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The Knoxville Journal
r. c. BAinm, nui^er.
General Hews Summary.
W. Moiuusow, Chairman
Jl^Jxtruon, Huwrat, t$p*oC»xr. WaJi«c«\ Wlfi*
dofrt 1J
V'/w« A)r.orn, f'oopfrr, Knton. OuMthifrftit*,
-Hamilton, Howe, K roan. K y MHTw-ry Merri
im/iii, St*vMi»«u, Tbarniait, Watil'lgb, wliyta,
Wiiturs IV
K i K o a n y i n i
land »ni r«n Wiefcowln i, bo would h**e voted
lilll. vu-r« wilh iiootli, (.'ock«-r«JJ.
J»ovi« N(,rwool *wi SHiilct.'iry, wlio would hav«
voU-1 iK»liist it. Mr. Wrljrht, who win sbftrnt.
would ha*e *»U(d for Ui« bill bad be l*u*u
Thk i®COT»«1 trial of Plp'-r, fti^'TV»1)rl
murderer, waa concluded, on the 101b, by a
verdict of "guilty of murder lu the tlrat de
tbe House
Committee on Ways and M«:sn», h»» sent a
»ote to Ir. J. P. Hwrobli ton, Clerk of mob
Committee, la wbleli he
be bad until re­
cently wholly dl#lx liirr«l Ibe charge that be
llarnhletoD) had Bawd a son after J. WUke#
but that recent development*, wbbb
Show cuf son to b»*c been nameA or reoog
Ifiiz' by tbe name of .John W. H. Hambleton,
(gtiive at t«A»i a MtuMaDceof truth to the
I urge and wltb but the (lightest appear
ance of the truth of such a charpe, It was bl»
"(Morrlsou'is) duty to accept HambkUm's ref
ignatlon tendered eon* time before.
tbe Senate on tbe passage of
tbe Centennial Appropriation bill *MM fol
)7w-Alll»on, Anthony, I)aya«4, Bout well,
'atneroa (Pa.». Cmteru*, Clayton. Ooi.kltij*.
i:»ti«vtr. Crtgin, liawe#. DenuU. L«rv:y K'l
fnurnV Ferry, Kr«-llni'hnvpmj, Hamlin. lU'vey,
jni/ lic« k, Jom-p (Kl» ). owe* i N»),
Kelly. Ixji'RU. H'-Mltimi, Moxey.
JMlKh' ll Merrill (Me ). Horrl]] (VI ), Morton.
Oi/W"tV. l#»U«lock. l'*tt*n»oii, KurtAolph.
dlnpatch of the 12th nays:
During January the demand for poatsge
atarnpn, poatal card* and clamped envelope*
reached the unprecedented amount of fr^-lOO,
000 worth, Thl* figure la considered Judica
tive of the rapid revlshl of trtwlneM ttrot»(fb
out the country."
introducing bin bill In the fltnaf^ on
the 14Mi for the protection of aj(H''u,tunj
a«alnnt lijjurioij* innect*, Mr. In^all* Ktatcd
thut durlnj,' the laut yei»r thc actunl lo«» from
the ravuf^en of thc UKIUKIH, chlneh bi.i((*, army
and cotton worm* and ]Ic*»lan tlle» exceeded
12(X),0'K),0(K, and from tin locuxis alone tbe
amount c*cccd-(l I.V),XX),(W). In seven coun
tli^n of MluiiCKota nearly (XI,000 bualtcl* of lo
were deatroyed, at a coat of |HO,000.
He believed the auhject waa worthy the at
U a U o i K e n 5
i' TNI a**Vb-
burglar who robbed the Natlorthl
Bank of Commerce at New Lohdon, Conn.,
cu discovered In tbe person of George
C. Packer, '»n« of thc teJIcr* iX tliat iDntltu
tlou, wbo Iium made a coiifeoalou, A"
mUalnK fund* were recovered.
convlctod of tb« wilfder
of Kruncl* A. Colrln, wan hanfed atSyrAcuoo,
N. Y., ou the Htb. He pcraUted to tlM loat
in dcclitring hi* Innocence.
the meeting of Plymouth Church, on the
evening of the llt.h, a reeolnllon wa*ado|iU:d
referring the whole mutter of the liiHlnuutlona
or accuMutlona of Mr. Uowon agalnd Mr.
Htsecher back to the Kxitmlnlng Committee,
with luatructlona to continue thc Invc^tlg.i
tlon, and to summon Mr. Bowen before
them. The committee decided to cite him to
appear liefore them on tbe evening of tbe 'i.'kl.
woolen manu­
facturer* at Mouth Adam*, Ma**., have failed
I urge uuiount. Aiiiiounceincut
oti the l!4th of tUe *UMpet*lon of K. it
White, lumber merchants, of Pembroke,
Can. lUbtlltica »7f.,000.
bis remark* at tbe Plymouth Chureli
meeting ou tbe 11 lb, Mr. Beechw pronounced
tbe Hllugatloua of Mr. Bowen false, and
added: "And with Almighty (lod before
me, mid tbe judgment diiy, 1 arraign him
(Bowen) ii» a slanderer arid a liar.
explosion occurred In the Krttor coal
mine, In Weat PittHoi), Pa., «m the afternoon
of the 114th. Pour u»eu were killed outright
and *lx or eight other* were badly Injured.
The explosion
accumulation of gas In one of the chamlmr*
of the mine, which It Is thought waa Ignited
by ft lighted lamp iu tbe bands ul u miner.
Tim Advisory Council of Plymouth Church
was opened oil tbe afternoon of tbe l&th,
with delegate# from aMout HO churches pre
sent. Mr. Beecher greeted all the delegate*
on their arrival, and o|M*ued tbe proceedings
by an uddies*, lu which he stated that tbls
was the hirg' st council ever held In America
to discuss the alfuir* of any one church. l)r.
