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The Texas Expn-ss Jurap3 an
Overhead Bvidze.
Hlght People Are Killed and
Fifu'en Injured.
Tho Fish Plates Had Been Re
moved by Wreckers.
Lincoln, Neb., Am?. 10. Ono of the
worst railroad wrecks ever re cor led
in this section occurred shortly after
10 o'clock last evening. when tli2 Okla
homa and Texas Rock Island express,
astboun I, due in Omaha at 7 a. m.,
jumped the overhead bridge over tho
Union Pac Cc. five miles south of
Lincoln. Eig-ht people are known to
he killed and fifteen injured.
The train consisted of an engine,
tender, baggaga, savikinjf car and
coach. The engine and eomb'nation
car went over the bridge, leaving tlio
ooach suspended on tha trestle. Two
pasengrers and brakemaa of the end
coach were not injured. They man
aged to release two others.
The known killed ar: Tkmduetor C.
P. Standard, Engineer Ike Dpevr,
Fireman, camp nnkno-.vn.
Tiiree travelling mta and two far
mers, names unknown, were also
killed. The englnaer and fireman are
buried under the engine. Others are
supposed to nave been burned to
death. The injured are: F. O. Scott,
expressman: C. D. Sherrer, mail
clerk; O. S. Dell of Lincoln, traveling
man. About twelve o.hers are in
jured whose names are not known.
In response to a telephone mes ags
from the state prison in the vicinity
of the wreck a relief expedition of
phvsic'ans police and tho fire dj-pirt-ment
went to the scene and rendered
all the assistance possible. All tho
car wrro burned.
Henry C. Foot, of Cc-jnc'.l I-'uffs. the
fcrakeman. was the only one of the
crew who escaped unhurt.
His story, anil that of other? who
etirrive, indicates t'nit the wreck was
due to the work of tra il wreckers, an 1
Walter Seidell, who lives near the
crossing- and was the Crt one on the
scene, states a fishplate an 1 the bar
with which it had oeen wrenched
loose were found near the trestle
aft ?r the wree'e.
No. 8 was due in Lincoln nt 10:10
andwns poundiiif ale n -f at a lively
fait when the tre-tlj was reached.
There were about fifteen passengers
In the chair car, all of whom Were
got out more or less injured.
In the smoker there were ten or
twelve, and it is not t'loagbt a sincrle
one escaped. When the engine struck
the broken rail she ju nned tha trac'.c
and boun linsr alon-j- over the ties for
a hundred feet, rollud to one side and
pi linked down oi th3 Union Pac tie
tracks batow, followed by tha other
three cars.
The bvakiman tells this story: "I
knew the Rouble was in the smoker
and rushed forw-rl to sea what I
could do when the plrnge came. It
was a sickening sig-ht.
"The oar was a sr apelass mass of
broken pieces and wrec-ae an 1 I
could see the crushed an I manjled
bodies of the passengers insid;;.
"IJy th's time help had arrived and
we g-ot out thj baggageman and mail
man." The baggageman rai terribly in
jured. He was squeezed btween
broken timbers and besrored piteouly
for some one to save him from the
Barnes which were rapidly eating
their way towards him.
His rj-icures worked frantically
with saws and axes, while the hot
breath of tha approaching flames
scorched the r hands and faces.
When released the Gara.-s were
with 11 thirteen inches of the man's
heal. The engineer and fireman
were found crushed under the engine,
which was tnrne 1 uns.de down.
In the middle of the excitement the
brakeman had pre once of mind
enough to send men out to fla? a
freight train following on the l.olc
island and another approaching1 oa
the linriington & Missouri r ver.
He also sent to tha penitentiary for
assistance and fro n tlurs the fire de
partment was notified.
The chemical enrnie was soon on
the ground, but could do very littls,
and every stick of both train and
bridge was soon reduced to a heap of
smoking ru ns,.
The trestl j where the wreck oc
curred is about two miles south of
the penitentiary, or five miles frorn
the oity.
It was about 303 feet ion? and sixtv
feet high, and carried the Rock Island
track over both the Hurl nsrton and
Missouri River and Union Pacific.
lb) Rem? Itill 1.1 Nt He Considered
Cntll the Kt ran;r.
