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Cloth I indium supei scded the boards
couicuonJy employed about 1S31.
Books wen1 printed in Paris from ste
reotyped plates by Didjt in 179s.
In 1274 a very finely written Bible
was sold for M marks about $ 170.
The first English paper mill was set
tip in 1470, but no book was printed on
Ihiglish paper nntil 1495.
Many of the early wood cuts employ
ed in books wore painted over by hand
after the printing had been done.
In 1873 two copies of Gutenberg's
Latin Bible were sold. One on vellum
brought 3.400; one on paper, '2,600.
The work of tho flr.it bookbinder con
sisted iu fasteuiiiK .?! s of wood, metal
or parchment to;,'.-; h-: r with clamps,
clasps, hinges or vorila.
French bindings ex?el in taste and
finish, English in solidity and strength,
American iu jrenoral excellence and ra
pidity of workmanship.
The Tartars f ormerly made their books
of some rip Ties of I f rlc The leaves
were long and narrow, anil the letters
were white on a black ground.
The scroll work of the early Bibles is
sometimes vr-rj b: -autif jl. It is usually
broajrht up between the two columns,
and turnin g ar top an 1 bottom passed
around the ends of the printed mattr.
The first bonk print d by machinery
was '"12 la to on bar hs Physiology, "which
came from th- press ai 1M7. It was
worked on K -.c;iig's pr ss, winch jriut
'd both sides at the rate of 0o0 sheets
an hour.
Tho perfection of t ie early printed
books i due to the fact that the first
printer w re forced t comi-te with
the be-t scribe and nmen and were
thus compelled to d food work in or
der to j u;-i ify tho right of the new trade
lo exist. St. Louis CJlobe-Deruoerat.
Ct.il lren and II cat.
"In very hot weathir it is my cus
tom. " said an eminent; j hysician, "to
prite babies sisndl qualities of brandy.
By small quantities 1 ire.au from 13 to
20 drops. Can imit be taken not to
overdo the chil.lren iu hot weather too.
They sdiouM be- treated as prowu people
treat therii('-lv s in tha matter of clothes.
"There is very n:w h re ore darigei
t hat chihir"n v. ill catch heat than that
they will catch cold. I'p to a compara
lively roecnt time in Now York all cases
of cholera infantum wero called 'heat
strokes. In hot weather a child should
have a cool bath once a day and be out
in tho air as much as possible, day and
night. "
TfecUtie aiii Ilutliand.
To bo absolutely swagt-r tho necktie
and. hatband, n.;;?; be an exact match.
Ho pays tho summer . girl. Not in so
many words, but iu practicing what she
silently proaohe-s. If the necktie hap
pens to be da' k blue, with diagonal whito
stripes running in opposite directions
and forming little diamond shajjed
plaids, it is the correct thing to wear a
hatband exactly like it. Of course if
there isn't something a bit different
from the general. ty of plain solid col
ors in either it is hardly noticeable that
they are alike a'ld tho correct thing.
A peculiar;..-.- oi. i.nglish women is
the wearing of elaborate coiffures. No
where is so much f alsa hair worn as in
England. It is made up in all sorts of
ingenious ways to be pimiL-d on bodily.
The fashion of parting tho hair and
wearing the little curl in tho middle of
the forehead s: prevalent heio is not
seen there. Instead the lino frizzes worn
by the Princ-ss of Wales and her daugh
ters are imitated by mo.-1 c-f the sex-
A. Mexican Iunorattou.
Miss Maria Oonzales H rmosillo has
been appointed by President Diaz of !
Mexico posfma-ter at Teocaltichc, in
the state of Jalisco. Miss Kc rmosillo is
the first woman appointed to ofciee in
Mexico, and the depart arc has created
a sensation among the wotuea of the re
public. It is a suggestion of one of the army
lritht. vn!i!-.'' vr.TT-.n tlir; n ,-,f
mauve velvet ri bbou around neck audi
wrists is an aamuaLao set, otr against
the red or brown, as the ca.-o maybe,
of the adjoining skin af er too faithful
boating, tenuis or golf iu tho sun and
A sister of the late Mr. Spurgeon
preached twice recently to crowded con
gregations at the handsome church in
Hampstead Road in connection with
the service. Her manner is impressive,
and she ber-rs a personal resemblance to
her eminent brat her.
