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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, January 01, 1894, LAST EDITION, Image 5

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A l
The Attempt to Decapitate Street
i Commissioner nop.-cins
if Hr.d
4 t I
I A 'm si iafcii
frw P-V -v
L , j ; i :
i4 "t .
nun nrnr
r ' I it r
ullLiil Li) I
S: "1
"- s --"i r r-,
n t r "'i " " 7 JJ 1
" ' ' ft il ' 1
r r - I a ". jO
i i ! t k' i i i! J H
hi - " J . ,
iJ V 4 " Wl 'if 'ta'
Good Ufcoiid Grail'1.
m-Hrt. mum jp
iT! Tim jk"?'
i -::4 ....
1 :
. 1 1 J L
! ".OP i
L.'tflU f
I., J.
can., viJjU
tn!e of the l'a't- -onne-til WltU
the War JIaile ou Mr. lUpkins uJ
tho I'.easoo of It.
Street Commissioner Albeit Hopkins
will lose his oQicuii head at the meet
iutr of the city council t..ni.zht if the
resolution which one of the members
say- he i-s g-oiui; to introduce jiasses.
This resolution will be in substance,
"Re.-olved. that Albert Hopkias be noti-tie-i
that his services as street comtnia
sioner are hereby dispensed with." The
inemuer who says he ha3 canvassed the
huvject thoroughly says his resolution
wi.l pass bv the follow'tn? vote: Ave
I JUtillUIlj ijiuitt, avjj
an .1 Bur ires?. 2io Hoimau. Karaest,
Fulton Orig-tcs. The member says
th.it Mayor llarrisoa would uot veto
sU'.'h a resolution.
There is no douht but that Mr. Hop
kins intended to resign Saturday, lie
himself admits it. ile was aware of the
hostility of several eounctinieri, and he
be:iiii hiiLitkiq- for another job. He
I'iiade arrangements for tlie .
its. u
jJJiL OlililUltilvU. 1 ..... . f
i pk;s. Self-rising B. W. Flour,
O Ibs Best Navy Beans, .
O lbs. Evaporated Pears, . . .
" Monroe Brand" Concentrated
J life J
v ., - iSS
3 1 .
W W W (b J . & It. 1 Jbdi&ui.i.- ilA ti Km
Tha ?.retiiodl:',t Paster Itei
Strong Protest
' j m
H O M t: N W S .
iw Year
-. i . ji:
'e oil o;:
i s 1 1 ; ; s
:'n : 'iiii v.
Ill .ir''Ba Veierilay a IJ-epurt ure s
S-'-i'5i the lU!.? abji--tH Heai'ti iii j
( hiirc ! e j
:) . ::' r- c .r the hh-t Meth-j
otiirt c EiU .vi.. t rt;-r .:ay a.or
ed a si'i'ii. i in t"p Ui the
tbou';'' v In. -'a (.is I
abi'J'. tidisv. II" n
vit i-'.u-.-d by the- at i;
1 : v (-. int i ' "hat he
ho lb-vs. I-o'n- I. lea h ivt- u. nhui
ia-j."e i:i ;. vistr f ' tt.e sfood ff hti
t ' -in o".;. t r - v.-! ,:ih . have i 1'
fur i--nTu .tie s. '
"i!arl i I. tit i er did mure in a year 1
than otht r ru-u hive u,uk- in a life tiut;,
s charatter is tit mttasu. of life uud !
not yearr.
'The 1 Te of ;. r. ati ju is alsn measured
by tl is i-hur.K'ter -if its pub lie men
a . l
rr i
i low oh
mil. h ta
Life is
' rat.' a I!la :l
a i -j si i X
na:, i i v
v had 11 ed
A haj.py :
i':.i - i sr.
The Sai;ta J
iu;irc Jn'U'i! is lii:j ju.lj.
V ashburtt s:til B-tl.any . !!
.: a in oa V's:v.:iifJ;.v.
A. Topeku . it-i-k had to
day says ht- -Miit 1 id3 truK.iu
V, . X.V. W'el i V n i- -et f .
