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"We want you to keep it in mind that we have THE
ONLY FAIR in the city, which means we keep every
thing at the lowest price. -
"We have just received a large invoice of MASON
FRUIT 'JARS, which are strictly first quality and every
can fitted with perfect fitting top, they are the best you
have seen and we sell them as cheap as other dealers
sell seconds. 1 pint, 50c per doz.; 1 qt. 60c; 2 qt. 75c.
Please come in and see them before you buy.
We have bargains in Tinware, Glassware, Crock -eryware,
Stoneware, Stationery, Boys Iron Wagons,
Velocipedes, Tricycles, Ice Cream Freezers &c. Also
a full line of Hammocks on which we have reduced
prices to the lowest extreme.
Remember it pays to trade at
Lodge No. 1 conferred the initiatory de
gree ou several candidates Tuesday even
ing. Next Tuesday evening the first de
gree will be given to the candidates.
At the meeting of Topeka lodge No. 40
Monday evening. Past Grand J. M. Mil
ler gave a report of the dedication of the
Odd Fellows Orphan Home at Silkviile.
Naomi Ilebeka lodge held a remark
ably short session Monday evening. It
was the shortest in the history of the
Capital lodge No. 392. held an interest
ing meeting last evening. Business of
importance was transacted.
F. B. Dawes, the Republican candidate
for secretary of state is a prominent Odd
The Rebekah lodge at Toronto, Kas.,
has been resuscitated and is gaining in
The latest Odd Fellow lodge organized
is Edgerton lodge No. 451, at EJgerton,
Johnston county. Alien lodge No. 452
will be organized in a day or so.
The semi-annual blanks for the report
ending June 30, will be sent out in a few
days from Grand Secretary John A.
Bright' s office.
The grand master of the Odd Fellows
has ordered the grand secretary to have
the new password printed for the new
term beginning July 1. The password
now for Kansas lodges is "pork and
Grand Secretary John A. Bright says
that Rev. Mr. Goodno'a prayer at the
Populist convention, beat his own. Mr.
Bright was not cheered at the coaclusion
of his prayer.
Prices nearer hard pan
than ever before. Give
them a trial. We handle
rione but meritorious ar
ticles and always quote the
lowest prices. The more
who trade here the lower
prices will be. Every sale
guaranteed satisfactory and
jat lower prices than any
competitor in the city can
sell them.
ES lbs. Sugar $1 00
Arbuckles Coffee per pkg 20
New Potatoes per pk. 25c. per bu.. 90
4 lbs. White Lard. 25
2 lbs. freih country Butter 25
8 doz. fresh country Egg 25
Soda Crackers per lb 5
5 lbs. Ginger Snaps 25
1 gaL can Apples 30
2 cans Cal. table Fruit 25
No. 1 Sugar Cured Hams per lb.... 11
Sugar Cured Breakfast Bacon. .... 11
,C1. Hams per lb 9
Salt Side Bacon per lb. 8
Kit large Whito Fish ' 50
1 gal. Sugar Syrup 30
Potted Hams or Tongue 5
2 lbs. cream Cheese 25
Cleaned Currants per pkg 5
(Corn Starch per pkg 5
3 lb3. Tea Sittings 25
1 lb. good blended Tea 25
Uasoii Self Sealing;
Fruit Jars.
1 doz. quart Jars 60
:l doz. pint Jars 50
1 doz. half galloa Jars.. 75
Country orders packed
and shipped the same day
order received.
112 E. 6TII ST.
TELE. 252.
Item or Inttmt from th North SL.i. of
ius nij.-.
Mrs. E. R. Potter is entertaining Miss
Daisy Ballard of Abilene.
Miss Lizzie Nicholson of De Soto, Kan
sas, is visiting her brother, C C Nichol
son. The Baptist Sunday school will indulge
in a picnic at Oakland park next Wed
nesday. Miss Rosa Myers is spending a vaca
tion with the family of her uncle at
II. M. Hale has returned from Chicago
and reports business dull even in that
' Wm. Fairchild of Leavenworth is in
the city, looking after his large property
interests here.
Strawberries are again in the market
aud are the largest and finest that have
been seen this year.
C. W. Berry, J. C. Petro, Ray Parmeter
and Will Clime went to Kanus City this
afternoon to attend the Yaw concert.