Washisqtox, An?. 10. Chairman
Eeilley called together the house
committee on Facitlc railroa Is yester
day for the disc'-issd n of the coin
r iitt.-e3 work. It was decide I not to
bold another meeting until next ses
sion, when the Reiliey bill will be
Considered in the house.
Panic at Sci-nlton.
Scraston, Pa., Aug-. 10. A mine
Tinderlyin? part of t le western por
tion of this city eav'j.l in yesterday
afternoon for a distance of three
blocks, affecting pro j rty to the ex
tent of 8-50.00). and causing an ex
citement which almost verged on a
pand among- the residents' of the
.os-aiity. Tn cave-in was caised by
probin? the pillars which supported
the roof of the mines.
Postponement -nnoa ced.
Sedai.ia, Mo., Autr. lo. At a meat
is? of the R 'publican congressional
committee of tha Seventh congres
sional district held here yesterday it
was decided to changs the data of the
con jrressional convention to be held
in this city fruua AugJUt 11 toSeptvui-
Soldiers Ordered Oat to Keep tli 1'a.clc
tax Hems Striker la Checic
Omaha, Neb., Aug. 10. After a con
ference, lasting ten hours, between
the state, municipal and county au
thorities and the packers, in which
the .situation was thoroughly can
vassed, the packers refusad to con
tinue business without tho presenco
of the state troops, and the governor
issued tha necessary order;. The
Omaha Guards and the Thurston
Rifles, which have been under arms at
their armories for several nig-hts,
were at once started to the scene of
the disturbance.
Other companies from the interior
of the state will coma ia to-day. Last
nicht two men stood o.f fifty of the
strikers with their revolvers. Two
men and a boy left the Cud thy plant
about C o'clock anl started for their
homes. A frang of the strikers saw
th -m coming-, and waen the men
reached Q street the pan? be;?an to
close in on them. Drawing the.r re
volvers they po.ntad thorn direotly at
the head men.
"You come another step nearer to
me and I'll blow your head off," said
one of the men. His partner also
leveled a revolver in the same direc
tion and the strikers stopped and
called for a policeman. The o fleers)
told the crowd to disperse, which
they did.
Sunday School Cooventlon.
CniT.t.icoTHE. Mo., Au?. 10. The Sun
day school convention assembled yes
terday morning with an increased
number in atten lance. Numerically
the convention reached its climax yes
terday the resrister showin? 900 names
and fifty counties represented. 1ie
reports of tha var.ou- county superin
tend nts showed a phenomenal in
crease in Sabbath schools in all tho
counties, the increase in some being
100 per cent.
G. A. It. I ctin vn.
Ectt.EB. Ma, Aug:. i0. The annual
reunion of the G. A. R. of the Western
d. strict of Missouri and the Eastern
district of Kansas is bum? held here.
Large crowds are in attendance and
tho air i full of martial music and
patr otism. Depirtaijat Commander
Louis Grund, lions. Dick Uliu. C. P.
Burton and A. V. Lamb are the prin
cipal speakers.
few Religious ( r;an!zttioa.
ATJII.KNB, Kan., Aug. 10. -A new re-lig-.ous
org-anization ha-i been born in
Kansas. It is called the Gospel Tab
ernacle, and Abdene youn? men are
at its hen 1. They were former Metii
odists, but became dissatisfied with
the church and with Ire-w, forrnln?
the Gospel Union' In order t pjr
form ceremonies they kuve formed a
new church.
Held to Aimwcr the Court.
TIart:isonvit.lr, Mo., Aug. 10. Clar
ence Smith and Winifred Henry, two
voun? farmers Iivin? west of I'lea-si-nt
Hill, Mo., were bound over to appear
ai th next term of the circuit court n
bonds of S 0JJ each for criminal as
sault on Mh-s Jessie Chepley, a g- rl
under 14 years of agfe, who lives near
the same place.
Mast ISuIId Iepot.