Jauuaiy ttL, .n ti.e di-tta-' l-j .
N"W Year"- s--rv f--j v ;
D.j-t of tat- city .'i;urc-h"? v
A 't ; .a !'ia; h. v-.-uted ;. m.
biik iny povv d--r m "h-j li-t iv
The hoi ..'K;l bi'ii.'S re;-ei':
Y'ear's culls this voir th it
ye; a.-.
Thi- is isti of tl.3 iii. -st N
lay.- itiiiti t ae iui u.ory l! t
!i.i.i a .
Act: air Mjvo? EttJinr'T be adow
ei..'nmn's m our
re injurious;
-tizi'iuu of a
cati.-ed, It has j tt.ia. b
;-ld and Si is brouiriit ; t jj
w hicli i.a.s harUiy j I ne
n:av i.
have the : 2s ew e
i.;!h,ve ! v
r p- . . - . SO - . -. .
ohicidhs, out th- -re t.r
tiutionul iiio rli c.h
what t a e ..ie ji.;
siuc! titetiil las
3h'.'e'i.,'d the .-ntir; w
on a tir. ..nciai c 'h ;
ever i: ee a -! 1 1'p i-.- . I.
"As ioi. g as p i deal lar'ie-ea-ne
: i p:a;taa.l rivalries and
that to tl e ;jt o: bt-i.jio: the
l..m.'f '.via our n ficraa liie I'C crij i...n-..i.
"V"hi!e I do no: i.i'Oa've in mob vio- i
l-r:.-e, yet I h;. 1 -a:al of mobs that I '
would u.: t .ft la tike way of prevert in .
fr.-m oar -y i jt j:J". taeir puri use. e i
. iii i - rt :.ui v i jlence a lor. as the
people i' v'v ite to t: e bench, judges not
uosh.y i :' i id'ia" c: nlM.-i.: ee. :
Uur j itbiic ia u 5,h.u.M ! -:idi m.n '
a we co lid p..r.t our sons to with pride, .
but whote i :bfr a jr-)a-rn-r that we ;
Cm poPi: to w:-h rauc'i pridi-h" i
"V: hi!.' I an. aa a tv-i id 1st or an j
an arch Is: yet 'e are biivs whu"h art
o pro--i-. e. an i s iihhi sh aii he maje to
ruti'i t a.i i:i-!e,:d of ;. fev.'. What won- i
dor i? it Usal a tfdo'oa 1 joi.jui I p- into i
tlie haitiis ct" a r"H'.v..r where its o!:;ciais i
tire pa.hp .Ci. ... 0 jo thv einpilcyes are ;
paid bur hy mi rjrh to live on. j
'."e mu-t i ' i . a ih.- perils to!
eocitl hie and .'ued tl.t-tn like honest I
e i toiii.. j ; bt for m
as njayor.
Bir-hop Yint-i-nt
; North To-atk l Met In
January 1-1.
,,j i a no iirsi r oi tr
i iiiO to vver oi Lie . is-
tiiis mortdiur.
i r
i tv-on
JW l-V '11!
iTivcr a
: i.
jo-ution oi
mrt.t deijot-inaster at the Santa i e depot
at ;s7. a month, which he secured with
the assistance of -Mayor Harrison.
Later in the da however he had a con
sultation with Albert Earnest, ami others
of his friends in the council, who advised
Mm to staj. They said that he was con
iirme l for a term of two years, and that
' the only w.tv he could lose ids job was
by impeachment on a definite charge,
such as incompetency, and there was no
da surer of that. Then Mr. Hopkins, who
hau j)re iously civeu Mayor Harrison to
understand, that he would resig-n, no tided
hini of his chanire of purpose.
The member of the city council who
told a .TourN'ai. mau that he would intro
duce the resolution to dispen-e with the
services of Hopkins, said that if the reso
lution didn't remove him he would bring
other forces to bear that would. " V e
only need six eounciimeri ami the mayor
to eet Hjpkins out," he said. "I know
the mayor would prefer somebody else
in the place, and I only know of four
cotineilmen who womd stand by Hop-kin-
in trie council. They are Hoimau,
Barnest, Fulton and Grisgs."