The Junior Christian Endeavor society
of the Presbyterian church are arrang
ing a picnic for next week at Garlieid
W. C. Steele's Sunday school class are
having a picnic at Garfield park today.
The class consists of thirteen young
girls. Mrs. Steele and Miss Ida Ward
are assisting in the entertainment.
The Kansas City patient in the Bed
well asylum was taken home by his
friends yesterday. He is much improved
and it is thought he will get on all right.
He has been in the iustitutiou ever since
it was opened. '
.Mrs. Lottie James, an inmate of the
Bedwell hospital and asylum, died yes
terday at that institution. The cause of
her death was a cancer on the head. She
was 63 years of age. The body was
shipped to Pratt, Kas., her former home.
Spring lamb series '94.
Ed Beuchner.
You will find Bud Geary, the barber,
at 8102 Kansas avenue.
A full leather extension top surrey for
$100, at Lukens Bros., North Topeka.
Call at Garner & Lane's cash grocery,
845 North Kansas avenue. They meet
all competition.
'Our New Delight" and all Dangler
stoves at IL M. Climes. 4
Monarch gasoline stoves at Henry's.
Go to Henry's for roofing and spout
ing. For bargains in shingles see E. P. Ew
art. Gordon and Kansas avenue.
Go to Will Griffith's for the best tin,
galvanized iron and pump work.
A Desperado ATIiu Oaght to 11
15 e-
bind Prison Walls.
'Hookey Jim" Fuston, colored, one of
the worst criminals that ever committed
a cowardly or vile deed in Topeka, has
returned to his old stampintr ground,
after brief but exciting sojourns in
Wichita and many other adopted homes.
He is as mean as ever and the sharp,
dangerous iron hook on the stump of his
right arm is still there and sharp and
dangerous a3 ever. Jim tried to kill a
man in Wichita a few days ago and
skipped town, so Chief Cotie notified
Chief Lindsey to capture him if he came
Sergeant Donovan located him last
evening near the Shawnee mill. He had
been drinking alcohol and was feeling
mean. He was a bad man to handle.
Donovan ordered Hookey Jim to "come
along," but instead of doing so he raised
the dreadful hook over tho Sergeant's
bead as though to strike. Jim is strong
as an ox, and the officer's hand instinc
tively went for his revolver. There might
have been serious trouble, but for the
gathering of a crowd and with it Officer
bummers. Together they marched Fuston
to the jail. There Jiui became more ugly
and unruly. He made several efforts to
use his hook, but the hook was finally
unstrapped and locked up. In court to
day Fuston was fined $10 for being drunk
and disorderly.
Several efforts have been made to get
Jim to quit wearing his hook. It is a
deadly weapon. On one occasion he in
serted the hook under the rib of a vic
tim and lifted him off the pavement sev
eral times. "Hookey Jim" ought to be in
the penitentiary.
Republican Veterans.
At the meeting of the Veteran Repub
lican league at the court hqsiee last eve
ning, the Republican state ticket was
ratified by the adoption of the following
resolution: -Resolved, That we do most
heartily and earnestly endorse and ratify
the nominees and platform of the Re
publican party in convention assembled
at Topeka June 6, 7 and 8, aod pledge to
the party our most hearty support"
Speeches were made bv P. H. Conev,
F. a Stumbautrb, R. B." Welch, T. P.
Rodgers, D. G. TMotaon and IL G. Larimer.
Good News to All Santa Fe Em
Other Railroad ew or Varied, Inter
est Personals and General A'otes.
Tho wages of employes of the Santa
Fe are no longer subject to garnishment.
A few months before the Santa Fe
went into the hands of the receivers, an
order was issued signed by General
Manager J. J. Frey, to the effect that any
employe whose wages were garnisheed
as many as three times would be dis
charged from the service of the
company. This order largely reduced
tho number of garnishments for the
time, but since the employes of the com
pany have been working so few hours,
their wages do not amount to enough to
meet their obligations and the number
of garnishments has been so largely in
creased that it has for some time taken
the entire time of one man in the trea
surer's office to attend to that business.