From the vigorous way in which the j
suffragists are going at it the issue is j
likely to be a very lively one, and the
chances are highly favorable to the j
adoption of the amendment. Tapeka
Capital. ' j
Furman university, ti e great Baptist i
institution at ( ireenvil le, S. C, has I
opened its doors to worn :a students de-
tiring to pursue special ttu.lies or to
itand for degrees.
American Steam Lauidry, 113 West
iUte&tj tele, II,
I July Florence Itjtio Would Have Cooi
panie of "Women olunteerf..
Lady Florence Dixie finds matter for
an article of considerable length in a
Loudon paper advocating the organiza
tion of a corps of women volunteers.
She begins by saying that the pro
posal has met with many women's ap
proval (?) and then proceeds to outline
her scheme. She advocates the estab
lishment of institutions where would be
"volunteers' could be physically train
ed into good gymnast.! and l a able to
Bwim, ride, run, march, shoot and t u
dure fatigue. Hand in hand with these
subjects should go instructions in cook
ing, nursing, ambulance work and man
ual skill in tailoring and bootn.akf t.g,
a knowledge, however rude, of these
two last named accomplishments being
at times most serviceable and useful.
"I am totally opposed, " com inaes the
paper, "to the formation of a volunteer
corps for women either merely as a
medical one,' a lighting one or an am
bulance one. My idea ot a volunte er
coris of women is one whose members
in time of national need could volun
teer for all and every kind of service
and perform the same efficiently whether
it be fighting, medical work, ambulance
work, nursing or anything else, and the
unity of this volunteer corps should bo
firm and strong knitted by the indissolu
ble tie of esprit tie corps, which would
build it into a powerful organization.
"It should be the great national
school for working class girls and wom
en who could depend upon receiving a
technical education if desired therein.
It should be the national club for wom
en of all classes; it should bo able to
furnish in case of need skilled work
women in every grade; it should have
its branches in every town or outside
every town, and it should have it- great
central institution, its hall of liberty,
iu London.
"The corps might be known as tho
United Corps of Women Volunteers,
and it could be classified in companies
under different names, certain duties
being apportioned to each. Thes i com
panies could furnish whatever the na
tional need required, trained an 1 dis
ciplined bcdicK of vomeu beinst forth
coming in any emergency to supply the
service sought. "
Before Lady Dixie announces her uni
form she paves the way witu an anath
ema against modern dress, and then
introduces her "neat Norfolk shaped
tunic, reaching to just above the knees;
knie'tt ib.icio rs ai d gaiters to natch,
the gaiters to bo substituted for brown
tanned top boots, lacing up the entire
front to the knee, where much riding
is necessary.
"For head dress I would recommend
a colored cap, Tarn o' Shanter or Carl
ist in shape, a plain round straw hat in
hot weather or helmet if deemed more
suitable. And to harmonize with such
a costume woman's appalling headgear
must be abandoned. No head can be
truly comfortable or neat which is doom
ed to wenr the present day erections and
combinations of false and real hair,
frizzes and fads, all pinned together in
bewildering confusion. "
Having thus annihilated the present
coiffures, a woman is urged "either to
cut her hair short or wear it in the
King Charles fashion adopted by the
cavaliers, or if she prefers to keep it
very long wind it in a neat coil behind
her head. "
Lady Dixie admits that the move
ment is radical, and that "there are
difficulties to bo encountered, sneers and
jeers to be lived clown, satires to be re
futed, converts to be made," but she is
sanguine of ultimate success and con
nects the arrival of the women volun
teers with great national re-forms ami
all the rest of it.
Serving ElackberrieH.
A pretty way to serve blackberries
with cream is to pick fresh, ripe ber
ries over carefully. Heap them in a
glass bowl and set on ice, serve on sau
cers, with little bowls of supc and
pitchers of cream, allowing each person
at the table to sugar the fruit to suit
Blackberries may be served with me
ringue as follows: Place a quart of ripo
blackberries in a bowl, sprinkle with
powdered sugar, beat the whites of li
eggs with half a cup of sugar and spread
over the berries. Set ou ice until very
Blackberry flummery is made by plac
ing a pint of ripe blackberries in a
saucepan with a pint of water; let boil
slowly without stirring for 10 minutes,
moisten 2 tablespoouinls of cornstarch
with cold water, stir into the berries,
let thicken, take from the fire and add
half a teacup of sugar. When cool, servo
with sugar and cream.