Councilman John Troutmari whose
term in the council fro in the First ward
ex tores next spriiiir, aspires to llopkin's
place, and he has more than one mem
ber a.irreeiutr to support him. Dave N av
lor and Foremau Eastman would also
i like the pi ace.
hi" cliartres airamst 1 1 op Kins are not
deliuitely t-ated but the objection seems
to be largely on the ground that '.Eartie.st
h;:s too much intluciice with him," as one
I of the menders put it. it is said that
1 at j when Earnest makes uliy request from
I the street force it is always complied
I of j With, and that when the other eoimeil
:j. j men make a similar request sometimes it
is grunted ana sometimes it is uot. i lie
same member t-sjiressed the opinion
th at there were not u few ilepubiicans
m-ire "deservine"' of the pi u e than the
present hicumi a-nt, whom they charsre
hart lived in Topcka a co.uparativeiy
j-liort time, pays no taxes and never did
the party any special service.-.
Mr. Ho;, kins savs he has aimed to do
! the Pe-t work possible with a few men,
;::' :c .. h. it; the I aiid that if he loses his job it will be for
a c.Suaday i political reasons and not throipsrh any
j ie trlie-eiicii or incompetency. The re
u is l struck l cor is of this department show that the
: 7: is o' lock I work has been well done and that the
I expenses of the department have been
.. ., f .,...,-,,1' ! reduced in 'lie past six months from $3,-
"O at iv
1 the
r-.1 ei oL.cn
"For tixcellence of Workmanship,
Superiority of Design, Great Sim
plicity, Easy Manipulation, Durability, Speed, Mani
folding Ability, and all the essentials of a first-clasc
writing machine,
ungTon i ypewriter
so!ute!y unrivalled.
y tTnanimously adopted as the Official
Writing-Machine of the World's Columbian
Unanimously adopted, after a sffarr!-urt-
investigation, in May, 1892, 1-y Airie r can
Newspaper Publishers'Association.Ovc-r -&:
machines sold to its incrrsbers !iace th-.t dtc.
fi&NH UUM!
Local Dealer,
Says Mr. Urei-Ientlinl. Is (liven of Hi
Views on OUice Jt-lUSu-.
Te the Editor of the State Journal.
Dkak Siii in your issue of Friday
yc u publish an interview with the writer
in which you convey a s ron-r impres-ion
as to my views iu ree ard to the duty of
the irovernor in retrard to removino ap
pointees. A chantre of one word will
chantre the entire interview, an 1 make it
apjiear as 1 intended and not as you rep
resent me. You have sue say ttiat "The
4T eruor as the head ol the state fovern-
;ut, ia re
to the pe
w k. I
1 more New
,u for nany
Sew- Year's
oiliest iu-
t a o sitvii'i! 1
'it r
t j 1
n e
I t nv
1 er
as v. t .
1 1
i ' s d
! oi'O monthly to les than 2,(-Ju, and last
mouth they were only $700. Mr. Hop
kins said to a Journal reporter today
that after consulting with his bond-onon
and friends in the council, lie lui l de-
i ended to hold his job an 1 fiht any
1 : charires that may be brought ajrainst
1 tlje ! ;pUJ rather than leave the othce under a
I cloud.
J ri- I NOT A l'JMZi: rilaiT.
'pie for t lie
olhces, and although 1 have I .celt con
tinned by the senate, 1 recognize that it
is the governor' right to remove me
whenever I am not conducting my de
partment satisfactory to him."
Instead of the word "him" the inter
view should read "the people." In other
words the position I take is that the
eovernor is the representative and the
servant of the people, and upon him de
volves the duty of oeeiug thai the diiler
eiit departments are administered in a
satisfactory maimer to the whole people
and whenever he tinds that an appointee
of iiis is not conducting the a'T iirs of his
clfice in a proper and satisfactory man
ner to the people it becomes the duty of
the governor to remove such officer and
fid the vacancy with some one calculated
to properly conduct the oilice. Believ
ing that you did not intentionally mis
quote me, I ask that you make this cor
rection. Very truly yours,
John V. Bhkidkntual.
