tf
HOLLIDAYA CO. are prep»f*
ed to do all kinda of work iu their line
ou ftiort notice and oa reasenable terms.
GIVE THEM A CALL at their shop
Boftheast corner of Court Qouse Pquar-e,
K%oivi y®. i 43 lyr)
TOUN« would renpectfwllyInform
J* the citizens of M»rion County that he
h»« opened a Cabinet Shop on Robineon
Street, west of the Treuiont Ilouse, up «t»ir»,
In the room formerly occupied by the R'.jn.KU
ctH Office, where he will have on baud all
fcind» of Furniture, and CoRinsof allsites,
•kieh k« wllUell Low for Cash. (tf.)
TOIl!? WEAVliri is prepared to take POB
U tiscti- for Plat-terinx. Laying Brick ana
Hone, Buihlii Cisterns, Flueu, etc. Satis
faction guaranteed. Materials furnished.
Leave orders at residence, Eas^Kaoxville,
e a o e o W e k W e i 7
to all business in hi^t line on rM
'^iiabie termi. Satiffftction guaranteed.
Knoxville, Leave ur'itti at the VotQr oijee
the neatest and m»st substantial
Tinen«r, and on the shortest notice. Terms
AHEAD 113.254.
in 1 H7-i, 232,444. being more
than were sold by any other Company in
*auie time. N"W is the time to get the BeM
mid inost Popular Sewing Machine in the
World. I keep on bant a good snpply of
needle*, attachments, eto. North s:de of
Public Square, Knoxville.
UN DEKs IiNl!D is now prepared
to contract* for all kinds of work
in his line business, su'b a«
Brick and stone I.nylng. Plastering
and Cistern and Flue Building.
All of which 1 propose to do with dispatch,
and in g»"d workmanlike manner. I war
rant satii-l'iK'tion.
MATERIALS furnishe-'. if required and a
CREDIT till Christmas will be given par
ties desire it.
(6 40 ly) H. J. BONIFIELD.
Voluntary and responsible irisan
ity is Gerret Smith's definition of
drunkenness. Gerret has hit it pre
Ohio llfpuhlicaus ttie discussing
the qut itioi*—not when or l»ow
they wili carry the State, but, how
large will
be tlieir mnj rity.
It is said
that there are
fifty thous­
and reserved Republican voters in
Massachusetts, and they propose to
put in an
appearance this
The canvass for woman suffrage In
Michigan has developed the fact that
10,000 women of that State pay
taxes and have no representation.
The Democrats are boasting that
they will just sweep New York
State on election day the Republi
cans have no faith iu such a pr#-Dix
Judge Beck, of the Supreme Court
of Iowa,
has taken
Willie, to Iowa City to attend the
LniversJty. He
old and weighs only tWO hundred
An exchange stat. s that Hoston'has
a merchant who has been in business
forty-seven years and never spent ajorB°
the people won't sell their votes.
E. N. GaUis went to Newton a year
or two ago to buy a Marsh
will sell himself for so small
would land in Washington
representative of this distric
would hang out his shingle emblaz
oned with large letters so that all
might read, For sale."
and (lit Di fno' /dt m//sported its txitlcr
ifK only with the o//•?• went that ut
tonw future litrn the comp'immt xhuuld
be returned.—Ottumwa Democrat.
There, the cat is out of the bag at
last. The Democratic papers are
lighting under the Anti-Monopoly
The Paulc.
thfl Anti-Monop
both the Dixons, Stone, McCormack,! nearly all the time and he must be
Gault, and all the rest of thoaspir-j le remembered tliat.
i same article iu the Democrat, charg- jn
ing hiui with
penny for advertising. Ho began These false statements are made in Dintrict Judge in Marion county for
with a capital of $800, and by strict
attentiou to business and econonoaii- ^avor °fthe Anti-Monop. party and turn." Does he forget that Jasper
cal living has increased it to $803. jitsollicials. A pretense is made that, county has not had the District
m— (money has boen savetl by electing Mr. Judge for a longer period than lli
Jasper county Republicans, and Furis as Treasurer. It fixes his depu-! years, and that every other county in
those of them who are best inform-, ty hire at $210 for this year but it District except Mahaska and
ed as to the political status of that|8iiould be borne in mind that this is Keokuk has a better claim to a turn
county, confidently set down Samp-1 only the first seventy days of the!
son's majority in Gates' horn* coun- year, and that there is time enough
ty at 1,500. Gates was nominated yet after election for further claims to
come in.
because he had more money than
ants together, and was willing to be, »"d Bj.ydston endeavored to Tut^P^o^'JutirV^An
bJed heavily for campaign expenses. derson will beat his home in Wash
But he will find that ho hasn't uio-.a,,d
nev euouL'h to buv an election pui.! costs against the county by sue!ug for
and try to sell the Patrons at the to the old standpoint if the
fclIV 4 MVtwpJM
v W11 v vw
same time, that tlwt very lay he.antis should succeed in electing Mr.!
