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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, January 01, 1894, LAST EDITION, Image 8

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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b::ate jouhxal, mono ay evexing-. January i, issu.
- o o fr
,W -4. W 4cJ i.ii.J.a.i.
f i
1 . i
j i 00 k . fcJ ti. hj j -i-.J a
--- -it- ffi-j 1 Jl..;A utts m Xaf ju4 -u. Jk.gfci Mfcioccil L.:' ti -u4
1 a -a
. . . . ,," , . 1) r.
Tjr.:- hi?e in marking down, iid In mzny Instances cost was not considered, "life
ir.iv iif;u;r fooled you before and vcn't fool you noi'i. Read these fines and believe
1 Lt ft- - t 4 UrJi. 1 we it yr i a -W J Wit
1 P- A
s I 1 v
T .s-j,
oOksi ,lw A ;,.al
'-a a t t, I -;
i ' L-'
r f
f 1
Half )ul Henriettas, 3G
1 i
in'h AVKU
OKI f1T71TTfl
nnn rt o o n 1
i '" f ', if " , '
1 1
4 I 1 1 -
All wool mixtures 40 in. i All wool French Flannels.
All wool Plain Eiderdowns, j inches wide.
All wool Henriettas, 4G
Hall' wool Diagonals, CO j All wool mixtures o j in. ! All wool Heavy Shirtings, i All wool Bedford Cord, 40
ineli wide
: All wool Shepherd Plaids. ! inches wide.
Cliicao Iiberty liell to lie liuuir All
Around the orltl.
New York, Jan. 1. The travels of the
famous Chicago Liberty us it is
kiiutvu to distiu iuish it from its more
famous ehiladelihia iro1otype, v,iil be
far more extensive than have hitherto
been mentioned.
It leaves Ihe Grand Central palace
Jt-xt Wednesday to go to Na.-diville, Nt'u-iJrJi-ims,
?',i(-xieo and the 31 id-Wiuter fair
at San Francisco.
The bell will Le taken to the continent
of Europe for a stay of at least a year.
First it will fro to Etiirland, to be rung-on
the lield of Jlunnymede on .1 une 15,
1?!' 4. hi n eelelratioii of the anniversary
of the sltfninsj of the Aiairua Chart a.
After that, it will he taken to France to
participate in anniversaries connected
witli political freedom, and to Germany
for the sfaino purpo.- e, its next liestina
tioii being- St. Petersbnr.'', whore it will
ito I he rnnar on the anniversary of the email-
OIlTIi TOP Eli. A.
Iieiiis or Interest fnou t!o Xuri!. !
-rrs. Fohert Ohtors..; is i-ith: - , :
T. .TueXeah
Capital lod-e No. 'J, KnUrhis ..f,
uinbia. will in.-tall their new t,;! r
n ; it la.. '
.Mrs. 1 C. Lacey and s.,,n Jhai,,:..
trotie to Valley Fallot to viit fri.-i..-.,
lew days.
Mr. and Mrs. Churl. -s VI hh-r . f 1
viHe, spent the past week nhii ! .-.
-Irs. 1 ioiuics.
W. S. Careen! ba, i. V,. ....
Vv m. G rei'ii have g-uv to L-'-.V; :', .
Halt' v.-ooi Hop Sacking, I All wool Hop Sacking 38 inches wide, opening j All wool French Cord, 3S ! "Zn c-ru
Ho inch wide.
in. wide
Russia:i Fi Lirdown, 2 i All wool Flannels 52 in. ; 'Jo cents.
inch wide. All down to lo wide.
t'ents. I All down to 25 cent
price 75 cents. All down, to I inches wide
.Next it will ro to Italv and thence to
ll --vl I Trr Qonl-i'iwf- C on -t an' inople, Jerusalem, Cairo, ttu.-nee
Vll WOOJ ilOpbaCivlllg, ob tUvu,,h Australia. India. China andJ.it-
mm a
iV 1
inches wide
All wool black and white
Inlaid, 38 inches wide.
All wool rrench Poplins,
i. X J U Ill's i u.
TniporttMl Pedforl Cords,
cpi-ning tnic(5 yv;t 25 cents.
7r; nvvTZ
French Poplin-, 44 i icli.