WAsnixoTox, Aug-. 10. The presi
dent has approved the act recently
passed by congress requiring- railroa Is
in the territories running- o;er right-of-way
granted by the government
to establish stations at all town siic3
established by the interior depart
ment. An Kl-Flpprosf ntutive limns.
Nevada, Mo., Aug-. 10 Cx-Representative
Teel of Lnvr.'noj count)
was brought to the asylum here. lie
has been at3 cted for so:nj time, but
it was thought his ailment could be
cured, and lie was taken to St. Louis
for treatment, but it was unavailing-.
Corn Crop turns I Ip.
YVart.ington, Kan., Au?. 10. Dry
hot w:nds have been prevailing- here
for the past ten days and the corn
crop has bjen yr atl damaged. It
will not average over one-third of the
usual crop.
FrejUng'iorteo Monument Unveiled.
Newark. N. J., Aug-. 10. The monu
ment to the memory of General J.
Freylinjrhuysen was unveiled in Mili
tary park yeatji-d ay-
Report a Disagreement.
WAsmxGTos, An?. 10. The
rces on the sundry civil bill
port a disagreement.
will re-
CoL James A. Hall, a prominent cit
izen oi SU Josepn, is dead.
Charles L Moses, from the Fourth
Georg-ia district, was renominated oa
the 310th bollot.
At Oskaloosn, Iowa, the Sixth dis
trict Democrats nominated e.v-btata
Senator Taylor of Davis county lor
A special from Blrraingha-n says
that Kolb announces that lie will jro
to Montgomery and org-anize a dual
state government.
Over one-third of Dawson Neb., has
burned, and tho hardest kind of work
alone saved the rest of the town.
The loss is about S35.OJ0.
Georg-e Washington Faris has been
Dominated for con?r'ss in thj Sixth
Indiana district by tne Republicans,
defeating- Colon ;1 Tho.nas Li. Nelson,
ex-mmi ter to Chili and to Mexico.
The Denver lo.l?e of tlu American
Railway union has declared the Pull
man boycott olf on the Un on Pacific
and the Union Pactie, Denver and
Gulf roads. S imo of the strikers
have been taken back.
The town of Clifford, 111., was al
most swept away by fla.-nes which
started at 2 o'clock 'i'hurs lay morning-.
Two grain elevators, the Illino.s
Central depot, and almost the ent-ri
business portion of the town is in
The business portion of Giffor l, III.,
a thrivin? town, was almost entirely
burned Thurs lay. Twenty-one busi
ness houses, two grain elevators, the
Illinois Central depot, extensive grain
cribs, and 30,003 bushel." of grain were
burned. The loss will amount to
S'iiiO.ooJ, part-ally covered by insur-
Ho Makes Answ.T to Expert
Little in Detail.
It is Had Before the Eeorsani
Zdtion Coniraitteee
Mr. Rpinliart Claims Millions
Were .Not Taken Account Of.
New York, Aug-. 10. The g-eneral
reorganization committee of the
Atchison Railway company met yes
terday and received President Rein
hart's reply to Expert Little's state
ment that the income account of the
Atchison for four years, ending- June
30. IS'Ji, had been overstated to the
amount of over S7, 003,003. In brief.
Little's report classifies the overstate
ment as follows:
Keb te-i not daJu tad from Income ..$3,703,777
Arbitrary kldltioni lo earnm s with
out found it on 2.' 11,010
Arbitrary Ui-daetloas from eipen e.. 781,jOJ
lmpr veinect account wbiei hu d
b ive b en . h ir ed ti exp n e 483,003
Tfjfli! bai.n e vrortale s. but not
v.riaon oa 30",813
Tc t 1 ar-: : .. n t of same to Juno 8).
L,Ki ,..7.23",8:0
Date last lalatue issued to ioo-
ho.dora wi. 6.27V 473
This was covered in the ptiblished
balance sheet of that day by the fol
low. ng- entr es:
C aii liepo-uls overstate 1 .....8 633 52
Bills p iy ib.e under tat.-d l.J- i, 0)
Attounn ruielv bie o verst it -d I 011.811
i ra.tiwU.se ,iad property overstated... a. I 110
Total O-i -s7J
The remainder of the S7,'233,GiO be
ing SI. 0 U. 141, was created by similar
entries durin- the per.od from June
30 1603, till appo nt'.nent of receivers.