A -if
leaders to this
county are badly frightened. They
are growing desperate, and rant about
like mad. The aruib of their lighting
sorts of tricks and deceptions to save f-'titu e,
themselves from the inglorious defeat
and utter rout which they now begin
to admit is inevitable. 1'oor fellows,
we almost pity them. They lock up
their ortices and sally forth to their
sliui meetings iu the country ev«ry
afternoon with faces as long as a mile,
woe-begoue as a whangdoodle whose
liibt-boin has just departed for the
laud where the woodbine twineth.
They don't know who to trust any
more, iu consequence of the wholesale
desertion society organized among
their members.
Their organ bristles with false state
ments of all sorts calculated to deceive
its readers and hold as many of them
aence of tfl^eo levies this year.
Our bridge* and school houses are
mostly iijih we have no very expen
nive inftiltotionw to maintain except
our poorhjw-e and county superiu-
u ir i. 11 tendvnt s i\ isn't so far to Iowa
force of a halt-dozen men are stacked
.i a a. ... ,i.„ City as it ifa» several y«are ago: ana
ou the color line, and they rise ut tliei
.. there is a wholesome surplus ot sevw
sound of the long roll every luorulngi ....
thousaml #ollar9 iu the county treaeu
at 3. after having stood guard by re- ZT »*.**« ».»
ry, or ougSt to be. Are the Anti-Mo
liefs through the wakeful email houi&. I ... ... ....
MI ,11 .,II
nops to bacredited with allthese caus
The uneasy fellows are resorting to all v
as possible to the party uutil "extjTbe mei^viho will be deceived by
Tuesday. No falsehood is too vile uj |hem
contemptible for its eoluinns. Just'fw ^|lel
uj)ou the eve of the election, when it'0mniHn
is too late for auy refutation to reach' tigation.
most of its readers, it slanders every
Treasurer the people of the county
have ever elected, by saying that they
of their terms than that claimed and
collected by Maj. Boydston by law
suit for seventy days' work in the
Treasurer's ollice iu the beginuing of
this year. The falsehood is base and
mulicious as to at leust two of the three
Treasurers who have held the olUce
within the past ten years, and in the
absence of proof for the assertion of a
professional falsifier, we may easily
his little boy
faj||y conclude that the third has
also beeu slandered.
seventeen yj'ars^
l(ack8 it with ttKUreH froin tUe
ill UHtice
our own
received $2,24t».o0
aud clerk ilire ia
Treasurer would have saved a
... ,, .. additional pay after having promised away and as the criminal
lticians mav sell a nomination, but i'"* "ia*»«* piomiseu
to do the work of the ofHce for its pay. «»iiie first on the dockot, and
The evidence cannot be refuted that cannot he proceeded with until the
the election of a competent man
er, the price of which was $210. Ho'"hare of the amount paid already for or Wednesday morning. Of course
wanted the dealer to let him have it
for $17-), promising, in return for the| tious and expensive lawsuit. Monday evening, and save thous
retluction, to use his inliuence withj The amount saved in Auditor's sal- ands of dollars to the county—after
his neighbors and tho Patrons ofjary cannot justly be credited to the tho Anti-Monopoly fashion. A
Husbandry to induce them to buy of' Antis. Mr. Robinson's salary was
the same dealer at $210. The Mon-J duced in spite of vigorous protest by two Andersons are elected. But
roe Utruld thinks that If he h'"1
sum.1 w"1 doubtless be raised and need* give us no concern,
iw the js'eyencHch, and thus securing control Democrat, "whose honest heart,
Krore'lo-Unnor wont down, hot!th,,t "uuiUr. of meu will ,,.y le»| «t,all we l.uv« white l«iau»,
the Di'iHOrit fought still under it^ taxes upon this years valuation than1
old Hag. Anti-Monopoly came apace they did last year. For instance,
Benj. Rogers, Indiana township, is
to have paid on last year's
valuation $50.14, and this year on an
Increased valuation he will pay 3y.S0.