"! C 1- 1 1 II! ! .''tt.'lililC k Lit If-, ) llll. II.
Jialt Aurralja.i wool, halt i c; ,lfi, f . -q ; -,-.,
r i x 1fv . t ocotcil C-heviots, -o iticli.
Cotton. IJowp to 10 cents. a i n , , i
Whm l-Oi'ds, -it) in!' .
Scotch Plaid, 52 in el:.
All down to 75 cents.
r j ' 1 4
2 in. Red Fox 1.25, was 2.50 38 inches wide.
2 in. Raccoon 1.00, was 2.00; All wool Scotch
2 in. Lvnx 1.50, was 3.00. inals, 38 inches wide.
an, baek to the i'aciiic coast, making vir-
tuailv a circle ui tue v,jrl-.l.
Tliat Country ISofue to Siitonit to Kx-
! tt-nsiii t Com rtiissiii.
I N kw Yojjx, Jan. 1. The Herald's
; special dispatch from Valparaiso, Ch'tii,
says: The Chilian government lias re-
' fus -d to airree to the proposition subniit-
i ted i v the irovenimont ol the Lni:-1
2 in. Lvnx 1.75. was 3.50.
1 in. Brown Bear 2.00. was I FIG U11ED EIBEHDOWXS ; ' for aifextemdi of the" existence
j ' f of Chilian claims commission, now sit-
4 jl , TT- . Ar 0- ! Opening prices 75c, 89c j Ul "-'
HblPlC TTnir Alllt? V2;C WHS t i ,--i i? i tr i I ae eiiect of this will he that many of
' j aiKl ail ClO ll TO aUC. tW ciauun brought against the Chilian
l rovernmeiit will not he adjtidicated tipon
- - ; L J t!i
j -, b' ; 'iv
Black Hair Muffs 65c, was;
Mutria Mnff3.50, was 5.00
c..vri,ewHu,!,woro; LACE OURTIKS. Ilmoerial Smyrna Rugs w";fG-!,-
I'rices will b. $1.07, were ; Handsome patrern? 3 yds. Sizes 20x54, price
2.50. . long taped, iOc a pair, were 'were 3.75.
3 black hair Capes, $.".JS,
i'V this coiaiiii.-si-jii, ;md ii;n.h-r the terms
j of the treaty will he barred from ever
I a .. being considei-ed.
j W IK ) LE 1 A3! 1LY K 1LLK1).
Man, "VVifo, CUill ami j-rvant tiirl M ur
! dered nt I utlc Jiti nee.
Sizes 36x72, price 4.00, Vas 842.50.
o : 2 Alonkey Capes, 825.00, ! T Ka rr, ja-.,. i.--tii. star'.
,-, r- . "i. A 1 ' i Inueuenufiice, Ivan., special says:
2. lO, ; Were b J .i0. j to-,,rge V. Reed, of the Long-
1 .x-r.l n-iTAo S!il fin I J'nber company, was loiind
1 Baltic Seal Cape, 82 7.50,
was 842. .iO,
s ortii Tin to
81.00 eacii
T !
were 0.00.
iuiijji o. ! f IT WIT 1 17 finpi T t?-tq
X; o.OO. J rice ! Cream lvnit Shirts oOC, i Re t cSpd f nne ;,v;uds
avy only 82.ti0, wc:'e o,: worth 70C. I around. 8:15.00. was 850.00.
1 A utria Cape, 2o.00, was
dea 1 in bed this morn in jr. and his wife
ana chilil are in a l inu' condition.
The s; rvant girl was al-,o dead, The
all'air is a mviierv.
All colors, 2.98,
-fc. . ,
7.5' ,
J 1 T 7 ' ( i
-;) f-'Mits UV 81 Off " "
111 A si - UP T A TTJ p T 77 1
t " if .i (i T)T) j rQ lUilliilil I tilii).
i AiiiiJ Li Lid Ui liljiiiD i 5 foot with Brass Triin
80 cent. re 81.00. ; ming, 19 cents eacli.
. ' Ladies' all wool AVaists :5.00.
10 orv. ,t-,.-fi, C1 in, .
tj n ui in vA.ii.
ft f 7 'WO
Uihl iu.
