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The Topeka state journal. [volume] (Topeka, Kansas) 1892-1980, July 07, 1894, FOURTH EDITION, Image 2

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Last Night's Deeds of Destruc
tion and Blood.
Thousands of Freight Cars
Burned by Eioters.
Six Strikers Were Shot Dead,
Large Numbers Wounded.
An Overwhelming Force Nec
essary for Peace.
Chicago, July 7. Six dead and an
indefinite number of injured is the
record of casualties in the strike con
fiicts in Chicago yesterday.
Last nig-ht with flaming: torch law
less hordes of fire-bug's were at work
at a score of points in the Bouth half
of Chicag-o. Fires were rag-irigr ia
every direction among' the numerous
railroad yards, hundreds of cars and
tens of thousands of dollars' worth of
merchandise have already rone up in
smoke or been carried off by the
frenzied mob of rioters.
Incendiarism was rampant, alarm
after alarm followed in quick succes
sion all day and night and at 11 o'clock
the glare reflected from the heavens
showed that the dastardly pastime
continued unabated. From early
morning1 until midnig-ht reports cf
fresh fires followed each other with,
startling- rapidity, being1 confined,
however, principally to railroad roll
ing1 stock and building-s, against
which thus far the greater part' of
the mob's fury has been directed.
Early yesterday morninj a blaze
started among some overturned curs
at Kensington, quickly communi
cating to other tracks lillod with long
lines of cars, many containing- valua
ble merchandise, were soon blazing
furiously. Fanned by strong winds,
there were at this point a total of
eighty cars -wiped out. At the stock
yards one blaze after another was re
ported, and from the outlying dis
tricts came urgent calls for engines
and police protection, increasing ia
Climax of the Fiery Carnival.
But with the falling shades of nisrhi
came the climax of the fiery festival.
The Panhandle yards from Fifty-fifth
to Sixty-third streets, eight blocks,
were a mass of fire. Ten tracks con
taining from 1,000 to 2J)0 cars, half
of them loaded, were a total loss. No
water being at hand the lire had to
burn itself out.
The Panhandle station at Sixty
third street was also tired an 1 de
stroyed. The Grand Trunk yarls at
Elston was a sea of flame. Five hun
dred box cars are supposed to have
been burned, and efforts to check the
flames were futile.
At midnight all the cars in the yards
had been destroved. The mob showed
much method in its inefndiar ,sm ami
hundreds of cars were rilled and their
contents carried away before the
torch was applied. The loss in this
yard is estimated at SI. 2 J'KOOO.
The flag shanties and other railroad
property were burned, and no water,
except from one plusr at Fiftv-tirst
street, could be obtained. Wui e di
rect. ncr the movenv-nt of X.he V, t-venth
battallion at this point Fire Marshal
Fitzpatrick v.ms seized bv the thor
oughly frenzied mob of "are-bug -i n n 1
thrown into a pon 1. from wiiica ie
wa rescued by the poiic? more i a I
thnn alive. Ev-rrth nr at this no nt
will prohibly be i total loss.
I'irea In I lif tocl yards Iitr!et.
At II;. de park, near the world's fair
g-roun is the ashes of forty cars are
no - smouldering an I after numerous
t-fforts the mob succeeded in bring
the Illinois Central shops at Jiurn
sidi s
At the stock yards about r00
toughs, few of whom were railroad
men, were skulking fro n pj:ut to
point and set a large number of fires.
Their method was thorough Ly unique.
Loading several hand cars with
buckets of waste and od, they would
g-lide around among the cars in the
darkness, lighting wads of the stuff
which would be thrown into the open
doors of the cars as they passed by
them. Fires sprung up on every
hand and no organized effort on the
part of the police seemed to be under
way to intercept them. This is the.
banner district of the cit- if not of the
entire country for all around toughs,
and it is as much as a man's life is
worth, to interfere with them.
Miles of I'roprrty Destroyed.