The overstatement by years are as
f o. lows:
ear endia - Jim no. tfni ?2 C21 S3
Year en lin r June . 0. 18 2 1. 14.63i
Ye ir end n Ju iu Im-J si. 1 4,71
Vertsudiaj JuaoO. la'Jt ' BliUl
Total S7. : h.-Mi
The St. Lonis and San Francisco
revenue account has also been over
stated S05,8;9 for reuates not de
ducted. I resident lle'nhart'n ITeply.
President Reinhart in his reply de
clares the earnings of the Atchison
system for th. p-r.oJ namd amount
to about $180,000,030 and then poes on
to point out the errors into which he
claims Little has fallen. He says:
' I find SI.10j.003 of earnings of tho
Atch s n system de lucted from its
income account under the agreement
w.th the St. Louis and San Francisco
ra.lway company in 1337, as shown in
the annual reports and proper y cred
ite I to the St. Lo lis and San Kran
c:sco railway company, is owned hy
th : Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe rail
way companv. In other words Mr.
Little ig-nores $1,103,000 of actual
earnings of the Atchison railroa I and
g-ives them no place in ii statem -nt
of the earnings of the sy tern. I also
find fiat Mr. Little refuses to include
a balance of S457.83U (United States
currency) subsidy due from the Mexi
can g-ovemraent to the Sonnra railway
(one of the Atchison auxiliary corn
pan es). which i-i an undisputed c-aim
recofi-nized by the Mexican g-overn-nienL
i find a'so an item of S4."0.000, cov
erin r earning-s on f reig-ht on throuprh
biil.n? for the last week in each
month, has been ig-nored by Mr. Little,
notwit.istan Jing- the fact that such
item was explained to him. 1 further
fin I that Mr. Little has e'ther over
looked or refused to recognize S-,332,-00
) of interest earned from January 1,
lS'JO, to December 23. lSa3, on advances
made by the Atchison and San Fran
cisco companies to the Atlantic and
Pacific companv. wh.ch, vviLh the in
terest so earned, is an asset of these
two companies and wtiich, in adjust
ment of the accounts of the three
companies named, must ba treated as
un asset of the Atchison and San Fran
cisco companies, belonging- to their in
come liccount.
S:iil further do I. find Mr. Little
has not included about $1,500,000 of
profit earnel by the company upon
its investment in terminal propert es.
The items of S1.IU2.1 10 and 81".2.'.)51,
ma'tinrr an a-gresrate of $1,765,031,
which Mr Little a1 so refers to. were
proper debits to the franchise and
property accounts, for the reason
they represent expenditures made
out of the revenues of the
reorg-nniz'-d company subsequent
to October 1, ISS'3, but which
apnlied to the operations of
the propertv prior to the date of re
organization, and should have been
cared for under fortv-two mortg-apes
represented under the old company.
This asset was used to offset charn-es
which affected the other side of the
income account, and as Mr. Little
himself has stated in his report, 'In
the end the effect on the income
account will be precisely the same.
"The items I have mentioned more
than cover the alleg-ed over statement
of income for the period of Mr. L t
tle's examination by about i?."i00.O33.
Mr. Little states that on June 30,
IS!'.', the companv did not have on
h in 1 the amount of cash shown by
the boo ts. I tle-dre ta state mo-t em
phatically that on the data referred
to the company actually h d on hand,
in cash and cash items, the amount,
stated in its report on that date."
rihe reorganization committee. after
th read ng- of Presid nt Reinhart's
report, ndorted a re olution referring
the Little and Reinhart statements to
a committee composed of R S. Hayes,
chairman of the g-eneral reorganiza- .
tion comm.tte?; Robert l iem n? of
the London comrn'ttee, and Mr. Lu
den. representing Hops fc Co., of Am
sterdam, with instructions to report
to the full comm tt;e what further
act on should be taken in the prem
ises. Two members of the reorganization
committee, who desired to withhold
their names from publication, statod
to a r porter that the seneral opinion
was that I'r -si lent Reinhart ha 1 not
expla:ned satisfactorily the charg-da
made bv L:ttle.