Bacon was selected a* Kirst Moderator, the
Hon. Nelson iMiiKh-y, of I«oul*vi)le, Me,,
Htcoud Moderator, and Uen. Hates, of Illi
nois, Third Moderator. The letter aul»
mitling thc (|Uectlon» of dUclpltnc to
tte (xicscd
was th-n read. Mr. Beecher
read the staU-mentof Plymouth Church, and
made remark* defendiiiK hiiuscif aud I be
course of the church in droj ping Mr*. Moul
tor's name. A resolution wa* adopted for
the appoiutuwbt of six eoaulUttM, each to
tbe«tx qaMtlou* lo b« De­
cloaed In New Torlt, ou the lOih, at
UIi ,. The foliowlug were the eli-iag ,(no
t*«k'«S f»r produce: No. 2 Chicago Hpring
Wheat, $1 VA&l No. 3 Milwaukee,
J.W Hariey, 7'Kjl7ttc Oats, Western Mlx«d,
4«v.- Cuni, Weatrrn Mixed, (Vtntlk:
Putk, Mens, AU I)re«»ed
ltK-, l.urd, lll^e. Plour, good to
choice, f.VM
A1.0( WblUt Wheat Extra, $ti.05^(7 75.
Tbe cattle market waa dull 1£412%C for
irood vo extra, iiogt, ttheep.
Kaat Liberty, Pa., oa the lflth, cattle
brought!. Beat, |6.(KK#t'i6i medium, $6.00
ift.ftU Hoga sold—
ftw«4s i' Philadelphia*, iiK«
#:o 8heei brought f4.lKK.*»'» "j according
to quality.
names of tbe principal ofllceii elected
by the Northwestern lUlrymen'a Associa
tion, recently in session at Fort Atkin
son, Wis., aro a* follow*: President, a. hs
lie,of Wisconsin Secretary, It. R. Htone, of
Illinois Assistant Hccretsry, W. II. Stewart, i
Of Illinois Treasurer H. C. Drake, of Wis
Conciii. A number of VlccPrcsidents
Were also chosen. Kcsolutloua Were adopt
ed, eudor»ltig and cjuniucndlng the move
ment to secure the erection on the Ceu*
tennlul Kxhlbltloi: Urounds at Philadelphia,
of a representative cheese factory itnd
creaiunry urging Northwestern manufact
urers and dalrymeu to At once make arrange
meuts Ur exhibiting buttei and cheese of
UW.AN*.' I*J*«
their own mMuf^cMre. *»d lo cid In rsiting
fui.ds ne*«'n«sfy for a creditaWe dh|lay, and
providing for tbe appointeient of a commit,
tec Ui c%4yx**c wftk tbe OiiU-snlal Com
ntttee apj»ointed by tbe American Wry
(Sen's Asso^latkHi and the CrntecniaJ Com
mitter. The committee coo*i*t» of H. C.
Dnske, Wieonsin R. H. Stone, Illioois I.
H. Wanatr, Illinois, and H. Smith, WUeon
Kansas Hoomt of Repmsentatlvea, on
tbe lath, passed a eOHctrreBt resolution re
questing CoM[rc« to n|est the ftp*cis»Be
sumption Set.
Twj Chicago Alderram—ex-Oan^ert Cul
lerton and Ifildreth have been fndicU-d for
eompliHty lh whisky frauds, and have given
bonds for their appearance for trial. It was
also reported ou tbe ll»b that several Indict
ment* for similar offense* had been found at
New Orleans against resident* of that city,
and against U. 8. Com tthannor, R.H. Dennee
and o'bers, charged with cotisplraey to de
fraud the Government thr'ni/h tbe Court of
Claims, in the wtton claim« cases. Shannon
»nd Den nee gave ball in l-V'W®.
funeral of tbe late Kevcrdy Johnson
took place In Baltimore on tbe afternoon of
the lllth, and was largely attended. Many
friends of the deceased were present from
Washington, Including Judjres of tbe 8u
pre me Court, Senators arid Heprr-M'tiUaives.
Mississippi Hou*e Committer of In-
restitution into tl»e oJW(ia) conduct of Car
doza, Stab- fuperliitendent of Education, re.
port '.hat they find bim guilty on ten count*—
perjury, einUrx/Jement, bribery, fort{ery, etc
Tun llfm.T J. If. Puller, a former Congre**.
I0nn from Mains, and Second AudiU^f of tb«
L'ul«ed HUtes Treasury under ftuU»«lt*u,
died In Virginia on the 14tb-
Wisconsin Assembly hes psssed the
Vaiicu bill, which repeal* the strongest feat
ure* of tbe celebrated Potter Railroad law.
Til* Investigating Committee of the I/)u
Isinna House of Representatives made a re
port OTI the I4th, In which they recom
mended the impeachment of Gov. Kellogir
and otlier Btate olB' «r* for violations of tUe
law by feloL*iou*ly appropriating public
Mlnnesot* Republican State Conven
tlon, to «pfN»lnt delegates to tbe National
Convention, Is to be beld on the 34tb of May.
HSS received
at ttalveston, on the
10lb, from lbs Texas HUW aluuUou.Indicated
the success of the entire Democratic BUIc
('lit Kf*-Ji'STI'B RtAV, of the. Wisconsin
iuprcme Court, rendered a decision on the
15th, denying the application (rf Ml** Good
ell, of 'lanesviile, to practice In that court
He. I Mild* that there I* no Wisconsin statute
authorizing the admission of females to leg^l
practice In the Htate court*, from wljlofa tbe
common law always excluded them.