We aiWHvs caiiv a loll
hue of I'ri's'i and salt
Ments of eveiy (leseris.
t!!. ;.(,!- .'.-Oieo-a
I v I Li
at h . ..j.
1 resh Fish wrry dav. Came In ,n. i S I 1 KOTJTU I J '
1'rtfbh VegeUtblos of all kinds every morning, f o i I MOUiU I -
( rev J. 31. KXHai.l
'S I ' 1 v" r, . '-7 nwnn '
1 , - r - - !' , - 7 1 j ; ' ; , e -
I - m Ami si:
1 1)1 - 1 Oil kss. A . ,
Ami K lit Ka. A vi-.. N.trtii
!:. . I i.'.Me-s, .I.nne- an ai, .!.,"
and M - lada iiiil'i', 1. ci.es ai,a
, thiaini'T.
1 1
LOCAL f.-""NT10n.
Most c f the coicty oilices were closed
till day.
Th-? ,T.;nuary term cf the district court
will con' ene o 10 week fii-::. tomorrow.
The week of p -a-, er will i.e observed
in ti e ci'y chiircits, bey Inning ou Wed
nesday f vetting.
About twenty 10 ember.- cf the West
Slue Gu 1 club cc lei rated New Year's at
the club grounds oa West 11 untoou street
today, by a ; he . t
It was F. II. Martin who was lined $1
and costs fv 1- di.-tr.ibh:g the peace of F. i
L. Jeit., at 1 11' West Fifth street. An!
oversight oa the et.trv made Jeitz an- !
ptiar the de'etcaut instead of tiie
There will b5 "eoglous services held'
at the S-ve ith 3)ay Adventist churdi,
corner cf Fifth and We-'erri avenue,
each evening t hi i week at 7:: JO. conduct- .
ed ty Kl i-r M- IL Gregory cf Independ
ence, iv-i.li. i 1 are cordially invited to ;
at to ad, 1
The Fir-t Mtthodlst
( "a 1
tl 1 t 1 n t.
t' 1 - t I t i 1
at 1 :o i not S.
(! jvc rnor . I c K i t b y ..
a t he Ottawa Clui .! ati
snmn;er. Jern.ud K
t,'. ay t ) Ohio to snv he h
1 h re wit" 1 - t 1 oi:
that number ' w.. re gr
ed and :,7 are sdll p.-m
l ATopeka man prop
drum: H hy siio'ih I t
t harit ies at ottce vac.
t V
1 J
. is
Little Kaiiffcr Tliat There Vt Sll lie Any
lUoody Itouiid;," Xoniltt.
Tlie sporting men who go to tiie ath
letic exhibition at Hamilton hall tonight
expecting a genuine pri.e tight wiil bo
disappointed, according to th e statement s
of Chief of Police Lmdsey and Sheriff
Wi s kerson.
Chief Lindsey said this morning: "It
has been represented to me that it is not
te. be a prize tiiiht but stmplv a glove
I contest. I had a talk with lierdf Wil
i a ii t i s-peak i k.-rson about the matter and if it ia a prize
:o.oai Jy next I light and he dotct stop it 1 will. I pro
went ad tie- ! p e to be present with a squad of police
! a. id wil: he ready for biisine-s.'"
f r divorce ! Sherid! Wtikerson said: "If it is a
t v. ir of ' prb-ie tight I propose to stop it. It has
i. 11 cd-rjoss. ' been represented to me by tae manairers
j oi both O'Keefe and Bradnliaw that it is
11 jt a prize iignt cut a ngnt lor points
j with live ounce gloves. I will be present,'
! however, and if it turns out: that it is a
j light for I lood I will stop the light."
The Swedisli OuiirteLte Suhseription F.lst.