President Reinhart said: "I regard
my statement as a complete answer to
Mr. Little's chained."
riie Coal mncl Iron Ore Schedule the
Etambliuf Block Now.
Washington. Aug. 10. The Demo
crat tariff conference had expected to
be abla to announce an agreement
yesterday. Instead of reaching- any
definite conclusion, tha day closed
with the bill in quite as uncertain a
state as ever before in its history, with
the situation in no wisj improved, the
feeling between the frlenls of the
senate and housa bills intensified, in
stead of allayed, and with no one pre
pared to say what the outcome would
be or when the end would be reached.
When the senate conferrees pre
pared to go on with the bill upon the
ba&is of 40 cants per ton on caul and
free iron orj the house conferrees an
nounced their unwillingness to assent
to this arrangement, and stated that
i they would insist upon a reversal of
' these terms with coal free and iron
ore dutiable if either was to be, as
they understood that they were to
have a choice between the two. The
avowal of this position produced im-
mediate confusion and led to an ex
change of remarks which were not
altogether pol te. The senate con
ferrees thereupon decided to report
the state of alfairs to the conservative
' senators and when the conferrees ad
journed, called Senators Gorman,
LJr ce, Smith and Murphy into con
sultation. The whole situation was
outl.ned to them.
They were not only made acquaint
ed with the demand of taa houe con
ferrees for free coal, but were also
given to understand other material
conce sions would be expicted by the
house conferrees alon-- the entire
line of the bill, including woolens,
cottons, metals, glas ana earthen
ware. They decided upon an emphatic
negative in replv to these proposi
tions, sayin? if the bo iy of 'the b 11
was not preserved virtually as it
passed the senate the rep rt of the
conference, when made, wouid not be
accepted by the senate. Senator
Rriee proposed an innovation in the
shape of a prop3itioa that the
housa conferrees be given an
opportunity to secure free sujrar.
His idea, in detail, was that
the senate conf. rrces should
volunteer to recede ent rely from the
senate su?ar schedule, leaving both
raw and refined su?ar on the free list,
as provided in the hous? bill, and that
the senate bill should be otherwise
accepted virtually in its present shapj
with both coal and iron on the dutia
ble list at the rate of 40 cects per ton.
In urging this upon the conference he
sa'd it would necessarily pro luce oao
of tiiree results. If it should be de
clined by thd hou iP conferrees it would
place the responsibility for the sugar
duty upoa them.
lilmer S. Motelr, Independent. Probab
ly Elected (iovernur,
Ardmoue, Inl. Ter., Aug. 10. The
Ch:cka-.aw Nation electa 1 a governor
yesterday, but the polling plae.es
being so remote it w 11 probably be
saveial days before the definite re
sults of the elect on are known.
There are three e.-ndidates. viz.: Ex
Governor W.lbaao L. Uyrd on the
pull-back ticket, Robert L. Boyd on
the allotment in severalty ticket and
Palmer S. Mosely, Independent R
turns from three counties, with Pon
totoc county yet ts ba heard from,
give Palmer S. Mosl-iy. the independ
ent candidate, the majority of votes
for the governorship. Mosely's elec
tion is gen rally couutio?
Thirty Men tnjnred In an Attempt to
1 re vent Mail Meeting.
Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. 10. In a
riot last night at the intersaction of
Forest Home and Eighth avenues and
Mitchell street, result n r when the
pol ce attempt -d to pr vent a mass
meeting called to protest ag linst the
action of the health authorities, about
thirty men were injured and eleven
arrests were made.
I'rliou'M Break .Jail.
West Plains, Mo. , Aug. 10. Ry saw
ing off several steel bars and tunnel
ing through a br'c'c wall four prison
ers esc ipsd from the Howell county
jail last nirht. They were William
Patrick, grand larceny; James Lock
hart, assault; William Morgan, col
ored, grand larceny; Henderson,
wanted in Calcasieu parish Lou.siana,
for fct-'aling eighty head of cattle.