Illinois Independent State Convention
WHK held at Dccutur on th Ittth, and a full
State ticket was nominated, as follows For
CJovcroor, Louis Stewart, of Kendall County
Ueutwiant-Oovcrtior, -I. II. Plckere.il, of Ms
con Secretary of Mtntc, Dr. M. M. Horton, of
Marlon State Auditor, John Hlse, of Chi
crtgo State Treasurer, Henry T. Aspern, of
Champaign: Attorney-flenersJ, W. S.Coy, of
McLean. Delegates to tbe National Con
veutlon were also chosen. The platform
H(lopted demand* the repc.il of tbe Specie
Hi xtimptlon uml National Hank acts, and the
substitution of legal-tender paper money
for the National Bank circulation the per
fectlngof a monetary system liascd upon the
faith and resources of the uiition, and H1JJ1..
ed to the dernuiid* of legltlniutc business,
which money shull be a legal tender In pay
inentof all debt*, public and private, du'lei
on Iniporta Included, except that portion of
the interest and prlix ipal of the present pub
lic debt that Is, by the express term* of the
law creating It, made payable lu metallic
money, this money to be interchangeable at
the option of the holders, wltb registered
Government bonds bearing a rate of Interest
not exceeding per ceut. per aituuui.
probably caused by the
Independent Urccnbuck i'onveutiou
of Indiana met at IndUnupolls ou tin- lflth,
and nominated the following ticket: For
Governor, Franklin Landers, present member
of Congress from tbe Indianapolis District
Lleiitenuut-tiovurnor, Ausou Wokott, of
White County Secretary of State, Leroy
Tcmjdeton, of Benton Htate Auditor, Morris
N, Butidy, of Henry State Treasurer, John
Newswii, of Bartholomew Attorney
(ieueral, W. A. Tipton, of Fouutalii Supeiiu
tcridcnt of Putilic Instruction, v, It. S.
Blount, of Green Reporter of.Supreme Court,
Charlc* A. Knight, of (lay .1 udgca of Supreme
Court, William F. Barnett, of Vaoderburi
.John B. Haines, of Delaware II. C. New.
comb, of Marlon Judge Lindsay, of How.
utd. The resolutions demand the immediate
and unconditional repeal of the Specie Re
sumption ad, aud are also In other respect?,
on thc llnanclal nuustion, similar In substance
to those adopted by the Illinois State Cou
ventlon at Decatur.
IK Chicago, oti the lflth, spring wh**st, No.
a, wa* weaker, closing st tl.01®104 cssb.
Casli corn duller closing at 4l^c for No. ii
and ^i2c for new rejected. Cash oats, No. 14,
sold at IU ,,-il^c March optinns were
sold at SHjJc. Rye, No.'2, tUi(ii(t)7c. Hurley,
No. 2, Cash mess pork CIOHIMI at
^41.(l«(i!41.1(. Lard, 112,60^6 i.HO. Uood to
choice beeves brought |4.KOai-V60 medium
grade*, #4,lU($4. ft butchcr*' slock, |:i0O(t^
75 stock cattle, etc., |'J.'J5j»u.75. ilog*
brought |7.7fH'iN.70 for good to choice
Sheep sold at f4.7ft(i|ft 60 for itood to choice,
Sik JOHN Colbkiuuk,
nephew of tbe fa­
mous poet of that name, aud lately editor of
tbe (Junyttrty J{rvit\\ died In Loudon, on the
11th. lie was eighty-six years old.
Sb'in.tkmann hss been refused per
mission by Turkey to further pursue bis ex
cavations in the Troad.
won,® tslegram of the 19th
says the Sultau hsd olfered to grant com
pb tc kiuueety to all Insurgents whd would
Immediately submit to his authority.
dispatch of the 18fh sa.vn the ef-
fartn ol Hi rr Kapp and other deputies to se
cure a renunciation of the nuturallxatlou
treaty with the United 8Utes bad proved
fruitlcsx. The Govcruiueut would coutinuc
to uphold the treaty.
own telegram of thc 14th says Spain
had recently sent another note to lis diplo
matic representatives abroad, which was In
tended to be a complete answer to the rc.cclit
note of the I'nited State# (iovernmcut. The
memorandum asserts that ncgroc*, tnulnt
toe*, Chinese and deserters formed the bulk
of the Insurgent force*, and that their army
contained scarcely 800 white Cubans. Spaiu
could not make terms with any such ele
ment. After liming guined a complete vic
tory, she would grant to Cuba all the liber
ties which, but for tbe insurrection she would
already enjoy, snd which tbe neighboring
islard of Porto Kieo, where slavery ba* br«B i
entirely gt*j|l»hed, already eojoys. Over 2H,
men h»d been *ct to Cuba wltb in tb#
last twelve months.
A ConsTANTixonJi dispatch of tbe 14th
says the Sultan had that day signed the de
cree granting tbe Andrassy reforms to ft*
Insurgent province*.
telegram of tbe 15tb annooaces
the »ton forger. In
Ixmdori. The nece#»*ry *xtr»ditif»n p*p*r«
secured, and sn officer left BostoU on
the evcuiug of tbe I5tb, for Loodoa, to bring
tbe fugitive to this country.
Is the British House of Common*, tbe
15tb, Disrseli, tbe Premier, moved tbe pas
sage of a bill enabliujf C^neefi Victoria to take
tbe style snd UUe of Empress of India."
Omt'iA'-announcement waa made at Mad
rid on the 15tb that the CarllsU had leea ut
terly routed In tbe engagement of the l.'lth
at F-igueta The, Spanish Cortes was opened
by King Aipbonsoon the l-'rth with a Bfjesx-h
from tiie throne, iu which be expre**ed him
self hopefully In regard to the diflic uitles at
presetit surrounding Spain.
dispatch of tbe Iftthsays
tbe CariUts were concentrating at Tobaso
for flual (struggle.
A LR 9SHAL member of the Biittsb Hooae of
Commons, named Hurst, elected Js*t Decem
ber, ba* been unseated for sending letter* U«
voters offering to pa their railway expenses
to the polling places. Judge t^aatn decided
that tbi* waa bribery, and declared the elec
tion void.
A nir.f. was introduced iuthe Senate, on
the 14th, hy
8e«at", on tbe JMh toun 'be Wachint ton
mem Ho« t« ty. askfxc for «n appropriation U/ aid
In completing the W*»h!njft»n ui »uomerit. The
bill for the extension the iJme for the r.jn
rtrne.tloti and rorntdetton of tli" Nor'ti'-rri
Kdbroad wn- to lit. i h*: i.enu«nniai
Ajiprop'rlstlon bill wa* debated In th-- flouit*
mstii'trial was |reo-»it«d and
n tim
from etli
/••n» of LohUUm*. piajti.L' l.r ri-!i't s^nlroit c«r
political e-.li* exmtii
itt' in that Mate Tbe
Coiisulai and /»I,ji• 11.»iJ: Aptronriatlon bill wa*
taken up !n Committer of the Whole, and
tut'ClKn were m:tde Iry M»*ra. Hsb- Lynch, of
Ml»»l«"tp|:. HI a
I if and Tarbox: Mr. Hlaine's
(•p«*e-h a |eiif{lhy deviled cluefly to tb«
currency ijtieiiloii
iu ol specie r«-
•or*pilot, aixl Mr. Tar'Kix's remarks Wert t» SB
awer to hl« (Isialm- «rgunieuti.