The subscription li-t for the Swedish
it ale quartette to be brought to Library
hill January 15, Contains already 'sh")
n imes and the guaranty of f t.'"'! is as
sured. About SiOU seats remain to be
d.sposed of. There is no doubt now that
they will be taken.
Among those who have placed their
names on the subscription hst are: 11.
Vf iider. Albert II. Ilorton, F. O. Popenoe,
Clue. S. Eagle. Geo. M. Nolle, F. E.
Kollidav, A. M. Fuller, Jas. 15. Ilavden,
F'. E. Over holt, W. W. -Mills and many
o i.s rs.
They Will Be Tabulated by the
Board Tomorrow.
t lie conna
te Board of
I cause its
o.ily I.easO has i i;:o,l
Saaiitt. lerk o' th.-' Ftiited
SoCe circui' c. u: r. ha- be..-, . . ; s i at i
ciei'K co til:- niti- t 'ee-; o -rn: t '..ourt, ; Three l'olicemen Among- tlie I'atrons of
iu J hive of J. C. W ii-ou, is signed j a Hcer Joint.
Prof. Worrall has ore---. 1Urd a, A.i Three members of the police force vis
liobicson wr h a p iiotit-g f a se.--.ue on j ited the big joint uuder the l'acitic ex
the oid .i.t:i Fe f.vii. v.0.1 hi the ra iroi-el ; press oilice. according to the statement
magnate admired Lr its a.'u racy of de- ; of one of the witnesses examined before
. o
Hindu v sch-
held its atmu.U eLvntott r f otlh-crs Frhlav
night, a whic 1 oh. W. ). (do-sett was
elected - 'a i ert t -n J to succeed CJ eo.
1- T aft, who, t.t-i irsea to 61-ne another
term. .'Sr. (Jo-sett was ipt rinrendent of
this Sun lav sg hcol for t - . : . v . i . e veiirs
tut retired volur tsrily two years ago.
The regular mot thly meeting of tlie
city council will be held tonight. Tue
eoanc'sd on, or s o-ne of thetn, anticipate
that Maor lii.rrh-oa will r turn the sal
uiy ordiaarce- .1 1 the re-ohition
pausing w Uh t!d serv ip.'j of Ai: i-rt
Andy IMorrison, who keeps a pop corn
an I near the court house, said tinder
, -, ... ! oath that on Christmas dav he saw I'o-
-V J'leasaat .-Iutie.il Anrer.aiament atthe 1 ,. T, , . T -, . ,
First I're.byterhm Cttar.-h. . ".'"V umeu-yu.-civ, u euivins auu imu
visit tae joint at .ago ivansas avenue.
These policemen will be asked to ex
Tgiaia their visit,-; to the ioir.t when the
nu ge coagreg it . on. i. t e s-.lo 1 . -a..,.r ,-,f t,0 igt 5a t-i..l
chorus, singing was ex.. ell er. aid ser- j 1 J 1 '.
vice tkroug! out v
est of the
v. as done by .Mrs, (-r-o?'ge .V. Fark'aarst,
Mr-. Fruuk Wear. Mr." II. N. Hiaklev
"eijei-:an v. a i
Presl vteriati chur.'
-in:g at toe rirst
last e i--j i rig leir.?
1 e s- lo irt-d
'-oid'U''0-!' ?. Lr ; If AEG ED WITH BURGLARY.
and Mr. 11. L. si.i.-er.
The tfhur h v. as prct il
witi reen and a b it i r
;Hjl.:p!t II 1n V i! ii ii W
o is and iappy e:.
A Pro:
d cc rated
s s l itter:.
T circuit cor rt convene I this
big u$ f.ovided 1 v law. I ct v. as i
liatelv itdtourned titttU neU Saturdav l-v
.1 udge John -on. Toe ruot.-.i; Uoc lit t will
not t ilo.l ou Sa- droav. bit tl o court
! will hear suy iiio.i.os whig t may comj
I up.
w ith his veto.
Irving Thompson Arrested 1 or Breakingr
Into a Housa
Irving Thompson, a young shoemaker
who has run a shop near tae Santa Fe
depot, was arrested by the police today
and turned over to the state, charged
with burglary. It is charged that
'1 hompson broke into the house of N.