The aggregate of the losses to the
railroads will be enormous. Miles of
their tracks have been ruined by the
fierce heat; hundreds of switch and
signal towers with their expensive
mechanism are utterly ruined.
Thousands of cars and untold quan
tities of merchandise of every imagin
able description have fed the flames
and gorged the larders of thieves;
valuable locomotive's have been
wrecked and disabled; miles of
tangled wires and prostrate poles lit
ter the ground.
Only one residence has been burned
thus far as a direct result of the, in
cendiaries work, and that one iu the
stock yards district, and business
buildings have escaped altogether,
but the wanton destruction of railway
property continues unchecked and
with increasing destruetiveness.
To illustrate the tactics resorted to
by the incendiaries to hamper the
work of the firemen," empty car
tridges were forced into the keyholes
of the fire alarm boxes, firemen were
knocked down with stones and bricks,
and while working at the fires the
horses of the department were stolen.
An Overwhelming Force XeeileJ.
The developments so far have led
to the firm conviction that nothing
short of an overwhelming1 armed
j force with instructions to shoot to
! kill can settle the trouble, or, as Colo
I nel Crofton put it, "it has ceased to
be a mere movement of troops, and
has become a campaign."
The local and state authorities have
awakened to the critical gravity of
tke situation which is affecting the
nation generally and Chicago particu
larly, and are taking steps to apply
adequate measures. The city police
force has already been recruited up
to 3,000 men, and by request of Mayor
Hopkins and by order of Governor
Altgeld, two brigades of state militia
have been ordered to aid in quelling
the disturbances.
Washington Authorities Alert.
At the nation's capitol also the fact
is recognized that the prevailing con
ditions are entirely out of ordinary,
and that provision must be made for
such a massing of fighting men as has
never before been seen together in
the history of this nation in time of
peace, if the authority and dignity of
the government and the processes of
its courts are not to be laughed to
scorn lor an indefinite time. The
strike infection is widespread, and so
menacing at many points that the
president and his advisers believe it
would be unwise to withdraw any
more regular troops from the country
west of Chicago.
It is, therefore, in contemplation
should the forces, federal, state and
municipal, already gathered here be
unequal to the task of restoring order
to send here the ten companies sta
tioned oi the Canadian border in the
state of New York, with the reserved
intention if circumstances demand it
of exercising his right to call for
20,000 from the crack militia compan
ies of New York and Pennsylvania.
The movement of Trains.
In general the order of things, com
pared with that of Thursday was re
versed. Then th3 railroads were try
ing to break the blockade by sending
trains out. Yesterday they recognized
the futility of that method of proced
ure, and practically gave up any at
tempt at outward movement. But
there were some incoming passenger
trains on several of the roads, togeth
er with a few of the regular milk
trains. Between these classes of traf
fic the strikers managed to make
trouble for nearly every road running
in a southerly direction. The Fort
Waj-ne, the Lake Shore, the Michigan
Central, the Baltimore & Ohio, the Il
linois Central, the Alton, the Panhan
dle, the Western Indiana, the Rock
Island, the Monon, all experienced
difficulty in a greater or less degree
at some time during the day.
The trick of scaring a crew from a
train, cutting the engine up the track,
opening the throttle and letting it
run back full tilt on the standing
train was a new one, and of a charac
ter likely to be imitated. The ston
ing of incoming trains was a common
pastime with the mobs, and several
persons (vers more or less injured by
liying missiles.
Deputies Shoot to Kill.
The assaults of the mobs, however,
were not met with the passive re
sistance which characterized the
course pursued Thursday. On two
occasions, at least, their attacks were
met with accurately aimed lead.
During a riot over an incoming milk
train at Ivensington a deputy United ;
States marshal shot and killed two
strikers and during the afternoon the
deputies guar.l'ng an incoming Balti
more and Ohio passenger train re
plied to the volley of shots and stones
which the strikers showered upon
th m by turning their revolvers loose,
killing- four of their assailants and
wounding a number of others.