A KTKit debute, (/i) the 11th, the Bcnate
the rentetiiilHl Appropriation bill, without
amendment-yeas, 41 uSy»,1*. AWII wa* tntro
doced to correct error* and «tinply oini*»i*ii* in
the if«-vi»»d Ktatute* of tb«- United HtaU-a. Ad
Jf/eru«l to th« Htb Oonimlittc report* nt a
iirivnie natiird were marin in tli« liounrr The
bill relating to tin- transportation animal"
*,!» reported from the Judiciary Committee,
with amendment*. After heitic amended In Com
initio itl the Whole, th« Cinoular and luplomatlc
Appropriation bfIt v.a* reported p. tbe |[oti»e.
ana psr«d a* satended—Ittl to t. Adpraraed U»
the 14th
In(rstl». forthe protection of *c
rlcnlture. s^aiiist liijnrions iosccta. Tbe hlil to
amend certain provision* of the revised statute*
of the I I)ltel hint''"- rt-lii!ifij/ to tli- tr«n»porta
lion of aniioalx wiu d«b*t«d and |a*sed- U» 'M.
Tin- ijiL-cion of tbe ndml-fdoii of Mr. Plm htisrk
wa* taken op. aud Mr. Morton replied trj the ar
Kiimenl* ol Mr Thiiiniau, in opposition Ui the
I ul n of the applicant Amontf the Idlls in
troduced in the House were the following'
lu relation to b-,untie* to nine months' v«»|»ii
teem, to provide for the |rayiueiit ol United Htate*
li ite*. uml to str iijiitien pub.li credit to make
tiinlilrii/ free *nd o repeal the KeaninpMon act
for a repeal of part* of fie Hesiiiiipiion act. and
for the purpose of preparing way for the re
suiiiitlon of specie payment, for the preservation
of forrals on the public domain adjacent o
tbe routes of navli ibli- rivera ac.d other
nt reams M.-veral resoluilon* of lr|uiry were
*lo|tid Mr. Hale moved to auspetid Ibe
rule* Hud adopt a roaolution declaring thai prompt
measure* should be taken by siicli l- clslat on a«
is needed to render effective the policy of la
lUcliii lu tbe
ry all neces
sary powers
mmptionof *|4-ri- p(i\mnii" by pi:
lianun of tli" Mwretaiy of tlie Tr«*"tir
powcrc to imry i
sry out
obj. d, whv motion
*»a« loot- yea* SB, nsys l»7. It wa* ordered That
Natiudsy, the IHUi, anould be act apart lor debute
the Senate, on the lIUl, the Commit
tee on Territories reported favorably on the bill
to enable the people of Jlew Mexico to forma
roiisiltir ion for Htate government, and for their
admission Into the I nlon Hf Htate The I'm
siiiii Appiopiialioii bill waa taken up and amended
by c'ii«oll luting the, amount appropriated
4U),UUii luio our sum, uuikcad or having It divided
Into laspen as parsed by llie House: ether
amendments ef minor importance *»«r« adopted,
undihe bill as annulled was passed. Tbe Mil
to repeal the law making certain resirl'
Hons in the Mile of public lands ill
Ambamil. Mississippi, I.ouUlana, Arkansas »nd
Klorldn. was amended and pHssed A resolution
wits otleri-d 111 lh'- House mill referred, to the ef
fect linn ibe art of March 1H, 1«!», to streniMli, u
th" imblle i redii, aud pfuvldli.|i forthe pa)jueiit
In coin of the interest n the V*fi bond", was vir
tually a violation of tne varioo* acts under hleh
llies*' bonds Hen* Issued, and that such act
passed wlihout otiaideration. and was iiojiist.
uii*- i »«l and op p'ess i ve, Inurllu to the be tie ill of
bolinholdrs and capitalist* and to the pos
itive detriment of lUu people, and that tbeio
foi« such act of March |H,
I* the Senate,
repealed. A residutlon as adopted calling for li
formation as to the ui tua amount of goi»l owned
by the toiveinment, and available tor tbe re
surnptlou of spe( \v payment., altei dedm tiiijj tbe
aiiinout id gold certlAcNtc* outstundlng. accrued
luleresl on liovisiuiicul bouils, and Uubda callett
forthe sinking fund Tne Korllrtrsllon Appro
priation bill waa pass«d.
in the Hcnntf", on the ldth, to
take up tbe Pinchback c*«n was opposed hy Mr.
Murtou, on the ground that several Heustora were
absent, and lie said he desired to have u full Hen
ale when the voto wus taken the motion wa*
lost yeas ki, nays .id Anointj the lulls Intro
iluceil In the House were the fijllowlnt': Fixing
the t.itea of compeiis*tlnii of railroad com
panle* f(1r the transportation of United St»t(t«
malls, aiithotl/lug the clerk of the House to pay
one month's pay to all the discharged i mpb'ye
of the lJoa*« ol Heprrseniatives Bills were
pnaaed extending the time for filing
lor additional boumica untU July,
hi to
amend the net of March U. ItT'i, fur the udiiilsstori
of olormfo as it State. Iiv providing that all
|iia!Uled wiers under lUe laws of the lerrluu),
shall be entitled to vote ori the ({Uesilonof the
ratification or rejection of a provision apprnpri
nIirig |Wi,(lt*1 to pay lhe expenses of a constitu
tional convention.' Thc hill to reorganise tbe
Judiciary Mas taken up and several amtiitdment*
were offered.
of Winalow'S Trloks.