Paliiiiund at ol4 Tyler street and stole a
cloak and several blankets, in ail valued
at s17. from Mrs. Nellie Mottsrm.
T. E. Stiumau was also a r re-ted for
complicity in the same theft but he was
aide to satisfy Chief Lindsey that he was
not involved in it. ard he was discharged.
toa and .Joan .To
Troutmnn of the ITr-t ward, s.ays
ttiui-ii s mi-? acH-m errors are mane
that he loesii": kr.ow about, both me:s
ures will pass o t-r the mayor's veto by
ta saga:; vote it j ased tefore.
Pitiee ti;
iiui r v
that "e neau r"t 1 hlce .n
Co., iW iv.tii-;,.is avi,
i u . : g
Vi !
a v.
:he city, 'i hldtie.
We liif nd "aor t 4tois.
i cf charge. i.Verl.;- bt...
I'mbrellas are in popular ue now in
California, so is Columbus Self IhhsJng
j liui'k w heat and J'ancase Hour. It is
i: tnlry fre. j prepared in the city of T.-poka and is
auudry, 11- also sold ail over the city. Try a j-ack-j
ago uf ii,
"City Electrician." Made Out oT tlie Elec
tric Ii.lit Superinlenilent.
The ways and me m- committee of the
city council held a meeting- Saturday
night in the council chamber. There
were present Cuunoilrneri Holmtin. Stev
ens, Earnest, Feiiows, Fulton and Mayor
The city attorney was instructed to
prepare an ordinance giving the super
intendent of the electric light plant the
additional title and duty of "citj- elec
trician," without an increase of saiary.
The object of this is to assign to home
responsible and capable perso.n the su
I ervioioh of all the electric wires in the
city, which often come in eotirfiet. A few
days ago a light wire fell aero.--Mr.
Hoi man's telephone wire, and if any one
had taken head of the teiophorie then
t ie shock would have meant serious in
j try. It will be the duty of the city
electrician to see that the w ires are prop
erly laid and properly kept.
Si I'erUin Plays at the Graud-Ilr. Hint
Hypnotizes at Craw 1'ord '.
Both opera houses present New Year's
attractions this evening. At the lrurid
Si Perkins will be presented by a compa
ny which is said to be excellent and they
portray old New England life and some
cf the peculiarities cf the "down east
At the Crawford opera house the
'Flints" are the attractions and a week's
engagement will be opened with this
t-veniog's performance. -Mr. Flint has
announced that he will give ten per cent
cf the receipts this week to the poor of
this city: the money to be distributed by
some charitable organization.
Oa Saturday evening- Mahara's colored
rainstrels appear one night at the Grand.
Stuart Kobsou imd an excellent compa
r y present the "Comedy of Errors" on
Monday eveciug January feth,
Tlie 31ot riea-;nit Way
Of preventing the grippe, col ls, head
aches and fevers is to use the liquid laxa
tive remedy Syrup of Figs, whenever the
system needs a gentle, yet eh"ective
cleansing". To be benefited one must
get the true reruedv manufactured by
the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For
ale bv all drug-iriats iu 5Uc and 1 bottles.
W. M. ulp Biol Hr-. toiH M
V did . d Tod a .
The marriage id' V. Ii. ( too
Jo-ej.hine Mr'd. tli wa- -..lego
o'clock this atternooii : t !!. r- i
Kev. Dr. Embreo ,.f the Po d ;
I'hnrcli. The cerein-Miy w,s u
one a ml lieru nine. , in ... .
. j th" immediate friend- of the t
As to What They Will o-)lot of - groom. . . ,
j Mc( i ratii who w:t- .e-e,.,. i- .
of tlie liond Wnut. ,.ral Nearsagobv W. T. l.stl,-.
i - '
The board of county commissioners j sioafiio d!'iin u,- u
meet again tomorrow, and .at that meet- p., p,ra! a p pha ;i' ior.s, a- they
ing all of the bids submitted on Saturday t he ii iseaseil portion d
fed-the erection of Die proposed court ; Tu.ri. i only one. way to core ,
house wiil bo considered and tabulated .Ulj t;1-it js pv con -t it u t a ,:, d i
in readiness for the awards which will t 1 v.-ufm.-s i caused bv an ir.i'.f-.
i probably be made this week. 'ditioii of tie- noicai - llso;.