Minnie liauk Decorated.
Mine. Minnie Hank, who is making
a tour of the world with her husband,
the Chevalier von Hesse Wartcgg, ar
rived some time ago at Sineapoie and
sang at Johore by invitation for the sul
tan, tho princess and dates, who were
greatly pleaseiL The sultan conferred
on the prima donna and her husband
the order of the Crown of Johore, this
being the eleventh ordet Mme Hauk
has received from the hands of ruling
Honors For Betsy IIu.
A ceremony to be repeated every year
took place ou Decoration day at Mount
Moriah cemetery, Philadelphia. This
was the raising of a tlag over the grave
of Betsy Ross, who made the firs: stars
and stripes. The ceremonv was conduct
ed by the V. S. Cfant camp, Sons of j
Veterans, and they have ;t-amad th
future charge of the observance. 1
Kernhardt's Latest.
Sarah Bernhardt has not lost all her
eccentricities, though she no longer
elecps in a cofiin. She appeared at a
London reception the other afternoon
a very warm afternoon it was, too iu
u sealskin coat down to her heels, with
high pulled sleeves by way of addition
al fur.
H r 1
Two attractive powns for home wear are shown above. The or. at t"ne left is
f 1 Jack shk -with a shoulder mantle of exquisite lace. Tho hIc-ovps are of the
fashionable balloon variety. At the rig-ht is u gown of white china silk with Uf-o
tnnun;ii on the front of the skirt and abont the waist. Black silk bows and hnds
are usod to finish the corsare, sleeves anfl skirt.
Recalled Troiii an African College to ItulA
Over Hi Tribe.
A dark story of consanguinal duplic
ity, treachery and murder is that told
by Princo Thomas Besolow, an African
of royal blood who is now a student at
Williams college, but who has been
called by his people to return to his na-
tivo wilds r.nd rule over them. No one
would think Thomas a prince at first
glance, but ha admits it himself, mid
there is no r.eed of looking further for
proof. Here is the story he tells:
"My father, King Aruiah, son of Zo
dimah, who once held the supremacy in
the Vei hexarchy, died and left the sov
ereignty of his people to the youngest
son of his first wife, Jas.sa Quey, daugh
ter of the Oolah people and sister of
King Mambruro, the great warrior and
plunderer, before whom the African
tribes trembled, which son is myself,
Solow Bey, or Bey Solow Besolow as
"After my father's death my uncle,
Ifualusaw, usurped my rights, for at
that time I was young and inexperi
enced. I saw one of my sisters stran
gled, and that, too, with her child. My
uncle and his follow plotters squandered
my father's wealth until tho kingdom
sank from power iato poverty.
"I planned secretly with my relatives
to bring my uncle to account, but while
I was debating what steps to take I met
the Rev. Thomas Halley Roberts of the
Vei people, an African and a graduate
of tho Lincoln university, Chester coun
ty. Pa. Ho advised me to come to Amer
ica to be educated, and I decided to do
so. "
Now it- has happened that Besolow's
people have rebelled against the contin
uance of tho rule of his usurping uncle
tmd desire the return of their rightful
sovereign, anel unless the young man is
drawing on his imaginatitm for his facts
he will soesn be ruler of a considerable
Flice of the tlark continent. His uncle,
it seems, has got frightened, tot), and
joins in tho request for his return, so
Besolow will not have any opposition
from him to fear.
Tho prince says he will probably go
back in August or September and will
make short visies to France, England
and Germany on the way. Ho is a very
good talker for mi African and has lec
tured in Bo.-toti, Springfield and New
York. He excuses his good English on
the plea that he was educaceel in child
hcod by a missionary.
Cheap Excursion to Kannat City.
1.5J SAN TA KE KOUTi; $1.50.
Ou Sunday, August 5, the Santa Fe
will run another of their popular Kansas
City excursions at the low rate of if 1.50
for the round trip. Trains leave Topeka
at 8:2 a. m.; returning leaves Kansas
City union depot at 8:ti0 p. m.