Among the nrw tlevclopmcnU is the
ol it geutlcniun who lunJ it note of
|0,0K) tlruwii in his luvor by a country
iiHicliiiiit. Wishing to raise money on
it without puttiiiic it into his own futnk,
!.c Hakcd VVinalnw to take the nde ami
let Ltin have tin' money. Thc latter did
so, with thc uiiderNtiiiiditig liwtt lie
might put it into the hunk if neecsHtiry
A lew ditys later the r.tim c^tnu* around
for liic uoUt.
expecting to nut
it into Iho hunk, hud iiulorftcd it, luit
ran Ids pen through the signature and
returned M, receiving the money. A few
dayh itgo the maker of the note received
u notice lliiit a note lor w w held hy
u ccrtaui llohton bunk, iutd ho wiw united
to conie ill ntui ace whether it was genu
ine or not. He rame in, looked at Hit
•lotc and said: "1 nnule it note of that
amount, payable to the man named in
thi* note hut I can't tell whether that i*
it or not. The Mgnatuio looks Hk« mine,
hut I am not certain." To settle the
matter he went directly to the man to
whom his note hud been made payable,
aii'i asked him if lie had put it into the
liuuk. The man replied by producing the
original from hia pockcthook. It MeeuiH
that while thc note remained in Wins
low's hands he had copicd it, tdunaturet).
indoi-Mun* aud all, aud got It aiacouotod.xs
Bottort Globe.
MORS thaa ft match
,.*»*• vW«PWPfc.SiA^P
10tn' n'e u'^
•riUtinif sppffuprtsf^w for tb» Bute JfjTteeltarat
,ety wa- lo»t. iwinstds^d and made the
order for ttx 1Kb Hiil* were passed *1
low'iutf ft chtit^« of vftin# io itftAiu triiiiiB'ii
to muk'.- trsiMM-ripU of Juatices" jodxruetiU,
(i.er s. I.en «b :es! proj^rty wSea
I r»,r*riv Sled Tb» bill U» l»» Iter •'••'•or *P
the War '.-ri'.f '!,• P^M»en?i.f o*t. The
Uli »«*»wiii^ t»M- «/veruor «w *MU«1 -eemp, witk
tfte rank I i'«ia-n Coione!. pas.ed TT*
Hou«r devoted mo-luf th« day to the re\eno«
M'l which, sfter Nrfni' v*ri'iO-hr amended.
r,-.ie ,-d eti-rn-s'.-d 111-Senmre VUl for an addi
•lonai Scpre :»e jud.-« pR»sed ¥y s eV»-e*otp.
Bi !s vrrrepa-s.-^ lat.rit' the jury fee of IS. *S
t/:«? ASdit-ir Mat*
sefte n rt«in
jk nf- oti routine*. Ibe '•.•Dale bill gi^tnsf
S iw--vi»0'» power to appropriate f"' rr
'hii^SiMmg bttrnt poor ho^u-, «te.. w»« cotic^r ad
I* the Hen ate, oa the 11th, the woman
intTraf amendment w»* nude Um special o*4er
fortheiMn. h'.l'.s wet* p*»»« to their second
rra'.'.n.' rnakiti/ e* entions kaened by JastKes
„:u! In other counties: fo preide for tJi" pro
fe»-:^al unalitlc^itlous uf civil officer*: to nfor e
r»-«pH*'ily Isef ween the e*p e« oc.paiiies dttiug
In th!» Stete tn«t all pe.-otis doin^
batik:n^* buslues* sbitJ! report to th«r ^tate Auditor
U»e -nine »a
ha tbbd rttdii|£
,d 1nht"d. Ftiudry ne* r(ous vi'ere (fe-en!ed.
*sW.i lor t.'ie reie af the it'lii o«*l liirilf l.tW*.
Hiu.dr^ biiis ivert pi»»-d to* «-c nil n»»dl«u. Tbe
defend «:rim-
il»«ls to C.eutr school text-te ok committe*-, to
M-tect books for the pnblb setiwd-. to eonst«t of
tlie HubciUilendciit ol J'ablic lnelrt»al«n snd two
others. The H.'iitroad I'ommitte.: rej«.rted
on the resolttlion *"l(ln*
a repeal
the K*liroad Tar.ft law tb..t while they
\»«r* n.'Niled that the law had many de
frele, yet the |e-op!e had been l*iieflu«d
by it It had destroyed discrimiimlion In freight,
and hsd ir-uted msraei* in our own SW»te which
(lid not liefore e.i«t whi' fi w.tb many otliet
benefits were reasons w hy lie law should led be re
pented Thecomml'tee.rtHod 11 U
1 on
the rw
p.,rt .. In the House tlt« joint lewdotloii asking
the low* K'Jpri -c||t:iiiu» 111 «'»ugr#-s |o pMKliuf
i« sl ot the Ite-ttnipDon act, which waadiaeiiMed
all Ibe pr 1111nft. riioon, w s further con-id
end uns.ucvjs-ful (Uteuipta l«.'jn/ m-d. to o
wlrde Sialter on rtie »*»le p- ridhijj Which the
il nisw adjo I. ned to 'lidiiy lie.run.£.
Oirthe 14th, U»e Seante held but One
short Mssloo. The Capital I'lintplimeot bill was
inade the sp^-clul order for the 17th. The bill to
prohibit the sending of youths ov«r sixteen years
cilil to the Keform School was d| iiss and re.
f-rred hi the House, Hie fltinii' tal resoiotion*
were further ll-cu-sed, and Dteir furrtvi con
sideration po-t|otiid until the inh Tbe
piint mei.io lal a-ktng for the con-trin lion
of a »hlp canal Irom Heniietdii to the
Mississippi ltlvef t»*« adopted. The joint re*
o.utlon a-klng tliat homesteader* be allowed to
pr e up ill the 'ounty Where they reside wan
s'.opl' (T The joint r-solution that the Asaembly
nd'ortrtl sfr#'
on March waa adopted. The
bill ie|uiiinu steamboat and iilromt comptiules
to ftirinsb travidlng njrents with certificates of *u
thoriiy waj indefinitely (x»t|M(ned. The bi irl
lowliHf tbildren lo atb nd a sch'«l iu snotiier dis
trict wh'-n their own I- one mile
more distant,
w.is pussvd. The bill amending the law in ret*
tton fo annexing territory fo cities was de eated
The bill re/abiting circti-e* ami other shows was
p'is-ed Ill O bill amending' the IMW ill regard to
pinipet» The bill allowing Court reporters not
more than fH d.ijr was pass.jd- The bill re
ijulriin Sr hool I rea*urer» to ii fwirt the amount of
School money on bund was piissed. The bill uialt
tii Moors presiding utticers of Council* WW
IN the Kcnate, nearly thc entire day was
devoted to a dl*cu*sloti of the blW to rejfulste tbe
taxation of church property The bill wa* ordered
erurrosawd for psasaye. The bill giving the Htale.