A new and j4-r;ivo feature was added
to the situation wnen a meeting of
representati ves of all the bodies of
organized labor in the city, after a
protracted discussion, in which a gen
eral sympathy strike was favored, ap
po'nteJ a committee of three with
full power to act, and at the same
time called a meeting of al! organized
laoor for next Sunday to ratify their
act on.
Ot th? situation in general, it may
be said to have been broadened and
strengthened in its grip. The most"
significant feature of it is the carry
ing; of the strike enst to Cleveland,
tieing up all the connections of the
seaboard trunk lines there with the
promise that by to-day. it will reach
the trunk Lnes themselves and so
practically resell the Atlantic sea
board by tieing up the railroads at
Buifalo. Thus, the strike would be
extended from ocean to ocean.
There is no notable relief at the
points heretofore placed under em
bargo. The Pacific coast remains in
paralysis, from which their is no indi
cations of relief, and a significant
note comes from Seattle, Wash., where
tlie stevedores were called out by the
chief of the Knights of Labor to pre
vent the unloading of a steamer from
San Francisco, indicating that Grand
Master Workman Sovereign's promise
to Debs to aid him in every possible
way was not merely for effect. The
day closed with no rift in the pall
which overhangs the nation.
Grand Master Woricruau Sovereign May
Call I lie iu All Out.
Chicago, Jul3' 7. Grand Master
Workman Sovereign of the Knights
of Labor arrived in Chicago yesterday
from Des Moines. He said he had
come to Chicago to render what as
sistance he could to the American
Railway union and ha should do
whatever the officers of that organiza
tion might determine would best
serve the interests of the strike. He
thought the ultimatum of the move
ment was aboii reaehed, and it was
important that every labor organiza
tion should put in its best blows to
win the strike. He added:
"As regards the walk-out on the
part of the members of all trades
union? in the city, I will say that I
think it might bring about great
good. Certainly it would force upon
the people a stronger realization of
the necessity of the settlement of
these struggles, and the populace
would rise en masse in a demand for
arbitration. The Knights of Labor
are with the American Railway union
heart and soul and I know that what
ever I do now to aid the strikers will
be fully and heartily indorsed by the
150.000 members of the organization."
During the afternoon President
Debs sent out a large number of tele
grams to various labor organizations
and assemblies of the A. R. U-, urging
them to stand firm for at least twenty-four
hours longer. If by that time
the strike situation has not improved
for the better Mr. Debs announced
organized labor all over the country
will be called out without any reserva
tion whatever.
At a meeting of the representatives
of all the trades unions held at
Ulhich's hall yesterday, it was de
cided to issue the following:
Resolved, That all labor organizations meet
not later than 5und3y, July 8. lw, to select a
committee of three members whom they su ill
dele ate absolute power to act In their
judgment shall be conducive to the suc
cess of the strike now beinir conducted by the
A. K. TJ. in the cause of humanity.
Every industry in Chicago had rep
resentation at the conference. Vice
President Howard said more trades
were included in the attendance than
he had ever seen before.
The President Says It's Time for Action
and Not Discngslon.
Washington; July 7. The watchful
ness of the officers of the administra
tion here continued unabated last
night. Attorney General Olney, Sec
retary Gresham, Secretary Lamont
and General Schofield reached the
White house shortly after 8 o'clock
and renewed their conference, which,
has been practically continuous since
July 3. Frequent communications
from General Miles and others at the
scene of the trouble were received
and the officials were also kept in
formed of the situation by bulletins
of the Associated Press.
Another communication was re
ceived from Governor Altgeld shortly
before 9 o'clock. It was taken imme
diately to the president, and consid
ered by the conference.