Rowi.ky Bros.,
City Passenger Ageuti
Try Phillips' mineral water It Is con
sidered the finest water for tha stomach.
612 W. Eighth avenue. Tryii
Prescott .t Co. will remove to No. 113
We3t Eichth this month.
j Topeka Drug Co. is ready for business.
- . , 'ji- ' ' '
The Santa Fe Puts in a Low Rt For
IviifgUf of ly thins Conclave.
The Santa Fe road has again ' takea
the reins in its own hands by announcing
that it will make a one fare round trip
rate for the groat Knights of Pythias
conclave at Washington,!). C, regardless
of action of other lines.
Dates of sale will be August 213 and 24,
final limit Sept. 8, wliich can be extended
to Sept. 15, by deposit with joint agent
in Washington.
There is no restriction to return on
specified dates. Privilege will be alluwed
of coming bat;k to eastern gateways of
A. T. & S. F. R. R., by a duTerent line
than that used going. These conces
sions are not only available for K. of P.
but are open to the general public,
G. A. K., l'ittuburg, I'i. Sant.i Ko Route.
To enable comrades, their families and
friends to make this trip to the great
national Grand Army and Naval reunions
at Pittsburg, Pa., the Santa Fe, always
first to arrange for the comfort and ac
commodation of its patrons, has made
the low rate of one fare for the round
trip. Also note the Santa Fe will accept
these tickets for return passage on any
date to and including September 20.
Tickets sold September 7 uud 8.
To lnver atnd Kt-turn.
The fc'anta Fe route sells round trip
tickets at $10, August 10 and 11. For
particulars see Rdwlet Bkos,
City Passenger Agents.
To WaHlilnjjion For the Knights oi
1-yihin Conclave.
$29.25 for tho round trij. Tickets on
sale Aug. 23 and 24. Final limit Sept.
15. Good to go one wav and return an
other. Anybody can buy one.
1-i 1 1 Kburi; i. K. iicketn S21 50.
Less than one fare for the round trip:
open tickets sold Sept. 7 and 8; good to
return any day including Sept. 25. Good
to stop-over east of Chicago.
Colorado and Ketuni SI3.0S).
Tickets on sale Aug. 10 and 11; good
to return Aug. 1!) and 20, or Sept. 13.
Hutchinson . A. It. S4...
One fare for round trip, Aug. 14 to 18.
Two trains daily.
Ilolton Ksces-Spefial Train!.
Aug. 14 to 17: over 500 entries for
races: 90 cents for round trip.
Sprcial Train to Nt. Joe Sunilay.
Only $1.50 for the round trip via Great
Rock "island Route.
A Hoaiitiflcr For Ladies.
Everybody admires a beautiful com
plexion. Ladies who have used the cel
ebrated Elder Flower Cream, recommend
it as the greatest complexion beautilier
in the market. It is used by society la
dies. For sale by J. K. Jones.
We put on new neckbands on shirts.
Peerless Steam Laundry, 113 and 114
West Eighth street.
IXiily .11 iw- .Mertiiiso.
No Griping, no Nausea, no Pain, when
De Witt's Little Early Rises are taken.
Small PilL Best PilL Best PilL J. K.
Ayer'a Hair Vigor gives vitality, gloss
and freshness to the hair, and restores its
Read tho "Wants." Many of them are
as interesting aa news items.- See if it
is not so.
One word describes it "perfection."
We refer to De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve,
cures obstinate sores, burns, skin diseases
and is a well known cure for piles. J. K.
Do Von Desire a. Clear, Transparent
Beggs' Blood Purifier and Blood Maker
will remove all disorelera from the blood
and leave your skin clear, transparent
and youthful. Sold and warranted by
W. R. Kennady.
The State Journal's Want and Mis
cellaneous columns reach each working
day in the week more than twice a-j
many Topeka people as can be reached
through any other paper. This is a fact.
The Crow nine lauty of Woman
Ib a luxuriant growth of Hair. Beggs
Hair Renewer is guaranteed to give
satisfaction, as it is purely u vegetable
preparation, and acts directly on the
roots of the hair. Sold and warranted by
W. R- Keanady.
rn i iu iififiifit! iif iiTirnriTiTnTn
r o
K. Ij. COPRAN, Proprietor.
ft -
B Write for Prices.