Four prisoners refused to escape.
Soldier Iteiinion.
Washington, Kan., Aug. 10. The
soldiers' reunion in progress at this
place was attended by fully 10,003
people yesterday. Among the speak
ers were Major Morrill, Republican
ctin liilate for governor; Hon. J. G.
Caldwell, Hon. A. J. Felt. Hon. W. A.
Calderhead. Colonel W. J. Cloud,
Major J. K. Hudson, e litor of the
Topeka Capital, and a number of local
A Jodfre Impeached.
Montgomery, Ala., Aug. 10. The
supreme court of Alabama yesterday
hande I down its decision in the im
peachment case of Judge Job Talley
of the North Alabama circu t court.
Ihe court deemed judge l alley is
guilty of murder anl that he is
ordered impeached and stripped of
h.s judicial ermine.
Karthquake at emphls.
Mempuis, Tenn., Aug. 10. Thrco
dist net shocks of earthquake were
felt here at 12:23 o'clock this morning.
The vibrations were from southwest
to northwest, and were of ton
seconds duration. Tall buildings
swaved and wind ws rattled, but no
damage was done.
The court decided Judge Talley
miiltv of murder anl that he
Potiiuv.- .u ranli-r!
Snows' Pine Expectorant cures cough
and co.di Cotiianifl wild cherry and
while pine barks and tar. For a. da by
all druggists. Pr.ce 25 and 5Uc bottle.
Silver Leaf vinegar remains in the
front. It ia the bt-st table and picklintr
vinegar. Ask your trrocer for h aud taite
no other. It id the cheapest.
When down town drop in at W. A. L,
Thompson ll'd'we. Co., and get a Majes
tic baked biscuit and cup of coffee.
fcLurta mended by tiie Peerieai,
A Disconcerted Wheelman Made tho Vic
tim of the Small Boy.
Just at present one Louisville man
grits his teeth with beautiful firmness
and is willing for his "right hand to bo
stricken to his side" if ho ever gets on
a car again. In getting at the cause of
this animosity, first it must be stated
that the man ia a bicycle rider first and
a man afterward. In his magnificent
enthusiasm, which caused him to over
look a hot sun and a long road, he do
cided to "taka a little run" down to
Western park.
Panting, his legs begging for a little
rest, he had almost reached the park.
There ho would rest until the Pun went
down and spin back in tho cool of tho
evening. lie would find a breeze and a
glass of beer and get the throbbing out
of his head and body. Ho would
twist, a struggle with a handle bar that
would havo its own way, and a man lay
sprawling in tha dust Tho man got
up, a figure half white from the dust,
and inspected .his -wheeL The tire had
caught in the street car track, and the
wheel -was utterly disabled. At this
moment a crowd of sni.-ill boyg camo up.
"Wheel broke, mister?"
"Yes," coldly and with tho bopo of
tcpclling the boy.
"You fell, didn't you?" asked a small
boy with a face cf iron.
Tho rider did not arswer.
"His mouth's full of dust," said the
faeo of iron.
The rider smiled meekly. Ho hoped
to propitiate tho faco of iron.
"He's trying to make out ho didn't
hart himself. "
A (small boy, who hitherto had stood
in tho background, came forward aid
irnxudently began to ring the bell on
tho bicycle. Then it was the rider de
termined upon flight, not precipitate
flight, but dignified. IIo seized his lame
wheel and started forward.
"That ain't tho way to town."
"Did you get that bicycle la a pep
com bag?"
"His wheel ain't broke. Ho just
can't ride. "
These and many moro wero flung ai
tho forlorn wheelman by the small
boys, who trooped along behind at a
safo distance. The rider turned and said
very firmly, "You boys go away now
and leavo mo alone."
"Ho wants to be left alone."
"Heowl cw! owl"
"Pzt! pKit!"
"I-etter send for hia folks. "
At this momont a street car camo
along. Here was an escape. lie hailed
the car. The conductor looked around
and shook his head.
"V7o don't carry no wheels."
"I'll report you. "
"Them's our orders. " Louisville
A Vain Search.