A 'ri uttnrnl Koi iely |1
,KS annually and
the lflth, the Scn it»» Hpent the entire
#««sion In dl»cu«s|ti^ the bill re-iuinlu^ tii I it^ds
gtlisted Lo the Motireffur A MUsisuippi iii\er Kslt
road •impiiiy. but .idjou ned wiflio' flnat aeihn
.. The tiou e d:-cua the piop i tul amend nent#
to thu teiali e proceedings i«f .oaiid jn b-s,
etc. Tlieic wa« no session In ttie aftemoon. Tits
st*ssIon ill the etenlliif A.I* (ievotad UUM liiMBS
slou of iassflal resolution*.
—A remarkable coincidence—if it real
ly happened—is reported from Jersey
(Hty. Two irentlemcn of that city ex
changed overcoats by mistake the other
day. One of them, Mr. Martin, waa con
fident lie could identity his properly, as
he had a meus ol Turkey rhulmrb in oue
pocket, a pair of kid gloves in still an
other. Me met the other gentleman, Mr.
KieMer, wvcral days alter, in the Mer
chant s Hotel, New York, when the lat
ter said "It is a little singular that I
can't find my Turkey rhulmrb that 1 al
ways carry. 1 have a piece here, but It
inn the one I bought out in Ohio several
weeks ago." Mr. Martin asked to nee it,
aud then exclaimed t!y Jove, that'* my
rhubarb 1 can tell the way I nibbled it.
You are the man I've lieen looking for
ami to the astonisnment of every oue,
they then anil there swapped coats. To
complete the singular coincidence of the
atlalr, Mr KieMer also had a pair of kid
and woolen gloves disposed in ids pt»ek
eta as Mr. Martin's were, and both coats
were the same size, though not alike in
color or material. Mr Fielder remarked
that his gloves came up more than usual
over his sleeves, and he thought his arms
must have shrunk. Mr. Martin's gloves
were larger than his.
—The French and Germane hare more
vnrfptie* of lm*!i than we of staple dtshes.
Tlicy have fried hash, boiled hash, baked
li:isli. li'Micd hush. ha*)i fri casee, hash
sttilled with ortolans, hash on the !.ilf
shell, lutsh an nnturel, ha^h marmalade,
hash dumplings, ha^h fish-balls, ntid strr
rial other vw ieiies. It is very nice trussed
up this way, but the euter can MTU be
certain a!oiit its pedigree.
It is "iigsrcsted hv a correspondent of
the New York Iriinin* that "washing"
postage stamps would be impracticable if
the Mime ink were used for canceling
th'*ni that is u*ed for printing them In the
first instance, so that any chemical used
for removing the canceling stain should at
the same time destroy the stamp.
—No- lathe lime to lnv In your satt
»agcs Well educated links that set and
bark for a cradter are now selling for
"ighiien cents per pound.— WtHtoiuUt
MB*. TrrTKB haa been declared hope
forfy insane and will be sent to the In
ssne Asvium.
MRS. VAN COTT, the revivalist, will
mon t-egin a series of revival meetings in
Two CPIMWIMI MMd Juim and Hay
wood were aided to death at Council
Hlufls on the 8th.
51K- BrcKWAT.TER, a prominent citizcn
of Dubuque, dropped dead the other
morning while eating his breakfast.
hiaiiks. and h.'i ie governed
Ike sum bsnk-: to MPoit foreign wine*
for »'ile in this Hut": to tlx tbe pay of
|fo«d Hu(s-rw-or» *l & per dsy In the
ll'-l-e. sundry bill* ree Introdarea. Tbs
bill to tfan-fer fbe fueds of th» Ai'ricuItnrsl
Coil-reto the «ten-ral He'-enue fond *a- ree n
•idered ind th«r b. nii.ds »be sp-citl order of the
ITiii 11,e bill fljui..' the c.,mp.-us ititm of County
1 rettsorers we* oo«idefed
born nev where Council
'Bluffs now Is in
and now living in
Wapello County, claims to aatedate any
other native Hawkeye.
Tiifc hog cholera prevail^ around Mis
souri Valley, in Harrison County, to an
alarming extent Mr. II. B- Cox haa al
ready lost oter 100 head.
a Dobeqtte brush
manufacturer, is reporPxl to have de
eatn|ed, leaving numerous creditors to
mourn his sudden taking off.
HON. J. W. DUX, member of Cot
gress from the tJighth C'»ngtesional Di»
triijj ba^wrUUn a letter decliuuijr to be a
candidate for renomination.
b:i io silow rerordeff |(r,ti»iit» to tv o'ed evi
Je»»c« in e.»att* pS—ed. Hie l!e»n pt .on Act of
Co't.res* ftle special ,-1. tor iiie at'' rie /n.
Is the Senate, on lite 12U». sundry bills
pn*»e«l to their second reading-ptoviding that
v,!,. r» defaulting Counttr Tre*su.-rs turn over
tlieir projieity to the County Sif wsors. tb«y
ip*v sfll the sttine for the ait}*) na.ent of me
Hsilrtwd C^'fufiiseloiiar. who »l»»ll »v« the so^Mrr
\l- ..ii of railroads io ini* Hate to li Iiie bibs ol
all. «pi..i1nted by the coll:!*-
contest for the Abernethy succes­
sion in the ofiice of State bupennfen!«nt,
promi*es to i*a spirited. I'rof Fellows,
of Iowa City, is latest in the field.