S ' i - -s
iroiu '0 cents.
i u a itv 'Ladies'
t 1 ! ) I (
I Vest.
in i
and icy. Down j frLOQ-
Ladies heavy scarlet wool
vests and pants, dow n from
ixty- ...ii caw itinbed n-
: nr8'"n
V 1 -A ' At i 'i ery choice hi
regujai-price 5()(-. All down Kibboa jer,ey; ., '"oi; A big line of $1.00 Vests
"J l.L'-T.. vests and pants scarbt grev! and Pants, odd sizes, down
Broken lots of the best
Children's G r e t c li e n Cprtque Shades at 2oc, worth
Cloaks, 3.75, were 4.50 to I '0c
6.50. I '
v " . '
.sa:i J ti 3a k W a
10-4 'White Blankets S9c,
were 1.25.
10-4 very heavy White
Blankets 1.50, were 2.50.
AH wool White Blankets
3. 75, were 5.00.
Children's Underwear.
Children's Gretehen
i Cloaks 5.00, were 6.75 to
; 9.00.
Children's Gretehen
Cloaks 7.5Q, were 9.50 to
I 12.75.
Kil l H
i ; h i I ,' ;' a 'i ' : f! i-i , owta n
udiiitiuij j Juuui hEuai.
CMii'dren's Crrey and Scar
let, all wool, extra heavy
and white, 89c, were 81.50.
JaJs Et'Esutt oridaJiota Hie
1'ikhkk, S. !., Jan. i. lion. Joseph
liennett. presiding judge of the Mate
supreme court died ia.it night jf heart
failure. i!i' was hist November elected
by a large majority to ser e for six year
and was lu taki.1 his seat tomorrow. Tin
remaitis w ere takmi lu his hone at C. lat h
todav by a --pecial train. Jut lire Bennett
ws-ihoru in New York in Ischi. In ls.s:.
he removed to Dakota arid in lN-'! v;..
elected to the supreme bench.
4'-,.t5iterSVit"j"4 at !. .J:e.
Sf. JosKi'o, Mo., Jut.. 1.- -A workmiti
found in the storage yards of the Fuller
ton Funihi-r co'inpany a complete set o
pla-ter of paris molds for inaking coin is
tiie denomination of a dollar, liaif dolia
and nickels. The oflicers think it I -longed
to a gantr whicii became a'arn.eii
by the arrest of Chariest .May and id.
wife for counterfeiting some time airo.
Ma it1 ! I Hfo-i'ei' a,i:l iliiui.
Mrs. Mary K. Lease has secured the
cervices of Kugene 1 lagan and Judge
Frank Duster to conduct her case in
relereiH'o to her removal from tin- state
hoard of charities. She says she pro
poses to make the governor prove any
char-res he has to make against her or
ret fact hem.
JL I u,
to 59 cents.
Our favorite number in onM,n;!n,. it
Sit -i , , -si ?a.Msii.i.o:, Oniu, dan. 1.- Q. 1 lo; , el ,
Children s Grey Alermo I --h has handled since is;i, con-espon-Yests
and Pants marked ; f,f v ,i;i'1'7
. j? n ing the lnih-):'i)'ient here, dropped dead
(loWll as IOllOWS: on'Uie f-rtreet this moruing, agod 4'.i. Apo-
Sixe 20, 19c; size 22,
was the cause.
Vests ai.(l lAnrs nvnl-ed! Alen s Jier.vy Jersey ribbed) Aien's half wool Derby ! -C; ize -t and -1, -oo; i iXI)IANAVoT.rs, ind., Jan. i.-snyier,
luwn to 25e'n!r 'si"e VVttu" ,S!"r a,l ! liiblnKl ,xt,-a hei.p. Shirts i 28c; s,Ze 30, 30c;
liise 5.- a -ize1. Drawers, in odd sizes, were ; and Parits, were 85 C, down ; S1ZC - size -d, oc. j h.iye aiiigeutiy searching was
Men's Hue heavv all wool
50c, down to 89c.
to 50 cents
Scarlet and (iray Shirts and ! Men's half wool, plain
J ) rawer s
to 89 cents.
, were 81.25. Down ! gry Sliirts ami Dvi
awer -
n&4 ui w baa 8
regular dollar goods, down
to 09 cents.