A few days ago the receivers presented
this matter to Judge Henry C. Caldwell,
of the United States circuit court, who
has now issued an order cutting of! all
garnishments. In this order he says the
employes of the court who are operating
the Santa Fe will receive the wages
earned by them personally, and that pro
ceedings to garnishee, from the state
courts will not be recognized.
While this is seemingly a benefit to the
employes, yet it will be a hardship to
some whose wages are at this time bare
ly sufficient to supply their families with
the necessaries of life.
Many merchants who are usually will-'
ing to extend credit to Santa Fe men,
will insist upon a cash basis of trade
when their rights to garnishee the wages
of their customers are cut off.
Personal Notes Among tbe Railroad
Shops at Topeka.
At the Santa Fe's coal yards at Dodge
City the wages have been reduced to
$1.5 a day aud a large number of Ital
ians brought in and employed. The coal
is going out at the rate of fifty to one
hundred cars daily, and it is thought the
supply will be exhausted in about two
Mrs. J. M. Maery and daughter Josie,
who have been here for several weeks
visiting her son-iu-law, Jud Coe of the
Sauta Fe machine shops, has returned to
Wm. Swan of the Santa Fe brass foun
dry left yesterday for his visit of three
months to his old home in England.
The Santa Fe shop boys are greatly
interested in their bicycles and this
evening at the fair grounds Bob Wright
of the machine shops, who doesn't think
much of bicycles as a means of rapid
transit, will endeavor to run half a mile
while Jud Coe, Frank Anderson and
Jake Vogel do a full mile ou their
wheels. There will be other races to
morrow. .
John Player has been distributing the
cigars this week to the shop boys of the
Santa Fe on his recent marriage.
Secretary C. M. Jones of the railroad
Y. M. C. A. is at White City visiting
W. C. Potter, who lives at 717 Adams
street, had the forefinger of his right
hand mashed off this morning while
working on a bridge on the Santa Fe
near Jarbalo. He let a rail fall on it.
S. T. Pfeffer is now the conductor on
the Santa Fe's Atchison local freight
The ISanta Fe shop men are beginning
to wonder if every day'll be Sunday bye-and-bye.
They have three a week now.
O o i 11 j to Anbury Park.
A large number of Kansas teachers
expect to attend the annual meeting of
tbe National Educational associatiou at
Asbury Park, N. J., beginning July 10
The Santa Fe will handle the party from
Kansas City to Chicago, and tbe train
will probably leave iansas City at 5:30
o'clock on the afternoon of July 5. The
round trip rate, including membership
fee to the association, will be $ 33 from
all Missouri river points in Kansas and
Hsrdihlp for Railroad Men.
General Superintendent Charles Dun
lap of Chicago, and Assistant Superin
tendent A. J. llitt of Topeka, suffered
some of the inconvenience of ordinary
travelers on their own road, the Rock
Island, Wednesday night. They were at
some small town on the southwest line
and thought to catch an early freight
home so they could get here by bed time.
The train was . delayed several hours,
however, and the men who are used to
special traius did not reach Topeka until
after 3 o'clock in the morning.
A. Jefferson County Populist Delegate
Who Is Now a Republican.
The Mail is in possession of the badge
of A. H. Miller, one of the Jefferson
county Populists in attendance at the
state convention, who dropped into J. N.
Henry's hardware store yesterday morn
ing, and turned over his orange ribbon
to Mr. Henry, said, in the presence of a
Mail reporter: "I am through with this
thing; for the last three or four years I
have been making a fool of myself
and I can't stand it any longer. I will
never vote the ticket aud platform put
up by the Populists and I know of twenty
five more from Jeffersou county who
have sworn to quit them; one of them
was a delegate to the convention. Here
after I will vote with the Republican
party where I belong." The badge
which Mr. Miller wore in the Populist
convention may be seen at the Mail of
fice. North Topeka Mail.
An Echo from the World's Fair.
The Lake Shore Route has recently
gotten out a very handsome litho water
color of the "Exposition Flyer," the fa
mous twenty hour train in service be
tween New York and Chicago during the
Fair. Among the many wonderful
achievements of the Columbian year this
train which was the fastest long dis
tance train ever run holds a prominent
place, and to anyone interested in the
subject, the picture is well worth fram
ing. Ten cents in stamps or silver sent
to C. K. Wilber, We3t. Pass. Agt., Chica
go, will secure one.