Ho wafted into a saloon and bowed
airily to tho bartender.
"My friend, " ho 6c;d, with a wavool
his hand, "I suppose if I esked you to
give mo a dollar you'd tell ine you'd
see me farther first. "
"That's just about right, " was the
brief response.
"I further take it that if I should
order a drink, and after receiving it
fail to pav, vou would about break mo in
"Certainly !' ' responded tho bartendei
"Ah, I imagine, too, that if I pro
ceeded to your lunch counter and"to."ed
with tho eatables for a time you would
havo me kicked into the middle of next
"That's what I would," tho barten
der confidently replied.
"Well, I thought so. You see, I'm
writing a realistic novel, aud I'm rank
ing a personal study of tho philanthro
pist who is to figure in it, but you won't
do, my friend, you won't do."
And so saying, and with a sad shake
of the head, the gentle stranger again
wafted himself, this tinio into the bos
om of tha nfght. New York Recorder.
"Moro trouble ahead, I perceive, " re
marked the cow, with signs of vexation.
"Indeed," observed her daughter in
quiringly. "Yes, I read that red parasols nro to
be used again this summer, and I don't
know what 1 shall do, just recovering '
from nervous prostration as I am."
Cincinnati Tribune. j
No Practloa.1 Difference.
Hostess (at evening party) How dull i
everybody seems I I think I had better
ask Miss Prundaway to play something.
Host Oh, Matilda! She's such an ex
ecrable performer, yon know.
Hostess What differeuco does that
make? It will start tho conversation
all the same. Truth.
No Free Scholarship.
Y-"cxf - 1 ft' ' -
The Girl Aro yea a Yale or Har
vard man?
The Young Man Neither. I got my
fdacation in Wall street, but I often
think it would have been cheaper for
tne to have gone through college.
Old Conder Perhaps so, yonng man,
but them useful educations cost some
UiinJi! Life-
SaVed Her Lifcj
Surgical Operations and
Dcst Medical Treatment
An Almost rv.traculous Curo toy
Hood's SarsaperlUa.
"C. I. TTood & Co., Lowell, Mass.:
r.egianius ia February, IS, I vr. vry t
for two months. Slowly I got Letter 1-t.t v..ii
oonHued to rr.y bed. A physielau sail! 1 lia I a
Pelvic Abscess In My Side.
After an operation I did not Improve, tho i.i
eess continuing to dlscharo even more f.-i-v'r
than before. Ia two mouths tune three ; '. ra
tions were performed and tal es invrte ! t c:ii ry
0. T tha hnpurliies, but all til v: la. I'lanl'y it
was decided that ray life ileiwatle l imou im- r
operation and thr.t I must be remove I to t:is
hospital. About tlircs wcelis ii-evIoi:s t t'
I bid noticed an advertisement 1 a tao I .!
,'ows of a c:is9 v. here lio)"s S-irs.ip- ii! i I... !
ui-ed a boy somewhat sitniUirlv jsfrtwt.'d l-i
trenton. N. ,f., r.ad 1 c!e; ii'e.l ta yo it ;i I i !
When the time decided upon f r i:iu ! ) j"1 t- '
lKispifl nr;ive:l I li.-xl 1 ecu taldwa liouu a bi-.
sapariila about tv. o w eelcs.
I Was Ccttlnr Eetter
and tlie abscess had already began lo ,.lsch.ir?i
less freely. I felt stronger and bad n. ten r. lo
appetite, r-.-evlans to this I had t:iven ui t i:;u.
V,acn I had ta".;en tho second bot:!o I was a: la
to sit up r.nd accordingly I w;:9 not ta:;en t t'.m
hospital aad tho final operation was defi n e 1.
Now I have tn'.cea six bottles fv. t!m u" -!
U-.s eatlreH healed. I d:i well v:u yj . ,-rv
.vlicrc. My f;ic:uls think it Is riifi-lo t
me restore. 1 to t'aein iipiin so Iiealihy 1 emu
youusL-r ia la ol:s tiiaa before ray si:.-UtiCj.