Driving Gloves and Work-
Children's Fleece Lined i ing Gloves. Stock complete
Black Hose down to 25c. and Prices ricrht.
i 10c Initial Handkerchief,
iiowii to . eeni's.
0 Oiiil lb.
Uii lu.
Turkey Red Outing Cloth-
Louisiane and Gold Seal
Olnrbs 'A-y in wido d nwn dOWll 110111 10 Cents.
TT... 1 t .fi -! : . " " V ' " ;
iiancisome lines or ngurea ; from 12 A cents.
Latins, down irom 25c. i
Men's line ill wool Xavy
hie Flannel Shirts 81. GO,
were .V-.J.J.
' , J a "i ' I
? ft. ?"
i f ; s
Boys' two piece Jersey
Ar...c fi - iv i c?i.:..i. i Suits, nws 7 and 8. oidv nil
at.,' f i , Aien s o tripe u ihu. omit, r. , a" . nr-
Alen s wool Uvt rtanrt J i , t qt t : blue down from 3 75
..rooi .i i I , A choice styles, &1.2o; down;uluc' uox'n Il(m
down from $1.50. 1 11 0111 lj1'i"
I d- CEilTS,
Osld. sizes heavy fast black
all wool Children's Hose,
regular price :29c. Down to
13 cents.
Best ' v. Ii Blue Prints
Iowa t
O tj C e i 1 1 i .
Men's ah wool black Host?, !
25c, were 40c.
1 fl PUMTsl
1 JL ?. uiiilli).
1 111 flTTmn
S Obit 10.
eaptureil this rnorni'u,'.
I ol i o arm i: I'ori a i !.-; u.
'1 J
- 'J
r-. "
r '
-- ItS.. Q f ?
' ' i
J - -
JIale Voice From Above. (swftly)
Has that youiig man gone yet. Tilly?
Tillv (hesitatingly) Why er no
ifale Voice From Above (more sweet
ly) Will you please britpg ine up that
pair of boots you see by the door?
The Young Mat; (tremulously) Ah
r Miss Tilly! While you aro up I
Children's wool Hose, one I i-uess ra better be going. puck
Men's English Merino j lot odd sizes heavy mixed! The tickets for the course of historical
Halt Hose, down from 20c. goods, down from 20c.
Jsi.! .LtA
Ladies' black cotton IIos9,
extra heavy for rinter vrear,
down from 25c.
! lectures at the First B ant i.-d churcii 1 ues-
day. Wednesday and Friday evetdngs, by
I'r'jf. A. A. (Jraham, are on sale at the
book stores today. I'rices, 50 cents for
tlr course; 2- cents for sintrle lecture.
Sit; den's' tickets Z cents fur the course:
dn.tr'e lecture l. ceiit -.
There is no excuse for any man to ap
pear in society witii a grizzly beard sine
vh Sutro-luct ion of IJuckinghaui-. Dye,
vrhieh colors natural Lrowa or black.
hoi ida v e v c urs
Work on the (houoii this vid- i- r
have ceased, thus the ;irjuy oi !;! i;
Joyed roittinti'-.t to trrow.
.. I... Swart z, v. ho l.as been
relatives hi-re tlie past, vccci., ;.
turtied to his home at Linn, Nov, a
Lev. Dr. Van 1.1 pr.-si :' A 1 .
1 1 ome se i u i ; a rv at ( itn.iri'ii. J!:;.; .,
a guest of J-.hier i. T. )a. over
day a-id preaidied at t!.i- Kan
M. E. claa-c'i la-t ni-til.
Take voiir ; re.,e;-i i i .iui; - to A. J. A
& So::, sva Kan-e.s ave. F v.. lit , .--o
Try ulir Witch Ibo"-l Cream f . .. i
j:ed handrj und rotigii skin. A. J. A
if yo;i w:mt hi pre-ere yi.ni- p:
use lim "Silver Lead'' tun er. It. i ,
ant'-ed. J-'or i-aie by ad i-;i !':, ' -
City meat market; the oh'.,--: m .,
Topekii; -o;nj lete pi eer thin .'.
Low prices on O.ik and oil he.i.
(.noli st..e.e, at II. M . Come's i
s:is avenue.
Fine cakes baked to order a C
I.taus i-akery, J i n t Kansas a.-e:.--.