Ti.1. for mainl, by
hctth.tHr. Ib«.m p.|.l.l,eavyttx|hiivo
ea of gratitude, as well as
our abuBdnuce of fift—y cent
corn? Wily in the name of Sampson
shouldn'teur taxes be reduced? They
have beeu.atid now the Anti-Monops
are trying to steal the credit of it.
their apt. H-ridge man who
ar^}lOHe who
ajj ttt
have all received far larger amounts make th^JHiiic among the Autis an
for deputy hire during the first years
been on tHe Board of Supervisors for a
number of ^*rs were there yet we
should haW to build a dozen more iron
bridges tl^Kyear to accommodate biuj
and th'nfKiody would expect any
thing el*e|han heavy taxes.
Serioiiil®, there is no other founda
tion for a if this flutter and falsehood
thau the wre prospect of defeat that
threatens, the Antis next Tuesday.
There i« really nothing in the ZAmo-
worthy of an answef.
do not think
Ives, but vote at the
of another without i lives
!ur lines are advancing,
are in a panic. Let us
push^orward. If our voters are
thefolls neit Tuesday we shall
ut, and beat them 600
in the eoAtv. It is our own fault if
we don't it. Bhall we grasp the
victory n^w within our reach, or give
up the chftse? We know what will be
the answer.
Why: Anderson should be elect
ed Judge," is the heading given to
article in this week's Democrat,
In which the editor labors to con-
vince his readers that they should
vote for Anderson, in order that our
Judge Brobst makes the charge, aod terms of District court may com-
done hiln ftllK)
monce on
Monday instead of TUOH-
by the day, us ft result of electing a Judge
county. lie thinks some
y Havw|
to Marion
b^ l©ing: selfish in this mat-
t'.it'/ irw have no4 had the
to make a showing of economy! j2 years, we should now have our
He has a deputy employed
But let'us 8ee h'ow thi8geiflah
ry will work. Of course we must
vot0 f()V An(ll}rH()IWi ftn(1 when
are elected, Judge Anderson
be hero to open court oa Mon-
nwi,r hliril,P^,
county, nearly a hundred
prosecutor arrives, our court could
not be opened until Tuesday evening
bire ami all the costs of a vaa- that would be much better than
groat reform we shall have when the
other leaders of the party that will be a hundred years hence,
FjX' (iov*
of the Board of Suj»ervisors. says the Jackson Clurlon, "never
The claim of the opposition that'
taxes have been reduced under their state," has taken a firm and ear
administration is supremely absurd!
and untrue. Tliat the general levy ocratic movement for tho organisa
tion of whito leagues. He says:
However brought about, the
negro under the forms of the Consti-
This paper was established on the
8th of January, lsw, the anniver
sary of the battle of New Orleans, bas been reduced for this year, Is true,
which was fmijilit under a Demo-j but the antis have had nothing wliat
cratic Administration, by a Demo- ever to do with that consummation,
crat, and by Democratic soldiers w'ith rpjje jjoar(j of Supervisors reduced the tution as it is written has equal
j^ l«vy, and Mr. Lucas, the anti mem-'political aud civil rights with the
proudly^bore the name of Cbpptrhead, *)er probably gave passive consent to'white man. The social question is
during the two succeeding cam-! that which his opposing vote could another matter, and that I would
paigns fought the battles of Demo-j not have prevented. Examples are'undertake to say, no human law ever
cracy and forced its ^enemies to ro-[gjven from the tax books to show
lJr,'vv"» "f Mississippi, a
I,u,H»ti'n which was not fur
stand against thto popular Dem­
last year for building school hounes ..
oiwi I,)nut.»lw^ war onlv large number of whites, from mo
name anu banner this year oruy this year very fortunately escapes ...
rvu .1 tivesand reasons of their own will
with the agreement" that the Re
publican Anti-Monops will return
the compliment next year by taking
up the cudgtil foe Democracy. Do
the Republicans who voted with the
Democrats last £«ir see it now?
that demand. The gentlemen men
tioned in Summit townsaj^ p.nid his-t
year a special levy of 1~ mills on thej
or do they wsofc further proof and| tiie reductions are due mainly to spe-j ities where tho whites predominate,
admission^ i cial locallevies last year aud the ab-! to get up white leagues. But what
ever can regulate. But to the
and if so, wha« then? It seems to
me, that we shall in retaliation, have
black leagues. Then what? Tl#»
two races are brought face to face.