The PI a sue at Hons Konc
Hosg Kong, June 15. Eighty-four
more deaths from the plague are report
ed. The majority of the persons who
are suffering from this epidemic are be
ing removed to Canton.
Go out to Garfield Park tonight, and
hear the band concert by Marshall's band.
Police Judge Eitmligtr Galled ts Pass
Upon It.
The police court today resolved Itself
into an ecclesiastical council to try Jeff
Davis, the colored "silver tongued ora
tor" for heresy, and to hear both sides of
the case, in which Rev. G. D. Olden, of
the Second Baptist church, is charged
by some of his lambs with appropriating
church funds at Chattanooga, Tennessee.
On Monday night a called meeting of
the church was held for the purpose of
talking over finances, and also to talk
over Jeff Davis' move in circulating
handbills containing the charges against
the pastor. The church was well filled
and the meeting had lasted some time
when Jeff Davis himself entered, and
took a seat near the back door.
There is some argument as to
whether Davis is a member of
the church or not Some say he is, and
others who side with the pastor in the
quarrel, say he has been expelled for
Two of the pastor's deacons ordered
Davis to get out, but he insisted that he
was a member and refused to do so. The
deacons are said to have put him out and
for this Davis had them arrested for as
assault. They are L. D. Bradshaw and
II. Edwards. It took more than an hour
to try the case and -at the end of that
time Moderator Ensminger decided that
the deacons were not guilty of any as
sault and ordered them discharged. If
kicking over the traces is heresy there
appears to be little doubt that Jeff Davis
is a heretic of the worst stamp.
C. O. Knowles' Flouriagr 31111 Brought to
a S-anUstlll.
A story comes from Pratt county which
might be taken with a few grains of al
lowance if it were not for the fact that
C. O. Knowles of this city vouchs for its
Mr. Knowles owns a mill at Saratoga
known as the Saratoga roller mills. It
is operated by water power. A short
time ago the mill hands found the mill
gradually "slowing down" until it finally
stopped. All efforts to start it proved of
no avail. The machinery was overhauled
but nothing was found to retard the ma
chinery until some one entered the com
partment where the water wheel was
situated. Several dark Objects were
twisted around the shaft of the wheel
which turned out to be the mangled re
mains of four enormous eels which had
effectually stopped the entire mill ma
The Charge of Corruption at the Slate
G. C. Clemens is still fighting for an
investigation of the charges of corrup
tion at the state penitentiary.
He says he proposes to keep up his
fight until the administration is forced to
investigate, and he thinks it won't be
long until political reasons will force an
Governor Lewelling in an effort to get
around the responsibility of an investi
gation has referred the charges to the
directors of the institution but as they
are said to be parlies to the corruption it
is not likely that any startliug revela
tions will come from that source.
Edwin A. Ans:in for Probate Jndfe.
Edwin A. Austin, who has been an
nounced as a candidate for the Republi
can nomination as probate judge of this
county at the primaries next Saturday,
is a well known and successful lawyer of
this city and well qualified in every re
spect for the position. The enviable po
sition he has achieved in his profession
and the esteem and respect of his many
friends invite the confidence and support
of all Republicans who desire the nomi
nation of a ticket of best men. As as
sistant attorney general under Hon. W.
A. Johnston and S. B. Bradford some
years ago he made a very creditable
record as an efficient, competent and
faithful officer. This is "his first aspira
tion for an elective office and his friends
declare that the Republicans of this
county by selecting him as their candi
date for the office of probate judge will
add strength to the county ticket.
Captain Gish has lately taken to wear
ing a cane.
Chief Lindsey has discarded his blue
uniform for a nobby grey suit.
The residence of R. G. Ingersoll, 815
West Tenth street, and J. R Sim, 712
Fillmore, were entered by burglars this
week. 1
'Say, Otto, vaa you going to Kansas
City down today to hear dot great singer,
aind it?"
"Yaw! I tink I vill go."
Two old shoes were tied on the out
side of a Pullman car that went through
1 opeka yesterday. The bride and groom
were going to Aspen, Colo.
The Santa Fe plug was 20 minutes late
out of Lawrence last evening aud got
into Topeka, 26 miles away, on time.