Dr. Delia Mclnfyer, Ola N. K.mi.--i
A tine 1 ine of , , . ; ,.,-y f..,- a.,
trade at lleiity's, sh.l lansa- ae-,...
Pim-.-t line of cuhory. sdor ,
forks and carvers i a , . '. v . .- ; e
Christmas present-, at .1. ll. I
A fine line of a.-l kind o!" m
and baker flJ u:v,.y- on h.a ;
St. Louis baki ly. i-i 'S u;::iM , :-
I am tin expert at ni.ikir. ; ... -
idi'er ten styles of eat in. ' !;-';.
half price-. o;;o ..,;,:, p. , d. i :
Come and s- -e. A id ; id : e, p ; ' : ;
K an-as a- one.
'fhe two year old son of I ; : . .
ell. Who reside- ;iholit ft', in:,, . i
'.e-t of the city, died Sal aro. v
d T ex I iae h i! iry eiree.a ,
.loon the Peniiy wt d'o:h ...
K it i-hen au.l the little Ulie u a ei.rh;.
Ingi idiair witii t he k i i .
him. 1 1 is i : aeh- ca a , . i ; : a a t he I
turning to look at him u; I.i
and ftriking a j ot ,,f 1 : i .:' - -tall,
t he co: 1 1 e u s -' rih-h . ; a -. . ...
-. he lreu-t,5iterui!v -ea Id i u; - Ida. ,
! r. Miner v as sent for a: . aa-e :.,
a-s arrival found that not !, it,
a-me and the idoe sui?. ;er n e I '.,
hours after th" a.eeah at. ' .. i::
C.s held iit lo.choler !,d,v .
8l.i;v aiei; '5-;;fue 'u :l :,a-
t the M d . i-! 'el a i 11 a ii a l t , i
.hen t to- re j (,r! .- of liie i ' e -o . .
.'en reaeiied. Pre-ah-nt ,
.he com m it! ee on pu ; J . e ni-..,-rc
, .-rt to Hiil.niit on ti e j.i-; .
liitrht. None oi lie' eonoaoo
I-e-pond.-. 1 at..! th.-v 1 -r d- . i
u i:en Mr. Slfi'.Mi : '. no; ; ee. . t a.
i h 'are v. a s t . 1 .. - a a i V' - eo,-a e
iitou lialh in "tier v.a- i,.-t
Uiiern.atioa eld -ma! -- in
con. li ! ion of 1 i,e blood. O oh'
rilia oi! es rheaui.c j.-m. :-t .
Call and examine e;,- pre
p 1 1 red it d u g ".Meal i iek
liitt ier a- Co.
Good v. ork done by the ! r
,n u - i i i
-i voir. a- a.
T ' esp- A Hue -a.
i I i I I ' 1
t 1 I
H AS Ol'K S 1 It A ..' I
Eorss-Shoeing, Waoa a;::! Card
At. 3 lia-is-iai Ave., ...-!. Ti;.
First class -worn at r"tminl'!" to '
wtiut uur R-or U.jijy r;.., a-a i i j . , -
TRY th;
It," laura
,i i.
M?'iU at all h'ir. O; . -. '
C.oae, iahi Kir! ia.-o-rs a -ea -
S4 t: J's. U.:..ftao I ia.-: ' I
V - . u: J. 4 J .
i'Osl I . l.'.l't b.W !
n-rtiards atnl valvar i . tr a-. . . I
TraiuiJ.n--: an.J p.:iii.w ' u - .r . . .
t-r- ;r,ido-- ana .ia.crf a -
c.'i.ieate.i. 1 '
OaO ba,i.Ci.iig yt l-u...cs i,:'l
I"s o r. tf--'r.ii'-' i I e':h -
Su.i..ia ia v....ifl a I j V ,.a a-, a i. , ... a
Itnotns it .i .
41S KANSAS Avcraa.
JT. A. ftT.T.FR, F.!'l".rtKi-l. F'r.-.i.t a
W. Y. .M.if,v, . f '
AlitUtK iS. l.A 1.1. A . ov .s . A ' ' ' .-
if , II. O
Brilliant, Bried.t aad I '
Bach Beautiful sio
'.ii lI tlx s r;i'i a
Ko Khl. uve.
,L a a" i .

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