One hundred and lilty thou-ana tlmiars j ou st acid a n tub". V hen U.e t .
was voted for the erection of the court j inihim.-d v-.it hao a rmn'-bi- -house.
On the l.-lu" prints of the pro- j imjl,.rfeer hearinc. i,i,d wh.-o i'
posed new building the total cost inclnd- pir,.v closed d'-aim--.-, i the ic
ing the purchase of additional land, was I ,,j,. tie- hiSl.imui.it h.! I x
placed at 125. Odd. This is the cause, f ;, , ,, i , tp, j u ,,. ri . -r.-dtoit-. n -n
of several mistakes appearing in the pa- pdtiou. head ing w id 1 d.--'r. v, o
pers, receutlv, on this point. The orig-! r. -, .,, oi t. a i
inal bonds call for 150.U.U. I ;u t h, w hich i- n.dhoo. i o- ;o,
The board have issued only $1.00.000 iu lU of ttm mu. - df
bonds, and hope tltat will be ouiJicienf, ( will five w.'t !.ut.-h 1 ;
as they expect to sell the old court house , linv ,-a-e of d -afn. . t o -an i d ' y
site for enough to ay for the new build- t,ai ,.;mnot be cut-e I I y ii dd
ing, with the !$10t,ouu of bonds already j Cure, so-n-1 0 .r oi n -u !..;-.,
prifited. ! i ,J. ( ,i . M-.i A: ., Tod
Ou Thursday the bonds will be offered '-o!d by drug;: i-: -, 7'.".
f.-r sale at the county clerk's ot'tiee. and j , ..
while no oilers have been received for , Hurt's Korrect S i-ip'- -
them yet it is expected that they can be i man's.
disposed of in time ho as to not delay the r Holmes, drucgi.it, 7dl I,,...
construction of tlie building. ! -
Captain J. Lee Knight speaking of the j Furman's $-.r,n bargaoo t ho. .
bids .-aid: "euia not nave lime on. ()i y.-lt.rf Wi: h II.
Sat urdav e ven to li kov over tti" oius a
-et'oraa time, ari'.i im'ic ctic a "!.-.u ui.wa ; -
1. -Witt's Wi.
i rdirit.es an.i ne
di.-eu-sed ; r ' '
d l;an i-
t ,1.-1 ittj u h.f.ii wit to.ve f.a t
i i ''... . . , i i ... i i ; chut
reiure an v tuuu act can ue owrtio.-.j.. x . ,- ,, i .... ,
-. It
lor m
S be made, but presume it will be several
days at leaot.
American Stenni Laundry.
112 West 7th. Te lephone 341.
112 and 114 West Sth, Peerless Steam
Peerless Steam Laundry Peerless
Steaui Laundry.
loiieku ?-tei Laumtry.
d'huiio lod. b-.'.'i Jaclcs on street.
i d
f lood value, Furman's f-2 shoe.
Try Furman's Warranted Snoe.
Try the Topeka Steam Laundry.
Peerless Steam Laundry 11
West -in.
Buy Furman's :;:d Fin.- h " .
Early Ui-ers. Early Jt.-rs. I
ers, tiie famoti-i 11. tie pol- i r
tiou, sick iieadache, d - Joi.
Warm Lined. hii'' at l-'imi,.
hU2 caiis up the I'ceriesO
Party clippers at i'nrmatiV.
P.oy.s' 2 Wearied t-.,'f
'r-hiit- no : b-d by the l'e, re -
Awarded Ilijrliest
? i
2 n
- i ii
Honors Vorld'.i
ff f "N t ' "
,-- K
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. MaArtcioiiii; T." A ho:.
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Stand;

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