1 A
r m st
1 (jjkfO.
813 rxA.irsL3 AVsiruZL
rr yon wish to buy or rent it flrnt cla&s new or Mooud-hand Piavo or Oaoi.n,
npon the most favorakljs terms, call upon us.
We have secured the services of a first class ma.no romsn es and bipaise's
uid are vrepared to repolish all kinds of maiical Inatruments, furniture, eto.
1 coati'd at Topeka. Kansas. Admits both sexes. Exnensn reaonal!. (o'.l-'-i.-t'.i ant
AfiiUeinic courses of stu.ly. Normal course. Six ImiKtuigs. A library of oer o.inj ,i-
uiiip.. i-mi? r(?a(liii'i room, j nii;trliiicii is
teiin ui;us 6eiteinber U.
Practical Horsc-Shocr
ErcPB with diseased fet skilfully irea.tA
CrmelL mad road sbouuis a specialty.
Kansas City St. Joseph
Atlantic Coast.
Hew "STork, Pliila.delph.ia,
33 on ton, Washington.
HOETHaot) east.
D. o. IVES,
CSnwissml PaiMngsr Agent, St. ImmJm,
For instance, Jlrs. Cha9. Rogers, of Bay
City, Mich., accidently spilled scalding
water over her little hoy. She promptly
applied De AVitt's Witch Hazel Salves
giving instant relief. If a a wonderfully
ood aalve for burnes, bruise-, sores, and
a sure cure for Piles. J. K. Jones.
"There is a Salve lor every wound."
We refer to De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve,
cures burns, bruises, cuts, indolent sores,
as a local application in the nostrils it
cures catarrh, and always cures pile
J. K. Jones.
" Having purchased F. W. Whittier's
Interest "in the firm, we are prepared to
give the people of Topeka the best the
market affords. WnrrNEY fe Son,
7o0 Kansas 7f.
A satisfied customer is a iermanent
one. That's why we recommend De
Witt's Early Risers. They cure constipa
tion. Indigestion and Biliousness J. K.
Are Von Troubled XVitH
Constipation or Sick Headache? If so,
why not try Beggs' Little Giant Pills'.'1
Itonlv takes one pill a day; forty pills in
1 bottle. One bottle will cure you. and
only costs 25 cents. Sold and warranted
by W. li. Kennady.
Prescott & Co. -will remove to No. 118
West Eighth this mouth
in 1 .1 '1
TrnTJTITTTi rnmjnn n
We have Just received the fink:
u.nk of
Summer Shirtings
ever shown in Topeka
E. M. WOOLOF.K, Mjr.
r- "-
I i
oi Art. .viiisk;. 2.101-111 1. hi. imu'iui;.
Iil 3 VIC AH, President.
Corner E.'mwood und Willow A ren us
Potwin P1hc,
Grows and sll planta. Hfalt a r
eialty of cut flowers. Doei all kind f
fiorai work, iu a first class ninnnor.
ft, ' i V r"v .r--
tt cor:
Nowti ItiA t!me, and XV. II. U' OlW
Hardware btore Is tho place to buy your
r-mi-i.. fMPi'MY,
503 Kai. Ave. Tele.
F. P. EACCU, r r..,,.
r E IT ? '4 1. k.
S. f f 'n fyi; p " '.( t
.' '. .iii .It a w .j ; - j
. i.: - vf p. Cn arr'ri r-C ' --
1 -i t I 1 1 JustuuLly '..
1 one avipl: -ution
Cur HiS r'oi.os 4i
lit'..'- 'a
JL4 -'yfS'Zsif. VMS Wa.onle Trmi;!.. il.'.w.
ITatioiiai. &TABiai:a
5 Jl.,--
... i'.is ' , ri . . -
rmt-lnH JL.I wmry. Ur4n Bt
T,ipk, o. J. c ciLvHitiar,
I0 Masa Street. XT.Vr.
wmminms,KKSsszm.-'rrz : . -
As yon like it.
J.K. Jones Driiirnist,
r.Ol KANSAS ai-:.
Architect and Superintendent,
100 UANiAJ A1Ti:.Nt'i
mmr . ... v f
! r
I " 1.1 '

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