CVif-vriL BI.VKKS has raised about
$10,000 toward celebrating tlie Centennial
Fourth of July. It Is said that Carl
Sthurz will le tlie orator. At all events
he has been invited.
named Felger. died at Wood-
burn, on the 8th, from thc effects of mor
phine |ireserilied by a physician instead
ol quinine. Tbe doctor discovered his
mistake but too late to avoid the fatal re
s u I V
C. CITAKI/KJ* started fw W«
regimental officers by the fowa mflltia.
Kctums are to be made to the Adjutant
Gcncnd at Ics .Moines, within ten days
thereafter, who will canvass the returns
»nd announce the result.
lm I ndl'btedlies s failed to receive the reoUlsiU
mitjorlfy. Iu the H'o»e. Mils were pu sod msk
in^'tiixe- t!r«t liens on piojiertv afsigneil to credit
or* authorizing township clerk* to udminisUr
oath* al-o. amendiii.' the |«w in regard to mutual
In- ii
ran- companies. The biU a hoi I liiti/ lie vis
liiu 'if si liools t'ountv hupeibit-udeiits waa
ordered engrossed. The bill to muke educntlon
eompulaory wim tabled after a long discusaiou.
smoke Mwlnbtirne abhor*,
never entering i rooui where smoking is
going on il he c:m help it. One day he
tried every room at the lndon Arts Club
mid Mimking was going on in each in a
!'ren/y he ilirust his head into a room i
among a few quiet people and cried:
James I. was a knave, a tvrant, a fool,
eight years old, son
of Jeff. Worstcr, of Keokuk, while play
ing in a stable a few ditys ago, fell through
a hatch way to the plank floor fifteen feet
below and fractured his skull. His col
lar bone and one ol his legs were ahc
waa shot ia the head
and almost instantly killed, at Ottumwa,
a few nights ago, by an intoxicated street
ruffian. A chance word passing between
the two men as they met on the street was
•lie causi of the shooting, the assailant
drawing his revolver arid shooting almost
without provocation, the hull entering this
victim's brain and causing almost instant
A Foirr iterator* itaa tito bis
cow-stuble, the other day, and by mistake
mixed her up a nice warm mash in a box
full of sawdust, instead of bran. Thecow
merely supposing that hard times had
come and they were all going to economize,
meekly ate her anpper, and that man never
discovered his in stake until the next morn
ing, when he milked that cow and she let
down half a gallon of turpentine, a quart
of shue-jM'gs and a bundle of lath.—Bur
IsKoiiMATiox was received from Iowa
City, on the Mtli, to the elfect that MT.
Fairall was again lying in a very critical
condition, with the chances largely against
Ids recovery. He had regained much
strength, and a week before was able tc
walk around tlie house, but he had a re
lapse two or three days after, and at last
accounts was extremely low. Thc bull
has never tieen extracted, and is supposed
to b* lodged near the back hont. It en
tered near the shoulder and descended
along the spine to the small of the back,
where it is now lodged.
Des Moines, a few days ago, a little
six year old son of Mr. John Konnigs
bcrger, while romping and playing with
his brothers in thc door yard, apparently
in the best of health, suddenly fell over on
the ground, and without a struggle his heart
cet*ed to lieat. The playmates hastened
into the house and Informed the mother ol
the condition of the child. She immedi
ately ran out to where the little body was
lying, and carried it into the house, laying
it on the bad. The body was yet warm,
and supposing the strange condition to be
only a tit, the mother sent for a doctor.
But a few minutes elapsed, however, lie
fore the unmistakable chill of death, and
the rigid features of the loved one warned
the auxious parents that death had come,
and the spirit oi the little loved oue had
passed luto the great beyond. The doctor
srmed. but medical skill was of no avail,
for the heart had ceased to beat, mid the
parents' fears were confirmed. The child
had always been well, wa« bright and
healthy, and there was consequently not
the slightest warning of the sudden event
ST.Loris MARKETS.—Thelatest reports
from St. Louis give the following as the
current prices for leading staples: Flour,
steady and unchanged very little doing.
Whteat—No. 3 red winter, $1.51 'B.$1.52,
cash April options, $1.5612. No. 8 red
winter, $l.H7. Corn—No. 2 mixed,
(.J'P^c, cash March options, 39 '.i«?
8M\c April options, 40V£4lc. Oats
No. 3, 35?4C, cash. Hariey—Dull, liye
a liar, a coward: but I lve lilm, worship
him, because he silt the thruat of that
blsckguurd kali pit who invested thia
filthy smoking."
—Flood, the California banker, lately
made $1100,W), they say. in .me day's
mining operations. There is a tide in
the affairs of men Wkfek, Utirn «l ital
Flood," etc.
Higher. Pork—$21.r»0(d21.75. Lard
$12.'iXaI3.:ntg. Shoulders—8c. Cuttle
—Fair to prime natives, $4 25«1.73
pony steers, $!i.2.*n«t.ril) native cows,
f2.7.WX75 feeders, $4.(XHtt'4.25. Hogs
—Yorkers, $7.25^7.75 packing, [email protected]
ft.00 Philadelphia*, $8.15^j.25.
Tht laascr of Keverdy
Worth County, the other evening, from
North wood. The distance was twelve
miles. He was found next day, ten miles
n his wqr, sluing in ^lasletl and frozen
to death.
evenlnirs ago, J. Wappleton,
living near Oskaloosa, was Kicked by a
mule. His wife, who was with him,
asked him if he was hurt much, wlicn he
reulied, "lam killed," and immediately
fell and expired.
8 was the day for the election ol
&JU»TlXOE», M!
arrived at Anaapoii* j^tj
night to argus theca*e of Baker z*. j- .-if,
By invitation of fiov. Carroll, he b«.
his £ue*t al the Executive Mansion p.]„*, i
The Governor invited Ciiu-t-Justice tssr!