They ran at 60 miles an hour between
Thomas Reed, who isn't any relation
to the czar from Maine, was arrested last
night by Captain Gish and Officer Gor
don, on suspicion of being a bad charac
ter. He will probably stay in the police
station until tomorrow.
Lee Herbold, a bad boy 13 years old,
was arrested last night by Sergeant Don
ovan for carrying a concealed weapon.
He carried a dirk knife a fuot long. His
brother told the court that Lee was a bad
boy, and couldn't be controlled. Judge
Ensminger dismissed the case provided
he would go to his parents home in Kan
sas City.
Hpeelal to Kansas City and Return
fey Mota Fe Kontr.
A special train will run scheduled to
leave Topeka Friday, June loth, at b p.
m., arriving at Kansas City at 8 p. m.
Train will leave Kansas City on return
trip about 11 p. m. All persons holding
tickets to the Ellen Beach Yaw concert
at Kansas City on evening of June 15th
will be carried free both ways on special
train. Kowley Bros.,
. City Passenger Agents.
Marshall's Band will give an open air
concert at Garfield Park tonight.
Ring up American Bteam Laundry,
tele. 341, and have them call for your
Rudy's Pile Suppository is guaranteed
to cure Piles and Constipation, or money
refunded. 50 cents per box. Send stamp
for circular and free sample to Martin
Rudy, Lancaster, Pa. For sale by all
flratclass druggists, and in Topeka by W.
R. Kennedy, corner Fourth and Kansas
Come every day especially tomorrow.
You will find fresh features of interest every
time you visit our store.
Flhitn oUvton Coods"
For Warm Weather.
All our Pongees will be sold tomorrow for 5o yd.
Former price 15c, only 5c y.
2,000 yards of fine dark and light Challies for
5o yard.
2,000 yds. of 29-inch fine Dimities, sold elsewhere
for 15c, our price tomorrow only XOo yd. Come early
if you want some of these at XOc.
1,000 yds. 29-inch Fancy Lawns, worth 15c, for
9c yard.
Hats and Flowers
The balance of our Untrimmed Hats will be sold
for 5c and S5c, Think of buying a nice fine Straw
Hat worth $1.00 for 5c; others worth 2.50 for 25 C.
Only a few more Flowers left, if you want any when
they are so cheap, now is the time to buy them.
Motions lZrraIS for
lOc will buy 2 doz. of the best White Pearl But
tons ever sold for the money.
"VVe can save you 50 per cent in Writing Tablets.
See what we are selling for 5c and lOc,
Ask to see our fine Stocknet Dress Shield for lOc
A new line of narrow Jet Gimp from lOc to
A new assortment of fine Tooth Brushes from
lOc to 35c.
Gent's Silk and Blk. Teck Ties and Black Band
Bows, all selling for 5c
Ladies' Ribbed Vests, for Saturday only c.
Children's .Ribbed Vests, for Saturday only 3c.
Ladies' Bleached Ribbed Vest, taprfd neck and
arm, our 25c quality, for 18c.
Gent's Richelieu Ribbed Hose, reduced from 25c
c pair.
Gent's fine Balbriggan
Our 25c Tennis Waist for 15c.
Our 50c Dark Super Sateen Waist for 25c.
Our $1.00 White Laundried Waist with cull's and
collar, will be 50c.
Our 85c Fancy Stripe Laundried Waist only 50 C.
BOY'S OUTING SHIRTS One lot to close for
GENT'S OUTING SHIRTS Former prices 59c,
65c, 75c, 85c; your choice for 50c tomorrow.
We will liave on sale tomorrow
morning a new and complete line of
Fedora hats including all the new
shades and styles.
Look at our straw hats, we can
please you.
SSSfcS-- 'f5'
SpecisI train to Ottawa over the Mis
souri Pacific Thursday.
Peerless Steam Laundry Peerless
Steam Laundry.
Shirts, only 19c tomorrow.
' 404-400 li.es. Atc,
Aa4 MS Jtaa. Jk.-v . Worth VmptUm.
ri'nrnttir. Carpets, Stoves Qoeens.
312 and 11 West 8th, Peerless Steam
Marshall's Band will give an open air
concert at Garfield Park tonight.

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