The letter came over the wire to
the White house and occupied a con
siderable time in transmission. It
was nearly midnight when the fol-
lowing reply of President Cleveland
was given to the press:
Executive Mansion, Washington. July
6. 1J. Hon John P Altgeld. Governor of
Illinois. Sprin.-fl-ild, III : While I am still
persuaded that I have neither transcended
my authority nor d-aty In the emergency that
confront ui. Ii seems to me that in this hour
of danger and public distress discussion may
well Kive way to active effort on the part of
ail authority to restore obedience to the law
and to protect life and property.
Burlington Switchman Go Out Move
ment of Passenger Trains.
Kansas City, Mo., July 7. The
changes of the local aspects of the
great railway strike are decidedly for
the worse. Not only did the men
already out show no signs of intend
tending to resume work, but they
were also joined by the entire forces
of the Kansas City, Fort Scott and
Memphis and ten men constituting
the night force of the Hannibal and
St. Joseph.
The Memphis men went out early
in the morning, and that road is com
pletely tied up.
Ten passenger trains arrived and
thirteen departed from the union de
pot after 6 o'clock last night.
The Rock Island sent out a freight
train last night, first since Saturday.
Several of the passenger trains on
the different roads are coming in with
out Pullmans. The Alton had one
train from the East yesterday with
out Pullmans. The Wabash had no
trains in or out. The Rock Island
has closed its offices here and entirely
suspended operations.
Several Persons Arrested Charged With
interfering With the MaiU.
Mobkrlv, Mo., July 7. Thirty-six
men were brought from St. Louis yes
terday. They are to take the place
of strikers.
. Sheriff Dameron swore in about 100
deputy sheriffs. Deputy United States
Marshal Quayle has sworn in four
deputies. Mr. Quayle arrested four
strikers and J. A. McCurry, a furni
ture man, K. A. Willott. proprietor of
a barber shop, James Hackley. a well
known traveling man and politician,
on a charge of interfering with the
mails and they were taken to Han
nibal. A train which has been standing i
here since Monday night went north !
with Engineer Barclay and an im- 1
ported fireman yesterday. A train
rived from Kansas City yesterday.
Engineer Brookins started out, but
when he came to the railroad cross- 1
ing, a mile south of the depot, a ganjr j
of boys who had been playing ball i
came running across the field. The
green fireman, who had come from j
Kansas City, fell out of the window, ;
bursting his head. Brookins backed
up his eDgine and there left it.
Governor Stone Will See That Disturb
ances are Quelled.
Jefferson City, Mo., July 7. Gov
ernor Stone last night received a dis
patch from Moberly from the sheriff
of Randolph county, which, read:
"All quiet here. Wabash company
moving its trains." Adjutant General
J. A. Wickbam was ordered to Mo
berly. He will investigate the situa
tion there and report to the governor
at once. The assistant attorney gen-'
eral will go to Moberly to assist the
prosecuting attorney of Randolph
county in prosecuting strikers and
others for interfering with the mov
ing of trains.
The wires have been kept hot be
tween the executive office and all
threatened points in the state. The
police boards of St. Louis, Kansas
City and St. Joseph were instructed
to notify the chief of police of each
city to swear in as many extra police
as may be deemed necessary to guar
antee full protection to property, and
to quell any disturbances.
Chicago Industrial Concerns Compelled
to Close Down 100,000 Men Idle.
Chicago, July 7- After to-dsy
smokeless chimneys will give Chi
cago's smoke inspectors nothing to
look for. An exhaustive canvass of
the industrial concerns of the city
reveals an appalling state of affairs
and warrants the statement that
seventy-five per cent of them will
stop their machinery and keep it so
until the present embargo on traffic
Is raised. The effect will be to throw
into idleness upward of 100,000 work-
He Calls t'pon Them to Abstain From
Acts of Violence.
Chicago, July 7. President Debs
has issued the following proclama
tion: "To All Striking Employes:
In view of the report of disturbances la
various looalities, I deem it mv duty to cau
tion you aeainst beln? a party to any violation
of law, municipal, state or national, durlnsf
the existing difficulties. We have repeatedly
declared that we respect law and order, and
our conduct must conform to our profession.