Will in such contest all tho whites
Ktan(j (a one an( ajj tj,e
Ule ot|„.r?
Notat.it of U. We
side with tho blacks. What has
been done once, we have reason to
dollar to liquidate a heavy court judge-j »ay be done again. It may
meutrftgainst their District. The otb-i well enough, taking a purely Heif
er cases giveu are exceptional, and Iwh view of the subject for eomruufi-
becomes of communities where the
black element prevuils? Does it
take a man very deeply learned in
laws of human nature to understand
that if tho whites, where they are iu
the majority, cotnbiue to take pos
session of the Government, the
blacks where they are in majority,
will combine for a like purpose?
This sort of combination points to
but one end, and that is a war of ra
ces, in which it cannot be doubtful
who would come off conquerors.
But who wants such a contest?
There is a mutual dependency be
tween tho races, which once recog
nized in good faith, must lead to
hapy results. But ignored, no man
not endowed with supernatural gifts
can pretend to tell the consequen
JUfcU-Motiopoly Reform.
Mr. Yetter, Republican, Co.
Sup't received in 1871 $217 20
Mr. Ridenour. in 1872 58G 50
Mr. Mershou, iu eight month*,
1874 620 95
Am't of salary received by
Jo». Brobst, for
For clerk hire paid out of
county funds to Geo. Kruck 30 00
To ('. B. Bovdston 117 00
To J« Brobst 212 00
Total $1969 00
PrW B. Boydston out of
my salary for making tax
Iwioks $ 860 00
Paid Zuhn for making PoJia
tax books 40 00
Paid Boydstou extra 8 00
Total 1403 00
Total salary and clerk hi re....91950 00
Paid out for making tax b'ks 4o:t 00
$155y 00
Paid out of my fees for clerk
hire 869 75
Net amount received 91186 25
Amount collected for county
from individuals for trans
fer deeds, school fund and
redemption of land and de
ducted Irom my salary $ 40130
Tho statement in McC'ormack's
Democrat is false, whoever made it.
you allow me a short space in your
paper for a word or two, in regard to
a portion of an article in tho Ih'mo
crat, of Oct. (Jth, headed A False
hood Refuted."—With the main
part of the article I have nothing to
do, at present, and will pass it with
the remark that I presume it is about
as correct as the particular part that
refers to myself which reads as fol
lows:—"For the term of 180-1-5, E.
F. Kperry, Treasurer, was paid in ad
dition to his salary, clerk hire to the
amount of $651." If the author of
the article could read and would go
to the records-in the Auditor's oflice
he would find that on the 8d day of
January, lK()j, I presented a bill for
Deputy hire for the year 1S65,
amounting to $200, which was reject
ed. It was presented again at the
June session and laid over until the
the Sept. session 1MKJ at which time
the Board allowed $206 and that is
every cent that was ever allowed or.
asked for during tho term of 18(»4-5.
The author of the article referred to
knr.tr thin to bcafuct,m the records
plainly nhow it. Where did he get
hi* figures? some might ask. Ho may
have obtained them from tiii»source,
viz: The Auditor's hooks show that
orders were issued as follows Dec.
22, 1801, E. Baker, form-vices making
out Tax hooka for 1801, $70 Dee. 8
18W, K. Baker, and E. F. Bperry,
for making out Tax book* for 1865,
$:}75. This work was done by us, at
the request of the county Clerk,
whose duty it wa« to have it done.
It was no part of the Treasurer's work
and never has been and Mr. Baker
was employed to do the Job, the
same as C. li. Boydston U now doing
it. They are so good at figures, per
hopH, they will add his pay, to the
present Treasurer's salary. The
same records, referred to, in the
Auditors ollice, fail to show that I
ever received a cent, for Deputy
hire for the year (lSOJ)of my term.
It woald be only simple justice to
myself for me to say a word here
in regard to the $206, allowed me for
the year 1865. There wero circum
stances connected with that transact
ion, and my term of office that had
not before occurred, and have not
since with any man wluj has been
elected to tiioso offices.
But I wili not occupy your space
further. Should you deem this
worthy of notice, please iblish the
aaiue. E. i
KnoxvMte, Xma, Oct. 6,
i r. ..
lW. 1 M. 3M. 6M. 1Y.