I Feel Cettcr Than Cver
I did in my li.'e and welU over ir;') poimds, tl.o
heavtsst t. tny lire, vl do a day's work an !
a:a c:d:iig In strength every day. 1:- m.t; er
wrrrifd rwl wor!: t herself a!mo-t siek I a c-ir-
1. :g f r She h;:s siiif.o t il.-n Hood's .sat -!-
un I it It lonc her un. ca pun.!. . a
praUo IIooU's Sarsapaiaila to ev.-rybot:y, for
I Know it Gsved Py Life.
I nm 17 years oi l, ami a stranger to look nt r o
now word 1 not thl:i! I ever had a c'ny's .si k
iios. Lvon t'.io doctors vro fnri-rKc I n:. I'.o
-i-e.-es of Hood's Sri sap.-.ril: v la i y t - .
Motaer and i.iysolf coaunuo lo t the llu tut n-
Hood's'? Cures
cine restdarly rrad r.e earr.estly ree'-mmwi-l
Ilnafl's R rsTa-in-." Mrs. l'."i L.i WrvtT,
Di West Lioht-jcnth S.rcet. Chleatfo. liituuis.
Corroboratco tho Above.
" C. I. rioo:l & Co., Lowell, Mass. :
" Veer Sirs : I am a 'ru-; i lcr!c nnd h '.vn sol 1
Mrs. TdoKie Vendt mry bottlrs of Ilond's f nr
s 'lai'illa a;i I ran certilv l!irts:n; was etm- I I y
use of if." F. O. Iin.i.uuiu.cK. 63 'ie ,t
IlihteentU Street, Chicago.
HOOd'O Pi'lO euro livr ills. i-hiit'Ic'. I il
lousness, slc'.c headache ami consti.oatiou.
You have your trouble, b'it vt
have the rtneJy. We knuw th;
because ladies who use
tell us so. If you are not fully
convinced of its merits, ask some
of your friends about it. S-ams
of them, probably, have useJ it.
We are willing to stand or fall on
the testimony of ladies who b;tv
uceJ Viavi. You shoal J piuht ty
tlieir experience.
Doo't Rasb
b!i:iJly into it. Inform yon'-c'r
fully. "Be sure you are ni-t,
tlien go ahead."
Karjsas Viav! Co.,
2 Coiimbian Buod.nq,
Hoi OWce t.hiratory.
Sit 1 ranrisco. Ca.
err i--gtyrnrrrCT:-:
Denver. olorndo irine mid I'ucblo
for Ihr IContid I il(.
Ticketsi. ri sale Atirur't 10th iu-d 11th,
pood re. vi i-ii in Aui'U.it If. U't and
teniber 33, ItSt. F'r uil iiiluiuiuii-ju
call at C!t5 Ki-. nsa nvc
A. lil. Filler, City A-ent.
The finest fruit Pies and r tidd.nfj lo
le hud in th'u ciiy is at U hitney ot.ly,
70 Kansas avenue.
All the talk In the world will not ci
vitice you fu qu c-kly an one uiul of J) j
itt'8 Wiudi Hazel Salvo lor SValP,
liiiuiE, Iii uies, fck.n AHectioua and I'lf -i.
J. K. Jones
'lupeka Drug Co. ia ready for Lubu.rs.
Youcancuroth.it rold jt cotih I y
taking Snow-s' P. no KxpeCoi ant. r
Sule by all drugg.sf, Pnc-tj uu-J b'xs
Get a fre tune on tht j-hornTraj h
wiih every j urcha-e at Trucl1- i-ioj
com pauy's, til- Kau.as avenue. I'.n
creum ocda, live ceuts.
American Steam LaunJry, 112 We;.
7tb Btreet, leie, 1L
Prescott & Co. will remove to "ia. 1H
A eat Eighth thi uioriiing,
J12 and 1U Weot 8th, i'eyrloii t'lea!.)
Prescott & Co. will remove to 113
Weal Eighth thits uioiKh.
Peerlesj Steaiu Laundry Peerk'd
Steam Laundry.
bubscrite for the Dily STiTsJoonni.
Tcpeka Drug Co. 012 K.u.-J .vt.sia.

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