A man who commits violence in any form,
whether a member of onr order or not, should
be promptly arrested and punished, and we
(Should be first to apprehend the miscreants
or brinr him to Justice. We must triumph as
law abiding citizens or not at alL
"The railroad managers have sought to
make it appear that their trains do not move,
because of the interference of the strikers
The statement is an unqualified falsehood
and no one knows this better than the mm
aers themselves. They make this falsehood
serve their purpose of calling out the trooas.
'Respect the law. conduct yourselves as be
comes men and our cause shall be crowned
with success EiGtm V. Dibs."
A Striking Burlington Employe Shot by
m Fireman's Wife.
Chicago, July 7. Herbert Letters,
a striking C. B. & Q. employe, was
shot and instantly killed by Mrs.
William J. Lehmann. Lehmann took
the place of a C. B. & Q.
fireman who went on strike.
Accompanied by his wife, he
started to go to work. The couple
met Letters who immediately entered
into conversation with them, his ob
ject being to persuade Lehmann to
join the strikers. A fight ensued and
Lehmann threw Letters down. Dur
ing the tight Mrs. Lehmann stood
looking on, but when she saw her
husband struggling on the ground
with his assailant she lost her self
control and drawing his revolver from
his hip pocket she fired a shot at
the man. The bnllet struck Letters
in the heart. He died instantly.
The Southern Pacific Blockade Is Worse
Than Eevr.
San Francisco, July 7. The South
ern Pacific company seems to be no
nearer to the management of their
road in California. The striking A.
R. U. men still control the road.
At Oakland the blockade is still
complete, not even suburban and ferry
trains running.
At Sacramento, where lie situa
tion is most serious, not a wheel is
At Los Angeles the situation is
still practically unchanged. Sixteen
strikers have been arrested for inter
fering with the mails.
All Employes Have Reported for
Freight Trains Moving.
Siater, Mo., July 7. The strike is
practically declared off at this di
vision. The conductors, engineers
and two-thirds of the brakemen have
reported for work. It is thought that
the firemen will go to work, provided
the company will re-employ them.
Two through freight trains were got
ten out last night, one east and one
Buffalo May Next Be Affected.
Buffalo, N. Y., July 7. A tele
gram has been received from Presi
dent Debs by a sympathizer in the
cause stating that the Buffalo mem
bers of the American Railway union
will be called out inside of twenty
four hours. The railroad managers
are growing a little nervous, though
they profess ability to cope with the
Pullman iiefuses to Talk.
New Yokk, July 7. George M. Pull
man declined to see reporters or to
make any statement concerning the
desire of Mayor Hopkins that he re
turn to Chicago and arbitrate with
-the strikers. Neither would he dis
cuss the general situation.
General Zanders Married.
Leavenworth, Kan., July 7. Gen
eral John Sherman Sanders, whose
army of common wealers were recent
ly sent to jail by Judge Thomas of
the United States court sitting here,
and Miss Etta Bell, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Bell, were married at
3 o'clock yesterday at the home
of the bride's parents two miles south
of Lansing, by the Rev. Briggs, chap
lain of the state penitentiary.
Engineer and Fireman Killed.
Ottuwwa, Iowa, July 6. The Fort
Madison passenger train going east
last night struck an obstruction,
ditching the engine and killing the
engineer and fireman. It is believed
to have been the work of strikers.
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take Hood's Sarsaporilia. Of the lirst bov,.t
Niy Appetito Improved,
and I felt somewhat better. So I bought another
bottle, and by the time It was half gone the
scrofula had entirely disappeared. I am
now entirely free from scrofula fend waj
never In better health. Ilood's Marsapar'.'ia
also cured me of a terrible pal ri in my H,
cauneil by neuralgia of tlie fiart." if its. A.
C. AltDLOCH, Orleans, Indiana.
Hood's Pi!l9 euro liver ills, constipation,
bilioufcaess, jaundice, ick liead ache, iuvUnftiUvi.

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