Un, of this f^ate. and "everal other j.*en.
tlemen. to meet Mr. Johnson at dinn-r
at the uianMon. Tbey dined at about tiv.
p. m. At dinner, Mr. Johnson app»-,r^,j
in excellent spirits and bis usual h.-n \h
and entertained the c/»mpany by Li
versation and relating anecdotes. ^t
dinner he took one glasi-i of Madeira.
refused to take any more. After dinrx-H
he suddenly asked the Governor l, -..k,.
bun into the jwrior. He Uxik a.d
Governor's arm, and walking in th« re
o w n i n a w A e e o u e s o i
Johrson the Governor rejoined the
at the table, bhortly after a servan:
[K*ared at the door, and beckoning if.,.!
(»overnor otit, told him Mr. Johnviii
lying in the yard on the stories.
Carroll went immediately to tht plac• :i:,
found Mr. Johnsoa lying on the
stone carriage-way that u-ses undt ..
ptircli of the man tiou, close up to the
and near a dwir leading iato Uie Liate.:.,:
He had evidently gone down the i
steps and around Pi the side of the 1 ....
and fallen where he was found?
Tbi- wa* about 8 p. m., and tl
pression is that be had been there a i
half an hour. He was then dntl
had been bleeding profusely fron
wounds on the light side of his bea
There are large. wounds on the
side of the forehead, two fnicturrv
skull irom the upper portion of th»
head to the eyebrow, a disiocatior
flnirer of tbe left hand, and cuts
hands and the leys. -The pbvsici.in
examining thfi l)Qd,i' t"dieterin1ne the
oi death.
Annapolis, F^l.
Dr. I/ewlsH. Stein. State Senator
Frederii k County, a distinguished
siclan. and Chief Ins|*ect«rof the Kanii-n-y.
Commission in the Army of the Poinm.-.
during the war, who examined the bo y
shortly after it was found, gives tbe foi
lowinir as his theory of the caum-of ti» M*i:
Mr. Johnson either stumbled over a po-cy
of coal, or, being seized with a|Hplexy,
and fetriviut. U save himt-elf, utoved
ward the west, staggering along by the
northerly side of the Executive Mnnsiou,
at each "step his Isxly gaining additional
momentum, so that having reached the
door leading into the basement he swayed
around to the south, and fell, his head
striking against the sharp corner of the
granite base of the house, which gave the
first wound on the bead. Reaching the
pavement ol rough cobblestones, a second
wound was recerved in front of the first.
At this instant, probably, tlie bonttTof the
nose were fractured, and one joint of the
second finger of his right hand was dis
located. Whether his subsequent strug
gles mav account for tlie abrasions on
his knees and the fingers of his left
hand cannot be positively asserted. The
wounds in the scalp were accompanied
with fractures of the external bones of the
crtuiium and the base of the skull also,
with the probable rupture of some of the
arteries at the base. Death must have re
sulted instantly.
Mr. Owynne, the Attorney-Gencral of
tlie Htate, and a son-in-law of llr. John
son, is of the opinion that he was seized
with vertigo and fell, as he hud a similar
attack, lasting three hours, while attend
ing atrial in rviuth Carolina, several years
ago. 1
Alleged Remarkable Discovery in
We learn that the Indian Monnd on i
Murphy** Island was opened, Or1 rather
entered, by a party a few days ago. This
mound is oue of the largest on the river,
and has excited more than ordinary inter
1 est among our scientific visitors. But
Col. Hart, proprietor of the i-!and upon
which the mouud stands, heretofore per
sisted in his refusal to have this relic of
I past ages disturbed. Ou Wednesday, i
however, it was resolved to inspect thor
I ougbly this monument of prehistoric age.
'A party from the Putuain, with others,
took a sleamer for the island, where they
arrived iu good time. It was agreed to
open the mound at its base. After making
a breach of thirty-five feet,they discovered
a hard wall made of cocquiua, or shell
rock. This wall was cemented, aud was
i ornamented w itli variaus figures of war
i riors, with liows and arrows, and various
reptiles. After much difficulty a breach
was made in the wall, and by the light of
a torch several of the party entered much
surprised, they found themselves within
I s vault eight feet high, with room twelve
by fifteen feet long, with armed warriors
i incased in niches, all in a state of petrifi
cation. This is certainly a most wonder
ful discovery, and has produced a pro
found sensation. In view of this import
ant discovery, Col. Hart has stationed a
guard to prevent parties making away
with those wonderful objects. Murphy's
Island will, no doubt, become the Mecca
of the 8t. John's Him.—Patatka {Fin.)
have lately appeared the writ­
ing of which is capable of Iteing copied,
more or less perfectly, in the press. They
are said to lie made of a mixture of grtaih
ite, kaoline and blue violet aniline. The
graphite is used in the form of a thick
paste,the kaoline in a finely pulverized
state, and the aniline in the form of a very
concentrated aqueous solution. The whole,
when well mixed, is moulded under the
press with cylinders about four inches
long and of the required diameter.
Gum arable may be substituted
Bun an of Statistics in Massachu­
setts rejMirts that the loss in prodnction by
the former strikes in Fall Uivcr was more
than $1,2.-»0,000— the distinct loss to the
operative.-, involves a much greater loss i-'
prod tut
ion. and a pro]»ortionate greater
loss io the workmen theniMilve*. The
strike has now about ended, as in the
principal mills some o! the men have re
sumed work. The potters' strike at Tren
ton in 18!9, lasted over twelve weeks,
and cost the men engaged in it upward ot
$70,000, ami the employers over ^-00,000.
American Grocer calls attention to
thc fact that in New York the sixe of ap
ple, pear and potato barrels is regulated
by law. Tbe Inst Legislature passed a
statute presi ribing a penally for making or
us i n barrel s of 1
ess cat ac lly ha
II 100 units
of grain or dry mea-ure Such barrels are
i smaller than those used in other States,
but so long as there i.s a fixed standard,
irencraiiy understood, and adhered to tin
der thu penalties of tbe law, itmtili.«s little
difference what the standard fa—Trad*
i »i i
recent strike .t coal-mines cost tlie
poor victims of their lc iders $"»00.0'i0, and
the employers, owners of mines, trans
portors of cMl and other*, *5,000,M» it
i not more.

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