$ 75 $ 2 00 $ 4 00 $ e o0 S 8 0*
1 Inch
2 125
3 50 6 00 9 00
5 00 8 00 12 01)
8 00 1200 1800
12 IK) 1HO0 22 00
1600 22 00 3500
Columa 175
8 50
6 00
10 00
12 00
1(5 00
35 00
60 00
Speelal Mutts**, or Adv«rtt('«i(nt» of Joubl-wWtk
or extraordinary ilplav, 1 per cent, additional
to th«- above ratfS.
Henry Clay Dean made political
speech at (Imriton a few fciy9 since.
The weather boiivg iuclemeut, he ex
pressed great surprise that anybody
had turned out to hear him. Ho
said the contest in Iowa is between
two factions of the Republican party
and he very much enjoyed every
thrust they make at each other. Re
did not belong to either of the fac
tions, or parties in Iowa, and if he
were a citizen of tho Htate would not
vote cither ticket. lie was a Demo
crat. He asserted that for seventy
five years under Democratic rule not
a single man or woman in the Uni
ted States was ever arrested or pun
ished without due process of law."
The Democratic party had always
been the especial champion of free
dom of speech. He endeavored to
give the Republican party a terrible
chastisement for having successfully
fought to put down the rebellion and
preserve the Union, and for not hav
ing made war upon Spain when the
Virginius troublo gave it such an
excellent opportunity. He denied
iu the most positive terms that
the Democratic party had "ever en
slaved one human being in this
country." The Jtilsiot cites the a bo v*
statements, among others as samples
of the falsity and absurdity of Dean's
doctrines, and pronounces the speech
incoherent, and "a miserable failure
for Dean, both in point of matter and
delivery, but accounts for it by his
having so much bourbon iu the
stomach, that it interfered with the
proper flow of bourbon ideas from
the head.
The Chicago Dally TribwVf rtf the
20th, devotes four columus and a
half of elaborate detail to the mar
riage of the daughter of Geu. Sher
man, granddaughter of the Hon.
Thomas W. Ewing of OI1I04 The
grandfather of the Bride was rocked
in a sugar trough, earned his first
money chopping cord wood, studied
Black Stone by tho light of the fur
nace fire while watching the salt
kettles on the Kanawa, went bare
foot at college except Sundays, but
stood without a rival in class or on
college green, and by his own inhe
rent strength of body and brain
won for himself honor, wealth and
If ever spirits blest are given to
know the thoughts and actions of
their friends below, one wonders how
this earnest-, honest, whole-souled,
simple-minded Republican, would
regard the display, extravagance,
fashionable folly, ceremouiet^o avt n
tionalisms, diamonds, gros giaines,
velvets, laces, tulle, flowers and non
sense that will demoralize tho nation,
as seen at the wedding of his grand
daughter, only one generation re
moved from his sugar trough cradle.
Surely Republican simplicity is
fast fading out among the leaders of
It is said by our old men that
wealth earned by the grandfather is
almost invariably squandered by the
third generation in this free country
where overy man walks after the
dictates of his own sweet will.
Wre are curious to look into the
future and see a wedding of a grand
daughter of the Sherman-Fitches.
McCormack, tho head-center of
the honest {f) party in this county
still insists that the transportation
and finance questious are not politi
cal issues and says they cannot be
because both parties agree upon
them. Shades of Monopoly Upon
what was tho Auti-Monopoly party
founded, if not upon the transporta
tion issue? "The railroad monopo
lies crusldng tho country by their
extravagant rates of transportation
was theralJiying cry which deluded
thousands of men into the opposition
party last year. That party made
great promises to tho country in
this direction. It has iimde the mat
ter worse, and now declares that is
not an is*ue. Me. sees the Ai.ti*
Monop structure tottering, and thus
tries to knock the last pin from un
der it to make way for Democracy
next year. Then he will proudly
say to his Democratic friends on the
sly: "Didn't I knock the old shan
ty down nicely? Now lot* rally up
on its ruins and give three cbe«M»fiMr
Gates? The la»t time he was heard
from hehadgoiiH home to dig and
4, A,
his potatoes. This waa throe weeks
ago. Has he gone Into winter quar
ters in a potato hole? He'll come out
in the spring a frozen peach blow, apd
after next Tuesday it shall be said ol"
him he never bio*v' 11 jgaiiv.

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